Kyron Horman Missing Case: Terri Horman Breaks Her Silence In People Magazine Interview

New York, NY-  For nearly five and a half years Terri Horman has refused to speak publicly about her step-sons case.  Outside of one assertion of her innocence while on the stand in a name change hearing she ultimately was denied, Horman did not speak to any reporters or answer any of their questions regarding Kyron Hormans disappearance. Until Now.

Horman courtesy of People

Horman was interviewed by People Magazines Elaine Aradillas for both the print and online editions,  and will be doing a series of personal interviews over the next week, to include

In the brief online video excerpt , the second part to air on ABC’s Good Morning America Friday morning,  Horman  maintains she is deaf in her left ear, a critical factor in the outcome of her first polygraph.

“… At what point are Kyron’s biological parents going to realize I don’t have the answers, they need to change this thing around…”

“…There is so much the public is not being told about this investigation, that’s why I am doing this- nobody is looking for Kyron…”

Horman’s interview drew sharp reactions from Kaine Horman and Desiree Young, Kyron’s parents.

“…Why is she silent for 5 1/2 years if she is innocent.  I want her to tell me where Kyron is.  If she is innocent she should call Multnomah County Sheriffs Office and sit down for an interview…”-  Desiree Young

“Hi friends. Yes I am well aware of the tabloid journalism piece in the media today. FYI – there will be more of the same coming Friday
We have a HOST of MCSO and FBI investigators STILL standing by with interviews and polygraphs when someone actually wants to cooperate. FEEL FREE TO STOP BY THEY ARE WAITING!! STILL!! Until then we’ll stick with the scores of people with valid/accurate information and the failed polygraphs as the only actual actions taken to-date.  To all of you: how about not linking the article/interview?
REMEMBER KYRON?!?!? This is what we need to be focused on!!
Love you Kyron!!” – Kaine Horman post on his Facebook Page

Christina Stoy, Editor In Chief was able to confirm with Ms. Horman directly that she has been willing to meet with Kyron’s investigators both previously and in the future with the sole provision that it be conducted in the presence of her Attorney,  Portland criminal defense lawyer Stephen Houze.

Horman went on to say that investigators with the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office have been well aware of “that” over the last five and a half years and they have never requested an interview.  Um, What?

Horman reveals some shocking details about the subsequent polygraphs examinations referenced by Kaine Horman and Desiree Young and other allegations of improper tactics on behalf of MCSO in the second half of her interview to air tomorrow morning on abc’s GMA and on Nightline.

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  1. T. Ruth says:

    O/T Love the horn sections! Particularly fond of the Sax. Glenn Miller Band is still one of my favorites, Perfidia and String of Pearls my favorites. For their anniversary, I bought my Mom and Dad the Best of Glenn Miller Album many years ago, and I don’t know who loved and played it more, me or them.

  2. T. Ruth says:

    Whomever takes over, has an opportunity to shine. I hope whomever it is, does just that.

    DY & KH should be elated, but something tells me they’re not. Have there even been any comments from either of them on this on their BKH & MKH sites?

  3. Rose says:

    gee. look at the courtroom trial behavior of Ellen’s DOJ OR lawyers.
    what a poor excuse for professionals

    OMG. He hit him with the patrol vehicle on purpose as well. You are freaking me out today Rose.

  4. Rose says:

    the mcso deputy’s comments on yesterday’s Sheriff article
    I suggested you read for have been deleted.
    a 25 year deputy.
    maybe someone told him Staton views a FB post is a firin offense.
    Iirc he said in 2011? every employee at Lt or higher had to sign a printed
    writing pledging loyalty to him or else. Only a Vera (Potts??) didn’t sign. She’s
    now a 44 yr veteran.

  5. Rose says:

    oh well, that was the jury issue (he also pulled a gun).
    the judge’s issue was the 22 spurious harassing filings of
    Ellen’s babys, along with the prosecutor pretend sleeping
    during his testimony. State deserves to play every bit of that $318,000.
    Ellen will book more training.

    Now that her 2 investigators are being sent to training, and their
    supervisor has been disciplined kinda,
    and her attorneys are ruled by a Judge to be
    immature boys or babes at play during litigation,
    who thinks the State shoukd carch kyron’s

  6. Rose says:

    makes sense Quizzi. That’s insulting to Ode who gave me a dog food recipe that’s averted vet visits since.
    What he told me tho imo is the family member he’s trying hard to engage with, higher priority than DDS or her parents, is Grandma. Probably thinks Grams favored one child, the parent of DDS, , rather than his own parent
    & himself.

