Tracy Ocasio Case: Pleas For FDLE and FBI Reach Governor Crist

The Following Is an update to the Tracy Ocasio case. Blinkoncrime and contributing editors are currently working on an inside look at Ms. Ocasios’ disappearance, and perhaps some of the reasons many may feel Ocoee Police should be requesting outside asisstance in this case. Check Back to for our exclusive expose based on witness statements.


Ocoee, FL– The disappearance of 27 year old Tracy Ocasio seems to have hit a wall. Tracy was last seen leaving the Tap Room Bar in Orlando after 1:30am on May 27th, with James “Jimmy” Hataway. Late this morning, I received a copy of a letter sent to Florida Governor Charlie Crist:

Office of Governor Charlie Crist
State of Florida
The Capitol
400 S. Monroe St.
Tallahassee, FL 32399-0001

Dear Governor Crist:

I write to you today as a voter, and a Florida resident, but most importantly I write to you as a parent. We have a situation going on in a small suburb of Orlando called Ocoee, that needs your immediate attention, and action. On 5/27/09 a beautiful young woman by the name of Tracy Ocasio went missing. Her parents Joe and Liz are living every parent’s worst nightmare, they know that something terrible has happened to their beloved daughter, but as of today she still hasn’t been found. The police have a person of interest in jail on another charge, but there are other people involved that have not been investigated by the police, and no one seems to know why. Sir, please ask the FBI, and the FDLE to step in and take control of this case, Tracy’s parents deserve that and so does Tracy. I’m afraid if another agency doesn’t take over this investigation that, Tracy will never be found, and justice will never be served.

Please I implore you, help Tracy and her parents, get the FDLE and FBI to Ocoee today.

Thank you,

Hataway is currently in the Seminole County Jail awaiting a preliminary hearing on July 28 on charges stemming from an incident last August that prosecutors originally declined to file. When Hataway surfaced as a person of interest and arrested on a paraphenalia charge while Ocoee Police were searching his home, his alleged victim, Rachel Clarke, returned to the States Attorneys’ office to again request that charges were filed.

 Requests for comments from Gov. Crists office were unreturned as of press time.

Tracy Ocasio and Jennifer Kesse Missing: Blink on Crime Interview about Suspect James Hataway

From Scared Monkeys Radio Host Dana Pretzer-

Blink on Crime Discusses the latest developments in the cases of missing Florida women Jennifer Kesse and Tracy Ocasio.  

Who is the prime suspect in the Ocasio Case: James “Jimmy” Hataway? 



Following the interview, Dana takes a moment to comment on the work of people like you, us, making a difference in these and other cases. 

YouTube Video and Image composition courtesy of Klaasend



Orlando, FL– Late this afternoon, has learned that detectives within the Orlando Police Department and the Kesse family, upon receipt of myspace photos and subsequent comparative photos developed by blinkoncrime, believe that James V. Hataway, the number one suspect in the disappearance of Ocoee woman Tracy Ocasio, may be the suspect caught on surveillance in the Jennifer Kesse case, parking her car in the lot where it was later discovered on January 26, 2006.  



For over three years, the only link to a suspect in Jennifer Kesse’s disappearance is a grainy, time delayed closed circuit surveillance footage showing a suspect backing Jenn’s black Chevy cavalier into a space at the Huntington on the Green Apartments. 

Has the disappearance of another young woman, Tracy Ocasio, led to developments in finding Jennifer and answers for the Kesse family?

As previously reported by, there are several links to not only Hataway, but other asociates he was known to spend time with.

A source inside the investigation that is coordinating the discussions between the Ocoee Police and Orlando PD speaking on condition of anonymity, has confirmed to blinkoncrime this is the most encouraging lead investigators have seen in years. Although, the source went on to say that all parties are appraoching further investigation with cautious optimisim, “It may not be him.” 

Check back to blinkoncrime for updates.

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Missing Woman (UPDATED PICS) Tracy Ocasio Suspect James Hataway: DARK MYSPACE OF Vader McGirth

Tracy1Ocoee, FL– Missing Ocoee woman Tracy Ocasio, 27, left the Florida Taproom Bar in Orlando shortly after 1 am on May 27th with James Virgil Hataway. That is the last time anyone has seen or spoken to the stunning brunette friends call a “diehard” magic fan. has uncovered photos that reflect a snapshot of a man that spends most of his time on binge-benders.

James Hataway, currently in Orange County Jail on a bond revocation for an April Criminal mischief charge fancies himself as a modern day pirate apparently. EyePatchHis myspace, or alter Ego Vader McGirth, is intent to let his “Yarr” shine.  

Perhaps the most haunting picture is that of Jimmy Hataway on the job as he is dredging a pond of debris.

HatawayWater I am not an expert, but I do believe the woman pictured in the green tank on the right is Rachael Clark; She has alleged that Hataway attacked her last August following a ride home at his request. 

Hataway is also a person of interest in the disappearance of Onda Chris George, and police are investigating several reports of alleged other female victims.

Rather than give you the guided tour with my subjective narrative, decide for yourselves.


 HatawayBackyardParty HatawayLampPost HatawayMattSinkeye HatPic

HatawayHat3-1 Tatsymbol HatawayAftermath (1) HatawayPinCushion HatawayRIPPS88Hand HatawaySkateBoarding Rachel RachelSexyB Ripps88-1 HatawayBarGirls hatawayyoungerhair


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Posted by BOC Staff | Greg Toole,James Hataway,Missing Persons,Tracy Ocasio | Tuesday 2 June 2009 4:30 am

Ocoee, FL- There has been an arrest, on an unrelated charge, of the person last known to see missing Ocoee woman, Tracy Ocasio alive in the early morning hours of May 28th. James Virgil Hataway was arrested for possession of drug paraphernalia as police executed a search warrant on his home in their efforts to find Tracy.  


According to Orange County Court Records, Hataway is already facing a felony criminal mischief charge which he was arrested for on April 19, 2009 and is out on bond.  In 1998 Hataway pled not contest to 2 counts of felony theft and burglary of a dwelling, for which he received a sentence of 11 months in Orange County jail. 

Hataway1 Hataway2

As a prior criminal history report was filed in that case, it is presumed Hataway has a juvenile record as well.

Hataway’s home at 147 Lyle St in Ocoee is approximately one block away from where Ocasio’s Chevy Cobalt was located.

(Editor’s Note: Does it bother anyone else how closely these two resemble each other?)




Posted by BOC Staff | Greg Toole,Missing Persons,Tracy Ocasio | Monday 1 June 2009 8:56 am

Ocoee, FL– Missing since between 1 and 2 am Wednesday morning, Tracy Ocasio, 27, was last seen leaving The Florida Taproom Bar with an as yet unidentified male.


Yesterday, in an interview with the My Fox Orlando, a  friend of Ocasio’s, Greg Toole, spoke out about his friend Tracy and his personal acquaintance with the man Police have questioned.

Tracy’s friend Greg Toole says he once worked with that man she was seen leaving with, he says he even taught him to be a personal trainer. He remembers the last time he heard from her during one of the basketball games, “Go Magic. She would text me back “Hell yeah,” laugh. That’s about it.”

“I know he’s an all right guy.” “It’s a little disturbing to hear he’s involved in some way or another,” “I was cool with him so I’m gonna remain positive and think that was just the last person she was seen with. That is not the person who was involved. That’s what I’m hoping,” Toole said.

An alright guy he says? Well, let’s hope Ocoee PD has a higher barometer than Mr. Toole and are checking both men thoroughly. Mr. Toole is a registered Sex Offender and convicted drug dealer, currently out on a bond awaiting trial on a new felony charge.


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