Haleigh Cummings Case: Misty Croslin Confession.. “He took her away in a Black Bag”

As 18 year old  Misty Croslin pleaded no contest to another drug trafficking charge today, Defense Attorney Robert Fields told the court his client, Misty Croslin, former wife of Haleigh Cummings Father Ron, also serving time on drug charges, that she knew what happened to 5 year old Haleigh the night of February 10, 2009.

Courtesy 4Jax

“According to Misty, Joe took Haleigh while Misty was laying in bed and covered herself up with a blanket,” Fields told Channel 4 Tuesday morning outside the courtroom. “They were there for like seven minutes, appeared to be on drugs and Misty says she saw Joe put Haleigh in a black bag and she heard Haleigh scream.”

Joe Overstreet, who is Misty Croslin’s cousin from Tennesee allegedly came to the Mobile home with Misty’s brother Hank Croslin following a drug arrest in January, looking for an assault rifle.  When the assault rifle was not found, Overstreet allegedly covered Haleigh with a blanket and then removed her from the home in a black bag.

Misty Croslin claims to have heard Haleigh scream, and did nothing to stop the abduction.

Joe Overstreet was recently arrested on drug charges in Tennesee, although authorities do not believe that crime is related to Haleigh’s disappearance.

Today is Haleigh Cummings 7th birthday.

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  1. MsEnscene says:

    Another puzzler: LE questioned the Air Conditioning man who was supposedly “cleared” by 5:00 A.M. on Feb. 10. Cleared by LE of what, exactly? Taking Haleigh? Killing Haleigh? Seeing someone hurting Haleigh? Ever seeing Haleigh at all at the MH that Feb. nineth afternoon? Cleared of knowing anything in this world, at all?

    Where are the investigative reporters?

  2. MsEnscene-

    A totally botched investigation, or so it seems. You are right, there hasn’t been any new news in forever on this case. No one is talking, no one is going to talk, therefore no one will ever know what happened to a precious little girl named Haleigh. God be with these evil people, cause they are sure gonna need him!

    If the truth ever does come out…I feel certain that ALL of the Satsumians are going to be involved in one way or another. Grandmothers, mothers, brothers, wifey, and Dear ole’ dad. THEY ALL KNOW!

  3. Just had a funny, ever heard the saying, “I’m my own grandpa?” LOL, that little inquisitive thought just came to mind. Reminds me of, well, you know who.

  4. NancyS says:

    I just dont know any of the answers to your questions, but you bet you would know something if I lived down there. I have ALWAYS been the one to swim upstream when everyone else was going down.. hehe.
    I too wish the media would go out and scrounge around. It could lead to some leads in the case, ya never know.

    It is like they don’t even care? which I am sure can’t happen, even there. OH I wish I knew someone down there. If I lived there I would surely go to the jail to visit Misty and Tommy and at least come to my own conclusions of whether they know or not. Geesh come on Haleigh show us where you are and give us some evidence to put the people away that took you from your life.

  5. MsEnscene says:

    I’m probably wrong and not seeing the big picture, but I keep thinking if LE had released more of their info on this case, some regular Satsumians might have had their memory banks revived with something they saw or heard, and as outsiders, could have given more objective answers to questions.

    For example, every occurrence seems to have conflicting stories.

    Ron and Misty said that they both took Haleigh that morning of Feb. 9 and raced over to GGM Sykes house to get Haleigh’s dress she wanted to wear to school. Then Misty says “I walked Haleigh into school.”

    Later Ron says on the Cobra tapes, “I took Haleigh to school that morning and I picked her up at the bus stop that afternoon”. afternoon.

    But witnesses at the bus stop that morning say Ronald whizzed by them that morning, alone in his car, almost hitting some bystanders there.
    And witness Santos says that Misty picked up Haleigh from the bus stop that p.m..

    Every single statement by anybody has a conflicting statement by someone else. You cannot tell me that LE hasn’t sorted some of this stuff out. If they haven’t, then a bunch of crackers have outsmarted them and so no wonder they have kept everything so close to the vest.

  6. MsEnscene says:

    Anyone see Miz Nancy tonight? She was extolling the virtues of Ronald Cummings, yet again. I swore off her show months ago, but I couldn’t avoid her to night.

    Miz Nancy definitely has…the infatuation …for Sir Ron, her knight in shining armor.

    She played a tape of the father of little missing Zahara talking nochalantly to the dispatcher. Troubling for sure.

