Murder In Mexico: Tiffany Hartley Endures 16 Hours Of Interviews In David Hartley Death

Posted by BOC Staff | David Hartley,Missing and Endangered,Murdered,Tiffany Young-Hartley | Tuesday 19 October 2010 6:00 pm

..” I have nothing to hide. I Have ABSOLUTELY nothing to hide..”


Tiffany Hartley emerged on CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360 yesterday after her 16th hour of interviews at the Mexican Consulate in McAllen, Texas.

Hartley recounted the events of September 30, ending with the alleged murder of her husband David. Ms. Hartley gave both new testimony and confirmed her previous statements according to reports from the Mexican Attorney General and Ms. Hartley herself, without the presence of an attorney.

According to several statements from Hartley, David was shot “off his jet ski” while the couple was returning from the Mexican side of Falcon Lake, where they briefly took pictures of the historic church on Old Guerrerro. Neither David Hartley nor his Sea Doo watercraft have been recovered.

One of the most baffling aspect of the case, is the fact that Ms. Hartley claims the pair were shot at at as they were driving their jet skis away from alleged “pirates” they both waved a friendly hello to, seconds before.  Tiffany Hartley was uninjured in the attack, and her jet ski was not hit in the gunfire. Although media was alerted last week that tests on a possible blood source on Tiffany’s life vest were due back that afternoon, we were quickly told there would be no updates about the possible blood evidence at this time.

This afternoon, blinkoncrime Editor spoke with Chuck Smith, owner Smith Marina USA about specifics of the Sea Doo RXT.

..Your correct, the RXT has a chip in the starter that is electronically programmed to “match” the owners lanyard key. If he was wearing the lanyard, whether attached to his vest, or in some cases the arm, and he was thrown off the ski, it activates a kill switch and will not start without the key it is programmed to without a factory reprogramming, which of course, one would need the paperwork for. In short, no matter what, they would need his key to start it.

Blink Question: What if he was not attached to the key, and he was shot and flew off the unit “in motion”, this would not shut the engine off, correct?

CS: Correct. The ski would continue in the direction the handlebars were pointing and continue to throttle in that direction.

Blink: How hard are these models to sink?

CS: Virtually impossible. I have never actually heard of, or seen one, sink to the bottom. The way the Coast Guard standards are now with these, they have hulls similar to boats.

Blink: Could enough bullet holes sink it? What about if the contiuum– could that have caused it to flip? Could anyone right it?

CS: No, not unless we are talking morter rounds. I guess in theory an automatic weapon could put enough holes cut it in half if that was the goal, but again, your still going to see shards of fiberglass all over the water, remnants similar to a boat accident or crash. Again, under these circumstances, I don’t see how he could flip it, but if it were, again, harder to see because the bottom is black, but any SAR or Coast Guard deployment knows what abnormalities to look for on the water surface. It would be next to impossible to “right it” in deep water. It would be more likely they would drag it to shallow water.

Blink: Is this chop-shoppable?

CS: Absolutely. There is some after factory devices, similar to lo jack, but the engine and parts are expensive and could easily be sold that way.

Blink: He was wearing a PFD I. In your opinion is that keeping him afloat until he is located if he was left in the water?

CS: Absolutely, unless it was removed, or he and the vest were removed from the water, he would be floating, yes.

As announced this morning on Dana Pretzer commentary, Blink, Editor In Chief of will be discussing the Hartley case this evening live at 9PM EST on Scared Monkeys The Dana Pretzer Show.


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  1. gigi says:

    Sorry, forgot to mention on Tiffany’s web site she has been especially moody. She wants to move out on her own. She says grandparents have moved in with her parents, too. Methinks she has not received her life insurance yet and no doubt is ready to move on since she seems to have been for quite some time…..UGH….

    There is no death certificate in his case, so no.

  2. gigi says:

    Tiffany holds meeting and says she is suing for lack of info being provided to her…she is getting desperate for that death certificate.

