Kyron Horman Missing and Endangered: Grand Jury Meets, Indictment Imminent

Portland, OR- In the case of missing 7-year-old Portland child Kyron Horman, developments today continue to unfold at lightening speed.

During a poorly-kept secret convening of a special grand jury that is in session today, sources inside the investigation believe it’s triers of fact will return an indictment against Terri Horman and possibly one other individual.

It is however, unclear as to whether or not the grand jury is hearing evidence in the alleged murder for hire plot MCSO informed Kaine Horman his wife had master-minded, OR evidence surrounding the disappearance of Kaine and Desiree Young’s son Kyron.

KOIN caught Terri Horman’s friend DeDe Spicher, who was subpoenaed to appear in the proceedings this morning, on video with her attorney, entering the courthouse. Spicher was the subject of a public plea asking her to cooperate with investigators by Kaine Horman and Desiree Young last week.  A neighbor of Spicher’s has confirmed the FBI has been seen removing boxes and unknown bagged material from her residence.

According to several sources, DeDe Spicher, Terri’s roommate  post Kaine’s restraining order,  was working in a garden near the Horman home the day of Kyron’s disappearance when she received a call at approximately 11:15 am. She left abruptly, returning at approximately 1:00 pm. DeDe was unreachable on her cell phone during that time and the property owner became concerned. Spicher is a long time friend and workout companion of Horman’s.

Earlier today, Laura Rackner, Kaine Horman’s Family Law attorney filed a motion to find out where the funds are coming from to foot the bill for Terri Horman’s high profile criminal defense attorney, Stephen Houze.

In Horman’s motion, he is seeking the disclosure of the payments made to Houze, and whether or not it came from marital funds. If it has, Kaine Horman wants half the cash to pay his own legal bills. Kaine Horman alleges that Terri Horman disclosed to a third party that she paid a whopping $350,000 retainer to Houze, however, provided no proof of same in the papers filed today.

In what appears to be a media timing coup, tonight’s episode of Dateline NBC will feature Kaine Horman, Desiree and Tony Young, with interviews and coverage of Kyron’s disappearance.

Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office Public Information Officer, Mary Lindstrand, has announced a press conference tomorrow at the MCSO Training Facility, beginning at 2:00 pm PST.

blinkoncrime editor Madeline Tanner contributed to this report

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  1. cartwheel says:

    FlGirl-oh I’m with you. I believe the phones were REQUESTED for nefarious reasons, just giving the friends the benefit of the doubt, that they weren’t knowingly participating in hanky pank; again, depending on when it happenned.

  2. lyla says:

    41.twinkletoes says:
    August 6, 2010 at 6:26 pm
    For those of you who are certain, 100% sure, no doubt in your mind, that TH did it, what is it for you that links TH’s behavior so unquestionably to Kyron’s disappearance? Like FLgirl, I am not trying to be combative, but I am truly curious what seals the deal for you.
    It’s not that simple…I think those who are “100% sure” are 100% sure Terri was “complicit” in K’s disappearance.

    We agree, I think twinkle was trying to drill down to just that.

  3. melissab says:

    deb1948 this was my other thought and I do believe I posted it way back in the beginning but no one answered me negatively or agreed with me. I’m sure this is the furtherest thought from anyone’s mind but I went there. Something trumatic happened to TH, you can see it in her face and body. My child being accused of this and sent away might just do it. Especially if the man who sent my child away shared another child with me. Talk about being torn. I want Kyron home and some answers soon. LE tell us you know something solid, please!!! I said earlier today what if TH can’t say where she was because she was consulting and atty. for divorce or in this situation maybe about her son. Maybe she’s not cooperating because there is nothing else for her to tell and LE just doesn’t want to hear it. Like I said before I hope they weren’t so focused on TH that they failed to look at other possibilities. All MOO guys.

  4. cartwheel says:

    Alleged MFH plot.
    Not passing 2 polygraphs.
    The Michael Cook saga.
    The fact that 3 parents close to her bailed on her.
    Not attempting to fight Kaine to see daughter.
    Leaving home without a fight.
    Her silence.
    Her many lame excuses for the morning of.
    Her silence.
    Her silence.
    Her silence.
    Her huge retainer fee.
    Her bizarre dabbling with bodybuilding.
    Her general behavior and affect.

