Blink On Crime Kyron Horman Investigation Exclusive: DeDe Spicher Interview Yields Allegations Of Illegal Steroid Use Terri Horman Took To Police

A Blink On Crime Exclusive: DeDe Spicher speaks for the first time about her ordeal in the Kyron Horman investigation- continued  ©

S. Christina Stoy, Editor In Chief- Blink On Crime

DeDe Spicher and Terri Moulton Horman


In the first part of’s exclusive interview with DeDe Spicher,  she revealed that after over 3 years of attempting to provide Multnomah County Sheriffs Office as well as Assistant Deputy Attorney Norm Frink with the necessary information they requested to clear her from any suspicion in the circumstances surrounding the disappearance of Skyline second grader Kyron Horman; she has finally been cleared after passing a polygraph as part of her requirement under an immunity deal that has been sealed with the court.  Unofficially cleared, that is.

Spicher and her attorney Chad Stavley,  who have since refused all local media requests,  would very much like the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office and current District Attorney Rod Underhill to clear her officially and publicly.

Spicher is adamant that law enforcement never had any reason to question her statements to them from the beginning, has cooperated fully for over three years and recently testified before the grand jury to prove she had nothing to hide.  While she would like the public to know that any assertions to the contrary are untrue, and sometimes have been offered maliciously,  her desire to speak out about her experience over the last three years is primarily to force investigative resources to review it’s progress- and hopefully adjust in a way to further leads in Kyron’s case.

As was proven not only by her recent polygraph,  but also by the verification that no evidence ever existed to support investigator’s theory in the first place,  Spicher had no information about anyone’s potential involvement in Kyron’s disappearance, let alone her own.

The continuation of our interview, which provoked some very interesting revelations long felt to be a possibility by many, was confirmed by Ms. Spicher  as she says- told to her by Terri Moulton Horman are prompting new possible theories in the circumstances surrounding the disappearance of Kyron Horman.  Two days after Kyron Horman’s eleventh birthday.

Stoy: So, in your estimation then,  why do you think that detectives Herron and Kravfe were so sure that you were involved or knew who was.

Spicher:  I have thought about this a lot, and I think there were a few reasons.  I think because I was advised through a meeting Terri had with a family friend and attorney that she should assume that all of her communication was being monitored by law enforcement and anyone she had contact with.  He told her to assume the house was bugged as well as vehicles, etc.  I also believe you did an article a while back that pointed out her phone was in Kaine’s name.   As this was a day or two after she was served with the restraining order,  she was also told that

Stoy (interrupting): You bought a prepaid phone after June 28th and never had one before that?  I had read that you or someone else purchased them the day of or the day after Kyron’s disappearance.

Spicher: No.  I purchased one prepaid phone, after Terri shared the info from her meeting, in my own name, either June 29th or 30th.    I think they were hung up on the fact that I came to her aid with no contact for so long so they just were convinced there had to be.

Stoy: ok, sorry, continue.  So you are not saying that LE was suggesting that you were hiding some other number you had and that was how they were alleging that you HAD to have been in contact with Terri or some other person prior to and on June 4th and that escalated your “poi” status in your opinion?

Spicher:  They did not say that to me specifically, but what they repeated over and over again, was that Terri and I had to have had some form of communication we were hiding.  It never made any sense to me because I knew I only had my cell that I had forever until the end of June,  and I knew I had not been in contact with Terri since her 40th birthday party in March.  So I would ask- well then I guess that means that you don’t have any contacts you can’t verify from either of us so why am I even in this “interview”?

To my recollection they never shared with me or answered any of my questions in response when something they kept hounding me about seemed absurd and conflicting with their theory.

Stoy: Which was?

Spicher: At first,  I think that they really believed I was involved,  and at some point I think they were talking more “accessory after the fact” because I got the impression ( although they did not share it with me) that Terri’s cell phone activity that day was nowhere near where I was,  and my vehicle never left, nor did I.  They would not verify that they located the ceramics/glassware artist [pottery artisan] I told you about and still have not.

Stoy: So in your opinion, you were clearly the linchpin of this case,  they [LE] believed you held the key to solving it and/or implicating Terri exclusively at that point, they no longer entertained your involvement per se?

Spicher: I honestly don’t think I could say that I ever believed that they stopped treating me as some sort of suspect.  I never felt that way,  but yes, absolutely they 100% believe that Terri is responsible and I definitely believed we all had to be interviewed and scrutinized or whatever,  but I really thought up until the meeting with Norm Frink that they [LE] would abandon that theory quickly because if they were positive I was the key, and I knew I was not, that would also eliminate Terri, who I did not and do not believe, but have no proof, was involved or knew anything.

Stoy: Right, so if you had nothing, and they felt you were the only nexus, it had to mean that they had no independent evidence of anything or anyone else so they would start in another direction?

Spicher: Right, but every interaction I had with them following and including the request to participate in the sting against her, made me believe they never did.  To get back to the why question you asked me- my final thought on that is that they kept pointing out that I was the person to tell everyone not to speak to them without attorneys in the beginning.    I would ask like who do you mean,  because that would have been my opinion across the board for any situation, but it was definitely based on what was getting out about how they were going about this.  I was scared and it turned out it was good reason.   I also would point out to them that I did not think that was or should be the basis for suspicion because if it was, it seemed to me that I was told that several staff members at Skyline had hired counsel, and Kaine was the FIRST to have one between he and Terri and I had told her at least a week or so before that she should.

Stoy: Why do you think she did not immediately take your friendly advice?  Your Dad was LE, and I presume she knew that.  People can say what they want, but I know many members of law enforcement in different jurisdictions and agencies.  I have worked with them or contributed analysis to cases with them privately [I cannot and would not ever include that in anything I choose to write on] and I can tell you that I do not know one of them that if they were the focus of a criminal probe or internal investigation they absolutely do not agree to an interview without a representative.  In fact,  Herron is or was the President of Mulnomah County Police Union or was, if I recall correctly.  So to that end, I find that a pretty hypocritical reason for suspicion of anyone.

Spicher: (laughs) Interesting.  I am not sure that I knew that. The reason Terri didn’t get an atty before the RO was because she was told by LE that if she did, she wouldn’t be privvy to any of their investigative discoveries, she would be out of the loop in finding Kyron.

Stoy: Have you had a desire or opportunity to review any sort of past events regarding the MCSO, I guess I should add, that involve anyone in this case or investigation you have had contact with?

Spicher: No,  do you mean like any other detectives or that sort of thing?

Stoy: Have you ever met with or been interviewed with any other agencies or detectives?

Spicher:  I believe I either met or just said hello to the guy you mentioned in that recent article of yours while he was at the house.  Both Kaine and Terri were there at the time as well.

Stoy: Bobby O’Donnell?

Spicher: That’s it,  yes, him.  Why did you ask me if I am aware of any sort of events- should I be?

Stoy: Well, I think that tangentially if I were you I would be considering just about everything as it related to what you have been through,  and I am aware of some what I will refer to as “stuff” but what I don’t want to do prior to the completion of our interview process is temper any of your responses with anything I know peripherally if that’s ok with you.  If you wish, once I publish the continuation which will have that sort of information,  I would invite you to comment on it for the record if you choose- are you ok with that?

Spicher: yes, that’s fine and probably a good idea.

Stoy: back briefly to the “sting request against Terri- On that issue- the request they extended to you outside the presence of your attorney and that they asked you not to tell Chad, as you think back ,  considering you have had no communication with Horman for over three years did you believe they thought it would work?  What did your attorney say when you told him?

