Casey Anthony Trial: JOJO Comes To Court- A Zero To Hero Moment For George Anthony (Podcast Added)

Orlando, FL-  I know I should really write in chronological order for y’all that are just reading the days events.     I just can’t.

In the first day of the trial of the State of Florida v. Casey Anthony I went through  a “Steel Magnolias” equivalent of tissues the first half, and proceeded to sharpen our Henkels in the afternoon for reasons I cannot explain.

Linda Drane Burdick, in her smart and gas-can-red suit, riveted the jurors, the public, and even the defendant, Casey Anthony.

Ms. Anthony shook her head no at all the places she does not want you to look.  Ms. Anthony cried on cue.

Very upsetting this business of your daughter’s skull in a bog where you left it, with the intention of never seeing it again, and all the nastiness that comes with such an imposition.

In a most level and calculated fashion,  Burdick took us through the timeline with resolve.  While none of us ever really wanted to get to the “end”, we did, and she is right, there is no other that had access to the evidence in this case.

Asking this jury to find a verdict of guilty is going to be like asking who wants ice cream on the way back home.

Enter famed Mayberry Attorney Barney Fife,  I mean self-proclaimed  “Juanie Cochran”  , Jose Baez after lunch with his clients proclamation that Caylee Marie Anthony died on June 16, 2008 while both Casey and George were present, by an accidental drowning in the above-ground swimming pool.

That was just the start of the delusion for public consumption.  If you did not raise your glass and look at the bottom in the light, you were not paying close enough attention.  Am I really hearing this?  Is there something in my water?

Kronk was kronked again, and accused of hiding Caylee’s remains from some unknown place, but ending up in the Suburban junkmess; and motivation for a reward as opposed to relieving himself was the reason he came upon her tiny skull.

Through her attorney, Casey Anthony did exactly what I have said she would do.  She blamed George for not reporting Caylee’s death and Cindy for leaving the ladder up to the pool , and wept while Baez told us all that Casey was sexually abused from the age of 8.

Masterfully and Mercifully,  Jeff Ashton laid down the hammer in response.  George Anthony was called as the States first witness.

We held our breath.  Could George  really lay down in his own chalk outline for the kid who just called him a perv, a pedophile?


JoJo took the stand, and I liked him again.  I believed, as I always have, that he loves and misses his cherub Caylee more than he loves fake dignity as doled out to him by his wife and daughter, and he did right by her.


Putting George Anthony on the stand first was artful, and I presume the reason the defense wanted an “order” for how the state was going to call it’s witnesses.   Mission failed.

George stated he never inappropriately touched Casey, or had been in an inappropriate sexual act in front of her.  What a disgusting tactic by his daughter and I apologize to those victims who are actual victims of such atrocity to have to hear it.

(Editors Note: You can be a hack and review George’s online activity and know his “proclivities” have nothing to do with children whatsoever.)

Jeff Ashton had about a gazillion sustained objections and an instruction to the jury about the appropriateness for attorneys to meet with a witness in advance.

Jose Baez asked a slew of questions that were ambiguous and unclear and frankly catapulted my headache.

Baez got the hook, and Mr. Anthony was excused subject to recall.

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  1. John says:

    To ad a bit to the above comment, I thing George and Cindy are at least guilty of something. If totally innocent with regards to the charges, then they MUST have seen all kinds of signs pointing to their own daughters dysfuntion, and denied her the help she needed.
    (even refused to admit there could be anything wrong with their perfect (10) daughter. NOTE Cindy is very careful to have hair just so as she cries on the witness stand, and has carefully selected her rings for the occassion of covering her tear stained face!
    (remember when she was concerned about the “jewellry” she would pick for the memorial?

  2. John says:

    BTW, my daughter does not live with me and I KNOW who her friends are, if she has a babysitter, I know who it is, and have met her, and if she told me Zanny was babysitting, I would know who she was! I do not believe Cindy!

  3. BoredofTrialAlready says:

    John..IF Casey was molested, she would have moved out of her house when a teen, would not have left her own child with her father or brother, would have told SOMEONE , sometime, somewhere yearsssssssss ago about it. A dr. of hers, a friend, a teacher, etc. Tony Lazaro knocked her claim right our of park saying she mentioned “hitting” not sexual abuse.
    She CLAIMED this alleged abuse came about in her jailhouse letters (written years after her arrest while the defense was trying to come up with a defense) and it happending during her teen years..yeah right. When she is old enough to defend herself.
    I am sorry Dr. Drew maybe needs to get off tv. Lately he has been summizing so much rubbish. The ONLY theory I agree with him about is that she is most likely a sociopath and that you ARE born with, it is caused by a genetic malfunction of the brain.

    I think we want to be careful about saying what a victim of incestual sex abuse would or would not do.

    Let’s agree that as far as Casey is concerned, there is no evidence I am aware of to indicate her statements made through her attorney are true. This girl is just in a different room, with different people, spinning a tale, like we heard this morning in the Universal tape.

  4. eileen evans says:

    personally, i think kc had to silence little caylee. she was getting to the age where she could talk and tell on mommy. what was kc going to do now? how would she continue to lie about a nanny and what was being done to caylee when caylee could tell the truth. everyone knows how little kids will just start telling you about something without being asked. this is such a sad story…..

