Eve of Anniversary Of Harrington Murder: Hannah Graham Still Missing, Jesse Matthew Not Talking

“It is heart-breaking for us that the person or persons who know where Hannah is have not come forward with that information, “It is within their power both to end this nightmare for all, and to relieve the searchers of their arduous task.” – John and Sue Graham on October 13,  the one month anniversary of their daughter Hannah’s disappearance.

Hannah Graham Facebook


“…The gentleman with whom I spoke worked as a bouncer at a restaurant and bar where Jesse Matthew was a regular this past summer. And he told me, he said Coy, I had to ban him for about two months because I was concerned about the safety of the young women in the bar…” – Coy Barefoot to Wolf Blitzer, CNN

Jesse Leroy Matthew awaits his first court appearance behind the walls of Albemarle County Regional Jail on charges he abducted 2nd year UVA student Hannah Graham- with the intent to defile.  Matthew’s preliminary hearing is currently scheduled for December.   Matthew is represented by former Commonwealth prosecutor Jim Camblos.   Camblos says that very little evidence against his client has been shared with him.

Matthew was investigated at least twice between 2002 and 2003 for rape allegations involving two female students at Liberty University and Christopher Newport University respectively.  No charges were filed in either case however,  Matthew’s scholarship was revoked to Liberty and he was expelled the same day of the Liberty U incident- October 17, 2002.

Seven years later to the day- Morgan Dana Harrington would come in contact with Matthew outside of the JPJ arena.  It is presumed Harrington made arrangements to secure a ride, or “fare” in Matthew’s gold minivan taxi.   On November 5, 2009  a resident of the apartments at 15th & Grady reported what he recognized as Harrington’s Pantera shirt- the one she was last seen wearing the evening of her disappearance- draped over a bush.    Charlottesville Police retrieved the shirt and forensic testing confirmed that it was indeed the tee belonging to Morgan Harrington- a gift from her bestie Sarah Snead who had positively identified it to Cville detectives from a photo.

Morgan Harrington courtesy of the Harrington Family

Testing also revealed a DNA profile of an African American male suspect of a brutal, unsolved rape that occurred in Fairfax, VA on September 24, 2005.   The victim, whose identity is being withheld as a victim of a sexual assault , was choked unconscious after enduring a vicious beating which was mercifully interrupted by a passerby.

Morgan Dana Harrington’s mostly skeletonized remains were found in a hay-hollow the morning of January 26th, 2010.   Morgan had been pulverized by her attacker- according to Morgan’s Mother, Gilbert (Gil) Harrington- she had also been raped.

By July 2010,  police and the FBI had a face, physical description,  similar victimization pattern and a DNA match-but no name.  That changed on September 25th, 2014.


Following the discovery of Matthew’s old cab located on what police will only disclose as “a farm in Albemarle county” the Virginia State Police phoned the Harrington’s the following Sunday afternoon.   Jesse Leroy Matthew, Jr.  known to friends as just “LJ”, was forensically linked to the murder of Morgan Harrington (translation : he owns the DNA located on her tee shirt found on the bush).   While Fairfax investigators have not confirmed his connection to the DNA recovered in their unsolved rape case, sources inside the investigation who do not have permission to speak officially have confirmed that Matthew’s DNA is a solid match.   Those sources also say that Jessie’s cab has yielded additional direct evidence in the Harrington murder.

A flurry of false reports that Matthew was the target of a 2009 interview regarding the Harrington disappearance caused Corrine Geller,  VSP Public Information Officer to go on the record:

Inaccurate information was released today by certain media outlets citing unnamed “sources” regarding the Morgan Harrington investigation. Jesse L. Matthew Jr. was never interviewed in 2009 by state police in connection with the Morgan Harrington investigation.”

“Right now the disappearance and death of Morgan are the core focus of the Virginia State Police investigation. Release of information from anyone other than the Virginia State Police concerning this case is not official nor factually confirmed. The Harrington family and public deserve accurate representation of the facts of this case. State police will release new information at a time and in a manner that does not jeopardize the integrity of this ongoing, complex criminal investigation.”