  7. Rose says:
    wait a minute wait a minute!
    Staton announced a couple years ago he planned to
    retire in 2017. at that time
    he coupled it with running for a Commissioner’s seat.
    He qualifies for full retirement then & that was his plan.
    He’s making no new news with a 17 retirement.
    these journalists are totally inept.


  8. Ode says:

    I am reading…and screaming “you twit” get my name straight. Oh well what does one expect? No not a grandma yet. Life is a little upside down for me right now but still take time to shake my head. Desiree the time is now to get new eyes to look for Kyron. I do not care who is responsible for putting this mess in motion but the current investigation….the most expensive for the current people in charge….did not get the job done. You can ask for others to help. Hate whomever you want but get a fresh look into why you do not have Kyron now.

    Hot sugar biscuits I called it :)
    Great advice from a Kyron advocate who, like everyone here, has remained open to all possibilities linked to evidence.
    xo Ode

  9. A Texas Grandfather says:


    Your memory of Robert Goulet is correct. He did play the role of Don Quixote in the national tour of Man of La Mancha in 1997-1998. The other gentlemen, IMO do not have the voice power to play the role. They both sound great when miked and the sound engineer controls the sound.

    Placido Domingo sang the part on a recording. Although he is a tenor, he has the ability to sing a baritone part.

    Rose just keeps finding crazy behavior regarding the Oregon criminal justice system. When top quality leadership is missing, this is what happens.

    The cop making the traffic stop and then hitting the motorcycle was in an unmarked car. If those cars have emergency lights, they are usually hidden behind the grill. Wearing a full helmet will prevent sounds from behind being recognized and the face plate will cut down on peripheral vision. This officer was not friendly to bikers.

    The vote of No Confidence by the patrol union may be playing into the desire of the special committee for having a sheriff be appointed. Remove Staton and appoint someone else. Maybe someone from another agency that fulfills the qualifications.

    o/t: I am laughing out loud because you addressed the tenor/baritone issue as I did in my head.


  10. A Texas Grandfather says:

    Yes, B

    I know about vocalists and what they can do. I began singing in choirs as a first grader, church adult choirs beginning as a nine year old and sang one season in the chorus of a civic opera company during my early twenties. Sang the first tenor parts during that time. Can’t do it any more except by using my head voice to reach the upper notes. Baritone range is easy as is a bass part that doesn’t go below first ledger line E below the bass clef.

    Had a lot of fun when teaching brass instruments to middle school children by singing the pitches for the part they were learning. Few children of today have good pitch sense because they do not listen to the type of music that develops it.

  11. Rose says:
    “He spoke about his authority and his ability to make decisions free from the “whims” of other elected officials.”
    So how did that work out in the Horman investigation? He’s right though, up to the voters to fire him–and they didn’t. Reelected him. The solution is not appointive, as his proposing Kafoury’s friend Reese as successor Sheriff,and the Commissioners’ vote for that tonight, just demonstrates any old Chair will shove in a politucal friend rather than engage in a professional Search. So unkess the Commissioners remove the requirement a Sheriff live in County at the time of appointment, there’s be no improvement. Should change to move in within 6 months after the employment contract begins.

  12. T. Ruth says:

    “I don’t have a reason to resign,” he said. “I’m not going to resign until somebody says I’ve done something wrong.”

    snipped, more @link

  13. NelMel says:

    It’s more than disturbing that DDS has to fend off a fresh pack of stalkers and harassers at her job. The “Klamath Falls Supports Justice for Kyron Horman” Facebook page is literally a farm for comments on how to stalk her there and disrupt their work by harassing her on the job.

    Seriously? This is legal in Oregon?
    Nope, nor in WA

  14. T. Ruth says:

    Comments are still under poster’s name here Rose:

    After what seemed like a lifetime career at MCSO, you can think of me as an enlisted deputy. Never made it through the promotional process. Even being one of the boys, there is just so much room for so few people. One thing that many deputies witnessed, because some people just couldn’t keep their mouths shut, was that what I believe was in 2011 or there a bouts, Sheriff Staton wrote a loyalty letter, that every Lt. and above would agree too and sign. If you were out trying to circumvent Statons plans, you would hear about it in a loud voice. Threats of termination were made if not signed. Naturally, if you valued your position you signed. Everyone did except one, Lt Vera Pool. After 44 years of service, she’s still there.

    Any leader, demanding his Lts sign a loyalty letter, is no leader.