    For starters.

  5. MockingbirdSings says:

    puzzled says: Consider this … we know that TH lives her life “out there”. She posts pictures and her day’s events on facebook and has dozens and dozens of “friends”. She text/sexts maybe even more often than FB. She emails(on a regular basis) Kyron’s activities multiple times a day to the mother in Medford. She has friends to come and stay with her when in distress (even people she didn’t know before like MC), buy her cell phones and continue to support her even though their lives are being scrutinized as well … contrast this against the person/s who took Kyron … did so without being seen or heard, without leaving a trail or evidence (that we know of), disappeared Kyron so deeply that a dozen professionl agencies cannot find him or even determine what happened to him (that we know of) … this person is not Terri Horman. I don’t know what Terri did, but SHE didn’t take Kyron.

    Kaylee says: I just found out that a friend’s wife was diagnosed with Dissociative Identity Disorder. Very sad situation, but in discussing her behavior, it sounds a lot like Terri’s KNOWN and DOCUMENTED actions. I wrote about this on here a few weeks ago but now I’m wondering about it more than ever.

    Andy. says: @Kaylee
    Dissociative Identity Disorder=probable schizophrenia
    Terri did not exhibit any delusional, paranoid, or hallucinogenic behavior. Terri is not at all likely to schizophrenic without exhibiting these symptoms.

    my thoughts: Even the most professional people are not qualified (and they would be the first to agree) to offer a diagnosis for anyone based only on the sources of information we collect here and in the news. I do think it helps to have some understanding of mental disorders when motives are not clear and when predicting the actions of others is important to solving the case. Most mental disorders are complicated and have many variations and overlaps. Some are diagnosed by a set of symptoms, some by ruling out other disorders, including physical ones such as brain tumor. You can read about many of them by searching the internet, but that alone is not any more accurate than researching to decide why you have a pain in your side.

    Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) is not the same disorder as schizophrenia. As Andy said, schizophrenia does include symptoms of delusions, hallucinations, and sometimes paranoia. However, it does NOT include multiple personalities – a disorder which is now called Dissociative Identity Disorder. Schizophrenia is hard to hide, and family members and close friends will often pick up on the early signs of a person being out of touch with reality (which is different from “not being realistic” or being in denial) by the way they talk – such as sentences which have unusual structure and don’t make sense, or mentioning hearing voices.

    DID is a way of coping with a traumatic event by separating from a part of yourself. It can be described as having one or more personalities with distinct behaviors and voices, in a complicated relationship with each other. It is too complex to explain here, as is a thorough description of schizophrenia.

    puzzled says: this person is not Terri Horman. I don’t know what Terri did, but SHE didn’t take Kyron.

    If Terri had DID, then it could possibly have been “her”, but not “SHE” as we think of her. A possible history of childhood abuse or other triggering event could exist, but we don’t know that, and there are other mental disorders which might seem to fit as well. There are enough observed variations from societal norms to lead us to think she has some mental issue(s) – but that’s about all we can say right now. My point is that we don’t, and can’t, know enough about Terri’s mental state to rule in or out her participation, masterminding, or complete innocence based on interpreting her actions (as we know them) by mental state/disorder/health alone.

    Terri will probably have a mental health evaluation at some point. If her attorney has already had one done, it won’t be sufficient because prosecutors would not have been given the opportunity to agree on the evaluator and submit their questions about her mental health in advance, so at least one more would be done. So far, I haven’t seen any indication that Terri, whatever her role, did not know right from wrong. If a plea bargain occurs, a mental health eval may never be done.

    The unanswerable question I would most like answered (other than the obvious) is what changed about Terri that caused such a change in Kyron’s behavior (in Medford) before his disappearance – something that was different from anything he might not have liked about her before. It was either a scary pattern that he didn’t know how to describe, or something that made him very afraid to tell. It might have been due her own actions or her lack of protecting him from someone else. On a day to day basis, she should have been his first line of defense against harm. So sad.

  6. cartwheel says:

    Blink. Does your gut say this will go cold?

    It has the potential to do so, yes. When I say “cold” I mean in terms of recovering Kyron.

    I think an indictment in this case will progress it appropriately.

  7. Starsky says:

    Hi Blink-

    Working on a new piece anytime soon?