A correction as to who interviewed Matthew appeared to claim that Charlottesville Police interviewed him PRIOR to Harrington’s case in an unrelated criminal matter.   How do I already know what that “unrelated criminal matter”   alleged?

On this eve of the 5 year anniversary of the disappearance and murder of Morgan Harrington one can presume that inquiry will be on the minds of many.    Many wanting to know how “LJ” seemingly ran untethered through various counties of Virginia, PA, NC, and MD eluding multiple charges of rape- and four months prior to Harrington’s abduction and murder grand larceny, assault and battery.

As a felony conviction in VA,  Matthew’s DNA would have been taken and submitted into the database where a hit to the 2005 Fairfax assault was waiting.

P.Erik Wilke,  Charlottesville Attorney, in an interview with Hawes Spencer contends that the prosecutor in the June 2009 incident asked him if he would be ok with dropping those charges and allowing Matthew to plead guilty to trespassing- a misdemeanor.    The 6’2”  260lb “gentle giant” as several friends and classmates have referred to him was able to slip through a hole in the legal fence yet again- after cornering,  stealing the phone and splitting the lip of an Attorney and Director of Rivanna Conservancy.   Wilke claimed Matthew was remorseful and after helping him locate his glasses, drove him to the hospital where he received 2 stiches.   Wilke was located through court records involving the incident and when interviewed claimed he did not even remember Matthew’s name.



Nature Nurture Nowhere

LJ Matthew- a lifelong resident of bordering Virgina counties at one time or another by all accounts had a difficult and impoverished childhood.   LJ and sister Latasha (Nicky) Matthew attended school with some of Albemarle county’s wealthiest and legacy land-owning families.   Matthew attended special education classes  and what he lacked perhaps in learning ability he had State champion athletic ability at first Charlotteville  HS and then Monticello HS.    Matthew won a full scholarship to Liberty University- a NCAA Division 1 football player.  He lasted 3 seasons.  Requests to the NCAA to review Matthew’s eligibility applications to include his GPA,  SAT and ACT scores in compliance with NCAA scholarship and player eligibility verifications were denied citing “student records are Federally exempt from disclosure.”

In short, you can bet that a review of Matthew’s eligibility in light of the PSU debacle,  as well as the recent NFL Ray Rice entanglements is underway.


When Matthew was approached by a Galveston deputy while pitching his blue tent on the same grounds that were near at least one dump site of famed sick and twisted serial killer ,  he told the officer his name was George Carr, and that his date of birth was 12/16/1984.   A review of several of LJ Matthew’s High School sports records show he used the name Matthews.  Court records show some misdemeanor offences for LJ’s father also under the name Matthews- with an s.

Charges for lying to that cop are pending, but what is keenly interesting about what he said is the “Carr” family, specifically descendants before and following George Carr- are connected as far back as the Thomas Jefferson era and are connected to Morgan Harrington’s death knell-  Anchorage Farm.

My article opining a legacy connection to the choice of the offender to leave Harrington on the very historical grounds of Anchorage Farm can be read here.

Matthew has genealogy ties to both the Carr and Cabell families.  In fact,  while on his way to Galveston,  Matthew phoned Conley Greer a “Carr” relative and  a Baton Rouge resident. Ultimately it is how Charlottesville PD- with the help of the FBI ,was able to track him.


Easy Access

From 2005 through 2010  Todd Divers, VA commissioner of revenue says Matthew was licensed to operate a cab.

Matthew worked for a few different cab companies as a contractor, starting with Yellow Cab.  Recently, anonymous former co-workers of Matthew pointed a finger toward Trevis Lynch Poole as “the man Cops should be talking to if they want to know about Jesse”.  Indeed.

Poole, along with a few siblings over the years was convicted in one of Charlottesville’s biggest drug investigations, spawning the Jefferson Area Drug Enforcement task force (JADE) on charges of  cocaine distribution in multiple states.

