On Grammy Eve: Superstar Songstress Whitney Houston Dead At 48

Posted by BOC Staff | Whitney Houston | Saturday 11 February 2012 8:38 pm

Announced minutes ago,  Whitney Houston  has died at age 48.

The details about her location and cause of death have not yet been made public.

Houston was thought to be on the verge of a comeback after many years of suspected and admitted drug abuse after splitting with her long-time husband Bobbie Brown.


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Jacqueline Beaufort, contributing editor



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  1. wpg says:

    This is so utterly sad.

    A beautiful woman with a beautifully powerful voice . . . a wonderful actress.

    I Will Always Love You has stayed with me over the decades, softly sung to loved ones.

    Thank you, Whitney Houston.

    Rest in Paradise.

  2. wpg says:

    Blink says:

    “I saw Ms. Houston live in the old Vet Stadium when I was 20.

    I cannot think of a song of hers I do not know by heart- I so wanted to see such a brilliant artist make it through the dark, if you will.

    God Rest, and sing some more, will ya?

    Blondie in row 37″

    I know Blink, been pulling for her over the years, too.

  3. osu says:

    Amazing talent gone too soon. God bless.

  4. Word Girl says:

    Aw…I saw the tab rags with something on her recently; more struggles.

    That stuff will kill you.

  5. trish says:

    RIP Whitney. Blink I can remember rocking my colicy baby to her tunes. She told O that she was either her best friend or her worst enemy. She always tried for her daughter. She loved her so much :(

  6. connie says:

    So sad- what a lovely and talented person. Definitely one of the best voices I have ever heard.

  7. Ragdoll says:

    This beautiful lady and songstress was a huge part of my 80′s. I feel like I lost a part of my youth.

    Grace be with you goddess Whitney. I know you carried Jesus in your heart. You’re free and your pain has been dissolved forever.

    You are still every woman ;)

    Infinite love and gratitude XOXOXOXO

  8. pale rider says:

    One of the most beautiful and talented artists ever! Gone way too soon.

    I too thought she had conquered her demons and was coming back.

    Love you, Whitney. Tonight you’re singing with the angels in God’s choir.

  9. Irish says:

    So sad. I really wanted good things for her, too. Her voice changed music forever, there’s no doubt. Rest in peace, dear Whitney. My thoughts to her family now. :(

  10. Ode says:

    Whitney, dear haunted soul, peace is now yours but not the peace I wish you had on earth. Your beauty was known to us in your voice that echoed in our head and will remain with us. I thank you for that. The angels now have you and the music that they make will be a little sweeter now. I wish it wasn’t so but so it is. May God bring comfort to those that loved you and help them hear your voice in their heart.

  11. carol in va says:

    What a sad morning! This beautiful lady was innocent when she got involved with a drug thug. I hope her little girl will rise above all of this a live a godly life.

    I do believe Mr. Brown was a deeply troubling influence in her life, but she was an adult and made her own choices. Although I have had someone close to me with addiction problems, I will be the first to admit that I do not “really” understand it.

    I have many fave songs of hers of course, but my all time fave is not one of her biggest hits, and it is driving me mad I cannot remember the name of it today- but I wish to thank her for making me sing aloud wherever and whenever I was when I heard it.


  12. Ode says:

    Blink turn that radio in the front of the car a little louder so we in the back can sing out loud too. I wish we all here could be in that car for a moment with Whitney’s voice singing the National Anthem or just about anything. I will make it point to sing a little louder when I hear one of her beutiful songs.

  13. susanm says:

    rip whitney,my neighborhood was ringing with her music last night,turned up loud, everyone singing along. —blink, i remembered that she was your first concert ,from when we listed ours on one of the morgan harrington posts.

    OMG, what a memory susanm. Your right.

  14. GraceintheHills says:

    A truly amazing voice has been silenced. Whitney, may you rest in peace, and may your beloved daughter, Bobbi Kristina, be comforted by memories of happier times.

  15. Slowroller says:

    Vocally, Whitney had no equal

    I am so sad…feels like the day Michael died all over again

  16. Whaazupwitchu says:

    However it starts, when it is fully entrenched, addiction (of any type) has reached the stage of a brain disease. The brain has been altered and it takes a very strong consistent program to keep it from slipping back. Relapse is very common. Hence the popularity (and incredible strength) of the 12 Step Groups and having a sponsor. Frequently mental and emotional problems are part of the picture, before and after.
    Your civil rights allow you to drink and/or drug yourself to death.

