On Quitting Casey: The New C Word Is the New Quality Control

Orlando, FL- I thought my chapped skin was over.

Read, shower, repeat.

Write, ignore call from editor, shower, repeat.

The OCD I developed during the case of the murder of Caylee Anthony by her TotMom, The C word, continues.

Anger over the death of an innocent child is understandable, fierce loathing when the accused is her Mother, is justified.

What is not, is the minutes of our day one devotes to the C word.

Angst is power, nobody will argue that.  What is decidedly MOST powerful, is quitting Casey.

Images of fake checks with non-existant banks and non-existant companies are hitting the web to act as a barometer of the public’s interest and acceptance.

The porn industry rescinded an offer to C word, if that does not say it all, I don’t know what does.  Let’s say they tend to be a less judgemental crowd on occasion.

I am calling you out.  I am calling me out.

Quit caring.  Quit Casey = Cashless Cow

If you want to be a color form in this girls chloroform play set,  I cannot stop you.

What I can tell you, is that these payday wannabees have been Trumped.


Between The Donalds’ hair being real and him getting a look up President Obama’s unmentionables bearing a birth certificate on a whim, who do these ilk think are going to give them “equal time”?


Even Rupert Murdoch says “If a single person in my US offices so much as says that *%?#/’s name out loud it will make Rebekah Brooks stay in the big house look like a debutant cotillion, whatever that is.”

Here’s what happened:This is the most notorious and nationally covered case since The O word, and this felon and her counsel can’t get a legitimate network meeting.

Yep. The Moral leprosy crew are singing for supper.  Industry insiders will tell you that the rumor mill has produced a steady call of public outrcy at the mere notion their firms would consider any deals with Cword or her defense team, and the existing artists threatening to walk if they do.

Simply put, it is tantamount to scheduling a tsunami in your lobby.  Not even Don Draper could pull that off.

Ms. Folmer, reached from her latest promotion to washroom hand towel service  had this to say:

Due to my journalistic integrity and because nobody told me we could not cancel a check after a verdict, I was wondering if I could fill a role in Jackass4 or Roller ball 10.   I look forward to meeting the jury members, your among friends.

Late this morning, calls to THE BAEZ LAW FIRM for comment have not been returned.

A woman answering the phone at Jose Baez’s office who declined to be identified,  told Blink,  Editor In Chief of www.blinkoncrime.com:

Good Luck getting a call back, he has been sitting in his office for two days hitting the redial button to the News of The World Offices trying to get a live person on the phone.   He is convinced he can swing a deal with somebody over there. Any Suggestions?

Sure,  I answered, tell him to hit the O button,  and just keep holding, they have a very busy switchboard.

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  1. annetteaa1 says:

    Ms. Mom3.0 Twice was an “accident”. B, feel free to take one down.

    Ragdoll just shushed me, and a much more rational Mom.3 says my thoughts are “not not logical not in any way, shape or form”…WOW

    Guess that is my queue to say nothing more and realize this is a club for those who think alike. For the record no pot stirring intended honest difference of interpretation of same facts which I still see differently.

    O no you don’t. I don’t do martyr.

    Same facts you see differently? What facts might those be, because all I have seen you post is your unsubstantiated opinion and call for others. Your difference in opinion has been met with uber researched facts and relevant data and you have no counter so you will take your ball and go home ?

    If I felt an opinion differed I would back it up, or realize perhaps I have more research to do, and that I could in fact, just be wrong. WTH is it with people that have to be right all the time?

    What a hugemongous bore. If I am not learning from someone else I hear my own chatter I am way over that, lol

  2. annetteaa1 says:

    I keep telling myself no more comments, but remain amazed at how my believing there was reasonable doubt causes such a uproar. I do find it bizarre to not want to hear the other side and I wonder if the prosecution would have heard what the’ reasonable- doubters” thought before resting their case they would have presented it differently— and perhaps won, too boot.

    For the first time in my life I hear what Geraldo is saying and it pains me, believe me to think I would ever agree with him, but I do ( hold the stones, please!!!). I have met the man personally and wanted to puke; now I find myself agreeing with his position on this. Believe me I am not enjoying agreeing with G , but I do see reasonable doubt and possible reasons for Ms. Anthony’s lies other than that she murdered her child. That is not to say she didn’t do it.
    The evidence was in the prosecutors hands to present, it was presented. The same facts can be viewed differently by different equally thinking people, maybe because of what we have experienced in life or maybe because different facts speak more loudly to some.

    What I think is that the Anthony I family is a pack of wackadoodles and anything could have happened and they all created piles of bullst to cover it. What I have learned about liars in my life is it is often impossible to think like they do, or lace together their lies and motivations for behaviors. Liars of the Anthony clan’s caliber are scary… whatever they are hiding, what they are lying about maybe something none of us have yet to imagine, we just don’t think like them. Assuming no one would do this or no one would do that… well you’re assuming they are sane.. I just don’t think they are. I think their way of deciding how to act is something that we cannot easily get inside their motivations, they are just a mess. You all disagree, that doesn’t me wrong, or you wrong.. the end gamer is she is free and if you all are right and I am wrong she will do something this awful again and that is really sad.

