Casey Anthony On Trial: Caylee’s Voice Heard, Finally.. Opening Arguments Commence

Orlando, FL-  Exactly three years to the day that Casey Anthony met her former boyfriend- turned- informant Anthony Lazzarro, and whom many observers believe was the reason Casey Anthony allegedly murdered her daughter Caylee Marie Anthony, the trial of the State of Florida v Casey Anthony begins.

Ironically, it is also the 3rd anniversary of the day a woman accused by Casey, as Zanny the Nanny, Zenaida Gonzalez, got traffic tickets within hours of Casey’s best friend Annie Downing, brought to you courtesy of

Talk about a prophetic date.  Instead of a Rapture it is more like a Rupture.

The road to perdition has never been accompanied by lip service to an ideal.

Albert Einstein

Someone  is not telling their client that Florida has gotten pretty bullish on sentencing it’s young murderesses to death.

Tiffany Ann Cole, Margaret Allen, and Emilia Carr all have an impending date with a needle, and the ladies of lechery  have been sentenced in the last 4 years.

In fact, the second most recent female resident on Florida’s death row, Emilia Carr,  accused her Dad of sexual abuse, AND he was convicted of plotting to kill HER  years later as a result;  the jury gave little weight to either issue.

If Casey Anthony is convicted, and especially if she is sentenced to die by lethal injection, Emilia will be Casey’s new *muffin*.. flush.

I would like to point out that none of these murders were that of a helpless 34 month old at the hands of her own Mother, which in many Floridians minds, is the worst of the worst.

Twelve Jurors, seven women and five men, unless one of 5 alternates is needed, will decide the fate of Casey Anthony.

Depicted affectionately below as monkeys, in dedication to our sister site and forum, but most importantly, to the families living without them so they may serve  justice on behalf of Caylee Anthony, salutes you today.

Opening arguments begin at 9AM.   Without question, outside of deliberation, this is the most important day of this trial.

Blink, along with Diane Dimond,  will be discussing the first day’s events on The Dana Pretzer Show, Scared Monkeys Radio at 9PM EST.

Live link will be posted here one hour before the show.

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  1. GraceintheHills says:

    49.Ross says:
    May 25, 2011 at 9:24 pm
    Exactly what type of evidence would you expect a girl from 8 to 13 years of age to have of sexual abuse that happened 12 to 25 years ago?

    “This girl has not told the truth to anyone or any person, and there is absolutely no evidence to support such a claim. -Blink”

    Ross, I have worked with many sexually abused women in the past. Before sexually abused girls grow up and become mom’s themselves, it may take years, even decades, before these victims confide in others the abuse they have suffered, if they confide at all. HOWEVER, once these girls grow up and become mothers to young daughters they will usually go to incredible lengths to ensure their daughters are never left alone with their perpetrators. In Casey’s case, I have heard that she let Cindy and/or George babysit Caylee quite often. This makes no sense to me at all. As a victim of sexual abuse, her instincts would have been to protect Caylee.

    In addition, the testimony today from one of Casey’s former boyfriends said that when Casey and Caylee came to his apartment, all three slept in the same bed. I have a very hard time believing that a woman who had been sexually abused by her father would allow her young daughter to sleep in the same bed with a boyfriend. Women who have been abused throughout their childhoods ‘generalize’ their fears of abuse to all men, especially when it comes to protecting their baby daughters from being victimized. So…when I hear that Casey is repeatedly allowing Caylee to stay with George and Cindy, and allowing Caylee to sleep in Casey’s ex-boyfriend’s bed, I find it hard to belief Casey is a sex abuse survivor. Frankly, IMHO, she lied about her history of sexual abuse.

  2. Bj says:

    IMO – Casey is a sociopath. This makes me wonder if, in fact, she was a victim of sexual abuse, would she not be concerned for Caylee’s well being, no matter what the circumstance. Either way, I still believe she is responsible for the death of Caylee and should spend the rest of her life in prison.

  3. Minnie Penney says:

    OK – here’s my funny of the day. One of the CNN in the court room talking heads called Baez’s lawyering a done deal for the death penalty for Casey. Viva Jose ! ! ! ! !

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