Kyron Horman Missing and Endangered: Grand Jury Meets, Indictment Imminent

Portland, OR- In the case of missing 7-year-old Portland child Kyron Horman, developments today continue to unfold at lightening speed.

During a poorly-kept secret convening of a special grand jury that is in session today, sources inside the investigation believe it’s triers of fact will return an indictment against Terri Horman and possibly one other individual.

It is however, unclear as to whether or not the grand jury is hearing evidence in the alleged murder for hire plot MCSO informed Kaine Horman his wife had master-minded, OR evidence surrounding the disappearance of Kaine and Desiree Young’s son Kyron.

KOIN caught Terri Horman’s friend DeDe Spicher, who was subpoenaed to appear in the proceedings this morning, on video with her attorney, entering the courthouse. Spicher was the subject of a public plea asking her to cooperate with investigators by Kaine Horman and Desiree Young last week.  A neighbor of Spicher’s has confirmed the FBI has been seen removing boxes and unknown bagged material from her residence.

According to several sources, DeDe Spicher, Terri’s roommate  post Kaine’s restraining order,  was working in a garden near the Horman home the day of Kyron’s disappearance when she received a call at approximately 11:15 am. She left abruptly, returning at approximately 1:00 pm. DeDe was unreachable on her cell phone during that time and the property owner became concerned. Spicher is a long time friend and workout companion of Horman’s.

Earlier today, Laura Rackner, Kaine Horman’s Family Law attorney filed a motion to find out where the funds are coming from to foot the bill for Terri Horman’s high profile criminal defense attorney, Stephen Houze.

In Horman’s motion, he is seeking the disclosure of the payments made to Houze, and whether or not it came from marital funds. If it has, Kaine Horman wants half the cash to pay his own legal bills. Kaine Horman alleges that Terri Horman disclosed to a third party that she paid a whopping $350,000 retainer to Houze, however, provided no proof of same in the papers filed today.

In what appears to be a media timing coup, tonight’s episode of Dateline NBC will feature Kaine Horman, Desiree and Tony Young, with interviews and coverage of Kyron’s disappearance.

Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office Public Information Officer, Mary Lindstrand, has announced a press conference tomorrow at the MCSO Training Facility, beginning at 2:00 pm PST.

blinkoncrime editor Madeline Tanner contributed to this report

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  1. cbickel says:

    @Jeff D…your not alone on this blog, I’m from the Bluegrass State too, these folks are downright nice here but I’m still glad to see someone else from Kentucky!

    @blue and s…enjoyed both of your posts. You both put into words things that I agree with that I can’t seem to articulate for some reason. Thanks!

    I do have a question for all. If this was so well planned why wouldn’t the phones have been bought before the abduction?

    Thoughts and prayers are with Kyron, his brothers and sister.

  2. beejay says:

    @cbickel: the credit to you was all-inclusive, also for “the chick ain’t wired right.”?

    In hospitals there’s necessarily a lot of Mash humor. In staffings, our tentative diagnosis, while doing a workup, was sometimes “SFU”. Worked for us. (“Seriously Effed Up”) I like it in this case, too.

  3. Riverpearl says:

    Blink has said Kyron & Terri knew Rudy.
    Dede was on her HOA condo board.
    Would this be where Dede knew Rudy Lawn Maintence @ the condo complex?

    Remember when Kaine added to Desiree comments stating “anyone who knew Kyron”..

  4. beejay says:

    @annals: You’re right. DeDe wouldn’t have been able to qualify on paper for any grant. But neither would RS Landscape Maintenance. So, if RS didn’t work at the school under that grant, how was it that, as Blink said, Rudy knew Kyron from school?

    Was Rudy doing volunteer work there? Or, did Skyline in fact hire their own groundskeeping service despite PPS policy? Or the parents brought the RS crew in on their own? TH??

    And why did Blink jokingly indicate DeDe and Rudy knew each other?

  5. beejay says:

    I have nothing to compare this case to in regards to the massive involvement of agencies in this case. Is it unprecedented? I’m somewhat discounting local LE since they’re just helping each other out.

    If this is truly unprecedented, WHY has it been brought to bear in this case and not in others?

    I’m wondering if federal agencies aren’t expecting to come up with much more than a couple of local talents? Or, at least a serial offender.

    I know Blink said earlier that she didn’t think there was gang involvement. Has that changed? Non-gang organized-crime?

    How big a target do we have in LE’s sights?