    In addition to caylees law ,I say add state laws that cut off pensions – and – any retirement income of law enforcement officials if they are found guilty of lying to police and not cooperating with any investigation, post retirement. I think George lied and was in a position to be a better liar because of his past career training.

    Exactly what position of Geraldo’s are you agreeing with? I am asking respectfully, on what facts or evidence are you forming your opinions on? Saying.. I believe with this person, or I think this.. is a journal entry, not basis for debate or discussion in a case with 25K discovery documents that has 3 years of coverage.

    Not trying to be an ass, but your gonna have to up your game if you wish to be taken seriously.


  3. Mom3.0 says:


    No More Mr. Nice Guy-
    My name is Mom3.0- your passive aggressiveness is shining through- each time you bypass others posts-points and opinions and simply claim a “clublike” mentality-

    annetteaa1- get over yourself please- You asked for our opinions on the gas cans and on other issues of this case and I gave you mine- and in a respectful manner- as did others

    You want to know what I think? I think you asked yourself those “who” questions and you dont like the obvious answer-

    You never gave a logical factual based reason for any of your “reasonable” doubt/s-

    Why do you keep harping only on George? What is it about George that has YOU in such an uproar? You dont trust George- you think there is something hinky about his reporting the gas cans stolen…something that = him reporting it to distance himself from the cans- the cans werent the problem- the TAPE was- all he had to do is remove the tape- problem solved- all he had to do is NOT USE the tape on the signs- problem solved-

    Only the culprit would have known to distance themselves from the ducttape-thereby also the can

    The reason the tape was left on the gascan is because George NEVER knew Caylee Marie Anthony was dead and wrapped in duct tape- whether or not it was the murder weapon or a burial measure-

    He didnt know, therefore he never distanced himself from this evidence.

    So you dont trust George-so what- take all of his testimony out of it- the law allows you to- you still end up with his daughter, Caylees caregiver being the answer to the ultimate question of Who.

    A1- you disappoint me greatly- I said I enjoy debate but all you gave me- is well George may have lied and may have helped her to cover-up- so that leads you to reasonable doubt-

    Blinks right- if you want to be taken seriously research- and please- be sure to get your “facts” from someone besides Geraldo-

  4. Mom3.0 says:

    Blink thank you for your response- and for the info-about June 23rd- I am now going to have to go back and research– your theory seems to be quite plausible- yesiree.

    Ps thanks for asking me to never shhhh- you may come to regret that request- LOL

  5. nana2 says:

    I will acknowledge as I have for 3 years now, there were enough lies and behavior to implicate George, thus the problem with the strategy used by the prosecution. I don’t really see they had much choice though.

    I’m sure there was enough to implicate George & someone else but there’s the old saying “you have to prove it to use it” & perhaps the state couldn’t prove it.. Case not over yet says my old bones..

  6. A Texas Grandfather says:

    This entire case was created because the Cword simply didn’t care one whit about little Caylee. She was a nineteen year old idiot of a sociopath when the child was born. The father’s idenity was kept a secret so that the father’s family could be kept away from the child.

    Anyone who has ever watched Geraldo work usually has the same conclusion. The man will delibertly take a position that is the opposite of common sense just to create controversy. Unless I could personally withness something that he presented, I could not reliably depend on his conclusions.

    IMO this jury was a waste of the taxpayer money spent on them during the trial. They never considered the evidence presented to them. If they had done so, it would have been at least three days before they could have reached a proper decision. There was that much work to do.

    There are many people like Geraldo in the world. They simply take a position that differs from those who ask proper questions and seek truth through facts rather than accept something made up or imagined.

    I believe that most who read and post here are finders of fact and do not post without some thought as to the truth of the matter.

  7. chelsea says:

    @ annetteaa1 – Sorry, I can’t even be bothered to say “with all due respect”, you don’t deserve respect. I know several people who appear to take pleasure in going against the grain just for the hell of it. You may very well state that you view the facts of the case differently to the rest of us but I believe you pick facts at random, that you have no real concept of the time scale of this case. In fact, had you been on the Jury you would have been another person determined or mentally unable to join the dots!! I cannot bear to read your nonsense any more, it’s tiresome and childish so please find somewhere else to be aggravating and leave Mom3.0 and Blink to carry on their brilliant work. I have no problem with alternate views but being cussed for cussed’s sake has no place on a site dedicated to discovering and discussing facts, evidence, THE TRUTH!

    Sorry Blink & Mom3.0, for taking your name’s in vain but I’m with Ragdoll, enough is enough!!