Spicher: I can’t and won’t address any conversations I have had with my attorney,  but to answer your question as to my opinion,  I really don’t know for sure, I knew that I did not, and thought it was really, really odd- that was my first reaction.  After more thought,  and other conversations,  I don’t see how they thought it would work, or why they were still seemingly convinced after I had just passed the poly, etc, Terri was still their suspect and responsible.   What is your opinion on it?

Stoy:  I think I may reserve my thoughts on that for my piece.  Again, not wanting to temper your opinions  as we move along here and I think that could happen if I did.  Is that ok with you?

Spicher: Sure, thank you.

Stoy: I would like to move on to another subject for discussion.  I would just like to confirm for the record that I have never prior to this interview, asked you any questions about your potential knowledge of steroid use by yourself, or by Terri or Kaine Horman.  Is that correct?

Spicher: Correct, ok.

Stoy: Did they ask you this?

Spicher: Who is they?  You got a lot of pronouns flying around (laughs).

Stoy: Fair point, you’re right.  The good news is, as English, or should I say proper English is my second language (laughs) I use an copy editor.  Allow me to rephrase please.  Did anyone in law enforcement at any time ask you about steroids or other illegal injectable supplements sometimes used in weight training or body building in your interviews in this case?

Spicher:  Your question was did they [le] ask me anything about steroids or anything injectable ever?

Stoy: (laughs) now who’s throwing around the pronouns?

Spicher: (laughs) touche’ .  I was asked about it very vaguely in the beginning, I told them I had never used them, that I did not believe Terri ever did because she and I had similar views against using them and while we were on different supplement regimens when I was training for a marathon in 2008 I still remembered her to be knowledgeable about legal and effective nutritional supplements. I had no reason to believe she had ever used any kind of steroids.  I can’t say conclusively she never did but it would shock me.

Stoy: Why shock you?

Spicher: Because a few years back I recall Terri telling me that Kaine was what she referred to as “juicing”  and that his behavior had become very aggressive and well,  impatient or overeactive with the kids and she had discussed it with him and he ignored her.

Stoy: So for the record, when you say juicing you are referring to illegal steroids, not my Omega specials I make, correct?  That was the only question they ever asked you and did not ask any follow up questions like how long ago, etc, etc.  And so would you characterize the way law enforcement asked that question and their reaction to your response as disinterested, or having nothing to do with the case?

Spicher: I was never asked about Kaine’s use of steroids by either detectives or the grand jury.  But yes, that is what she told me.  I actually had forgotten all about it until she refreshed my recollection when I stayed there with her.  To the best of my memory I was asked just what I said, I answered as I just said and was never asked any follow up question nor was it mentioned again to me by law enforcement .  I don’t think I ever really understood what they did or did not think in terms of my information was important to the case,  but yes,  they were disinterested from my perspective as to it was the only time I was ever asked about it over the course of three and a half years and so my assumption is they still are.  But that is my assumption.

Stoy:  Understood, you are referring to the time you stayed at the Horman home late June 2010 through early July 2010 following Kaine’s  service of the restraining order and her exclusive use of the home?  Spicher:  I am not sure about the exclusive use part,  I didn’t really know anything about how that sort of thing worked and I think for some reason I want to say Terri was not allowed to show anyone.

Stoy: Ok.  Tell me everything you know about that. But, I would like you to see if you can provide me your recollection from what you were told about steroid use PRIOR to your conversations about it that refreshed your memory.  By the way, who else knows about this, if you know.

Spicher: Terri’s attorney Stephen Houze.

Stoy:  How would you know that?

Spicher: Because I helped her load them up, what appeared to me to be syringes in a box and deliver it to her attorney’s office, she said, at his request.   She also located some cancelled checks for what she said was Kaine’s payment for steroids.  I don’t remember who they were made out to but it was not to cash.

Stoy: ok,  understood,  we will get back to that.  I want to try and focus on what she told you those “few years back.”  Do you recall what year, even ballpark.

Spicher:  I want to say, but can’t be sure, it was after her competition in 2005,  and I am tempted to say it was around the time they got married or shortly thereafter- I am just not going to be much help in remembering this if you are asking me to extract what I remembered from then on my own.

Stoy: Nope, that’s what I am asking, your fine,  I don’t want to lead you but let me ask you a few things that may help.  Do you remember where you were during the conversation.

Spicher: I remember it was either the one and only time I ever had lunch with Terri, or it was during a time she called my cell,  Terri had a lot of drama,  and so I was in a Home & Garden Show class and I recall I was saying things out loud to let he know I was not free to talk really or respond as she was talking, so I was saying things like… I don’t know,  we should probably touch base on that when I am done here, or sounds good that we chat on it later.

Stoy: The brush up the other party is not getting, like that?

Spicher:  Yes, she was not getting it and so I was kind of 50% paying attention.  It was either during that call or at the lunch.  Other than that, I am not remembering the timing so well.

Stoy: But you would say a few years before Kyron went missing so based on that 2007 or 2008? Do you remember if they were married at the time?

Spicher: Again, we were friends for a good number of years but not close friends, I almost felt like if she was calling me or talking to me about it she had no other option at the time.

Stoy: Got it.  What did she say

Spicher:  She said that Kaine had been aggressive with her and impatient with the children and she attributed that to his “juicing”.  She confronted him and she felt he did not listen to her.  She told me that she then called a detective and turned in Kaine’s seller.  The member at the gym, I used to know the name but I really can’t recall because I was in the early morning crowd and this guy was more afternoon, I presume when they were there or they saw him.  I had stopped going to the same gym as them ater the first year or two I met them there.

Stoy: So she called a detective to turn in the seller Kaine was buying steroids from?  Wasn’t she concerned about the fact that buying them is also illegal and that Kaine could face charges?

SPicher: She told me that she contacted a detective and said she would be willing to turn over information about someone selling steroids but only if she could do so anonymously and without saying who was buying them, etc.

Stoy: So it was your understanding that she was trying to work out a scenario that would stop Kaine’s use without him ever knowing it was her by turning in that person?  Sort of like…  she gets approval to remain anonymous,  she gives the tip and then one day comes home and says… “Hey honey, guess what I heard at the gym.. you better stop that or you could be arrested for it, etc?

Spicher: Yes, something like that.  Except and again,  we have discussed it at one or both these occasions, but that did not work out.  The detective called her again directly and she was upset that there was further contact.  From what I recall,  I think that was the tone of what she was telling me.

Stoy: Understood,  so you are thinking that it may have been why she was sort of wired about it and not hearing you try to go about your day,  but insisting and venting like she was upset by it.

Spicher: Yes,  I think so.

Stoy: Do you think she could have called you because your Dad was law enforcement and she might need that sort of advice.  I don’t think so because she did not ask for any.  So then what?  Did Kaine find out?

Spicher: I just remember there was some sort of investigation of the guy,  and I really don’t know if Kaine ever found out about it or knows to this day.   If the seller or anyone was arrested or anything else at the time I do not remember,  that was how much I paid attention to it then until Terri reminded me of it.

Stoy: Ok.  Now, why is it that Terri was discussing it with you when you were staying at the house with her in your view?

Spicher:    Because after the restraining order was served and I guess she realized where Kaine was headed,  it was sort of like- if he was going to badmouth her, in her estimation it was false, but anyway, that Kaine had skeletons in his own closet sort of thing.   She told her lawyer [Houze] and she said he instructed her to bring the syringes and the cancelled checks to his office.   We did.

Stoy: So was Terri saying that Kaine was using steroids behind her back and she found this or that she knew and was having sort of the same reaction as last time, or she just learned once he was out of the home or what?  Was she suggesting this to you like it had something to do with Kyron’s disappearance?

