Caylee/Casey Anthony Case: Memoir Of A Meltdown Jose Baez Loses It

Orlando, FL-  Occurrences yesterday afternoon had me checking my Google Earth maps to double check that the Orange County Courthouse was not next door to NASA doing their ignition checks.  The flare ups were numerous and loud.

"I'm Winning.."- Jose Baez (borrowed from Sheenster)

During the motion for exclusion and Frye hearing,  Jose  Baez,  lost it.

Avid readers and contributors here know I am not about the drama.  This was actually that baaaaadd.


Shy of jumping up and down or retreating to a fetal position with thumb-sucking involvement, Jose Baez, counsel for defendant Casey Anthony, needed a time out, several time outs, and was granted one after his co-counsel's requests, and another, courtesy Chief Judge Belvin Perry.

Because I value your time, and will not subject you to the H O U R S of innocuous banter we witnessed, my highlight reel for your review-

Let's say Jose Baez does not hold any advanced  Science degrees.  In the interest of disclosure, neither do I.

I do however understand that blaming the State, in this case, Jeff Ashton, for the reason that Mr. Baez missed deadlines requiring him to agree to a stipulation whereby he can no longer subject the "hardware" of Dr. Arpad Vass to the "Frye" test, is a no-n0.

Chief Judge Belvin Perry: ..Mr. Baez.. it sounds like to me, you entered into an agreement that you are trying to rescind.. If you questioned  the results then, why did you agree to it?...

Jose Baez: ..It is the easiest thing in the world to hold a contempt charge over a lawyers head, Judge..

Chief Judge Belvin Perry: "...Your co-counsel is trying to speak to you."

Jose Baez: "Judge, can we have a 5 minute recess?"

Chief Judge Belvin Perry: "You may have a 5 minute recess."

This exchange came near the end of what can only be described as a window to the strength of the State's case against Casey Anthony for the murder of her daughter Caylee, and the utter lack of preparation and skill the defense team has by comparison.

Photo Credit Gary Kazanjin

While it is true that much of what we hear in pre-trial motions is not always what will be admitted at trial,  which is the very reason for them in the first place, the defense's lack of knowledge of their own case is not a valid reason to deny something into evidence.

It is abundantly clear from this editor's perspective that neither Dorothy Clay Simms nor Jose Baez sufficiently understood the scientific subject matter they are requesting to be rendered inadmissible, or in effect, "junk science".

Devoid of strategy, repetitious and largely irrelevant, with several pending motions still to be heard,  the defense ate up two straight days. As a result, all parties are back in court next Friday and possibly Saturday.

By far the most important witness to take the stand yet , Dr. Arpad Vass,  research Scientist of "The Body Farm" fame and globally respected,  peer-reviewed author of two separate studies on odor analysis in human remains, NAILED IT.

Dr. Vass's work, which is also referenced in some of the defense expert witness's studies , was published in  The Journal of Forensic Sciences in 2004 and 2008. His testimony was masterful in bridging the gap between academic jargon and layman "speak."

He has a delightful and disarming diction and jurors are going to adore the way he can make such a macabre subject matter educational and practical.

Without reservation, Dr. Vass's testimony riveted both the courtroom spectators and the online community, however, his words brought strange reactions from the defendant herself, Casey Anthony.

When asked by Jeff Ashton what Vass's response was when he opened the sample containing a swatch of carpet from the trunk liner of the Pontiac Sunfire, he replied,

" At first I jumped back about 2 feet because the odor was so strong, but it was definitely the smell of human decomposition.."

.."What was your reaction to seeing that chromatogram result ?.."

.."I have never seen a peak in chloroform in a sample Ive's shot in over 20 years like that... The sample was 10,000 times the control sample.."

.."Human decomposition is very unique, it is as unique to me as a skunk smell is to everyone else.  You don't have to see a skunk in the road to know it was run over.."

There are no leaps to be made here, no exaggeration. Dr. Arpad Vass 's testimony alone is enough for a reasonable person to conclude not only was there  a decomposing human in the trunk of Casey's car,  but coupled with a hair that has a deathband that can only be from Casey or Caylee, and we both know which one is alive, this case is all but waiting for a foreperson slip with an x in the box.

Looking ahead to trial,  Dr. Vass colleagues, forensic entomologist Dr. Neal Haskell, forensic anthropologist Dr. Bill Bass and forensic botanist Dr. David Hall are some of the strongest expert witnesses in their respective concentrations in this country.