Upon Poole’s release from prison he partnered with Cynthia Mook Herndon,  owner of Access Taxi at the time- managing the drivers.  Up until 2012 Poole maintained the same address in Palmyra as Herndon.

According to recent financial documents obtained exclusively by www.blinkoncrime.com-  after Poole was indicted and subsequently arrested in 2012 for abduction and battery Herndon sold “Access Taxi” to Yellow Cab owner Mark Brown for a sum of $60,000 to be paid as a receivable to the newly formed “Anytime Taxi” in weekly increments of $1000.   According to Herndon,  she owned three 2005 Mercury vehicles as cabs and all 3 were “junked”.   One was totaled in an accident and the other two- no further explanation.   Poole does have a conviction for selling a vehicle without a title in () and garnishments from his Insurance underwriter.   By 2014,  Herndon claims she has only received just over $3400 for the sale to Brown.

While it is not known if it is related to anyone at “Access”- there was a rash of cab fires in 2011 in the Cville area.

Of particular interest, would be the flaming cab in the parking lot of Charlottesville Offices of Region 10.’s Board of Directors location on Preston Avenue.  Region 10  CSB is an emergency crisis intervention organization specializing in mental health and addiction crisis.

An employee of Region 10 is also listed as one of LJ’s roommates at the Hessian Hills apartment police searched and recovered evidence following Graham’s disappearance.(link

At least in 2007,  Jesse Matthew was driving a 1998 Mercury Grand Marquis bearing the bumper sticker- “Rehab is for Quitters.”


Charlottesville Police are offering a $100,000 reward for the safe return of Hannah Graham.

There is a $150,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of Morgan Harrington’s killer or killers.



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  1. Kat says:

    If you go on MobiMaps or however you want to get there, drop down on Old Lynchburg Rd, one driveway past the Walnut Creek Park entrance on that side of the road. There is a gravel drive with old black mailboxes and paper box. If you zoom down the drive you will see what looks like an old typical Va farm house and it looks very much abandoned.

  2. Kat says:

    Second thought-Blink, you might not want to allow my last comment.

  3. alabamamom says:

    Blink, Such a Long time. Over 14 years. The past 5 have seemed like an eternity. The past 14 , I just cannot wrap my head around it.

  4. Lisa Smith says:

    Blink you said “there was never any doubt for me where she would be found in Albemarle. Conversation for another day.” I can’t wait to hear your thoughts since I have a feeling you know way more than you can divulge at this time as usual.

  5. Ragdoll says:

    Lisa Smith says:
    October 19, 2014 at 4:01 pm

    Blink believed, back when Morgan was found, that her killer had intimate knowledge and a historical connection to the land. She was convinced (and proven to be correct), it was a comfortable place for him to do what he needed to. His genealogy is deeply rooted in the county.

    I hope this brings some clarity to your curiosity :D

  6. Ragdoll says:

    PS…. @ Lisa Smith…his mother once lived on Ponderosa Trail, off Old Lynchburg Rd, about 4 – 6 miles from where Hannah was found. He lived with his mother (I don’t know if this was a temporary setup, full time, or as needed…you know us mothers), according to neighbours.

  7. Ragdoll says:

    Amazing…sometimes we NEED to go back and re-read Blink’s work!

    Lisa…this is a must read, but Miss B may have a new light on this interesting story.