    But look out Mike Reese, we all know what happened in 96 when Noelly came to the agency.

  15. Rose says:

    here’s the best argument for not making it appointive without broadening the residence requirement:

  16. Rose says:

    He’s gonna want to win publicity when he takes over in 2017 for arresting
    someone for kyron’s abduction prior to the 2018 election when he intends to run. Imo Terri
    will have a Reese-shaped bullseye on her forehead.
    And he’ll never give the case up to another jurisdiction.

    Trust me when I say this ( or not, I respect all opinions). Terri Horman will never be indicted or arrested for any crime relating to the mfh or Kyron’s disappearance, even if he is recovered because she was not involved and does not who is.

    How effing incompetent does an agency have to be to not even be able to manufacture a case against a woman who spent about 18 hours a day with them for 3 weeks. That should speak volumes. They even failed at that.

  17. Rose says:
    I think Staton will be gone in a month due to a backroom deal in which Ellen will clear him in a later quid pro quo resignation.
    Odd how Staton revealed he wanted to make a change from Gates solely bcz Gates didn’t want to run for Sheriff after succeeding him. Ideally, a standin would be just that, and there would be a full fair election with newcomers.
    With Sheriff Reese in office, none of his men will run against him.

  18. Rose says:

    Well, you know Blink, I trust you, and I know the TMH investigation hx and reasonable outcomes,
    which are not the UNreasonable outcomes we have. .
    But imo you, &TMH I guess, both reckon w/out Reese’ work hx, his hard ambition
    (win Sheriff 2018 election at any cost).
    Our country’s hx at the local level is replete with trumped up (& successfully prosecuted) charges.
    imo TMH should go in for a Houze “tune up,” assessing future probabilities.

  19. Rose says:

    If his wife spent this time:
    “How effing incompetent does an agency have to be to not even be able to manufacture a case against a woman who spent about 18 hours a day with them for 3 weeks. That should speak volumes. They even failed at that.”

    The failure (husband, father), was her spouses, imo.

  20. Cd says:

    @rose Reese not giving up the case to another jurisdiction is a good thing because Multnomah county is liberal and less likely to be shocked by THs texting etc the Eastern and southern parts of the state are more conservative. As far as charging TH they have no evidence she abducted KY and his father still believes he is alive.

  21. Rose says:

    So what is biomom up to after her WS FB post said here’s my garden, but stay tuned.
    One man’s meat is another’s poison wrt gardens. Since it’s kyron’s memorial, mom’s plant
    taste should be applauded.

  22. Rose says:

    wrt “..because she was not involved and does not who is.”
    why didn’t her “supportive” husband credit this at the time?
    Dang I’d like to hear her own words wrt her
    history of Kaine, but that mutual ro precludes?

  23. cd says:

    Rose says:
    April 21, 2016 at 8:11 pm
    So what is biomom up to after her WS FB post said here’s my garden, but stay tuned.
    One man’s meat is another’s
    DY has used the phrase “stay tuned” before I don’t get what she means by it especially in the context of viewing her garden. Maybe its some kind of code phrase it sounds like she is acting out a soap opera or something and there is more to come after pause for whatever.

  24. Rose says:

    It’s a child kidnapping; I think only a Federal lead will work
    in Oregon. If asked, Blink, wouldn’t the FBI take the lead?

    It would depend on the reason. They most certainly can request the FBI review the case to date and make recommendations- outside of critiquing any of their own involvements of course.

    I do not speak for the FBI but I am trained in their investigative protocol by many that wrote the current models and best practices- if I were a betting person I would suggest the FBI would believe that MCSO went so far out on the TH branch that it broke off and there is no chance of breaking its fall. This case is not on the active assist list of the FBI currently and has not been for years.

  25. Rose says:

    Otherwise, imo it needs to go to the PPB detective unit, and that
    would be the last jurisdiction in the State Reese
    would allow to review mcso’s investigation or take the lead. Imo Reese is the worst possible
    choice of followon Sheriff for Kyron. He’s the fool heading PPB who didn’t take the
    case over, tho he could have, in June 2010.
    Desiree needs to get herself in gear, meet
    with Staton &the DA when Staton’s weak, and get it sent to the FBI or PPB immediately before
    Reese takes over. Case has never belonged in any OR Sheriff Dept. Let them stick
    to SAR and corrections.

  26. NelMel says:

    It’s more than disturbing that DDS has to fend off a fresh pack of stalkers and harassers at her job. The “Klamath Falls Supports Justice for Kyron Horman” Facebook page is literally a farm for comments on how to stalk her there and disrupt their work by harassing her on the job.

