Kyron Horman Missing And Endangered: Landscaper Rudy Sanchez Knew Kyron

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Carol Moulton


Portland, OR– The developments in missing Portland child Kyron Horman are enough to give a person whiplash this week; It is only Wednesday.

I absolutely believe that Terri Horman is responsible for Kyron’s disappearance-

Tony Young, stepfather to Kyron Horman.

During their interview this morning on the Today Show, Desiree and Tony Young did not mince words. 

The sexual overtones to Mr.Cook, resemble the former exhanges between the individual Terri attempted to hire to murder her husband.– verbiage contempt motion

Are investigators any closer to finding Kyron Horman?

Sources inside the investigation have confirmed to that both the FBI and Multnomah County Sherriff’s Office have been back on the scene in areas near the Skyline School, where Kyron wet missing on June 4th., and on Sauvie Island, the focus of intense search efforts including several dive teams today.

Of particular interest, is source confirmation that the landscaper Terri Horman hired last fall, who worked on the Horman property, had met Kyron at the residence as well as the Skyline School, where his firm had been contracted to do some work.

Rudy Sanchez, of RS Landscape Maintenance since 2008 has told MCSO that Terri Horman attempted to hire him in a murder for hire plot against her husband Kaine.  Sanchez then agreed to participate in a surreptitious sting that included a body wire and a 911 call where patrolman had to be told by detectives this was an “on the job” non-threat. As fairly isolated areas go, this one has had a fair share of 911 calls.

911 calls 

No charges were filed by Ms. Horman against Mr. Sanchez.

A search for Multnomah County arrests under the last name Sanchez, show a United States Marshall arrest and hold of a Anselmo Sanchez since July 8th.  It is unknown if this individual is held in the disappearance of Kyron Horman.

SanchezSanchez was unable to confirm through the Multnomah County Jail the nature of the “hold” for Sanchez, and all persons are presumed innocent.

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  1. Karen says:

    mamasocks: Do you think TH killed Kyron, then? Do you think she would go to that length for self-aggrandizement and truly expect others to view her as a sympathetic figure?

    I don’t know…you could be right. But, at this point, I’m inclined to think that TH’s involvement in Kyron’s disappearance is more indirect. I think she was involved in some illegal and, hence, disreputable activity, whatever that may be. I’m convinced that she didn’t take Kyron herself and probably didn’t know that someone else planned to abduct him. But, whatever she was involved in, I think she planned to meet with someone that morning, and perhaps was even lured away from the school. On one of the news websites, I remember a poster (which I suspect was TH) insisting that TH answered all but the questions regarding her whereabouts the morning of Kyron’s disappearance truthfully on the LDT. The poster stated that TH just didn’t want anyone to know where she really went that morning. Assuming this to be true, TH was likely involved in something that would be so self-incriminating that she isn’t willing to reveal what it was. Yet, it’s probably the motive for Kyron’s disappearance.

    It’s a frustrating catch-22. Knowing what illegal activity TH was involved in could be the key to locating Kyron, yet TH refuses to incriminate herself b/c she is more concerned about her image?

  2. Karen says:

    I might add, that TH is not only concerned about her image, but possibly fearful of going to prison also. She’s still hoping to escape charges for Kyron’s disappearance. She probably feels confident she cannot be linked to Kyron’s disappearance, especially if she didn’t abduct him and perhaps never saw him again after leaving the school that morning. But, TH certainly knows that she is THE REASON for Kyron’s disappearance.

  3. snapoutofit says:

    I doubt Terri is concerned with her image.

  4. Karen says:

    snapoutofit says:
    July 19, 2010 at 5:21 pm
    “What is the most current forum to post on?”

  5. snapoutofit says:

    karen: R. S. LANDSCAPE MAINTENANCE, Rudy Sanchez is no associate or an owner of Muchas Gracias Mexican Food – if he was an owner in WA it would be listed in the WA business licenses (below) and included on the OR business license(below)

    I do not know why, but you are in spam.
    You are now posted. Sorry, it has to do with server updates I am told.

