David Hartley Gunned Down On Jet Ski In Mexico : Tiffany Young-Hartley Facing Scrutiny

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According to his wife, Tiffany Young-Hartley, who called 911, David Hartley, 30, was gunned down by Mexican pirates while the couple ventured across the Falcon Resovior lakes US border to take pictures of the “Mexican Atlantis” or Old Guerreo.


Hartley says her husband was shot in the head and as a result “flew” off his jet ski while the couple was returning from the landmark on the Mexican side of the lake, after taking pictures. She goes on to say she became aware of 3 different boats chasing down the couple only after she saw bullets hitting the water next to her. As she turned around to see where they were coming from, she claims she witnessed her husbands murder. 

David was driving a new Sea Doo RXT ski that can climb from 0–30MPH in 1.7 seconds and is capable of top-end speeds of over 60 MPH.  Blinkoncrime.com has not been able to confirm which model Ms. Hartley was driving. The couple had been on at least one earlier jet ski jaunt while still in Mexico, but was cut short due to a mishap with David’s craft on June 20th.


According to his wife, David was face-down in the water, wearing a life vest, after he was shot.

Despite the horror of what she had just witnessed and astonishingly avoiding injury to her or her watercraft, she circled back around, jumped off her jet ski, and turned her 250 lb. husband upright to observe the gunshot wound to his forehead. You read that correctly, according to Tiffany Hartley, while being chased from behind, David was shot from the front. Hartley maintains this is when she attempted to load him onto her jet ski, and also when two of the three boats were now positioned in front of her.



One of the alleged pirate boats from the front approached her within 10 ft. While she stared down the barrell of his gun, she was holding onto her husband with one hand, her ski with the other asking not to be shot. Apparently through some sort of Mexican telepathy or nautical sign language, the men who just ambushed the couple and murdered her husband in cold blood, made a decision to let her go and retreated IN FRONT OF HER.

Hartley claims she cannot identify any of the men, that they never said a word to her nor could she hear anything they may have said to each other, but believes the motive for the attack to be robbery or to kidnap her. It is not clear how Tiffany arrived at this conclusion as they never made an attempt to stop them or ask them for their money, she was off her $13,000 Sea doo they could have easily taken, and they let her go.

It was at this time that Hartley finally did hear something. She says she heard the voice of God tell her to leave David, save herself and get to safety. However, his instruction must have been non-specific because she proceeded to mount her ski in deep water, start it back up, and drive directly toward and then past the very band of gun weilding murderous cartel who minutes ago gunned down her highschool sweetheart and spouse of 8 years. (Editors note: I cannot imagine the nerve it takes to again have your back to the same crew who, unprovoked, sprayed the lake with bullets behind you while you were fleeing for your life).

While Tiffany admits the couple was aware of recent pirate activity in the area they learned about while David researched the location, she claims they had not heard of anymore incidents on Falcon Lake, which borders both Texas and Mexico, “in a while.” 


The Hartley’s, who had recently been on a few tropical vacations, were in the process of relocating to Colorado next week from Reynosa, Mexico and McAllen Texas, where they had lived for only a few months, following David’s transfer request to Calfrac well services.


According to recent Facebook postings, although the couple could not agree on furniture tastes, they recently purchased a house full of it just after a luxury cruise and visit to a seminar for those experiencing financial difficulty.


I would love to be able to do no analysis and regergetate this story as reported by main stream media whereby not one reporter asks the obvious question:

After several known incidents of piracy in that location over the last months, why would the “pirates” suddenly go on a murderous rampage in lieu of attempting to rob a couple on jet skis that could outrun them on sight?  

Not gonna happen. I have heard umpteen versions of Ms. Hartley’s version of events leading to the random execution of her husband.

None pass the smell test. However, just today, Zapata County Sheriff “Sigi” Gonzalez, Jr says his investigation, now aided by a witness who is a long standing member of the Zapata community, exonerates Mrs. Hartley of any wrongdoing.

Gonzalez completely rules out foul play on the part of Mrs. Hartley.

“A local witness saw Tiffany Hartley escaping on her jet-ski to the Texas side of the lake,” he said. “She came in at high speed and was being pursued by armed men in a Mexican fishing boat that that the witness clearly observed.”

Gonzalez said the witness was a long-standing member of the Zapata community who was well known to him and regarded as highly credible. 

