BREAKING NEWS: Jesse Matthew Abduction of Hannah Graham also linked to Morgan Harrington Murder

BREAKING NEWS- sources inside the investigation of both the murder of Morgan Dana Harrington and the abduction with the intent to defile of 2nd year student at UVA, Hannah Graham  have confirmed to S. Christina Stoy, Editor in Chief of that DNA belonging to Jesse Leroy Matthew, Jr matches the DNA link to that of a wanted suspect in the Harrington murder.

Further tests are being conducted to connect Mr. Matthew to a 2005 Fairfax sexual assault as well.

This is a developing story,  please check back for updates.


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  1. A Texas Grandfather says:


    Thanks for the photo link regarding the condition of the Chrysler auto belonging to JM. The car is a mess on the outside. It indicates that JM took that vehicle into some places that had heavy brush. The trunk view indicates backing into a low hanging tree limb or something that was flexible. The amount of damaged fiber glass body parts indicated JM hit something fairly high up to cause the damage to the hood.

    I will still go with my assessment of how the damage occured to the front bumper. There are scratches all along the side of the vehicle. Small photos are difficult to use in determining the direction the car was moving when the damage occurred. An examination of the depth of the scratches in person would make it clear.

    I don’t believe any young woman would willingly get into such a vehicle if they were not diminished in capacity or forced.

    Blink’s new piece is up and I will move there.

  2. Kat says:

    Texas Grand, Please don’t age me that much, ouch. This was 1971-1973 and the school was a Va state teacher’s college and I went there for pre-nursing bachelor’s requirement. What strikes me now is the degree to which people (women) are most likely not nurtured and safe as you pointed out although the freedoms were much less. There is always a price to pay. One can’t have everything.

    I always wondered about the academic admission requirements of the football players, or any athletes for that matter. I am guessing SAT score range admission requirements ,depending on the school, would be 800-1200 for total score? And that would be if you are not cut a break. Then there is the matter of staying in school. William and Mary, big challenge. Lynchburg college with 9 credits a semester, not so much. Christopher Newprt was originally a junior college in the 1970′s that went four year. I read it is one of the only schools in good ole Va that adds to the grade transcript any conduct breaches. Both those schools were having a little tiff amongst themselves about the accused’s football transfer papers, and if his conduct at Lynchburg had been revealed. That information has disappeared for whatever reason.

    Of all the personality disorders (patients) I cared for, the sociopath was one of the less often seen. Usually the behavior was malingering and they had some court case pending. My thought was always that the sociopath thought the hospital stay would be to their advantage in some way. Always using people.

    I am pretty sure Chief Longo has a law degree? So he has that viewing advantage. And Mr Camblos was a prosecutor. I am wondering if he will ask for trial in another county? Seems likely.

  3. Olivia says:

    Thanks for the additional clues and information on the Graham case in your latest article. I am fascinated that JM has family connections to Carrs, Cabells, and Greers, and that he identifies as George Carr sometimes (I guess after his mother). Really old important families in the C’ville area, both black and white, all with connections to AF. (Of course Greer Elementary is named after Hugh Carr’s daughter, educator Mary Carr Greer.)

    This info is especially intriguing, and I have a question following the excerpt:

    According to recent financial documents obtained exclusively by after Poole was indicted and subsequently arrested in 2012 for abduction and battery Herndon sold “Access Taxi” to Yellow Cab owner Mark Brown for a sum of $60,000 to be paid as a receivable to the newly formed “Anytime Taxi” in weekly increments of $1000. According to Herndon, she owned three 2005 Mercury vehicles as cabs and all 3 were “junked”. One was totaled in an accident and the other two- no further explanation. Poole does have a conviction for selling a vehicle without a title in () and garnishments from his Insurance underwriter. By 2014, Herndon claims she has only received just over $3400 for the sale to Brown.

    While it is not known if it is related to Of particular interest, would be the flaming cab in the parking lot of Charlottesville Offices of Region 10.’s Board of Directors location on Preston Avenue. Region 10 CSB is an emergency crisis intervention organization specializing in mental health and addiction crisis.

    An employee of Region 10 is also listed as one of LJ’s roommates at the Hessian Hills apartment police searched and recovered evidence following Graham’s disappearance.anyone at “Access”- there was a rash of cab fires in 2011 in the Cville area.

