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Orlando, FL– 27 year old Tracy E. Ocasio has been missing since leaving the Taproom Bar in Orlando at approximately 1:30am Wednesday. (UPDATE: OCASIO WAS SPOTTED ON SURVEILLANCE AND THE MAN WITH HER HAS BEEN QUESTIONED)


Tracy, who resides on New Victor Rd, Ocoee, left the bar at “last call” and her car was found abandoned on Frankin Street in Ocoee. The homeowners on the property where the vehicle was found called Police saying there was a car parked there that did not belong to them.

Elizabeth Ocasio, Tracy’s Mother, is frantic:

“She’s missing. Nobody has seen her or heard from her,” said Ocasio.

“She goes there every Magic game, and she cheers for the Magic, and afterward, she texts everybody she knows and says, ‘Go Magic.’ Apparently, that didn’t happen after this game.”

“I honestly don’t think she would be going on her own. She was so involved in cheering for the Magic. She would definitely want to see the game tonight (Thursday).”

 Orlando police will not comment if they consider Ocasio’s disappearance  suspicious or if she is in danger. But they ask anyone who has seen her to call police at 321-235-5300.



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  1. Diana Ocasio Grammer says:

    The #19 posting talked about a female getting poped. I thought that inferred that the female in question was shot. I do pray I am so wrong. I just read that posting and I felt just this horrible feeling inside. Thanks B.

    I know Mrs. G, I know. All I can offer you and your family is my support and a commitment to see this through till Tracy is found. God speed for that.

  2. Diana Ocasio Grammer says:

    Thank you B. Please, it’s Diana, I know I am old, it makes me feel older:) I know that the voice interview had your name, please forgive me for not remembering. Ever since my niece has gone missing, it has been so difficult to think straight. Blink, I am unable to find the posting of your radio interview. When I go into google and scroll your web site, I get a lot of older postings about Tracy from way back to later days. Your most recent one, the one I told Steph about, I cannot find. Any subjestions?

    Click right below ma’am. Press play on the video :)

  3. Derrick says:

    where is this post at?! i see no “44″ another long hot day of searching today, wish us luck today

  4. tic toc says:

    does anyone know the year make and model of tracy ocasio’s car?

    Yes, Yellow Chevy Cobalt

  5. Diana Ocasio Grammer says:

    Derrick, B left the link on her #102 posting. I can’t thank you enough Derrick, for been there for my brother. God bless you and all those wonderful Floridians, helping Mr.Miller and EquuSearch,as well as to B. for been there for us as well.

  6. tic toc says:

    if its a newer chevy cobalt you can probably link up to the computer to find out,since the last time it was turned on, what the mileage was and shorten the search pattern…………
    I am not sure they have not done that, they released a photo of her car and the lic plate number well after her car was found, I think they may know she, or her car, did not have the point A to point B trip they mention.

  7. tic toc says:

    sort of like a black box for cars-they always leave a pattern…..

  8. Derrick says:

    the year of the car was 2005

    did it have on star?

  9. tic toc says:

    if you can get from her onboard computer when the last two times the car was turned on and off- you can get the mileage then.
    Commenting on the response from 106-she traveled from point A to C-
    point B would be the mileage -then you figure the possible routes from point of departure “Tap Room”-to where it was abandoned-
    the assailant used the car to the end- he had nothing else.
    retrace her steps through the mileage on her car and it will narrow the areas of search………

    If she has it, your 100% correct. I dont know that it is standard in a 2005 though. It continues to bother me that they released an actual photo of her car and plate well after it was found though, they are questioning something.

  10. Derrick says:

    im getting all that taken care of right now ive been working on it since i saw the #106 comment…and theres software that can be used to bring up every single time the car was turned on and off :) so from the time the car was moved from the spot til the 1st owner of the car took it off the car lot. i cant believe i didnt think of this on my own and i want to thank you so much for bringing this to my attention!! i cant thank you enough. every car is able to do this well cept the ones that ran without computers in which are pretty old or rebuilt

    Derrick- thank you for acknowledging the wicked smart posters here. Please do NOT tell me detectives did not know this. Keep us posted and God Bless.

