Casey/Caylee Anthony Murder Trial: Closing Arguments Bring New Confessions By Jose Baez And New Smirks By Jeff Ashton

Assistant State’s Attorney Jeff Ashton began the closing arguments with such scalpular precision my mind wandered briefly where I actually pictured him scrubbing in, just before entering court. In approximately 77 minutes,  with 2 overruled objection by Jose Baez, Ashton tied up the one thing he is NOT required to present to the jury,  Casey’s motive for murdering her toddler, setting the tone for his closing that presented more like an excerpt from a Grisham flick.  I say let him play himself.

“..It’s easy to be a parent, sometimes.. It’s easy to be a parent, when your playing with your child, or when your enjoying your child, children are fun… But we all know that being a parent is much more than just playing with your children.. Being a parent is about sacrifice.. Your child becomes your life. This case is about the clash between that responsibility and the expectations that go with it, and the life that Casey Anthony wanted to have… “

Ashton went through the time line of 31 days including details from the elaborate lies Casey Anthony told to avoid detection from her Mother Cindy, her imaginary friend finder chip located in the unallocated sectors of her mind where her conscious should have been, and the fact there is only one reason to duct tape a small child: MURDER.  Ashton reminded jurors that the defense theory is asking them to head down rabbitholes that defy reasonable thought.  It makes one wonder if that was not exactly the source of inspiration behind Jose Baez Dr. Huntington pigs sans blankets experiment. 

Cheshire Cat: By-the-bye, what became of the baby? I’d nearly forgotten to ask.

Alice: It turned into a pig.

The Cat: I thought it would.

 Jose was spotted given jurors a parting gift over lunch, which was intercepted by deputies.

Baez drink me


Doom and Gloom Loom for Camp Casey

 On what is likely to be her day of reckoning, Ms. Anthony was less than thrilled to learn that 2 of the bullseye on her defense’s dart board were permanently removed, I reckon. George and Lee Anthony, the crux of the defense’s failed attempts to blame Casey Anthony’s selective post traumatic stress disorder, will not be allowed to be maligned further based on her allegations of sexual abuse.

As expected, Jose Baez began his closing arguments reminding jurors the defense is not required to “defend” at all.  In short, his comments were structured around the trash being altered because it was allowed to dry, and that the state allowed jurors to pass around the velveeta pouch so they could help figure out “Who cut the cheese.”  You read that correctly, he actually said that.

Baez Wyle e


He also went on to express his concerns that the State painted his client as a slut, and by doing so, invoking their emotions which will be used to find her guilty, as opposed to actual evidence.

In what I will call flub #3 in less than 40 minutes, Jose Baez inadvertently tells jurors that Casey Anthony’s trunk for the usage ot transportation is not murder. HEH?  I thought the defense was quite adamant the junk in the trunk is what stunk.  I guess that’s now bunk, whoda’ thunk? 

Jose Baez is currently continuing his contribution to the defense’s, and Cheney Mason is on as anchor to complete the allotted 4 hours. 

Linda Drane Burdick has had 3 sustained objections and granted one move to strike already.  I lost that bet dangit.

Flub #4 flies in, while I am editing.  This lawyer just actually admitted Casey searched for chloroform based on Ricardo Morales’s image on his computer.  OMG. 

..” It should be natural for her to want to know what chloroform was if her boyfriend had the image on his myspace…”  Jose Baez

Assistant State Attorney Linda Drane Burdick will complete the State’s rebuttal closing argument.


 On an unrelated note, the jury has selected their preference for the order of question during the press conference scheduled following a verdict.  It is as follows:

1.  CNN 2.  WFTV 3.  St. Pete Times 4.  Reuters 5.  People 6.  HLN 7.  WDBO 8.  NBC 9.  MSNBC 10.WTSP 11.FOX 12.Orlando Magazine 13.Florida Sun 14.WKMG 15.Dateline 16.WTMY 17.Chathouse 18.CFN 13 19.WOFL 20.Tampa Tribune 21.In Session 22.Orlando Sentinel 23.Univision 24.AP 25.Discovery 26.ABC 27.EFE 28.CBS 29.WESH


If that is not a window to this jury, I don’t know what is.

To Be Continued, Active Blogroll on this thread through today’s session. On the day that Governor Scott signed his first death warrant for Manuel Valle, convicted of killing a Coral Gables police officer a few counties away, I would not hold out any hope that Ann Finnell’s motion for mistrial based on Federal Court’s ruling striking the death penalty in Florida, will be granted. Report Filed 3PM EST

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  1. justice23 says:

    Ragdoll says:
    July 5, 2011 at 5:48 pm

    @ justice23 says:

    July 5, 2011 at 2:17 pm

    Absolutely beautiful, my friend.


    Thank you, ragdoll … that truly means a lot to me.

    I am amazed at how emotional my writing gets when I truly get pissed off. I have been depressed all day and I still am not over it.

    Back at you too ragdoll for everything you have done here for Caylee and all of us in helping to keep our sanity throughout this most emotionally grueling ordeal over the last 3 yrs. God Bless You, my friend.