    But to show contrast in “how a truly bereaved father acts”, she then played Ron’s tape with the dispatcher. As Nancy said, “moaning and crying and whining” That’s how an “ultimate concerned father” acts.

    Really, Miz Nancy? Wonder why you didn’t play the rest of the tape where Ron curses the dispatcher and refuses to give her even one answer to any of her questions about Haleigh. Not even her birthdate. “F**k her birthdate,” says concerned parent, Ron…and then more cursing from Ron at both Misty and the dispatcher.

    He could not help the police with any of their questions when they arrived at his house to try and find his missing child, either. They could get nothing out of him.

    I would love to know how many viewers Miz Nancy has lost since she became the advocate of the person she knows is not lying, Ronald Cummings, and the judge and jury of that sinister, devious evil mastermind, Misty Croslin. lol.

  7. MsEnscene says:

    Misty is now in her new DOC home at Lowell, Inst. in Florida. IMO, case is cold. And no Sunshine Law in effect since the investigation is still ongoing, we hear.

    Ain’t love grand, Misty?

  8. NancyS says:

    I don’t understand how you can be sitting in a prison and have your case still be opened. It just does not make sense but this case don’t make much sense but the longer that they dont get an arrest, I think I would say that it is mostly Misty they are looking at but hell who knows, there is absolutely not even a peep on this one.

  9. MsEnscene says:


    The Haleigh case is still “under investigation”, but the drug dealing case is not. They are all in prison for the drug case. And it is closed, done, over. Except that Misty will be sentenced for the Putnam Co. drug deals in January.

  10. NancyS says:

    oh k I see, I understand that but we dont even know if they have done a Grand Jury on Haleighs case, do they have to tell us?
    Blink are you around honey?
    I haven’t seen you talking much… but I am sure you are busy as usual.

    God Bless you and all that you do.

  11. MsEnscene says:


    I am just guessing, here, but I am thinking that the SA thinks they do not even have enough evidence to present to a Grand Jury. You know the old saying “A Grend Jury will indict a ham sandwich.”? Evidently, not in this case. If you want to even call it a “case”.

  12. Robin says:

    This is just a thought..but I am beginning to wonder if these 2 people were so deeply involved in drugs, if maybe this had something to do with Haleigh’s disappearance? Drug deal gone bad and that adorable little girl paid the price? Just a thought.

  13. NancyS says:

    It is a thought and yes I believe that could have something to do with it, but we are not getting any information at all about this case. It is frustrating. thanks for posting!

  14. MsEnscene says:

    I used to think that LE was holding everything close to the vest so their case could not be compromised. I have long since abandoned that theory. Not only do I think that they don’t have a case, I think they don’t want a case. They want it all to go awsy so that all their blundering and lame investigation and probably some criminal involvement by some officers goes forever unrevealed to the public.

  15. MsEnscene says:

    Now, this is interesting and has possibilities of stirring up things:

    Misty Croslin has filed a writ of habeus corpus. So did the ACLU get involved? Does “SC” mean it is a Fla. or US Supreme Court Case?

    Quote from: Heart on Today at 12:30:10 PM
    UCN: 542010CF000138XXAXMX
    File Date: 01/21/2010
    Judge: TERRY J LARUE
    Case Status: SENTENCING
    Defense Atty: FIELDS, ROBERT M
    Case File Location: CRIMINAL DIVISION


    Date # Docket Description

    Florida Supreme Court Case Docket
    Case Number: SC10-1989 – Active
    Lower Tribunal Case(s): 2009-10138CF, 2009-10139CF, 2009-10140CF, 2009-10141CF, 2009-10142CF, 2009-10251CF, 2009-10252CF, 2010-00141CF

    10/27/2010 03:28
    Date Docketed


    Filed By

    10/07/2010 PETITION-HABEAS CORPUS Jack White BY: Jack White
    10/15/2010 NOTICE-DISMISS (VOLUNTARY) Jack White BY: Jack White (10/15/2010: WITHDRAWN)
    10/20/2010 No Fee Required

  16. MsEnscene says:

    I meant to add that I picked this up at another Haleigh Cummings site. And I snipped much of the docket history of Misty’s case staring in Jan 2010 to get to this latest and to save space.

  17. MsEnscene says:

    Okay, sorry to take up so much space.

    I got this from the ‘Letric Law Library” online.

