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UPDATE I– Nevaeh playmates say she was stabbed by “Daddy George” in the woods.

Reported live on HLN Jane Valez Mitchell show, a search warrant was executed today at the Motel 6, where convicted sex offender George Kennedy, boyfriend of Nevaeh’s mom was living.


Among those items found were bloody shorts, a bloody towel, and a blood stain above the sink. Previously found in Kennedy’s fishing tackle box in his van, was a silver tool, found to contain human blood.

It is not known at this time if the blood matches the type of missing 5 year old Nevaeh Buchanan.

Check Back to for this developing story.

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  1. mamacrazy30 says:

    sh1t. i have that sinking feeling. that poor little girl and her stupid mother.

  2. pink monkey says:

    Blink, I have heard that Kennedy has a son and a ex wife in Ohio his and that he is currently married now to a woman in Detroit Beach. She is also a felon.
    Why doesnt that surprise me? My God Pink

  3. Catbert says:

    I can think of just punishment for the women who gave birth to this angel and then failed to keep her safe…

    but I won’t say it here

    Blink as always thanks for the most current news~

  4. Gypsy DD says:

    This Mother and Grandmother better be tried for child neglect, child endangerment, accessorys after the fact and hampering a police investigation. They knew what this man was and they let this child believe he was a family friend. I bet the little girl playing with Nevaeh told her Mom exactly who Nevaeh left with….filthy B*tch!@

    I would like to see more pictures of little Neveah. Personally, I have a suspicion based on the photos I have seen of this child, that she has been abused for a while. When will children be protected first? I cant stand it

  5. Scoop says:

    When she was reported missing yesterday, I had one of those feelings as I’m sure you all did. Obviously, there are some sick people in this world; but, few sicker than this bastard. I agree with the other posters about what should be done to the mother who, knowingly, exposed her daughter to a known sex offender. HUGE mistake. We’ve come a long way, Baby, but not far enough.

    Cherish your Children… it’s that simple.


  6. Annals says:

    Scoop, you are so right. It is that simple, but EVIDENTLY, it must not be easy. Child abuse and death at the hands of Mommy’s new lover is a very real and escalating issue.

    I have sometimes pointed out to some of my female friends instances wherein they have endangered their own children in order to stay with their latest lovers. Without exception, they have reacted in anger to me. I will continue to do this as instances arise, but beleive me, their reactions are not pretty and I take the heat.

    I understand that no one likes to be confronted on their actions and all the more so, when it concerns their kids and their denial.

    Please, ladies, don’t sacrifice your kids safety in favor of your sex lives.

  7. sadie says:

    Sometimes bad things happen to children and it’s simply an accident, or an evil person fools parents and relatives and everyone is caught unaware when something unthinkable happens. I don’t fault the parents or relatives in those situations. Sometimes, a parent does everything right and something terrible, awful, and evil happens to their children.

    This is not one of those times.

    This woman willfully allowed her defenseless child around a convicted sex offender, and now her child is dead. She’s complicit in the death of her child and should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. If nothing else, she helped him violate the rules of his probation (parole?).

    That poor girl, and the other poor children who obviously witnessed something. When are we, as a society, going to say enough?

    Enough with the abusing, raping, and murdering of our children. Sex offenders, specifically sex offenders that target children, are locked away after the first time! We already know the recidivism rate is extremely high — don’t let them out to abuse again, especially as criminals like this almost always escalate.


  8. sweetpea says:

    I know that we are not to make statments that are geared toward
    vigilantism. But, #@% !@#$ @# @##$%%!!! Okay that is my rant for the day. Those two need DP and nothing less!

