Caylee/Casey Anthony Case: Mock Trial On CBS- They Got The Mock Part Right- CBS Footing Bill For Richard Gabriel Defense Jury Consultant

Orlando, FL-

On Saturday evening, Central Broadcasting Service, the second major affiliate to pay  Anthony family members for “licensing”, $20,000  for the 48 hours segments, aired what was labeled as a pseudo mock trial with a pseudo mock jury.

CBS 48 Hours also  STATES THEY COMMISSIONED the focus group.  Are we clear on that?  CBS has outright admitted to contributing to the costs of the defense expenditures of Casey Anthony.  That is a source of income to this defendant, period.

It was not until one tuned into the program that we learn what was billed as a mock trial of sorts, whereby previews show jurors would acquit Casey Anthony based on the evidence to date, of 1st degree murder, that this is actually a "focus group" where the moderator, Richard Gabriel, President of Decision Analysis, actually works for the Anthony defense team.

Bio Excerpt:

Richard Gabriel: President

Photo Credit CBS 48 hours

Richard Gabriel is the President of Decision Analysis. Since 1985, Mr. Gabriel has been a leader in the field of jury research, jury selection, and litigation communication in nearly a thousand trials in both the civil and criminal arenas across the country.  Mr. Gabriel has assisted counsel in the O.J. Simpson, Heidi Fleiss, Phillip Spector, Enron Broadband, and Whitewater trials, and is currently working with attorneys in the Casey Anthony matter. Three cases he has participated in have resulted in United States Supreme Court rulings.

Judge Perry denied Jose Baez's request for payment to Richard Gabriel as a jury consultant to the defense.  In some fashion, we must assume he is paid.

I say that facetiously- this man is the Jack Welch of jury consulting and influence.  During the broadcast, host Troy Roberts discloses that CBS is footing the bill, as a thinly veiled disclosure of sorts.

Say what you want about Gabriel, he is pioneer in his field, and he is being paid to do what he was hired for.

In a pre-trial engagement, the focus group is the pre-cursor to an actual mock trial, should the defense engage the further services of Decision Analysis.

Forgive my oversimplification for a moment, but in layman's terms, this is a straight up product development strategy, exactly the same in process as any major consumer brand attempts to develop or re-brand something they want YOU the consumer to purchase in abundance.



As a former Advertising Professional, this epiphany gave me my first chuckle for the hour.

Allow me to present a hypothetical scenario, I say hypothetical because hypothetically my former client would have requested a confidentiality agreement with my firm of course.

Scope: Recruitment Initiative, Conduct, Moderate and Quantify Result of Focus Group.

Account Supervisor: Deena Whitman  Draper

Project Code: Condiment Verdi

Let's start with the recruitment.  It is mission critical for any part of the focus group to even matter, to secure the right market analysis which personifies the optimum "buyer" for which the product analysis is being conducted.

In Law: We replace the "buyer" with the juror, or the trier of facts.

In last nights episode, we were never told how this group was recruited.  We do not know if everyone of those folks are paid actors.  We do not know if they are members of any one's family affiliated with this case.  We do not know if any of them thinks Casey Anthony dancing on a table with her bewbs popping out of  her dress, paid for with stolen funds, which resulted in her felony conviction.

You get the gist.

Focus group participants ARE PAID. Focus groups appearing on CBS 48 hours are PAID WELL. Focus group moderators are PAID.  Jury Consultants posing as focus group moderators make a freaking fortune.


I digress.  Please allow the following example in demonstration.

Project Summary Excerpt:

The focus group for Project Condiment Verdi indicated an overwhelming negative reaction to the proposed product offering. This data is further supported by the market trend analysis presented in Exhibit A.  Ms. Draper, Account Supervisor to BEINZ, outlines some additional launch concerns in the forward thinking section of the recommendation outline, including, but not limited to, a child's association with similar substances of similar hue and viscosity may be mistaken for said product and be harmful.