  6. deb1948 says:

    Sorry for all caps b, i can’t see to well. Look at Cindy anthony,talk about someone living in denial, its no wonder Casey has mental problems! I wish parents and anyone else close to a suspect, would demand they step up to the plate……….cross all boundries for a child.DO NOT enable grown children!!!!!!! Praying Kyron will reveal himself with Gods help…the truth will prevail!!!!!!

  7. Phyl says:

    Human trafficking industry thrives in Portland metro area
    Published: Saturday, January 09, 2010, 7:11 PM Updated: Saturday, January 09, 2010, 7:12 PM
    Nikole Hannah-Jones, The Oregonian
    Follow Share this story
    Story tools
    Six posters of missing children from the metro area — five girls and one boy — were tacked to the wall of the Jantzen Beach hotel banquet room, a silent reminder of why more than 500 participants from 10 states had gathered Saturday.

    One of three missing teens who ends up on the streets will be lured or forced into prostitution within 48 hours, according to national estimates. The annual Northwest Conference Against Human Trafficking hoped to bring a sense of urgency to the problem and capitalize on a recent local and national push to fight domestic human trafficking.

    Share Oregon, advocates and law enforcement officials say, is a growing hub for forced prostitution and servitude. Just last week, a Portland man was arraigned in Multnomah County Circuit Court on suspicion of prostituting a 14-year-old relative.

    Still, many Americans believe human trafficking to be an international phenomenon.

    “I, like so many others, thought that trafficking was a problem that plagued other countries like Thailand and India, but was oblivious to what was happening right here in our backyard,” said Multnomah County Commissioner Diane McKeel, who is spearheading the county’s efforts to combat human trafficking and open a shelter for sexual trafficking victims.

  8. Phyl says:

    Wow. This could explain all the agencies involved. I wonder how much a cute little boy goes for in the black market. Enough for that liposuction job? Disgusting.

    Portland’s dark world of child sex trafficking
    By Michal Elseth
    The Washington Times
    7:46 p.m., Wednesday, July 28, 2010

    Portland, Ore., is widely featured as a young, green, hip city; it also has gained a reputation as a national hub for child sex trafficking…

    “I just believe with my whole heart that people across the community would be appalled if they knew what was going on,” said Sgt. Mike Geiger, who heads Portland’s sexual assault detail.

  9. Mermaid14 says:

    Thanks for link and your response. What really bothers me is that if Kim/Kurtis Holm version is correct, then what Tanner said would have to be a complete fabrication. How could he quote his teacher stating that Kyron must be in the bathroom and not to worry if the teacher expected Kyron to leave after the Science Fair? Somebody really needs to look into that, especially given the Sauvie Island connection.

  10. Mermaid14 says:

    I am a relative newcomer here,if this has been mentioned before, please disregard, but the World of Warcraft connection with TH liking that game has always bothered me. Mostly because of the Baby Grace case. If you are not familiar she was Riley Ann Sawyers, found in a plastic container floating in Galveston Bay. Her mother and stepfather were tried for her murder. They were avid players of World of Warcraft and actually met playing that game. If you do any amount of research you find that this game seems to attract some very strange characters, just google it. Now I am not attacking anyone who plays the game, so please don’t skewer me, but LE all over the country has investigated people from this game and they have found many unsavory characters playing it.
    Not that it directly ties to Kyron missing, but it’s the state of mind thing, and the violent nature of the game. I firmly believe that addictions to this sort of thing can desensitise people when exposed to actual violence in the real world. Given TH penchant for social networking it wouldn’t surprise me if she hooked up with someone from this game.

  11. zinnia says:

    If TH could have done something as disgusting as selling her stepchild to a human trafficking ring, it seems at odds with at least some of her profile on FB. Not to get political here, but on her profile page on facebook, she says that she is a supporter of Sharron Angle for senate. Sharron Angle is an ultra conservative Christian from Nevada. Maybe it’s irrelevant, but if TH is conservative enough to support someone like Angle, I can’t see how she would think in her mind that it was ever justifiable to resort to such low life, immoral behavior. But then, a lot of her behavior is at odds with her public persona.

    I live in the opposite corner of the U.S. and I had no idea Portland could be associated with the human trafficking world. That’s really disgusting and sad.

  12. Phyl says:


    Maybe she was or wasn’t directly involved, but it could have been a result of the company she keeps. She could have just received money for the child and told that he was being adopted or in cahoots with one of these landscapers who had connections – as in a planned kidnapping for ransom gone wrong. I don’t know. I’m trying to brainstorm all different possible scenarios. I have heard about the explosion of the child porn industry in this country and the lack of manpower and resources to deal with it.