  9. Annals says:

    I am starting to notice a type of red-flag-speak in some recent crime against children cases;

    “I don’t think in my heart he had anything to do with this,” Sherry Buchanan said. [-Neveah's grandmother refering to sex offender George Kennedy]

    “I know in my heart she’s close.” [-Casey Anthony concerning the location of her missing daughter Caylee]

    “Daddy George” [The mother's boyfriend, not the child's father]

    “My daughter is missing.” [-Misty Croslin refering to Heighlee Cummings, her boyfriend's daughter by his x-wife, Chrystal]

  10. Felicity says:

    The playmate is lucky he didn’t take her too!!

  11. Tams says:

    Re: Post #8 by Sadie –

    Unless I have missed something, we do not yet know whether or not she is dead. Is there something that you know that you would like to tell us or LE?

  12. dddeerma says:

    Blink: we are ripe for organized action. Where are our leaders? What can we put into to motion so that crimes like this can be prevented? I would like to know if the grandmother knew that Kennedy was a SO. If so, hang her too. The mother’s statements to the media and LE should be enough to get her prison time as an accessory after the fact, if not before the fact.

  13. FairestWitness says:

    Blink, the update article you linked at the top has a mention of Neveah’s father arriving on the scene from Toledo. One Shane Hinojosa, who didn’t come immediately because he was afraid of being arrested for lack of child support payments. This father hasn’t seen his daughter in 2 years, for crying out loud. NOW(?) he’s concerned about her welfare?

    I’ve been wondering where he was and why he wasn’t out searching for her. Toledo, Ohio is less than 25 miles away from Monroe, Michigan. It’s the next town on I-75.

    Children whose fathers or mothers have abandoned, neglected or abused them are at so much risk. The solution to the problem of pedophilia is parents. It’s that damn simple: parents, mothers and FATHERS(!!!), must be actively involved in raising and protecting their kids. When they’re not, this is what happens. The sick f**ks our judicial system lets out to prey on them, get a hold of these innocent, vulnerable children.

    American parents need to wake the hell up and start doing their duty to their children! I am so sick of this shit!

  14. radiogirl says:

    Dear God in Heaven WHY and HOW can these planet litter continue to walk among our children. ESPECIALLY when they are already identified as a threat!!!!

    What do I need to sign ,call, wright, march. What can we do to get our laws TOUGHER!!

    I wish the First Lady would take on the plight of our children as her platform….she has 2 young girls.

  15. EyesWIDEOpen says:


    I’m right there with you… why are there no organized programs to try to prevent these crimes from happening? There needs to be some Grassroots organizations started!

  16. colleen33bunny says:

    I just heard that his Parole Officer knew that he was in a relationship with someone that had a 4 year old child (at that time). Also, that someone ordered him back to prison for violating his parole, and it was over ruled, and the recommendation was continue parole??? So basically what that tells me is that this could have been prevented and the system failed!! This just makes me sick!!!

    We, as parents are supposed to protect our children, not put them in harms way!!

    You are correct, and I am sick.

  17. Susan says:

    I am an attorney (not in Michigan) and in my state, there would be room for a prosecutor to at least charge the mother with neglect for leaving her unattended outside. I am starting to think that the latest trend in intentional child-killing is that parents are pushing the boundaries of actionable neglect (associate with sex-offenders, “forget” child in hot car, let child slip out of sight near pool). I know tragic accidents happen. But sometimes tragic accidents are very preventable and there has to be accountability on the part of the parents who do not take reasonable steps to so prevent. This woman acted unreasonably and her child is likely dead as a result. I can’t believe I am even of the same species as these monsters.

  18. SadieBlue says:

    Post by #13 – your right, we need to act, but how? We need direction. It is disgusting that the law allows these people out in the first place. That mother should be charged, hopefully public pressure will cause that to happen.

