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UPDATE I– Nevaeh playmates say she was stabbed by “Daddy George” in the woods.

Reported live on HLN Jane Valez Mitchell show, a search warrant was executed today at the Motel 6, where convicted sex offender George Kennedy, boyfriend of Nevaeh’s mom was living.


Among those items found were bloody shorts, a bloody towel, and a blood stain above the sink. Previously found in Kennedy’s fishing tackle box in his van, was a silver tool, found to contain human blood.

It is not known at this time if the blood matches the type of missing 5 year old Nevaeh Buchanan.

Check Back to for this developing story.

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  1. radiogirl says:

    In Texas RSO’s are listed in the news paper with their pictures and current address along with stats/offense.

    When viewing their current addresses ,a lot are at a half-way house.

    I have read of cases over the years where so’s meet in half way house’s and wind up sharing apt. etc and offend as a tag team of sorts.

    What is the answer…I have no idea.It’s clear whats happening now is NOT working and decades of study PROVE these offenders CAN NOT be rehabilitated.

    There is a case that I am familiar with of a young woman brutally raped and murdered in her apartment in Falls Church, VA last year. If you can believe this, the PERP was the apartment manager who had served time for kidnapping and assault, and various drug charges throughout several counties in VA. He was in the “halfway” program, so the apartment was leased by “the county”. There were several other in that complex with similar situations, AND THE TENANTS WERE NEVER TOLD. So this guy, let’s call him Mr. Crime waiting to happen, has access to 500 apartments and not one of those tenants was advised this creep had the keys to the castle.
    There is something blatantly wrong with that. Her name was “Ginni” Orange. Her Mother buried her daughter a few weeks after her husband, Ginni’s father, Gob Bless her.

  2. EyesWIDEOpen says:


    As I stated in another thread, it is VERY common for SOs to all be shacked up in the same motel, because they are required to as part of their probabtion/parole to re-integrate these offenders into society. Often these are work release programs where they are able to go to work, but report back to their motel at night. They usually have a curfew, too.

    There is NO DOUBT in my head this motel is a half-way house.

  3. Jane Harbor says:

    Ugh. I can’t believe it. Actually, sadly, I can. SO’s are worse than murderers, because their victims suffer forever. It is too bad that law abiding people have to take such care to avoid violating these POSs “rights”. With the economy down the tubes, there will be waves of SO sewage running out of the prisons to a neighborhood near you. LE does their best, but in the end it is up to us to do all we can to protect our communities by letting people know where the sh*t lands and lives.

  4. mamacrazy30 says:

    i’m not one to want to start shit with so’s (lol) but…if you go to family watch and type in your address, you get an areal view of your address and the address of so’s in your area. if ya print out their pic, you can then buy some gloves and post them on telephone poles. Don’t get caught (ya might get a ticket). remember, if they don’t know its you they can’t sue you.

    Mama- I think you gotta bit of the Friday in ya, lol.
    DONT DO THAT. Form a neighborhood watch, or invite the Mom’s over for a sweet tea, what ev-

  5. mamacrazy30 says:

    weelll, maybe a little. i just get so angry ’cause its EVERYDAY…everyday it happens, and everyday i’m pissed. when someone commits a crime, goes to trial, and is convicted, its PUBLIC RECORD. just as if you get married or divorced. it is out there for anyone. so what gets me goin’ is the fact that these folks get out and then feel the need to be justified in being offended buy the past crimes they have committed, and so therefore YOU shouldn’t be able to broadcast them. if they were stealing bmw’s i really wouldn’t care (well maybe if i owned one, but i don’t, but if i did..) ’cause i’m sure a person who owned a bmw would have insurance on it (i would)…these people don’t steal money, cars, jewelery…..they steal HOPE, INNOCENCE, and TRUST.

  6. A Texas Grandfather says:

    It is too bad that we have people in the criminal justice system that advocate for parole no matter what the violation. If this was a judge that issued the order to continue the pervert on parole, then the judge needs to be removed from the bench and charged with aiding and abbetting a crime. Let him do some time along with the criminal he allowed to prey on the public.
    Of course since the legal system is not about justice, but has become a system of pay-off and theater, then the people will have to march to the legislature in droves to get something accomplished.
    This type of criminal is not ever going to have a sucess out in the public. There is something terribly wrong with their brains. The only solution is to never let them have parole.
    Parole only works on a few people and in my opinion, we as a society should work hard to remove it from the justice system.

    Was not a judge, was in the Parole system, but I agree that dude should be out of a job.

  7. hoping says:

    A few years back I went to the Megan’s Law website and I was startled to see that a sex offender lived two doors down. My neighbors and I were concerned, an elderly lady lived there with her grandson who was in his early twenties. It turned out that when the boy was 18 with a 16 year old g/f or 17 with a 14 year old g/f(I can’t remember the exact ages, but they were both in High School at the time) Her parents got upset about them having sex and reported it.
    Reading the website, it was not clear what the crime was, just what code was violated. I have to say that it was sad that he was being grouped into the website with people who have committed evil crimes. I am not condoning what he did, but I wish it was somehow clearer on the website. I am sure they probably don’t want to disclose any more details about the horrendous acts committed by some of these people to “protect” them from backlash, but in the meantime, people who haven’t committed the same level of crime appear to be just as evil.

  8. Jane PeeOhd says:

    Blink, if you got my last post, the end of my post should have finished “most probably watered down or an outright lie.” My laptop flipped out and I am not sure if the post came through.

  9. Rozee280me says:

    I knew of a situationin my state, NJ, where a women met men online and had them over for sex while her 13 & 14 year old daughters were home. I notified DYFS (NJ child protection services) and they said there wasn’t anything they could do. So, unless a child is injured or dead, parents can just insanely do whatever they want- I guess…..

  10. Rozee280me says:

    Sadly, I just looked up the meaning of the name, Naveah, it means life. Also someone earlier noted, its heaven spelled backwards.

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