As an analogy, if I owned the side of a mountain I would carve them in likeness as my "Forensic Mt. Rushmore."

Dr. Vass was brought into this case by lead investigator Cpl. Det Yuri Melich.

B E S T    C A L L    E V E R.

For anyone saying- not so fast Blink, Judge Perry still has to rule on the frye issues and admissibility, I say " minor formality".  He also asked Jose Baez if he had any other motions pending besides the balance of what was known to be heard Friday April 1st to which he answered no.  Not a good idea considering co-counsel Cheney Mason filed a request for a rehearing that morning and asserts Judge Perry was bias in his rulings on earlier admissibility or suppression hearings.   Musta slipped Jose's mind.

Do we all realize Judge Perry signed the majority of search warrants BASED ON SOME OF THIS DATA in the first place ?

Do we all realize that Judge Perry presided over the Grand Jury that issued Casey's indictment?

From the defense table, during the hearings, Casey Anthony furiously scrawled notes and flipped through voluminous reports and deposition transcripts.

On Wednesday, during the testimony of Yuri Melich, whereby at one point he was literally 5 feet away from her scribbling on the defense's "demonstrative aids" pad at Baez's request, Casey Anthony never once looked at Melich, or up, from her "make sure and look busy" activities.

Imagine that.  Casey Anthony cannot eyeball her accuser,  the lead detective in the case of her murdered child and this girl thinks she is going to be acquitted?

She is wrongly accused, this guy had and has it all wrong and she cannot be torn away from her post-it passing to  observe his testimony about her dead child in her car?   Seriously.

There is no explanation I can fathom where this defense feels it is in Casey Anthony's best interests to go to trial in the instant criminal case against her.  None.

That said, it is.

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  1. Ragdoll says:

    A good hearty laugh on behalf of Miss Valhall. I have a new respect for ice cream :D

    I loved it.

    It is on Ms. Hall’s site, courtesy of Poster KZ, and she did an awesome job.


  2. Mom3.0 says:

    Thankyou Bam & Queen Laytweeta for the news &link


    *In the statement, Lippman said, “George Anthony had nothing to do with the death of Caylee Marie Anthony. He has been investigated, deposed, examined and cross examined by both the prosecution and the defense, and neither the defense team nor the state of Florida have maintained that he is at fault in any way.”*

    Here are the facts plain and simple- LE/the State did not arrest Casey Anthony for the murder of Caylee and ask for the death penalty on an F’ng whim.

    Every possibility was investigated. Every scenario Zanny -Kronk Ricardo- Jesse- George – TL- Lee- Cindy- Annie- Amy the list goes on

    LE investigated- and Casey and Casey alone is on trial for murdering Caylee-


  3. chelsea1515 says:

    Out of Lurking Mode: great posts everybody.

    Blink, whilst re visiting some old interviews between FBI and GA he (George) says (pp) that he and Cindy went to JB’s for dinner and he (George) wasn’t happy about it. He says he knew his daughter knew something but she was being coached by her defence attorney….FBI stopped the interview to say he didn’t want to hear client confidentiality stuff…. My question is, can JB ever be accused of hindering LE in their efforts to find Caylee? At this time her little body had not been discovered and the pretense of searching for her was going on. In retrospect, I found this interview particularly disturbing.

    If JB intends to accuse George, he has plenty to worry about. He ADVISED these people, openly, in the beginning of this case at a minimum.

    I think they are planning to make the intimation that it COULD be George, but honestly, as Bush league as I have seen them behave, they very well may try the full monty.


  4. annals says:

    Blink, please be wrong about this full monty prediction. Heaven forbid. I want to watch the trial but I DO NOT want to see Jose Baez naked.

    SO I just threw up in my mouth a little.

    Confession: Last week I had a dream that Atty Baez and I were sitting at the same table, and he kicked me in the shin, really hard.

    Apparently I dream in my captain obvious cape.


  5. annals says:

    Jose Baez seems to be fatally attached to surprise moves in court. Forums like BOC and Hinky are revealing. He might enjoy kicking you & Val; let’s add Kathy Belich.

  6. chelsea1515 says:

    Oh gee Blink, why do you do this to me!!! I have to spend ages deciphering your meanings sometimes! We might speak the same language but we are miles apart in it’s useage at times. Thank God we are on the same side at least I can always assume you have written something ‘good’. Still haven’t seen any reports here in the UK, no doubt it will appear any day soon.