The recommendation of this project director is that BEINZ abandon exploring additional R&D and launch options for this product.  Moreover, in the event that BEINZ elects to move forward with Condiment Verdi, the undersigned does not feel that our firm could best represent Beinz's interests for a launch design or additional campaign needs for this product.

You see where I am headed with this, right?

The hypothetical client launched anyway, and it was an abysmal failure.

Expensive focus group, expensive launch, expensive loss.

The BAEZ LAW FIRM is no stranger to expensive losses, however.  It would seem that although Casey Anthony and members of her family, were the recipients of at least $275K from abc, a large amount of which is still unaccounted for, money is no object.

Photo Credit CBS 48 Hours

Also appearing on the 48Hours episode and introduced as a former member of Casey Anthony's defense team, Linda Kenney Baden discusses what is not in evidence.

Did I miss a release floating around somewhere? Would the fact that she is former council for the defendant in the instant case PRECLUDE her from discussing what is tantamount to work product?  Who waived this privilege for her statements?

Additionally, as she claims to have departed from the defense team in October 2010 due to the inability to pay travel expenses, who is paying for her travel expenses and any monies for her appearance on 48 hours?

People- she still works for Casey Anthony as a consultant, she was present and identified at the deposition of  Dr. Timothy Huntington in January 2011.

Again, I say, how is she being paid now?

In theory, if an attorney withdraws their appearance, in her case, pro hac vice, can they return as a consultant paid for by another source? YOU BETCHA.

Last Friday Jose Baez argued before the court that he has concerns that his client would be unduly influenced or PREJUDICED by pre-trial publicity in this case.

He was of course denied, because contrary to what has seemingly occurred to date in this case, the Supreme Court of Florida does not give a rats azz about Nielson.

Short Version: CBS and this defense has engaged Richard Gabriel and Decision Analysis for EXACTLY the purpose of influencing potential jurors.  Says so, right on his webume.

Is that the role of the media during sweeps  now?

Sometimes, successful longevity tested products DO gain some alterations to their iconic reference.

For example, a fave of mine as a kid, and widely sold to this day in hundreds of variations of product distributables, is also used synonymously with suicide and altering rational thought.

Don't drink the Cool-aid folks.  Drink the Kool-aid.  Big difference, one is real.

Wow. What a novel concept.

Influencing criminal case outcomes to sell more advertising based on consumer interest.

I certainly hope the net result of that is not maternal homicide for diaper ads cash to get away with it.

What next, "Big things come in little packages" on the side of a funeral urn?

Be appropriately horrified.  Do something about it.

Copy Editor: Madeline Tanner

Image By Klaasend.

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  1. chelsea1515 says:

    MJ – I have always felt that Lee may very well be the one to bring down Defense Casey. I often wonder what it must have been like for him growing up in the Anthony household. Sibling rivalry is normal but if you are having to compete for parental attention and love against a Class A sociapath you are likely to have to take a back seat time after time. The worm may very well be about to turn, Lee for once holds the ace, the upper hand against his manipulative, murdering sister; it may well be pay back time!!! JMO

    I think Lee has had enough. I think he loves his sister, and is not willing to lie for her, or risk his own liberty, any longer.
    You know, the parental position one would think one should take in this situation.

  2. chelsea says:

    I’m still voting for Yuri – please can someone tell me if and when the vote is over!!

  3. Gypsy DD says:

    TiaMaria says:
    April 18, 2011 at 5:02 pm
    Blink, you know what will really suck about actual jury selection? That there probably won’t be any single moms on the jury. I would imagine that any single mom, who has possibly struggled and sacrificed and put her child (or children) first would be appalled and very likely to give Casey the needle themselves. However with the high probability of being sequestered in another county for up to 3 months or more, that alone most certainly will exclude them. See, unlike the inmate, they are working their behinds off to do the best for their precious children.

