Dr. Phil Show Hosts Missing Portland Child Kyron Horman’s Step Mom Terri Horman Over Two Episodes

I have been covering this case since Kyron Horman disappeared from Skyline School in June, 2010.    Like most missing persons cases I have covered in the past,  I am of the strong opinion that best efforts at the truth are the only way to propel investigations that, similarly to Kyron’s, have gone cold for one reason or another.   This approach has worked in resolving some of my previous cases.    I am proud of that.  I remain steadfast to the integrity involved in those and future cases.

Over the past 10 months (or so) I have been developing an updated series on Kyron’s case to include my multiple interviews with Kyron’s step-mom,  Terri Horman.   Needless to say as she was the subject of at least three simultaneous cases before an Oregon court and remains a person of interest by the agency investigating her sons disappearance, this has been an arduous and sometimes delicate journey.    Ms. Horman’s experiences during the ongoing investigation of the disappearance of Kyron Horman are critically important to propelling his case and with great hope- finding the truth about what happened to this cherubic and innocent child.    There are dozens of sources,  collateral interviews, forensic experts and legal analysts that also contribute to my series and have done so because of their belief that my motivation is to bring to light information and opinions in such a way that would almost “require” a focused review of Kyron’s case and the likely shaking of that proverbial tree everyone talks about.

Set to publish about 6-ish weeks ago I was asked to postpone the first installment of the series, which I did.  I subsequently learned Ms. Horman was participating in the Dr. Phil program after she completed taping.  Dr. Phils producers were well aware that Ms. Horman had interviewed with me extensively, and anticipated my series would be publishing information that was not known to the public previously in the days prior to her scheduled episode.    When Ms. Horman conveyed to me that she feels obligated to speak out about “her son” in any national medium that will have her,   I most certainly respected that.  I still do.

While Dr. Phil seems like a gregarious fellow for sure,   I have zero interest in being associated with his program, nor do I believe his shows content is designed to do any furtherance of investigation or truth.  There is much concern (although I have no affiliation to the show whatsoever) that the timing of the publication of my series on the Kyron Horman matter might be interpreted differently or inadvertently contribute to the programs content or audience reactions.     Not what I signed on for.   A missing 7 year old boy six years running is not a framework for entertaining a target audience.   He is not fodder for online social media bully campaigns- yet it occurs.

I will be publishing my series on Kyron’s case at a later date, in it’s entirety with no editing adjustments as a result of any of the appearances on Dr. Phil.   I appreciate your patience and your understanding.   Feel free to discuss the show below.


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  1. erose says:

    TRuth, Hah! Just got down far enough to read this post, I agree.

    T. Ruth says:
    March 14, 2017 at 12:48 pm

  2. Rose says:

    Certain eleds have reps as hospitable to LD kids. And desperate parents move there. I did that once.
    My son’s el ed classrooms had 5-6 ld or adhd boys (who knew the girls?) per year from grades 3-5, probably 3 per room before that. teachers were overwhelmed. or inattentive.
    these boys had ieps or whatever number that lessor ADA code was (which was not an iep but gave accommodations). a school that mainstreamed for real.

    Skyline was just such a magnet school for parents of neurocognitively challenged boys.
    When did kaine buy that house?
    did terri know possible vilnerabilities then for either of her boys and play a role?

    The large no of aides at Skyline in 2010 was a cue, and you may recall a parent’s critique of skyline on some realty site? said Skyline was accommodating (ie to autistic) under Keefer, but when he left the different kids were unwelcome or simething to that effect?

  3. Rose says:

    that community-based knowledge of parents moving to skyline
    el ed for their “different” kids’ inckusion coukd’ve been known to SZ.

  4. Rose says:

    see 2/5/15 comment
    for quirky substitute iep’d and section 504′d (yes I think that was the no.) imo
    this school was a known portland public magnet prior to 2010.