“The testimony of this witness dispels any idea Mrs. Hartley was involved in any wrongdoing regarding the murder of her husband,” he said firmly. “She called in a 911 phone call to our office at around 2:20 p.m. on the day of the incident, immediately after she got to shore, and her statements to my office confirm what the local witness observed.”

Unfortunately, the witness account does not match Tiffany Hartley’s own version of events. At no time has she ever said that she was again chased by the “pirates”, in fact, she claims she left them behind after driving “through” them.

Hartley references recent pirate activity, which is almost verbatim what she says happened to her and David, with the exception of the actual piracy:

On April 30, five people in two different boats were fishing on Falcon Lake and went to the Old Guerrero area, where they were taking photos of the old church. While they were there, a boat with four heavily tattooed men approached the two boats quickly. The men identified themselves as “Federales,” but they were not wearing uniforms. The men boarded the boats, demanded cash and asked “where are the drugs?” The fishermen told the men that they had no drugs and were just fishing and taking photos. They ended up giving the men $200 cash and left the area. The pirates followed the two boats, but the U.S. boats were able to outrun them and the men stopped following once the two boats entered U.S. waters.

In every recorded incident since April, the heavily tattoed pirates posing as “Federales” without uniforms, came upon anchored fishing boats, boarded them, robbed the fisherman at gunpoint of any personal cash, searched for drugs left without any violence. In the Hartley family interview on the Today show, Tiffany states that after David was hit, she circled around, jumped off her jetski, swam over to her husband and because he was “face down in the water” she had to turn him over where she discovered he was shot in the head. 

It would seem I am not alone in my quagmire.  Mexican Investigators, who hold jurisdiction have already begun to question Ms. Hartley’s story.

Marco Antonio Guerrero Carrizales, the district attorney for the Miguel Aleman Province adjoining Falcon Lake on the Mexican side, has questioned whether Tiffany Hartley was involved in foul play.

Early this morning, Sheriff Sigi Gonzalez announced the Mexican Authorities will be searching the area where David Hartley was murdered, and have committed to “not leaving” until they find him. Tiffany Hartley, accompanied by her parents, but without David’s, filed a missing person report at the Mexican Consulate last night as a matter of procedure to “get the ball rolling”.

Check back to blinkoncrime.com for updates   


Madeline Tanner, contributing editor blinkoncrime.com

Images by Klaasend



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  1. Audrey says:

    Madila, you can search any question you have in the search window of your browser. (What is a SIL, etc) and it will take you to sites that give answers. I do this all the time – especially with lingo I hear my teenagers use. ;) I agree with Eloise – I believe SIL means sister-in-law. She has been in a large majority of the MSM coverage.

  2. Mermaid14 says:

    My take on this is not that TH is using the border issue as a “soapbox”. I think she is using it as a smokescreen. Also the “just give us a body” chants from TH and family I find rather suspect. Pretty soon this case is going to fade from the limelight due to lack of evidence of any crime. Sometimes that is when least expected information comes out. I am sure the Mexican authorities feel that there has been entirely too much heat on them in light of the fact there is no real evidence of a killing. They may be waiting this thing out too. They don’t want any more killings either.

  3. Mermaid14 says:

    I cannot seem to get any of the links to work to listen to the show. I tried tuning in last night and for some reason my realaudio was messed up. I was able just now to listen to mp3 of Dana’s pre-show commentary. Has the actual show not been archived yet? None of these links will take me to the actual broadcast. Help anyone?

  4. Toasty1 says:

    I have been watching JVM, and she just said that NG has a “team of
    people” in Hickory, NC that she will be talking with on her show
    tonight. She will be on in about 30 minutes in case you all want to watch.

  5. Yellow Journalism says:

    1) It’s EASY to flip over a 250 lb man floating in water. It’s called BUOYANCY.

    2) The bullet wound to the forehead could have easily resulted from being shot as he turned to look at his pursuers.

    3) His wife’s posterior statements could understandably be confused due to the post traumatic stress the resulted from her being chased and fired upon, not to mention the fact that she had just alledgedly witnessed her husband’s murder. Let me shooy off a few rounds at YOU while I chase you down the street and then we’ll check to see how many details YOU remember from it.

