Caylee/Casey Case: Dominic Casey Takes Stand in Zenaida Gonzalez Case

Orlando, FL– Dominic Casey, private investigator for Casey Anthony and George and Cindy Anthony, took the stand today in the civil case against Casey for Zenaida Gonzalez.

Uhoh. Motion Denied without prejudice to compel Dominick Casey to testify in the civil case against Casey Anthony.

Dominic casey

However, we have some discrepancies from Mr. Casey. In his interview on January 7, 2009 with Orange County Sheriff’s Office, Dominic Casey states he has contracts with George, Cindy, Jose Baez and Casey Anthony.

These are the dates given:

Jose Baez– July 29, 2008, terminated by Dominic on October 1, 2008.

Casey Anthony– September 12, 2008

The Anthony’ s– “sometime before the contract and after Jose Baez.” Once Baez blocked contact with Casey after October 12.

For reasons unknown, on the stand today, he gave these dates:

Jose Baez– July 27, 2008 to present.

Casey Anthony– “sometime in early September”

George and Cindy Anthony’s– July 27th, but agreement in October.


The discrepancies beg the question.. Is it a coincidence that the agreement with Jose Baez is dated the same day as the opening of the first trust account at Sun Trust Bank, and the agreement with Casey directly is dated the day it was closed by the bank on September 12?

Judge Rodriguez also intimated he will be making a decision on whether to delay the trial until after the murder trial much sooner than expected.

Prediction: The Civil Case will be put on the back burner.

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  1. Kleat says:

    Let’s see if they read here and change their sagaline.

  2. Kleat says:

    for reflection– about the facility conditions for inmates awaiting death in Florida––92592/video-news/

    No more jailhouse canteen? No pencils and paper? No air-conditioning? Yes on roaches? For years on DR? (not nice)

  3. Maura says:

    941 Suz

    Many people believe Casey has a personality disorder, and in that sense, she is disturbed and falls into an abnormal psychological category. I do, but a personality disorder is not a mental illness like depression, psychosis, or schizophrenia. Moreover, there are degrees of personality disorder just as there are degrees of mental illness – conditions in individuals range from mild to severe. Studies have shown that as many as 3-4% of the adult population have some degree of sociopathy, but most of them adjust to societal norms, hold jobs (even excel at them), and never commit crimes even if they don’t have ideal personal relationships.

    I can understand why most people back off from discussing Casey’s psychology because 1) we don’t know what the experts who examined her concluded, and 2) there are legal and psychological variables in play that make “Casey is normal” versus “Casey is not normal” more nuanced than most people want to wrestle with or see any need to wrestle with.

    I think most forum members understand that in a courtroom, “insanity” has a legal definition, not a medical definition. A defendant is only legally insane if he or she did not appreciate, at the time of the crime, that his or her actions were wrong. As I understand it, there are one-pronged and two-pronged insanity tests, depending on the state. The two-pronged test involves knowing that the action is legally wrong (against the laws of the state) and also appreciating that the action is morally wrong.

    Casey covered up her crime and has been telling a series of self-serving lies ever since, so there is no doubt in anyone’s mind that she knew what she did was legally wrong. She has never waivered from her claim of innocence in Caylee’s death and has even insisted she’s a victim of the same people who took and killed Caylee. She has no history of mental illness of the type that would enable her to claim she is delusional or hallucinating, and during the 31 days, she tailored her stories of Caylee’s whereabouts to her listener, so she wasn’t delusional.

    She would tell Cindy that Caylee was with Zanny at the theme parks and would tell her friends that Caylee was with Cindy at the beach. Who knows what was in her mind when she agreed to be driven to Universal to point out her office for the detectives, but she wasn’t delusional. She got all the way into the building before turning around and admitting she was not employed at Universal. Later in the interview, Detective Allen asked her if the obituary of Caylee’s father was in her office, and she said, “No, I think I have a copy of the obituary at home. There’s no office, so there’s no anything anywhere. We’ve made that clear already.”

    Why Casey went through the charade of pretending to have an office at Universal is anyone’s guess. My guess is she was hoping for some sort of reprieve (maybe the LEOs would be called away on an emergency and she would have time to come up with a good explanation) or hoping that if she held her head up and acted as if she had a job that the detectives would not go through with the office visit. Or maybe she was just going through the motions at that point because taking the detectives on a goose chase was a better alternative to admitting she was not employed even though she knew, barring a miracle, that the trip to Universal would end badly.