    TiaMaria..I wouldn’t be so sure there won’t be single mothers on the jury..just not young single mothers. In Florida there is a huge retiree population..and yes many babyboomers were single mothers. It is very possible, although the defense would not okay a young single mother (Casey’s actual peers I might add)..that many single grands will be in that potential jury pool…men and women both who have walked in Casey’s shoes maybe 30 years or more ago. I can’t see how they can be will be hard to find jurors that have never been divorced, never had children on their own in any age group..but in the retiree population I don’t think elimination of a juror because she was divorced or a single mom 30+ years ago will be grounds for dismissal.. Good luck to Jose trying to find his perfect group..they don’t exist.

  4. Sammy says:

    @ chelsea and everyone …

    Yuri did win the WEEKLY AMW contest and is the finalist from week #8. (there are 7 other finalists)
    There are now 8 weekly finalists who will compete for the Grand Prize.
    So we all need to vote for Yuri again (one vote per day) so he can win the Grand Prize – during the time period of:
    April 21st —>May 8th, 2011.

    From the America’s Most Wanted contest website:
    The Grand Prize All-Star voting period starts at 12:00 am (EDT) on April 21, 2011 and ends at 11:59 pm (EDT) on May 8, 2011.

    GO YURI !!@@!!

    (info retrieved from)

  5. lizzy says:

    It seemed in the early days that Lee was conditioned to acquiesce to his sister’s demands (from a lifetime of having to do so). I’ve wondered whether in those days he still held out a faint hope that Caylee was alive, and Casey just had her “stashed” somewhere. Has he directly covered for her at all since Caylee was found? I hope, for his sake in the future, that this goes beyond saving his own skin, and to his basic morality.

    I have also wondered many times about Caylee’s name. That is, whether Casey named her that in some bizarre attempt to draw Lee in even more tightly into her web, and bond him further to Caylee.

  6. lizzy says:

    P.S. The “howled promise” was, after all, just that. We don’t know what he promised.

  7. Jnpgh says:

    Just one quick question about the jury:

    Will LE try to ensure that no one “tampers” with the jurors from the moment that are each selected?

    I hope no one thinks I’m a but wacko…but I ws floored by Jose’s question to HHJP: “How will the propsective jurors be chosen”? I mean – why would Jose’ think that they would be chosen in any other way than they are normally chosen??

    That question just didn’t pass the smell test for me ..

    I also hope that the Prosecution can recognize all the members of that CBS program’s “focus-group” …to ensure that none of those enterprising individuals somehow ends up on the actual jury.

    I trust Jose’ as far as I can throw him ….and that goes for Mason as well.

  8. chica says:

    hello my friend here is the info about yuri

    Yuri is one of the 8 finalists in the running to be the 2011 AMW All-Star Winner. Voting for the Grand Prize winner begins on April 21. Let your friends and family know you support Detective Yuri Melich.

  9. chica says:

    5.Jnpgh says:
    I too am concerned about the jurors and hope that none of those on 48 hrs mock jury will be selected!!

  10. Mom3.0 says:

    Welcome to all new posters and welcome back to all old posers.
    Thanks to Chica and Ragdoll- you guys are the best.
    A special welcome & thanks to those posters who are bringing us the other side of the story- your posts are most welcomed.

    I am not concerned about the defense using a theory or something else from any blog, let alone Blink or a poster here.

    I focus on the positive side of so much scrutiny and the sunshine law.

    The Sunshine law was put into place to help the accused. Its job is to help ensure the accused gets a fair trial and is fully aware of all evidence/anyone that may be used against them in a court of law.

    Although many of us feel that Casey is guilty based on hat we have come to know, the truth is, she is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

    We have been made aware, through the Sunshine laws ect, of evidence/witnesses ect., that MAY be presented at trial. We do not know what will be presented at trial, even if it is all allowed in. Caseys lawyers are doing their best to get unfavorable evidence thrown out, as they should.