  19. Susan says:

    The action Michigan residents need to take is as follows:
    1. contact your legislatures and tell them you want longer sentences for sex offenders who target children.
    2. Contact the prosecutor in the county where this mother resides and demand that she be arrested for neglect at the very least.
    3. If the prosecutor fails to investigate the mother, contact your secretary of state to start an investigation of the prosecutor (the prosecutor has to at least investigate allegations of criminal neglect)
    4. if nothing comes of the investigation of the mother, it is because the law doesn’t support charging her with neglect which means the law is too weak and again, you need to contact your leglislators and demand that the law get more protective of children and less tolerant of those who knowingly put them in harms way.
    5. Don’t let this little girl’s suffering be in vain. Be proactive about knowing where the sex offenders in your county reside and make sure others know it as well. Make sure the sex offenders know that they are being watched. If the information is true, there is no law preventing the publication of it.
    6. VOTE out of office judges who are light on sex offenders. Vote out of office legislators who refuse to amend the laws to protect your children. If your state doesn’t protect your children, you have to act to change the laws.

    I hope the good citizens of RI read this as well.

  20. Susan says:

    Amending post 20, number 3: Attorney general, not secretary of state (you’ll find the attorney general info on the sec of state web site however).

  21. SadieBlue says:

    Susan (comment #18). I think you are right that these parents are allowing these things to happen to their children and then calling it an accident. Associating with a known sex offender is the same as putting a target on your child. There should be laws that hold parents or accessories accountable as well, and if there are, then they should be enforced. Remember the Jessica Lunsford case, the three low-lifes in the trailer with her while she was held? They were never charged but I’ve never believed they didn’t know she was there and have always believed some sort of charges should have been brought against them, for harboring a known sex offender at least. People who are accessories in any way to a crime that results in a child’s death should be made accountable.

  22. Amber says:

    In comment #20, is that the same process we need to do in CA? I can’t just stand by and pray for things to change anymore. I want to help start these processes. And If they are already being started where do I sign a petition or what other steps can we do?

  23. NoseyRosey says:

    I am sorry and I am sure I am going to make some people mad, but I believe in the DP for sex offenders. They are murdering innocence- they are taking a part of a child’s life that can never be given back to them. There should NEVER be second chances for someone who will molest an innocent child. At least this baby girl is now in a much better place where no one can hurt her and she will always be protected- may she rest in peace.

    I agree. Society and children specifically, need to be protected.

  24. sadie says:

    re: Post #12 by Tams

    Of course I don’t know anything other than what I’m reading, and normally I’m one to hold out hope, but I think it’s a mistake to stick our heads in the sand and pretend that this child is going to be found alive.

    There’s blood evidence everywhere, some sort of tool or weapon with blood on it, witnesses who say they saw “Daddy George” stab Neveah, and both George and the mom failed portions of their lie detector tests related to what happened to Neveah and where she is currently.

    I’m just following the evidence, and the evidence that we know of points to this child being dead.

  25. Susan says:

    RE #23, Amber, yes, the process in all states for changing the laws is basically the same (Louisianna might be a little different, not sure). Finding out who your legislator is (determined by district, which you can google on line) and start working from there. The legislators are there to be your voice. Tell them what you think loudly and often.

    RE#24: I would support the DP for a child predator. I think there is a fundamental depravity going on inside a person who sees children (or any vulnerable population) not as fellow humans who are deserving of respect and life, etc but as mere objects or “tools” for his or her own pleasure. This kind of detachment from the human race, even once, should announce to the world that this person is irretrievably defective.

  26. SadieBlue says:

    #24 – you are so right and I support that statement as well! If you look at known predators who have killed, most of them had been jailed numerous times, with their crimes escalating. Look at John Couey, Joseph Duncan. What is wrong with the system?

  27. Brenda in Virginia says:

    Dear Susan,

    You wrote: 5. Don’t let this little girl’s suffering be in vain. Be proactive about knowing where the sex offenders in your county reside and make sure others know it as well. Make sure the sex offenders know that they are being watched. If the information is true, there is no law preventing the publication of it.


