Casey Anthony Trial: The State Discovers The Elusive 17th Allele- BOMBSHELL Discovery Of The Deuchebag Chromosome, Belongs To Bereaved Gram Cindy Anthony (UPDATED)

Orlando, FL– I swear on my Blinkette’s, at no time, did I ever picture the word that rhymes with “euchebag” if you add a D, would appear in a title on my site. Today’s testimony by Academy Of Parental Enablers Resulting in Toddler Death President (AOPERTDP),  Cindy Anthony , took the strand. I said strand on purpose. I am convinced the elusive 17th allele comes from her. I daydream she left it on the shovel by attempting to dig herself a hole following the conclusion of her filicidic daughter’s trial.


Cindy Orl sent June 23

No such luck. This former Gentiva Supervisor, Licensed by the state of Florida as a registered nurse, now thinks she may have  been home on the days of March 17th and March 21st and her former employer, required her and other salaried employees to falsify their timecards in an agency subject to HIPAA regulations. 

Cindy Timecard

Mrs. Anthony, although it would mean she came home for less than 30 minutes on both days, if she indeed returned to work, brought her own smell of decomposition.  Decomposition of her loyalty to the legacy of her 34 month old grandbaby, Caylee Marie. By the time of this publication, I have requested comment from John Camperlengo, Gentiva Chief Compliance Officer, and will post upon reply.

UPDATE: The Following Is the Reply I received from Senior Vice President, Chief Compliance Officer and General Counsel to Gentiva, John Camperlengo, published with permission.

Thanks for your note.  As a matter of policy, Gentiva does not comment on matters being litigated before the courts. What we can tell you is Gentiva complies with all relevant Federal and State regulations, rules and guidelines concerning patient and staff records. And we cooperate fully with responsible authorities when requested to aid them in research in investigations. Best Regards, John

O and Cindy, thanks for bringing up your concerns about the dogs eating bamboo leaves. Further computer forensic scrutiny shows that the dogs were PRECLUDED from being in the backyard as a result. Which, Casey knew, and certainly strongly assissted in avoiding detection of her granddaughter’s remains in her playhouse for days. Not to creepy, not to soul-less, right? Did the Baez/Rosebud braintrust consider they gave the jury exactly what they needed to explain Casey Anthony’s alternative universe and fancy for pathological lying? Apples and Trees, as we say in Jersey. God Rest this child in your loving care, which begining June 16th, is the only loving care that has mattered.

 (Editor’s Note: I apologize in advance for offending any readers with my editorial,  I am a victim’s avocate before a journalist anyday.)

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  1. annals says:

    Another interesting little video capture from WKMG ClickOrlando; Anthony’s Demeanor Change:

  2. Starsky says:

    Blink,… Weigh in sister!

  3. raceyrin says:


    After comparing photos over and over , my problem comes from spatial differences that do not make sense to me. In the shot Looking across the room ,the space from the door frame to the edge of the piece of furniture seems substantially narrower when Caylee is at the door than when she is not.Again in the shot looking across the room, the outdoor furniture in the screen room appears larger and closer to the sliding door and in the close up of Caylee it appears smaller and farther away,it defies logic. The handle curves appear the same to me. All just MO of course.

  4. nana2 says:

    This was the only bamboo plant that I could find listed as poisonous to animals. If Cindy loved her pets as much as she claims she would have known not to plant them or anything with red berries for that matter..

    From the ASPCA website..

  5. A Texas Grandfather says:

    We all know that the truth is not a part of either Cindy’s or Casey’s way of life. They both live in fantasy land.

    Caylee was small because her mother was small and without any knowledge of who the father could be, we have nothing to compare.

    Is the story about premature birth by a month true? I would not trust anything that came out of Cindy’s mouth without independent evidence confirming the statement.

    I don’t see what the purpose of the early birth of Caylee has anything to do with the reason for Casey’s behavior. This is just another “red herring” of the defense team and all it does is eat up court time.

    If I were a citizen of Florida, I would be more than just a little angry about the unnecessary costs the defense team is causing. They have demonstrated conclusivly that they don’t care what they are doing to trash the justice system, just as long as they can get paid.

  6. nana2 says:

    From the ClickOrlando site on Casey’s demeanor change towards her attorneys on Friday . She was angry.

  7. Rose says:

    Traveling, with hotel TV access, I’ve caught my first trial bits. Tonight so far (N Grace) is on 4th 6/22 witness rehash. Casey’s eyes are half mast or worse for defense questioning, but totally alert when prosecution comes on. Prior, saw a bit of Geraldo–a self absorbed doofus, imo. Seems to me this trial would totally draw a regular TV viewer in
    with little background, my guess is if prosecution gets sucked into impeaching CA with Gentiva employment records, CA’s statement will be corroborated by a coworker testifying from time to time she left work though on the clock, and this date could be consistent with her overall behavior on other occasions.
    Also, imo CA would have known her young adult had no nanny. You know your child. Also, imo a grandmother, feeling bad & guilty, would put a sticker on the duct tape; Casey hadn’t got that in her. I think their relationship so psychotic, they could have co-commited this crime. Perhaps prosecutor didn’t “see” that because so wanted to use CA as a witness. Perhaps one or both of them were jealous of Caylee’s relationship with the other.