  7. dawn says:

    This last hearing was the first time I watched any of the proceedings of the anthony case, since my computer video has been down for some time, and I don’t have a t.v. But NOW I see why everyone ridicules this Baez guy. He’s trying his darndest, but what a TRAIN WRECK!!

  8. dawn says:

    I have always subscribed to “innocent until proven guilty” but am really struggling with that in this case. In order to do so, I would have to actually shove any common sense aside. Thirty days without reporting a child missing is enough, but once they found the body, if she were truly innocent, she would have been naming names, and singing, as they say, like a canary. I can see someone staying silent so that the “kidnapper” wouldn’t harm the baby, and/or myself, but if my childs body had been found, I would have NO reason left to live, so why not tell all? Up until that point, I was holding out, and hoping against hope that she was not guilty, but no longer.

    I have two issues however: One, I don’t understand how the claim can be made that the video of her reaction to her daughter being found is indicative of her guilt. I would have reacted the same way if there were ANY possibility of it being my kid. If my kid were missing, the horrible thoughts would be swirling around in my head for sure. SHOULD a parent stay calm and unemotional when seeing something like that on t.v. when their own child were missing? That being said, considering all the other evidence against her that has come out since, I guess it would make sense.

    Also is the question of why this particular case is so unique as to warrant this much publicity? Hundereds of cases exist of parents killing their kids. What is so unusual about this? And I do think the publicity has affected her chances of a fair trial. Everyone has already read most the articles and opinion pieces about it, so that sequestering a jury would at this time be pointless.

    Bottom line: Justice for Caylee.

  9. dawn says:

    Baez is definitely a train wreck. I think he is trying to convict her without making it look like he is trying to convict her.

    What are the possibilities of an under the table thing where her attorney is “bought off” by another party who is hostile to the caseys?

    Does he seem like the kind of guy who would turn into a traitor on a bribe?

  10. dawn says:

    I say we take bets on what casey’s reaction will be when she hears the words, “guilty”. I AM curious.

  11. chica says:

    hi chelsea good to see you
    where and do you have the link to this?
    the comment below you made.
    you said:
    Blink, whilst re visiting some old interviews between FBI and GA he (George) says (pp) that he and Cindy went to JB’s for dinner and he (George) wasn’t happy about it

  12. chica says:

    you said:
    And I do think the publicity has affected her chances of a fair trial. Everyone has already read most the articles and opinion pieces about it, so that sequestering a jury would at this time be pointless.

    I say that bozo and the anthonys are to blame for all the media frenzy since he loves to see his face on t.v he just kept putting himself out there along with the anthonys. Thats what made it somewhat different. He wanted to be known as the first hispanic to try a case of this magnitude. He made he magnitude happen! man made earthquake! avalnche of drama.

  13. chica says:

    nobody discussing the last nearing?

  14. chica says:

    nevermind sweet blink
    I had a burst of dementia not to worry I found my post elsewhere!! lol It wasnt in pergatory!!

  15. Mom3.0 says:

    Mom3.0 says:
    March 29, 2011 at 1:56 pm

    I just wanted to add to this post that besides the big trouble shirt there are also pics of Caylee with her pooh blanket at Ricardos- I had forgotten about this fact. So unless George and Cindy and Lee have new recollections at trial- (like Cindy did at the Frye hearing IRT dryer sheets)Then we have the only known pics of Caylee in the Big trouble shirt (shirt none of the Anthonys recognized) and we have Caylee’s pooh blanket being at Ricardos also….

    In Cindy’s depo she says (pp)she kept all the extra blankets in an extra bottom drawer of the spare room dresser…and that she didnt realize that the pooh blanket was gone until she specifically went looking for it..IIRC Cindy said she hadn’t seen it for several months… the pics of Caylee at Ricardos I believe were from as early as March…

    Just something I thought I should bring to the forefront and “fix” in previous post..

  16. A Texas Grandfather says:

    Thank you Ragdoll for the link to the hinky meter piece. I love good humor and this certainly has it. What a read!

  17. [...] than he really was when it came to The Body Farm? Rodriguez is looking to discredit the work of Dr. Arped Vass and call it junk science. However, if one wishes to discredit another, they might want to first [...]

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