  17. trish says:

    Watch her sing the Star Bangeled Banner. Wow brings chills!

  18. Doug says:

    From the good old days, before she contracted Bobby Brown disease….http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eH3giaIzONA

  19. Word Girl says:

    trish, i love you.

    Star Bangled Banner would make Whitty laugh so hard!

    or is this a case of damnyouautocorrect?




  20. Lòni says:

    I love Witney’s music , her voice , she was beautiful. So sad, gone too soon. God needed her voice in heaven and she
    sings with the angels now. RIP Witney you gave the world
    so much with your beautiful voice.<3

  21. Lòni says:

    Oh sorry Whitney in hurry i wrote to fast and forgot the “h “in your beautiful name!

  22. Kim from PA says:

    Whitney’s voice was truly one-of-a-kind. I remember listening to “I Will Always Love You” and “All The Man I Need” over & over again. I had never heard such a beautiful, moving voice. Jennifer Hudson did a phenomenal job singing a tribute to Whitney at the Grammy’s. Why do people so talented and gifted so often not take good care of themselves?

  23. Shelly says:

    Didn’t she “Almost Have it All”?

    Her beautiful and unique voice will be sorely missed <3

  24. lily2 says:

    The fact that Bobby didn’t immediately cancel his concert to fly home to comfort his daughter made him even LOWER in my mind. Didn’t think that was possible.

    Remember Whitney’s powerful voice, I believe Oprah was right – we did get to hear God when she sang.

    But even more – pray for her daughter who is now going to be walking a lonely road without her mom.

  25. Mom3.0 says:

    I was very saddened to hear of the death of Whitney Houston-
    My condolences to her family and friends, and to all those who loved her.

    Many times throughout my time as a mom and as an educator I have heard Whitneys words play in mind-

    Such a lovely voice, such a lovely message

    I believe the children are our future
    Teach them well and let them lead the way
    Show them all the beauty they possess inside
    Give them a sense of pride to make it easier
    Let the children’s laughter remind us how we used to be

    RIP Whitney

  26. Liam says:

    Happy Valentines day to all but mostly to my secret crush, Blink ;) x

    Lol back at ya :)

  27. Al says:

    IMHO, addiction starts out as a bandaid for emotional issues such as shyness, fears, anxieties, and stress. It eventually becomes a physical addiction when the brain ceases production of certain chemicals due to the drug of choice making it no longer necessary from the brains point of view. The toxic nature of the drugs eventually overwhelms the brain and other organs in the body leading to death.

    My only experience is with alcohol. I’ve seen people die knowing they would full well die rather than give it up. Unfortunately one of the keys to giving these drugs up is to drop the circle of friends and enablers associated with the drug use. This can be extremely difficult to do for people in the entertainment business. How does one isolate themselves from a lifestyle that is a part of the profession.
    Endless self idolation events such as the Grammies, Soapies, Peoples, Academies, Guildies, and other self serving professional party and photo fests make it a tough go indeed. An addict should not be allowed within a hundred miles of one of these events other than their required token appearance.

    It’s no wonder these people kill themselves in a fit of indulgence.

  28. susanm says:

    poor whitney,i feel so sorry for her daughter. i hope a complex toxiology is done. just capping it off as drugs , doesnt begin to explain,or get the message to people who might be mixing,new marketed pills and alcohol.amy winehouse,brittany morgan,heath ledger,ect.,is the non celeb ,pill addicted demographic ,dropping like flies?or do celebs have a larger intake,easier access?—- who drank the heineken?

  29. Sammy says:

    Found this short video of Whitney as a young girl singing at her N.J. Church – “New Hope Baptist Church” in Newark.
    Even at that tender young age … her voice is so strong and beautiful.

    (video is embedded in the TMZ link below)

    Sorry to link to TMZ – but this one very early black + white video is beautiful in it’s simplicity + worth the look.

    The likes of TMZ and all the “entertainment” rags and websites have gone too far once again though … with other pix/stories that are macabre and in very poor taste. MOO
    That they’ve paid someone for such obscene things as “bathtub at Beverly Hills Hotel after Whitney removed” and pix of “Whitney’s final room service meal”.
    Unnecessary and in such poor taste.
    Those I just “scroll + roll” past.

    And SHAME on those people in Whitney’s inner circle for selling pix such as these. (they are the only ones who would have had access to that hotel room + bathroom immediately after her death).
    Till the end they are selling out Whitney and what should be private family matters to the highest bidder. (TMZ, Entertainment Tonight – and their ilk)

    I feel very torn about linking the one TMZ video I did above – I hate passing on the work of vultures such as TMZ and all the “entertainment TV shows and websites”.
    On the other hand, the early black + white video of Whitney singing Gospel music at her church is so special.