  6. Newsatfive says:


    Does LE believe Kyron could be alive?

    Do *you* believe that Kyron could be alive?

  7. S says:

    I think it was probably established early on that Kyron left the school in a vehicle. As much as LE wished and hoped, he did not wander down to a creek looking for red-eyed tree frogs. It is a pity that LE did not listen to his parents when they repeatedly stated that Kyron would not wander off, that he was afraid he would lose his glasses and could not see.

    I understand that the search was hampered by the continuous rain, for scent at least, as searchers (or anyone) in this area wouldn’t even think about whether it is raining or not. I don’t know anything other than what has been reported as what someone has said about the rift between LE and the Oakes guy. Hearsay, hearsay, hearsay. It does seem a little rigid and certainly is not helping anything or anyone by not providing him with a scent article. I know LE has said that Oakes’s dogs are not certified, whatever that is worth in real life. I think a dog’s nose doesn’t care whether it has official state documentation. As beautiful and progressive as Oregon is, its government agencies do occasionally convey shoot themselves in the foot qualities.

    I was heartbroken when LE requested any camera recordings from local stores, gas stations, etc. It was way, way too late by then to get anything of much use. The last I knew, the hardware holding those digital recordings are re-used over and over and usually don’t have much more than a 72 hour history. I firmly believe they should have asked for them on June 5th, and I assumed that they had. I don’t know, maybe they could not ask legally until it was turned into a criminal investigation.

    I think the minute they heard that someone who was deemed to be a great parent had left their 7 year old at a school function 1.25 hours before school starts, they should have changed course then. We all know people who put their kids outside at 7:30 on Sunday morning, or who turn them loose by themselves in the Wal-Mart toy section, but Terri Hormon was not one of those. It has been said that Terri was a good mother, that she loved Kyron and she was a teacher. She knows you don’t dump your 7 year old off alone anywhere. If something wasn’t going on, she would have asked his teacher or another parent if Ky could hang with them until classes began.

    Could be, LS gave her the signal, (wink, wink) and being the horndog that she is, she took Ky with her and they all went to SI. Did LS snatch Ky then? Did Kyron walk up to the car or bush where TH and LS were getting busy, impatient to get back to school and get whipped? Did he pee his pants and get punched?

    Only theories and thoughts, folks. I just can’t put the perfect crime plan into place with Sauvie Island. If you lived out in the country, you would not take someone to Sauvie Island to kill them.

    Try as I might, I can’t find any direct connections between Rudy and the Banks, Forest Grove area, but I would bet he has them. I think too much time has been spent looking for Ky at Sauvie Island. I think the search needs to go south, into the hills.

  8. Justathought says:

    But, there are no lenses in the police released replica photo so how could they be the glasses he was wearing?
    That doesn’t exclude the possibiility someone used his true eyeglasses as support for a ransom demand. So did a drop take place or did something fall through?

  9. MaeBee says:

    First of all, I am a friend of the family. The glasses were not Kyron’s. Also there is not a ransom that I am aware of. If you find any information please post it. That would be a new one.
    Terri H. was not the last person to see Kyron alive. When she left the school with her baby girl, several did see her without Kyron. She waved to him as he started walking into his classroom. The first bell was at 9:00 a.m. so Kyron was not left alone in an empty school. And Terri didn’t abandon him at the school. It was close to the time that the kids had to get into their groups. I also know from my own experience, when a child has been going to this school all year, he knows the school very well and more than likely didn’t want mom to hang around. They like their independence and schools are supposed to be safe. Right? Children in my experience do not lie, especially little ones such as Tanner. There are more players in this case than people know. They are not going to tell anyone yet, who they are looking into. Terri is in Roseburg and it is good that she is out of the public’s eye for now. I believe in the Police and the other agencies that they are doing the best that they can. I want the correct person or persons arrested and for Kyron to be found. But I do not believe in tatics that will destroy someone’s life so they can use this person as a smoke screen. Terri H was told from the beginning that she wouldn’t be talking. She actually thought the police and FBI, etc. were her friends. She gave them everything that she could give. I know it is not good enough for some since they didn’t hear her speak but she is not allowed to speak now either. It isn’t her idea to keep quiet, she is under orders to not talk about this case to anyone. Maybe in the future, she will be able to say her piece. I am still wanting to know about Brian Pumala and his electrical presentation that Kyron was so excited about seeing. Does anyone have his information? A picture?