    Seriously? This is legal in Oregon?
    Nope, nor in WA

    I hadn’t really dug into this before now. I read Facebook’s Community Standards; they indicate that threats and so forth cannot be directed at a private party. DDS would qualify as a public personality. That is how these psychos are able to get away with these pages, I bet. Even if one is only “known” to the public in a limited region, even just in one city such as Portland, it seems that Facebook allows stalking plans and harassment schedules to be openly discussed on these pages.

    Nope, NelMel- that will be my only public commentary

  27. Rose says:

    “And she had never seen it happen this way before: The sheriff asked for his request to be handled as an emergency item on the board’s agenda, she said, which brought it to a vote today instead of a week from now.
    Asked whether she would like the sheriff to step down, she said, “I would expect that he’s got some plan that he just hasn’t shared with us, and I would like to know what that is.”

    Makes a difference he made an emergency agenda request & coukd not wait a week. I suggest his attorney is negotiating with Ellen: clear him in a package with his resignation.
    Desiree & Kaine need a joint appointment next Monday with Staton & Underhill all in the same room:

    On this 6-year anniversary it is time for mcso to
    —request and obtain a full, complete fbi review of the crime’s investigation to date and future direction;

    –then transfer the investigation’s jurisdiction to PPB by joint request on your part on the grounds on 6/4/10 an Interagency Agreement gave PPB jurisdiction over crimes on school property.
    We want these 2 steps to occur before a successor Sheriff is activated.
    We will be issuing the following press release:

    On this 6 year anniversary of the crome of our second-grader’s abduction from Skyline School, we have met with S Staton and DA Underhill jointly to make a formal request they immediately request an FBI review of the circumstances of the crime and its aftermath, amd that they jointly formally request Chief O’Dea of the PPB assume the jurisdiction PPB had at that time over crimes occurring on MCPS property. A crime has been committed against our son, and it is time for an independent Federal case review and a new set of investigatory eyes.

    If Kaine doesn’t do this now with Desiree sitting on the same parent team in front of Staton & Underhill, he might as well walk around with a sign saying Me First; and she might as well wear a sign my hatred of Terri trumps what Kyron needs done now and continuing her psychotic fan following and their storyline means more to her than her son.

    I woukd the meeting done Monday, bcz if Staton coukdn’t wait til next week for a successor change, something imminent is afoot. If they don’t pry this investigation from mcso before Reese takes over, imo that chance will be gone.

    As I understand it, if Reese is approved, he would still have to run at the balance of the term if the board does not pass the appointment v election reg? Perhaps that is the internal issue- anyone under Staton would still have to run- and frankly, who thinks they could beat Reese?

  28. Rose says:

    and every time in the meeting Staton
    seized the floor and took over to recount all mcso
    had done and succeeded at, because defense
    is his MO, I would interrupt & repeat the same:
    We are so grateful for your work, but we want to look forward, not
    backward, again, let’s focus on the future and our two simple
    anniversary requests (which shoukd have been given the 2 men in writing
    at the meeting outset).

  29. Rose says:

    If Staton has no intent to resign, perhaps his attorney has been informed an indictment for something is imminent.
    It is hard to believe after 6 years the bios have done nothing whatsoever to redirect the investigation out of mcso.
    Kaine has nit been paralyzed by grief since he moved in a gf a few years ago. And Young began a new demanding job a few years ago. If they coukd do that, they could’ve handked one meeting and press release jointly to get an fbi case review and move jurisdiction to PPB or the FBI.

  30. A Texas Grandfather says:

    I hope Blink is right regarding no arrest for TH. However, with the crazy behavior of criminal justice system in MC, it would not surprise me to see some “made-up” charges be used to attempt an indictment.

    When will the people who vote in the county wake up to the realization that a major housecleaning is needed? Clean out all the crazies and incompetents replacing them with better people.

    If Kyron is still alive, I think he is nowhere near Portland. If not alive, the remains may never be found.

  31. T. Ruth says:

    “I’ve asked for this motion after looking at my existing interim and the concerns that he’s expressed with regards to actually wanting to run for this office,” Staton said.

    Why wasn’t Commander Gates at this tea party, speaking for himself?
    Strange happenings if you ask me. Why Reese? Why not someone else in his department, if Gates doesn’t want the job?