  5. Rose says:

    wrt “….at the time LE prevailing theory was that DDS either helped her (TH) willfully or unwittingly, the dividing line of belief among members of the DA team and MCSO might be on the willful v unwitting question”

    Anyone who’s ever been in a church-based singles professionals group knows smart generous ladies like DDS — I was one and knew others. quirky, perhaps strangish, not knockouts, self-sacrificially giving to others in time of need. What DDS did for Terri was really so normal. Which tells me mcso, from Staton down, & its detective unit, was staffed by misogynistic provincials.

    DDS is a genuine human being who got her ass handed to her for it and would do it again if it would lead to answers in Kyron’s disappearance. I can honestly say she may be the only person I have ever interviewed under similar circumstances that says that. It is beyond shameful how she was treated then and now by some. I truly do not relish such criticism of LEA’s ever, that is well documented here and in my practice. That said, the representatives of MCDA and MCSO that persecuted this woman, and YES, I used the word persecuted, did nothing but insure no person with information that did not include Terri Horman as a suspect would ever come forward to them.


  6. A Texas Grandfather says:


    In regards to your concern about the two students, Kyron and another, that late in the school year.

    Teachers in the primary grades have to evaluate each students performance and behavior to determine if they are eligible for promotion. This is normally done for the benefit of the student and the parents. If a student displays behavior that questions their maturity to move to a higher grade, the parents are given a heads up to see if they are aware and are willing to make some effort to correct the problem.

    One of my grandchildren in her second grade class was having a major problem with math. Her parents were notified that she would have to repeat second grade if they could not correct the deficiency. The final decision was delayed for two months into the summer.

    After trying for a month, her parents were about to concede defeat. During a telephone conversation, I was told the problem and learned that they were not able to make the child understand numbers. We then arranged for me to take my granddaughter for three weeks to see if I could make the necessary corrections. I quickly found the problem. For three weeks, Gd and I worked on number concepts including multiplication. Multiplication is considered a third grade subject.She passed the mid-summer test and was promoted.

    The real problem was the teacher who did not know number systems and how to teach them. Another problem was that the Gd needed some one-on-one teaching in a different environment than mom and dad.

  7. Rose says:

    wouldn’t it be hoot if the MCSO Bus Services was the retired SAC himself?
    looking for 5 more yrs to retire on a second govt pension?

  8. T. Ruth says:

    A Texas Grandfather says:
    March 14, 2017 at 5:35 pm

    Blink says:

    Interestingly, the school (Porter) DID NOT use Kyron’s pending Dr. appt as the excuse as to where she thought he was. It is actually far more negligent, imo. ***Porter testified she believed Kyron left with Horman to attend a Dr. appt for Kitty that had actually occurred the day before. Compounding to that lunacy was the fact that at no time had Kyron been removed from school to attend a Dr. appt with his sister previously and she admitted she was told about the pending appointment and confirmed the request for her observational feedback to be included.*** Obviously, this does not address his jacket and backpack sitting in the classroom or the email from Terri she sent her around 1 asking if Kyron’s project needed to be picked up today (after Horman learned some shirts she ordered for Desiree would not be coming with him that day- I believe TH emailed DY on that around the same time). Kaine was privvy to Porter’s deposition (among others) so as far as he is concerned I have no idea why he did not bring suit- DY I covered earlier.

    I’m getting confused. In which case did Porter “testify”? The divorce proceedings?

    Anywho, this sort of information that B has given us here, I believe, is the kind of information that could further Kyron’s case. This information should have been made public long ago, and should bother the hell out of every parent whose child attended Skyline elementary. This is the type of information that gets people talking, particularly those who have been assured by LE’s own breath that TMH is responsible and that there is no danger to their own attending children.


    I am curious as to just who **HouzeofBunches** had deposed or was going to depose in addition to DY & TY in the DY Civil suit? I totally understand and agree with your thoughts on who DY’s attorney, Rosenthal would and wouldn’t want to depose, but not what I was asking. Since James was being deposed by Rosenthal, I wondered if Quinn was scheduled to be deposed by Houze and/or was he? I can’t remember his age, but wasn’t he the same age as James, or maybe a year younger? If younger, then his deposition would have required his father’s permission, correct? You had brought up the fact that there’s never been a peep from any of the McCullough family, I too find that odd and wonder if any of them were ever deposed or called before the GJ in all this intertwined mess.