  8. Ragdoll says:

    @ Mom3.0 says:

    August 13, 2011 at 12:49 pm

    I didn’t say anything that wasn’t true, my friend. I’m sorry it’s gone this far, but, as advocates for Caylee and victims of violence, it’s our job to maintain the truth. You’ve done that from the get go! You musn’t ever ssshhh!!!!! XO

    I promise I won’t add more feul to this fire. Blink pretty much covered what was bothering me. The cool thing about BOC is that disagreeing isn’t a crime. I’m certainly not the most educated on Caylee’s case. I’ve learned everything I know from B, BOC and Blinkers. I’m probably repeating myself, but I definitely respect convictions based on facts. If your opinions don’t contain facts, they hold no merrit. I can tell y’all time and time again, my insight changed endlessly b/c many posters offered facts, links, quotes, judicial references, etc., that shut my theories to heck. Being open minded is the whole pretense of discussing the facts of this and other BOC cases.

    annettea1, you gotta pick your battles. You are dealing with posters that have inside knowledge, connections to the case and who have done their homework. All we’ve been asking from you is what are you basing your ‘accidental death’ theory on? What proven facts can you bring to the table that should make us consider Caylee’s murder as an accident? I’ve seen post after post that shoots down your theories, which come across as more emotional with no factual basis.

    Could it be that you’re the one who’s not being open minded?

    My apologies to BOC for the dissension this caused. That was never my intent. Like all of you, I won’t let the lies taint Caylee’s legacy.

    Love and Light

  9. Ragdoll says:

    …and chelsea, my sweet friendy…I am SO RELIEVED you are safe and out of harms way. You’ve been in my prayers dear heart XO

  10. cbickel says:

    I see we are all agreeing to disagree on this case…again. That’s good to hear! I’m one that didn’t get, and still doesn’t understand, all the hoopla over the gas cans. Yes it’s been explained up one side and down the other, but I still don’t “get” it. I’m not dumb, uneducated or unmotivated…it just doesn’t make sense to me. I’m afraid if that was a key piece of evidence and I was on that jury I would have ignored that piece of information.

    There were a lot of things that troubled me about the scientific evidence, I’ve mentioned them before and pretty much decided not to bring it up again after the response I recieved.

    People have a hard time understanding that a person can have doubts about how the state presented their case but still think the birth mother is guilty as sin, along with Caylee’s other “guardians”…meaning the grandparents. Nobody will ever be able to justify to me why the grandmother or grandfather didn’t sound an alarm after the first couple of days nor why they shouldn’t be held accountable for neglect or failure to protect. Wonder who cliamed Caylee on taxes?

    It’s almost as if their outrage somehow outweighs the outrage of people that think differently….that was not a statement so much as an observation.

    At any rate, as this board proves just by it’s existance we are not done with Caylee’s mother or her grandparents, I for one will be glad when we are.

  11. Mary says:

    Just read at Humbles that Killer just signed a six figure deal to write a book. ewww (Don’t know how to bring it over…sorry)

  12. chelsea says:

    @ Mary – Do you think they mean she will be writing a Fairy Tale or a fiction novel!

  13. pale rider says:

    annetteaa1, during the trial there were several times the defense used smoke and mirrors to distract the people on the jury from the one and ONLY reason they were there – to try FCAword.

    The defense succeeded in doing just that, and those 12 people ended up trying and convicting George instead. FCAword became an afterthought.

    Instead of looking at the evidence,they bought Byazz’s opening remarks and never moved off them.

    Instead of looking at the evidence as it related to FCAword’s actions, they chose to look for another culprit. They completely disregarded the judges orders, the evidence and their duty!!!!!

    FCA was Caylee’s mother, primary care-giver, guardian, and SHE didn’t report HER daughter – not Ca’s, GA’s, LA’s, or any other A’s – missing for 31 DAYS! THAT is the evidence, period!

    She didn’t look for her child, she didn’t tell ANYONE, not BFs, BFFs, no one, that her daughter was MISSING!

    No one who was involved in an accidental drowning sits in jail for 3 YEARS and doesn’t say a word about it. NO ONE!

    You think the As are crazy? Yeah, like a bunch of foxes!!!!!

  14. pale rider says:

    @cbickel – about the grandparents not reporting Caylee missing. They didn’t KNOW she was missing!

    I lived with my parents for a while after my divorce. I had a 3 yr old daughter. I went on numerous trips with her. Had my parents reported my daughter missing – well let’s just say they wouldn’t have, because they knew she was with me.

    Granted 31 days is a looooong time not to see someone you live with, and you bet CA was getting worried, but BOTTOMLINE, it was FCA who had custody of Caylee, who partied 31 days with no mention of Caylee missing.

    What is not to get here?