    The prosecution is compiling all evidence- they are doing their jobs to prove beyond a reasonable doubt, that Casey did this. They are not railroading her, or fabricating evidence to frame her, the Sunshine laws prove that.

    Like all accused people, again,she is innocent till proven guilty. I want Casey to be found guilty based upon ALL the evidence, I want the whole truth to come out. Even if that truth shows her family and friends in a poor light, or proves she is innocent.

    The truth is, that Blink and others like her, are searching for the truth.
    If she uncovers something that proves Zanny exists, should she sit on it?
    If something she uncovers proves George is a cheating husband should she sit on it?
    If she uncovers something that shows that George has a penchant for internet porn, should she sit on it?
    If she uncovers something that proves George did the internet searches should she sit on it?
    If she uncovers something that proves Cindy and Casey got in a fight and Cindy almost killed Casey should she sit on it?
    If she uncovers proof that Lee wiped the pc should she sit on it?
    If she finds something that proves The Anthony’s knew Caylee was in those woods, should she sit on it? So on and so on…

    I dont think so, in fact, if the prosecution/defense hadnt found this out themselves, they know it now, and it s a good thing, for both sides. No one wants an innocent person to rot in jail right?

    BTW none of these theories ect., mean that any one besides Casey killed her baby, and had her in the trunk and disposed of her.

    With much respect to Blink, personally, I think it is not reasonable to think that Casey would have any problem with little Caylees mouth being agape.

    To believe that, you’d have to forget that this is a person who not only killed her daughter, but then tried everything to cover it up- She thought she succeeded, & went blissfully to the tattoo pallor to engrave herself with the “bella vita” tattoo, went and got her finger nails done and smiled pretty and lied through every question regarding her daughters welfare and whereabouts…and partied and watched fireworks and was content to leave her baby daughter rotting in that dump-to be torn apart by animals never giving her the respect of a funeral or burial- never stopping the lies that tormented her family her friends and the public. Never allowing her daughter to rest in peace.

    Casey Anthony subjected herself to far worse sights and deeds than the look of her dead daughters mouth in death…and still she partied- Lets not forget it was not 1 piece of duct tape- it was 3 if she was worried about the “o” 1 piece would have sufficed and by God, if she was frightened by the sight or felt a pang of sympathy & wanted to show some kindness- put a veil over Caylee’s face, a shroud, not 3 pieces of heat resistant ducttape and a heart sticker…

    She certainly did not have any qualms about subjecting herself to the sight of little Caylee dying or dead and decomposing…She certainly did not call 911 or ask for help…

    She had no problem with putting little Caylee in the trunk, & she had no qualms about stuffing her into trashbags and an over-sized laundry bag.. and then going out to rent movies… nor did she have any problem borrowing a shovel or finally ridding herself of the “packages” in an animal invested dumpsite down the road from her home, after of course disrespectfully referring to the stench as roadkill, and she had no problems getting rid of “it”, then cleaning up the gruesome last vestiges of her tiny daughter, then placing a trash bag over the spot where her daughter lie dead…then abandoning the car with little Caylees mamma doll and back pack inside.. and she certainly seems to be un-bothered by all testimony surrounding the trunk, and the k-9 dogs and the dump site and the smell, and the stain and all the rest.. so no, I dont see Casey as being bothered in the least by the sight of her baby’s mouth in death.

    As to any of Blinks theories, the “o” theory or any other theory here, or elsewhere by others,…they are theories, they are not necessarily what happened, and I think it is a good thing that all of these theories have been discussed.

    Basically, BOC and all the other sites have acted as jury consultants for both the prosecution and the Defense. Who knows what evidence will come out at trial…who knows what theory will be used-

    Casey and the truth are strangers. If anyone is waiting for the truth to come from Casey or the team…dont

    May justice prevail.