    Reese was appointed CofP back in May of 2010, replacing Sizer just a month before Kyron went missing. He was in charge when Kyron went missing, and apparently made no attempt to take charge of the case, even though we know of the contract that existed between PPB & PPS. It will be interesting to see if he does anything with the case now. Like hand it over to PPB or the FBI, where we know it should have been in the first place.

    I’m amazed at the silence from two parents here.

  32. T. Ruth says:

    Wonder why Maxine isn’t the reporter covering this story for the O. She covered this stuff before. Has Emily Smith taken over for Maxine?

  33. Rose says:

    As far as I can see, biomother has done zero productively for kyron.
    She has worked for wages, improved her appearance and her house.
    For kyron, she has
    1) filed a spurious suit against the stepmother who reared him, not named a person of interest by LE,
    which she was forced to drop.
    2) raised $ for a relative’s personal bank account for searches they designed themselves which were not
    evidence based nor LE authorized.
    3) acted out continuously thru surrogates’ hate Facebook pages against the non person of interest and
    a woman who was never an LE suspect.
    4) She has volunteered with various organizations but that work was not in forums or settings
    designed to to advance her own child’s own investigation.
    Pretty sorry record for 6 years in my opinion of effective advocacy for Kyron’s now cold case.

  34. Malty says:

    It sure seems strange that no one cares how many years DDS is blamed and called a killer with no proof
    Or evidence except a hateful cousin posting this is so strange And keeps people stirred up
    Doesn’t forward a case or find Kyron and no one seems to care but a few about this woman

    Also back in Ohio a 16 yr old girl was beaten to death in the school rest room And they wonder if the school is accountable. Should be interesting to watch the results

  35. Rose says:

    do you think RSE played any role in the abduction?

    I do not.

  36. Rose says:

    @NelMel. For the purpose of a tort suit, imo DDS absolutely does not qualify as a public figure.
    Idk about the FB definition, but who cares about Facebook and their page removals, or not?
    Imo what is Facebook but a penny ante wealth-maker for Zuckerberg & co? Not real journalism
    or real media at all. Just a symbiotic online creature multiplier. What matters is DDS would not
    be a public figure in a tort suit against her persecutor(s) in chief.

    Correct Rose, but any applicable criminal summons and/or charges are not defensible by any usage of FB or wrt a “public person” status.

  37. cd says:

    NelMel says:
    April 22, 2016 at 9:38 am

    I hadn’t really dug into this before now. I read Facebook’s Community Standards; they indicate that threats and so forth cannot be directed at a private party. DDS would qualify as a public personality. That is how these psychos are able to get away with these pages,
    I don’t think Facebook enforces any of the so called standards they supposedly have.

    I used think Facebook was a good way fro friends and family to keep in touch. But after the people bullied to suicide, terrorist recruitment, persons who plan and carry out their personal violent manifestos in front of their Facebook audiences.
    To say nothing of the stalking, people committing fraud against others I think Facebook should be shut down and replaced with an environment where people are held accountable for what they say.

    I believe people should be able to say what they think but not be able to say and organize any disgusting activity they can think up. A Facebook user that allows a mentally ill person to use a page as a way to broadcast lies and stories about other people should be banned from using the forum for at least a year if not forever.

    What happens when the hate mongering, fraud and stalking turn to violence which has happened with many who publish their plans ion Facebook. Facebook is a powerful tool and needs to be managed by someone who’s total goal is how much money get out of it. Right now anything that gets a click is ok with the Facebook administration.

    Facebook could be an important tool if not for the greed of its owner. I wish someone would come up with a social platform that had a social conscience. I think it should be something that is non-profit and supported by tax payers. Then maybe Facebook would just fade away and join the rest of the failed ideas for profit that did not last into the future.

    OK I’m done.

  38. T. Ruth says:

    Rose says:
    April 22, 2016 at 4:54 am

    Agreed! The question is why that’s not happening and why it’s not happened sooner. IMHO someone is not wanting any backgrounds being delved into in this case, and I still ask myself…..why?.

  39. MockingbirdSings says:

    Since we are talking still about FBI, MCSO, etc. –

    FBI probe looks at Police Bureau
    The Oregonian ^ | November 05, 2005 | NOELLE CROMBIE
    Posted on Saturday, November 05, 2005 2:42:32 PM
    SEE NAME BELOW: Robert (Bob) Jordan

    The FBI is conducting a public corruption investigation into what city officials acknowledge is the Portland Police Bureau’s oversight of secondhand stores accused of selling millions of dollars in stolen merchandise. Since 2001, the FBI has uncovered a massive black market in new stolen goods shuffling through the shops. After hearing concerns from federal authorities about the conduct of two detectives assigned to monitor the stores, Police Chief Derrick Foxworth reassigned the investigators and opened an internal investigation in late September.