    Of particular interest, would be the flaming cab in the parking lot of Charlottesville Offices of Region 10.’s Board of Directors location on Preston Avenue. Region 10 CSB is an emergency crisis intervention organization specializing in mental health and addiction crisis.

    An employee of Region 10 is also listed as one of LJ’s roommates at the Hessian Hills apartment police searched and recovered evidence following Graham’s disappearance.

    Question: Could JM have worked with or for Poole as more than a driver? What is the abduction/battery charge that Poole apparently walked away from easily in 2012, when he started Anytime Taxi? Could Matthew truly have incriminated himself by placing the shirt on the bush–assuming or praying that he would not be linked forensically, just to mislead police??? Or did someone else do it who had “Access” somehow to the Harrington items? Very confusing.

  4. Lyndsay says:

    ATG – I hope this is not too off-topic, but your post above made me think of a book I read recently that I think you’d be interested in, “Killer on the Road: Violence on the American Interstate”, by Ginger Strand, about the explosion of serial killing post-war, and its relationship to highway expansions, newfound mobility with prosperity and work commutes, the popularity of hitchhiking in the late 60s and 1970s, which gave SKs unprecedented access to overly trusting victims. I’d welcome your thoughts on the author’s theories.
    I also think that, while I agree that young women take more chances now with their safety, let’s be careful to put the blame where the blame belongs, on the perpetrators. Women should be able to walk around freely and enjoy the same privileges as men in our society without being threatened or accosted. Young men need to be educated from a young age on respecting their female peers. I do believe it has been shown through research that the way a man’s father treats his mother directly affects the way he will go on to treat women. Men need to set a better example for their sons, and men need to be given the same messages as women regarding sex. Too many times it falls on the women to protect themselves and not on the men to respect and protect the women around them. The fact that GHB is still so prevalent on college campuses, especially around Greek life, (which in my personal opinion is more dangerous and conducive to these situations than anything, and which universities prop up and do nothing to really stop – let’s be real, kids are not joining frats to do community service; universities give fraternities and sororities their own houses on campus, which is basically licensing and condoning what goes on in them), says that young men are not getting the message that this constitutes rape, and how harmful this really is to women. It’s actually pretty scary how predatory men can be, especially toward younger women, in that environment.

  5. Lyndsay says:

    Kat and ATG, I know you are from an older generation where gender mores were a little different. I respectfully disagree with the idea that women need curfews and dress codes, or that tattoos and earrings have anything to do whatsoever with criminal or immoral behavior. If you are putting curfews on women, it is hypocritical not to put curfews on men as well. By establishing dress codes, you are sending the message that it is a woman’s fault if she gets raped, that men have uncontrollable urges and should not be expected to restrain themselves from sociopathic behavior. Victims blaming themselves for an assault are why more women don’t come forward in the first place. Go to the Bureau of Justice Statistics and look at the National Crime Victimization Survey, and compare it to the Uniform Crime Reports. Sexual assault is still the most underreported crime. Sexual assault has not gone up in my generation, but reporting it has, because we now reject the rape myths that were perpetuated for so many decades – that women were asking for it, that they shouldn’t have gone out at night, that they’re whores, etc. Sexual assault was just as common in your day, but the women weren’t reporting it because of the shame and lack of societal support for victims. And I bet if you looked at the details of rape reports, you’ll find that what the woman was wearing had absolutely nothing to do with why she was targeted. What is key to stopping sexual assault is giving victims the strength and confidence to come forward, BELIEVING in them, so that assailants can be apprehended and won’t go on to commit more rapes. The rape allegations against JM in 2002 and 2003 are a perfect example of this. The victim probably thought her credibility would be questioned and didn’t pursue criminal charges. Maybe she blamed herself for what happened.
    Still not sure where you got the notion, and what your evidence is, that tattoos are immoral. If criminals have tattoos, usually the criminal behavior preceded the tattooing, not the other way around.

  6. Lyndsay says:

    I agree with you Scout. The internet is terrifying, and children have way too much access to it.