    Legally, she is sane, and that is all that matters for the guilt phase of the trial and all that matters to most people commenting on the case. Perhaps family dysfunction, especially if there is an admission of physical violence, would help Casey during the penalty phase of the trial if Lyon can convince the jury that Casey’s behavior was learned and/or established by long-term enabling. However, I don’t know that the jury will be able to see Casey in a sympathetic light, but I don’t know what Lyon will come up with.

    Andrea Yates knew she was breaking the law when she drowned her five children because she immediately called Houston PD and told them what she’d done so they could punish her. But in her psychosis, she believed that killing her children when they were young and innocent was the only way to guarantee them an eternity in heaven, so from her psychotic point-of-view, killing her children was morally right. She had a well-documented history of postpartum psychosis and her psychiatrist at the time of the murders had taken her off the only antipsychotic medication known to control her delusions. There’s a lot more, but the jury ultimately decided she was not guilty by reason of insanity.

    Susan Smith, on the other hand, also had a history of mental illness including documented depression and a suicide attempt at age 17 for which she was hospitalized. But she was never delusional, she never hallucinated. She tried to cover up her murder of her two young sons, so she knew what she had done was legally and morally wrong. Her lawyers didn’t even try to claim she was legally insane at the time of the murders, but her history of mental illness and documented sexual abuse by her step-father (beginning when she was in her early teens) moved the jury to sentense her to LWOP instead of the death penalty that the prosecution asked for and the father of the murdered boys begged for.

    With Casey Anthony, there is no documented history of mental illness, nor is the defense making any claims to such. Terry Lenamon, back in November 2008, tried to float the possibility of mental illness in explaining her actions (depression, bipolar disease, etc.), but that is not a strategy Baez is pursuing and Lenamon’s suggestions were apparently a source of disagreement and discord within the defense team.

    I think you catch my drift, Suz. No sane person would argue that Casey’s behaviors exhibit a healthy psychology, but she is not mentally ill or legally insane. She knew then and knows now the difference between right and wrong in both the legal and moral sense. And there is nothing about Casey’s antisocial personality disorder that would elicit sympathy from the jury since Casey seems very much in control of which people she chooses to victimize.

  4. suz says:

    Thanks, Maura, so you agree she’s nuts!

    : )

    (just not in the legal sense. Illegally insane—now there’s a name for a band)

  5. suz says:

    but seriously, Maura, I hope you know that I really do appreciate your thoughtful analysis.

  6. Joan (Canada) says:

    “Untrained, jealous fat women galloping through the woods trampling on evidence?”

    If this is really Cindy (no proof) this woman is seriously scary. I almost cried when I read this. These wonderful people who took the time and energy to look for their grandaughter and this is what they say about them. Unbelievable. If this is truly her then when she said
    “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” she was right.

    Oh, I definately believe that’s Cindy after that line. For anyone who spends the 3 seconds of their life they will never get back being sad or infuriated, do me a favor, and spend it thinking about the beautiful baby girl who had the gross misfortune of being born to the spawn of this woman.

  7. westsidehudson says:

    Maura, nuttiness aside, I pulled this from Blink’s T Padilla thread.
    The Grunds were investigated:

    ….Q:Are you referring to the Grunds in the bolded statement? If that is the case, then a lot of your information came from the Anthony’s, correct? Who have an obvious agenda when it comes to the Grunds.
    Thanks for coming here and answering our questions, Tony -

I got NOTHING from the Anthony’s about the Grunds. Investigating information from others. I cannot and will not go any further.

  8. westsidehudson says:

    #947-MsEnscene —

    “Casey puts me in the mind of a friend’s daughter who never progressed beyond the twelve-year-old world.”

    Sounds about right.

    #943- Kleat- excellent observation.

    “And who trained Cindy’s PI Dominic to use that little pointy ended metal poking stick to ‘detect’ the presence of a little body? (except he knew he wasn’t near the area– he knew where he was avoiding in that little staged scene– btw, Jim Hoover and the camera– I was going to comment on that and didn’t. Hoover could easily have been set up for ‘HIS’ little role in this,”

    And thanks Maura, for all of your posts

  9. ada says:

    OE found time to post again. It’s difficult to comprehend the depth of delusions of this family. Aren’t we all glad that OE is there to help? (from the Orlando Sentinel)

    “You people just don’t get it. Let me spell it out for you. There was NO residue. The persecution planted the idea of such and the technician obliged. In the absence of evidence; such evidence is fabricated. Please people wake up. I’m doing the best I can to help.
    God Bless OrlandoEAST (09/27/2009, 5:32 PM ): “

  10. westsidehudson says:


    I think we should leave OE on the topix forum, where “it” belongs, On topix, there is little, if any, civil, mature and intelligent discourse.