    Foxworth said Friday that he has been in regular contact with Robert Jordan, special agent in charge of the FBI in Oregon, about the investigation. Last week, he said “serious allegations” had been made against Police Bureau members.
    The chief said the Police Bureau has “coordinated our internal investigation around their criminal investigation.” He declined to answer further questions.

    Public corruption cases — listed as the FBI’s fourth priority after terrorism, espionage and cybercrime — target government officials who abuse the public trust. According to the FBI’s Web site, law enforcement corruption accounts for more than one-third of corruption investigations. These types of investigations are of particular interest to Jordan, who has a history of working public corruption cases. In 2000, before taking over the Portland field office, he was chief of the FBI’s integrity in government and civil rights unit.

    Jordan was an assistant district attorney in Philadelphia before joining the FBI in 1980. He served in the Boston, Newark, N.J., and San Diego field offices and worked on successful high-profile public corruption investigations. In 2000, he was named chief of the bureau’s integrity in government and civil rights unit.

    Jordan arrived in Portland in 2003 after being reprimanded for his treatment of a whistle-blower. Jordan, then head of the bureau’s Office of Professional Responsibility, passed over an employee for a promotion who criticized FBI policies on the CBS news program “60 Minutes,” an investigation concluded. [There were other factors.]

    [FBI Retirement announcement comment]
    Daniel Nielsen, the assistant agent in charge of the Portland office, this morning confirmed Jordan’s decision. He said his boss plans to remain in the area but did not say what professional plans, if any, he may have.

    “Bob has been the leader of this office through some of the toughest times that we have had,” Nielsen said. “He has been an outstanding leader. His positions haven’t always been the most popular, but they were born of conviction and high standards.

    “He’s got some big shoes to fill,” he said.

    Bob Jordan became Chief of the Milwaukie Oregon Police Dept. when he retired. I was part of a committee that looked into his previous work before he was hired. He left Milwaukie with its first accredited police dept., very well trained officers, a reputation for community service and the admiration of many, including me. His background as an attorney and his service in the FBI, plus his determination to go through beginning police training to be a better Chief here, and his dedication to community policing made him a positive force in our city.

    He told me, when I asked, that Milwaukie would definitely have helped with the Kyron investigation but all we were asked to do was spend some time on the tip line early on. I didn’t understand that at first, but when I look at his FBI background, his investigative involvement in many local cases concerning ethics and law enforcement, and his reputation for integrity and high standards, I have to conclude that there is no way MCSO would have wanted him looking at their investigation. And knowing him, I have no doubt he could and would (maybe did) “smell a rat close by.” (I still miss him.)

    Therefore, once again I have to say I believe MCSO has not only bungled the investigation, but knows it and takes “self-protective actions” to try to keep that fact well hidden. Question is who and how many directly responsible (for this) people are there under the umbrella of MCSO?

  40. Rose says:

    recent arrest

    I was thinking a place 2 similar boys (Kyron, Kurtis) could stand out to someone, triggering an abduction drive,
    could have been at the bowling alley a few days beforehand. Wondering the degree of seediness where they bowled.

  41. Rose says:

    More on the Police Chief Staton keep his investigation away from:

    He was 58 in 2009, 65 now.
    Why the heck didn’t Skipper and the County Commissioners recruit him??
    Just for a 2-3 year housecleaning.
    Wish he’d run against Reese.
    He’s an argument for an Appointive, not Elective Sheriff, but then we see Kafoury (and other Chairs) are just going to pick a friend anyway.

  42. Rose says:

    @TRuth Perhaps you were suggesting Staton has bullied the bios into supporting his continued jurisdiction and
    thwarting an FBI complete case review by threatening to disclose unsavory aspects in their pasts? As those professionals working with Staton have attested extreme bullying and an intent to have complete control are in character to the extent of bizarre behaviors in the worksite. That bullying characteristic must have shown its light on stepmother too. Maybe he’s voting for the candidate who’s promised to bring back waterboarding. Well, it takes two: the bios would have to roll over for the bully. Terri didn’t.