    4) the Mexican police authority that was assigned to investigate this occurence was subsequently found stuffed into a suitcase just a short while after. Well, PART of him was in the suitcase; his head to be exact.

    5) For a blogger that claims to write about ‘crime’, you have the criminologist sjills of an ASPARAGUS. Maybe you should start a blog praising your president; GOLDMAN SACHS. THAT’S a ‘crime’.

    I am not one to jeer at the challenged, but when I intend to curse someone out, I always grab the spell check and shove it in my oversized bag, busting at the seams from the heavy gold bullion I am saddled with from this gig.

    Woe is me.

    Your ability to not rouse an original and much more insulting poster name aside, I am certainly humbled by your ability to grasp so aptly what the rest of us blogbiddiehoppers apparently cannot.

    I was waiting for the one person this makes perfect sense to, to save us from our collective inability to open our mouths when someone says “say aaaahhh”.

    Praise Be.

    How can we ever thank you?

    Who volunteers to call the asparagus and schedule a class?


  6. GraceintheHills says:

    Blink says, “I am not one to jeer at the challenged, but when I intend to curse someone out, I always grab the spell check and shove it in my oversized bag, busting at the seams from the heavy gold bullion I am saddled with from this gig.

    Woe is me.

    Your ability to not rouse an original and much more insulting poster name aside, I am certainly humbled by your ability to grasp so aptly what the rest of us blogbiddiehoppers apparently cannot.

    I was waiting for the one person this makes perfect sense to, to save us from our collective inability to open our mouths when someone says “say aaaahhh”.
    Praise Be.
    How can we ever thank you?
    Who volunteers to call the asparagus and schedule a class?”

    Ah, Blink, what can I say? You ARE indeed the master! :-)

    Well for starters, Yellow, since it has not yet been a month, the correct diagnosis (if there is one at all) would be Acute Stress Disorder.

    But, then again, what do I know? I’m just an avocado.

  7. Yellow Journalism says:

    “How can we ever thank you?”

    By biting your own tongue and dying of the subsequent POISONING? Let’s try that first and take it from there.

    My Stars!

    Have you been here all night and not even offered a refreshment? I seriously have to re-do the lounge area.

    Thank you for the kind suggestion, but as mine is forked, it does make such a task impossible.

    Live long and prosper.


  8. GraceintheHills says:

    Sorry if I sounded a bit snarky with Yellow, but after posting on this site for awhile, I have come to know Blink’s heart. She is a tireless and passionate victim’s advocate who searches for the truth, and who can possibly fault her for that?

    I consider it a privilege to be able to post on this site. Thank you Blink, and all your thoughtful posters.

    I learned early on there was a seedy element to this work I was unprepared for. I mostly try to look past it, and consider the sources, I apolly if every once and a while one catches me with my snark on.

  9. Mom3.0 says:

    yellow- hey-

    Tiffany Hartley has given so many different and contradicting accounts about that day – about the injuries- about her attempts to help- about the pirates- about her getaway ect ect So many- in fact, That NO ONE-not even you, can even hope to know the truth of what happened-

    Respectfully- Yellow, since when does asking hard questions about the alleged murder of a missing American, become yellow journalism? Blink has not sensationalized Tiffany’s story- Tiffany has done a fine job of that ALL on her own-

    Blink has not accused Ms. Hartley of anything, other than changing her story- Since when is it a bad thing to note discrepancies and ask follow up questions concerning an unsolved crime?

    Last point, you may want to listen to Blink’s radio show concerning this case before you accuse her of yellow journalism- you can find the link on the bottom of her new article on this case- just click on
    “Listen to podcast here” BTW its free.


    BTW- telling someone to choke on their tongue is very cruel and I would think someone that is concerned with victims, especially Tiffany Hartley’s victimhood- would not want to be seen in such a negative light- JMO

  10. ChiaPet517 says:

    Wow Yellow, having a bad day? Hey as long as you can try to bring everyone else down with you, you’ll be fine.

    We could all counterpoint everything you just said:

    1. With the type of life vest David was wearing, he should have flipped over on his own, even dead-weight unconscious or deceased.

    2. Sure. Forhead wound. Neck wound. Whatever. I can see how Tiffany would get her body parts mixed up. Let’s just say IF there was a bullet wound. IF he’s dead. But there were bullets flying everywhere according to the story, and not a single bullet hole in either jetski apparently, because no fiberglass shreds left behind floating everywhere as it was stated there should have been. Was the shot to the head an accurate one then, or just a lucky one?