  3. Audrey says:


    TH did not hold a meeting or a press conference. She was a guest at the 9/19/11 Brownsville Congressional field hearing on Texas Agriculture and border security. The hearing was scheduled on the House Judiciary Subcommittee calendar for months as a “Texas Agriculture field hearing.” It was scheduled to hear from farming/ranching citizens who live on the border and how possible violence on “border lines” affects their production and lifestyle. It was of course a political agenda, and more guests were invited.

    TH’s floor time was spent telling her “repetitive narcissistic stories” about her and DH’s courtship, marriage and short life together. She read this life story from notes and rarely looked up at the congressmen or audience. IMO, notes indicate a dead giveaway that the story she has been spouting is altered or embellished. After a year of spouting the same story, TH should have been able to confidently speak to the audience/congressman, make eye contact and not miss a beat. (in addition, true/real memory details flow smoothly and instinctively)

    I find it embarrassing that the Associate Press identified TH as the hearing’s “highest profile witness.” (at a Tx AG/Ranching hearing)

    I agree with you that TH seems desperate for a death certificate. (and not justice) The government offices sued, do have an obligation under FOIA law to turn over records related to PIA requests received. (even limited docs indicating specific ammendments that indicate information needs to be withheld, to prevent compromisation of their investigation) They failed in following law by returning documents within the FOIA law set time limits. Thus the law suit by TH.

  4. gigi says:

    Re: Audrey

    Thank you for the clarification. My main concern in posting was to provide a link to the news. I should have explained the purpose of the hearing. Hopefully, most people followed the news link and did not conjure any ideas of Queen Tiff sitting on her throne calling in her subjects and yelling “off with their heads.” That is basically what imo she wants to do…get her way so she can move on (literally, figuratively, physically, mentally…just move on so she can get out of her parent’s house which she suggests is getting old since her grandparent’s have moved in, her sister’s wedding is over, and she can’t get away from cows because she is like…ewwww…if one licks her. Tee hee.

  5. Mermaid14 says:

    Hi all. It’s been a long time since I paid a visit. I just read something about a candlelight vigil held on the one year anniversary of the “incident” and Mrs. Hartley did NOT attend. Anybody know about this???

  6. Mermaid14 says:

    Well I just answered my own question by paying a visit to the BDH website. So—–she’s flying all over the country to Washington and New York, but on the one year anniversary of her husbands death she is a no show, then jokes about making smores later in the evening.
    This woman is another Casey Anthony for sure.

  7. Kim from PA says:

    A tournament fisherman found skeletal remains in Falcon Lake:

    Could this be David Hartley?

  8. chiapet517 says:

    The feet of the skeleton found were reportedly tied together. If David was already dead when they shot him in the head, why would the Mexican mafia bother to tie the feet? It wouldn’t be to hide the evidence….they let a living witness (Tiffany) get away. Makes no sense. But it DOES make sense if someone,else was trying to hide him…..

    Do we have a link for that information?

    How did he end up at the bottom of the drink when he was wearing a vest?

  9. GeorgiaDad says:

    The body was supposedly found 1t5 miles away. With all the drug violence in this area, it is probably not David Hartley. The water levels are quite low in the lake (in fact I have read that the submerged church has been exposed). The fisherman saw the skeleton and called US border control who apparently passed on the GPS coordinates to Mexican authorities. As a result it may be difficult to find a lot of media reports in the US. Hopefully the Mexican government will provide material for DNA testing if the skeletonized remains are the proper height.

    If it is DH and there are no holes in his skull, the TH has some explaining to do. It might be possible that drug dealers would sink the body to hide the evidence or get the body out of the way. Bodies are left exposed when they want to send a message, but most Mexicans who disappear are buried. Even if TH got away, drug dealers would still most likely dispose of the body – dead Americans floating around might attract to much unwanted attention.

    If TH were involved, why would she hide the body? If she (or a third party) shot him and left him floating in the lake, then she could collect the life insurance. If the gun was tossed in the deep part of the lake it would never be located. I doubt TH would sink the body this way. In fact, her story would be more plausible if a body with GSW’s to the head and a shot-up jet ski were recovered.

    My gut feeling, although I have no direct evidence, is that DH was killed on land on the Mexican side, and is buried in the sand.

    I agree. If Hartley was involved in some sort of drug deal, I can assure everyone that the cartel takes great pride in displaying it’s handiwork for anyone they feel ripped them off.