  13. Mermaid14 says:

    Politics most definitely make strange bedfellows. Remember Sen. Foley from Florida, one of the most avid anti-gay proponents in Congress? And remember what he was caught doing. Remember Ted Haggard? You only have to bring up a few of these cases to realize that some of the worlds’ most evil people go around disguised as honest upstanding pillars of the community. Andrea Yates was affiliated with an extreme right wing Christian group that believed in home schooling because of course they feel all the evil lies within public schools. Someone on another blog asked if schools are now unsafe for children. Well my answer is the child’s own home is still the most dangerous place of all according to statistics.

  14. zinnia says:

    @Mermaid14, Yep, people can come up with their own twisted ways of trying to justify their actions. There are plenty of hypocrites in the world.
    @Phyl, I hadn’t thought about it that way. good point.

    It’s just so hard for me to wrap my head around TH and her group of friends acting together to do something to Kyron. I guess truth can be stranger than fiction. One such bizarre, unrelated case that comes to mind is the city council members in New Jersey who allegedly acted together to deal with black market kidney donations. People can do such bizarre things for money, sex, fame, and their own egos.

  15. Phyl says:

    @skeptic, Cosmos, Beejay, Nancy – Thank you for the info on teachers and attendance entry.

    I’m also wondering if LE were able to review the teacher’s notebook or dayplanner. I am not a teacher, oh God no, I can’t imagine dealing with all those parents. I would suspect a teacher with the responsibility of dealing with all those kids and parents would need to keep notes for herself. Notes such as – reminder (note to self) note #1 prepare makeup lesson plan sheet for so and so, or note #2 Little Johnny is going on vacation with parents, remind them to take math book for upcoming math test. If indeed TH had mentioned to teacher that little Kyron had a doctor’s appt., could she have jotted it down as a reminder, ex:Kyron dr appt next friday, last day of school, prepare exit folder for Thurday. I know you all can’t answer these questions, but I’m curious to know how she reminded herself about these things off the books so to speak.

    @Blue, If my husband happens to choke on a meatball, I want YOU as my lawyer.

  16. melissab says:

    I agree that when I learned LE, DY and TY were staying at the Horman home I thought kidnapping and they are waiting for a ransom call. Even believe the glasses were sent to them somehow. Blink, do you think TH knew the home was bugged or should’ve known? About the Bat phones…didn’t LE take TH’s pers cell phone and keep it or did she get it back? If my estranged hubby cut off my fund availability and my cell phone I don’t think my friends would think twice about buying me a throw away phone and more in which I could communicate with them. Not that I would be hiding anything but THEY don’t want their lives on blast to LE and media. Buying under a fake name would even be kinda the thing to do cause once you put a phone in a name someone can find you. Normally when buying those kinds of phones you don’t involve a name so I think the person was caught off guard and just innocently threw one out there. People catch me like that sometime and want my email at the register and before I realise it I’m spouting it out and then have to flub the end of it so I’m not hit with 1000′s of offers I don’t want. Wasn’t this ‘sexting’ not as raunchy as first thought? Didn’t it turn out to be the bodybuilding pics and early modeling type pics and not so dirty? Where did I hear/read that? I think Houze may have a field day with quite a lot in this case! Esp. the RO if based on a false MFH scheme from someone who may be here illegally. I’m sorry, rambling again and prolly have my facts twisted.

  17. Whaazupwitchu says:

    OK, I am feeling a big disconnect. That would mean her guilt was mainly having an affair and not withholding info of some type. If TH didn’t at least arrange Kyron’s kidnapping and Rudy and gang (so to speak) did, then why the immediate order that allowed Kaine to take baby Kiara with her no visitation even and why isn’t TH and Houze proclaiming her innocence and what is she hiding with the phones? What is she really trying to cover up, but may tell friends, which leaves room for big leakage (especially now ) There are so many coincidences. Why would she need a huge retainer? Is she afraid for her life if she tells or Kiaras or other family? But then it would be better to seek police protection, including the underground (I have a friend who got a new identity with 4 kids as well, due to severe domestic violence, years later they are still a bit nervous, but they have a life and she is in contact with one relative) What kind of life is she gonna have now anyway in this area? Since at least until now, she had all these friends, maybe she spent time at their houses recently too. So Rudy (or associate) took him, then called her and she raced to SI? Did she have a chance there to redeem him then if she went along with Rudy’s wish, like getting back with him?
    If Kyron were taken to some type of group for trafficking, then we wouldn’t know if he is dead, it would actually make more sense for him to be alive, but way gone. Then why all the searching on SI? This makes LE seems confused as well, trying everything, including TH is responsible, but she “passed” those poly questions. Could she have lied but “passed” those questions?