  15. cbickel says:

    @Pale Rider…What’s not to get here? That a two year old toddler can be missing for 31 days and NOBODY in her little life reports her missing. With all due respect I don’t know why this is so hard to understand.

  16. M Harris says:

    @15.pale rider says:
    August 15, 2011 at 12:08 pm
    @cbickel – about the grandparents not reporting Caylee missing. They didn’t KNOW she was missing!
    pale rider, you’re absolutely right. The police likely wouldn’t even filed a complaint and certainly not a missing person’s. They talked to cword everyday and Caylee was in her custody. It doesn’t matter that they both lived with the A’s. Caylee wasn’t missing according to her mother.

  17. chelsea says:

    @ chickel – why would the grandparents of a child be expected to report her missing when they are in communication with the mother of the child (their daughter), are convincingly told she is having fun at the seaside (and we all know what an accomplished liar C-word is) and the mother gives not a hint that anything untoward is amiss! The grandparents may not like the fact they are not seeing their granddaughter on a daily basis but they are not the parents of the child nor her legal carer/guardian. In their shoes I would not be phoning the police to report her missing although I probably would be pestering the life out of C-word as to when she was coming home with Caylee but all grandparents know that the birth mother has the right to come and go with THEIR child whenever and wherever they choose. Why would they suspect foul play? Whatever else C-word was, I don’t believe for a moment that they feared for Caylee’s safety whilst she was with C-word, how could they have had any idea of what she was capable of? With all due respect I really do not see where you are coming from.

  18. Ragdoll says:

    @ chelsea says:

    August 15, 2011 at 4:01 pm

    I agree. The only time the grand parents were victims was during that 31 days. I do believe, however, that 2 people who knew c word the best, who happened to find her car which reaked of decomp, who chased their daugther all over Orlanda via text, phone and myspace, should have clued in immediately. Why didn’t George drive that car right to the police? If LE could have accessed evidence in that trunk before anyone else, it could have ended up differently.

    After that, they made their beds. Victim status…stamped DENIED. If they had an ounce of integrity, big if, they would not associate themselves with being victims or demean events with their presence that are meant to honour Caylee….not them. How dare they show up at her birthday celebration! They always make it about themselves. They need to steal their grand daughter’s thunder and it down right makes me feel postal. They just need to shut their yaps, disappear and face the consequences of their dispicable obstruction of justice for Caylee, in the privacy of their home.

  19. pale rider says:

    cbickel says:
    August 15, 2011 at 2:41 pm
    @Pale Rider…What’s not to get here? That a two year old toddler can be missing for 31 days and NOBODY in her little life reports her missing. With all due respect I don’t know why this is so hard to understand.
    Caylee wasn’t THEIR child, and she wasn’t missing to them. The MOTHER said she was safe with her!
    And when it became apparent the MOTHER wasn’t being honest, they did report it.

  20. pale rider says:

    M Harris says:
    August 15, 2011 at 3:30 pm
    @15.pale rider says:
    August 15, 2011 at 12:08 pm
    @cbickel – about the grandparents not reporting Caylee missing. They didn’t KNOW she was missing!
    pale rider, you’re absolutely right. The police likely wouldn’t even filed a complaint and certainly not a missing person’s. They talked to cword everyday and Caylee was in her custody. It doesn’t matter that they both lived with the A’s. Caylee wasn’t missing according to her mother.
    Yes’m! Even the law was on FCA’s side at that point.

  21. chelsea says:

    @ Ragdoll – absolutely agree!! The moment George and Cindy picked up the dumped car, alarm bells MUST have been ringing!! They totally abandoned their granddaughter, her memory, justice; all in order to save the hide of their obscene daughter. Period!!

  22. cbickel says:

    While I understand what all of you are saying, and trust me you all are saying the exact same thing, I respectfully disagree that the grandparents were clueless here.

    They may not have realized that Caylee was missing but they had to know something wasn’t right with the story they were being told…come on people use some common sense here.

    I lived with my mother when my oldest daughter was a toddler and I can tell you right now that there’s no way I could have jumped from my day to day routine to something totally different in a short amount of time and my mother NOT think something was up AND act upon it, regardless of what the law said. If my daughter had pulled a stunt like that you can bet your bottom dollar that I would have tracked her down within 72 hours.

    Legally they didn’t have the responsibility, I understand that, what I don’t understand is why in the hell it took 31 days to figure out something was wrong before they tracked the mother down? If you think that’s normal behavior from a grandparent that was in essence a co-parent, then I’ve got a bridge to sell ya.

    What I said in my post was there is no way anybody will ever be able to justify to me why the grandparents didn’t sound an alarm after the first couple of days nor why they shouldn’t be held accountable for failure to protect. If the grandparents didn’t live with the child and only saw her on occasion then of course my opinion would be different, but these “people” lived with that child, they feed her, clothed and put a roof over her head. I do not understand how people can do all of that then when a child needs them the most they just look the other way and its “ok”? Really?