  7. Lurker says:

    Lyndsay said: “Still not sure where you got the notion, and what your evidence is, that tattoos are immoral. If criminals have tattoos, usually the criminal behavior preceded the tattooing, not the other way around.”

    Lyndsay, the suggestion was not that tattoos were immoral; it’s just that back in the day they had clinical significance to mental health professionals (myself included). Similar to “tells” in poker, one can find clues in behavior which provide unintended insight into a person’s psyche.

    That said, tattoos have come to be viewed as works of art for many people, so the negative associations are no longer attached in the same way. But the truth of the matter is that we ALL reveal ourselves in the small ways, and mental health professionals are trained to pay attention. It’s not a moral judgment; it’s a clinical one.

  8. Kat says:

    Well said Lurker. You articulated well the meaning behind my post. We can’t help when we were born and what phase in the evolution of society we will be a part of. I never said tattoos were immoral. I was pointing out how psychiatry practiced at that time, which was 1977 on as I experienced it and I would not trade that experience for the world.

    I didn’t put a value judgement on dress codes or curfews. It was what I experienced which is unheard of today. Please don’t type cast me.

    I will say innocence is fading away for a lot of people at a younger and younger age and I find that sad. I think with society the way it is now people need more of a shield of armor in many ways and there are more and more extremes and a bipolar nature to it-from politics to sex to crime to weather. Information is at your fingertips and can make imagination much more active. For an unstable person this can spell disaster. You really have to have your act together, as there are so many more challenges in the world.

    I hitch hiked in England in the 70′s because I heard that the lauries (truck drivers) were safe. I did have good luck with them however one late afternoon near Stratford-Upon-Avon (sp?) I accepted a ride from a man in a
    Volkswagen. After driving for a while and exchanging pleasantries he suddenly asked me something inappropriate that I won’t go into. I told him in a voice that I had never heard in myself before “stop the car!”. He did stop and I grapped my back pack and got out. I was out in the middle of a country road alone at dusk. I had no choice but to hitch again, but I waited until a laurie came by and then all was well. However I think this was all shear luck on my part. There but for the grace of God go I. I was young and adventurous and I put myself at risk. I think the operative phrase here is – put myself at risk.

  9. Sunshine_4me says:

    One thought about JLM’s car photos. The damage on his car most likely would have occurred within the past year since Virginia requires annual auto inspections. The front right fender damage and its corresponding headlamp/blinker would not have passed. I can’t see an inspection sticker on the photo, curious when the last inspection on his car was done.

  10. Lisa Smith says:

    Dear Blink,

    You stated above that a probable cause warrant was needed for a DNA swab in Virginia. I live in Va and unless I’m misunderstanding that is not correct. We are one of 23 states that allows swabs if someone is arrested for a violent offense. See article here for what I am trying to say. Sorry I’m better at talking then writing. Lol Am I wrong?

    Lisa- welcome to BOC! Your article is correct on current statute, however, I would like to point out that the arrest for a “serious crime” is the probable cause for the DNA “seizure”. There is no usurpping a probable cause warrant in any form- that is a constitutional violation.

  11. Lisa Smith says:

    I forgot to put in my comment earlier that I’m a new poster so I hope my comment was ok. I am addicted to your site. I just found it recently and wish I had known about it years ago. You are AWESOME! Thank you Blink!!!! I’m from Lynchburg, Va so obviously I followed Morgan’s case closely. After reading your site and what little articles there were here about Cassandra Morton, I do think there are similarities. What do you think Blink? But I’d also like everyone to know Liberty University owns a lot of land here A LOT. So the connection to Liberty (meaning where her body was found) could be a total fluke too.

  12. Lisa Smith says:

    Thank you Blink for clarifying about the probable cause warrant, that makes complete sense. I actually said “DUH ME!” I would also like to clarify when I said “little articles there were here about Cassandra Morton” I meant the press in Lynchburg not your site. I am sorry if it came out that way Blink because I love your site and what you do. I am thinking of the Harringtons and Graham’s and wish I could hug them and tell them how much I admire their strength in these horrible times. I have them in my thoughts and prayers as well as you too Blink. I can’t imagine the toll this takes on you when reporting and investigating such heinous acts. Take care Blink and thank you for the welcome. :-)

  13. sassy says:

    JUST IN: Albemarle CO. Police to hold joint press conference at 5:30pm in regards to Hannah Graham Investigation. @CBS19 #FindHannahGraham

  14. sassy says:

    A number of police vehicles going past barrier at Red Hill Rd and Old Lynchburg incl. this big white truck

  15. Lisa Smith says:

    Sunshine_4 me- Unfortunately, at least in Lynchburg, you can get an inspection sticker even with damage. I have heard of oeoole paying someone for them on the black market as well as knowing shops that will get your car passed even if it shouldn’t be. If you’re not from Va. Lynchburg is only about an hour from Charlottesville. That was a very keen observation! Now I’d like to know too. Great point!