Spicher:  I got the impression she did not know, or at least did not know when the last time he was using them was, but it gets fuzzy for me there because it is my belief up until the time the RO was served,  in my opinion she would have tried to protect Kaine from le finding out so I don’t know if she told le,  but it would surprise me.  Terri was always very family centric.  She would protect her family unit, and that is why she did the turning in thing,  this would seem the same to me until he made those murder for hire allegations.

Stoy: So did you get the impression from her that she thought that her allegation of Kaine’s steroid use had anything to do with Kyron’s disappearance?

Spicher: No, not at all.

Stoy: Nothing like, maybe this happened as some sort of retribution against her for turning someone in previously or against Kaine if they thought he was involved because after all she says he was the one buying it back then?

Spicher: No, she told me she had no idea who was responsible for Kyron’s disappearance or why, and the only possibility she came up with after the fact because of his past behavior and the fact that he showed up at her door demanding $10,000 she had no idea what he was talking about, that it was the landscaper.   He was the only person acting like a criminal at the time.

Stoy: Have you ever seen a text of hers involving the custody situation after the fact, after the Rudy Sanchez Estrada “sting”  and she called police twice that day/evening that ended with “mark 1 for the FBI.”

Spicher: I may have, if I did I don’t remember it specifically.

Stoy: She specifically said the FBI,  who has only ever assisted in this case, and who has no jurisdictional presence in Kyron’s case, I was just wondering if you had any thoughts on that.

Spicher: No, I don’t have any idea what she meant.

Is it possible that illegal steroid use or sales and the recent public outing there was an ongoing Federal Investigation with the emphasis on police and gym members that included persons familiar to the Horman’s  contributed to the circumstances involving the disappearance of Kyron Horman?

Has it been excluded by having more law enforcement investigating themselves?


Roid Rumors and Boys In Blue.. Coincidence Or Clue?

It is no secret that Oregon has seen it’s share of corruption allegations in recent years.  The very public and very disturbing account of it’s Governor Neil Goldschmidt’s involvement with a 14 year old girl earned Willamette Week’s Nigel Jaquiss a Pulitzer in 2005 for breaking the story a year earlier.  As a strong argument for the trickle down effect,  Goldschmidt’s former driver Bernie Giusto- who became the Multnomah County Sheriff following the debacle,  was forced to resign his position when a State agency declared they would be removing his police certifications due to his lack of “moral fitness” outlined in the now infamous Giusto Report.   A former Sheriff,   Bob Skipper, was then appointed to take his place, but after two attempts could not pass the required certifications.  The current Multnomah Sheriff Dan Staton, who has since won an election, was appointed in his place.  Several current MCSO officers assigned to Kyron’s case were interviewed for the Giusto report.

In fact,  Bobby O’Donnell was the lead investigator in Kyron’s case for the first 18 months who according to his own words in his interview was the unfortunate subject of an allegation involving his own very messy divorce.

MCSO Sgt Brett Ritchie stated in a police interview that O’Donnell was seen waving a gun and threatening his life [Ritchie] after he began dating O’Donnell’s ex wife. Laura O’Donnell was granted a restraining order against him that later became an agreement between the couple.

The lead investigator in the case of a missing child openly threatened a ranking officer and that incident was never investigated outside of Ritchie being told to stay away from O’Donnell.   O’Donnell’s deposition and his motion to quash it are the subject of a hearing scheduled for Friday September 13, 2013.

There is no question the agency tasked with the investigation into the disappearance of Kyron Horman has had several and more recent embarrassing entanglements.

In another investigative piece by the Willamette Week,  it exposes the egregious overtime paychecks that members of the prosecutors and investigators assigned to Kyron’s case have received during the early months following Kyron’s disappearance.

It is unclear how Multnomah County ever had jurisdiction in the investigation of Kyron’s disappearance. According to the Skyline School’s filed safety and response plan,  the Portland Police Bureau is the agency of record.

Multnomah County’s former woes might have paled a bit in comparison if only by the difference a year makes to public memory, to that of their fellow neighboring officers in Canby, located in Clackamas County.

After several investigations into the selling and possible use of anabolic steroids  a Canby Police officer, which were repeatedly stalled due to his caption  tipping other’s off  in the alleged ring ,  Officer Jason Deason was arrested along with Canby Landscape Supply Owner William Traverso,  Brian Casey Paul Jackson were arrested.  The investigation was believed to be ongoing and Traverso, Deason and Jackson all cut deals for quick prison stints that shocked fellow officers and the public alike.   The specifics of which were sealed by the court.  It is now known that the Federal Bureau of Investigation continued to require the ongoing cooperation of it’s criminals turned informants to pursue federal indictments against possible targets in law enforcement and members of the bodybuilding set- to include acquaintances of Kaine and Terri Horman.

Presuming the confirmed allegations are true- is it possible that ‘a few years back’ Terri Horman unwittingly set off a state turned Federal investigation into the buying, using and selling of human growth hormone and anabolic steroids?  How could this be connected, if it is, to the timing of Kyron’s disappearance even if she had?

“… Jackson,   through a plea deal on state charges in 2009 where he admitted to selling anabolic steroids to Canby police officers in uniform, had been working with the FBI on an ongoing investigation when they confronted him with the knowledge that he was found deceptive on a polygraph designed to indicate if Jackson’s participation was far more extensive then he originally admitted to…”

“…Jackson, with his attorney, began cooperating with federal authorities shortly after his arrest.  He identified his source for steroids as Vancouver resident Rainbow “Bo” Wild Keepers, 39, a competitive bodybuilder and photographer. Agents ran Keepers’ name in federal databases and discovered that an Arizona man had tipped off the Drug Enforcement Administration years ago that Keepers was his source of steroids. Keepers was never charged…”

 On June 3rd, 2010,  approximately 24 hours before Kyron Horman’s disappearance,  Jackson was arrested on a Federal warrant following a sealed indictment issued the day before after failing a polygraph and refusing to help the FBI further.

From the Indictment:

Between June 2, 2005 and May 2008, in the District of Oregon, BRIAN CASEY PAUL JACKSON, defendant herein, did knowingly and unlawfully distribute human growth hormone for use in a human, to a person with the initials B.W., whose full name is known to the grand jury,  in violation of Title 21, United States Code, Sction 333(e)(l).


It has since been revealed that the initials BW stand for Bradley Worden.  Worden owns a few businesses, all relating to wholesale gym equipment or nutritional products.  Worden has never been charged.

 Between June 2006 and June 2007, in the District of Oregon, BRIAN CASEY PAUL JACKSON, defendant herein, did knowingly and unlawfully distribute human growth hormone for use in a human, to a person with the initials N.W., whose full name is known to the grand jury, in violation of Title 21, United States Code, Sction 333(e)(l).


The identity of the person with initials NW is unknown.


Between June 2, 2005, and December 2007,: in the District of Oregon, BRIAN CASEY PAUL JACKSON, defendant herein, did knowingly and unlawfully distribute anabolic steroids, Schedule illcontrolled substances, to a person with the initials G.P., whose full name is known to the grand jury, in violation of Title 21, United States Code, Sections 84l(a)(l) and

841(b)( 1)(E).


The identity of the person with the initials G.P is unknown.


Between June 2, 2005, and June 2007, in the District of Oregon, BRIAN CASEY PAUL JACKSON, defendant herein, did knowingly and unlawfully distribute anabolic steroids, Schedule III controlled substances, to a person with the initials S.B., whose full name is known  to the grand jury, in violation of Title 21, United States Code, Sections 84l(a)(l) and 84l(b)(1)(E).


The initials S.B. refer to Steve Beaudoin,  a former work associate of Jackson’s and current Oregon State safety officer.