  10. Jackie Bauer :) says:

    Justathought says:
    July 20, 2010 at 2:39 pm
    But, there are no lenses in the police released replica photo so how could they be the glasses he was wearing?

    Justathought: if you’ll see Blink’s newest post, there’s a detailed glasses description going on there with excerpts from previous glasses discussions. There you can see Blink’s responses as well. And if the lenses were cracked or shattered, it would be best if LE removed them before showing the photo of them…

  11. MaeBee says:

    I just listened to the radio show that blink was on. Did I hear you right that Terri admitted to an affair with Rudy Sanchez or only that she did know him because of the yard work? If she admitted to having a tryst with him, then it truly changes everything that I have been told by her. I need this to be clarifyed, just for my own peace of mind. Thank You.

    I am told by sources that Terri was involved in an intimate relationship with Rudy Sanchez at some point. The extent of which, to my knowledge has not been verified.

  12. MaeBee says:

    Blink: Thank you so much. This clarifies a couple of things for me.

  13. Faith says:

    MaeBee- Who would tell Terri NOT to talk and why? That makes no sense. She wasn’t “lawyered up” in the beginning so I can hardly imagine LE would tell her not to talk because they would want her to tell them everything she could think of, even the littlest detail. I don’t recall her ever talking on a TV camera.

    If she wasn’t involved she would have ideas of what happened to him and by whom. No one from the outside is going to take a little boy directly from a school. That just doesn’t happen.

    I have seen their yard in many photos and can’t imagine why Terri would want a landscaper to work on it. It doesn’t appear to be a landscaped yard. What is there to take care of? Was he there often. Seems more like an affair. What is his back ground and where is Rudy now? Is he an illegal? I read somewhere the landscaping service was in financial trouble.

    Was the John Deere a full sized tractor or a riding law mower? Tractors aren’t cheep. With the tree filled yard a tractor would be rather useless. How many acres did Kaine own?

    What time and station is the Blink on in the Portland area?

    The science fair was first thing in the morning. Why didn’t Terri take Kyron’s display home with her when she left? The students would need their desks for class so the displays must have been moved somewhere. That would be the time to take them home. As a teacher I have never heard of a science fair first thing in the morning. Usually it is at a time most parents can come and the students have an opportunity to show off for their parents. I ran the talent show in my school. We had one in the afternoon for the students and another one in the evening for the parents.

    I just want our sweet Kyron home.

  14. Hejlena says:

    Blink- I swear I read or heard Tony/
    Desiree state recently that K not only was unhappy at home,
    but also was to do a “trial living arrangement” (my wording) with
    Desiree and Tony. I believe the wording was something
    like “that’s what the visit that weekend was about.”. Please tell me I’m
    not dreaming about this case?? I have searched high and low
    but can’t find a link. Anyhow, if this was said, and not in my dreams,
    my suspicion of Kaine is definitely enhanced. Btw, great site! Just the
    right mix of sass and class for
    my tastes :)

  15. CB says:

    Maebee: your post raises questions in my mind. B.Pumala has been talked about here in prior posts. TH never talked from the very beginning and this triggered a reaction from mothers like myself who know the gut wrenching feeling we would have had (and she should have had) upon knowing he was missing. It is her silence that is questionable. Compare it to the actions of his bio-mother who we can hardly bear to see suffer in this. You don’t have to be King Solomon to see who loves Kyron.

    More prayers for Kyron and to all who love him.

  16. Monkeybunny says:

    MaeBee, are you ok? You have not posted since Blink responded to your question (that I can see, anyway). I imagine you must be shocked. As old as I am and as street-smart as I claim to be, it still shocks me when someone lies to me. If it is a friend, it is worse and in this case, it is much, much worse. I hope you are OK.