    Yes, in 3 diff cases, thanks for your patience.

  8. beejay says:

    Several newspapers have “sources” who say friends of Terri’s gave her cellphone(s) sometime after June 4 or in first few days after that (depending on the reporter). That has lead to speculation that Terri wanted those phones to avoid the scrutiny of LE(one paper reported it just that way).

    I’ve seen nothing about what kind of phones they were, etc. Speculation is they were throwaways; some think those couldn’t be monitored by LE; some say yes they can. Some say she needed them to converse privately with the kidnappers/murderer. It has been, overall, taken as one more piece of evidence that she is guilty of the disappearance of Ky.

    Alternatively, as I posted earlier, while LE was essentially living in the Horman house(an ODD thing in itself), I wonder if they might have wanted to keep her cell phone line open for a caller they were hoping for. So, she would need to use another phone. Or, maybe she surrendered her cell to LE, they were gathering evidence from it, and she wanted one to use meanwhile. (That’s a big nutshell, for you.)

    “…Sources, including one who has spoken with investigators, also told KGW that at least two friends of Terri’s purchased cell phones for her in the days after Kyron’s disappearance.

    Investigators were calling those friends and others in front of the grand jury for sworn statements on what they did and why they did it.”


  9. Annals says:

    Re: julie says:
    August 6, 2010 at 3:01 pm

    Hi Julie. Thanks for your post; sharing your research with us. On one hand I beleive you’re hunch is correct, that the grant agency may have hired the landscaper/s for the new garden bed project. I wondered about that when I first read Blink’s article that included the project. And, that the Portland Schools have their own grass cutters, is good information.

    You report; “According to what I read, a landscaper who is familiar with the native plants of the area, etc….is granted with the grant.”

    A landscaper with that kind of horticultural background is usually not the kind that primarily mows lawns. RL Landscaping posts it’s speciality as lawn maintainance. Added to that, Rudy Sanchez is not a native of the Pacific Northwest; he wouldn’t have the background in native plants of the area that an interested native naturalist might have from life long exposure.

  10. Ava says:

    PDXGirl I’m with you on this one.

    RE: Twinkletoes
    “I still say TH didn’t kill/kidnap Kyron. With all due respect to LE, I think LE has followed the wrong leads so long, they are afraid to turn back. But turn back they must if they are going to figure out what happened to Ky. ”
    How would you have the insight to know LE has followed the wrong leads for “so long”? Suspects have yet to be named. Just curious how you got to that conclusion.

    I’m not 100% certain I know anything about this case, other than a boy is missing and a family is distraught. I would think everyone who isn’t privy to the details of this case would actually feel the same way. *No*body knows for certain what happened except those who were there. Truth.

    With that in mind, I think one would have to be blind to not wonder about TH’s involvement. What’s that saying: Oh yeah, she did it.

    Not to answer for twinkle, but imo, following the right leads brings resolution to a case. This does not mean that LE is not doing a great job, it sometimes can mean criminals are lucky and smart at the same time.

    Everyone- the point is, she may be 100% to blame, but if you think she acted alone, I can promise you that is not possible, and that complicates this case.

  11. Ava says:

    Puzzled says:
    August 6, 2010 at 2:46 pm

    RE: Puzzels
    I’m suggesting rearrange the facts that are known and the picture changes … dramaticaly!

    I like riddles. What are you implying, puzzelmaster?

  12. FLGirl says:

    twinkletoes says:
    August 6, 2010 at 6:15 pm

    If anyone is still talking to me, can someone give me a nutshell on the phone situation I keep reading about? What phones? Whose phones? I’ve been searching elsewhere and haven’t found anything on the phones. I ask because I wonder if Kyron had one of those little guy track (sp?) phones. I got one for my son when he was about that age. Just a thought.


    I can give my 2 cents about why I think Terri is guilty, but I think maybe I’ve expounded on it too much already? LOL

  13. CB says:

    twinkletoes: AS one NOT 100% sure – I would say it is her behavior. If she had nothing to hide why wouldn’t she vehemently deny her involvement and act more concerned rather than acting scared? I doubt that she is smart enough to plan and carry out a diabolical plan, but rather just a manipulator who deals with things “on the fly”. Her silence has been deafening!