According to assistant U.S. Attorney Jane Shoemaker, Jackson sold Beaudoin at least 50 pills of the steroid Winstrol, an injectable steroid called Deca Durabolin, Sustanon and, in June 2007, 100 pills of Anavar on one to two occasions. Shoemaker also said Jackson sold Beaudoin $500 worth of human growth hormone. Investigators discovered the sales through witness interviews and Jackson’s computer records, Shoemaker said.



From Buff To Puff


In contrast to Jackson,  although Traverso also sold to Deason and other members of law enforcement,  William ‘Jake’ Traverso, a former competitive bodybuilder and “Mr. Oregon”  cooperated extensively with the FBI by identifying other law enforcement officers he sold steroids to, and got a lenient sentence of 15 days in jail, 30 days home detention and 24 months probation, with no federal charges.

In a letter submitted to a Clackamas County judge Monday, FBI Special Agent Christopher Frazier said that Traverso has discussed his drug distribution activities in detail. “The public safety employees identified by Traverso included law enforcement officers, corrections officers, fire and rescue personnel and university public safety officers,” Frazier wrote,  “Several spin-off FBI public corruption investigations were initiated as a result of these allegations, and are ongoing.”


Traverso, Deason and Jackson were cooperating with the Feds simultaneously, and in a very public way.  Although Deason had been similarly employed by the Canby Police under Chief Greg Kroeplin, at least one of the raids on Traverso- Deason’s client,  was by Deason’s Canby fellow officer James Murphy.


John Hingson, Traverso’s attorney and past commentator on the Horman case,  sparred with then ADA Norm Frink as well.  Hingson unearthed the report that included Murphy had been demoted following Deason’s arrest and his credibility was called into question.  Murphy worked the graveyard shift with Deason.  The report also revealed that both Deason and Officer James Murphy, who was one of the few to initiate an investigation into Deason’s steroid abuse, were put at risk when they were scheduled to work side by side as the only two officers on that shift.

“…Hingson obtained a 2009 report written by private detectives the City of Canby had hired to investigate the steroid scandal. Among their findings: Murphy had been demoted from detective to officer for alleged dishonesty…”

Chief GregKroeplin resigned prior to release of a scorching memo outlining the city’s findings they had outsourced properly to two retired Oregon detectives, which would have resulted in his termination.

Murphy, still employed by Canby Police, is apparently looking to renew the agencies stint for bad press.


On October 13, 2011, six months after former Willamette Week journalist James Pitkin featured his Lord of The Flies article outlining Murphy’s internal investigation led to his demotion for dishonestly, he arrested a freelance sports reporter while taking pictures of him exiting the Canby Police Headquarters on duty and entering his personal vehicle.

Andrew Millbrooke  filed a Federal lawsuit in 2012 against The City of Canby,  Officer James Murphy and his captain Bret Smith  for excessive force and wrongful arrest which took place after Murphy used his cruiser to follow Millbrooke who was on foot.   In a police report from another officer in the case, Millbrooke tells him he is a freelance journalist trying to expose corruption and drug use by Officer Murphy.  The suit is pending.  A review of the declarations by both Mr. Smith and Mr. Murphy do not include the details of the investigative report commissioned by The City Of Canby discussing Mr. Murphy’s prior demotion.  Mr. Murphy also had a recent court decision regarding improper procedure [See Bonneau].


With pending motions to release the employment files of some Canby police officers to include Murphy, the charges against  Traverso were dismissed  this past May due the state delaying the case over 23 months.

Traverso, Deason and Jackson are all currently on probation.  Traverso is awaiting trial on recent charges involving watermelon theft.

As the Federal Bureau of Investigation is listed as an investigative partner to MCSO in the Kyron Horman investigation, it is their policy not to release files where they are not the lead agency of record or during an ongoing criminal investigation .

Requests for comment from Kaine Horman through his attorney Brett Engel regarding the allegations that he has either purchased or sold  illegal steroids have not been returned at the time of this publication.

However, in an article published to include a quote from Kaine Horman it seems that Kaine confirms Ms. Spicher’s assertion that Terri Horman did not use illegal steroids,  but rather nutritional supplements and had moved past those very quickly after her bodybuilding competition.

“…Kaine said he noticed a sharp shift in her behavior, saying she became self-centered and short-tempered.

“She’s not eating a lot of food, she’s exercising twice a day, she’s up at 4 o’clock in the morning, she’s not sleeping at night so we get just general irritable behavior towards everyone around her,” he said.

He said she consumed over-the-counter stimulants, such as fat burners, in high doses. In four months between January and April, she shed 62 pounds, dropping from 185 to 123 pounds, he said.

At the end of April, with her muscles bulked up and skin glistening with a bronze tan, she competed in the Emerald Cup bodybuilding competition in Bellevue, Wash…”

S.Christina Stoy, Editor In Chief, was able to independently confirm Ms. Spicher’s account of alleged steroid use and ensuing investigation of a gym member as told to her by Terri Horman.

The source,  an associate of Terri Horman, DeDe Spicher and Kaine Horman who declined to be identified, went on to say that at the time it was “… really common knowledge who was using steroids and who was selling them…”   “… was not aware previously that Terri Horman claimed to have instigated contact with law enforcement to turn in the seller…”  The source declined to identify the seller and could not say for certain if he was charged and likely would not away- given the request not to disclose the source’s name on the record.

Reached for comment,  Terri Moulton Horman Attorney Stephen Houze declined to comment based on his policy of not speaking publicly when a client has pending legal matters.

A request for comment to Mr. Bunch,  Terri Horman’s divorce attorney has not been returned by the time of this publication.


More Questions Than Answers..

Following several hours of interviews with  DeDe Spicher, the woman who was not a close friend to Terri Horman but ultimately was the closest to her in the early days of the investigation- are we left with more questions than answers about what could have happened to the little boy whose 11th birthday was 2 days ago?

Spicher concedes that anything she discussed as told to her by Terri Horman in some minor instances may only be verifiable by Horman herself- and she is not talking… Yet.

She also points out that ultimately everything she told me she shared with investigators as far as “truthfulness” was confirmed by a polygraph – to include the question “Was she withholding any information from investigators?”

She was not.

Although limited, Spicher’s accounts in many instances confirm sparse information heard early on from Terri herself.  Not the least of which was that although widely criticized for not speaking out publicly, she was told by investigators not to under any circumstances- and when she broached the possibility of retaining counsel was told that she would then be cut off from any information as to the investigation process to find Kyron Horman.

Through Spicher,  Horman also confirmed that out of concern for Horman’s “spacieness”  which she defined by walking into a room and staring off, not remembering, etc,  Terri Horman called his pediatrition Thursday June 3rd and made an appointment for Friday June 11th.  His last day of school. Horman also told Spicher that Kyron had wondered off or got lost while in his teacher Ms. Porter’s care once before when following a fellow student out of class.

Initially, prior to learning Kyron had been marked absent not very long after she left the building, that was Horman’s first thought.  Those hopes grew into panic with that revelation that he had been missing for hours.


Spicher says Terri was adamant that she never had a sexual relationship with the now infamous landscaper Rudy Sanchez Estrada  Spicher agrees that her friend had the propensity to be flirtatious but she never knew her to be sexually promiscuous.  Outside of the fact that she says at Kaine’s request to occasionally include an additional female in the bedroom,  to which Spicher declined, she was not aware that the Horman’s had a swinger lifestyle.

To her knowledge,  there were other women that were asked to participate in a threesome with the couple that did not say no some years ago, but had no current knowledge and she herself was never involved with Horman sexually.

In her take, the addition of a 3rd female was an expression of control on Kaine’s part in the relationship.