  5. C thomas says:

    Hey! How about we let the system (that we are suppose to believe in-if not what are we doing?) run its course and see who is guilty and who is innocent. Your commentry with cute photo shopped pictures belies your adolecent nature. No one knows what happen except those that know.

    How about we do, we are, and part of that “system” allows us to discuss it freely.

    Yes, guilty as charged, I am have been called a juvenile more than once, lol.

  6. Remie says:

    It has taken a while for Baez to establish himself as a defense lawyer. Despite graduating from law school in 1997, the Navy veteran was denied admission to the Florida bar for eight years until 2005.
    An order by the Supreme Court of Florida states that he was denied admission because of his failure to pay child support to his ex-wife and secure life and health insurance for his teenage daughter. It states that he had previously declared bankruptcy, written bad checks and defaulted on student loans, the court said.
    The Florida Supreme Court said his financial mishaps coupled with failure to pay child support “show a lack of respect for the rights of others and a total lack of respect for the legal system, which is absolutely inconsistent with the character and fitness qualities required of those seeking to be afforded the highest position of trust and confidence recognized by our system of law.”
    Baez declined several requests by ABC News to comment on this story.

  7. Howard Miller says:

    You do not have to be a perfect parent to raise a healthy child. “To do good or to do no harm” is part of the Hippocratic Oath, and a good basis for parenting.

  8. Nancy says:

    True, Casey’s deck of cards was collapsing, the stealing was catching up with her, the child was getting older and being more of a threat in that she could talk, it was all catching up with Mommie Dearest

  9. Earl says:

    Cindy and George do not take blame for what your daughter Casey
    has been accused of, so she can go free, i think it is so wrong of
    Casey to let her parents and her brother take the blame for
    what has happened! Enough with the lies people!! Caylee needs justice,
    and Casey needs to stop letting her parents be beat up in the court
    system, so she can be free, what about the parents, maybe they want
    to be free too, free of all the torment they have been through, all
    because they love their children!! I guess a parents love is a selfish
    love, no matter what they do, the parents will just pat them on the
    back and say, its okay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. rou says:

    I, too had a child that accidentally drowned. He was approximately the same age as Caylee.
    I can honestly say it was absolutely the worst time in my life. It took me years before I felt like I was going to make it. I suffered a gamut of feelings…guilt, self-hate, topped by a broken (empty) heart. There is not a day that goes by, that I don’t think of him…miss him. Such an empty, empty feeling. Casey appears to
    be void of such feelings if, in fact, her daughter drowned. Who in their right mind wouldn’t call 911? Who in their right mind would take her tiny body and dump it in the woods? Her grandfather would do that?

    I certainly was not dancing the night away, nor was I lying about his whereabouts. I grieved for him.

    If in fact her dad and brother molested her…why would she ever leave Caylee with them?

    This whole story does not make sense. I can’t find anything credible with the entire story.

    I am very sorry for your loss, I appreciate you weighing in.


  11. Belvin Parry says:

    Would someone ask Ashston and Burdick how much more help do they need, they already have the Judge helping them or so it seems. Please just do your jobs and get this trial over with and let Caylee rest in peace. I hate to say it but I think the state has failed miserably on murder 1 no matter which way or how many times you mix and match the charges.This is another Darden and Clark vs. O.J.Simpson. The state has the burden to prove it and you two are no where close, sad to say but true. You two better hope the jury is on your side with the Lords blessings because you two have failed.


  12. TessTyFy says:

    You lost me at hello… and then again of course the misleading non-factual information, along with the clear bias in the dunce cap, devil horns and halo over George’s head.

    Considering this a crime blog, one would think you would give actual facts rather than bias opinions. There are many facts that lead to George’s lies, you were close to one of those lies in your assessment that it was in fact George’s computer searches for chloroform in that on one of Georges porn sites, is a site that contains a graphic description in how to knock out your partner with chloroform during a sex act… but other than that… your writing on this story has been mostly opinion, and inaccurate opinion. Baez knocked the prosecution’s FABRICATED THEORY clean out of the water. The jury judged as best they could without evidence of murder. So, while you persistently gloat in your bias of knowing so much… please tell us who should really be wearing that dunce cap, Mr. Ashton or you? Or maybe we can just all see, that it should be the both of you.

    I have covered this case for 3 years with hundreds of articles. I invite you to read more than one.

    You are absolutely correct that I interject my opinions in my work on occasion, especially in cases I am personally involved with, and also write on. Kinda the deal of being a true crime author and investigative journalist hybrid. Biased occasionally, guilty as charged.

    An example of same, to your point, wrt to searches and my OPINION about whose they were and what was contained therein.

    Baez, from a defense perspective, managed to do some things right. With a turnstyle of 11 lawyers all smarter and better lawyers than him wanted a seat in the clown car, that was bound to happen.

    BY the way, there was evidence of a homicide, as in, the manner of death certification by Dr. G.

    This jury did not understand their charge, and the application of law to the process, period.

    My vote for the dunce caps, respectfully hands out 12.

    Gloating? What the hell do I have to gloat about when the outcome to date is what it is?

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