    Habeas Corpus
    Lat. “you have the body”

    Prisoners often seek release by filing a petition for a writ of habeas corpus. A writ of habeas corpus is a judicial mandate to a prison official ordering that an inmate be brought to the court so it can be determined whether or not that person is imprisoned lawfully and whether or not he should be released from custody.

    A habeas corpus petition is a petition filed with a court by a person who objects to his own or another’s detention or imprisonment. The petition must show that the court ordering the detention or imprisonment made a legal or factual error.

    Habeas corpus petitions are usually filed by persons serving prison sentences. In family law, a parent who has been denied custody of his child by a trial court may file a habeas corpus petition. Also, a party may file a habeas corpus petition if a judge declares her in contempt of court and jails or threatens to jail her.

    The writ of habeas corpus serves as an important check on the manner in which state courts pay respect to federal constitutional rights. The writ is ‘the fundamental instrument for safeguarding individual freedom against arbitrary and lawless state action.’ “

  18. NancyS says:

    I have been over on Werters facebook page (Tommys attorney) and he is saying that the satsuma police department refused help from the FBI?
    Blink? why would they refuse help from anyone> did your friend that was down there pick this up? I just don’t understand.
    Misty filling this writ or habeus corpus is a good one on her part, but who is filing it for her?

    That is patently false.

  19. MsEnscene says:

    The PCSD in one of the first press conferences about the case said that there were 20 some FBI agents were on the scene in the initial investigation. How long the FBI stayed and what input they gave after the initial investigation, I don’t know.

    In June of 2009,the PCSD said they were going to have an update on the case for the public “every thirty days” which they have not done.

  20. MsEnscene says:

    This might be the Jack White who filed the writ of HB for Misty.
    He says he is a member of the ACLU and the NAACP.


  21. MsEnscene says:

    Just thinking about the involvement of the FBI. Is it possible that since PCSD seemed to have made up their minds rather early on the in the case and that “Misty was the key” and “Haleigh was taken by someone known to Misty and Ronald” perhaps the FBI was not used after the initial investigation because PCSD was convinced that Haleigh was not taken out of state.

    Don’t know just asking.

  22. Christy says:

    I wonder if the hc could be filed on misty’s behalf because she feels she is being jailed unlawfully for Haleigh’s case by not telling le what they want to know, b/c as a minor wouldn’t she recieve a significant lesser sentence on the drug charges?

    O/T: these cases in Florida (Caylee, Haleigh, Tracey, Jennifer, and Chris….) all seem to have the same underlying issues…….drug addicts and poor le investigations! It remind’s me of an old Don and Mike segment on their radio show where they ask if this situation occured in Germany or Florida?

  23. MsEnscene says:

    Ha! good one. Sometimes FLA seems to be a magnet for certain types of drug behavior. Availibility to lots of incoming drugs, maybe. Dunno. Ddrugs are a major problem in all the states. Even in our smallish town. And missing kids. Some little girl in the foster care
    system was missing in FLA and no one knew for a couple of years. Something totally wrong there. Too many bad parents having kids they are incapable of caring for.

    The house across from my daighter blew up, literally, from the meth being produced. Finally, LE came and took the three kids.

    It’s not like the neighbors weren’t reporting all along that it was a drug house and that there were little kids there. Nothing was done because the parents were in the Fed. witness protection program.

    After a couple of times of my daughter reporting the constant coming and going of people at all hours, the cops looked at her and said “You should move! This is not a good place to be” Very helpful.

    We haven’t discovered drugs to be a component in the Caylee Anthony case. As of now, anyway. I think drug did play a major part in the Haleigh case.

    As to Misty, LE waited until she was 18 before taping her with an UC guy. She was no doubt dealing drugs with Ron Cummings before she turned 18, but the cops waited for a reason before they stung her on tape.

    Still many felt that she would be a good candidate for youthful offender. That program cuts off at 22, I think. Misty and her lawyer
    appeared to not have played the game too well.

    Maybe she did get the heavy sentencing because she refused info…or the right info… about the Haleigh case. Maybe that’s why the ACLU is looking into it, if they are. Somebody is, it appears. Constitutional rights and all that.

    Or maybe it’s just a normal thing for a prisoner who feel that she’s been dealt with unfairly to file a writ of habeus corpis.

  24. MsEnscene says:

    Just thinking….after along pause since the cse is going cold…both grandmothers of Haleigh requested that a higher investigating authority look into her case.

    Teresa Neves was calling for the FBI to investigate and Marie Griffis
    was asking for somebody other than Putnam Co. investigators to take over the case because “Putnam County is full of corruption” (paraphrased).