  11. Houston Mom says:

    Isn’t it unethical (in a very serious professional way) for an officer of the court to put on ANY evidence or testimony he knows to be false? (especially in the elements of their case)
    I thought he was ‘their’ to defend a client against the CHARGES of the crime, i.e., “it’s not murder -it’s self defense”, or innocence, etc.
    I see collusion with the DT and the Anthonys from the beginning to ‘cover-up’ and thwarf the judical system.
    IMO, that’s why we have come to not trust the justie system, and feel it’s not so ‘just’ anymore.
    Some group (ABA?) needs to seriously think about reforming themselves because now, it has turned into a ‘game’ to win; and, not only are lives and justice at stake, but our whole society, as well.
    I don’t think the DT is funny, at all.

    PS: I couldn’t convict OJ … because I didn’t think the Prosecutor proved her case and was NOT trustworthy … even if I thought he did do it. That’s not how the system is supposed to work. Now, ditto with this DT … I don’t trust them.

    The above being said: These Prosecutors, LE (YURI _ et al) are a model of what we should expect for our jusical system and I’m sooo glad they have this forum to show the world what our justem system should ALWAYS be like. Now, they just have to prove their case. IMO ~~ it will be without any and all doubt!

  12. chelsea1515 says:

    Blink – thanks for responding: would that Lee assumes the mantle of parent whilst those truly responsible continue to deceive the world and themselves of the innocence of their daughter. I pray he has the moral fibre and strength to answer as truthfully as possible at trial, regardless of the reaction of Cindy and George.

    Sammy – thanks for the info on Yuri, love him, win or lose. In my eyes he is already the champion!!!!

    Hello chica – you are still keeping me informed and upbeat as well as amused! This site is my second home these days and it is a joy to see contributions from so many ‘friends’, all of us being overseen and kept in order by my favourite Headmistress!!

  13. Randie says:

    Chica, I just spit my coke everywhere when I read your post! LOL!!!

    george can plead the 5th all he wants by the time the prosecution gets through with him he may need to not only plead the fifth but drink a 5th to calm HIS nerves!!”


  14. FL_Mom says:

    You can be assured, all the attorneys will do extensive research and verification on prospective jurors before they are selected.

  15. chelsea1515 says:

    Mom3.0 – your last post actually made me cry, it was so heartrending in it’s truth. Thank you for posting your thoughts I really appreciate your ability to put the facts in such a chronological way as to make the whole story understandable even bearing in mind the complexities of the case. Thank you again.

  16. Ragdoll says:

    Hey chica….great to see you kickin it up, as always xo!

    Mom3.0, another amazing post! Thanks for keeping it real AND keeping us in line with the infinite details of this case.

    Valhall republished an older blog of hers about why she believes Casey is guilty. Another excellent read by our sister blogger.

  17. chica says:

    hiya ragdoll
    good to see ya’
    yeah I am still kicking!!!patiently awaiting the judges decision!!
    I read val’s blog very interesting!!

    who will speak for casey!! because she wont” take the stand and a funny monkey said “satan” lol


    if they discover!!something they need to tell it!! the truth shall set you free”‘ I am sure theres so much to this families twisted dynamics we may never hear and lots we will!!
    MOM OF3 right! she had no problem going on with her life!! I truly believe she was so jealous of caylee she hated her!! she killed caylee as she told lee because she was a spitefull bitch’
    casey and cindy had a horrible relationship!! everyone in that house had major issues!!

    when cindy found out that the pictures and videos of caylee could bring her the money she has always envied georges sister of having!!!!
    georges brother had his own sucessful car business!! cindy envied her sisterinlaw’s life and the money!! so when opportunity knocks be it as morbid and dispicable as it is!! she finaly felt like she came into her own!! in her twisted mind she justified it!! she knew caylee was laying out there in them woods!! yet they left her there!! baez knew/dominic knew!! yet they left her!! because money was flowing like lava’ and she was reaching her euphora with lots of money!!
    I am like you the sunshine laws have made it easier for us to get updates and familiarize ourselves with this case!!

