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Channahan, Ill– A caucasion, badly decomposed body of a woman has been recovered from the DesPlaines River, near Channahan, Ill this afternoon.

Police discovered the body near the Big Basin Marina, near I55. CSI recovery teams and State Police detectives have set up command on the riverbank and remain there this evening.

This location has been the subject of earlier searches for missing women Lisa Stebic and the Stacy Peterson, the wife of recently charged murder suspect Drew Peterson.

Stay tuned to for details on this developing story.

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  1. thumperpc says:

    I found an article from a local CBS station about this.

    The article included this: “There are also conflicting reports as to the amount of remains that were present.”

    Ugh. Anyone know anything more?
    The remains were not intact. This was not an intact body recovery.

  2. notalemming says:

    Saw a couple reports that are alluding to the fact that there is flesh left on the body. Wouldn’t both Stacy and Lisa be just skeletal remains by now? Sorry to be so gruesome.
    If not in a container, yes.

  3. Pedrosmom says:

    ISP has contacted Stacy’s family. They did not contact the Stebic family. I’ll find the link. Stacy’s family has been contacted. Don’t know why.
    That’s incorrect, both families have been notified, PM

  4. Karen Lee says:

    I’m on pins and needles; let us pray it is at least one of those two women. I’d hate to think there is somebody else out there missing and murdered.

    I guess LE knows if either Stebic or Peterson’s cell phones were ever pinging in that area. I guess they’ll do water flow, etc –and figure out where she was likely put in etc –as much as they can after almost two years.

    If it’s poor Stacy, it would make sense if the blue plastic container was somehow opened in churning waters. Hmmmm I would have pegged Drew as a bury-her type.

    How long’s DNA going to take ?? Weeks (like Caylee) ?

    Great reporting Blink; even NG doesn’t have anything on this.

    Praying that it’s not somebody new. We need to bring these women home to their real families for proper burial and closure.

  5. mamacrazy30 says:

    Victoria Stafford’s body has been found….(sigh)
    No mama, she has not been found. Her abductor and murderers have been charged without recovering her.

  6. Pedrosmom says:

    I have a weird feeling about this, kinda of like Laci Peterson; that once in a lifetime storm that reversed the current and brought the bodies to shore of the bay? the current was destined to take them out to sea. The Des Plaines River flooded and went 4 feet over the banks. The body was found on the banks. But for the flood, but for the storm, don’t want to get voodoo here, but I believe the soul doesn’t rest, until it it’s at peace. Weather, floods, storms, are often referred to as Acts of God, could it be?

    I agree 100%.

  7. dddeerma says:

    Pedrosmom: yes. This was the most rain in the last 10 years or so. A container could easily be bouncing around and break open. The hand of God. Let it be someone known to be missing, for the sake of the families, not someone new.

  8. Pedrosmom says:

    I wonder how fast he’s chewing the gum? And why is he allowed GUM? My kids can’t have it in school. Take the gum away. Let him chew the cot.

  9. Scoop says:

    I just said a few days ago, that one day they would find Stacey Peterson’s body… Looks like that day has come.

    God Bless her Family

  10. mamacrazy30 says:

    sorry blink….. your right.

  11. Pedrosmom says:

    They’ve searched a lot of waterway in both the Des Plaines River and the I & M Canal for Stacy. At one point the I & M Canal and Des Plaines River join. Don’t know what led them there but I imagine theu were pings. Stacy’s sister Cass called Drew that night and heared him out of breath, keys jingling – that would be a ping. But its a river, and its been over a year.

    They have. A colleague of mine led the aerial imagery mapping of the river, so I know it pretty well. I am just hopeful that the recovery brings closure to a family in need. And peace to the soul of the dear woman. God Bless.

  12. Brenda in Virginia says:

    Wonder if Peterson is so cocky this evening? Love to know his reaction and if it was similar to Casy Anthony’s when she was informed a child’s body had been found close to her home?