  8. Lisa Smith says:

    Hi Ragdoll. I am new here so first let me say it’s nice to meet you. :-) Thabk you for your response however, I just read way too much into Blinks comment. When she said “conversation for another time” I thought she meant that she knew how JLM was possibly connected to Old Lynchburg Rd and/or Walnut Creek Park, beyond what’s already posted here and why that exact spot was chosen. Basically I thought she meant it would be a piece like she did on AF and it’s history, JLM ties etc. again I read way more into that comment. Lol! I actually found BOC when it was announced JLM was connected to MH and the Fairfax case and I wanted to find out more about the Fairfax connection to MH. I found BOC and I was HOOKED! I read that piece first then followed up with every piece Blink wrote about the MH case as well as all the comments. I honestly read EVERY comment. :-) I was shocked to find out that I had never seen the sketch of Morgans killer. I posted this in the sketch thread, but I am very sad and angry that I’m 25 minutes fromVSP headquarters and an hour from Charlottesville yet I have never once seen the sketch anywhere around Lynchburg nor did I see it in any if my many travels to UVA over the years. I am sorry if my comment implied I didn’t know why Blink thinks/proves why “LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION” is so important or if I imied I didn’t know JLMs ties to the area. The whole AF piece and how the fire, roommates, unplanned trips to NJ etc (I intentionally left that vague) is what got me hooked in the first place. :-)

    I do have one question…does it annoy y’all that every blog and news source is now jumping on the location bandwagon after they swore for years AF had no significance? Just curious because it would annoy me!!! Just being honest. Y’all worked so hard and it doesn’t seen right. (I hope my comments make sense I need sleep)

    One thing that is of concern for me and remains so to this day- Let me say that in Lt. Rader’s tenure with the VSP I found him to be open to following up on information by civilians that was passed on etc.

    What stays with me however is that while we ALL agree “location” was critical to the offender- very, very little investigative work was done with members of the Bass family, associates, and visitors to AF in the days following Morgan’s disappearance once sketch was identified. It needed to be re-canvassed.

    We are in the same circle of folks that we developed 4 years ago, and JLM has ties to AF. He should have been located or at least on the radar.

  9. Ragdoll says:

    I asked that very question, Blink, about Mr.Bass, since it was established that JLM was Morgan’s alleged killer AND he was known by individuals who dwelled on the Bass / Anchorage Farm. I asked this question on the previous the newer thread. I have a screenshot of it laying in moderation. Then poof…my comment in mod is gone. I don’t understand why it was removed altogether but I would like to be on record that I brought up this very issue days ago. I don’t like feeling this way, nor do I want to jump to conclusions or have suspicions. It goes against the grain of my faith and very being. I especially do NOT like drawing attention, especially negative, to my posts…but sometimes things feel ‘off’, and I need to address it.

    Hi Lisa! It’s great to meet you too…and welcome to BOC! :D

    Posted respectfully xo

  10. Ragdoll says:


    One thing I’ve learned about ‘me’, is that it takes a long time to learn a repeat lesson, before it become wisdon and I know better.

    I owe Blink and BOC a huge apology. I made accusations that turn out to be not true, after all. I hope Miss Blink and my fellow BOC’ers can forgive me, AGAIN, for placing blame when it was none to place. There is no excuse for my post. It was selfish.

    The post I was referring to, above, was indeed put up on the previous threat. I didn’t see it. Here is the comment, after all.

    Ragdoll says:
    October 20, 2014 at 6:03 pm
    Thank you for the clarification, friendLY. I read, yesterday, the search in Walnut Creek Park was cancelled because remains had been found. I misinterpreted the info. (I appreciate your patience…brain issues).

    He takes Hannah there, KNOWING it’s safe…no one lives in the house Hannah was left behind. Makes me wonder if he knew Anchorage Farm was a safe place to put Morgan, for whatever reasons. I’m beginning to think it wasn’t the trek we thought it was.

    Has anyone learned if Mr. Bass knew or was acquainted with Jesse Matthew, for whatever reason (not as an accomplice, of course!).


    I’m deeply ashamed and cannot offer a reasonable explanation, other than I have obvious issues of trust that I need to deal with. It’s nobody’s problem but mine.

    Again, I am so so sorry to Blink et al for my lack of good judgement. I pray she can forgive me and that she is protected from all principalities by a hedge of angels, in Jesus name.