    So perhaps, after the initial investigation, the FBI were “set free” from the case by the PCSD.

    Just wonder, Blink, if you have the goods on this question. You seem to think that the FBI were involved from the get go and stayed on it. But if both grandmothers requested an outside investigation of the case, doesn’t sound like it.

  25. NancyS says:

    okay now I am just throwing this out there as I have been reading old stuff about this case as NOTHING is happening to finding this little angel.
    How can anyone in this family allow this to happen? anyone?
    I got thinking how some people accuse the law enforcement of dropping the ball and also Ron having been arrested so many times and not serving anytime (the thoughts are racing do bare with me) and Misty not being arrested in this case, not even for lying or neglect (as like in the ANTHONY case) she has lied and told several stories about what happened and in her lies has placed herself there along with her brother Tommy too placing himself there?
    Now I got thinking, could this be a prositution, drug ring that the LE is involved in? I mean think about it. They arrested them for the SMALL! drug trafficking amount but not for the bigger things. Just makes me shake my head and it seems that NO ONE is complaining AT ALL? I would be pleading from the roof tops….anyone?

  26. NancyS says:

    could Misty have been “dating” a police officer? or many? I just have to ask these questions as they are the only ones that I haven’t seen asked yet.

  27. MsEnscene says:


    I haven’t heard or read that Misty was dating cops…unlike Casey A., but who knows? Misty got around, looks like! Might have been a case of Misty being underaged and therefore too risky for people with jobs to save.

    Plus, on her good days, Misty looked as if she were around eleven or twelve. She looked like Ron’s daughter in one of their first TV interviews where they are sitting side by side in chairs outdoors in the evening. Of course, she looks a great deal older puffing on those cigs! But in that interview she was slouched down, wrapped in a jacket, and looked little and afraid. She could barely get out an answer. Both she and Ron looked drugged to the gills wit responses very slow.

    I think we’ll find the problems lie in a very sloppy and unprofessonal investigation right out of the bat. And that is why all the updates to the public stopped. Nuthin’, here, folks, move along!

    Recall that LE said in June 2009 they were going to have a monthly update to keep the public informed on the progress of the case. I don’t think they had any progress to report on. So they just keep it close to the vest. What we don’t know, won’t hurt us.

    I also read that the FBI helped to question SOs in the area, but that they did not stay on the case. They were not invited by PCSD, and I guess they have to be invited in by the local LE who want their help.

    I thought that in the case of a child abduction, the FBI would come into the case automatically. Maybe that’s not so. Or perhaps they didn’t stay in on the case because PCSD decided pretty early on that it was an inside job with Misty as the “key” and no abduction.

    In this case, after helping to question the local SOs, the FBI departed, and were not asked into the investigation, so I read. I think FDLE wwas there, but haven’t read how many investigators were actually working the case or were involved in the investigation and interrogation of the “non suspects” or “persons of interest”. Looks like LE was not able to put their hands on either species. They named no one as either.

    Except Misty was the “key” and then PCSD later changed that to say, “Misty has key information”.

    I do not think we will ever know what happened to Haleigh and her families seemed to have let it all just … end. None of them seem to be hot to trot, now, to find answers or to pressure the powers that be for some action.

    I wonder if anyone in the families get any kind of an update. Were they told anything beyond “This case is a homocide” and “Prepare for a funeral”?

    Did they give the families any indication of why the case was labeled a “homocide”?

    As far as we know, they only found some old Indian bones, after their great fishing expedition. Seems that Misty and Tommy don’t really know where Haleigh’s body is actually located, but they may have thought they did.

    As far as we know…

  28. NancyS says:

    yes I agree with all of it, but there is SOME REASON why this case was or is just dropped. People are in jail so i guess they think it will just go away? can’t we as public, get to the bottom of why no information? I also want to know why it was ruled a homicide and if it is because Tommy and Misty said that they were there, why weren’t they arrested? This just doesn’t make sense to me at all. I guess with all the time that has passed, I have grown to be able to talk about it in more detail as I have not been able to watch the news lately as the Zahra case just SICKENS me to no end. I cannot even handle hearing any more about it.

    I would like to know who we can contact though to ask some more questions about Haleigh.

  29. MsEnscene says:

    I read that LE in Putnam Co. are not taking any more phnone calls or tips. I don’t know if that is true, but I did read it.