  11. steph ocasio says:

    Since Tracy smoked cigarettes, did the detectives check out the ashtray, and any cigarette butts found near the car. You can get really good DNA from cigarette butts. I am sure most of the people involved in this probably smoke too.

  12. steph ocasio says:

    Diana please call us at home.

  13. steph ocasio says:

    We wish once again to thank each and everyone of you for your continued support of Joe, Liz, Joey and the entire Ocasio family. It is very difficult for our family during this time, especially since we all live so far away. Your help means alot to all of us. Thank you again for being there for us, when we cannot be there to help.
    Linda and Reynaldo Ocasio

  14. Diana Ocasio Grammer says:

    Derrick, the papers aren’t saying anything anymore. I don’t want to burden my brother Joe with questions. Has any new information or leads been found? Is the Ocoee police still on the case? I pray it is. I would love to communicate with you via email. Maybe B. can give you my email. I posted it once, not realizing what a mistake I made. There is so much info out there in the net, I think some of it is pertinent. I have been doing a lot of re-searching. Since I can’t be there physically, I am connected to this tragedy through the net, for now. I will come to Ocoee in the near future. Thanks for all your help Derrick. My brother is a great man, and a loving father, it grieves me to see him going through this horrible nightmare, but I know his pain is worst.

  15. Dee says:

    thanks to all for praying and researching about my cousin.

  16. Derrick says:

    they need to put 2 and 2 together and realize that the huttos have everything to do with this…. paul still had charges pending from the fight with tracy on 4-14-09 at the taproom… paul was at gators the night she was at taproom along with hataway, giving him an alibi… since hutto and hataway worked with or was friends hutto decided to tell hataway hey get tracy to give you a ride home and well meet up and well do the rest, hataway got lazy or was extremely confident that he wasnt going to get caught so he parked her car a block away from the house…thats why he says hes innocent, the FBI needs to get into this and put some pressure on this scum…

    Derrick my friend, the FBI will only get involved at the request of LE. I would strongly recommend that Mr. and Mrs. Ocasio request that of them.

  17. Diana Ocasio Grammer says:

    Derrick, I agree with Blink. Please urge Joe to have the LE contact the FBI. Perhaps Joe himself should call the FBI and fill them in, at least. It would put the LE under presure to contact the FBI. By the way, I was kind of threatened by someone from Ocoee in another blinkoncrime site. The post said I was interfering with the police investigation. I guess I have ruffled some feathers, all the way here in California. The nest of losers that Hataway belongs to have to be cleaned-up, for the sake of innocent folks in Ocoee.
    This message is for Steph, I don’t have your dad’s phone number. If I call info, you think I can get it then?
    Thank ou Blink for keeping this sad tragedy going.

  18. Derrick says:

    lol good then they are gettin a little worried it seems…maybe someone should start talking!

  19. Linda Ocasio says:

    Diana call your mom she has our number. Love you and miss you.

  20. steph ocasio says:

    hey diana, don’t fret about them saying your in the way of the investigation, we are family, they are in our way of justice if they don’t do their jobs, if they give you grief then remind them that all of the ocasios are worried, we have your back hun, much love, ps – hows DEE? i hope she’s alright and doing well for herself.

  21. steph ocasio says:

    yes diana – you can get it in info – along with other ocasio numbers here – and your mom and brother have our number too, we would love to hear from you, love – linda, ray, chris, vana, steph and my lil man tony

  22. Amy says:

    Tracy’s car was an LS, apparently the LS came standard with On Star. Have police checked into this? Do they know they can? I think this could be huge for a timeline if nothing else. But more importantly if the computer stores the GPS locations and path, it would obviously say exactly where they/he travelled.
    Anyone close to the investigation know if police have looked into this?