    3. Yeah, Tiffany is SO post-traumatic stressed that she giggles, smiles, chews gum, and acts like she doesn’t have a care in the world in every interview. Uh-huh. Everyone acts like that after witnessing a spouse murdered.

    4. READ. Mexican officials have said they don’t even know whether the guy was beheaded because of this or because of SEVERAL other cases he was working on simultaneously, all drug-related.

    5. What do you hope to achieve by telling off Blink? That’s like bouncing a superball off a wall. It ain’t gonna work. I seriously doubt Blink is gonna keep letting you post if all you can do is attempt to antagonize.

    I hope you have a better day tomorrow.


  11. Mermaid14 says:

    Pay no attention to the person behind the yellow journalism curtain. Classic troll behavior. When their argument is weak, they must resort to personal attack and character assassination. But nothing gets my goat more than a troll who cannot spell!
    For the record yellow, Goldman Sachs?? Mainstream media may genuflect to them but internet news journalists do not. They don’t have to.

  12. thebeak says:

    i understand that TYH has confused many of the panel, there are sometimes many small things make a big difference, but the way I see this is a being in the wrong place at the wrong time, the authority will figure this out but the small things that are coming into the public knowledge means squat. She and David lived in a difficult situation in Reynosa while in the oil servicing industry with an international company. TYH expressed her dismay against this. She is allowed to express her emotions of this and allowed to show what ever emotions of the love affair and communion with her husband DH. I do recognized that they used a liberty of the boundary of Falcon Lake to venture to the “other side”. As this is done on a daily basis. They were caught up by “immature thugs” who by THY botched the ambush.


  13. thebeak says:

    Mermaid, it is not spelling but the meaning, spellers are spellers but meaining is maeaning and spelling is meaning less.

  14. thebeak says:

    To, no order of existance, love you bro and to the “Hartley”: to the guy who brought us joy, scerenity, security, happiness, the ability, it is endless. And above all the family to move on and except this tragic moment. DH was incredible human being. I miss the “Hartley”


  15. thebeak says:

    Do you want me to roast your competent panel or does this become a dead roast, as this is a dead dog.


  16. Wayne Hi Ho says:

    I’m a non-beliver:
    Two things could of happened here, the wife planned this well, did him in & either had help getting rid of every thing, “body & Sea-Doo or what about this plan. They planned it as they have financial problems, so check to see what she will receive from insurances etc. He disappers into Mexico, she collects the monies in time & joins him, debt free? It’s happened before and would also be her reason for “NOT” doing a pollygraf test. Give this case time & the real truth will out.

    Hi HO

  17. lizzygoat says:

    The Beak,


    1.Where is the blood evidence?

    2.Why didn’t Tiffany take a lie detector test?

    3.Why did Tiffany go on a media blitz BEFORE making a formal report to The Mexican government.

    4.Why is Tiffany soliciting donations to …”further the fight for border security by taking the issue to the congressional level and the Homeland Security office. This will also be used for bringing awareness to the City, State, Local and Federal entities.”

    5.Why doesn’t Tiffany solicit donations to BRING DAVID HOME….maybe a reward? Hiring private investigators? Hell why didn’t she and his family go out on the lake and look for him themselves if David was such a great guy. If it was a member of my family I’d be on a DAMNED innertube if that is what it took! I’ve gone to greater lengths for my dying pets than David’s family did for his (alleged) murder!

    6.If David was such a wonderful guy what was he doing bringing his wife to a part of the lake where they had to discuss what to do in case of a kidnapping?

    7.Why was Tiffany so insistent with the 911 operator that David was on the Mexican side instead of demanding/pleading/begging that law enforcement get their asses on the lake to help her search.

    8.Why is Tiffany afraid to go to Mexico? I would have walked across the border to tell the Mexican LE what happened and demanded they search for my loved one.

    9.Where was David shot? was it the neck or the forehead?…Tiffany’s story keeps changing.

    10.If Tiffany was looking down the barrel of the gun then why can’t she describe it?

    11.Why doesn’t Tiffany want justice for David?

    12.If Tiffany does not speak Spanish how does she know what the pirates were saying anyway?

    13.Was David wearing the lanyard to his jetski?