    I hope that Whitney’s mother Cissy Houston and cousin Dionne Warwick will play the major roles in helping Bobbi Kristina in her healing.
    Both are strong woman with the strong moral compass to be with Bobbi Kristina’s and keep her best interest at heart.

    As many others have mentioned above – Whitney singing our National Anthem at the Super Bowl (1991) during the Persian War time period is a memory that stays with me always.
    Every time I hear or watch it – I still get goose bumps and feel the tears well up in my eyes.
    Because it can’t be seen/heard too many times (moo) – here’s a link to Whitney singing her heart out at that Super Bowl.

  30. Sweetie_Pi says:

    Someone said, any good artist can hit the notes, but few can hit the notes and our souls; Whitney took all that genius and talent and sang about what matters most to the human race, love. I was doing research into the Mexico Columbia cartels and new money laundering modalities (in CA specifically) and connections to the recent murders in MX, on Sat when I heard about this… so I want to tell you I instantly remembered another IJ who was married to some Hwd producer’s daughter, and he talked about cocaine flown in by the planeload and made avlbl by the table load at back parties in LA. That was during Whitney’s hey day, via her BadBoy, and she became hooked. TheIJ I’m referring to was no longer addicted cocaine but to prescription drugs, multiple MD’s… I was shocked at how it took very little scrip drugs to trigger profuse sweating, and psychotic breaks. Sound familiar? He’d rail about it all, yet still unable to break free of it all. So we know addiction is like a black vulture that hooks onto a person’s back and never leaves, a person just learns to live with it always in recovery. Or not. Anyway, fast and furious, courtesy our AG (on whose watch we lost our King and Queen of Pop), armed Al Qaeda in Mexico, thought you’d want to know,and it wasn’t just guns. As for the drugs, the Islamic fundies have said since 9/11 hooking mass numbers of infidels on drugs is the fastest way to bring infidel nations to its knees. Trust me they’ve not been all over Latin, South America, MX since the mid 1990′s for nuttin. Let’s not let them win.

  31. I am speechless, as i should be. I am not shocked by no measure. RIP Whitney…Gone but you will never be forgotten. Forsaken but we will never forget. I too grew up on all of your hits amd music you blessed us with…i am sad, very sad indeed. We all know how this happen but yet it continues in our streets. Forgive us Whitney, we on earth have let you down, for ourselves have not the power to free our great nation of these trials and tribulations…….it is bigger than us all. We all have defferent needs difference vices and different ways of dealing with our problems…i cant say my way/vices are any better/worse than how you handled yours…..it would be unfair judgements on my part. my prayers are with your family as they will need time to heal from the heavy hearts you leave behind. I agree with AL, Sammy and Sweetie_pi…you were living in a tough world with alot of triggers and many temptations..More than most adverage people are dealing with….Addiction knows NO limits, no social economic status or creed…it can take anyone, anytime, and i am not just speaking of drugs or alcohol.. Whitney, you will definitely be missed…. RIP.

  32. Malty says:

    Wonderful Whitney
    You are missed
    We loved you

  33. SouthernMom says:

    Finally just had a chance to watch the Grammys on TIVO. What beautiful tributes to her by so many. Jennifer Hudson did a fabulous job, but even her immaculate rendition of “I Will Always Love You” paled in comparison to Whitney’s voice in that song.

    RIP and prayers for your Daughter in the many years to come, you will be missed by all, but especially her.

  34. PaMom says:

    Kevin Cosner gave a beautiful eulogy to Whitney Houston today. This is such a terrible loss for her family. She was just to young.

  35. Al says:

    With respect, we’re never too young, especially when we ignore all the warning signs and push the limits. Some would call it just desserts. We only need to read or experience young children dying from cancer or other horrible diseases inherited through no fault of their own in order to learn how vulnerable our bodies really are. I’m guilty as hell of a few of these abuses but stayed away from the extreme stuff, yet it still got too me eventually.

    I think it is quite appropriate to celebrate Ms Houston’s talent, beauty,and accomplishments but her life style should be blasted and used as a warning sign.

  36. Sammy says:

    Al says:
    February 19, 2012 at 11:42 am
    I think it is quite appropriate to celebrate Ms Houston’s talent, beauty,and accomplishments but her life style should be blasted and used as a warning sign.