    I am quite sad to tell you that is false…at least in the state of Virginia. I live in Virginia and was told by an officer friend (former coworker) it is ILLEGAL to print out nand post the sex offender information from the SOR site in public and that I could be literally sued by the SO for harrassment. Talk about my jaw dropping. He also said he did not agree with the law regarding that issue and (this is good) said he did not know a single officer that considered a sex offender as human…and that such “creatures” needed to be PUT DOWN.

    I do hope it is different where you live. Just makes me sick to my stomach that they can be so free to roam about and the general public are supposed to just be “politically correct” in treating them this way. It’s so upside down! All that to say be careful and find out for SURE before you post their faces. I would be sad to learn you got in trouble for trying to be proactive and helping unaware parents protect their children. (I cannot believe I’m even typing this out…shouldn’t be an issue!)

    Brenda’s information is correct with only a few differences. I believe there is some leeway in some states when the offender is considered level 3 or predatory status.

  28. EyesWIDEOpen says:

    # 16 was for ddderma, not Tams… sorry!

    I, for one, will be contacting legislators in IL. I will be doing my research on County Judges, and will actively be looking for opportunities to reachout to people, to prevent these crimes against children.

  29. it's my life says:

    and here in good ole Canada, the Sex Offender Registry is for the police only. THe public cannot access it. Sometimes in a very high profile case or a case of an extremely dangerous individual the police will release a press statement when the person gets out of prison (why they get out is beyond me), but even then, the public only gets a warning that they are being released and a general idea of where they will live. It is TOTALLY wrong that the offender has all of the rights and the public has none. Outrageous to the max.

  30. JmBrdy says:

    I live very close to this town, and found these two details interesting. Both posted on our local news website

    “Also, investigators told Local 4 a letter they found that Jennifer Buchanan sent to Kennedy has raised some questions. However, they would not provide any further details.”

    “The girl’s mother, Jennifer Buchanan, told Local 4 her daughter lives with her and her mother, Sherry Buchanan, who has legal custody of the girl.

    Jennifer Buchanan moved back into her mother’s home in January after she was gone for two years.”

  31. EyesWIDEOpen says:

    Have you heard any updates on this CASE? Have they found Nevaeh? Have they typed the blood on the evidence found?

    no and no

  32. MackiezMom says:

    I appreciate Susan’s constructive comments and suggestions.

    It is frustrating to face case after case after case, where child after child after child is abducted, raped and/or murdered. I lived less than a mile from Michaela Garrett when she was abducted. She was never found. Her abductor was never found. Her family was destoryed.

    It is important to remember that we do have some power when it comes to change. Demanding that laws are changed, and holding lawmakers and judges accountable are the best means of protecting our children (and society in general) in the future.

  33. Susan says:

    RE: #28 Good point, Brenda. In terms of slander, if the information is true, there is no slander. Harassment is a whole other animal. But, if the state makes publication of the sex offender registry open to the public, there should be no problem with printing and distributing the state’s information to citizens. That is not harassment unless the state itself is willing to call its web registry publication harassment as well. Even if you can’t print it, I’d feel very comfortable knocking on doors to let people know that according to the registry, which can be found at (whatever web address) a sex offender lives in the blue house on the corner and as a neighbor, I thought they’d want to know.
    And again, it comes back to taking action with your legislators. If distributing information about sex offender location is not acceptable under the laws of your state, change the laws of your state to protect the kids, not the killers.

    RE: #30, wow that is crazy backwards. Sorry to hear that.

    Blink, great site! I am glad I found it. I am going to shut up and get back to work now. ;o)

  34. FairestWitness says:

    Blink, as you said the other day, the Sex Offender Registry isn’t supposed to protect the public, simply inform those who are able to access its information in order to keep their kids away from predators. It’s up to parents to protect their kids.

    However, something is wrong with our laws when we continually put these predators back on the streets to re-offend. We must change our laws to put these animals behind bars forever! No second chances, no three strikes — just lock them up and throw away the keys.