  14. Mermaid14 says:

    Sorry, I meant to say “what had happened to him” meaning Kyron. Editing skills suffering lately from extreme southern heat!

  15. DesertGirl says:

    not much to opine about on my part – but thank you all for sharing your thoughts and ideas and sluething results here. I was convinved of TH’s involvement in Ky’s disappearance, but am starting to re-think and rearrange. Not defending her in the least but just wow.

    Re the two phones procurred in TH’s behalf after the disappearance – my theory is there was a need for two – one for her and one for Ky or whomever may “have” him. Maybe not, but TWO phones is just weird in this instance. One to call one person or group of people and another for a different person or group?

    I worry that putting all of [y]our eggs in one basket (i.e. TH is guilty or kidnapping and/or harming) might not make a very good omelette. Are some of us so focused on TH that we are missing other clues? And vice versa.

    I’m in AZ and the stories of the missing toddlers earlier this week here (Emmett and Sylar) have really jarred many of us here. Add in this whole mess about AP moving to AZ and the possible Tempe link… eery.

    I am so glad I found this site (Christine Sheddy case) and that so many folks out there care enough to come here and work for justice. One day I hope to have an “a ha!” to share. For now, it’s just that so many of your (B’s and this community’s) theories make sense I am not sure which side of the fence seems sturdier.

    As time passes, it seems more apparent that we (the concerned public) will never know exactly what happened… time fades memories, etc.

  16. pdxgirl says:

    @twinkletoes, I didn’t mean to suggest that Terri having an affair is a suspicious factor. Not in the least. Huge numbers of people have affairs for all different kinds of reasons, and I don’t condemn TH for it. Life is complex. As to the affair, this is what I meant to say: Rudy and Terri are intimately connected, and–though Blink didn’t come out and say it, she did very strongly imply it by plastering his picture on her web site–Rudy and Anselmo are connected. Anselmo is in jail. I don’t believe Blink would have put all of this information on her web site if there wasn’t a profound (and confirmed) link to the Kyron case.

    Connect the dots that we are allowed to see…No doubt, if we could see ALL the dots LE has, we would have an ever clearer picture that Rudy/Anselmo/Terri were up to something really ugly.

    For me, the biggest questions about Terri are: 1) the hinky doctor’s appointment confusion; and 2) the borrowing of Kaine’s truck, which was highly out of the ordinary for her. Her explanation of why she needed it made no sense.

    So, I will respectively ask you, beejay, and now melissab again:

    If you don’t think TH is somehow involved, how do you make sense out of these pieces of information?

  17. neighbor says:

    @kuaitzudog says Blink- just wondering…… do you still have the same “gut” feeling about Kyron? Do you think his disappearance is sexually motivated and do you think he left us shortly after his disappearance?
    @B: Yes

    Agree, but also have a feeling that TMH set it up. No hard evidence, but .. she seems to thrive on seeing his parent hurt .. I feel she waited until Ky was picked up, and made sure she was seen by herself leaving the school. All best done with no baby K around to distract her. To make herself look more guilty, she withholds information from LE, knowing that they will have a hard time proving her involvement. Wish I am wrong, but time will tell.

    As usual MOO

  18. Kim says:

    @Deb: Please use lower case letters. All capitals is considered shouting. I think I’ve seen you posting on Missing Kyron Facebook too. I enjoy your posts, just would like them quieter.

    Thank you, I meant to advise that.

  19. puzzled says:

    Fact: MCSO said TH was cooperating and then the infamous sting failure weekend when her husband abruptly moved out taking her child, filing for divorce and getting a RO. Friends convinced TH she needed a lawyer NOW …

    Fact: MSCO said in the last news conference that they had not interviewed TH since she retained counsel …

    Fact: Why would her lawyer say anything when she has not been charged with a crime or confessed to a crime …

    Fact: She’s hiding in plain sight. LE and her lawyer know where she is … the law office.

    Reconcile this “innocence” with the way she is acting? WTH does that mean? She’s not behaving the way you and suzyq public think she should be “acting” so she MUST be guilty? Our judicial system doesn’t work that way.

    and what about “sexting” with MC… yea, whatsup with that? saywhat ??? sexting ???? I’m of another generation so the whole texting/sexting thing makes no sense to me!!!

    How do you know she hasn’t shown the slightest bit of emotion … because you don’t see “it” do you think “it” doesn’t happen ???