    There’s another case where a woman was missing 4 yrs and was found due to a twist. An officer was wrestling a suspect on a bridge…fell over the edge and to his death into a river. While they were looking for him, they found the body of this woman. LE theorizes she had been in her missing car at the botton of the river all this time until rains probably washed her out of it. Wish I had the link for this story….

    Karma always comes around. Without fail. It is not just for breakfast people, its for life.

  13. Pedrosmom says:

    The body was found a mile from where a resident had found a blue barrel.

  14. Scoop says:

    Bingo, Bango, Bongo!

  15. PamTX says:

    As the remains undergo testing, there are at least two families that will most likely experience sleepless nights….again…until there is a positive identification. I pray for them to find comfort amongst each other until that time. Regardless of whom this female is, there will be at least one family and one victim that can be laid to rest. I, however, find the timing of this discovery a little eery, if not meant to be….and driven by a higher power. Spirits are somehow finding their way home…could it be the power in numbers surrounding these cases? I for one, cannot help but recall early on Drew Peterson’s statement:

    “I believe she’s either going to tell people where she is or she’s going to go down deeper, like how her mom did,” said Peterson’s husband, police Sgt. Drew Peterson.

    I have said it before, and it’s noteworthy again: Thank you Blink for getting us all together on your site…one that is handled with professionalism and dignity…I truly believe that you help us all to make a difference!

    Pam, I cant tell you how much that means to me today, thank you all

  16. Jaelin says:


    I know it’s OT, but since it was mentioned in this thread already, I thought I would ask. What are the circumstances surrounding the arrests in Tori’s case? Did the two confess and tell police where to find the body?

    I am not hearing that. I have unconfirmed reports they were arrested based on some form of communication they had.
    Prayers for Tori and her family today. Im going to be honest, the second I saw her parents on TV, I knew they knew what happened to her, and I knew it was related to a drug issue of some kind. If that is proven, that their lifestyle provided the catalyst for what happened to this baby, they need to be investigated and prosecuted. If that sounds harsh, think how Tori felt. I am truly sick and tired of our children paying the price for parents.

  17. gng says:

    the water flow, the increase and decrease in temps, with below freezing………all would have an effect on the container that could spring it open…….depending on how it was sealed.

    I always believe in prayer……answers come but not always when you think……..God has His own timing. Truth wins in the end.
    Always, and on God’s time as someone mentioned. I learned that phrase from Yuri Melich, and remind myself of it all the time in my work. Not to be graphic, but to address your question, decomp gases would play a significant role in the dislodging of the lid.

  18. taffy says:

    I am going to cry. You know, I bet she loved her kids. If it is little Stacy Peterson she is showing how much she loves her kids, by showing who killed her.

  19. dddeerma says:

    Pedrosmom: thank you for the blue barrel link. You are doing great. This is giving me more hope every time I check back here.

  20. Brenda in Virginia says:

    Since we have many posters in here with a heart for God and faith, let me quote one scripture, “your sins will find you out!”

    God IS in control. Not the first time He helped His people by changing the natural flow of waters. Noah and his family were saved from a deluge that wiped out the wicked on the earth, but one righteous family was saved. When Moses was fleeing Eqypt, the Red Seas were parted, when Scott Peterson was on his way to Mexico, the normal currents that should have washed them to sea instead brought Laci and Conner up on shore. When Casey Anthony was in jail and her attorney trying to get her out again…seems the waters in a swampy area had receded enough for little Caylee’s body to again be exposed and those same waters possibly preserved more evidence than if she’d been exposed the entire time. Now, we see an abundance of water revealing yet another victim from it’s depths.

    Amazing how these things work for those who are praying for an answer to an evil done, you know?

  21. Brenda in Virginia says:

    By they way..not saying the posters’ sins…but those who would do something so horrible and think they’d get away with it! Reread my post and that wasn’t so clear!

  22. Karen Lee says:

    Great insight, Blink, as usual.

    The first time Drew killed (Kathleen) he made it look like an accident and somehow fudged the time of her death.