    14.Did Tiffany have the keys to David’s truck?

    15.Have the results to the supposed blood evidence come back yet?

    16.Why is Tiffany calling for border security when she and David were 7 miles into Mexico when this happened?

    17.Why didn’t David Hartley’s family fill out a missing persons report to open an investigation in case David’s body floated on the American side? (per blink)

    18.Why hasn’t Tiffany been demanding that the FBI or Sheriff Sigi investigate this crime?

    19.Why isn’t Tiffany going on talk shows to disparage Sheriff Sigi for not looking for David when the Mexican government invited him?

    20.Do any of these remind of you of Tiffany? (copied from Susan Murphy Milano’s site http://murphymilanojournal.blogspot.com/2010/11/tiffany-hartley-international-widow-no.html

    Psychopathy Charactertistics (defined)

    glib and superficial charm
    grandiose (exaggeratedly high) estimation of self
    need for stimulation
    pathological lying
    cunning and manipulativeness
    lack of guilt or remorse
    shallow affect (superficial emotional responsiveness)
    callousness and lack of empathy
    sexual promiscuity

  18. lizzygoat says:

    The Beak,

    You don’t seem up on the case aside from reading Blink on Crime you should check out these other websites!




  19. lizzygoat says:

    Is Tiffany planning anymore memorials?

    If David was such a great guy why didn’t CalFrac donate money to help find David? I have never worked for a company who put so little effort to an employee in need. The company I work for currently not only donates to employees in emergencies but they also let coworkers have a dollar amount taken out of their paychecks so they can donate also!

    Is Tiffany going to put up an itemization of how the donations are being spent on her blog?

    If David was so interested in history why did all of the vacations he and Tiffany took to “tourist” locations?

    Why did God protect Tiffany and not David?

    Why did David not have a single person who was willing to look for his body? Not family not a single friend…why weren’t you there looking?

    Were Tiffany and David carrying cell phones?

    Is Tiffany selling the rights to her images and if so for how much?

    Why does Tiffany have time to appear on documentaries about border issues but she does not have time to fill out a missing persons report?

    Were Tiffany and David carrying cell phones when they were taking photos?

    Why can’t Tiffany describe any of the “pirates”?

    Why does Tiffany want David’s body now but not justice for the “pirates”? Is there an insurance policy?

    Thank you in advance for answering all of my questions! It’s late and I need my beauty sleep…I’ll have more questions tomorrow! Lots more!

  20. lizzygoat says:

    oops sorry blink…I just noticed the dates on this….HORMONES!

  21. nana2 says:

    @ lizzygoat :
    November 26, 2010 at 3:45 am

    Great list of questions !! I too have wondered why in this world of cells & seeing as David was a lover of toys big & small were neither of them carrying a cell phone or pager either one of them would have contained a GPS tracker.. Wouldn’t they have wanted to carry a cell just in case they had ski problems or one of them needed assistance knowing they were going into a dangerous area ?

    I’m sure Tiffany’s sold the rights to the photo’s I think that goes with the TV appearances..

  22. lee says:

    Sound Familiar??

    Husband: U.S. Missionary Shot in Mexico Dies
    Published January 26, 2011| Associated Press

    DALLAS — A woman described by police as a U.S. missionary died at a Texas hospital Wednesday after her husband brought her mortally wounded over a Rio Grande bridge from Mexico, where he said she had been shot in the head by gunmen in a pickup truck.

    The husband relayed to Texas authorities a frantic episode of the couple being fired upon in Mexico and then flooring their truck at top speed back to the U.S border. It is a scene echoing one described four months ago by an American tourist, who said her husband was gunned down by Mexican pirates on a border lake as the couple tried fleeing on Jet Skis.

    Nancy Davis, 59, died in a McAllen hospital about 90 minutes after her husband drove the couple’s truck against traffic across the Pharr International Bridge, according to a statement issued by the Pharr Police Department.

    read more:

  23. PackLeader5 says:

    Tiffany was just quoted on Fox News. They did the story on the Missionary who was shot, and whose husband rushed her to the US for medical treatment, where she died. Very sad—anyway, Fox News said this parallels the David Hartley case, and Tiffany was quoted as saying, “My heart goes out to them.”