    Does that mean that I buy into the accidental drowning thing? Nope not at all, I think Caylee was a victim of filicide. That her mother was a selfish, immature POS that wanted to party and do what she wanted to do when she wanted to do it. I don’t think the grandfather had anything to do with it, nor do I think he molested his daughter for that matter.

    I don’t hold either of the grandparents responsible for Caylee’s death, but I sure do hold them responsible for helping their daughter to get away with murder. I hold them responsible for not going to the police about their grandaughter as well. I don’t know how they hold their heads up in public and as for the so called book deal that you all are talking about…its blood money and no good will come out of it for those that pay for the story or buy the book.

  23. Ragdoll says:


    So the A’s are going to spin more lies on the Dr. Phil show. APPARENTLY….the money they make for their interview is going directly to…Caylee’s fund. Who’s holding these 2 con artists accountable since their first run at not for profit was a complete scam?

    Is this charity shut down or not? The last time I went to the site, it was gone. Now a new one has sprung up, using the original link.

    This is just effed up.


  24. Valley Girl says:

    24.cbickel says:
    August 15, 2011 at 9:02 pm
    While I understand what all of you are saying, and trust me you all are saying the exact same thing, I respectfully disagree that the grandparents were clueless here.

    They may not have realized that Caylee was missing but they had to know something wasn’t right with the story they were being told…come on people use some common sense here.


    It’s understandable that you cannot wrap your brain around their “not knowing something was hinky” with Cword’s stories/actions during those 31 days. None of us with a “normal” thinking process are able to do so, we don’t think like this clan (Thankfully!!!) of fools. Judging from how these people acted over the last 3 years, the whole family dynamic was explosive. Some of us questioned exactly what led up to Cword and Caylee leaving; was there an argument between Cword and her mother??? If there really was, then Cword left in a huff, and mommy and daddy dearest then “tiptoed” in their dealings with Cword. Possibly feeling as though she was punishing them by purposly keeping Caylee away from them. So no, I am not surprised that they didn’t push the issues with her during those 31 days.

    Would I just take my child’s word that my grandchild was okay for that length of time? It would all depend on the circumstances that led up to the sudden absence. You have to look at the complete picture. MOO.

  25. J,F. Lorio says:

    Cindy (SAID) she talked to Cword every! I would have to see the text messages! I think it was all a big cover up. They had 3 yrs to talk and nothing. HOGWASH

  26. M Harris says:

    @26.Valley Girl says:
    August 16, 2011 at 1:41 pm
    @24.cbickel says:
    I believe there was a fight between Cindy and her daughter (the choking thing) and that Caylee was killed to punish Cindy. The A’s definitely knew something was wrong but they couldnt’ have gotten the police involved as long as Cword says Caylee is okay.

    I agree that I would have torn Orlando apart until I found my grandbaby but I’m convinced that Cindy lived in total denial about her daughter’s “problems” for her entire life and George couldn’t stand up to Cindy. I think Cindy was scared to death to anger Cword knowing she couldn’t make her go back home or take Caylee home. I’m disgusted that the A’s, at some point, KNEW that baby’s body was in that swamp and did nothing to get her out of there. I do give Cindy credit for calling the police when she couldn’t deny that something was wrong any longer. It’s sickening to me that they are trying to use Caylee as their livelihood.
    I’m just rambling. I’M GLAD I’M NOT IN THEIR SHOES! I also can’t help but pity them.

  27. M Harris says:

    I also believe George and Cindy were the next to die at their daughter’s hands but I don’t think they could EVER have figured any of that out before Caylee was murdered. I don’t think her causing Caylee any harm would have entered their minds before it happened.

  28. New says:

    Mr. Harris I have no pity for the Anthonys they discust me. Geore and cindy covered up what happen to Caylee. Lied to the police, purgered them selves on the stand under oath. Cindy called Casey an unfit Mother. She knew Caylee was in danger when Casey left with her. What Mother calls her daughter unfit unless it is truly diserved from observation of her care for the child.

    There where no finger prints on the gas can. Who do you think wiped them off? The car was cleaned not just sprayed as Cindy says. Lee and Cindy lied about the stain in the trunk being there when they bought the car. George said he noticed a stain where there had been none. Cindy gave the wrong brush and was going to give the dogs tooth brush to the police. Cindy refused to give Tim Miller any scent item to look for a dead Caylee. Cindy insisted they look for a live Caylee when she knew she was dead when she and George smelled the car. Why didn’t they leave the car in the tow yard and call the police from there. No they brought it home and went to work. These pathetic people have lied through out this case and got away with it. They are now using their dead Grand Daughter as a cash cow. Cindy blamed everyone she could think of for the disappearance of Caylee all the while knowing she was dead on the day they picked up the car. She didn’t care how many lives she ruined.
    When they proved the smell in the car was not rotting pizza, Cindy said it was some one elses dead body that was in the car. They will reaped what they sow. We can only stand up for the real victim Caylee. I will never be convinced that C word did not murder her child and her family helped cover up her crime by destroying evidence. I will never have sympathy for any of them. Time will tell what will happen to this dispicable family.