    Fact: Desiree and Kaine have not stated there is reason to believe that Terri is guilty… they have said they believe she knows more than she is telling.

    You can be 100% sure of anything you want … but in my experience, it helps to have all the facts. The public does not have all the facts at this time.

  20. ChiaPet517 says:

    @twinkletoes – okay you asked and I’ve been reading all this for a couple of weeks now. For me it is all the pieces put together as to her actions on June 4th and afterward. But the main problem I have is that she LIED about the doctor’s appointment, which indicates planning and that she KNEW OF SOMETHING that was going to happen to Kyron, whether she did it directly or had help. And so many people at the school knew about it, she can’t go back and say, “Oh, I meant it was on June 11th.” Sorry, no. This is a real problem for her. It can’t be denied or explained away. If she’s the last one who saw him and she LIED during that scenario, yikes.

    And more lies. Only SHE flunked the lie detector tests (not one but TWO, or THREE?) and everyone else passed. But the biggest nail in her coffin for me is her ice cold, emotionless, heartless, selfish behavior afterward, especially the sexting while he’s missing, which says to me she didn’t give one flying sh** about whether this poor kid is dead or alive, or how destroyed his family is. Add to that the Murder-For-Hire plot, which demonstrates that thoughts of murder have definitely entered her mind before with no problem. And I strongly believe LE has much more info that we don’t know about. But think about it – did you ever see her in front of a camera begging for Kyron’s safe return and how much she loves and misses him? No! Because she doesn’t! Even her own ATTORNEY hasn’t spoken out to say his client is innocent, and they almost always DO! It always gets me in these cases and others (Casey Anthony, etc.) how the family and some of the friends just excuse and defend the behavior of the suspected person like it’s completely normal, and stay in denial about any evidence presented, like 2 + 2 doesn’t equal 4. How can one NOT BE at least SUSPICIOUS of her actions? IMO there is NO WAY she could NOT be involved.

    Yes I know, I’ve seen on t.v. where a person is accused of a crime and then they prove the innocence in the end. But without exception, the person accused is always proclaiming his/her innocence over and over and begging for someone to believe them. Terri has never done this. Publicly, she has barely said a word, oh, except when questioned about Kaine moving out that day, she gave a thumbs-up to the reporter and said that everything was “good.” GOOD? Unbelievable.

    Sorry to go on, but I just get so sick of the nonsense where a lost, innocent child is concerned.

  21. NancyS says:

    Well okay IF Teri didnt do this (IF) she must be covering for someone else or her and her attorney are waiting til he is found so they can sue everyone for slandering her….damages are definately piling up on her ater all?

  22. Novice says:

    Blink, I read your comment back there that says there’s no way TH did this alone and that’s what complicates the whole thing for LE(paraphrasing). So I’m wondering, in your expert opinion, why the others involved haven’t “cracked” by now? Usually, LE is very good at getting SOMEONE to cough up information, one way or another.

    Our unfailing constitution which prevents self-incrimination.

    LE is not so great at eliciting confessions from people without declaring them a suspect, er go..
    I do not believe TH knows where Kyron is.

    I think her story is the landscaper did it, without her prior knowledge or involvement.

    This case was investigated as a ransom from day one, there has to be evidence this at least started this way.

  23. FLGirl says:

    I will agree, Blink; I do not think she acted totally alone. I think it’s possible that she did in fact grab Kyron by herself, but that she handed him off to someone, or needed someone’s help in disposing (ugh I hate that thought) of him. As I said prior, it may not even have been the intention, to harm him. I believe you and some others offered the movie Fargo as something plausible.

    I agree. It could’ve been done that way; for ransom, I kinda doubt, as I don’t know who she could sue except the school. But, as a way to punish Kaine. And then something unforseen happened.

  24. landlmom says:


    Have my posts gotten stuck in your SPAM? I have posted 3 public and one private in the last 3 days 2 from by Blackberry and 2 from my laptop – none of them made it through? Have I been banned from BOC?


    I have posted all but your private, nothing in spam. If you cannot see “awaiting moderation” after you submit, it did not post.

    Lol, no of course you have not been banned.