Terri explained the landscapers “sexual accosting” , previously reported exclusively by www.blinkoncrime this way:

“… She said she had Kitty on her hip and he came up behind her and was kissing her neck and put his arm around her and when she verbally resisted with concern that Kitty was in her arms he sort of grabbed her and she spun around and broke free…”


Spicher adds that on more than one occasion she tried to bring that up during meetings with DA Norm Frink and investigators.  One one occasion, as suggested by her Father, a former Klamath County Marine Officer,  at their own expense  The Klamath County Sheriff and his first lieutenant had  agreed to meet with Frink, Spicher and her father on DeDe’s behalf to sort of provide character backgrounds and family history he felt would be helpful in clearing her.

“…  This came up in the first interview I had with Mr Frink and I told him she had made that call. Later in the interview when he was trying to push more of my buttons, he tells me that call never happened (implying Terri had lied to me). I told him okay, that’s what you’re telling me, but I recall it differently (implying he was lying to me right then). He got very angry about that and insisted it was “fact”. I said okay, whatever. Much later, like one of the last times I met with Mr Frink, the Klamath County Sheriff and his 1st Lieutenant flew up on their own dime to meet with Mr Frink & Keith Krafve to see if they could help by offering their opinion of my character, and that it didn’t seem unusual to them at all that I would go help Terri, that it is very consistent with how my family has always been. At that meeting, I retold the story of Rudy sexually accosting Terri (her words), but said I wasn’t sure about the 911 call. That totally infuriated Mr Frink. I told him I was trying to believe him and simply not certain about what I could remember on that point.


The DAs office behaved very strangely toward the Klamath Co Sheriff and his Lt. They tried everything they could to keep us separated and even insisted that they (the DAs office) drive them back to the airport, despite the fine fact that we (Dad & I) had picked them up and brought them in, and would definitely be seeing them again in the near future. It was just weird, to all of us…”


I asked DeDe if she used the term called 911 in every exchange.  She had.  I asked her if she got the impression that the reason Frink was so sure it never happened was because there was no 911 call on the record about it – could it be that maybe she reached out to that former law enforcement person she contacted on the steroid issue and it was actually a dispatch call versus a trackable 911 call issue.

Spicher says she got the impression that Frink was suggesting that the “accosting” as described by her friend did not happen, but could not be sure except to say that Frink seemed to become irate when she brought it up on every occasion.  Spicher felt Sanchez Estrada was the only person behaving like a criminal and that supported the accounts she was given.

I asked DeDe if Terri mentioned ever paying Sanchez Estrada for work at the Horman home.  She said she did not recall Terri ever saying anything other than she had no idea what he was talking about when he came to the door and asked for $10,000 so she slammed the door in his face and called 911.

Stoy: So did she think it was some sort of extortion attempt now that she had mentioned him to investigators and they told her that they had interviewed him?

Spicher: She thought that he was dangerous from her past experience.

Stoy: Did you think it was odd that with a brand new John Deere tractor parked outside that TH was hiring a landscaper?  I was able to confirm through other sources that he cleared some blackberry or blueberry bushes similar to Ms. Von Klevelen,  and the tractor does not have a UCC lien on it, meaning it was not financed.

Spicher:  No, it wasn’t.  Kaine bought it.  It was Terri’s job to manage the inside of the house as well as the entire property.   I knew that when Kaine would travel he would come up with this project lists for her to complete by the time he got home.  I  mean, like cleaning the gutters,  cutting the grass, washing all the windows, that sort of thing.  To the best of my recollection Terri and Kaine did not have bank accounts together- he controlled everything he made.

Stoy: With a baby,  7 year old and teenager and hubby out of town? How was she managing that?  No wonder he was suggesting that she was pouring through money like water or something like that, she was probably hiring help.  I am not even sure I think a woman by herself at that property with a baby should be on the roof by herself anyway.

Spicher:  No,  Terri  had to pay any support money or whatever to the household expenses and I have surmised Kaine gave her some sort of allowance which she probably blew through pretty quickly on frivolous things like food and clothes for her children.  I have never known Terri to be frivolous with money.  I know of at least two times when the projects she was supposed to accomplish were impossible for her to manage.  One was the windows so I believe she hired someone that time and as I recall her parents paid for that.  I believe the other was the landscaper.

Stoy: Is it a fair question for me to ask how you feel about Kaine, from your tone I am sensing you are not a fan.

Spicher: I have tremendous compassion for Kaine- he lost his child- what can one even say about that?  But no, he is not someone I would want to be friends with today and I was cordial to him whenever I was around him but he was very controlling and was pretty mean to Terri about her weight from Kitty, things like that- I am not going to have anything in common with that.

Stoy:  Did Terri ever mention anything about conflicts with Desiree Young, whether they were between her and she or Kaine and Desiree?

Spicher: Not that I recall, but I also never heard her speak of Desiree negatively at any time previously or when I stayed with her [Terri].

Stoy: That is saying a lot because right after the sting Ms. Young was pretty accusatory pretty quickly- and I do note that was based on information from law enforcement.  Similar to some of the things both she and Kaine said publicly about you.  Are you angry about that?

Spicher:  O my no.  That poor woman is going through hell and acted on information that I was told, lie or not, was given to her and Kaine.  I have nothing but compassion for her and I wish I could shoulder some of her pain because I can..   I have nothing but compassion for all of Kyron’s parents and any anger I have over how I was treated, what I went through would never be directed at them.   I really pray that Kyron will be found,  I choose to put my energy into hope for that.

Pending Matters

Through Attorney Bunch,  Terri Horman makes the claim that both law enforcement and Kaine Horman have been perpetrating the dissemination of inaccurate information involving the circumstances of Kyron Horman’s disappearance.

In a recent filing, set for hearing this Friday,  Bunch pens a scathing reply to Deputy O’Donnell’s motion to quash, and accuses the county of improper ex parte communication.

Early this afternoon,  a source within the Multnomah County Courthouse speaking on the condition of anonymity has confirmed that on behalf of Multnomah County, a motion has been filed to limit certain documents or discoverable information related to Mr. Horman and Bobby O’Donnell of the MCSO.

A hearing is scheduled before Judge Kantor for this Friday September 13, 2013



Jacqueline Beaufort,  Ellie Sanders – research and contributing editors to this article.

Jason Mateos- contributing editor, copy.



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  1. erose says:

    Blink, I am on the floor memorized by the latest. Before I even read anyone’s reaction, I want to say that three years have been spent looking at this case from one perspective. It is time to give three minutes to another. Thank you for your excellent investigative reporting on this. I just can’t help but think the reason this case has not resolved is because three years have been spent going in the wrong direction. I thank DDS for opening up and trying to put the train on the right track.

  2. Rose says:

    TY to both interviewer & interviewee for your hours of hard work.
    Now we’ll see if Underhill & Staton will clean house. As to
    information wrt to KH, on any of several matters, who’s surprised?
    TH must seek to protect Kiara by fully litigating all custody matters,
    scorched earth style. Fortunate DDS is such a good egg & with top
    notch abstract reasoning skills.

    I can finally say what I have been dying to without being able to ANYONE.. NOT ANYONE ON BOC staff (sans legal) NOBODY.

    When Ms. Spicher told me what is discussed in this piece, I nearly had an accident of the bio kind, and I apologize to my beloved Mum for using a potty reference, but let’ be real.

    She had no way of knowing, and still will not until she reads this piece why it was important to me. I may re enact the moment and snap an image one day it was that animated so as not to affect her interview.

    I have a 16 year old daughter who I had to miss 2 of her soccer games this week to meet this ever extending deadline( more than I missed in 3 years) and I was feeling sorry for myself.