    I respectfully agree with you Al.
    Addiction ends with jail (if you’re lucky) – or a premature death.
    As hard as family members are said to have battled to save Whitney from herself – in the end, the addict has to WANT saving.

    Very disturbing news being reported on radar-online today abut daughter Bobbi Kristina.
    Long been reported that she too has a drug problem … but the death of her mother has fueled matters.
    Seems Bobbi Kristina slipped away after the funeral – and the family was frantic to find her all night.
    She was found doing drugs and brought back just in time for the burial yesterday.

    The quotes from the link below are VERY troubling – the typical l family spokesmen (aka PR spin) downplaying the obvious.
    I sure hope Cissy Houston and the other strong matriarchs in the family get real with this and seek intensive help for B.K. NOW.
    Denial will end up with another life cut short.

    (from the link)
    “Ms. Cissy was beside herself.”

    “Cissy and others won’t admit out loud that Bobbi Kristina “has a drug problem,” said the friend. “But they know it and have been trying to keep her straight even before Whitney passed. But losing your mother and the life you’re accustomed to all in one day is enough to send anybody off the deep end.”

    “A spokesperson tried to downplay the situation, and said the teen isn’t on drugs.”


    Honestly if she is as bad off as is NOT being reported, and I do believe she is, the best thing they can do for her is to work with LE to get her arrested or committed involuntarily.

    I presume she is the beneficiary of her Mother’s estate, and this can only get worse.

    Anna Nicole and Daniel come to mind here.

    Frequently family members or friends are compensated to secure scripts, or as in the case of Michael Jackson, some hire docs willing to sribe meds in false names, etc, for “privacy”.

    I believe if that was happening at all to either of these ladies, concern about it’s uncovering may be a factor. I would implore those closest to her to get her in treatment, at any cost, by any legal means.


  37. New says:

    I agree with you all. Anyone else caught using drugs is arrested and depending on the substance being used jailed and sent to court where first time offenders usually are required to go to rehab to avoid a jail sentence.

    You as a loved one can not police an addict and their behavior. They have to want to police themselves or they will never leave their drug of choice. Cissy Huston (God Love Her ) can not change this young person who has lived with two addictive parents. My heart goes out to Cissy, the life effort she put into her Daughter must have been unbelieveable to imagine. She is 78 years old and I believe felt failure and defeat many times. Now to be challenged again.

    I too love Whitneys music.

    Dr Drew had a program about addiction last week. I thought, at last someone will address this in a simple public forum. I only hope more programs will address these issues.

    One thing that I wish people would realize is that addicts only love their drug. They are incapable of loving family. Once read that taking a snort of coke is like the start of a love affair. The addict continues to return for that feeling always needing more to accomplish it. What starts as an emotional need becomes a physical requirement. Like food or the air we breath. So sad.

    I cried for most of the Church service. Cissy took the Nation to Church. What a heroic woman.

  38. NancyS says:

    I have not been hear sharing lately but I do read when I can, I have had some physical stuff going on with this old body of mine BUT enjoy inreading about Whitney on here. It is a pleasant change from a dead child or missing women….. I love coming over hear to read the latest and seeing my online friends.

    I am still watching the funeral in parts as I had to Tivo it . I turn it on and end up crying, but they are greatful tears as this service was one of the best I have ever seen on honoring a star.

    Beautiful! RIP Whitney and we can pray for Bobbi Kristina.

  39. Riverpearl says:

    The day Whitney passed I listened & watched many,many videos of her …
    the one link I post has a large collection of her work …
    I hope y’all can enjoy Whitney in these … moments :)


  40. Riverpearl says:

    Here’s a YouTube video of Whitney Houston & Cissy Houston – I Know Him So Well (Live)
    * A beautiful performance with her mother Cissy Houston
    Song from the Broadway Musical “Chess”

  41. Mom3.0 says:

    NancyS- I am sorry to hear of your troubles. It is nice to see you.

    Riverpearl thanks for those links.

    May Whitney Rest In Peace and may her family and friends find comfort and strength in her memories and in the lasting legacy of her beautiful voice/music.


  42. erica says:

    Since I have not covered Mr. Jackson’s case, I am suspect that you might be looking to promote that individual here?

  43. erica says:

    I never heard of this guy until Forbes ran an article about him recently. I then did a little research about him and came across some strange things.