    As long as LE says that the Haleigh Case is an “open investigation”, we will remain in the dark. The cops do not have to disclose anything in an open investigation and the Fla. Sunshine Laws do not kick in until they have an arrest for the crime.

    Why doesn’t the States Attorney take this case to a Grand Jury? That’s my question.

    I’m sure an answer might be “Because LE doesn’t have anything resembling a case.”

  30. Pomona71 says:

    So many people still ask about the investigation of Haleigh Cummings
    such as NancyS today. Lisa Croslin was arrested yesterday, again, and
    who knows if Lisa has any facts to share. She may not even know she
    has an important bit of information as to anyone’s whereabouts. At
    the National Night Out Against Crime, a member of LE shared that there
    were still many tips to be checked on any they were pressed to check
    out each one. Many businesses in Putnam Co. still have Haleigh posters up and I always comment and thank them for doing so. The big
    billboard sign on 17 at Satsuma is gone. Haleigh is still remembered
    and we are still waiting for a break in the case. Justice for Haleigh.

  31. Pomona71 says:

    Sorry I forgot the link to Lisa Croslin’s arrest. http://public.

  32. MsEnscene says:

    Thanks for the info, Pomona. Poor Lisa. I wonder if they think she knows something about Haleigh. I can’t think her daughter didn’t tell her everything, but maybe not. I think Misty called Lisa before she called 911.

    Do you get the feeling that LE in PC wants tips and info? Does LE still have the “Haleigh Room”?

  33. NancyS says:

    Haleigh Room? what is this?

  34. MsEnscene says:

    NancyS: the room shown in released snapshots by PCSD which shows all their evidence, charts, timelines for the different characters, and all related materials to the Haleigh Cummings Case.

    Some people on Haleigh websites have enlarged the photos so that one can see some of what is on the charts posted on the walls of the room. You can see how the LE was trying to determine phone calls, and the times people were where they said they were as shown by their phone calls.

    Also, there was a Haleigh’s ancestory in a geneaological chart displayed. Of course, one is not able to see all that much else in “The Haleigh Room”.

  35. NancyS says:

    I would love to see a photo of this, it sounds a little encouraging? do you have a link for it or what would one type in search if you please. thanks ahead of time.

  36. MsEnscene says:


    I didn’t save the photos, but I will look for a link.

  37. MsEnscene says:

    Nancy S:
    I found them on Art Harris.com. But I cannot find the “blow-ups” that people didto make them larger. I think that was on websleuths, but it could have been on some other sites.


  38. MsEnscene says:


    Meant to add that you can click on Art’s small pics and make them larger; it’s the blow ups so you can read what are in the pics that I can’t find. I’ll keep looking.

  39. NancyS says:

    OH thanks so much I did a search and could not find anything. I appreciate it, going to look and I wonder what they are under on WS? I can look there too….. thanks again, I never heard this at all.

  40. MsEnscene says:


    You are very welcome! Like you, when I saw this “room”, I felt that PCSD were still actively on the case, but lately, I have given up that thought.

    I think as long as whom they think are the perps are locked up for something, LE will be happy.

    I can’t tell you where on Websleuths this “blow-up” work could be. I am now afraid it was on some other site where they don’t have topics and you have to read from day to day, post by post. That kind of a posting board is just impossible to find anything on.

  41. Pomona71 says:

    This group surrounding the Haleigh case seems to always be headed for
    trouble–and arriving. See: http://public.pcso.us/jail/bookingDetails.aspx?SYSID=764126&IMG37631
    I hope I typed that link OK, it’s to Christina Prevatt “Nay-Nay”
    who was involved with Misty before and after Haleigh disappeared. No
    one wants to talk; everyone complains that they know nothing.
    Someone, somewhere may know of some little apparently inconsequential
    fact that could be a linchpin.

  42. MsEnscene says:

    Pomona, we can add Nay Nay to the list of people Lisa Croslin, Misty’s mom, was hanging out with before her recent arrest for violating her parole.

    Some people cannot stay out of trouble. Nay Nay is the poster child for that. Lisa seems not to be able to go it alone and stay out of difficulties with the law. Makes one wonder if the Croslins are under the LE crossshairs only because they might know something about Haleigh’s disappearance.

    I wonder if LE would even bother with them if their name wasn’t Croslin.