    Absolutely. Astonishing. AND.. I think the SO’s should have to pay out of their pocket to remain in the klink.

  35. Amber says:

    #26 Thanks for the info.

    I truley hate how we have to “tip toe” around them, and not put signs on thier yard so EVERYONE is aware of who and what they are.

    I agree w/ a previous post, have them dyed purple, and sent to a deserted island and let them kill each other off.

  36. riddlemethis says:

    Oh boy, here we go…didn’t see this yet, forgive if it’s already mentioned.

  37. Red Ranger says:

    Note that Carlie’s Law failed to pass. The scunge that raped and killed her should have been in prison at the time for NUMEROUS parole violations. The judge that let him out REPEATEDLY was confused as to why people were upset with his actions. The judge was going to run again until he saw the polls. He should have been drug out into the the street and horsewhipped.

    On a happy note, Carly fought like a tiger. The damage she inflicted to Smith and his vehicle helped convict him. He is on death row.

    The point of my post is that we need laws governing punishment of these people. The laws need to be harsh, swift, and sure. We also need laws to protect the public from judges that do not do the job they have sworn to do. They do not need club fed. They need to do some time in Angola, Folsom, Joliet, or wherever their state puts the worst offenders.

    Representative Katherine Harris is forever tarnished for political reasons, but her efforts on passing this, or harsher laws should be ongoing until the end result is acceptable. I am jonesing to be able to say her actions are commendable.

  38. miss t. fyed says:

    Not to upset people further…but it is a distinct possibility that not only did Mommy know that “Daddy George” was a SE – but that she deliberately “gave” him her child as a sort of insurance that he would stay with her (yes – I know how pathetic this is – but it is not unheard of) and in fact may have actively participated in his crimes. I hope this situation is thoroughly investigated – the mother is certainly guily of something.

    As for women holding onto relationships with SOs becasue they are in denial – my family had direct experience with this when my step-daughters’ mother got involved with a pedophile (unknowingly). What I cannot figure out is how she missed all the red flags. Our 16 year old daughter had a instintive feeling that the guy was a creep and could not stand to be around him. The youngest daughter was his target however and get this she was 12 years old and retarded and very physically immmature. Our 16 year old left home and came to live with us after a huge fight with her mother over this a%@%hole at which time her mother said to her “I’m not gonna let you f@%ck this up for me.” Unfortunately our 16 year old did not tell us any of this until after we found out from the younger daughter what had happened.

    Anyhow all came to light when our youngest daughter told her teacher she had a “boyfriend” and that his name was Clarke and that he had kissed her in her bedroom…so forth and so on. Thank God Mom came to her senses and got a restraining order. But she was not willing to go further (more denial), like getting a complete medical exam for her daughter, so that was the end of it.

    We found out 2 years after the fact…because one day our youngest daughter just suddenly started talking about it….we talked to LE but were told we couldn’t prove anything at this late date.

    I too think I could personally pull the switch on these sh@%tpiles.

  39. Brenda in Virginia says:

    Blink, did some research and made a call to learn in Virginia, the “harrassement” of an SO is illegal and a class 1 misdemeanor. BUT…redistributing the material in a “reasonable manner” is not. what I was told by the man I spoke to at the State PD was it’s a fine line because ALL SOs know about this law and if any one of them saw their pic posted…OR knew of it being distributed to others by an individual….all they have to do is say to authorities “I feel harrassed” and that’s all it takes to get you in trouble. So, although a class 1 misdemeanor wouldn’t be much trouble for a person, BUT if the SO decides to claim his potential for employment was ruined or he was caused undo “pain and suffering” (which I about puked at)….they can sue and you’re screwed. This gentleman I spoke to did not like this at all and reminded me to use great caution.

    As Adam Lambert sang this year in Idol…It’s a Mad, Mad World.


    § 9.1-918. Misuse of registry information; penalty.