    If what I think is going on is what kept a Mother from her baby girl for over 3 years and by being done I mean outright lies and protecting ones own arse I don’t even know where to go with that emotionally.

    With erose on the floor I guess.

  3. T. Ruth says:

    Ditto what erose said. Though not entirely surprised, my mouth is still agape.

    I do have one question right off the top of my head. I wonder why Terri, when asked by LE who might want to do her or her family harm, came up with the landscaper as opposed to the dude she turned in for selling roids or gym-roid users?

    My speculation only: IN the event it is connected, and in my mind it is a very big “If” that absolutely has to be excluded if it can be, nobody knew until at least the eve of June 3rd that Jackson was in the klink. I think if anyone was even following the state arrests, they thought it was over and done with because it was.

    The Federal charges or pending federal charges were not known.

    What I know for certain is that this agency should have this case removed from it’s jurisdiction based on negligence and that is the kindest way I can say that.

  4. kimberly says:

    right there with ya , Erose. I’m speechless.

    DDS—–> I cannot begin to tell you how thankful I am that you have stepped forward to progress finding Kyron.

    Blink, —–> your’re my hero.

    As a resident of Multnomah county, I am disgusted , saddened, faithless and untrusting. SMH!!!

  5. Rose says:

    & greetings to erose (& others) who long questioned the role steriods played.

    this is, at heart, a personnel problem of DA Office & MCSO, reaching to highest levels.
    Unless FBI becomes lead agency & purges the investigation team of those with conflicts of interest,
    finding the truths of the abduction will go nowhere. Judges who have had conflicts are an
    issue as well in resolving Kiara’s unprotected status.

  6. erose says:

    I am mesmerized, not memorized. (spell check putting words in my mouth)

  7. Sammy says:

    Is it getting hot in here or what?!!!?!!
    sizzle … sizzle … sizzle.

    Just as soon as i pick myself up from the floor —> Im going back in to re-read this piece for the 3rd time – soooo much to process.

    just wow.

  8. erose says:

    @Rose, I’ve had so many theories, I can’t take any credit for thinking about the steroids angle, but with Blink’s news of DDS telling her that TH not only called a detective to turn in the dealer (and the det. apparently not honoring her anonymity per his return call) then I am left wondering not only if TH set the investigation in motion (as Blink points out) and/or a) this is why the weirdness surrounding KH b)Kyron a target as a result of this either by a) dealers or b) cops that were using.

  9. T. Ruth says:

    There was a Paul Jackson on the TF list. Has anyone checked to see if this person is related to Brian Casey Paul Jackson?

  10. longtime says:

    Wow. SoCal was crazy….but she told me this three years ago….that Terri had Kaine’ s cancelled checks for steroids. Who buys illegal substances with a check? Thank you, Blink.

    Very good point and I have to be honest. In my communications for research on the issue I asked that very question and the response in part, was:

    Kaine Horman does, that’s who.

  11. Rose says:

    @TRuth, re “I do have one question right off the top of my head. I wonder why Terri, when asked by LE who might want to do her or her family harm, came up with the landscaper as opposed to the dude she turned in for selling roids or gym-roid users?”

    2 sensible answers:

    1) Because to volunteer this info would also volunteer it to Kaine who had had no knowledge, and do we doubt his capacity for anger follow thru?
    2) Because she was still in protection mode of Kaine & would not want to implicate him to LE for
    illegal purchases.
    wish the ladies had handled the syringe box with gloves & it’d been run for fingerprints. A loose syringe proves nothing; nor do checks–the person will just day he sold nutritional supplements.
    Frink’s modus operandi in this case is not new. His prosecutions where a 1nd party testified against a first for reduced charges or time merits a State AG investigation.

    And, since DDS will likely be called in the custody trial, and Judge formerly working under Frink in DA Office should recuse upfront.
    TMH has the names of the actual 3 way partners whom she should call to substantiate who made the request.
    BTW, Kristian’s prosecutor mentioned a 3 way in bed during the molesting of the
    14 yo girl in his SO case, tho the male in bed was a 1 yo. Prosecutor said the 1 yo wasn’t touched; how
    would he know? And Kristian said he’d been molested by a family member.
    Imo the 3 way & associated values are learned behavior.
    I wish a spokane resident would go read the 21 year RNH divorce/custody, & report back, tho some
    evidence was ordered destroyed, probably the psychiatrist’ report.
    and does anyone doubt the Judge should order a full neuropsych on KH yesterday, as well as a GAL?

  12. longtime says:

    I should clarify…Thank you, Blink, for providing context.

  13. quizzical says:

    Riveting. Talk about, Wow, Just Wow. Great article.

    When Ms. Spicher first posted I had the feeling she wanted to talk, and she sure did.

    My head is just spinning recounting the last three plus years and all that has gone on and all we have discussed here on Blink and how it all ties together with Ms. Spicher’s account and this article.

    Thanks so much.

    I think that is really critical quizzi- I thank you for pointing that out.

    Over 3 years, plausible alternatives to dead ends, and here we are.


  14. Sharon Mulhern says:

    Thanks so much for the comprehensive report on the known corruption in some of the officials in Portland! There are other things that probably may be related, but the people and the ideas are so far OT that sometimes we are afraid to even suggest or question people, especially in churches, government, or schools. Your articles provide so much verified information, and it is my prayer that someone in Oregon, nearby Washington or California will continue the investigation. There are some men I know that consider a child as their “property” and will do desperate things to keep their “property” Different states have different laws, but Kyron may be “stashed” until he is old enough to make a choice whether to live with his Dad Kaine or his biological mother, Desiree. If that age is 12 in Oregon, and Kyron is now 11, it might explain Kaine’s comment about 4 years!
    Again, thank you for your diligence in providing as much factual evidence as possible!

  15. Cindy says:

    Wow, again, thank you Blink for your investigative work and DeDe for your willing persona to progress this case.

    FBI, please take over. The Oregon State Attorney General’s Office should step in at this point to dismantle MSCO, etc.


    Pray for Kyron and Kiara.

  16. Harleycolt says:

    My mind is going faster than I can comprehend…..picking myself up off the floor….Thank you Blink & a special thank you to DeDe. I’m now wondering where the steroid buying cops were on June 4, 2010 around say….9:00 AM ! This sounds like a pay-back because they know (the cops) who Now we know who let the freakin vampire in…..very disgusted with law enforcement involved as well as DA….they need to clean house up there. Igotta process this….catch ya’ll later. Thank you darl’in Blink !

  17. longtime says:

    It puts Kaine’ s “willingness” to do LE’ s bidding in context, too. Who wouldn’t do everything LE said when they had a secret to hide???

  18. T. Ruth says:

    Are the initials referenced in your article only known to the GJ, because the buyers were minors?


  19. Rose says:

    @Harleycolt. My theory on the steroid cases was in the course of reporting the Canby cases
    the press promised more LE, firefighter, & similar types were being investigated & tgere would be arrests, so I felt that it was less likely Kyron was targeted personally, but rather one of those involved wishing to shut down the steamrolling steroids investigation took a 7 yo boy from a school to distract, redirect, & overwhelm investigatory LE resources, including fbi, to what was sure to be an all-consuming effort. beejay’s other suspect on e removed coukd as easily be affiliated with a target of the investigations.
    I think the mfh story was RSE’s revenge but he lacks tge intelligence & impulse control to plan any abduction.
    Such skilled planning would more likely come from someone who knew local LE investigatory methods.