  18. Eloise says:


    I just wanted to thank you for conveying what I imagine was some difficult imagery, though for me is likely very close to the truth. While I believe any of the Casey supporters would deny these suggestions and be angry at most of our musings, I feel we do this to try and come to an understanding of why and how such a tragedy could occur.
    I hope some of, or should I say all of the future jurors, if considering an accident scenario, take a moment or two to think whether these events would be likely of an accidental nature. I really don’t believe a mother guilty of her slack parental duties would duct tape her child’s mouth and carry on in the way this mother did. It doesn’t ring true, it will never feel right and there isn’t any circumstance that would change that fact.
    Lastly, I didn’t catch or remember how you all came up with the “o” reference, but it is a commonly used slang in health-care, to indicate a likely near demise.


    I believe we lucked out to have you as a contributor here in Morgan’s case, so here is my reference:

    I think it brilliant that in your field, that you recognize it , and I take note.


  19. Mom3.0 says:

    Eloise – thanks for sharing your thoughts– You know Eloise, what gets me is, Cindy was a nurse and George was a cop…how could they not realize what all of this really means?

    I appreciate you understanding the diffuculty of conveying the ugliness of the imagery—it is so hard—but IMO it is the truth and needs to not be prettied up- It would be easy to say oh this had to be an accident…its too gruesome a killing ect…Its remembering the ugliness that keeps the truth front and center IMO.

    I am glad Blink was able to give you the link…You have me intrigued Eloise- I am not sure I am following what you mean. Could you elaborate please on what you were referring to when you wrote about the “o” reference, that is commonly used slang in health-care, to indicate a likely near demise? TIA

    BTW Eloise I hope you will be sticking around Caylee’s threads through out the trial- I look forward to reading your take on the evidence ect.

    Chelsea thank you for your kind words- Just so you know- I do not know exactly what happened when… I am just giving my thoughts like everyone else, My interpretations. I try to follow the evidence as best as I can, but only Casey knows the chronology of the happenings you know?

    Ragdoll thanks for the link- Val sure knows how to cut to the heart of a matter doesnt she?.

    Chica- your posts are always so full of emotion, I appreciate that alot.. Thanks for the encouragement guys.

    We should find out how Judge perry ruled tomorrow.. I am clueless to what his decisions might be…

    In the “dust” of the day, I neglected to compliment your posts appropriately.

    You have such a grasp on this case, that those that follow this case straighten their posture when they read your “take”.
    Such a skill for presentation and “mediation” you have. Such a commitment to Caylee, and to Mom’s everywhere.

    Thank you for letting me hang out with you. I mean that sincerely.


  20. chica says:

    yes momof3 blinks right you have such a grasp on things !!!
    am xcited about tomorrow to see what the judges decision will be!!!!

    your so humble and I like that about you!! your our spark plug of information!!
    godnight everyone!! tomorrow is a new day
    god bles
    rest in peace caylee were almost there sweetie

  21. chelsea1515 says:

    That’s just what I was trying to say – you birds of a feather seem to flock together. So glad this site has you both!

  22. Eloise says:


    I am reluctant to go into full detail as it really is ‘shop talk’ and I risk offending people and those that have lived the circumstance. But, I will say, this “o” sign is present prior to death. People very ill, or comatose may rest in this position. It is referred to as the + “o” sign. Most always references a negative outcome. Thanks for your thoughts on this. I imagine G&C have never even thought this part through. I don’t think C has worked in critical areas of the hospital, though it would be a troubling ‘look’ to most anybody.

  23. Ragdoll says:

    Eloise, while we’re sharing our gratitude, you, along with other Caylee faithfuls, are fire crackers when it comes to your perseverance and determination. Thank you all so so much for being Caylee’s relentless angels!!!!! Words fail me b/c I know I am in the presence of greatness here at BOC (so many beautiful friends).

    May I reiterate Blink’s response AND concur?!?