  25. rmack says:

    @NancyS says:”Well okay IF Teri didnt do this (IF) she must be covering for someone else or her and her attorney are waiting til he is found so they can sue everyone for slandering her….damages are definately piling up on her ater all?”

    Again, in this scenerio, she is more concerned with herself than her missing step-son.
    ~~No explanation justifies her silence!~~
    I don’t know what label a psych evaluation would provide, but she is one cold hearted b_t_h.

  26. puzzled says:

    Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) is the new pc term for multiple personality disorder. TH has not displayed an MPD behavior, ever.

  27. pdxgirl says:

    @twinkletoes. One more thing and then I’ll stop bouncing up and down on beejay’s and your limb.

    “I still say TH didn’t kill/kidnap Kyron.”

    That sounds like a pretty certain statement made by someone who says we don’t really know anything for certain about this case. I don’t really get that. May I ask what evidence you have for making that assertion?

  28. beejay says:

    @annals and @ julie: Annals is right. Yet Blink said Rudy knew Ky from both school and the Horman home. School. Also, Blink indicated that she thought DeDe and Rudy “might” know each other. We know DeDe is major into the native plant/organic growing thing. So, how would those two have known ea. other? I didn’t get it when Blink said it.

  29. hebeke says: reports that Skyline’s principal Ben Keefer appeared before the GJ today (Friday). Several other employees have been supoenaed, but the article didn’t mention when they are scheduled to appear.

  30. aibohphobia says:

    Ok, friend used FAKE NAME to but the cell phone.

    the cell phone “bat phones” are red herrings. The house was bugged, as was her car, as was every conceivable line tied to this woman they could get a subpoena for.

    What is criminal, and what is relevant to Kyron’s whereabouts precedes their purchase.

  31. FLGirl says:

    puzzled says:
    August 6, 2010 at 8:27 pm

    Fact: MCSO said TH was cooperating and then the infamous sting failure weekend when her husband abruptly moved out taking her child, filing for divorce and getting a RO. Friends convinced TH she needed a lawyer NOW …

    I think they said that publicly for the same reason that they have said she is not a POI, because they didn’t want her to think she was being investigated and would go about her daily activities and slip-up somehow. I think now we KNOW she was not cooperating… for example, the failed lie detector tests that she grudgingly took, as witnessed by the ranting to Kaine and other family members of how she was mad she was made to take them — when no one else in the family ranted about taking them. Not to mention her walking out on the third LD test. That doesn’t scream “I’m helping police” to me.

    Why would a judge issue a RO and allow Kaine emergency temp custody of Kiara? Because there was evidence that Terri was a threat to Kaine and Kiara.

    Fact: MSCO said in the last news conference that they had not interviewed TH since she retained counsel …

    That doesn’t mean that they talked to her much at all before that. In fact, Kaine, Desiree and Tony have said that from pretty early on (before it became public knowledge) they were asking her to tell what she really knew.

    Fact: Why would her lawyer say anything when she has not been charged with a crime or confessed to a crime …

    Why would she not make a statement? Tony, Kaine and Desiree have made multiple statements. And why would she need a CRIMINAL atty.? Because she’s guilty of, or knows she’s a suspect a crime.

    Fact: She’s hiding in plain sight. LE and her lawyer know where she is … the law office.

    She’s not hiding in plain site. She up and moved to her parents house; and now she’s in yet another undisclosed local. She will not make any statements to the press; why? Everyone else involved in this case has; even if to say “no comment”. We have not even heard the sound of Terri’s voice.

    Reconcile this “innocence” with the way she is acting? WTH does that mean? She’s not behaving the way you and suzyq public think she should be “acting” so she MUST be guilty? Our judicial system doesn’t work that way.

    She’s acting GUILTY. She’s lying left and right; refusing to talk to police, even when Kaine and Desiree are on tv begging her to. She’s dragging multiple friends into this; she sexting with another man while her stepson is missing. She lied about the dr. appt. Etc. Etc.

    Of course our judicial system doesn’t work that way. We’re here to give our opinions are we not? You dont have to like it or agree.. but this is mine, based on tons of facts, and evidence, circumstantial though it may be.

    and what about “sexting” with MC… yea, whatsup with that? saywhat ??? sexting ???? I’m of another generation so the whole texting/sexting thing makes no sense to me!!!