    I think the Lisa Stebic casey gave Drew the idea how easy it would be to just have Stacy “disappear.” He could stonewall like Lisa’s husband did (who is currently getting away w/murder. If not for Lisa Stebic, Stacy might have had a car accident –or Lord knows what else Drew might have had in mind/

    I know Stacy was a small woman; so that part fits. I hope they can find the blue container.

    I’ll bet what set Drew off that fatal night was Stacy seeing her pastor –they obviously fought about it … and I bet Stacy (who finally had had enough of Drew Peterson’s controlling ways) probably threatened Drew w/something about Kathleen’s death –and Drew reverted to his caveman cop mentality …

    And it is odd that Drew needed help in carrying that blue container down the stairs into his SUV. He must have been afraid of DROPPING IT (which is why he didn’t carry it all by himself)

  23. westsidehudson says:

    To Brenda-#15 post
    He’s probably still got that stinking smirk on. Sociopaths have the best poker faces.
    They can’t feel emotions the same way a complete human being can and so their reactions match. I don’t believe that Casey Anthony is in the same league as Peterson. Something is not right emotionally/mentally with her, but I’m not sure what. He believes he will never be caught. He flaunts and taunts. I think that Casey had a couple of moments of remorse in the night terrors that she suffered and while looking at the Caylee video from the nursing home. I would bet that Drew Peterson never stopped for even a millisecond to contemplate or regret his actions.

    “I wish I had $10,000 for every time they pulled a body out of a river in the Chicago area,” Brodsky said. “People will assume what they want to assume.”…..Peterson’s attorney.

    This attorney comes across as boorish as Peterson. His flip comment speaks volumes on what it’s all about for him. Regardless of who those remains belong to, a family somewhere will have a death to mourn. What an asinine insensitive thing to utter, even if it’s factual that a lot of bodies dumped there.

  24. Ashley Marie says:

    Wow….. this has given my chill bumps. Not the mere fact that it was found but the sheer magnitude of which brought it back into play. The power of prayer is incredible and the will of God is awesome. He gets those that do wrong to His children. Mock Him and He shall mock you 100 times over.

    I am just awestruck at the faith of the posters on this site. It really does a soul good. And Blink, you are one amazing lady. Thank you for that you do for these victims and their families and for us.

  25. neversaynever says:

    It’s been 2 yrs that both woman have been missing, so I don’t understand the decomp gasses popping the barrel lid, if in fact the barrel is involved. I guess its possible if certain conditions exist, it would be interesting to see some forensic papers on this possibility — can you find that for us?

    I also find it interesting that they are using partially decomposed vs. skeltonized, leads me to believe the remains were inside something.

    I have not heard partially decomposed, I have heard skeletol-

  26. SwimMom says:

    Blink, the information on the “blue barrel” would lead us to speculate it is Stacy rather than Lisa, but I’m wondering if you know who’s house it was closest to? Thanks AGAIN for all of your hard work!

    I do, and have been asked to hold comments on that until at least the coroner is finished for today.
    One thing I want to caution people on, I consult to a team that has worked on this case. I say that in the interest of disclosure, but as far as the blue barrell is concerned, I can tell you along that riverway you will find hundreds over the course of a year. I would not call it evidence per se.

  27. Gypsy DD says:

    Hi Blink,
    You know this is a case tht I have watched since day one. It is comfort knowing that the rivers are giving up their secrets.

    I pray that it is Stacy..but either way some poor greiving family will fill some amount closure from this. Hopefully the corpse will also give up some of the crime secrets as well. Violent deaths don’t speak on their own..they wait until the moment God is ready for them too. Peace will come to someone very soon.

    Wise, wise words as always. The arrogance of this man and his victimization of women, the arrest of Chris Coleman the preacher’s on: It is my hope these lessons are not lost on those considering following in their destructive wake.