  17. snapoutofit says:

    #13: Faith: Read this, I had posted this last night:
    This is what The Hinky Meter wrote about The Horman-case:the-pickup/ On July 19th

    “I believe Terri led Kaine to think that she was going to the science fair with Kyron and when the fair was over she was going to bring his project home – therefore she needed the truck. And I am beginning to believe that we are seeing enough information to start believing the yet unconfirmed account that Ms. Porter claims Terri told her, that morning, “in a crowded auditorium”, that Kyron had a doctor’s appointment and they were going to have to leave before the fair was over. I am also beginning to believe that Terri and Kyron (and Kiara??? still unknown) left the school quickly.

    I offer the following scenario in how Kyron could have been taken from the school, by Terri, without being seen together. On the way to the science fair Terri stated, for the first time, to Kyron that he had a doctor’s appointment that morning and that they weren’t going to be able to stay at the fair/school very long. At approximately 8:45 (prior to 9:00 a.m. when the classes began touring the fair) Terri told Kyron to go on out to the truck and she was going to take care of telling Ms. Porter that he was going to the doctor. Kyron went on out to the pickup and got in the backseat where he would normally ride. If Terri had not already told Ms. Porter of the doctor’s appointment, she did so at this time. But irrespective of what Terri did next, she intentionally lingered in the school long enough to ensure that if she was seen leaving, she was seen leaving alone.

    Now, the only hiccup to this scenario is that Mr. Matt Shelby has stated that two teachers believe they saw Terri and Kyron leaving the school that morning together. (CORRECTION AS POINTED OUT BY MY READERS: Actually Mr. Shelby made a nonstatement (which seems to be a habit for him). He stated two teachers saw Terri and Kyron at the school that morning and believe they left together. Make of that what you want…that’s exactly what I think Mr. Shelby intended us to do.) If this is true, then the scenario would be that after spending a brief time at the fair (and getting the requisite pictures), Terri found Ms. Porter in the auditorium/gym, told her of the doctor’s appointment, and then she and Kyron quickly left.”

    Remember: Terri lies!!!

  18. Mom3.0 says:

    Just checking to see if there have been any updates…. Sadly Little Kyron still hasn’t been found. Blink do you think he will ever be found? I remember you wrote that you thought Haliegh Cummings would never be recovered unless someone came forward with info. Do you feel the same about little Kyron’s chances of being recovered?

    Still hoping and praying for the little guy and his family…

  19. mag603 says:

    This is so sad. Crime is terrible; but when it is against innocent children it just breaks my heart. Lifing up lil frog man, Kyron and his family. I pray that Kyron is found soon. The family needs to know.

    Kaine Horman tears up while talking about Kyron:

    ( || )
    Prayers for lil frog man Kyron!

  20. mag603 says:

    ( || )

    O that hit my bullseye.
    Love and prayers to Ky

  21. sean says:

    Does anybody know whose houses were searched today?
    3 friends of TH? Was the Cook guy one of them?
    Also, why did the police chief change his request for the 400,000+?
    I don’t find that to be a good sign. What does the money matter and was it the money that made this search not be very complete at the start of it? I just don’t understand why Kaine hasn’t refied his house, or sold off some of his stuff, or whatever you can do to buy help and leads to bring Kyron home. Or why hasn’t some philanthropist stepped it to help with the money. Something big doesn’t add up. Are we sure that good ‘ole TH wasn’t sleeping with someone at school or someone in some county position? Also, I’m still telling all of you, there is NO WAY KAINE DIDN”T think his wife was up to no good. I believe Desiree’s comment about TH being a liar was NOT the first time she told someone about that problem. This case is like the Caylee Anthony case…I live in florida….I know the inside scoop on that case…..This case DOES NOT ADD UP. There are a few people to blame here and I think they ought to just give it up because they will be found out….it’s just a matter of time.

  22. sean says:

    Who is DeDe Spicer? What the heck . do you bloggers know about her?