    Respecfully T.Ruth, I do not agree that information furthers parental involvement from Skyline. Kyron’s sister attends there and as I recall there is also a memorial bench. There is a monitored security system in place and the parents that were adamant it could not have been Terri, who saw SZ for themselves or their kids did- removed their kids or stopped volunteering, etc. I have PERSONALLY received many an email over the years from a Skyline parent (s) indicating furthering discussion this was an outsider is harmful to the kids who attend there now. With much respect, apparently the fact that it was not their kid, lightening is not going to strike twice there anyway and TH has a restraining order against coming to the school is enough for them. That is probably a kind assessment on my part.

  9. Rose says:

    It does surprise me that Elden R bought into mcso/da’s DDS theory, outlandish as it was. He had more experience. Imo he must’ve been quid pro quoing someone in mcda with a favor while soothing the grieving client–iirc his wife had a pps onsite tutoring biz and likdly empathized with the population. infact her (nonprofit) business Reading Results comes in 80% of the way thru this article: http://www.ojmche.org/oral-history-interviews/margie-rosenthal-2015 imo that both Rosenthals seem way susceptible to rabbis (his father was one; her life was permeated by them.) Havurah, Beth Israel, & Nevah reprise in her oral hx. iirc Nevah was Bernstein’s home base; BI, the OR politicians.

  10. Rose says:


    it seems the Multnomah admin judge is in good
    company in terms of safe courthouse administration

  11. T. Ruth says:


    Does anyone remember this movie? I’m waiting for the Rollerball games to start. (she says, half-laughing):

    Rollerball (1975)

    In the film the world of 2018 (referred to in the tagline as “the not too distant future”) is a global corporate state, containing entities such as the Energy Corporation, a global energy monopoly based in Houston, which deals with nominally peer corporations controlling access to all transport, luxury, housing, communication, and food on a global basis.

    Rollerball teams, named after the cities in which they are based, are owned by the various global corporations. Energy Corporation sponsors the Houston team. The game is a substitute for all current team sports and for warfare. While its ostensible purpose is entertainment, Mr. Bartholomew, a high-level executive of the Energy Corporation, describes it as having a “distinct social purpose”: to show the futility of individual effort.


  12. erose says:

    ATG, How I wish there were more teachers like you.

    Rose, Skyline being the magnet for iep students, one would think their supervision and care would exceed SOP’s.

  13. erose says:

    So they just have to shut it down, wow what a legacy for the little school who lost a kid. Too bad they don’t want their legacy to be that they did everything they could to ID the man who left the building with the child, that they made changes to keep their students safer (more than cameras) and brought awareness to all school districts how this can happen and what they learned about how it can be prevented.

    In industry, negative occurrences are examined and studied in an effort to prevent reoccurrence. The focus is LEARNING and prevention, and you would think a school and district would emphasize learning and prevention and awareness. It is denial to the max and denial doesn’t work.

    And…this is to say nothing of the other students who were no doubt traumatized by the events of June 4, 2010. Children are intuitively smart to BS and I can’t imagine what was going on inside those little heads when the school chose to go down that road.

    T. Ruth says:
    March 16, 2017 at 1:10 pm


    I have PERSONALLY received many an email over the years from a Skyline parent (s) indicating furthering discussion this was an outsider is harmful to the kids who attend there now. With much respect, apparently the fact that it was not their kid, lightening is not going to strike twice there anyway and TH has a restraining order against coming to the school is enough for them. That is probably a kind assessment on my part.

  14. erose says:

    Think about how the disappearance of a child would have been handled at a private day care center, instead of a public school. Would it be the same?

  15. Rose says:

    wrt “With much respect, apparently the fact that it was not their kid, lightening is not going to strike twice there anyway and TH has a restraining order against coming to the school is enough for them. That is probably a kind assessment on my part. B”

    Bingo. The morally intact appalled at mcso/da not calling the man they or their kids witnessed the chief POI shoukd have led to departure or cessation of $ support (what volinteering is) and is a sane response to their eyewitness statements being figuratively tossed in the trash.