    I saw the ski up close and personal, and interviewed a manufacturer. Ain’t no way this ever happened as stated.

  10. Mom3.0 says:

    Glad to see you all have been busy keeping up with the newest developments-
    chiapet517, was right according to this article the feet were tied together-

    I am not sure if this is David or not, and it seems Tiffany is not wether, despite having the report… she says she needs more info and it is inclusive….

    I wonder what is preventing positive identification?

    I still agree with Blink and all, or with most- whatever did happen that day on Falcon Lake, did not and could not have happened the way Tiffany explained.


    I am vying for the captain obvious award today, but my thought is, if they did not feel it was David, she would not be entitled to a report of remains.

    I would like to know if it just went to her or also to his parents and sister.


  11. Mom3.0 says:

    Good point about the report Blink according to this article, The family is waiting for the DNA results to make a determination. Davids mother was quoted as saying that Tiffany got a call telling her about the discovery- unfortunately that is all that was said- I wonder too if the parents also received the report…

    Again *IF* this is David, which we cant know yet, but if it is, then it seems Tiffany’s story is just that a story

    Remember TH said:
    Tiffany Hartley recounted the incident on NBC’s “Today” show Tuesday, describing how she saw bullets hitting the water near her and her husband flying over his Jet Ski. She became emotional as she described going to her husband to try to help.

    “I had to turn him over because he was face down in the water, and turned him over, and he was shot in the head,”** she said, adding that she tried to pull her husband onto her Jet Ski but couldn’t, and that a man on one of the boats pointed his gun at her. “I couldn’t get him up, and I just kept hearing God tell me, ‘You have to go, you have to go.’ So I had to leave him so I could get to safety….”

    If the skeleton was shot in the back of the head… and there is no exit wound in the front then why did TH say she turned him over and then realized he was shot in the head?

    If its not David, then it seems then someone was shot execution style-
    and then put in the lake…

    My prayers to David and his family as they await the results

    Mom 3.0- that link did not work for me and I went to the site for an update- did it say the skull was shot? Or are you just hypothesizing based on Tiffany’s story?

    I have no doubt that if those remains corroborated her story, she would have scheduled press junkett after press junkett.

  12. Mom3.0 says:

    Sorry about the link -anyway on Scared Monekeys they linked to a article and have a quote from the fisherman that found the remains:

    On closer inspection, Jones said, it quickly became obvious they had discovered the remains of a human draped in mud-caked clothing with the feet tied together and appeared to be a hole in the rear of the skull.

    “It struck us these were human remains we were looking at,” he said Friday, “and it sends a chill down your spine.”

    Jones said the first thing that came to mind was David Hartley, the Texas transplant who was gunned down by pirates on the lake in September 2010.

    He said he and his friends took a photo and noted the GPS coordinates and then forwarded information to the U.S. Border Patrol.

    So I am theorizing on the “hole” in the back of the skull…
    Doesnt say it was a bullet hole, it could have been something else- a fracture from a blow to the head ect- BUT- what is most telling is there didnt seem to be a “hole” in the front of the skull and Tiffany said that she turned him over and realized he had been shot in the head- and remember she also was said to have told a bystander (secret witness) about his brains oozing

    Wednesday, October 6th, 2010

    * Zapata County Sheriff, Sigifredo Gonzalez, decides that Flores Villegas is not helping him out, so he brings out a witness who apparently saw Tiffany being chased by a boat. Heck, from what the witness tells us, he was also able to see brains oozing out of David’s head, hear the “pirates” speaking in Spanish, and astonishingly tell us what the pirates and Tiffany were thinking.

    and also
    See here:

    Witnesses around the lake have reported not hearing the sound of jet ski engines nor gunshots on the afternoon in question, and others have said it is rare for jet skis to use the lake in that manner and that far from shore.

    Initially, there were no witnesses to the alleged murder or their presence on the lake other than the person she came in contact with when she returned (illegally) to the US side of the lake and the shore.