  43. Rose says:

    If not RSE, the choices are a random stranger off the street (crime seems too organized for that); someone with a nexus to the school who’d been there before & had a drive with an age/type predilection; someone who’d crossed Kyron’s path in some community setting while in the care of any of the 4 parents or their associates (seems unlikely as there were much easier venues than a school to take him). So a perp who had crossed his path–or similar boys- in that school, and who was comfortable in and around the school, seems reasonable: volunteers, deliverymen, subs, contractors.

  44. MockingbirdSings says:

    I do not regularly read anyone but Blink, however when I read this obit this morning, I decided to look at Michelle McNamara’s blog.

    NEW YORK (AP) — Michelle McNamara, a crime writer and wife of comedian and actor Patton Oswalt, has died at her home in Los Angeles, according to Oswalt’s publicist. McNamara was 46.
    Kevin McLaughlin of Main Stage Public Relations said Friday that McNamara died in her sleep Thursday. No cause was given.

    Oswalt is a comedian whose TV credits include “Veep,” ”Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” and “The King of Queens” and films including “Magnolia,” ”Starsky & Hutch” and “Ratatouille.” McNamara and Oswalt married in 2005. (They have a 7 year old daughter.)

    I read this post from her blog because it seemed to fit what has happened here as well. I included the link, but I was concerned the blog might disappear, so I copied the entire post as well.

    Blink – please shorten if you think best. My sympathies to Michelle McNamara’s family at this difficult time.

    “Backing Up” (by Michelle McNamara)
    Date Published 06.03.15

    I was once forwarded an email written by a retired California police lieutenant. Details in the email were supposed to help clarify the chronology of a cold case investigation. The timeline information was helpful, but what stuck with me was an aside the lieutenant made, a lament about disorganization and missed opportunities, about the tendency of cops to go it alone and not share what they know.

    “Controlling cops is a lot like herding cats,” the lieutenant wrote. “Like blind hogs they sometimes find an acorn, but mostly they just tear up the ground and muddy the waters.”

    Muddy waters are, of course, the plague of unsolved cases, and the murk thickens from any array of sources, not just disorganized and uncommunicative cops. Well-meaning tipsters can flood the phones with misleading information. A single wrong detail, that a suspect was in custody when he was actually out on furlough, for example, can derail a case for years.

    Robert Keppel is a former homicide detective who helped apprehend Ted Bundy. In The Riverman, Keppel’s book about Bundy and Gary Ridgway, the Green River Killer, he says they had Bundy’s name as a possible suspect within days of the abductions of two women from Lake Sammamish on July 14, 1974, but Bundy wasn’t arrested until more than a year, and a dozen victims, later. Keppel points out it’s not uncommon for a killer’s name to be buried in the files somewhere within the first two weeks of a homicide investigation.

    I’ve been thinking about Keppel’s observation in light of three high-profile cold cases that have recently experienced apparent breakthroughs. Two of the cases are not only decades old but are also child abductions in which the bodies were never recovered, making them particularly challenging to solve. In these two cases it’s not clear the police and prosecutors’ theories are correct, but in both of them the name of the suspect was in the police files — reports filed forty years ago and thirty-six years ago, respectively — within days of the crime.

    The third case isn’t as old, the bodies were recovered, and strong forensic evidence ties the suspect, who’s in jail awaiting trial, to the crimes. But after reading up on the case I wondered why the man’s name wasn’t flagged earlier, after the first murder. He was in a relatively small pool of people that police would have had an obvious interest in tracking down and interviewing.

    If they had talked to him, and taken the extra step of looking into his past, a young co-ed might still be alive.

    First case: The Lyon Sisters, 1975
    Sheila Lyon, 12, and her sister Katherine, 10, vanished on Tuesday, March 25, 1975 during a trip to a local shopping mall near their home in suburban Washington D.C. It was the girls’ spring break and their plans were low-key and ordinary: see the Easter decorations, eat some pizza, and maybe shop a little. They left for the half-mile walk to the mall in late morning with strict instructions from their mother to return home by 4 p.m. The girls never returned. They were never seen again.

    The disappearance of the Lyon sisters has been one of the most haunting and well-publicized unsolved cases in the D.C. area. In retrospect the case may have been hindered from the start by one of the most common problems that misdirect investigations, particularly high-profile ones: the vivid red herring.

    Almost immediately witnesses stepped forward and told police they saw the two girls speaking outside the mall to an unidentified older man in a brown suit. He was estimated to be between 50 and 60 years old and was carrying a briefcase with a tape recording device in it. The Lyon sisters, along with other children, appeared to be speaking into a microphone at the man’s request.