  28. Pedrosmom says:

    “plastic blue barrel was spotted in the vicinity of the body”

    more clothing found with the body as well – possibly jeans

  29. EyesWIDEOpen says:

    If the remains are skeletonized, how can they determine she was caucasion? I’m not trying to be flip, just curious what helps determine race if it’s a skeleton, on initial review of the remains? Was hair still intact?
    No, and I am told by Dr. Neil Haskell that bones can tell more about ethnicticity than observation of skin color alone. Who Knew?

  30. Karen Lee says:

    HEY BLINK! Channel 2 in Chicago had their chopper in the air over the site where the poor woman’s body was found … they reported the State Police’s boat contained a “dented blue barrel.”

    Dare we HOPE they have found the container Drew’s stepbrother said he helped Drew carry down the stairs that fateful night?

    What about the death penalty … the legislators could bring it back (I assume the public support for it would be overwhelming after the behavior of Stebic, Peterson -and now Coleman.

    When will these stupid men LEARN they can no longer kill women with abandon? If THIS isn’t ther hand of the Lord (and cosmic justice) … nothing is. I think they are all coming together to focus awareness of the travesty inflicted –especially on the children who grow up without mothers; raised by murdering fathers./

    It is true, they recovered one, but they recover hundreds a year, my guess is that is why Peterson used it.

  31. Denise says:

    Blink!! Any news? Is it Stacy? When do you think they will know?
    Hang in, when I can update, I will

  32. SwimMom says:

    From the crime page:

    Channahon is 20 miles from Bolingbrook, Illinois, where Stacy Peterson lived with her husband, former police officer Drew Peterson.

    Channahon is also 15 miles from Plainfield, Illinois, where Lisa Stebic was last seen in April 2007.

    Seriously too close to speculate…..

  33. Bgpelican says:

    That barrel is only good if it contains some sort of evidence that links it to the remains. With all the spring flooding, that body could have drifted for miles. Much like the Caylee case in Florida, it takes an act of God (flooding) before the sins of others can be brought to light.

  34. westsidehudson says:

    I read one report that described the remains as those of a small woman.
    No help there, right? Stacy Peterson & Lisa Stebic were both petite women, as I recall.

    Once again, can’t speculate.
    No, not based on that alone.

  35. EyesWIDEOpen says:

    With Drew and Chris, now does seem like a good time for the moratorium on the death penalty in Illinois to be lifted.

  36. dddeerma says:

    Please speculate or pass on what you can, when you can. Thank you.

  37. Karen Lee says:

    #36 Comment by Bgpelican — May 21, 2009 @ 1:44
    That barrel is only good if it contains some sort of evidence that links it to the remains. With all the spring flooding, that body could have drifted for miles. Much like the Caylee case in Florida, it takes an act of God (flooding) before the sins of others can be brought to light.

    DEAR BG: “That barrel” with out w/o DNA or other forensic factors connecting the body within … IF the poor woman’s remains turn out to be Stacy’s –Drew’s stepbrother (Morphey sp) may be able to identify it as “just like” the blue container he helped Drew carry from the MB to Drew’s SUV. Pretty damning evidence, either way.

    And Blink is right about Drew knowing there was a preponderance of blue barrels used in disposing of things. As a former cop, he knew just how many bodies had been disposed of in that same fashion.

    I wonder how Lisa Stebic’s husband disposed of her?

  38. Scoop says:

    Drew who?


    It’s good to know he’s locked up…
    and will soon become a no body
    in a cell somewhere in shackles.
    They’d better make sure he never
    escapes his punishment… ever.

  39. mereGoddess says:

    ” I am truly sick and tired of our children paying the price for parents.” *big sigh* Me too. I am so tired of reading of something terrible happening to a child. I look at my own and how hard I try to be a good mother…not always do I succeed. but I CANT UNDERSTAND the ones that do harm to their own or others. My mind just will not take me to that dark place. Even in my moments of exasperation or desperation…even when money is so tight I cant sleep at night or I am so tired that could sleep on the front step… I am always aware that they are depending on me. That they are vulnerable and I am their protector. I have no sympathy for those that hurt them. Drew allegedly killed Stacy, look at her poor kids, growing up without her to be part of their lives. Evil.
    Dont sleep on your front step, and you are a good Mom.