    Then yesterday on one of the FOX NEWS show on XM-121, Meghan Kelly suddenly has a witness to the whole thing, who, voice electronically disguised to prevent retaliation (gimme a break), he detailed how Hartley told him of the terror of turning her husbands body over in the water and seeing his brains oozing from his head. A detail not heard before from her.

    Later in the day, Hartley was interviewed again and had this to say, and again, I paraphrase:

    “They should be looking for the body on the land, not in the water but in the weeds on the shore, er I mean, they should look for the body in the water also, but on the land too”

    – BTW in going back to review, It seems that TH gave accounts of different head shots- a shot to the back of the head and to the front- depending on the day and the audience as you well remember, her recollections changed frequently.

    What is eerie is that she seems in retrospect, to have know that David was on the land in the weeds……if this skeleton is David, it seems she was right…if it isnt then she seems to have unknowingly described the death and disposal of someoneelse.


    Gotcha, here is a working link, and you were absolutely right.

    It makes no sense whatsoever when he had on a vest, was driving a new jet ski, which if you believe Tiffany’s story powered off when he fell ( note to readers to recall that an earlier and different excursion was scrapped due to a malfunction on the ski). Keep in mind this woman is suing the US Govt and refuses to take a polygraph.

  13. Mom3.0 says:

    Heres the latest on the body found-

    She told KUSA-TV in Denver on Monday that test results from the Mexican government show clothing on a human skeleton found at the lake recently don’t match what her husband was wearing, and the skull does not have a bullet wound.

    Her husband was 6 feet tall. The skeleton was 5 feet 10 inches. The legs were bound together and it was partially clothed.


    “He didn’t have any head wounds and he is only about 5-foot-10, so which David was 6-foot-5. The clothing didn’t quite match either,” Hartley told CBS4′s Mike Hooker. “We were really appreciative with the Mexican and U.S. government. But the Mexican government acted so quickly. They went in located the remains within a few days.”

    She said she’s praying for the family of the man who was found. She hopes he will be identified and the family can find some closure.

    “I pray that the family finds out who this belongs to and gets that same closure that we’re looking for,” she said. “We continue hoping and believing that maybe one David will be brought home.”

    I am confused as hell, lol.

    Didnt we read it did have a bullet wound in the skull? I think we are done reading about this and need the anthro report already.


  14. Mom3.0 says:

    Blink- the last post was mine, its me Mom3.0 -
    Sorry about the mix-up on the “quilts”- entirely my fault

    Its pretty though isnt it?
    Have a good day

    lol, as a picture!

  15. Mom3.0 says:

    I am just chalking it up to some sort of mix-up like the one with my quilt- are the reporters just getting info wrong? For instance,Was the reporter just horrible at getting the quote or did Tiffany actually say this verbatim?

    “I pray that the family finds out who this belongs to and gets that same closure that we’re looking for,” she said. “We continue hoping and believing that maybe one David will be brought home.”

    I confess, I laughed, and then I felt bad for laughing.

    I guess in these sort of situations you take the laughs when you can-

    —But I do think Tiffany isnt sure what to think or how to feel- she is suing, yet she says things like: “We were really appreciative with the Mexican and U.S. government….

    and then we either have another bad reporting job or Tiffany isnt sure how tall her husband was – cant she or the reporter just say OVER 6 feet- How hard is that to estimate?


  16. Mermaid14 says:

    It is so hard to corroborate anything with this story. The first thing that came to my mind with “bound” feet was maybe the man was deliberately bound then thrown off a boat and drowned. Is it possible his hands could have been bound at one time too and maybe he managed to free them but tired out and could not get the feet unbound? Just a thought. Was David really 6’5″?? First I have heard that.

    In one piece he was 6′ and another 6’5″, my guess is 6′ at most.