    Can’t find it, but wasn’t it said somewhere that RS Landscaping kind of “subcontracts” through somewhere and so maybe the school contacted them originally and not Rudy directly?. Was it Lewis Landscaping? (see below) If Rudy had a legit business or at least a seemingly good one (he had good recs on his website!) and someone defended him and said how his family was suffering, (who Blink said was his wife) was he really willing to risk all this for revenge?
    So why wasn’t he arrested if he did the kidnapping or arranged it?

  18. Whaazupwitchu says:

    sorry, meant “withholding info” not “not witholding”

  19. LPB says:

    11.Mermaid14 says:
    August 7, 2010 at 11:40 am

    @Mermaid14, not going to skewer you, BUT, World of Warcraft isn’t violent like many many many other games out there. The game uses magic spells and enchantments,etc.. Its not a shoot ‘em up game ie, Call of Duty, Mortal Comabt, Man Hunt, etc.. Sorry, but you are going down the wrong road on that idea. Its one of the most popular computer games on the market. Millions of people play all over the world. They are not all a bunch of weirdos. And I doubt LE would be investigating players for no good reason.

  20. Nancy says:

    Blink: For me, there is no question she let the vampire in the house, but then what?

    Kyron did not leave with TH.

    The key to this case as I have stated before, is Rudy Sanchez and his associates.

    Let’s say that Terri had nothing whatsoever to do with Kyron’s disappearance, but that it was done by the “vampire” she let in the house because he/they were expecting something.

    I understand initially she would not have wanted these outside associations known. However, after the cat was out of the bag, Kaine filed for divorce, left with Kiara, etc. why didn’t Terri work with LE to provide information about these folks in order to clear her name? Why has she/her attorney sat back silently, allowing LE to attempt to make a case against her without fingering these other folks? Why has Terri not done everything in her power to help find Kyron/bring these folks to justice if she had no direct hand in his disappearance?

    This just doesn’t make sense to me. That’s why I think Terri had a role in planning the disappearance of Kyron.

  21. Phyl says:

    Here is a link to an interview with Sgt. Geiger regarding Portland’s child trafficking problem, for those who are interested.

  22. Kaylee says:

    zinnia says:
    August 7, 2010 at 11:45 am

    “Maybe it’s irrelevant, but if TH is conservative enough to support someone like Angle, I can’t see how she would think in her mind that it was ever justifiable to resort to such low life, immoral behavior. But then, a lot of her behavior is at odds with her public persona.”

    Exactly. I’m not a professional any more or less than some of the people saying Terri is a sociopath based on personal experience with one. I just brought up the DID because the similarities with my friend’s situation are staggering, especially the one you mentioned above.

    @Mermaid14 says:
    August 7, 2010 at 12:36 pm

    “Someone on another blog asked if schools are now unsafe for children. Well my answer is the child’s own home is still the most dangerous place of all according to statistics.”

    I work in a public school and from what I see the teachers are far too busy meeting all the curriculum requirements while attending to behavior problems to spread evil. Almost every year, I have had to call CPS to report possible abuse or neglect. It breaks my heart that I can’t protect these kids from what they endure at home.

  23. cbickel says:

    @Phyl…thanks for the link, very disturbing to read but something to think about.

    @beejay…after 30 yrs in the medical profession I understand black humor and the need for it at times.

    Thoughts and prayers are with Kyron, his brothers and sister.

  24. nate0419 says:

    I metioned this a few weeks back & I am mentioning it again. I think Terri used James’s electronic devices (without his knowledge!) as a way of communicating w/other people involved in this. Does anyone think it is too convenient that he was on a camping trip & directly coming to see her 1 day after his brother disappeared? (she would know that LE would never look at him)I think Terri would have to INSIST w/his father & that he be dropped off, as wouldn’t you think due to the circumstances that you would not want your child to see the fear that must have been going on w/the family, having the police there etc. It was just by chance that James’s father overheard Terri’s rant regarding the failed poly while he was on the phone w/James & decided to come get him. Critical error for her. If Terri is so into CSI type shows don’t you think that she, or the other person(s) would have thought in advance that they would need an alternate form of communication & already have those prepaid phones in place. I firmly believe that someone in LE should go through James’s electronics. I think they will find a wealth of information there.