    Shout out to the Sheriff of Klamath Falls & his Lt.
    1) when Klamath Falls SAR arrived to assist at Skyline,
    on seeing the unsecured crime scene being trampled, he
    protected his people by not joining in. (per radio story)
    2) spent their own dime to work with Frink et al in person, thanklessly
    by MCDA.
    Another person local press never interviewed iirc. Except maybe Pitkin.

  20. Paula says:

    Disgusting and nearly unbelievable! How can one not think that Kyron’s disappearance is linked in some way to this mess? What a disgrace!

  21. Rose says:

    read this piece @ gas starion & have been driving since, so things flit thru my mind.

    James’ bioDad stated he & Kaine has been “butting heads.”
    imo to me that means they were having conflict to the extent
    Terri felt James needed another living situation. So my guess
    is James was the primary target of Kaine’s juicing temper. Altho
    Terri apparently tried to get Kyron with bioMom too.
    Certainly Terri thought his life was greatly improved by the move.
    So tell me again why Meisenheimer put Kiara to reside with KH with no
    Court ordered investigation of any kind, then Kantor continued the same?
    And where’s that Dec 911 transcript? Any press capable of litigating a FOIA?

    Desiree was right, in a way, Kyron was a source of conflict between
    Kaine & Terri if it is true Terri was concerned about steroid-induced tempers with

    I was waiting for you at the gas and sip.

    Foiled Again.


  22. Ode says:

    I am so glad you were able to tell this story. I am beyond pissed. This is such a freaken FU. I felt protective of Kain but buddy it is time for you to lay the cards out. Tell what you know. Your sweet little boy more than likely may be paying the price for what you did. I am having trouble even typing this I am so upset. Rose has been trying to help Blink tell us that this is a political…what is the word….I can not say the words..a complete cluster FFFFFF.

  23. lyla says:

    Great piece Blink, definitely a game changer for me.

  24. kimberly says:

    Very good point and I have to be honest. In my communications for research on the issue I asked that very question and the response in part, was:

    Kaine Horman does, that’s who.
    at the risk of labeling the behavior just out right dumb,
    could it be that there was some sort of a benefit to writing a check
    vs paying cash???
    Any write offs I’m not aware of?

  25. T. Ruth says:

    What worries me now is this is all going to come down to pissin’ matches between K & T & DY, “he said” “she said” “he did” “she did”…..blah blah blah, and meantime nobody is looking for the real culprit. I agree it is time for the Attorney General to step in, or the FBI needs to step in and take this case over based on whatever means is possible, and the roid connection, if true, should be enough for them to do that, I would think.

    @ Rose, how do you know they didn’t wear gloves when getting the syringes? Terri did watch CSI ya’ know. LOL (roid use could explain Mr. Horman’s occasional alopecia)

  26. Venetia says:

    Great report Blink & Dede! Thank you both!

    Does anyone recall the comment that KH made when the ‘wall’ was moved to near the gym? When asked why he picked that location, his response was something on the order of “…so he will have to look at it everyday…”

    He knows & has known. IMO

  27. patricia says:

    So Terri was told that if she lawyered up they would stop giving her investigative information. But at the same time Kaine was lawyered up, and to this day they have continued to meet with him and give him investigative information????

    Did people at intel know about his past/present? steroid use and that is why he told them not to talk to any reporters.

    Did the reporters that were ousted from interviews ever mention steriod use?

    Was DAD a steriod user? What fire department did he work for?

    Kaine Horman – What a horrible thing to do; Hide behind your own past behavior in order to appear unculpable, throw your wife under the light bulb and obscure a possible path to the recovery of your only son in order to save your personal reputation and or job. Poor Kyron, he never had a chance.

    Prayers for the little lost man Kyron Horman. May someone shine a light on him.

  28. sunshine_4me says:

    I have thought from the beginning LE was involved. I wrote a post about MH, air pilot, connection but not knowing who, but my gut felt someone with access and authority kept a cover on this.

  29. sunshine_4me says:

    And why did TH call this particular detective about steroid sales? Why this cop, or was it simply the one who answered the phone on the non-emergency line?

  30. A Texas Gramdfather says:

    Wow! What a tangled web of criminal behavior by LE and criminal justice people.

    Great job Blink. DeDe is amazing in her steadfastness of standing for the truth.

    This is just the background that I surmised from the information previously posted.

    Kaine Horman is a steroid user and is a controlling piece of crap. I really think that somehow he found out that Terri had notified LE about the steroid distributor and the purchases he made. He IMO has accused Terri of everything that he did a typical behavior of the guilty. I also think that LE was protecting one another regarding Kaine’s knowledge of the criminal activity that some were engaging. That is why they were giving him the information about the investigation to which he should have not been given.

    There has been little to no real investigation of Kyron’s disappearance. Instead LE has been playing games with one another.
    When LE behaves in this manner, the private citizen is at great risk.

    I was interesting that Kyron had wandered off with another student on an earlier date to his disappearance. This tells me that the school was not paying attention to those that needed help. What child of seven would not be affected by the behaviors he witnessed at home.

    Someone with authority, needs to do a major housecleaning of these LE organizations and this should include the courts and their officers as well.

  31. Rose says:

    a picture worth a thousand words.
    (sorry to judge a book by its cover)
    Frink wrap-up interview

  32. Rose says:

    url above
    Frink says, in response to a question line beginning about 5:25, and specifically about 5:45ff
    “the prosecutor is the one…no matter how unorthodox the means…who ensures justice is done….”

  33. SouthernMom says:

    @T. Ruth says: (to Rose regarding KH alopecia)
    September 11, 2013 at 8:51 pm

    Steroid injections are used to treat alopecia too. Injections at the site of hair loss will promote regrowth of hair…however, it is not a DYI, home therapy thing, it’s done by a medical doctor (usually a Dermatologist) in his office. This is not usually even administered by an office nurse, the doctor or PA themselves handle these injections.

    Prayers for Kyron and his family.

  34. Amys Sister says:

    September 2010 local police agencies were asked by Staton to join a task force to alleviate the resources Multnomah County had been carrying. There was a longish list of agencies whose help had been requested.

    I believe Canby declined to aid in the investigation. It could have been due to financial restraints, or…?

  35. Venetia says:

    Thank you V, yes.

  36. longtime says:

    I don’t think Kaine has to be complicit to make the puzzle pieces fit…. He just has to be “complient”…..

  37. Venetia says:

    Connecting more dots…

    In 2005, Terri placed fourth in the women-over-35 category in the Emerald Cup of bodybuilding.

    In 2003, Bo Keepers placed 2nd – Emerald cup:
    Open Men – Heavy
    1. Sean Calder, 24 Hour Fitness, Portland, OR
    2. Bo Keepers, 24 Hour Fitness, Vancouver, WA
    3. Scott Farmer, Lifestyles 2000, West Jordan, UT
    4. Keith Smith, Aponte Training, Orting, WA
    5. Nito Gomez, Gold’s Gym, San Jose, CA
    6. Tad Inoue, United World Fitness, Gilroy, CA
    7. John Sullivan, Jungle Gym, Portland, OR

    In 2007, Bo Keepers placed 7th in the Emerald cup

    I read that Bo Keepers, along with everything else that he does, is
    also a photographer. Wonder if he took the pictures of TH & the other women in the Emerald Cup back in 2005?

    Mr. Keepers is in the metal/restoration biz

  38. Rose says:

    one Frink motivation to interview seems to be to speak against what he termed the “so called Public Safety Commission of the Governor”. Dislikes Gov’s PSC recommendations totally.
    I found his speech pattern very slow & laborious, with recurrant stumbling pronunciation.
    The part about gun laws (20:00-25:00?) was all about the interviewer’s emotions & beliefs, not Frink’s,
    can skip.