    Yes, I know they have, but have not released the data

  23. tic toc says:

    it is unfortunate that in all this turmoil and desperation we have drifted off the the straight path of possibilities….
    we must look inward, into her social circle, and the convenience of her closest friend not being their,mysteriously passing out from an all too repeated night of drinking……
    someone close to her is keeping secrets……..

  24. Diana Ocasio Grammer says:

    The dissapearance of Tracy doesn’t have to do with her personal friends. Tic toc should be a little more clear aout what he is trying to say. Tracy is a normal American girl, that attended her favorite sports bar were she loved to “hang” with her friends. The fact still stands that she gave Hataway a ride. Those who know what Hataway did with my niece should come forward, because he could very well point the finger at them, as he did to his two close friends the Huttos. Does accessory to murder mean anything to Hataway, as well as anyone of his friends that know what happened to Tracy.

    One of my colleagues spent the day with her “friend” referenced in Tic Toc post, nothing unusual, so not sure what that’s about. However, there is no doubt in my mind that more people than Hataway knows where Tracy is.

  25. tic toc says:

    that is clearly what i am trying to point out “B”…
    Hataway is not that smart and precise to work alone everything he did was preplanned and calculated….
    thats why her personal items from that night were not found-just her car….
    he didn’t magically make them disappear-this is a guy who travels by foot or whenever he bums a ride….
    someone in her circle knows more than they care to share-he didn’t pop out of nowhere that night-he was already established…
    we need to step back out of tunnel vision mode and look at the big picture….
    i’m just being observant

    Understood, but one clarification I would like to make is that Jimmy Hataway by all accounts is very, very, smart.

  26. tic toc says:

    he’s conniving and that’s what makes him lethal….
    look at what his downfall was,not too smart….

  27. Dee says:

    Steph please give me a call.

  28. Calilady says:

    I agree Blink, lots more people outhere that know what happend to Tracy. The whole lot are probably scared of this gang of thugs that hang with hataway. It would be a gift for Tracy’s father, if just even one person came forward and told were the body of Tracy is at. Her dad is living a painful hell. He needs his girl back, like he said “good or bad” he needs her home.

    I am praying for that, Cali.

  29. Derrick says:

    actually tic toc has a really good point here….seriously the shits gonna get a lot worse for whoever knows anything as time goes on, somebody needs to come clean…

    I agree, and hopefully those “in the know” will consider someone always talks, and he who talks first gets the deal. Please help bring this family peace.

  30. Linda Ocasio says:

    You are right Derrick the shit is going to get a lot worse for whoever knows anything. We are a very large family and we will never forget that our girl is missing. We have never lost a family member in this manner and we will never stop looking for her.

  31. Amy says:

    It bothers me that LE hasn’t gone and searched the “mounds” that Mr Ocasio has asked the police to go check out. It’s been almost a WEEK?! I hope there is a method to the madness, but what is the holdup? My heart goes out to the family for each passing moment they wait in agony to find Tracy

  32. a says:

    from my view- the two police departments involved in the search three weeks ago-appeared as though they were there for show and presence only-maybe a handful were there for the right reasons.
    As say this as they seemed to be making up for something they neglected in the past. They even had catered bar b que at the nursery
    dispatch sight-
    I guess the tax payer really pays in the end -one way or the other.
    If this sounds too harsh it is because it is true.

  33. Charisse says:

    Thinking about the ride thing. Did Hataway not drive at all? Did he not own a car?

    He worked at various jobs. Did he bum rides to all of the jobs? Or just when he went out, perhaps as a “pick-up” gimmick of sorts.

  34. Charisse says:

    The GPS thing seems the most promising to me.

    If he killed her and carried her, it wouldn’t be far from where the car went. Even if she actually was only 100 pounds, she would get heavy if it was a long distance, and the longer he would walk with a body, the more likely someone might see something.

    If she was alive and is being held captive someplace, they should be able to tell where they stopped and spent the most time.

    I wonder if the women who have accused him of attacking them said WHERE it happened. Wondering if he had a special private place to have the women who were driving him home park the car when he attacked them? Or was he brazen enough to do it right in front of his own place?