    Sexting.. Sending pictures of herself masturbating to Michael Cook; and sending text messages to this supposed stranger that she only met in person since Kyron went missing. Sure sounds like a grieving stepmother to me.

    How do you know she hasn’t shown the slightest bit of emotion … because you don’t see “it” do you think “it” doesn’t happen ???

    Because the people who know her way better than you or I, have said so. Desiree, Tony, Kaine — the man who was married to her for how many years? I’d certainly believe their words than an anonymous web-poster, myself included.

    Fact: Desiree and Kaine have not stated there is reason to believe that Terri is guilty… they have said they believe she knows more than she is telling.

    And what does that tell you? What does she know that she isn’t telling? Facts and information to do with this case. And so why isn’t she telling them? Why does she have to be begged? Why does she still resist?

    You can be 100% sure of anything you want … but in my experience, it helps to have all the facts. The public does not have all the facts at this time.

    I am 100% sure. And as a matter of fact, I have seen no one make any compelling arguments to point towards someone else. I see people say, “well it might be a random stranger”. Well, isn’t that convenient, someone with no name who can’t be found? Unless/until I see someone, anyone make a compelling argument against my opinions; and unless/until I see someone make a compelling argument for any other person on the planet, I think I’ll stick with what I feel.

    You don’t have to agree with me, and certainly you don’t, but I am entitled to believe that which I do. As are you.

  32. aibohphobia says:

    BUY the cellphone, sorry, I was excited…

  33. FLGirl says:

    ChiaPet517 says:
    August 6, 2010 at 8:32 pm


    I should’ve just quoted your post! LOL Instead I let myself get baited and worked-up, and thus the most recent post I made!

    ** Breathes deeply — I will not let an anonymous stranger on the internet get me worked up! **

  34. starshadow says:

    I think it could be argued at this point that the case has already gone cold.

    I’m a bit puzzled, too, at the tip numbers that they’ve been posting. Within a week, they had 3000 tips. After the flyer, they’d bumped it up to about 3500. It’s been weeks, and they’re only claiming around 4000 now. How on earth does that correlate with the 10/hour that they’ve been stating in the most recent releases?

  35. melissab says:

    Could it be that all this time her only role in this case is bedroom talk to a lover (MFH-”Oh, if Kaine weren’t around of course I’d be with you, not”)? I would hate it if LE believed the LS guy over the woman who raised and loved this child and the whole world turned on her and her children taken away from her. Yes, I know her eldest could see her but surely she doesn’t want to drag him into this mess.

  36. zeus says:

    blue says:
    August 6, 2010 at 6:45 pm

    That was an amazingly well thought out comment! I’m about to post one, but you have blown mine out of the water!

  37. firstwife says:

    Sociopaths are slick and cunning. They are the embodiment of evil, IMO. It may take a long time, though hopefully not, but the person who is responsible for the disappearance of Kyron Horman will be caught and will be brought to justice. The person who did this, and their accomplices, will be caught and exposed eventually. Just like cream, the truth always rises to the top. Justice will be had. The person who did this knows what they did is evil and wrong and they can posture all they want but they will never have an unrelaxed moment in their life again.

  38. CassieS says:

    @ Mockingbird
    One of the big things , I think about ~for instance if she is Manic Depressive~ Bi-Polar~displaying Narcisstic behaviors~a need for looking for love in all the wrong places etc the combination of consuming alcohol with the meds or instead of the meds, it is a recipe for erractic-horrifying behavior, ~ blackouts ~anythng ~(they honestly can kill & say they dont remember because they really dont~!!!!) I was married to a Manic depressive~(not anymore)Thank God I probably would be dead by now if I had remained in the relationship ~ It was horrific~The interaction of a lot of drugs with Alcohol can be devastating to all who are around the person~ Daily,you do not know what to expect~Day or night~ Those kind of people have what I call “as no see um eyes~ they arent at home” and they are attention seeking people but manipulative at the same time~ God only knows what TH was taking as far as meds-alcohol “or what she should have been taking for her problems dealing with life

  39. Madame Clouseau says:

    Sooooooo Terri’s friends using fake names! But, hey, everybody needs a little privacy.

    Mme. V

  40. shelbar says:

    I’m still keeping it simple and think she acted alone, almost..I might admit to her having help afterwards.