    Those who wrote you saying further talk of the man who abducted kyron would alarm the survivors. That is not only morally bankrupt but foolish. With all due respect, To the influential Portland rabbiis: that is like saying discussing the holocaust and concentration camp deaths by grandparent survivors is too alarming for their jewish young. Or discussions about Trade Tower deaths is yoo alarming for kids whose dads’ offices are in high rises.

    But one knew the remaining pta leadership and parents were mirally bankrupt and civically irresponsibke when kaine’s interloping mistress was put on the pta exec, when keefer and porter were not held accountable, when there were no calls for a school parent meeting with mcso/da.

    Bernstein, Rosenthal and their fellow religious worshippers, or social attendees idk which it is in portland, and these mirally bankrupt parents forget Amos 5:24 (wasn’t it also quoted by MLK?) As I read a character in a mystery (A Great Reckoning) repeatedly cite Matthew 10:36 this week, if you take “foes” figuratively, it applies to kyron’s school household, his community’s LE organs, and based on their post abduction behaviors yes the bios.

  16. Rose says:

    TRuth neither Houze nor Bunch handled the tort suit, altho one expected Houze to attend when his client was questioned. A very expert tort lawyer came out of retirement to defend the civil suit.

  17. Rose says:

    @Blink wrt “the representatives of MCDA and MCSO that persecuted this woman, and YES, I used the word persecuted, did nothing but insure no person with information that did not include Terri Horman as a suspect would ever come forward to them.” That is so true. And because Walls, Krafve, and Underhill have never been held accountable for tactics, imo probably don’t even realize how harmful tactical behavior was to having real witnesses come forward, yet have been promoted and supported, I am back to the unprofessional aspects of this investigation were in the category of the fish rots from its head: Staton, Reese, Underhill, & retired Shrunk & Frink.

    Yes ma’am.

  18. Rose says:

    the mcso “head’s” first steps internally:

    Staton’s only demotion was Bishop who was then 46 and had over 20 yrs in. Kinda mean to affect his post retirement salary like that. He had in at least 23 yrs service then & Staton coukd’ve gotten him to agree to retire at 25.


  19. Ode says:

    erose says:

    March 17, 2017 at 1:53 pm
    And…this is to say nothing of the other students who were no doubt traumatized by the events of June 4, 2010. Children are intuitively smart to BS and I can’t imagine what was going on inside those little heads when the school chose to go down that road.
    Actually I have a small hope that one of those students will some day come forth with information that may well help find Kyron.

  20. Rose says:

    @erose. depends in portland whether the abduction occurred at a private (nonprofit) day care center which was caucasian & the parent population was economically well employed sure. same deal. ie jewish dc center housed at skyline. If it were in a black or hispanic blighted east side location & the abductor male was not white as at skyline, you bet yr booties his existance would hit every page front imo.

  21. Rose says:

    not a formal magnet erose, run by pps.
    but a move-to-that-neighborhood choice
    made based on informal parent word of mouth, or
    often the parent would be informed of
    the includion naturally occurring at Skyline
    by their kid’s private ed specialist or
    occupational therapist.

    pps did supply resources to kids with ieps.
    there was a large no of paras given
    school size & population in 2010.
    I recall an adaptive pe teacher,
    and parttime occupational therapists.
    Iirc most melted away off staff rolls within a
    couple years and staffing looked more “normal.”

  22. Rose says:

    It’s also remarkable how Salem pretended the abduction at Skyline didn’t happen–from the Gov & his Ed advisor, to hus Dept of Ed, to Beaverton’s Jeff Barker and his legislative cronies and committees. State House committees on Ed or law enforcement issues coukd’ve had hearings.

  23. Rose says:

    It looks like that informal word of mouth Skyline is hospitable to kids with ieps and Sect 504s is way history.
    no Paras (remarkable in a K-8!) m.
    gone are parttime OTs and Adaptive PE staff.
    either Zabel is fighting ARDs with IEP outcomes,
    narrowing the no of kids with ieps,
    or iep staff teams and pps are fighting
    resources like paras and OTs, or families with
    disabled kids no longer move in this school area.
    could be in 2010 Porter’d been given more than her
    share of iep’d kids on the theory she had been
    disabled with an iep and thus more accepting OR
    her teaching was so weak she needed a
    regular para in the room to coteach.