    OK, answer this for me. Why does this parallel the Hartley case? The missionary couple has lived in Mexico for 40 years or something like that. This was a carjacking, and the victims tried to outrun the carjacking. Very sad—but nothing at all like David Hartley, whose body is not yet found (personally, I don’t believe a dead body will be found).

    So, everytime a US citizen is gunned down in Mexico, this is going to be paralleled to the Hartley case, which isn’t even really a case, since I (and the law enforcement in my area, not far from Falcon Lake) don’t really believe this a murder has been committed.

    The media makes me crazy.

  24. S.H. says:

    PackLeader5 says:
    January 27, 2011 at 9:33 am
    Tiffany was just quoted on Fox News. They did the story on the Missionary who was shot, and whose husband rushed her to the US for medical treatment, where she died. Very sad—anyway, Fox News said this parallels the David Hartley case, and Tiffany was quoted as saying, “My heart goes out to them.”

    OK, answer this for me. Why does this parallel the Hartley case? The missionary couple has lived in Mexico for 40 years or something like that. This was a carjacking, and the victims tried to outrun the carjacking. Very sad—but nothing at all like David Hartley, whose body is not yet found (personally, I don’t believe a dead body will be found).

    So, everytime a US citizen is gunned down in Mexico, this is going to be paralleled to the Hartley case, which isn’t even really a case, since I (and the law enforcement in my area, not far from Falcon Lake) don’t really believe this a murder has been committed.

    The media makes me crazy.



    I have missed your thoughful comments.

    DH body will not be recovered? Does this mean that is sun bathing, in another Country? Or just hidden very well?


  25. schten says:

    I didn’t see ANY tears during the entire interview!!

  26. Edward says:

    I love the 20 questions !! lol

    Anyways.. I know both sides of the border. You never know, he may show up in an uncovered mass grave in Mexico some day.

    I have often wondered if this was a drug deal gone bad. Would explain many things that do not seem to make sense.

    Anyways, I do not have any valid opinions..
    It is about 40,000 dead now and counting in Mexico. So this man even if he is american is far down the investigation list of Mexican athorities who spend most of their time just trying to keep themselves and their families safe from attack by various groups in the fine nation of Mexico.. There is no doubt there are many many border conflicts.

  27. Edward says:

    Todays news.. I can’t make this stuff up.. :>

    MEXICO CITY – Mexican marines patrolling a lake along the border with Texas discovered a drug gang camp on an island, provoking a gunbattle that left 13 people dead, the navy said Monday.

    Investigators in a different northern state reported finding 11 decapitated bodies and exhumed 22 remains from mass grave sites where they have found 179 dead people since last month.

    One marine and 12 suspected gunmen of the Zetas drug cartel were killed in the battle Sunday on Falcon Lake in the northeastern state of Tamaulipas, the navy said in a statement.

    The navy said the gunmen opened fire first when the marines discovered the camp, which the gang is believed to have used as a launching point for smuggling marijuana into Texas by speedboat. Marines seized more than 20 guns after the shootout, including several assault rifles.

    Falcon Lake, a dammed section of the Rio Grande, is where U.S. citizen David Hartley was presumably chased and gunned down by pirates Sept. 30. His body has not been found and Mexican investigators have reported no leads in the case.


    As I mentioned prior..with this news proving my point. David Hartley was most likely murdered by Mexican drug dealers for what ever reason and authorities should be checking the mass graves they keep coming across near this lake as well as the F.B.I. should interrogate the people captured looking for clues that may lead to his body..

  28. Edward says:

    MEXICO CITY – Security forces searching mass graves in the northern Mexican state of Durango have unearthed eight more bodies, authorities said Wednesday, bringing the total to 188 and making it the largest discovery yet of corpses secretly buried in regions plagued by drug-gang fighting.

    The toll surpasses the 183 bodies found in pits last month in Tamaulipas, a state bordering Texas.

    Soldiers recovered the latest eight bodies Tuesday, and digging continued at five graves discovered last month in the state capital, Durango city, state Public Safety Department spokesman Fernando Rios told The Associated Press.

    Durango authorities say some of the victims have been dead for up to four years while others were buried as recently as three months ago.


    I do hope they are doing DNA work..BUT I have to say, knowing the Mexican athorities they are not. His body or bones could be in these graves or even buried anyplace or even left on the desert floor in open air.