  25. JEN says:

    I too take issue with a number of statements that are being cited as “fact” – dishonesty regarding doctor appt, TH requesting the truck for nefarious reasons, etc. Hinky? Sure. But as I’ve stated here several times now, just because a tv station or newspaper publishes commentary from “sources” or delves into a character study does not a cold hard fact make.

    The “fact” is, we know what LE and the family have shared, and being the ultra-cynic I am, while I have great respect for the manner in which the trio of DY, TY, and KH have handled themselves throughout this case, I for one do not absorb their statements as “fact.” Being close to a situation, as the Horman family obviously is, colors one’s opinion. For me, I have to content myself with the facts LE has made public, and that is IT.

    And no, I am not Terri, lol. I believe she’s somehow involved. But until we know more (and I do mean “know”) I prefer to work with what has actually been proven. I’d make a great jury member, no? ;-)

  26. JEN says:

    I should also add that my comments above in no way reflect a negative opinion of Blink and her team. In fact, for what it’s worth, I am much more comfortable relying on her sources and info as “closest to fact” than any source beyond LE.

  27. angelab says:

    This human trafficking idea is so horrible I can barely think about it. My belief is that TH is most definitely involved, but I can’t see her being the only one. she had help; possibly lots of help. I do see it being a kidnapping that went bad somehow. Or that she just wanted Kyron “gone” and really didn’t give a damn what his fate was.

    One thing that I keep coming back to though is the 911 call in May. I remember reading that on here when the botched sting operation went down. I’m wondering if that could be when Terri tried to break it off with the LS and he began stalking her or appeared to be a threat to the kids?? Then TH realizes “Oh, s**t, I’m in way over my head with this” whatever all this is.

    going with this scenario, the LS and/or associates just wants $$$ and don’t care where it comes from. One way or another TH owes…. something. Does she offer up Kyron at some point?? Is a deal made in the few days before June 4?

    That’s where the picture gets fuzzy. It seems too obvious TH knew something was going to happen that day. The confusion with the dr. apt. and the need for the truck. The sketchy alibi story.

    I also can see TH’s motivation as simply destroying Kaine with every weapon she has and who cares about the fallout.

    I hope someone somewhere does what’s right for Kyron and his suffering family. And soon.

  28. seaturtle says:

    Mermaid14 says:
    August 7, 2010 at 11:40 am

    I promise not to skewer you ;-) but do want to reply about the World of Warcraft (WoW) connection. I’ve been reading here a lot recently although this is my first post. I am a well educated, working professional, married, mother of 2 fantastic boys (ages 20 and 10). I do not have a great deal of spare time but I started playing WoW with my boys a couple of years ago and love it. I play with people I know and have “met” many nice people I do not know in real life. There are also plenty of idiots there just as there are outside the game although I will say they are generally easier to ignore in the game. One thing I will add is that according to things I have read, KH is the one in the family who was really into the game and TH played also. If they both played on the same realm (likely because it is necessary in order to play together and help each other out when you get started) and belonged to the same guild (which is really the only effective way to socialize in the game) it is highly unlikely she just “hooked up” with some other random player. The dark side to any place (including games) is only the result of a dark side of specific individuals. WoW doesn’t create or attract it any more than Portland or Orlando does. There may be some conditions that make it more appealing to unsavory people than others (millions of people playing and relative anonymity) but I think it is a little unfair to assume that a person liking this game can give you any real insight or indication as to the type of person they are. Just wanted to share this mom’s perspective of WoW ;-)

    What I have found more baffling about TH’s FB entries was that I recall reading somewhere on it that she didn’t have a TV and never will (or something similar to that). I’m not sure how your favorite show is CSI and your family plays Wii without a tv set? I guess maybe DVDs and computer downloads are an option for CSI and a large computer screen might work for Wii. It just struck me as odd and one of those things that someone puts “out there” as if to say they above the fray of tv watchers. From that and a few other seemingly insignificant comments, I formed an opinion of her FB very much as a “showplace” for a picture perfect life and family. There we no bad mood days, random pet peeve entries, or “I can’t believe I’m not over this *!# cold yet” kind of stuff. Nearly all of my FB friends provide little glimpses into themselves and their lives through random comments. What I read in hers seemed like the sorority window dressing version of her – meant to impress rather than connect. It may be a totally unfair characterization.