    AS you get older you see and know the things you have done wrong in this life. It will come to them all. George, Cindy, Lee , and Casey. They are not grieving grand parents, they are greedy skum suckers. They will sucker some people into their lies and perhaps get donations but that won’t last long. They will get fools like Dr. Phil to interview them but he will be tarnished just has everyone else who has been touch by the evil they spew. I believe in the existence of evil and it lives with the Anthony family.

  29. wendy says:

    M. Harris says:August 17, 2011 at 9:15 pm
    I also believe George and Cindy were the next to die at their daughter’s hands but I don’t think they could EVER have figured any of that out before Caylee was murdered. I don’t think her causing Caylee any harm would have entered their minds before it happened.

    M Harris,
    I agree with you whole heartedly. The Anthony’s were next on C words death list. She planned on that home becoming hers and she told many people this. I will NEVER understand how they can support the “evil thing” they call ‘daughter’.
    I am further in upheaval about them appearing on Dr. Phil. I have voiced my opinion to his show and advise others to do the same. The anthony’s have used and abused their past “charity”. As has been posted here before, they lined their pockets with the majority of the funds as “payment” to the director’s, which of course is the Anthony’s. The BLOOD MONEY Dr. Phil has paid them is supposed to go to their charity. Well, the charity is directly linked to their back pocket.

    They claim they can’t work due to their notoriety. Boo hoo. The hell they can’t. MANY MANY American’s work their behinds off on a daily basis who have been through tragedies such as theirs and worse. They are only in the news because they KEEP CHOOSING to be. They can go behind the scenes just as Lee has and work like the rest of us have to. I have NO sympathy for this family and quite frankly, have a great amount of disdain for them.

    I have stayed away from reading about the entire clan, with the exception of this site. I have no desire to add to anyone’s financial gain in regards to Caylee. This is the only site where I feel that Caylee and other TRUE VICTIMS are the focal point.

    Best wishes to all!

  30. Valley Girl says:

    28.M Harris says:
    August 17, 2011 at 9:11 pm

    Agreed! And I agree with you that at some point they knew where to find Caylee’s remains and chose to look the other way, all in order to protect Cword. Disgusting people, all of them.

    They will reap what they sow, of this I have no doubt.

  31. pale rider says:

    Valley Girl says:
    August 18, 2011 at 7:58 am
    28.M Harris says:
    August 17, 2011 at 9:11 pm

    Agreed! And I agree with you that at some point they knew where to find Caylee’s remains and chose to look the other way, all in order to protect Cword. Disgusting people, all of them.

    They will reap what they sow, of this I have no doubt.
    I also agree. I do not defend the As. I’m convinced they’re culpable on many levels – cover-up, perjury, etc. And I believe they conspired to help the creature’s defense.

    This is the only place I come to read new developments, so many thanks to all of you who come here too.

  32. Word Girl says:

    Has anyone seen Ohio’s “Caylee’s Law” yet?

    I’m looking for a link to the document.

    Thanks, all.

  33. sue says:

    For anyone here who believes that the defense team or the Anthonys created a reasonable doubt about anything……..how can this mixture of low life confirmed liars, create a doubt about anything? When have any of them been known to tell the truth? This extends to The professor who broke Caylees skull for no good reason, to the crazy defense witness saying, a dog burried caylees bones, yet they were reasonably intact at the site where her entire remains were found. Either this dog carried Caylees whole body there, or it would have had to have taken the bones it burried, and put them in line with where the rest of her remains were found. And then there is the shifty, out of his mind deceitful Dominic Casey, testifying to God knows what. The only reasonable doubt they raised to me, was that the defense was not capable of finding an honest witness. The whole charade with the Anthonys was crafted by the defense team. Has anyone noticed all the financial troubles that plauged the defense team, and the Anthonys, and Dominic Casey? Now everyone is going to write a book to finally tell the truth about a murder that everyone claims all along, that they don’t have a clue what the truth was about it….?
    If they did tell the truth now, it would take a lot of contempt of court brass balls. But to believe these people would ever tell the truth is totally and completely absurd! It appears as if Dr Phil has fallen face first into their dog sh*t too.How many red flags have to go up around these people and this little girls murder, before everyone realises they have been riding the short bus to nowhere all their lives? Totless Mom and the Cashless Cow need to let this little girl rest in peace. Caylee died because she could not defend herself. But then if you are being taken care of by the people that love you, why would you have to? According to Cindy, her “lying, theiving, bad mother, sociopath of a daughter, with no money” was left the house to bond with her daughter. If her lies weren’t so sick, they would be hilarious! How many three years olds need to learn martial arts, just to survive while being in the care of their “loving family”? It is too bad none of the Anthonys put as much effort into protecting Caylee as they have searching for the highest $$$ to profit from her death. They are disgusting. They are not victims, but co conspirators.