  17. Mermaid14 says:

    Just a few comments. Didn’t have time before to read the two articles so I just did. As with everything else about this story, this just doesn’t add up.
    As to David’s height, there isn’t a full length pic of the two of them anywhere that I have seen. In several of the photos of them together she comes up to about his chin, and I would figure her to be about 5 foot to 5 foot 2. So he is probably at least 6 to 6 foot 2, but 6 foot 5?? Don’t think so.
    Secondly she tells two different stories about the finding of this body. First she says, couldn’t be him because of height and no bullet wound in the head, then she says the Mexican authorities told her it wasn’t her husband. But how would they know that?? They have only her word to go on for height or what he was wearing that day. And it said “they tested the clothing to determine if it was him”???
    How do you test clothing to determine someone’s identity??? Makes no sense unless I read it wrong. I’ll go back and read it again.
    But I tell you if it were my husband or my son I would settle for nothing less than dna analysis. How does anyone know what David was wearing that day? She can’t even tell a straight story about what happened. The only other people that saw him were the officers that stopped the truck earlier. Did they question those officers as to what he was wearing or did they just allow her to say? If they had any sense at all they would contact those officers. Especially since she has refused to take a polygraph. JMHO

  18. Mermaid14 says:

    Maybe blink knows this, and I know coroners are really good at their job but can you really tell for certain the height of someone by looking at a skeleton? If it’s only a difference of maybe 2 inches, wouldn’t it have behooved them to request a dna test using David’s parents dna? Why wouldn’t his parents have insisted they do that if only to rule it out?? I don’t understand them not requesting that, and miss sunshine being so certain it couldn’t be him. Could it be she doesn’t want him to be found? She said over and over again all she wanted was his body returned. Then they get a body found in the same area he goes missing and she’s ready to rule it out without even doing a dna? I guess this man’s family must be really trusting of her. I guess since she is the spouse she has the last word. I swear if that were my son, I’d sneak down there and get a dna test done and not even tell her about it. But then that’s just me.

    I could only answer that by seeing the autopsy findings of the individual; I would think they would have tp ID him, so yes a DNA test would be important.

  19. Mermaid14 says:

    I keep remembering her saying a shot to the head that knocked him off his jetski. There would have to have been a large amount of blood. There was no blood on anything and none on her or her jetski. Not one drop. She said she even tried to lift this man onto her jetski, yet still no transfer of blood? This body could very well be him but the evidence doesn’t fit the story so she’s ready to “bury” it immediately. Just what it looks like to me. And if there is a body then where pray tell is the jetski?

  20. Mermaid14 says:

    They’ve got Sheriff Sigi weighing in on the find according to a 9news story from Denver. Funny he comes to the same uber quick decision that Tiffany did, mind you not one test done yet on the remains and he is already saying “it’s probably not him.” Ok, there HAS to be collusion here folks. Why would both the Sheriff and TH be so quick to dismiss the remains found as being David, especially when Sigi had neither seen the remains or knew of any test results.
    There are bodies being discovered according to the fisherman that found this one because of the low water levels due to the drought.
    Remember Sigi lied about the vest having been taken in and tested for that so called “blood drop”. He was never able to produce any paperwork proving the vest had been tested for dna.
    This is beginning to add up more and more to me like a setup using these two to create a border ‘incident” to influence the 2010 elections that were just weeks after this happened, and possibly to enhance “Sigi’s” standing and get more $$$ for local law enforcement.
    The point here has to be these 2 went along with it for $$. So that has to mean DH is alive and well somewhere.
    It’s like this case has gone in a complete circle with still no answers and we are back at square one.
    That police stop was just too suspicous to me. And correct me if I’m wrong but did anyone ever produce any official paperwork about that stop and the expired license??

  21. Mermaid14 says:

    This case is making me pull my hair out. Ok, just read two more accounts of the skeleton find. One says they are doing dna on the remains. Then in another account miss sunshine says after they get the dna they are going to compare it to their dna database??? Say what??? How would David’s dna be in a national database unless he was a criminal??? That makes NO sense. Why are they not going to cross match it with David’s parents?? I don’t see how they can rule out it is him otherwise. Why oh why are his parents going along with this convoluted story??? Am I losing my mind???? Do they think the average public is just stupid???

  22. Mermaid14 says:

    Sorry you guys, be patient with me. OK, it is time for Tiffany Hartley to be polygraphed. On Dec. 31 she gave interviews to Denver news stations in which she said dna testing was being done by the Mexican authorities.
    The latest interview from Jan 10 she says NO DNA TESTING was done.
    Another lie!!
    Either this woman is taking some kind of serious drugs or she is just a habitual pathological liar. I hope to God someone contacts David’s family and urges them to seek dna testing and cross match it to theirs. Do they even know TH is telling two different stories in different interviews? Why does his family continue to trust this woman when her account of EVERYTHING changes every time she tells it?