  8. WPG says:

    Just went to SM site to read the last page and this video link that a poster there provided has literally got me shaking inside at witnessing, IMO, the PURE EVIL that is the accused.

  9. WPG says:

    Don’t know if this monster was lashing out at CM or LDB . . .
    Blink, this is completely freaking me out.

  10. WPG says:

    She’s got her hand over and past the top of the monitor on the table, pointing and directing while she’s raging.

    IDK . . . take all sharp objects out of her reach cause next time she may be lunging . . .

    Hope JP is shown this maniac’s clear loss of control.

  11. kiwibird says:

    @ nana2 – because again it is not something you want them to do or are encouraging them to do – Blink’s comment about it being a video sill makes sense as to me it’s the kind of thing you might see on Americas Funniest Home Videos where the child is not aware they are being filmed as they should not be doing something – I can’t imagine someone saying good for you that you can open the door now – it’s just IMHO not something that would/should be encouraged as it is indeed a safety issue

  12. jane says:

    OMG Watch this video of KC It is scary

    Blink did you see this

    I have, thanks to all of you who posted this. Seems pretty clear to me we have some attorney acrimony.
    Working on this am post now. I wish I had better news.

  13. jane says:

    Here it is in slow motion
    Yikes she is REALLY SCARY

    How that’s girl’s demeanor changes on a dime is chilling.

  14. nana2 says:

    Blink don’t know if this Saturday vid update was posted from ClickOrlando

  15. jane says:

    Blink what do you mean “wish I had better news”

  16. Columbiares (Pam) says:

    Well, if I were guess- I’d say based on past behavior then Cindy must have varied from a script that Casey had written for her. We’ve all seen that jail house video before. The only time I’ve seen Casey put on that face is her hatred/frustration for her mom. I don’t think Casey was crying on Saturday because she was sad, she was crying because she can’t control some situation. My guess- and yep, I’m usually wrong…is witness tampering by the defense.

  17. mosaic says:

    She is hiding her true colors from Baez. Why? Is she angry at HIM?

  18. Sammy says:

    Blink says @ June 27, 2011 at 6:34 am

    I have, thanks to all of you who posted this. Seems pretty clear to me we have some attorney acrimony.
    Working on this am post now. I wish I had better news.

    Aww man.
    I hope the attorney acrimony does not necessitate a mistrial.

    If Mason choses to leave – can’t Anne Finnell count as the defense teams “death penalty qualified attorney”?

    Or … is it that the acrimony is over something Baez has done – that is so grievous that a mistrial is the only option available to HHJP?
    (wild guesses … perhaps Baez knowingly instructed his witness(es) to LIE under oath, or entered evidence into trial that he knew was false??)

    I hate to even think about a mistrial.
    A re-do would drag justice for Caylee out until the year 2015.
    I don’t think I could bear to hear the name Casey Anthony in the news for years to come.

    Praying this is something that Judge Perry can resolve.
    That the trial is almost over — LWOP for Casey and she fades onto page 14B of the papers with her occasional appeals.
    And that instead of Telemundo deal – Baez faces disbarment.

  19. mayhem says:

    A Texas Grandfather (6/26@11:07pm) — Well said!

    Jane — OMG
    That video IS creepy. I must admit her demeanor change on the jail tape when she balled up her fists never did much for me. George and Cindy were cutting her off left and right everytime she tried to speak lol.

    But this litty ditty is really telling. Her lips disappear — you see nothing but gnashing teeth.

    Dang Casey You Scary!

  20. Liam says:

    The girl is staring at the death penalty for a crime she says she did not committ, If she shows a little frustration now and then it`s perfectly understandable considering her defence team and the circus surrounding it. She obviously has a temper but to call her a monster/maniac is a little extreme.

    What would be the consequence of Ms Anthony sacking one of her team during trial and can this be done?
    I have more than a feeling that she is unhappy with her representation and it wouldn`t surprise me if this was the reason behind the delay on Saturday.

    New thread y’all:


  21. nana2 says:

    Atty Ann Fennell in the courtroom area this morning according to ClickOrlando

  22. Morgan says:

    Temper, temper! Too bad the jury didn’t see that little outburst.

    WPG, watching it in slow motion, her rage seems to be directed at LDB, as she passes between Casey and Baez. Did you, or any one, notice the expression on Jose’s face prior to and after Casey’s venomous spewage (only because it rhymes with sewage)?

    Just prior to Casey’s outburst Baez appears to be smirking, which isn’t to say that he isn’t always, but this time as Casey starts this tirade Baez raises an eyebrow, just prior to turning his head to face her, and when he does face her, she becomes “sheepish”. It seems to me then that Baez maintains a great deal of authority over her, and that it wasn’t him she was so cross with but Burdick, which disturbs me. Unless Casey thought she then held the upper hand, would she have dared to scream at LDB? What transpired in that sudden conference, the transcript of which she and Simms were reading, would have so empowered Casey and caused that smirk on the face of Baez?