    Reifstak and Griffith were 2010
    parents and pta leaders who volunteered their way
    into fulltime employment.

  24. A Texas Grandfather says:

    Thank you erose

    In the case I posted there was a very personal reason for getting this child on the right track. My better private music students got the same help with concepts of math. I taught some to add and subtract four digit numbers in their heads. It is not difficult once one understands the method. Multiplication and division become easy when one realizes that multiplication is nothing more that a fast way to add and division is a fast way to subtract.

    One would think that schools would be a big learning organization, but the sad fact is they are not. A few who may be capable of that effort are soon shut down by bad administrations.

    I agree with Rose about the legacy that Skyline and PPS could have gained from doing the smart and right thing regarding Kyron’s abduction. Had they done the right thing at the time, they may have been the prime mover in finding the perp.

    Then we have things such as the state of New York considering removing the literacy tests from those applying for teaching certificates because only 42% of blacks and 48% of Hispanics could pass them. No group exceeded 68% which is in my book a failing grade. Maybe they should be reviewing why these students fail and begin making corrections.

    I found a grammer school test (8th grade)on-line that was used by the state of Tennessee in 1850. According to the posting, only two out of ten people taking the test could pass it and only one in thirty could make a perfect score. That is how far our schools have fallen in quality education.

  25. Rose says:

    @Blink. you can delete please my 3/17 at 11:09 pm as sadly political.
    TRuth’s Rollerball just hit a chord. And you’d think a govt newbie
    might’ve read about Petraus’ achilles heel. Sad.

  26. A Texas Grandfather says:


    My apologies for crediting Rose with the Legacy statement. It was your post.

  27. Rose says:

    just stumbled on this tragedy, and analogizing to kyron,
    imo if Terri was matricidal to kyron, she’d have handled his demise
    personalky and not delegated, and she woukd have been
    flioridly suicidal (iirc kaine was inattentive to
    her doctor’s request to monitor):

  28. Rose says:

    whoops, meant infanticide

  29. Rose says:

    some DAs roll over for houze
    mentally ill? sure. but more likely concommitant with significant drug use.
    imo shoukd’ve been locked up in a forensic commitment inpatient
    treatment setting for several years.
    she had minor victims under her coaching care.

  30. erose says:

    LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Louisville’s mayor announced that he has asked the FBI to investigate what he called “our worst nightmare,” the alleged sexual abuse of children in the police department’s Youth Explorer program.


  31. Rose says:

    @erose. I always thought it remarkable mcso’s volunteer SAR was composed of a boy scout troop, and when the SAR function went coed, the same model for volunteer SAR recruitment and use (minors in school) was continued, just with girls and brought under mcso rather than the Scouts. IIRC in 2010 this group was among Herron’s assignments.

  32. Rose says:

    @erose re http://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/louisville-mayor-asks-fbi-to-investigate-police-dept/ar-BBylQdf?li=BBnbfcL
    the mind boggles.

    100 lb invisible County elected official who is MIA is the County DA!

    –No charges for either officer (ie statutory rape)
    – a betrayal of trust of children in a Police-run SAR program for minors.
    –Police Chief did not inform the Mayor til years after the facf and did so
    only due to media reports.
    –Costing the city $50,000 just to get an investigation review.
    –that contractor has no subpoena power as a DA would have
    –the FBI also needs to look at the County DA’s corruption
    –will have to be prosecuted Federally, but good luck to the city getting whoever the current Admin puts in the job will likely not want to proceed against LE/DA corruption.
    This points out how unlikely mcso/da are to investigate their own personnel wrt the Kyron
    investigation, and how unlikely to inform the Mayor or Ctt Commissioner of errors.
    And if Adam got a whiff in 2010 of the personnel problems in mcso/da, well gosh he wanted the City Club to hire him. and he did not want to revisit his own chequered past.

  33. Rose says:

    James was a Scout in Portland.
    Was he ever in the mcso SAR Explorer program?