  40. riddlemethis says:

    Kind of interesting when it was speculated Stacy may have been found in January DP’s attorney came right out (rather stupidly IMHO) and stated unequivocally it couldn’t be Stacy. 100% Guaranteed. Way too confident and came across like he must know something to be able to deny it so vehemently.

    At least so far, no similar comments this time. Makes you go Hmmm. I too hope they can i.d. for the sake of the families also. It’s tragic.

    I just read the autopsy was inconclusive and they expect it to take weeks. Those poor families, all the not knowing.,Body-autopsy-No-ID-JO052109.article

  41. Scoop says:


    Any news?

    Thanks, Scoop.

  42. Scoop says:



    I think we must have been posting at the same time.


  43. Karen Lee says:

    Blink: with Drew’s hearing to reduce his bail coming up …. think DNA could be completed before that hearing ??

    I don’t know how long it takes to compare dna off the bones w/Stacy and Lisa’s DNA — on CSI, it seems to take only minutes.

    If they didn’t have to send the materials off to the FBI lab, they could do it locally –maybe faster if they pulled the techs from other jobs >>>??

    Any thoughts, Blink? (and THIS is what is so good about blink’s site. We are not just left to commenting to each other –us armchair Nancy Drews and Magnum-PI’s). WE have a professional investigator in Blink –who actually RESPONDS TO US (even our silliest questions). Thanks, Blink. Everybody here I know appreciates you sharing your expertise w/us armchair detectives.
    TY, I cannot always, but when I can I do.
    Extrapilate the Stacy case from Kathleen’s case from your mind. For prosection purposes they are unrelated i this phase form a legal perspective.
    Depends on the quality of the yield of DNA specimen.

  44. Karen Lee says:

    JVM interviewed reporter on site who also said what Blink said some time ago –the barrel by the recovered remains does NOT match the container Drew’s stepbrother described.

    That makes sense because the plastic container would have had a detachable top –unlike a metal barrel whose top is usually screwed down.

    Ergo, if Drew somehow weighted down the blue container in the water –or buried it NEXT TO the water … with all the floods, it is conceivable the water uncovered the container (or it separated from its weights, etc) … and with the storms causing turbulence in the waters, the top could have separated from the bottom rushing over rocks, etc.

    The blue container may have already been picked up by clean-up crews not realizing the significance of the container. Too bad they haven’t televised a “look alike” of the blue container the stepbrother testified to seeing.

    It’s been reported also: NO head, no arms –just the torso and legs. What an end to a beautiful young woman. It looks like DNA will have to be used to match Stacy or Lisa. Let it end there.

  45. Red Ranger says:

    Just a barrel comment. The barrel recovered was blue and had a dent in it. Metal barrels dent. Plastic ones are very hard to dent and seem to pop out to original shape very easily. I could have sworn I remember them saying the barrel that went down the stairs was plastic. This makes me think it is not the barrel that she was disposed of in. (Assuming she was)

    I also think that if he put her in a barrel the air inside that was not displaced would make her float forever. This would be unless he had drilled holes on opposite sides to allow the barrel to sink. Interesting thought on that is that she would be protected from marine life and be a lot less decomposed due to cool water. Blink, I think you may be right and building gas pressure in the barrel may have dislodged the lid. useable fingerprints on the barrel would really make my day if this is the barrel.

  46. dddeerma says:

    I read that there was currency in her pocket. Is there a chance of fingerprints on any of the bills? It would seem worth a try to me.
    They will try, but doubtful

  47. riddlemethis says:

    Lisa Stebic’s cousin commented tonight Lisa was known to have been wearing jeans earlier in the day she went missing. Stacy listed as wearing a red jogging suit. (Jean material reportedly found with the body), Stacy’s info probably came from Drumbo though.

    Scoop,#45 I think so too, posting at the same time :)

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