  29. commnsensible says:

    I truely believe if LE would question James about his experiences living with this blended family we’d be a lot closer to some answers. To date, we’ve heard NOTHING about/from James!
    Pleading with Terri’s followers to “do the right thing” is IMO absurd. They ALREADY think they are “doing the right thing” by dummying-up because Terri has told them she hid the boy because Kaine was abusing him. That’s the only thing that would make sense out of all these loyal friends not talking. Talk to James!

  30. Malty says:

    Blink when you wrote
    she let the vampire in the house
    I so agree
    by the way great site here Thanks for this place

  31. Malty says:

    There are lots of people here who know mental and personality
    why do some people get so wrapped up in their own worlds
    of FB, WOW, texting and their bodies
    that they miss what is going on in real world
    any idea??? I really do not understand

  32. Malty says:

    LOL every time I go to AT&T so ask a simple question about my phone
    they want picture ID

  33. MockingbirdSings says:

    Someone mentioned that PPS has their own groundskeepers. That is true, but as you can see below, there are 2 full time and 5 seasonal workers for the entire district. Although individual custodians also do what they can, no facilities are as well cared for as in the years before the annual deep budget cuts we live with now.
    Volunteers are encouraged and it’s possible that some parent groups might try to organize or pay for improvements – but due to liability issues, no project would take place without district approval even if not in the budget. That still does not mean a complete background check would be required.

    Also below is a description of the volunteer Project Community Care day to be held at Skyline.
    The Facilities Maintenance Department is responsible for the maintenance, repair and safe operation of PPS facilities. The Maintenance Department oversees approximately nine million square feet of building space in approximately 100 sites throughout Portland. We provide expertise in every aspect of building management and maintenance for all schools and buildings. The skilled trades mechanics’ first priority is fire, life, and safety. Maintenance directs most of our licensed electronics technicians and one plumber to inspect and upgrade fire systems to meet code requirements.

    In order to maintain and operate these buildings, maintenance employs 83 workers that includes two carpenters, nine electricians, 14 electronics technicians, three glaziers, two full time grounds keepers and five seasonal workers, two hardware technicians, two full time laborers and one seasonal, four machinists, one music instrument repairman, one painter, 10 plumbers, one roofer, 12 roving trades mechanics, two sheet metal workers, and 13 steamfitters. (occurs before children return)
    Help prepare schools to welcome students back to class this fall. Join Portland Public Schools staff and community volunteers in enhancing and beautifying our buildings and grounds.
    Description: Playground Maintenance
    Impact Areas: Playground
    Upcoming dates for this project: 8/28/10
    Bring you own tools:
    Gloves, weeding tools, shovels or anything else you have that would help the effort.
    Please make sure your tools are labeled! Water and snacks will be provided.

  34. MockingbirdSings says:

    Malty says: There are lots of people here who know mental and personality
    why do some people get so wrapped up in their own worlds
    of FB, WOW, texting and their bodies
    that they miss what is going on in real world
    any idea??? I really do not understand

    It IS hard to understand. The simplest answers probably are (1) there is something about or inside themselves that is too difficult to face in “real life”, and (2) there is predictability and social distance in a game or self-created world that seems easier and/or safer than figuring out what we call the “real world” which is notoriously unpredictable and requires the ability to interpret the motives and actions of others and react appropriately.

    All of us have our periods of retreating in various ways from the challenges of life, but if we have a balanced mental outlook and sufficient support, we don’t stay there.

  35. S says:

    I seriously question whether Kyron would have approved of the releasing of 300 pieces of toxic rubber into the environment. The little boy who worked on a project about the red-eyed tree frog would probably not approve of the number of small animals which will die with rubber in their guts or all the bird bodies which will be laying around with strings wrapped around a wing or leg.

    The gathering itself is a wonderful and practical healing ceremony filled with symbolism. Watching something bouncy and colorful fly away without human control is surely symbolism which will be healing for students attending Skyline.

    I certainly understand and welcome the ends of this gathering, but I believe the means are rooted in ignorance and human selfishness.

  36. tarmancer says:

    zinnia You make it sound as if Liberals are perverts and conservatives are pure. Wow, just wow.

  37. FLGirl says:

    Off-topic but to Deb1948 and anyone else having problems reading the text, you can go into your browser menu at the top and click on VIEW, then the sub-menu, you can click Zoom (in Firefox) to zoom in, out, or zoom text only; and in IE, you can click View -> Zoom which lets you increase the text size up to 400% for better viewing. Or you can click View -> Text Size, which will let you make it larger or largest.