  34. Rose says:

    ot I’ve grown fond of this school’s reporter. wish she’d been around in 2010-11
    apparently she travelled embedded but for Atl supt phone interview.
    Amy K has long appeared the weakest PPS Board member.

    the article does explain why Keefer, well liked as he was by Admin, was sent to George MS to reform it
    instructionally, and why he was reassigned. Apparently he never improved George’s standing in the bottom 15% of Oregon schools. Personally I think his brother Joe has as much as Ben on the ball.
    PPS should just make MBS Supt and save a lot of dough.

    An Atlanta parent said this candidate’s arrogance will drive him to achueve in pps. .
    But nowhere in his work hx does he demonstrate the educational curriculum competence
    to achieve, even as a teacher.

  35. Rose says:


    oh the O click game figuring into retention and raises:
    skim down on comments beliw vwoolf, and one sees
    clickster Betsy Hammond in a comment colliquoy, not
    reporterBarnes, garnering the comment clicks O reporters vie for. http://www.oregonlive.com/education/index.ssf/2017/03/likely_portland_superintendent.html
    There was civil disagreement here once as to whether Keefer’s move to demographically challenging George was administrative developmental opportunity for a wellliked principal within pps, or punishment postabduction. I felt the former. whatever the reason, apparently he failed as George students remained in the bottom 15% statewide per Barnes. And there’s no excuse for that.

  36. A Texas Grandfather says:

    Melissa Bowerman is lucky she is in liberal Oregon. In Texas, she would be looking at five to twenty years in prison. This unfortunate woman appears to be into some type of drug use. Leaving her on the street may be a poor decision.

  37. Rose says:

    ot Louisville – a mayor of 7 yrs.

  38. Rose says:

    great comments
    he’d make a great diversity and community support admin—
    but no admin track record re curriculum, instruction, or student growth or student proficiency.
    what is it in Portland? personable articulate charming & minority gets the job.
    just like Carole former Supt but she lacked the minority self identity.

  39. erose says:

    Ode, I agree that Kyron’s first best hope lies within his former classmates.

    ATG, I just can’t agree with you more regarding the state of our schools.

    Rose, Bowerman is a good example of what Houze might do with a guilty client.

  40. A Texas Grandfather says:

    OT PPS school superintendent search.

    This is poor foolish thinking on the part of the PPS school board.
    The candidate in the link from Rose has only been on the job for 18 months. He has no track record of true success. It takes at least four years for a person in his position to make a true record.

    One must remember that the Atlanta school district was found to be forging test scores from several schools and some in administration were found guilty and sent to jail. Therefore, I would never consider anyone from that district a viable candidate for any school administrative job.

  41. Rose says:

    w/Bowerman, Houze was not in Multnomah Cty.
    I doubt MCDA woukd’ve taken that particular plea.

    No disrespect intended Rose, but I am of the very firm opinion that if MCDA was not absolutely certain that MCSO and their own office had not made some egregious mistakes in Kyrons investigation they would not have tried to end-run Houze AND… in over 6 years requested interviews with their prime de facto suspect through her counsel- a very common and best practice occurrence among competent investigators.

  42. Rose says:

    god bless atty c rohny and the child’s mother for standing up for her child and all her county’s young public school students. demonstrates kyron’s bio mom’s lack of same is attributable neither to her education nor economic strata

  43. Rose says:

    way cool. names every possibke defendant:

    “The lawsuit also names Northwest Regional Education Service District; Community Action Team Inc.; Tillamook Head Start; the bus driver Gwen Russell; Jay Marugg, transportation and maintenance supervisor for the Tillamook county School District; and Tillamook County School Superintendent Randy Schild as defendants.

    A call to the school district was referred to the superintendent. Schild said he only learned of the lawsuit on Monday and could not comment.

    It’s unclear if the driver faced any discipline. Rohny said the driver remains on the job.

    The suit, brought partly to ensure the protection of students while under “public supervision and care,” seeks unspecified economic damages for medical, therapy and other expenses, non-economic damages for pain and suffering and punitive damages”

    prediction: swift settlement requiring a monitor on buses of head start young & disabled.
    nominal damages.
    Blink used to say “new advisirs” for biomom.
    She had 2 advisors: husband and sister.
    imo thelatter had and has a conflict of interest.