    I’d also like everyone’s thoughts on Lee’s last testimony because I honestly, if mistakenly, believe he was telling the truth, which may not have been what Casey or Cindy wanted him to do. I think it’s enough that Lee felt detached, neglected, excluded from the family and quite possibly throughout most of his childhood, once Casey came along and became the center of their universe, and he the nonexistent existence in the family. Over and over he said, I didn’t know. No one told me. I wasn’t included. I wasn’t invited. And he cried and cried.

  23. Riverpearl says:

    ===>NEW BLINK THREAD<===


  24. annals says:

    OK, then. Defendant is competant to proceed. This Judge is slammin.

    I cannot wait to read the motion and order for this evaluation.
    What an utter scam.


  25. Mom3.0 says:

    Thanks for your thoughts-

    I appreciate it it.

    I agree it could be as simple as a spacial issue in adddition to poor video quality from a still, or other.

    As for Blink saying she believes the pic is altered- that does not mean she thinks it was doctored. Altered could be as simple as the reasons above. Or darkened or lightened, such as the pic of OJ on Time magazine….

    Altered, Not necessarily meaning someone knowingly or willfully changed something.


  26. Fiona says:

    #21 Mom 3.0

    IMO the photo has been “doctored” Never meant to infer it was Blink’s or any other person’s opinion. A synonym for altered is doctored. IMO someone did knowingly and willfully changed the photo whether it was downloaded from a video or indeed it is a photo.

    I read through the posts and I am the only one who used the word doctored, therefore I needed to address this as I feel an incorrect assumption was made. If this is not the case then I apologize for being overly sensitive.

  27. Mom3.0 says:

    O Fiona- I did not mean to single you out- I did not even realize that you had used the word doctored.

    Truth is, I dont know if it was done intentionally or not- Truth is, it is quite easy – to inadvertently stretch a pic via paint or other-

    My point is Blink may have meant something totally different then doctored with malice…

    Whether it was altered/changed – just simply a lightening and darkening of the pic- would be in simplest form, “doctoring” it….
    heck even taking it from a video, could be considered altering it….

    Just so you know, I did not spend most of my time yesterday- painstakingly pinpointing various timestamps/pics for comparison because I didnt think something was “off” about this pic…in fact it is bothering me alot-

    I just dont know what is “off” about it, or if it was altered, that it was done intentionally, or with the hopes it would confuse the jurors or distort their perceptions IRT Caylee and the patio door.

    Honestly, if this is all the Defense has in way of proving their theory…a poor blurry pic that could show anyone, and a sequence of pics of baby Caylee getting in the pool WITH the help of her grandma, then it is not enough JMO

    Thanks for letting me know how you felt, Fiona. Again I did not mean to offend you. I apologize if I did.


  28. Fiona says:

    #23 Mom3.0 I appreciate your gracious response to my post. I so enjoy reading and learning from your analytical observations/posts. You are a wise thoughtful lady.
    Thank You

  29. Lori says:

    OK I’m about to post my phone number

    Someone call me when this old bugger stops sawing away on Kronk


  30. connie says:

    Justice23 and Mikki,

    I agree with you on Cheney Mason. The jack-leg needs to retire-wtf, even JA and LBD have had to help him. His fake southern drawl makes me want to HISS! This man was/is a SUPERLAWYER? I really have to wonder about the true state of Florida. Just kidding Floridians. You all send Casey Anthony to us and we will fry her-I will even turn off all my electricity-so Richmond will have plenty.

    I have to say, his drawl is not fake.


  31. Mom3.0 says:

    Thanks Fiona- I think you are great too-

    I was looking through some vids on Youtube and came across this one, that I hadnt seen before-

    It appears that little Caylee at her 2nd birthday party may have been wearing the shoes shown in the patio photo- or very similiar ones- if you look closely- the backs of them differ from what the photo depicts…


  32. Lee Ables says:

    Casey Anthony being found not quilty is another example of the dumming down of America. We have a population from our educational system that has trouble with reasoning beyond a 5 minute sound bite. The basic problem with our jurors is that they do not understand the premis of “reasonable” doubt and some doubt (which exist in any crime, even amoung two eyewitnesses). When the defense put the death of Caylee in the Anthony househould, most doubt was eliminated, as all other involvement was eliminated (Morales, Kronk, Zannie or any other 3rd parties). Had the cause of death been drowing, George would have ultimately admitted as such before letting his daughter being convicted. The logic of covering up the drowning due to being afraid of the wrath of Cindy lost credibility once Casey was serving 2 plus years in jail. What a miscarriage of justice.


  33. dena says:

    I feel—— Cheney Mason did a great job to point out and bring in the fact that Casey Anthony was never read her Miranda Rights. When she was cuffed at the house. This was a risk in opening the door to bring in her bad behavior but”"”"” on appeal on the four counts, it may work,being found guilty on these charges will no doubt even – if the courts finds- she did lie and cost the state lots of money- the fact that she was in mind under arrest at this time it will not be lost in her appeal when they over turn this on miranda.

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