  35. t.e.o. says:

    Blink, today a caring person doubled Tracy’s reward money! It is now at $20,000! I hope and pray this helps us with leads and resolution to her case…I personally thank you for the exposure you have given her…God Bless You!

    Anyone with information is urged to call the CrimeLine at
    1-800-423-TIPS. CrimeLine is 100% anonymous and your conversation will not be recorded.

    If you have any information you may be eligible for a $20,000 reward

    Awesome, I did get a call on this today and you beat me to it. I hope it helps. God Bless.
    Bring Tracy Home!

  36. Derrick says:

    100 lbs really isnt that much to carry, and she was “ACTUALLY” 120 to be frank.

  37. Derrick says:

    Hey B

    D, I was having AIM issues :( ..
    Ok now to contact me.

  38. Derrick says:

    hey B i updated tracys flyer, can we put it up here??

    Of Course Derrick.

  39. Derrick says:


  40. Vess says:

    I am very sorry but I really can’t stand the lack of any information about Tracy any longer. And I am simply “outsider”, I’m neather relative nor friend to the Ocasio Family. I do not know Tracy. And it hurts so much just only to THINK about HOW the family suffers. WHAT questions they all have in their minds, FOR HOW LONG they will live that way, WHY she dissapeared, WHERE is she now. The last question is the most terrifying… I can’t help this family but, God, I do want to! The only thing I can do is to wish them to find comfort they are searching for, to find Tracy.
    I wish I were a doctor. A kind of doctor who can heal their beautiful souls.

    Very Kind Vess.

  41. Vess says:

    Maybe, but unfortunately my help is a complete nil. These are just words,maybe kind, but still they are useless in a physical way.
    I have just read recent update by Mr. Ocasio on Tracy’s website. The pain is just in every word, in every coma or full stop.

    I can’t believe that if this is Hataway, that he can with such cruelty watch their tortures. I can’t believe he did this and can sleep, can eat, can do anything without any thought about Tracy, about what he did to her (if he did)about her poor mom and dad. If he did this I do not believe he doesn’t see her when he falls asleep. The person who took Tracy is beyond my understanding. And if justice is never to punish him? What then? Will he be punished by God? The person who did this must be an atheist as even I shiver with fear thinking what punishment will this person have for what he did.

  42. Vess says:


    Just found this article.
    So I understand he is free now…

    No, being transferred to Seminole cty.

  43. Derrick says:

    Today will be exactly 1year since Tracy went missing :( also the charges have been bumped up to Hataway being the prime suspect instead of the “poi” finally!

    Hi Derrick-

    Hataway has been named a suspect in Tracy’s disappearance, but he has not been charged with anything related to her.

    You know how I feel about his involvement and that of his co-horts. The good news is, I think this will provide the traction this case needs.

    I am praying for you and the Ocasio family. Tracy and Chris need to be found.

  44. Derrick says:

    can you get on aim please B?

    I am on location at the moment so no, but you can leave me a message there until I get on much later.

  45. patricia says:

    A year ago a friend of Hataways reported Tracy in woods on Clarcona, a “young punk” would be found at same site. Less than a week ago, same man claims to have overheard at a party that a man who goes by the name “Pug” moved Tracy to a golf course at a place called Rosemont (unspecified when she was moved) He alleges the girl is in plain view near a bush.I can”t verify anything except what this man said to me. He has an extensive criminal history and when he first mentioned a male body I didnt believe him. I rarely watch the news though I have heard bits and pieces of this case. Only recently did I learn that there is a missing young man. I can”t comprehend what Tracy”s family must be going through.My prayers are with Tracy and all those who love her. My prayers are with law enforcement….that they recognize Tracy as someones little girl…not unsolved case # xxxxxxx

  46. Edward says:

    My thoughts and prayers for the Ocasio family. I pray that in 2012 information will surface that brings Tracy home.

  47. [...] because it hurts too much when the answer is negative,” said Elizabeth Ocasio, whose daughter Tracy vanished in 2009 after leaving a bar with James Hataway, whom she met a few weeks [...]

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