  34. Nikki says:

    Amen Sue! Ugh, I just keep waiting to hear something, I just have this feeling it will come. I will be watching and waiting and hoping!

  35. annals says:

    This is 2 week old news; Jeff Ashton is writing a book; Imperfect Justice, due for release in late November. The co-writer is Lisa Beth Pulitzer.

    “He said the book will have everything anyone would want to know about the case.” -WFTV.com

    I just pre-ordered it on Amazon (it’s also available for pre-order at Barnes & Noble).

  36. John says:

    Cindy taught Casey how to be a “mother”. On the night the baby died, Cindy choked Casey (the reason does not matter) She was unable to control her temper, as was George. George taught Casey how to “lie” He taught her how to gamble and live off others’ money.
    He taught her to cheat by having affairs while he was married. He lies to this day, about the latest affair. Because he lies about other things, I do not trust him to tell the “truth” about any sexual molestation of his daughter. He would lie about this, if true, so would Cindy. IMO, if George did NOT molest his daughter in any way, he would die for her , lie for her, cheat for her, just like Cindy does. What does George do? Go for himself, just like any molester would do. This is why I think George and her brother DID molest Casey. I also think Casey is a very disturbed girl, and it is no wonder. She is seeing a therapist now, too late, but hopefully she will be able to help Casey , as her own parents failed to do her entire life. The beautiful baby would not have died if both parents had done their job. Peace everyone. These are my thoughts.
    One last thing. They should not have made her keep the baby.

  37. Ragdoll says:

    Just just heard Cheney Mason was rushed to hospital during a speaking engagement in Daytona. He claimed to not be feeling well.

    My paw paw said the same thing the night before he passed. He told my momma he wasn’t feeling well. He died the next morning of cardiac arrhythmia.

    It’s the heart, I’m certain.

  38. Mom3.0 says:

    Oh Blink- have you read this?
    I know I should be used to the lies that spew forth from C words mouth but I AM NOT-

    To think that she was blaming George for MURDERING and MOLESTING Caylee at the same time is beyond me- How could Baez have went before a court of law and told a DIFFERENT lie than the one that C- had “confessed” to the mental health experts? Especially since there was NEVER any evidence to support either version- 3.0 NOR 4.0???!!!!-

    Is this ethical is this okay for a lawyer to lie outright and NOT put his client on the stand to tell the tale/lie?

    Why didnt Judge Perry prevent these lies from coming in? What was the evidence that supported ANY of it? With out the dr. testimony and without C words testifying -it was NOTHING MORE than UNSUBSTANTIATED LIES!!

    PS IT truly sickens me that Cindy Anthony knew it all- all of the lies- all of them- and they learned about them from the prosecution- yet Cindy still stood by her…

    Mr Jeff Ashton is right- this case was lost from the very beginning because this jury demanded to know exactly how little Caylee was murdered- and they opted to believe the lie- instead of the truth- C word destroyed most of the evidence- and the swamp destroyed what was left- and no one but Cword, Caylee and God knows the complete truth of what happened….

    and as Mr. Ashton said even Casey believes Caylee was murdered…that should tell those who doubt what really happened a thing or two about the “truth”

    Cindy knew it was all a lie and yet she did not seek justice for her granddaughter instead she later claimed to pray each day of the trial for “Gods will” over guilt or innocence-

    God will only help those that help themselves- it was her duty to tell the truth – it was her duty to protect little Caylee from the lies and she sat and prayed- instead…while allowing the lies to go unanswered or worse yet supporting them.

    I now question whom those tears Cindy cried upon the stand were for-
    Were they for herself for her daughter or were they for the abandonment of truth and utter disposal of Caylee?




    Late in the book, Ashton wrote that Baez did one of the cruelest things he had ever seen a lawyer do by telling Cindy Anthony about her daughter’s claims regarding George Anthony and suggesting her husband was under investigation. Ashton wrote that he told their attorney, “That’s a [expletive] lie.”

    “Casey agrees with us,” Ashton told the Sentinel. “Caylee did not die by accident.”

    But they did not agree about who was responsible.

    One of Casey Anthony’s mental health experts, Dr. Jeffrey Danziger, was very concerned about sharing what Casey had told him about her father, worried he was becoming a mouthpiece for “very, very serious allegations against someone in a situation where there is no other evidence he actually did anything.”

    Casey later told another defense expert, Dr. William Weitz, that she was concerned George might be Caylee’s father until DNA testing by the FBI ruled that out. Casey told Weitz “Caylee could not have died by accident and that George had murdered her,” Ashton wrote in the book.