  38. CentralORMom says:

    My humble comments:
    TH is responsible for Kyron’s disappearance. I believe TH had help. Any “friends” of TH who are found to have helped TH by attempting to “deceive or withhold information from” investigators, should face the full punishment allowed by law.
    A child is missing – therefore, a crime has been committed. Why is this so difficult for some to figure out?
    No amount of “justifying” one’s actions changes the fact that some individuals involved with TH went out of their way to try and hinder Law Enforcement by withholding information. This is equivalent to “hindering” an investigation.
    My husband, a Detective with 23+ years of service and counting, believes TH is behind KH disappearance. (To Clarify – He is NOT in any capacity working this case). He also commented that because of the numerous and various LE types working this case, there has to be some “interesting” evidence.

  39. FLGirl says:


    Buying under a fake name would even be kinda the thing to do cause once you put a phone in a name someone can find you. Normally when buying those kinds of phones you don’t involve a name so I think the person was caught off guard and just innocently threw one out there.


    I don’t necessarily agree. Because in the article I read, they said the same fake name was used 2 separate times, by 2 different friends. So, I’m guessing they planned to use a fake name.

  40. MockingbirdSings says:

    OK – I think I am finished with such long postings after this one -

    We all agree Kyron left the school in a vehicle, right? (dogs fail to find scent beyond parking lot) Certainly there must be no spot in the building or immediate grounds that would be unsearched by now.

    Blink says Kyron did not leave with TH. Apparently it is verified that a reliable witness saw Kyron in school after the time it is verified that TH and her truck were gone. Otherwise, how would we know she didn’t just park in back of the school and have him simply get into the back of her truck which has tinted windows and a car seat with Kiara making him unnoticeable when she drove away?

    If Kyron did not leave with TH, who are the other possible abductors? If Kyron thought he was going to the doctor, he certainly wouldn’t think he was going with anyone besides Terri who was already at the school, so even with a request for his help or other trickery, another adult would not be able to get Kyron into a vehicle without force or intimidation. If Kyron were confused and timid, an assertive adult may have been enough to get compliance at this point.

    On a day when people are coming and going, how would an adult (not TH) handling Kyron alone guarantee that another person would not be looking for a parking place or coming out the door at that precise moment? Seems pretty risky without a lookout and pretty close timing to get it done before Kyron became suspicious. Only Terri with a cooperative Kyron would be unquestioned for sure, and only Terri could have successfully aborted the whole kidnapping if unexpectedly seen at the school leaving with Kyron.

    The adult could have been waiting for Terri to send him out (to her truck) – surely another person wouldn’t have been able to get Kyron to go outside alone.

    There may be people we haven’t even heard of yet, of course, but at this point, only LS (Rudy) and BP appear to be the adults we know of who could be in the building without suspicion and are both well enough known to Kyron to have gotten his help carrying something outside or whatever. If Kyron didn’t leave with TH, then he probably wasn’t taken away from the school until closer to lunch time. No one was searching for him, so he could have been drugged or killed and hidden in someone’s vehicle or trailer while that person continued working or helping with the science fair and then driven away at a common time with others going to lunch or home.

    If Terri didn’t help with this in some way that morning, it still seems to require 2 people to pull it off – and without the doctor appointment confusion, it seems unlikely to work at all because at 10 AM the teacher would have wondered where he was, witnesses would have had only an hour or so to remember instead of a whole day going by and many would have still been onsite, and LE would have shown up much sooner – not impossible, but cutting it really close.

    If Terri was not involved at all and someone did this to direct some revenge or demand at her, there were only 2 times she could have found out it was done – by phone call while she was out in the truck or when the bus arrived at home. Her activities (including shopping, the gym, facebook use, phone call with DY) that we know of do not reflect shock or dismay or anxiety that even she would exhibit if suddenly told of the kidnapping and the expectation she would have to pay in some way. (I am assuming if she were not involved, it would have happened after she left the school.)

    And why do this? I can’t believe any man would be so hung up on her that he’d do all this in a effort to keep her in a relationship (too superficial and too many other fish in the sea), and there are ways to get revenge that don’t expose a person to such significant criminal charges if caught. I can only come up with money – and that, only if she lied about how much she or Kaine had or could easily get.

    If someone who knew her did this hoping for ransom, as soon as the contact was made with her, she would have said they didn’t really have money and to let him go – if she knew the caller, she may even have thought she “saved” Kyron, or she may have been threatened. If he was still alive and could identify who took him, getting rid of him for money would be the next possibility and no other ransom contact would have been made. This would mean, however, that the person(s) who did this already had contacts within the world of child porn or other criminal activities – you wouldn’t start looking for a way to pass him along unless you already knew how to reach those contacts because continuing to hold him increases the chances of getting caught, especially if Terri were to talk. (If the MFH plot is true and known to the kidnapper, then there is some backup for the kidnapper to believe she won’t turn him in, and that she had money.)