    QUOTE….Thank you for letting me hang out with you. I mean that…sincerely……UNQUOTE

    ~Ditto~ <3

  24. Ragdoll says:

    Depositions of Tony Lazarro and Amy Huizenga are up!

  25. cherylz says:

    I have to agree with Mom3. If KC was so evil that she was able to kill her daughter, and all the other details that go with the scenario…then a mouth agape would not bother her! Not anymore then the sight and smell of rotting flesh. Sorry to be so graphic. I am an RN and the “O” factor is sometimes present at/after death. But, remember ther duct tape was put on “prior to decomp.”.

  26. Gypsy DD says:

    I personally hadn’t thought about rather Casey sat and watched Caylee expire…or just took the steps she did to murder her and then walked away for a bit. To me it doesn’t really matter much either way…Casey committed a heinous act to her only child, a toddler, what she did or thought leading up to it and the moments following do not change the outcome of the event..murder. However, I think the duct tape was placed over Caylee’s mouth before she expired, not after. And before the O. I think the duct tape was part of the demise..not an after thought.

    I agree with Eloise that unless you have seen the “+O” or have been with a hospice patient in the moments prior to their passing to see them make the “fish mouth” you wouldn’t know to look for either or what they signaled. I certainly don’t think that the A’s had any background in that area..most certainly Casey did not. Even a computer search of neck breaking and ways to murder would not have added that insight.

    I still believe that Casey will be found guilt of 1st degree murder with premedation..and the jury will have no problem being unanimous in their verdict. The prosecution and their expert witnesses are very good at being able to explain difficult information in a straight forward and plain spoken approach. The defense ..does not even understand half of what is being presented, much less are they able to intelligently refute what the prosecution experts have brought to the table.

    I agree with Blink that Lee has said what he has to say..and was honest..because after so much of his life spent just trying to get by in that house, he was now on his own..and he needed and wanted to get on with his own life. I think Lee learned very early flying low under the radar in that home was the only sane solution until he could leave. And once he had left Casey’s antics were not a daily problem for him any longer. No reason for Lee to lie..and I do not believe that Cindy or George would want him to do so. They seem to have that area covered for themselves and Casey.

    At the end of the day I still say that the jury will be 30+-60+ year olds..all having had experience with children at one time in their lives..either by being one themselves, being a parent or having other friends and family that had children. No one grows up and lives in a childless one. Very likely some of these same people will have been divorced at one time or another..therefore much more on their own raising a child then Casey was living in the bosom of her family, having free room and board and all the cash, checks, credit cards,food and gas that she could steal. Casey had developed into a professional con and thief..that was her off the bounty that she could steal and finagle from others….

    She deserves the DP (and since she appears to have no inclination to ask for a plea deal from the State) I believe she will die by the needle… which happens to be kinder then what she did to her only child. She’ll be given a chance to talk to a clergy member, she’ll be given a last meal, she’ll have a chance to have a visit from family, she’ll know the date and time ..Caylee had none of these advantages..and she had no choice.

    Happy Passover and Easter observance to everyone.

    To Caylee, I wish you were in an adorable dress, wearing a bunny ears headband, shiny new shoes and carrying an Easter basket running around the yard and finding hidden eggs and treasures….rest sweet Caylee rest..Miss Karma and sweet Lady Justice will be here in a jiff to set things right for you.

    You always hit my bullseye friend.

    Hugs to you. And in honor of the occasion and our 3 pals… BBBBAAAAAAA.

  27. Mom3.0 says:

    Blink- I know you understand when I say, I cant begin to express my gratitude for everything you do here. Without you and BOC I could never have voiced my thoughts..thank you. Honestly, you have created something here that makes a positive difference, not only towards victims and their families but to your contributors who have found a site that allows them to come together and brain storm ideas ect, all in the hopes of helping make this world a better safer place.

    Your words mean alot to me Blink, truly. Thank you.

    I believe in this work like I believe I need to breathe air.

    My biggest accomplishment I share with the BOC team, is when we learn it matters outside our tank.