    His cases starts about 26:00. Still has the pronounciation problems like the interview was oiled).

    At 29:00 kinda & ff. She says, Key to harding was how you turned people on each other. How do you do that?
    about 31:35 on, Frink says, that is done in many cases.

    (sorry to be imprecise but only way I can listen to 50 Frink minutes is to do NY Times crossword on phone while listening.)

    —Frink Starts speaking about Kyron’s case about 37:00.

    this lady means well but needs those forensic interviewing classes.
    Though she tried regarding Kyron case at 39:00 (an audit of the investigation?)
    and at about 40:30.
    I’m stopping at 42:00 after Kyron case comments, so no idea on rest.

    Here’s where Mr. Frink and I agree-

    That Ms. Bergessen’s and Kyron’s cases being unsolved should be regretful.

    I would also say the common denominator in both is egregious le error.

    Very, very interesting his take on the use of media, and in particular his jury is still out on it’s usefulness in the Horman case. The single case that had WAY more publicity than Harding-

    O/T: I studied Ms. Bergessen’s case briefly. In my view, her autopsy should be released, by whatever means.

    Hallmark of a hit is hallmark of a case related homicide if I were a Federal prosecutor.

  39. SouthernMom says:

    @DeDe re: snippet from article above ~

    “Spicher: O my no. That poor woman is going through hell and acted on information that I was told, lie or not, was given to her and Kaine. I have nothing but compassion for her and I wish I could shoulder some of her pain because I can.. I have nothing but compassion for all of Kyron’s parents and any anger I have over how I was treated, what I went through would never be directed at them. I really pray that Kyron will be found, I choose to put my energy into hope for that.”

    You are an amazing woman of great character…IMO and I thank you for your help, earnest effort to further this investigation for Kyron, and coming forward in this forum to tell your truth.

    Prayers for Kyron and his family.

  40. Rose says:

    @Southern Mom. I thought blog speculation (iirc elsewhere not here)
    was he shaved head as drugs could show in hair samples.
    imo the clearest possible post-abduction indicia of
    prior juicing was the rapid & substantial weight
    & muscle loss attributed to mourning.

    Let me say this- I have a substantive cache of images in this case. They include those that one might conclude that Mr. Horman might augment his regimen to achieve such a build. It was purposeful on my part that I did not include them because in my view they might be considered inflammatory.


  41. Rose says:

    frink interview url sent in above
    Kyron case is questioned as I mention above.

    “… Even if by unorthodox means…”

    He missed his Ashton moment. I had not considered that.

  42. SouthernMom says:

    Question for potential Part 3 or continuation….

    Did they” (DeDe or Terri or anyone else in the home with Terri after the failed Sting) find bugs or recording devices hidden in the home.

    IMO – if LE did not plant recording devices in the home before Kaine’s removal of himself and Kitty that day prior RO and Divorce filing…shame on them. That should have been Police Academy Detective Tip/Strategy #2…to say the least. However, I do feel MCSO felt the LS sting was a slam dunk operation at the time they set it into motion.

    Prayers for Kyron and his family.

    Prayers for Kyron and his family.

  43. Venetia says:

    Mr. Keepers is in the metal/restoration biz
    I know- just sent all the urls lol

  44. Amys Sister says:

    I’ve been going to gyms all my life. I have known many people who competed in body building, some who used roids and some who didn’t. You could usually tell when someone started using them (especially if they did it wrong… just ugly) and certainly it made a big difference on stage.

    It appears pretty clear to me that Terri was using steroids when the pictures of her competition were taken. She does not look well in those pics and that is an obvious sign of overuse of roids. To me, though it is illegal and shows poor judgement, it does not make her a bad person.

    I believe Kaine did not want the finger pointed at himself so he did not disclose that Terri had been using them because he too was using. I noted that Kaine very quickly diminished in muscle mass in the weeks and months following the abduction. Could just have been stress but his was significant loss of muscle and tone.

    I also notice that William Traverso owned a landscape company, much like Rudy Sanchez. Could be a coincidence.

    Okay, Dede has a lot to say. I know Kaine can be perceived as ‘unlikable’. That said, I’m struggling to believe Terri was forced to clean gutters, clear blackberry bushes, clean windows, raise her own son and daughter plus Kaine’s son, give Kaine her child support money, not have her name on any accounts or assets, mow the lawn, dinner, dishes, laundry, stay thin, and have threesomes.

    And Terri would not raise those issues in court until over three years later?

    Ay yay yay. Not convinced about that part yet.


    BLINK: Brilliant. Seriously, what you do here is brilliant.

  45. ReTroll says:

    So… Our theory is that the three year delay in solving this case is due to a connection between supposed illicit steroid use by KH and LE? When the task force was in full force it seems most if not all of this information was available. How was the MCSO able to shield themselves from all of the other agencies who were collaboratively working side by side to look at leads, most of which were followed up two or three times?

    You are intimating foul play by LE, KH, DY, and others who thought that TMH and DS staying silent was suspicious. Now she talks to you and you are so impressed. If this was the vibe she got from the start, why not just speak out earlier, especially when the other LE agencies were more actively involved.

    It just doesn’t add up to me. MCSO has no power over Portland, FBI, and all of the other agencies. If I felt MCSO was playing things I would have sung from all the rooftops I could find to let others know.
    IMHO this seems quite a stretch.

    Truth time.

    ReTroll- is it your assertion that you have read both articles and form your opinion?

  46. Rose says:

    @sunshine_4me. And do we think LE will willingly surrender verification of her call
    & its processing to corroborate her accusation of Kaine’s purchases in the custody battle?
    No, it will be Motioned by the DA as “part of the investigation.”

    I first thought blog (elsewhere, probably deleted on O)
    Powell-like mentality & behavior on KH’s part was outrageous.
    Now I believe the Courts must entertain the possibility wrt Kiara to err on safety’s side.
    (and it is possible one who initiates 3-ways in the family home does porn.)
    Can you imagine if this comes back to bite Meisenheimer, Rackner, Staton, & Underhill

  47. Amys Sister says:

    Was Dede ever given the script investigators wanted her to use in a sting on Terri?

    Did the script include anything about steroid use or sales?

    No script.

  48. SouthernMom says:

    Did Ms. DeDe Spicher say or clarify if the syringes brought to Houze were used syringes or new/unused ones in a box? My first assumption were they were used and stored/saved because of Sharps/Preservation/Danger, etc. If used, DNA could be tested to verify from the tips of the needles.

    More pondering and F5′s to come as the ideas, thoughts, insights unveil in the coming days.

    Prayers for Kyron and his family.

    As described only SouthernMom, I can say that Ms. Spicher is very particular about her statements, and I value that immensely.

  49. SouthernMom says:

    Okay…I’m on the floor too in all of this, mouth is agape, eyebrows raised and Say What’s?…to WTF’s?? and lots of *&%x% uttered numerous times in the past 8 days….but:

    @snipped from article above:

    “More Questions Than Answers..

    Following several hours of interviews with DeDe Spicher, the woman who was not a close friend to Terri Horman but ultimately was the closest to her in the early days of the investigation- are we left with more questions than answers about what could have happened to the little boy whose 11th birthday was 2 days ago?

    Spicher concedes that anything she discussed as told to her by Terri Horman in some minor instances may only be verifiable by Horman herself- and she is not talking… Yet.”

    YET???? Prayers that “Yet” will give Blink…and by default all of us the missing pieces from her point of view!

    Prayers for Kyron and his family. :D

  50. SouthernMom says:

    @sunshine_4me says:

    September 11, 2013 at 10:19 pm

    ======Excellent question.

    Prayers for Kyron and his family.

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