  44. NancyS says:

    Hi Blink,
    How are you doing my friend? I was just reading an article by marinade Dave about the Caylee fund being shut down and he doesnt know too much about it. I know you will as you lived and breathed this case from the very beginning. I have some questions lately about it now that I can think about it instead of being outraged.I am wondering about this fund and why it got shut down as I think they just didnt need it anymore. they got their money and that is what Casey is living on. Where are the Anthonys? strange, they seemed to have disappeared. I also wanted to ask you what happened about all the plumbing stuff at the ANthony home? You told us you would do a whole follow up story on all of your finds and information after the trial? I also wanted to know what Cindy found on July 3rd? thanks Blink, I can’t wait to hear all the stuff that we couldnt.

  45. Mom3.0 says:

    Not sure if others have posted this or not-
    But the results are back


    Houston died from drowning, coroner says

    Whitney Houston was a chronic cocaine user who had the drug in her system when she drowned in a hotel bathtub, coroner’s officials said Thursday after releasing autopsy findings that also noted heart disease contributed to her death….

    Toxicology results also showed Houston had marijuana, Xanax, the muscle relaxant Flexeril, and the allergy medication Benadryl in her system. Houston died just hours before she was scheduled to appear at producer Clive Davis’ pre-Grammy Awards bash.

    The singer also had buildup of plaque in her arteries that can restrict blood flow. Assistant Chief Coroner Ed Winter said the condition is common in drug users, although he said it wasn’t clear whether Houston had a heart attack on the day she died.

    “It just beats up their heart and they will go to use and they will have a heart attack,” he said.

    The exact amount of cocaine in Houston’s system was not disclosed Thursday but will be contained in a full autopsy report to be released in about two weeks, officials said.


    My continued prayers to her family to her friends and to all her fans… & you too Blink

    May she Rest in Peace

    Thank you Mom 3.0- I got this earlier and I will be the first to say, I am not surprised, but I am heartbroken for Ms. Houston.

    I fear the final report may be even more alarming as to the amount of cocaine and perhaps the delivery of it, into her system

  46. NancyS says:

    This is heartbreaking Blink, I too suspected this but I don’t understand accidental drowning? Maybe they will explain it more in the autopsy report. Whitney just seemed to be such a sweet person, I hate what drugs do to good people. so sad. I am very worried about her daughter also…

  47. SouthernMom says:

    In the cases of Heath Ledger, Britney Murphy, Anna Nicole Smith, her son and countless others, the lethal combination of drugs (sometimes both prescription & over the counter) was enough to sedate the brain to a point to stop breathing.

    In Whitney’s case, I am assuming a black out of sorts or just exhaustion from too many hours awake from a high or a combination of both that caused a deep deep sleep. Or maybe a brief period of non-breathing and slumping into the water that was too much when her first deep breath in her body trying to recover from this (as an apnea patient does when “catching up”) was after she was submersed breathing in water instead of air. I hurt for her, such a sad story.

    This is so heartbreaking…my prayer is for her story to touch the many people who are/were on the same downward spiraling road as Whitney found herself again….to somehow take note, wake-up and be encouraged to get help the they need.

    If only a few, but hopefully thousands, are awakened and moved to make changes in their own lives…motivated by Whitney’s tragic story and are able to turn their lives around, then we can still rejoice in something good coming from this great loss.

    Whitney Houston’s voice was that of an angel and a gift from the heavens, maybe, just maybe, her stuggles with addiction and the consequences of that lifestyle can somehow be a healing legacy as well.

    I so agree with this.

  48. susanm says:

    BURNED by scalding hot water? who accidently steps into a scalding hot bathtub? http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/lanow/2012/04/whitney-houston-burned-by-hot-bathtub-water-coroner-finds.html

    Someone likely unable to feel it I suppose, but if she passed out in it, that kind of heat would elevate her bloodpressure very quickly.

  49. Mom3.0 says:

    Just needed to express my sadness about Bobbi Kristina.

    So young…

    Blink I Know you cant be feeling good that yr fears have come to pass

    My prayers are with her and W/her family and friends.


    No, I don’t and although unhelpful unprofessional and immature- I would like to state Bobbie Brown is a class A scumbag- and that includes several members of his family getting plowed in the hotel while this little girl is struggling for her life. Just heartbreaking. Thanks for paying your respects Mom3.0

  50. Mom3.0 says:

    I understand yr feelings Blink as it is heartbreaking.

    I m not sure what happened or what to think – Especially as it seems that LE are now looking into possible foul play.


    There will be criminal charges levered at some point in this case, of that I am sure. I am hearing grumblings that the RO against Gordon is in part the reason she was moved- and is being used to keep him away from her at the moment. Just tragic.
    I swear this little girl never had a chance in this mess- how tragic.

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