    Tape Recorder Man quickly became the police’s prime suspect, especially after accounts came in of what sounded like the same man at other local malls, approaching children and asking them to record an answering machine message.

    A massive investigation was in full chaotic force a week after the sisters’ disappearance when Lloyd Welch, 18, came forward and told the mall’s security guard that he’d been there that day and witnessed the girls get into a car with a man and leave. Detectives questioned Welch; something about his account stirred their interest enough to give him a polygraph. He failed. At the time Welch was a ne’er do well carnival worker. He was frequently homeless. It’s easy to imagine the impression Welch made on detectives. How would this disheveled, hitchhiking punk successfully pull off abducting two schoolgirls in broad daylight? Tape Recorder Man was older, better dressed, and looked like he had a well-honed ruse. He was certainly their man. The page on Welch was flipped. The investigation moved on.

    Age may have been a factor that contributed to police overlooking Welch and concentrating on Tape Recorder Man. The “dirty old man” stereotype of child molesters persisted for a long time. Research into the subject, and subsequent training of law enforcement, has led to a better understanding of these kinds of offenders. The truth is that 30 to 50 percent of all child molesters are adolescent males.

    Coming Up: Cases Two and Three

    MBS- I met Michelle through a mutual crime writer friend and she and I exchanged thoughts and info in a few cases I have never written on publicly- I continue to work on them when I can. She was an exceptional writer and investigator. Awfully sad-

  45. Ode says:

    Rose says:
    April 22, 2016 at 9:47 am
    Excellent advise. I hope someone from the soldiers site or Desiree herself reads this. Should we “poke the bear”? Kyron’s parents are never going to have a better time than this, most likely, to get Kyron’s investigation back on some kind of track. They have leverage that will not be available later.

  46. T. Ruth says:

    Staton’s open consideration of stepping down comes after a key law enforcement deputies’ union asked him to do so and at a time when the already embattled Staton must cope with a new allegation: that he dangled a potential promotion to dissuade a union official from holding a no-confidence vote against him.

    The sheriff says he did nothing wrong. But he admits that last Wednesday, in a conversation shortly before a meeting of the Multnomah County Deputy Sheriffs Association, Staton told the president of the union, Matt Ferguson, that some promotions to sergeant were in the making, and that Ferguson was on the list.

    Ferguson felt the promotion discussion was an effort to induce him to steer the union away from a vote, he told his members in the meeting later that evening, according to a source within the DSA ranks. Ferguson’s take on Staton’s intent has since spread rapidly through the DSA membership and beyond.

    Staton denies any attempt to influence Ferguson. He says he discussed the likely sergeant promotions with Ferguson in response to a question about them. He characterized the conversation as giving Ferguson information to address his members’ questions.

    (snipped, more @link)

    But he accused the union of being unfair, saying that a vote of no confidence would play no role in his decision. In fact, he’d likely be more definitive about his retirement plans if not for the union’s statements to the Tribune last week about a no-confidence vote, he said.

    “I don’t want to just say I’m going to do it, now that I know that the DSA has some agenda that they’re working off of that they won’t come clean about.”

    I hadn’t seen this one. This blows me away. Business as usual? Seems to me it is the Sheriff who has an some sort of agenda.

  47. Rose says:

    A FB stalker, whose site a Davidson said she reads & they approve, is now leading her followers to post DDS’ employer’s public FB site criminal accusations against her. When will the Davidsons & their stalking surrogates be stopped? It is unsurprising one psycho hosts another, so TJ challenges Stoy she will never get a Terri interview. (It would be nice to see an interview published by any Houze-approved interviewer.)

    Yup. I am not going to comment on the crazytown activity.
    Instead I will just leave this here:

    Glinda: For the record, I knew you had it in you all along.
    Oz: Greatness?
    Glinda: No. Better than that. Goodness.

    Your Houze approved host,

  48. Rose says:

    @mbs. wrt “Question is who and how many directly responsible (for this) people are there under the umbrella of MCSO?” One would look at the movement of leaders from river patrol & sar to investigations (the “I have Command control” types), and conversely the movement of others out of investigations to patrol. Probably the latter made the mess, and the former are the coverup team. Imo if Gates had remained successor and run for office, one or more internal peers would’ve revealed Sheriff-secrets while challenging him.

  49. Rose says:

    If biomother raises $ for another search to find litter connecting Terri to the abduction, she can rule out these familiar areas where for free Skyline neighbors collected thoroughly, even from deep gullys.

  50. Rose says:

    God bless any Houze approved Host.
    Now TMH needs a tort attorney.

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