  16. sassy says:

    body has been found in walnut creek

  17. [...] News:  The body of Hannah Elizabeth Graham has been [...]

  18. Malty says:

    So very sad waiting for details

  19. stargazer says:

    Didn’t know if you saw this..It seems that the grandmother or great grandmother? of LJM has recently passed.

    Mrs. Carr was JLM’s Grandmother who originally was quoted as saying that she knew exactly that it was him on the CCTV video footage. Within that obituary JLM’s Mother is listed as Debra Carr.

  20. [...] LeRoy Matthew Jr. is expected to enter pleas resolving the Hannah Graham and Morgan Harrington cases Wednesday, according to Albemarle County Commonwealth’s Attorney Robert N. Tracci. The prosecutor [...]

  21. NYC Dude says:

    I used to comment on this site when Morgan first disappeared. I vividly remember all the investigative speculation, much of it was spot on. I know I myself said this case would go cold unless or until the perp struck again and/or was arrested for another crime that would subject him to DNA submission.

    Now that the case is closed and we’ve most likely seen all the facts we’re ever going to see, there is one fact that gnaws at me: The witness who was dropped off from JM’s taxi at JPJ and was to testify that he had direct contact with Morgan that night. I know many facts were not disclosed publicly in the immediate onset of this case, but this witness and interaction was never published to my knowledge. It strikes me as odd that this witness would not have come forward with this sooner in a case with this much publicity. The statement of facts released yesterday gives the impression that they only tracked this witness down after tracking down the vehicle. It is extremely logical to concede that had LE spoken to this witness early in the investigation, JM’s apprehension might have occurred even before MH’s recovery.

    I guess LE was right when they said that no detail was too small. The details this witness planned to testify just seem way too big to have been withheld for 5+ years.

    NYC Dude out.

    NYC Dude- you are absolutely correct, but there’s more. LE knew Access Taxi connection early- why not just pull the records of drivers in the first place? Yet another example of using one’s best evidence and working backwards epic fail here-

  22. NYC Dude says:

    I remember reading when they first made the connection in 2014, that LE had in fact questioned JM and other drivers in 2009. That has never been substantiated, but it just can’t be, can it? I mean, really…you have an eyewitness who got a ride from Access to JPJ and saw her that night, the driver of said witness’ cab who disappeared off the grid at the same time she disappeared (the 9:30 last reported sighting timeline was established early on), and a dispatcher who will testify that he couldn’t reach JM that night, all of which collectively would have led to the tell-tale phone records, and none of this is noticed until 2014? Let’s forget the fact that said driver in question has been accused of rape twice in the past, or that his DNA would lead to a third.

    Now, the Fairfax connection/sketch resemblance/suspicion would not have been a factor here until after the shirt DNA analysis was released the following June, however, that connection would have been established much sooner had they actually investigated the most logical lead correctly, and established probable cause to take his DNA outright. To think that all this time I believed LE exhausted all leads, including and ESPECIALLY taxis(!!) and established that she simply disappeared.

    Epic fail is right. I hate to play Monday morning QB, but it is what it is. There was never a doubt in my mind that NYC detectives would have had this wrapped up long before HG had to make the ultimate sacrifice.

    I feel a bit like I need to defend what I have been calling (not overtly) indefensible. NYC detectives see a menagerie of simple and complex crime daily and (since I have had a few noteworthy proffs from NYCPD) I can say in particular their investigative training is some of the best in the country. In my view there are enough errors to go around this multi-jurisdictional effort that are worthy of scrutiny. This man has been raping women and then murdering them for like 15 years undetected or ignored.


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