  41. MockingbirdSings says:

    S says:
    August 7, 2010 at 5:33 pm
    I seriously question whether Kyron would have approved of the releasing of 300 pieces of toxic rubber into the environment.

    I totally agree with you. Decades ago we used to use them for kids to put messages inside, but there are other ways more environmentally sound. I didn’t see much advance notice about it, but hopefully, those who attended were encouraged in some way.

  42. Ode says:

    Come on, TH is not dumb. She has thought out her actions. Everything she has done she thought about in some way. How many times do we see “look for the money”. Sell the poor child…Money…Kill the husband…Money…Make the school look negligent….Money….Sell your story…Money. Money is a strong motive no matter what personality yu have. God bless you sweet Kyron.

  43. neighbor says:

    @beejay says: @annals: You’re right. DeDe wouldn’t have been able to qualify on paper for any grant. But neither would RS Landscape Maintenance. So, if RS didn’t work at the school under that grant, how was it that, as Blink said, Rudy knew Kyron from school? Was Rudy doing volunteer work there? Or, did Skyline in fact hire their own groundskeeping service despite PPS policy? Or the parents brought the RS crew in on their own? TH??

    One of the parents went out and got a grant for the landscaping. She and others worked hard all year to make it a nicer place. They cleaned up, planted scrubs and put logs and stairs in place.

    I assume that PPS takes care of the mowing and other maintenance. I remember reading that PPS policy is that only adults that are in close contact with students need background checks.

  44. Ode says:

    Sorry you have not “yu have” in above. Where is that spell ck?

  45. MockingbirdSings says:

    Searchers in the Kyron Horman investigation were working east of Skyline Elementary Saturday, acting on information developed from Dede Spicher, reliable sources told KGW.


    “You are posting comments too quickly. Slow down.”
    Does this mean personally, or too much is coming into the website?

  46. mosaic says:

    I vote for “she let the vampire into the house” as the best metaphor of the day.

  47. minima says:

    From BLINK:

    “There is a reason this went to a GJ and no arrest was made prior. The burdens on the state in a kidnapping/child endangerment/murder (unknown) case without recovering a victim, or physical evidence indicating bodily harm is very, very stringent.

    I believe this was the pending decision Dan Staton was referring to weeks ago, whether to go this route.

    Everyone believes TH is involved somehow, I agree to that, it is to what extent that has my brow up.

    This does not make sense to me. They had enough probable cause to get a warrant to have the “sting” regarding solicitation, yet no charges are filed. They use that intel to contribute to RO’s and an emergency exparte order, which I can tell you in my jurisdiction would never have been granted without a sworn affidavit from LE, which would then have allowed it to remain sealed in an ongoing investigation.

    You have Laura Rackner filing a motion seeking disclosure of $350K alleged retainer, with no evidence of same except to say “disclosed to a 3rd party”. Again, in my jurisdiction, motions are required to stand on their own merit because in most cases a tentative ruling is offered the day before the hearing is set, to expedite family court matters, which gives counsel an oppty to not have oral arguments, or be somewhat prepared to see how the court is leaning. You have a contempt motion that specifically references sexually graphic images that are similar to those (sic) that went to the landscaper.

    My gut tells me there is one reason this woman has not been arrested yet, other than those I have already stated-

    In her polly, regarding the question, did you arrange to have Kyron kidnapped, and do you know where he is- those answers were not deceptive. That is not a pass by any means, but it does go to intent or lack thereof.

    For me, there is no question she let the vampire in the house, but then what?

    Kyron did not leave with TH.

    The key to this case as I have stated before, is Rudy Sanchez and his associates.

    Remember.. “she led him on.. he was expecting something..”


    Wow, okay, that’s a lot to absorb. “kyron did not leave with TH,” this is the first I am hearing this as an absolute. And for all the reasons of TH’s behavior many of us suspect TH is responsible those same reasons could be attributed to her lack of involvment, emotion etc. in her response to all this. And the poly comment, is this known or your expert analysis BLINK?

    And two more question BLINK, do you think that RS is in custody “because” of the MFH or for Kyron? And who do you believe this GJ is looking to indict TH or RS? There is only one GJ conveining right?

    @blue: While I personally seem to be in a different camp, I agree with others, your post was excellent! Thanks for the insightful material to read and ponder.

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