    Use of registry information for purposes not authorized by this chapter is prohibited, the unlawful use of the information contained in or derived from the Registry for purposes of intimidating or harassing another is prohibited, and a willful violation of this chapter is a Class 1 misdemeanor. For purposes of this section, absent other aggravating circumstances, the mere republication or reasonable distribution of material contained on or derived from the publicly available Internet sex offender database shall not be deemed intimidation or harassment.

    (2003, c. 584; 2006, cc. 857, 914.)

  40. Gypsy DD says:

    Blink..isn’t Michigan or Detroit more specifically getting ready to release a large number of sex offenders back into the community for some prison overcrowding or some such thing?

    Can you check on the end of one of the video news broadcast yesterday about this case on of the announcers said something about releasing sex offenders in the coming weeks. listen at the 3.30 -3.43 minutes on this video to hear a snip of it.

    Can you find out more..this would be a great reason for them not to be released.

    That is correct, and in this area as well.

  41. sandyeggo says:

    Thanks blink for everything you keep us updated on. I follow your site regularly though never opst. Just wanted to let you know that I believe her name is spelled, Nevaeh…Heaven backwards. So sad.

    Ty, your correct, I went a little too fast for my own good yesterday. There were makjor developments in 5 different cases, thanks for pointing it out.

  42. 2 boys mom in NC says:

    Blink, I read you daily but my first time commenting. Informative sight obviously written with concern and care! This story has just put me over the top! When will parents wake up? Children are a gift and given on the trust that you will nourish, protect, nuture and love that gift with all of your heart! This precious little girl’s mother signed her death warrant!

  43. Denise says:


    I just read in an article where JB said, “I cherished every minute I was with her” meaning Nevaeh. WTH? She cherishED every minute she WAS with her? Is it just me or is she talking in past tense? Hmmmmm.

    Not hmm for me, I’ll call it out. She knows her daughter is dead, knows the how, when and where, and she is going to go to jail for it as she should. That’s my restrained comment, btw.

  44. riddlemethis says:

    Brenda & Susan,

    What about a flyer that said, “Residents of _______ St (or neighborhood) Do YOU know who’s living in your Neighborhood?” or Protect Your Children, HINT HINT HINT, check out the _________ registry site at http://www…………….with the registry name and website boldly printed? If you’re just bringing attention to the website and not the specific perp, where’s the foul? Wonder if that would fly? Not a pic but would still reach an audience if legal.

    Checked mine, 52 perps in my zipcode (small town). And just in my m-class neighborhood- 1 violent sexual predator, 1 child sodomist and 1 child sexual abuse all within 1-1/2 miles. Jackpot, hmmm? Yikes, VSP was news to me. creep me out.

  45. Brenda in Virginia says:

    riddlemethis…it’s not riddle you are brilliant! Thx for the idea. I WILL use it because we have alot in our county too. Although only 30,000 residents in the entire county, we have 130 offenders on the search I just did. Disgusting. On the road behind us only a few months back, a 17 yr old girl was grabbed by 2 men in their 20′s and raped. I know nothing of their backgrounds, but in a small community and in the road she LIVES on…that was a brazen crime. Broad daylight too. Guess once the trial is over, the number will be 132.

  46. Susan says:

    Riddle–It looks fine to me and I think you could even get more specific and mention actual names and locations. (I of course have no idea what state you are in much less the laws that govern your state but my gut tells me you’d be fine as long as you stick to the facts that are already out there AND don’t organize any riots. I really wouldn’t worry about whether there is a foul at all in peacefully distributing true information about a sex offender living near by. In all honesty, even though I am a lawyer and am supposed to respect the law, etc., I’d happlily take the misdemeanor and the fine if someone wanted to call it harassment. Gladly, if it meant saving a child from these demons. In this case, it sounds like the sex offenders were clustering in one area of town. Since the mother was part of the problem, probably the only thing that might have helped would have been to vigilantly watch the sex offenders and make sure they are not violating parol and if they are, make a huge public stink about parole not getting revoked. There are many failures in this case.
    Not sure what the geography of Monroe, MI looks like, but this is the info I found on sex offenders living in the motel (motel 7 1250 N. DIXIE HWY MONROE MI 48162) or its general area. Oddly, I didn’t find George David Kennedy as a registered offender in Monroe, MI. Any ideas why?

