Casey Anthony Trial: Roy Kronk Smacks Back Releasing Statement Through Attorney

Orlando, FL-  Unedited Statement On behalf of Roy Kronk, sent to for Immediate Release.

Yesterday the Casey Anthony defense team, in its opening statement, suggested that Roy Kronk was somehow involved in the placement and disposition of the remains of Caylee Anthony.   This defense theory regarding Mr. Kronk is completely false.  The suggestion that Mr. Kronk took possession of Caylee’s remains is totally lacking in logic or explanation.  It did not happen.

Roy Kronk is and remains a private citizen whose sole connection to the Anthony case is that he, among all those searching, located the remains of Caylee Anthony and immediately, and repeatedly, reported his find to local law enforcement.  He has provided sworn statements to law enforcement, a sworn deposition to the defense, and will provide sworn testimony at trial.  He has been truthful throughout.

In their unrelenting search to conjure up villains to deflect attention from Casey Anthony, the defense team has tried repeatedly to cast Roy Kronk in the role of bad guy, even to the extent of making statements about him on national television that they knew to be false.

As he has done from the outset, Mr. Kronk will hold his head high and continue to speak the truth about what he found and will trust in the judicial system to reach a just result in this case.

David L. Evans
Attorney for Roy Kronk

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  1. NancyS says:

    was just reading over at hinkys site? and read that George is being for the state right now but that he will switch when he is called as a defense witness? REALLY!? is this all a plan or just speculation.

  2. A Texas Grandfather says:

    Thanks Ross for the clarification about the rain. Are you saying that Orange County did not get enough water to flood the area where the body was found?

  3. susan2 says:

    Texas Grandfather, Yes, the area where Caylee’s body was found, was indeed flooded. It was caused by Tropical Storm Fay…..not a hurricane. If you remember, Tim Miller didn’t want to search there because the water was deep and he was afraid if he went in there with horses, 4 wheelers or even on foot, that her little bones might be buried further into the mud and muck and never be found. How right he was.

    TES got as close as 200 ft of her body on the first search, it was underwater.

  4. ross says:

    ATG, no I am not saying Orange County did not get enough rain to flood; I am just clarafying we did not have any hurricanes hit Florida in 2008. Tropical Storm Fay dumped a lot of rain on Brevard County, and subsequently Orange County.

    I do, however, expect the Defense to challenge the term “underwater”.

    In addition to saying TES was within 200 ft of Caylee, one can also say everyone that drove down Suburban Drive was with in 20 ft of the body.

  5. annals says:

    Ross & Tx Grandfather. Tropical Storm Fay’s intersection with this case is fascinating to me. I don’t live in FL but have been keeping an eye out for violent storms in FL for the past decade as my 2 daughters attended a shoreline college there and one resides there still.

    Fay set the record as being the only storm that made landfall in the same state (FL) 4 times. According to Absolute Astronomy:

    Later that day [Aug 18, 2008], while crossing central Florida, Fay unexpectedly strengthened over land to just under hurricane intensity with 70 mph (110 km/h) winds and a pressure of 986 mbar, which is a stronger intensity than Fay had ever obtained over open ocean. The storm developed an eye feature, and continued to hold its strength for the rest of the day. After many hours of land interaction, Fay began to weaken. Fay regained some strength, however, after leaving land at Melbourne, and heading northward over the warm Atlantic waters, only to be deflected westward as it encountered a high pressure. This resulted in another landfall at Flagler Beach in the afternoon of August 21. Fay then emerged into the northeastern Gulf of Mexico and made its fourth landfall on the morning of August 23 near Carrabelle. Fay narrowly missed making yet another landfall, the center staying barely onshore while passing Panama City. Fay then weakened to a depression later that day. For the next several days, Fay was a slow moving tropical depression. Fay started moving to the northeast over southern Mississippi, where it moved over Alabama and finally dissipated on August 27 over Georgia.

    Roy Kronk was calling the police on August 11-13. Tropical storm Fay’s rain started flooding the area less than a week later.

  6. curious says:

    I am glued to the trial and something just doesn’t sit right with me and I wanted to see what others thought. Kronk called the cops several times regarding the grey bag, right? Why?
    I’m thinking if you saw something suspicious like that when a child is missing, you would call the police. Then if you go back and the bag is still there, you would assume the police had checked it out and found it was nothing. Why would you call again? and again? It just seems very odd to me.

  7. Evad the Slayer says:

    Why, oh why, did it have to be a weird person like Kronk to discover the body? The prosecutions WORSE nightmare when he gets on the stand. Perhaps the ONLY hope of Jose Baez to throw the scent off Casey. Why could it have not been the search parties that found the remains? I shudder thinking of Kronk answering Baez grilling questions.