  23. SouthernMom says:

    I guess I’ve always known this, but he will never be found…

  24. Ragdoll says:


    It makes no sense whatsoever when he had on a vest, was driving a new jet ski, which if you believe Tiffany’s story powered off when he fell


    I admit, I haven’t been following this case as closely as I used to.

    Has anyone on BOC had experience driving a jet ski? I’ve driven on a sea doo. This could be completely irrelevant…but….

    …..the key to sea doo, which is my brother’s, is attached to the life jacket. If you fall off, the key comes out and remains on the life jacket w/ the driver. The sea doo is shut off or disengaged (so it’s not riding around aimlessly, which could be potentially dangerous).

    If a jet ski has the same feature, Tiffany’s statement isn’t far fetched.

  25. azpistonsgirl says:

    To Ragdoll – I have a jet ski. The key is on an elastic circular strap (made of floaty material) that goes around the rider’s wrist – but same theory. When I fall off, the key is pulled from the ignition, thereby turning off the ski.

    My elastic strap is quite old and stretched out, so with the right force, it would slip easily from my wrist and float.

    So sad when cases like this languish with no real answers… Could not even imagine what it would be like to just not know what happened…

  26. Mermaid14 says:

    Well, according to Ms. Sunshine’s website, she has been having a grand old time. She’s back on her jetski, going tubing, skydiving, and experiencing “joy” again as she put it. Even had someone photograph her on the jetski that was involved in that horrific crime.
    Don’t know about any of you but I would never ever want to go near a jetski again if I had been a victim of a horrific crime and watched my husband get blown away on a lake.
    But then not many of us have been able to figure out how this woman’s mind works.

  27. isfahan says:

    “On Aug 3rd I finally took my jet ski that I was riding the day David was killed to a friends lake…”

    “…took my jet ski that I was riding the day David was killed…”

    Is that what a real “crime victim” and “grieving widow” would write? She’s never had a clue how to fake it, and never will.

  28. Mom3.0 says:

    Blink And all have you guys heard the Latest info

    Not sure what to think – why would He order the killing of David Hartley but spare Tiffany He doesnt seem to be the type to grow a conscience….- is there a drug connection?
    were they involved in Drug trafficking?

    The story still makes no sense


    Authorities in Mexico say they have the answer to the disappearance of David Hartley in a U.S./Mexico border lake two years ago.

    They announced the arrest on Monday of a suspect on murder charges.

    the man known as “squirrel” also has been linked to the escape of 151 prisoners in 2010 from a jail in the city of Nuevo Laredo and the recent flight of 131 prisoners in the city of Piedras Negra.

    “Salvador Alfonso Martinez Escobedo is allegedly responsible for mass graves found in Tamaulipas state with more than 200 bodies and the execution of more than 50 people around Mexico by his own hand as well as the murder of U.S. citizen David Hartley killed on Falcon Lake on September 30, 2010,” Vergara said.



    Convenient Way to earn American support, no?

  29. hervness says:

    I saw this yesterday and thought it was all too “wrapped up.” I guess I just don’t understand how they got “here” from “there.” Maybe more will come out, but it doesn’t make sense. Why would a big time drug dealer kill David, but not Tiffany, and if he’s as big deal as it sounds, why? It just does not compute and the story I read yesterday didn’t answer any questions.

  30. hervness says:

    Yeah, CNN didn’t answer any questions either. Sorry, if she had time to go back as bullets were “whizzing” and try to pull his body up onto her Sea Doo . . . yeah. O-k (said with sarcastic eye roll for dramatic effect)

  31. hervness says:

    One more thing . . . I just can’t imagine leaving my husband with a gunshot in his head. Getting help? If he had a gunshot to the head I would probably stay with him as he passed. I wouldn’t just leave him there. No way, no how. I probably would have been in the water with him, trying to hold his head up. I wouldn’t have left him in the water.