  43. NancyS says:

    Im sorry, did Lisa just get arrested again? I thought Nay Nay was in prison with the rest of them? but then again it could be that she was and out again? lol

  44. MsEnscene says:

    Lisa was recently arested for violation of her parole…but Nay Nay was recetly arrested (last week?) again, also, and is in jail. No word on why Lisa was re-arrested, but it probably was due to a drug test which came back positive.

    lisa had been staying with Nay Nay and her (Nay Nay’s) criminal dude in a motel. I think the dude has been arrested, too.

    Meanwhile, Lisa’s hubby, Hank Sr., is out of jail until his trial in February, I think.

    Very complicated scenario. And If I am a bit woozy on facts, you’ll excuse me. Can’t keep up with that Putnam Co. revolving jail door.

  45. NancyS says:

    OMG me either, this is sooooo frustrating but I dont want to quit talking about Haleigh until she has justice.

  46. MsEnscene says:

    Nay Nay was arrested on VOP, possession of cocaine. I think her dude was arrested, too. And these two were staying with Lisa Croslin in a motel room. Birds of a feather, looks like.

    Still, I think the Croslins and all their friends are being watched intensely because LE thinks they are involved in Haleigh’s case.

    The only ones who don’t seem to be under any suspicion are the Syke/Neves/Cummings crowd.

    LE appears not to have looked looked too closely at the Sheffields/Griffis bunch because Haleigh didn’t disappear on their watch, but who knows?

    I think they’ve got the right ones in jail for drug trafficking and haven’t as yet been able to get the evidence to nail them on Haleigh’s demise. I think not all the ones involved or who know something are behind bars, though.

  47. MsEnscene says:

    I should have added that Lisa Croslin goes back to court on Dec. 8, and that day is coming right up.

    I can’t think that she doesn’t know at least a bit of what came down the morning of Feb. 10. And could use that info to get a break on her sentencing.

    Of course, Misty could have lied to her, too. And lying is the biggest barrier to solving this case. Everybody has told lies. Whoppers!

  48. NancyS says:

    who else do you think is involved? curious? I know it isn’t popular but crytal had a motive, opportunity,and a money trail? I just don’t want to believe that while Ron was at work, she (with help) came and got Haleigh? I know anything is possible with these cases and the Zahra Baker one did me in on what people are capable of, it just makes me sick and terrifed of what could have happened to Haleigh and Caylee…..

  49. MsEnscene says:

    I think the main ones involved are behind bars. LE hasn’t cast their eyes in the direction of Crystal Sheffield…and frankly, I can’t think Misty Croslin would remain silent and go to jail to protect Crystal’s big secrets. Nor would Ron or Tommy. I think Misty would stay silent or tell lies or go to prison to protect Ron or herself. Not Tommy…she has thrown him under the bus innumerable times! He’s on his own,lol.

    At least, I think LE thinks they are the culprits. They planned an elaborate sting to get them all for a petty amount of drug trafficking hoping that one would crack about Haleigh. Ron evidently told them something he’d been holding out on and he got his sentence reduced from 3o years to 15. if there is a trial for Haleigh’s death, Ron has to tell the truth of what he withheld or he gets the 30 years reinstated.

    LE just doesn’t have any evidence to prove these three are the main players in Heleighs death, because the three in jail are such liars and so are their families. Believe if any of those in prison could throw Crystal Sheffield or any of her family or anybody but a”stranger” under the bus, the ones doing drug time, now, would do it.
    Ron tried to throw Crystal under the bus when he told his mama in jail, “Well we’ll know whether Cristal has her when she turns up in Texas or Montana with her. It’s got to be one of them, Crystal or Misty.” Huh, Ronald? You were snuggling with Misty for a year after your daughter disappeared. And even after you divorced her for public consumption. You told Nancy Grace you two never discussed the case. What is wrong with this picture?

    Others in the Cummings/Croslin families may have knowledge of what happened, or may have helped in the cover-up to what happened, but there’s nothing that LE can prove. You’d think one of them would rat out each other, but it looks as if everyone has something on everybody else.

    What I do not understand is why Misty Croslin wasn’t charged with lying to police and obstruction of justice because she’s changed her story so many times. Casey Antjhony was first arrested on those same charges. Why not take Misty to trial for those things and see where it went from there. Maybe some truths might have come out in a trial.

    I believe this on my good days when I think LE didn’t botch the investigation from the get-go. But with these liars, who can cast blame? Finding that little girl was not the main cause with any of these people, or they wouldn’t have lied.

  50. MsEnscene says:

    Lisa Croslin got 6 months for her VOP.

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