  8. Sunny_deej says:

    According to Kronk’s statements, he initially called the police, they did not investigate. He called again, and they sent someone to meet him. However, that officer, Deputy Cain, slipped and fell, was fearful of snakes, and refused to go further back into the area Mr. Kronk indicated. He belittled Mr. Kronk, so Mr. Kronk let it go until he was again assigned to the neighborhood on his work route. At that time, he again saw the bag, investigated and discovered the remains. Remember, in August, the rattlers were out and about. Kronk even encountered a dead rattlesnake when he was with co-workers. In December, there is less snake activity, the area was not wet or flooded, so it would have been safer and easier for Kronk to investigate himself. Deputy Cain eventually resigned before he could be fired because he lied to the investigators about what occurred on that first call. Cain’s lies are a benefit to the defense team (remember Mark Geragos in the OJ trial).

  9. A Texas Grandfather says:

    I have not read this thread for several days, so I am responding now.

    You perhaps would assume that the police checked out the site that Mr. Kronk had called in. He did not think the police had ever checked with good reason.

    The reason being that they had never contacted him regarding the resolution of the call. The officer that did respond to an earlier call refused to go into the area.

    We now know from measurements taken by Orange County forensics people testifying at trial that the distance from Suburban Drive to the edge of the mown right-of-way was 15 feet. The center of the area A where the majority of the remains were found is 19.8 feet.

    This is about three steps for a person the size of Casey carrying a bag that weighed perhaps 35 pounds.

    I support LE, but sometimes they do not follow up on reports. Mr. Kronk knew this so he kept calling. Personally, I would call until I got a response from LE. In fact, they would have me all over them in person if they didn’t respond in a reasonable time.

  10. Robert Hallam says:

    I’ve read all the transcripts that I could find on what Roy Kronk saw, and what he did following each of his discoveries. And I have one hell of a lot of questions.

    On August 11 he says this was his first time he was employed on that particular route, yet he says later in his testimoney that he knew it was a safe area to relieve himself. OK I can get around that one.

    Again On August 11 he describes the item he found suspicious to the 911 responder as being a white dome – and says “I’m not telling you its Caylee”. He later tells the police that he was fairly sure it was a skull – maybe a bag or bones. Remember the water levels at that time must have been down since Tropical Storm Fay had not yet arrived. Humm, a bag of bones and a white skull eh! OK maybe I can get around that one too.

    On August 12 he again reports his findings to have been white suspicious – round and white bag. And refers to not being able to remain anonamous to the 911 operator if he reports it to the Caylee Tip Line if you “Find a freakin body”. This in not the only strange thing Kronk had to say during these calls. There was also references to the reward money.

    On August 13 he meets with Officer Cain and tells him the item is in the same place as before but it was not as obvious or not as evident (words to that effect) as it had been earlier in the day or the day before because of the reduced light conditions. Cain sees nothing but he ends up being investigated and forced out of his job before he got fired. A gigantic screw up. When he is asked to respond to a call and he meets the caller at the actual location he should have made sure Kronk went down into the area with him and made sure he saw what Kronk was reporting. This whole thing was inexcusable.

    Then August 18 we have Tropical Storm Fay and numerous searches of the areaa. This is going to open a whole can of worms when it is revealed that the body was found only 19’8″ off the road, and about 10′ of that distance consisted of mowed grass.

    On December 11, Kronk reports his finding again. This time its a black plastic bag – a black object with a little white. He pokes at it with his meter reading wand and a skull falls out. In fact in one instance he said a skull rolled out. He lifts it a little to make sure its not a Halloween Mask but, indeed, that of a child’s skull. Note too that the skull falls out in an upright position (exactly right side up) with the jaw bone (mandible) sitting in exactly the right location with duct tape around the mouth.

    “This aint my first rodeo, Judge”.

    It’s my opionion that this all goes directly to reasonable doubt.

  11. curious says:

    Thanks Robert! This is kind of my point. It all seems just a little too desperate. Desperation for them to find the body (where he put it??). Just weird and after reading your comment, I am glad I’m not the only one.
    I also believe that the Dad is involved. I know this isn’t the consensus but I find it hard to believe Casey would throw her Dad, the only person (besides Cindy) still in her corner, under the bus without the allegations being true (sexual abuse, hiding the body).
    I don’t believe Caylee drowned though. I am more inclined to believe she drugged her and it was an accidental overdose. The Dad knew she would go to prison for a long time so he staged a missing persons case etc etc.

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