    I don’t get how a woman could think of sex when she has no clue where her child is. Are they suffering, in pain, scared? OMG it wasn’t even a month when she got into sexting…that’s not ugly coping…that is just sick. I would think one would be depressed and just trying to shower and get dressed would be difficult let alone “being in the mood”.

    To many things fell into place for Teri…having the truck, Dr’s appt, school not worried kyron absent, posting the alibi picture, to name a few.

    Then the aftermath behaviors, not pleading, not talking, failing LD, getting secret phones, again to name a few things.

    @Flagirl, sorry about what your family went through. 18 years and your MIL and family are still in pain. {Only 3 weeks for Teri.}

  41. Madame Clouseau says:

    Yikes! I gotta quit trying to blog on my phone. Terri’s friends bought cell phones using fake names (see earlier link).

    Mme. C

  42. CassieS says:

    @ Mockingbird~ I forgot to add all the horrible mental & physical abuse that goes along with this type of troubled person~ and nothing is ever their fault~no conscience. also the control they exibit over you and usually always guns are part of the picture ~ you have to remove everything you think will hurt them or you from them.

  43. cosmos says:

    Consumers are cautioned NOT to consider allowing this contractor to perform construction work on their residence unless, and until, its CCB (Construction Contractors Board) license is returned to an “Active” status, in good standing with the Board.


    License: 166208

    Current License Status: Not Active – Expired after a Disciplinary Action
    Investigation Number:
    Sanction Date:
    License Suspended
    Emergency Suspension

  44. CassieS says:

    By the way, Mockingbird, You sound like a very informed smart person

  45. puzzled says:

    @FLGirl …

    my apologies if you thought I was baiting you … I wasn’t.

  46. beejay says:

    @annals and @ julie: I hate saying things without a link. It has taken me all this time to find Blink’s statement about DeDe and Rudy:

    Lisa says:
    July 23, 2010 at 12:34 am


    Since Ms. Spicher works in a nursery and is very much into landscaping, what are the chances she is connected Rudy Sanchez?

    Lol. I think they may be aquainted.

  47. puzzled says:

    blue says:
    August 6, 2010 at 6:45 pm

    makes sense to me.

  48. aibohphobia says:

    I agree, Blink that what is criminal, and what is relevant to Kyron’s whereabouts precedes their purchase re: the cell phones.
    But I also think using a fake name to purchase cell phones for Terri, Dede and herself shows a level of complicity. If Terri had nothing to hide that would not have been necessary.
    I knew the house was bugged and figured it was done on the 9th when they told them both to go to the gym. After that the detective moved out as his ‘ears on the ground’ were no longer necessary. But the point is, Terri either did not know the house was bugged and wanted her phone calls made on unmonitored line or purposely got the phones so she could speak to her friends outside the house without being overheard if she knew it was bugged. It is incriminating to have bought them at all, esp. under a fake name.
    Kaine, Desiree and Tony didn’t feel the need to do that.

  49. shelbar says:

    If Michael cook was sleazy enough to engage in that inappropriate behavior, then what is to prevent him from selling those pic/videos/text of Teri to some porn mag? Or is there some confidentialty issue with phone stuff? Wasn’t Teri worried that he could show those around to people, heck she didnt know the guy.

    I’m sure some trash mag would give him 100k or more for those pics/texts. I think MC is just amoral enough to sell them. Sorry I’m just angry now. A little boy missing and people conducting themselves in a “pleasurable joyful act”.

  50. Kaylee says:

    @ mermaid: Kim Holm did not say that Kyron told her son he had a doctor’s appointment. She did say that Kurtis knew Kyron was to be out all day but it was in accordance with the teacher saying he had a doctor appointment. Here’s the quote:

    “Kim Holm’s son, Kurtis, who Terri Horman photographed with his science project around the time she took a picture of Kyron that morning, said her son knew about the appointment too.

    “And the teacher said, ‘I thought he left with his mom,’ because they thought they had a doctor appointment,” Holm said. “And then at lunchtime, Kurtis ate lunch with him every day, he wasn’t there at lunchtime. And then I got a call at 4:30ish, saying he didn’t get off the bus, I guess. And Kurtis said, ‘Oh yeah, I knew he was already gone all day Mom.’”

    Maybe Kyron told him but it isn’t explicitly stated that way.

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