    What bothers me the most ? These drug people were camped out on or near that lake this whole time.!!! That just shows you what it is like in Mexico.. Far different then the nice beaches and hotels Americans stay at. Real life in Mexico is harsh on the people.

  29. Edward says:

    Well the Red Cross is down there looking at dead bodies to help identify. Do not know how the red cross got involved in that.

    Anyways..Frustrating as so many cases become.

  30. ALPHA says:

    Your published articles never mention that Davids body and David’s jetski have not been recovered. He has a life jacket on, which floats even if the occupent is alive or dead. His jet ski floats with or without a rider.. So if they can not be found where are they? How did she kill him? Did she tamper with his jet ski so it ran out of gas and then sank? Did she tamper with his life jacket so it would not keep him afloat. The Mexican “Navy” was in the area and they have the temperment to do exactly what she described. But the question of WHY? Were David and her transporting drugs.They were in finacial limbo. I grew up in a boarder town with a shared lake, and the only reason one would take a boat out was to smuggle cigeretts, booze,drugs. It obvious that the two went to transport drugs, david was shot by mistake, his body was kept because of the bullet in his skull would be evidence and his jet ski had the drugs. They did travel alot. They were MULES. Case solved..

    ALPHA- then you have not read my coverage of this case in total. In fact, I was the FIRST to question Ms. Hartley’s version of events. I have interviewed a dealer of the jetski David was operating, and described the life vest he was wearing. If you click on the front page- and then click on Tiffany Hartley on the left subject link, it will give you all my articles in this case.

    As it were, I agree with you that Ms. Hartley’s version of events is an impossibility and if it fell under the US jurisdiction, this investigation would be handled differently. There are many aspects of the Hartley’s lifestyle that support the conclusion their intentions on Falcon Lake that day were not for a joyride.

    Have you seen the images of the cache of illegal weapons owned by the Hartleys?


  31. ALPHA says:

    I talked to Tiffany on the phone today and asked her the 20 questions lazy goat posted.November 26, 2010 at 3:45 am

    1.In the water
    2.Lie detector tests are bennifical to law enforcment and often incriminate innocent people. As a lawyer i would always recomend not taking one.
    3.The media found her.She didn`t contact them until they contacted her. Law enforcment likes to encourage surviving spouse to participate in news conference asking for help. They use it as a investigating tool.And a potential nail in the coffin of quilty spouses.
    4. Quid pro co. She solicites for the feds cause and they give funding to `find David.
    5. David is dead and cann`t brought home. veryone agrees his dead.Law enforcement discourages family members from searching for bodies if there is concern a crime was comitted.
    6. Some people say that going to that area suggests drug transporting.
    7. She wants to find him so the enformation needed to be exact. Manipulating the truth to get Law Enforcement resources is illegal.
    8. The officials of mexico were already involved. They were our drug delivery contacts. Real of fake `navy“ people are afraid.
    9. David approached our contacts first and was shot unintentionally by them
    10. the barrel of a gun is a barrel of a gun. what other features of the barrel of a gun would I discribe.
    11. she does
    12. yes
    13. yes
    14. yes
    15. Pirates speek english too
    16. they have bigger guns
    17. There are rules to follow when filling out a missing person and David died in Mexico. If he died in the U.S. then they would have.
    18.She is
    19. They are cutting off peoples heads in Mexico so thank you for the invitation but I wont be going to mexico either.
    20.Psychopathy Charactertistics… Doctor Phil`s bullshit


    This is very interesting, are you saying that you are Tiffany’s counsel and you asked her these questions?

  32. Phil says:

    I read several new reports that say the man was shot in the BACK OF THE HEAD.
    And, if you are flying along in the water at any speed, it would take one hell of a marksman to shoot anybody in the head!

    Face it!
    This bitch is lying!
    It was either prearranged hit or shs shot him 1 o get rid f him and 2 to collect his life insurance!

    It was bullshit when she said he didn’t hae any life insurance!
    You own expensive toys, take trips, work for an oil company, you most certainly have life insurance!

    Unless you plan on dying and sticking you wife to pay off all the toys and bills they both ran up.

    The bitch got away with murder!

    I don’t know that she had him killed or if they were involved in something more nefarious that went wrong but I am quite certain it did not go down the way she stated it did.

  33. Phil says:

    That should have been “news reports”, not new reports.

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