    All is forgiven Ragdoll-

  11. Ragdoll says:

    Bless your heart, friendLY…and your kindness xo

  12. susan says:

    @Ragdoll, I didn’t see anything offensive you said or inferred. If this was about some implication of link to AF, I think we are all wondering what that link was. IIRC there was some comment recently by someone living near JM’s mother that he had worked on AF during that time of Morgan’s disappearance. So if he worked there presumably he had some knowledge of any area which was not cut for whatever reason and also knew DM, then that is an important link. Maybe this knowledge translated back though to JM at that time in 2009? I personally don’t know all of the nuances of this, but would it be reasonable to conclude that the deer spotting individuals may have known about this area of uncut grass or hay through a connection to a worker on AF, and that they used this knowledge? if so, one such connection is now in the news accounts of having worked there at that time,which that guy put up. As I see this, one could drive a truck through the holes left in this investigation by LE since 2009. LE has been so cryptic and refusing to let out much, which has been an obvious failing strategy for five years while this individual operated in plain sight. As the public has been well aware of some key issues which have been overlooked. As much as I want to trust LE it is my opinion that these tightly controlled information strategies have only served to cover up LE investigation lapses and miscues. Like the obvious failure to simply check the stories of all taxi drivers known to be at JPJ arena that night.

  13. Rose says:

    the first time I saw a map, & posted re same,
    Walnut Creek Park looked the most relevant,
    as I posted.

    Ragdoll, be at peace. if I had a dollar for every one of my post errors
    of some kind on BOC on various threads the 3 years since I got here,
    my kid would have a used car. And I’d believe the used car salesman.
    You just go on. I like BOC’s moderation which fixes us up mostly.

    Every time now I see this lovely coed’s picture, who could
    have been our child, I am very angry. There should be a
    quick way to get a lwop plea and lock him up for life
    without a litigation free-for-all.

  14. justiceformorgan says:

    Hey Blink et al! I’m baaack :) Told ya I’d be here until Morgan’s case was heard and this xxxxxx was put away. Lots of love to all, especially Morgan’s family.

  15. Ragdoll says:

    Rose and Susan…thank you for your kindness! How compassionate of you both to send some goodwill. I pray it comes back to you at least 100 fold.

    God bless your hearts.

    Merry Christmas everyone and please remember to keep the victims and their families in your prayers, especially during the season.

  16. Curious says:

    Does anyone know what the connection is between Camblos (JM’s lawyer) and JM’s family? Supposedly the reason he was able to get a former prosecutor was because of family connections. How does the family know him? Also, does anyone know what did JM’s mother do for a living?

    He has represented various members of the family for many years.

  17. Rose says:


    He should just Alford plea the next 2.

    wth is with the VA criminal justice system and alford. It is almost legislative- I say reject it.

  18. Rose says:

    He’s got 3 life sentences out of this imo.
    VA judges are tougher sentencers than juries.
    With Hannah & Morgan, he would not get the death penalty
    with an Alford but more life sentences, and the familys’ would be spared the trial evidence.
    It depends on how much Harrington & Graham want the DP, because he’s earned it.

    I desperately hope to be wrong, but I doubt Matthew will ever face charges in Harrington’s case.

  19. Amy says:

    I’m really glad you were wrong on that last comment B. :)

    You and me both Amy!!

  20. Amy says:

    I know we will never know the full details of what exactly happened to Morgan but I still puzzle over how he got her to the location she was found in. Especially since apparently he was driving a cab that night.

    I am not puzzled by the location of where she was found- Matthew knew the farm. I think you mean how did it evolve from a ride (to where?) to what ultimately occurred. One thing I believe will be revealed is that Cville PD did interview Matthew and that may or may not have been brought to VSP attention at the time. I also believe if you recall very early that the “limo” driver” who fingered the bball players is connected to JLM.

  21. Ragdoll says:

    Haven’t been on this thread a while…..but it remains near and dear within my heart.

    Just before I came on here, Morgan’s family came to my mind. How could they stomach the possibility their Shiny Girl may not get earthly justice? I can’t even begin to imagine myself walking in their courageous and warrior shoes.

    Did I interpret a previous post correctly? Has JLM been indicted wrt to Morgan’s murder???

    Big love to y’all

  22. justiceformorgan says:

    Morgan was not raped. Get your facts straight Blink.