  32. GraceintheHills says:

    hervness says:
    October 9, 2012 at 4:14 pm
    One more thing . . . I just can’t imagine leaving my husband with a gunshot in his head. Getting help? If he had a gunshot to the head I would probably stay with him as he passed. I wouldn’t just leave him there. No way, no how. I probably would have been in the water with him, trying to hold his head up. I wouldn’t have left him in the water.
    @hervness, As much as I love my husband I would get the h*ll out of Dodge if someone was shooting at me. That being said, I have always wondered if David was on land when he was shot and Tiffany on the lake. That is the only way this makes sense to me – but, of course, I could be wrong.

  33. hervness says:

    GraceintheHills says:
    October 10, 2012 at 8:16 pm
    As much as I love my husband I would get the h*ll out of Dodge if someone was shooting at me. That being said, I have always wondered if David was on land when he was shot and Tiffany on the lake. That is the only way this makes sense to me – but, of course, I could be wrong.


    See, what you’ve said makes sense if she was in the water (leave via water) and he was on land. I just can’t imagine leaving my husband, after trying to pull him out. Here’s the thing that sticks out . . . she claims she tried to pull him out of the water. So you’ve already made the decision to stay and not “get out of dodge”, so why would you try and then just give up and leave? I get the leaving, I just don’t get the “try and then leave.” Gunshots I can live with, now if there were deadly spiders involved, Mr. Hervness is on his own.

  34. azpistonsgirl says:

    GITH – wow, never even thought that one was in water, the other on land. Interesting to think on. Like you all, I am not buying for one second this new news. Hello, logic? too many holes in this latest assertion.

    Riding the same ski she was purportedly on when David was purportedly killed? Are you freaking kidding me? if that is true, this woman has zero tact. And to post about it? Did she think folks would be sympathetic to that?

    Just thinking about this again makes me want to go take a shower. Ick.

  35. Dr. Pepper says:

    did he have a life insurance policy? I cant remember. If so, I guess she can now cash that one in. And good luck getting Mexico to ever go back and look into this thing again. They said screw it once that guy was beheaded.

  36. Mom3.0 says:

    Yes Blink it is rather convenient.

    Grace I hear what you are saying, but even if He was on land and she wasnt her accouintS still do not ring true-
    I mean then her whole story of pulling him up and being behind him and him protecting her being shot in the head and brains oozing- and all of it becomes suspect- -
    I honestly can not begin to understand how her descriptions of what happened add up -they seem impossible

    Speaking of those who dont believe yet— I guess we can add Siggy to that list as he is quoted as saying:

    “Based on the information I have, he may have been the one responsible for that area, but not the one responsible for the actual killing,” said Sigifredo Gonzalez, sheriff of Zapata County, Texas.

    “If this is, in fact, true that he was involved,” Gonzalez said, “it’s a welcome sign that the Mexican government is trying to solve the killing of yet another American citizen on Mexican soil.”

    But wait on Mexican SOIL wasnt he in the water? Hmmm maaybe you r right Grace….


  37. Mermaid14 says:

    Has anyone been to her website lately? She is claiming that the Mexican authorities have told her they have arrested a “suspect” in David’s killing, get this, related to the “remains” found earlier. They had already determined that the remains were not David!!
    That’s not all—-scroll down and check out her lates pic of herself on……you guessed it….the JETSKI she was riding when David was murdered. Yes, she is now doing so well that she has taken out her jetski and is riding the lakes again.
    Does anyone have a clue what is going on? Blink?

    Yes, I do. She is a liar who refused to take a polly and nobody gives a rats azz.
    Including David’s parents. What is it you want me to say?

    I can’t remember if she filed a claim for life insurance or not?


  38. Mermaid14 says:

    One more thing, in her “look at me I;m on the jetski again” story she mentions a “friend” that helped her get it into the lake. I will bet you dollars to donuts it’s her new boyfriend.

  39. Mermaid14 says:

    My goodness, didn’t mean to ruffle feathers. I’m backing off this blog for good.


  40. Ragdoll says:

    I hope ‘silence’ in this case means LE is @ least investigating/observing/#keeponkeepingon

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