  44. erose says:

    O/T, but perhaps of some interest. Glad the social workers are facing charges, though it’s hard enough to fill these jobs now and these people usually have a high case load. Maybe Mult Co child services didn’t want to have any liability with k.


  45. A Texas Grandfather says:

    Improving a school’s academic standing requires a leader who will first interact with the parents to get their support for the improvement. Quality students are made in the home, not in the school. The parents have to take steps to insure their child respects the task of learning.
    And, the parents must carefully watch the behavior of their child regarding study and how they interact with their peers.

    A child who makes poor choices regarding their school friends needs help in understanding why poor choices affect them in school and later in life.

    A smart and caring teacher may make a lot of difference. However, with five classes or more a day of twenty-five to thirty students five percent could be a good number for success.

    Grade inflation with no student given a low grade or a failing grade for substandard work is one of the reasons our schools seldom turn out
    outstanding students. This begins in grade one and extends through college and university. These behaviors will soon degrade the college diploma into a worthless piece of paper. Businesses will no longer be able to rely on a college or high school diploma to make hiring decisions.

  46. Rose says:

    i gather mcda is absolutely certain members of mcso/da made egregious errors in the investigation and therefore have never requested to interview TMH thru her counsel. (I was referring to mcda would not have taken such a lenient plea from bowerman. that occurred in a rural county where the DA probabky lacked trial resources, and with a small population the minir vic probably did nit want to testify.)
    Have you considered that by interviewing TMH with counsel present, MCDA woukd tip their hand as to what they had? By asking Qs, one might disclose what they did and did not know. I don’t see the value of that to mcda when they have been assured indirectly in Hirman’s interviews her story is she kniws nothing. I woukdn’t interview her either.

    Yes, certainly.

    That argument fails in a few areas (for me). The first assumption would be that they have anything potentially incriminating Ms. Horman does not know about independently or through counsel who spent months defending her in two separate and sometimes simultaneous civil cases. Within the framework of those matters, the judge largely precluded any disclosure of LE interviews or conversations specifically related to any potential criminal accusations.

    Horman was interviewed without counsel for dozens and dozens of hours, was with a MCSO deputy at the residence up to 20 hrs per day for weeks, accompanied by an assigned FBI agent for weeks. The residence, vehicles and communications were monitored. An LE “sting” was broadcast among the alternative channel radio community for hours, as well as monitored activity the following day. After retaining counsel, over a period of over 3 years, 2 separate grand juries heard allegations and evidence against this woman with no indictment, and I submit at least one no true bill if not two. I am convinced that secondary avenue Staton spoke of was actually Spichers testimony ( something they were aware of before but resulted in new investigative avenues) and I suspect another element I am not willing to discuss publicly without independent verification.

    Furthermore…lol… there are depositions on the record that confirm and memorialize SZ and the circumstances surrounding the last time Kyron was witnessed in that classroom and exiting same as well as confirmations of TH activities at the school and with personnel that completely dispel she removed Kyron by herself or through a third party. Fast forward to recent events in CA that are apparently connected to MCSO involvement directly.

    Lastly (maybe) the last comment from an MCSO employee re interaction with Houze discussing his representation of his client cost him his job- Alexander was reassigned.

    I have been at this a while now, specifically in the area of LE protocol and procedure in investigating criminal cases with potential capital classification.

    In my view, neither MCSO nor MCDA have sought an interview with TH through her counsel because it has the potential to support a possible claim against the offices and/or individuals, Horman would be in a very compelling position to point out her awareness that there is in fact no evidence against her in any previous allegation and LE is willfully ignoring the facts I mention above. I can say without reservation I have never once received any other logical explanation as to why nobody in LE has requested an interview with their chief suspect and continued gj target in over 6 years and I ask that hypothetical all the time- and that includes a query to MCSO own peers.

    So I ask- how does that help locate a missing child, which should be the focus in the first place, correct?


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