    You get your facts straight- Yes she was. If you facts to disprove that I encourage you to contact Lunsfords office.

  23. justiceformorgan says:

    No need to post my comment. The reply would not be appropriate for Morgan’s family and all those who loved and supported her.

  24. justiceformorgan says:

    Are you still showing the IP addresses of all those who post on you site? Thank God there for the most part not accurate addresses.

    What are you talking about- nobody can see your ip or anyone elses.

  25. justiceformorgan says:


  26. Dr. Pepper says:


    I remember seeing LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION in regards to Anchorage Farms. Did we ever determine what Jesse Matthew’s connection was to that area and if he in fact knew it as well as LE theorized?

  27. Dr. Pepper says:

    Edit: holy crap! I missed that he was convicted and received 3 life sentences. About to do some reading/catching up

  28. Ragdoll says:

    @ Dr. Pepper….

    ME TOO!! I’m just learning from your post that he received 3 life sentences. I need to google up on that and if he’ll be brought to justice for stealing Morgan’s life.

  29. mike says:

    Blink, you may have answered this some time ago, but is matthews going to have to explain how he came to get a hold of Morgan, how he killed her, and how and why he chose Anchorage Farm to dispose of her body. Is there any hint out there about any others involved?

    after all the prior speculation, naturally, we are all interested.

    Mike- so glad to see you. Interestingly, you were on my mind yesterday when the plea was announced. Almost verbatim, you are asking questions I have proffered should be a requirement for the Judge to accept his plea. I am convinced he did not act alone. I am also convinced he is a dangerous predator with a profile of great public interest- not to mention the academic community (disc: I am part of) he appears tomorrow at 1:30 PM.

    I do not hold out much hope such standards will be applied- but I can assure you this- my office will absolutely FOIA every report possible to connect dots in a very public way if those answers are not available. How else can we save the next girl if we do not learn how these girls fell prey? It matters.

  30. Dr. Pepper says:

    B- keep,us posted!!!!

  31. Rose says:

    moving from other thread

    Rose says:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    March 2, 2016 at 7:51 pm
    mighty sensible plea bargain on both sides.
    He avoids death penalty, and functionally
    it’s no sentence increase.
    Parents get answers.

    Rose says:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    March 2, 2016 at 7:58 pm
    different defense lawyer

    Rose says:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    March 2, 2016 at 8:04 pm
    Ramseur has been with him awhile.
    The best capital defense VA has to offer
    the indigent. And he succeeded.

  32. Rose says:

    @Blink. Can you go back and brief on
    how all on and off duty cab drivers in the
    Arena area were not thoroughly vetted
    in the Harrington investigation?

    I wish I could Rose. I am hearing when I released his sketch his colleagues literally confronted him. I mean, the most veracious leads were cab/limo drivers- which is who identified the bball players. Why not pull cabs/service logs first thing and voila- guess who was unreachable and unaccounted for? The Harrington’s are truly the dearest and kindest people you could ever meet in such a situation. When I was invited by them to the bridge to memorialize Morgan on the plaque of the bridge, it was with a heavy heart I had to decline because in my heart then, and still today, I do NOT believe Morgan got into that vehicle either on the bridge or willingly. I admit she was seen on it pretending to hitchhike, but as I have always said, I believe she was expecting her pre-arranged ride (Matthew) to pull up and when he did not, she circled back where her phone was removed from power permanently and contents of her purse and purse were found. The statement of facts reflects individuals she came into contact with had JLM personal phone in their contacts from 2009-2015- I am not at all comfortable when conclusions appear to withhold obvious critical facts.

    Saving the next girl relies heavily on understanding what happens to those that were not. No?

  33. Rose says:

    thank you

    Thank you for reading about our shiny girl, and ensuing years to catch her killer.

  34. Ode says:

    The statement of facts reflects individuals she came into contact with had JLM personal phone in their contacts from 2009-2015-
    Blink that send chills down my back. I can not stand to think of more than one monster that night. I will always think about Morgan when I see white butterflies.

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