    Smith, Roy Charles
    Address: 14196 S Dixie Hwy
    Zip code: 48161
    Crime: Criminal Sexual Conduct 4th Degree(force Or Coercion)

    Carson, Curtis William
    Address: 15390 S Dixie Hwy Rm 3
    Zip code: 48161
    Crime: Criminal Sexual Conduct Aslt W/int To Comm Sex Penetration
    Andrews, Michael John
    Address: 15195 S Dixie Hwy Unt 2
    Zip code: 48161
    Crime: Criminal Sexual Conduct 4th Degree (multiple Variables)

    Bevfoden, Donald Fred
    Address: 3433 N Dixie Hwy
    Zip code: 48162
    Crime: Criminal Sexual Conduct-3rd Degree(force Or Coercion)

    Woods, Michael Allen
    Address: 1750 N Dixie Hwy
    Zip code: 48162
    Crime: Criminal Sexual Conduct – Third Degree (multiple Variables)

    I think I may be about to piss y’all off more. I am willing to bet this Motel 7 is subsidized. Meaning, some sort of public halfway house. This is a huge issue we have got to tackle. It’s been a while since I have done a thesis, but wth is the statistics and probability of 6 sex offenders breathing the same lobby air, the public unaware, and the likelihood something like this can happen. I say it is freakin high.

  47. Cheryl says:

    wow so he didnt care if the her playmates saw him? Do you think we have a child witness
    since molesters dont get rehabilitated- I say they should be public domain..What other reason should they register their address? how does that stop the repeat offenders?? They all repeat- just some get caught- that is the ugly truth. & Motels should have a policy to not house any sex offenders just as some jobs wont hire criminals.

  48. PamTX says:


    In regards to your comment to Susan,Post #47, I completely agree and had thought of that the minute I read “Motel 7″. If this is not a rennovated motel-turned halfway house, I will be surprised. A little media attention is what this “motel” needs!!

    I have been so sick by the recent reports of this case and it brought me back to 2 years ago when I began to sport a “Pass Jessica’s Law” bumper sticker on my car and nag my local Senator and House of Rep. member. I wanted to share a couple links with your readers if that is ok. It’s just a FYI since you have so many readers that want to make a difference. Note: The Supreme Court over-ruled the death penalty for sex-offenders/offenses saying it was unconstitutional. There was a media frenzy over this, but the bottom line was basically….they were afraid that a sex-offender would actually go so far as to murder a child victim if indeed, he/she were going to get the death penalty anyway. I have provided the links below for whomever is interested, along with an interesting table that lists states that already have some sort of “Jessica’s Law” in place. I can tell you from personal experience…it pays to write letter after letter….and make call after call until somebody in a position of authority “listens”.

    Texas Governor Rick Perry’s Jessica’s Law Resolution:

    “Dissecting” Jessica’s Law:

    Texas House of Representatives Press Release:

    As of August 2008 Jessica’s Law Summary by State:

  49. riddlemethis says:

    Comment #47, you’re damn right it’s probably subsidized. First thought I had was it’s a frekin ‘half way house’ for SO’s. What a cluster. Thought I read it was a depressed part of MI, (maybe what part isn’t, and no offense intended by that comment). I was born in the MW, and still have family there.

    To Brenda and Susan, thank you for those responses, made me feel like I contributed a little today and I appreciate that. And Brenda that story about that girl is just…no good words for it. I understand why it would motivate you so. More than one way to skin a jackass…oh yeah that’s cat….my bad.

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