  23. mackiezmom says:

    Sean, I don’t know for sure, but she sounds like some baby killer that helped TH conceal her crime on the day that Kyron was abducted. Some baby killing friend of TH’s.

  24. Karen says:


    Take a look at this newest thread:

    There is more discussion on that thread about DeDe Spicher and links to some articles explaining her relationship to TH and the case.

  25. wileyandkotasmommy says:

    Just a thought had to share. Perhaps Rudy Sanchez grew angry that he was not “paid” for by TH for his help in whatever happened to Kyron. So all of a sudden he goes to police and accuses her of Murder for hire plot!

  26. sean says:

    Thank you mackiezmom and Karen. I appreciate your direction. You ladies and everyone else. have a happy blessed day. This is a really wonderful log. Way to go Blink.

  27. Elphie says:

    I find myself questioning the information about Rudy Sanchez having had an affair with Terri. If this is true and there was proof, I’d expect the father to be announcing it publicly like he did concerning Cook. He is going through a divorce.

    I do have a question. Is Desiree Canadian ( she had medical treatment there ) and if so, does Kyron have dual citizenship? I’m not sure why this keeps running through my mind.

  28. oneilgirl75 says:

    just happened to look and it said That Anslemo was released today. Not sure what that means.

    He is in Federal Custody.

  29. oneilgirl75 says:

    Oh, thanks. I thought it would say transfer instead of release. Does that mean that they are done with him here? He went before the GJ but it would see if they went to trail they would still need him.

    I can only say he is in Federal custody. I say that because he was released into USM custody, but he is not showing on any Fed prison inmate locators.


  30. oneilgirl75 says:

    I imagine he went before the GJ. I have no idea if he did or not.

  31. oneilgirl75 says:

    is that normal for him to go into the USM custody but not be able to find him on a Fed prison inmate locator? Are they hiding him from you Blink cuz your to good ;o) You can edit that if need be. It is curious isn’t it? If he is not here legal do you think they are deporting him even though they may need him. Seems suspect to me. I am hoping he is part of the key to our boy.

  32. oneilgirl75 says:

    to “FINDING” our sweet boy to be clear!

  33. Judy O says:

    I wonder if even though the landscaper went along with the “sting” if he may still somehow be involved with this matter. Why didn’t he alert authorities when he first received Teri’s proposition? Is it because he pondered going through with it? Maybe he didn’t have an opportunity to get Kaine, so the focus shifted to Kyron? If he was getting something from Teri that he enjoyed (sex or promises of it) and it came to an abrupt end after Kyron’s disappearance, maybe that made him mad enough to come forward? It does appear that LE has “sext” messages in connection with this landscaper because the media reported that they were similar to those sent to Michael Cook. Teri appears (in my opinion) to manipulate and control men (ones who would fall for it) with sex and/or inuendos of sex. I wonder if this is how she began her relationship with Kaine. With complete disregard for his beautiful and pregnant wife, Desiree. Teri should change her name to Jezebel.

  34. Someone should tell the Oregon cops that the guy they have held as Anslemo Sanchez is actually “Anselmo Sanchez” (note the subtle spelling mistake), wanted in New York for a murder! If they really think he is involved in a murder for hire plot with Terri, this should give them some leverage to make him talk!!!

    not him

  35. justcurious says:

    Maybe Terri found out about some illegal business the landscaper RS was involved in. Maybe he and his cohorts took Kyron and threatened to do harm to him if Terri told LE what she knew. That would be a reason why she avoids being in front of a judge. Think about it if she really kidnapped her stepson why would she care about lying to a judge. I don’t know if Kaine would have been told, but I’m sure Desiree would not be told, because she tends to slip up and say stuff she shouldn’t say on the air. Like when she slipped up and said someone saw Kyron next to the white pickup truck.

    The above is just a wild guess. I think it better then just rehashing why Terri is guilty.

  36. Jden says:

    Just a review of BP on Myspace and misc pictures of his son toting a rifle, vehicles he has owned:

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