    Thank You

  28. Mom3.0 says:

    Eloise, thanks for elaborating. I understand. I think you did a beautiful job of voicing your insights respectfully. Thank you, so much.
    I will have to think on what your information could mean…

    Gypsy,what a marvelous heartfelt post. & Thank you for jumping in and giving us your thoughts, on the Anthony’s and the theory ect. Much appreciated.

    Happy Easter Happy Passover To you as well, and to all of BOC.

  29. vicki says:

    Lee Anthony, do I believe he’s been totally honest? No. He’s been as honest as possible while walking the Anthony tightrope. However, I believe it’s time for Lee to face reality and say the whole truth, and that includes vehemently denying that he sexually abused his sister. Hell, that might be one of the first questions I’d ask him. Did you sexually abuse your sister for three years? No, absolutely not. Then tell me, why would your sister write such a thing? What could he say but: She lies or My sister has a problem with the truth, or my sister makes things up, etc, etc. She lies, makes things up, has a problem with the truth? Give me all the examples you can think of throughout your life.

    Lee seems to be the only Anthony that is somewhat close to normal. As difficult as it is, he needs to stand up for himself, and then get himself some serious counselling, regardless of how the rest of this plays out.

  30. Ragdoll says:

    Is Holly’s ex TH being looked at by chance and if so, cleared by TBI?

    Officially no person has been cleared.

  31. Ragdoll says:

    Happy Holy Day to all my great friends @ BOC. Love to each of you <3

  32. Whitey says:

    Thanks for the superb analysis, needless to say.

    So we see this all out campaign to plant seeds of reasonable doubt on potential juros and the public at large. I must say, nohng is what it seems quite clearly..and it takes this type of in depth analysis for ordinary folks to understand things, but I am struggling with the manner in which the state is handling things. What we now know is that sexual abuse caused the defendant to murder her Daugther and lie in ways few knew it was possible. That s what we’ve been told by this ex or current lawyer. The other piece came from te defendants jail letters, where she goes on to describe in great detail that….Lee Anthony did something, or tried…and that even her father may have. Aside from how sickening it is for this defendant to try to explain her criminal activity and tendencies on some sort of sexual abuse, it is obvious that all that was planned. In line with their strategy to have others tell her story, even a five year old can see how Baez or his team asked her to write those letters knowing full well that they would be made public. And as far as I can see, she does not actually say that she was raped, only that she has some distant memories or whatever? That sounds like a compromise brother Lee could live with…as long as she is found innocent, let her say that something happened. I am sure he wasn’t thrilled, but the lawyers said so and thats what they had to say.

    And the state promptly publishes all that she said? While at the same time this female lawyer tells the world “because of who she is, how she was raised…and what happened to her”…”she lied….BUT lying does not make one a murderer” she went on to say…

    incredible. I don’t know what I am missing…is this really the road to justice. Really?. Being a habitual, pathological liar may well be attributable to strange reasons, but lying about an actual, specific crime, and the sequence of events that lead to it…and everything that happened after the crime..for over a month…is not that hard to figure out. It only has one explanation: the perpetrator does not wish to be held accountable. He or she wishes to resume a normal life and not pay or be punished, in particular. So lying about a particular crime does say a lot about whether or not a habitual liar is both, a pathological liar and a murderer that happens to also be a sick liar.

  33. Ragdoll says:

    Sorry Blink, I posted on the wrong thread. I appreciate your response just the same!

  34. [...] trial. That is not to say that Baez has already had his share of “blowfly” gaffes and mockeries of the law. Imagine if any attorney had the chance of making a deal for their client and getting them to serve [...]

  35. GeorgiaDad says:

    What did 48 hours know … that the rest of us didn’t?

  36. [...] Baez, the defense attorney for Casey Anthony, finally has stated publicly what we and Blink on Crime knew all along. Jose Baez appeared on PBS’s “Frontline,” and stated how they got $200,000 from [...]

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