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Amanda Knox was aquitted today in the murder of room mate and friend Meredith Kercher.

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Jacqueline Beaufort, contributing editor

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  1. Bill says:


    Thank you for your response. Amanda having some loose morals is one thing, but she has shown absolutely no empathy for Meredith or her family. She doesn’t cut the mustard with me either.


    I aggree with your assessment on living abroad, proof of that is the other British residents leaving instantly for home. Smart move on their part for sure.

  2. Joan says:

    I’m sorry Blink. I shouldn’t have posted that on the JA page. I do think of the Amanda case from time to time now when watching court case coverage on TV. I guess the Amanda case has given me a hinky meter about media coverage.

    I’ve just been reading over the last few pages of this AK blog, and I have to say, I truly admire how you covered it. You really knew the case. I wish I had been posting on your site back then. I would have supported you 100%.

    I guess I’m the only one posting here now. I hear echos in the room. LOL I’m hoping for a good outcome for tomorrow.

  3. Joan says:

    It’s sad. The Italian High Court overturned the acquittal.

  4. lizzy says:

    @Joan, not an empty room, just a speechless one.

  5. Zeno49 says:

    I have found numerous eerie parallels between Jodi Arias and Amanda Knox. With respect to “character” the two are similar.
    In particular the JA Ninja Story vs the Knox Patrick Lumumba story.
    Knox as well as Rafaele of course have wealthy parents and have mounded huge PR machines. Both AK and RS have lucrative book deals.
    Americans are wont to believe the Italians are corrupt and out to get them.

    How do you get a comparison between Jodi Arias and Amanda Knox? This I have to hear- they are polar opposites in intellect, scholastics, sports, relationships, family background, social standing and overall Knox never stalked anyone or hacked them up.

    Seriously. Do some homework before spewing such nonsense.


  6. lyla says:

    Second trial began today. No double jeopardy law in Italy. Will there ever be a definitive conclusion to this case? AK will not attend and RS plans to be there when the verdict is read.

  7. lyla says:

    Amanda Knox found guilty of murder again by Italian court

  8. lizzy says:

    Still speechless, but now outraged, too. Prosecutors dropped the sex game theory; this time it was allegedly an argument about bathroom hygiene that spun so out of control that two men helped Amanda Knox commit murder? And the court found her and Sollecito guilty yet again under the new theory?

    OK, not speechless. Aghast.

    There was never any way that court was going to admit this sham. Unreal.

  9. Malty says:

    I am surprised I don’t think I will go to Italy any time soon

  10. Rose says:

    looks like case is a byproduct of some internal Italian political struggle,
    maybe personal animus rooted, between members of local judiciary
    and the appellate judiciary. like a rope pull,
    with mud inbetween for 1 side or the other to fall in. look for another reversal.

    Under your theory, which I agree with, because of the current political appointments if you will, I think it will be affirmed- unfortunately.

  11. Rose says:

    pity the Italian citizen.

  12. Kim from PA says:

    I vaguely followed this story when in was happening. I have just tuned into 20/20 tonight with Diane Sawyer interviewing Amanda Knox. It very much stands out to me that Amanda “cries” often throughout the interview but there are no tears. None.

    I know there wasn’t any DNA evidence placing Amanda at the scene. I don’t think she committed the murder, but I do think she knows more than she says. MOO.

  13. lyla says:

    Interview with Diane Sawyer:

    My blood boils. I thank the man upstairs that I live in the US

  14. lyla says:

    Interesting dialog from Allen Dershowitz regarding Italian justice system. He states there is plenty of evidence implicating Knox.

    I think Dershowitz at times, is a brilliant appellate attorney. Other times, when I see him make a statement that Italy does not allow double jeopardy and not distill that response in comparison to US jurisprudence- I find it irresponsible. That is a fat debate being held by folks way better equipped than I, but I would simply offer this-

    Unfortunately, to go to the “She also would not be in jail because “she is pretty” in the US is balderdash. It did nothing for Jodi Arias and it freezes my shorts when issues get inflated because they frankly have NOT studied the first trial, or the appellate ACQUITTAL. Italy has something, speaking as a matter of law the US does not and that is prosecutorial appeal. It is the same damn thing considering the primary issue here, or should be, is that under US law- our threshold of evidence is tested as to probative v inflammatory and DNA ( scientific) is tested under Daubert. In the short version, both sides have the ability to present argument and/or experts to challenge said evidence prior to it ever coming in. Don’t even get me started on the interrogations or perhaps the change in motive mid-appeal because the former won her an acquittal.

    What about ole Rudy? You know, the guy who had 15 years shaved off his sentence for implicating Knox and Soccelito AFTER his conviction. You see that a lot in the US?

    Call it what you want, under the same auspices in the US there is no chance this girl would have been convicted on what they are calling evidence because it never would have met the standard under US “means test”.

    If I am not mistaken, Ms. Kerchers sister’s response was that they are resolved to never really know what happened to their beloved sister. It sounded to me like they doubt the ” reversal” themselves. God Bless their hearts.

    I think someone may win the argument with me that it is not for the US to judge another country’s justice system in total. I do think we get to weigh in when we are talking about taking away the liberty of one of our citizens who remains one.


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