    When the prosecution wanted Casey interviewed by its mental health expert, the defense pulled their two experts from their witness list, meaning Danziger and Weitz would not testify at trial. Ashton claims Baez had wanted those two “to get Casey’s story in front of the jury without having Casey actually testify.”

    The depositions of those experts were sealed because they were “too sensational” Ashton wrote. “Until now their contents have never been discussed publicly.”

    The prosecution detailed the depositions for George and Cindy out of a sense of “moral obligation,” and George told them “none of this is true,” the book states.

    I am aware of it, and if anyone ever doubted the Cword’s coaching, this should pretty much clear that up.

    You and I, and many countless others, are just never going to get past this egregious injustice. I do my best to live with it, and tell myself that everything happens for a greater purpose, but that little cherub-

    She matters, if only to everyone but her family.


  39. Mom3.0 says:

    Thanks for the response Blink-
    As you know I am trying hard to live with it- some days are harder than others I guess…

    No I dont have any doubt that C word was coached- and she played the jury just like she played her family.

    Blink, I have to ask because I cant understand it- if Cword said that Caylee was murdered by her father- then can she be held accountable for remaining silent? Isnt she an accessory after the fact? and didnt Baez again fail in his duty to immediately go to police with this info that Caylee was indeed murdered even though supposedly by her grandfather?

    Good questions, but it is my understanding that anything she said in that context is subject to Dr/patient confidentiality. One thing I have been thinking about, is that Baez is not permitted to spin a yarn on a client statement. He said George found Caylee, but that it was an accident, now that is different than what his client told him, if true, and that needs to be addressed by the bar.


  40. justice23 says:

    On a lighter note … courtroom flubs from Baez and Judge Perry worth reading. I remember all of these from Baez and still shake my head. What an ***wipe …

    Jess Ashton’s book is a keeper by the way. It’s the only book in good faith I could buy.


    Top 10 Quotes from Casey Anthony’s Defense Attorney Baez.

  41. sunshine says:


    Not sure where to put this, but will you be commenting on casey’s you tube diary?

    I have seen it, and I will not dignify it by posting the link, or any other comment except to say that I wanted to vomit at the ” I finally have something of my own.”

    She did have something of her own once, a child, she killed her.

  42. Ragdoll says:

    How’s about the dt not being able to run fast enough from the felon?

    JB quit and Sims is in court signing docs to remove herself from the catastrophe.

    Did we all not all call them on it? REGRET!!!!!

    PS….no proof, no police reports but c word is NOW changing her story that Caylee was a result of date rape. Even cword herself can’t say for sure only that when she came around, she felt woozy.

    She must have just watched the movie Hangover. Her drink was spiked with roofies. Her mattress hung from a roof as an SOS. I wonder if the would be’rapist’ has classic Phil hair.

    My 2 bits….Cindy and Casey are in on somepin…together.

  43. Ragdoll says:

    Sorry…I’m done posting on this pig dog. My apollies for ranting from the captain obvious chair (my better half loves that one, B).

    It is not nice, and I appolly in advance, but RedRanger’s ditch pig is the all-time classic.

  44. Ragdoll says:

    I agree. I wanted to use it…but…it wouldn’t be right to infringe upon his brilliantly coined phrase.


  45. Ragdoll says:

    I swear I am looking the other way and avoiding the cword crap fest.

    Can we all agree that IT is behind the leaks and is working that monkey and tin cup gig to the hilt? (let’s face it….it has nothing better to do).

    I just want to blow it out of the water, shut the killer opps down and hope IT ends up proving who IT really is after all…..and without question I might add.

    Ok. That felt good. Focusing on things that matter…..my son won the ‘Heart and Hustle’ award for the second year in a row during Minor Hockey Week in Edmonton. He’s the coolest guy ever!

    Leaving on a high note :D XO!

  46. Starsky says:

    Living at a church in FL. Location revealed on Fox NewS

    Like that’s gonna help, lol. She can snorkle in the Holy water and sleep in the confessional all she wants, I have it on good authority there is a pitchfork with her name on it.

  47. chelsea says:

    Hi Blink, just popped in to read comments from old friends. How gratifying to see you haven’t lost your surreal touch!! Love it!

  48. Ragdoll says:

    Can we consider it good news that Caylee’s Fund website is suspended?

    ….and where is FCA making her $$$ from? Radaronline, is rumoured to be paying ‘it’ for updates like the ‘salvation baptism’. H E Double Hockey Sticks ain’t sweatin it, I’m sure.

    Also pitched in cyber space….FCA trying to overshadow Trayvon Marvin’s MURDER (police chief has stepped down). God rest Trayvon’s soul XO

    Well I can tell you that the A’s gutted the master bathroom once paid by Dr. Phil- shocker.

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