  2. Mom3.0 says:

    Oh Blink- no you did nothing wrong my friend.
    I must have misunderstood your response as to my saying What more can be said…

    Blink, I am not sure why you think you must ask for forgiveness.

    You heard little Caylee calling into the night, and you answered her cries.

    Those cries set you on a new path, one that led you to other victims and their families crying for help.

    Your work is not in vain Blink- you give the world a place to come and share our hopes of helping victims.

    You give a voice to those who have been silenced.

    You did not fail Caylee, Blink- it was never your place to be her savior.

    She asked only not to be forgotten. She asked only for the truth to be known, for her voice to be heard. Even through the cacophony of her mothers lies, and her family’s subterfuge and denial, she cried out to be heard, and you heard her, Blink -and you gave her a safehaven to “speak”- and to be heard by so many others.

    Caylee’s voice can be heard loud and clear here on BOC- The truth is here on BOC- She will never be forgotten Blink, and she is so much more than a victim of her mother- or a not guilty verdict.

    She is the face of every other victim, she is the voice of every little one lost and then found, she is the call to advocacy- that we all must hear and answer.

    No Blink you did not fail. You’ve only just begun – Dont give up-

    Caylee’s voice and others like her, still cry out- and must not be silenced-

    Verdict or no verdict Blink- you have work to do that is so appreciated, and needed.

    Recharge your batteries Blink- I will be here.
    But please never doubt that you make a difference, please never think that you failed. You were steadfast in your advocacy for little Caylee.

    You must be here and be just as steadfast for the next Caylee Anthony-

    Your work is not in vain.


    Humbled and heartfelt, I thank you.

    I in no way wish to make this about me, and I beg readers not to think that, or address it, we are the sum of our parts.

    I am working on my “weeble” status. You know.

    Heart u


  3. justice23 says:

    noJustice says:
    July 5, 2011 at 4:48 pm

    Fox was just showing Cindy giving a tour of Casey’s room, for when she comes home. Sick!! I’m so sick these people walk our earth.


    That’s actually funny. Somewhere up-thread someone posted that Cheney classless Mason gave a statement earlier to media that they didn’t know where Casey might go if she is released on Thursday but that she definitely wouldn’t be going back to her parent’s home. Interesting that Cindy might actually seem to believe that. I have no idea where she’ll go, but now that I think about it, who would ever want her?

  4. Lisa Rowand says:

    All I would like to say is that I or no one else can speak for the jury. The elected twelve all were in agreeance for what ever reasons that I can, but will not speculate. I feel the learning lesson here is that the State of Florida failed to incorperate all possible charges against Casey. If the medical examiner can not determine cause of death then how can a jury. I feel as though if a lesser charge of neglegance or child abuse was offered then maybe the jury would have taken it. The state should have went after Casey with abuse of a corpse since she did admit to Caylee drowning in the pool. I personally feel that this late confession should have been an opportunity for the State to issue additional charges so that Casey would have atleast been charged with her not so vivid connection to the death of Caylee. Casey was responsible for Caylee. Now there is absolutely no neglegance or abuse of a corspe charge at all! I hope the State of Florida, and other states learn to place all possible charges for a jury to have more opportunity to convict a guilty person, especially when some issues of the case are circumstantial. I realize to though that the public also needs to know that the prosecutors are not always going to have CSI evidense. I feel the all aspects in a homicide case need to be considered. I also feel that silly behavior in a court room would be helpfull if it were excluded!

  5. AmyS says:

    All I can say is that I hope the attention that this case and verdict have brought will make CA the most reviled person on the earth… for a social butterfly/party animal/attention whore like her to be shunned will be torture for her. I hope all these people who started following this case with the trial will read the discovery available and research this case thoroughly and read here, I hope as many people as possible research this case and understand the true miscarriage of justice that has taken place.

    The more people who truly feel the justice system failed little Caylee, the more people who are less likely to buy a CA book or watch a movie that was made because CA sold the rights to her story. Blink, shout from the roof tops, disseminate your knowledge on this case, share with us what you know, get it out there, people are researching this case, rightly or not, because of this shocking verdict.

    When Casey walks out free no doubt she will be on facebook and other social media and she needs to know WE KNOW the truth and collectively America wants NOTHING to do with her. She will NOT be able to go to a bar, she will NOT participate in a hot body contest, Blockbuster will lock the doors to her, she will be a pariah. She will lose the one thing that was so important to her– her social life! Even the porn company withdrew their offer to her not only because they researched the case a little more but because the backlash was SO great against this. We need to share and continue the wave of backlash and create our own Karma! America will unite behind Caylee against the Anthony family… In jail she was just Casey Anthony- Tot Mom; Free she now public enemy number one.

    I have to believe that, if not because of the power of that sweet angel’s face, but to preserve my own sanity in face of this utterly devastating verdict.

  6. StarM says:

    Blink did baez Really buy gifts? Before or after trial?

  7. Mary says:

    I just read on another blog that Killer Tot Mom will be wearing a BURKA until she finds a “safe place” to stay.

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