    But here is the defense angle #959… “The persecution planted the idea of such and the technician obliged. In the absence of evidence; such evidence is fabricated”

    Perhaps, but in that train of thought, I counter with no evidence=fabrication:

    In the absence of a Zany, the entire story is bullsh..

  11. Kleat says:

    That post from someone who might be Cindy, was also on one of the regular Orlando channel websites comments page ‘ages ago’– I didn’t read those comments normally, but came across that and it was quite some time ago. So maybe it was posted in several places over a longer time– the site wasn’t wftv, was a comments page without those annoying animations, was one of the others. I remember the ‘sheeple’ comment and other points clearly, although didn’t pay a lot of attention to it.

  12. Ragdoll says:

    #959 Ada

    Trolling is her new speciality it seems. As long as anyone is going to provide her with a stage, she will continue to flap her gums. She is a raging lunatic and nothing more. I just pray the cycle of madness this family generates will end with Casey in jail for the rest of her life. I’m so sorry it’s at the expense of Caylee’s life.
    I think you may mean unregistered trolling, nobody is tracking her there… Too Late Cindy, you should have thought of that before. Why do I totally know there is a cliff notes in her new spiffy bag.. “Offshore proxy servers for Dumbasses..”

  13. joan (Canada) says:

    Blink, you are so right. The wonderful little did not deserve that family. I was saddened and mad when I read that statement, but realize after taken it all in that these people were not worthy of the gift of a grandchild. I can only hope that justice will prevail for little Caylee. The rest they will have to live with for the rest of their lives. Once the trial is over, their fame and glory and money will dry up and what will they have left, nothing. No one respects them or has sympathy for them. I did in the beginning, but now I feel nothing but disgust for the way there are conducting themselves in the face of this tragedy that their daughter perpetuated.

  14. Kleat says:

    Oh Blink! So she HAS been here– do tell what posts you have caught in the offshore proxy trolling net??!!!

    Lol, that is not the half of it. Over my dead ass will I give that away before it earns it keep, lol..

  15. chica says:

    this is a website to keep the anthonys from going on 48 hrs
    please take time to sign.

  16. Ragdoll says:

    Interesting Blinkie-bear. She has too much time on her hands with her new found fortune and has gained some computer skills to boot. I’m not sure how to word this appropriately, but, when is the opinion of others more important than planning a proper burial for your murdered grand child? No honour. No respect. No dignity. It’s a tragic detail I can’t get past. Get off the effin computer and do one thing right for Caylee.

    Fo Shcizz.

  17. MsEnscene says:

    # 953 Maura– excellent post. Thanks.
    “Casey covered up her crime and has been telling a series of self-serving lies ever since, so there is no doubt in anyone’s mind that she knew what she did was legally wrong.”

    Like mother like daughter in dysfunction junction.

  18. chica says:

    oh poor orlando east will someone please tell the woman that the residue isnt that big of a deal they have to much on her evil spawn lol… Justice for caylee and lets all sign the petition. dont waste your time fighting with that lame dumb ass.desperateration makes people act as such. wasnt it casey that said to sindee that she was a huge waste…

  19. westsidehudson says:

    I came across this post over at Caylee Daily from the author Diane Fanning. It was of interest to me because I couldn’t fathom that Lee would have told the unadulterated truth in a depo with the state while continuing to live under the same roof as Cindy and George. Now, under second consideration, he might have. Or, at least, one can hope.

    Diane Fanning
    September 27, 2009 at 4:02 pm
    Lee’s attorney told me that Lee does not live with his parents but he uses that address as his legal address to make it a little more difficult for people to find him.

    I will tell you that is categorically false. He lives there.

  20. westsidehudson says:

    You know, those posts from OE or others written in the same manner, serve really no purpose other than being highly inflammatory, or an outlet for that individual to vent. From the few that I have seen, (I don’t read Topix, for a long time now), they are not arguments that are convincing in any reasoned or rational sense, nor do they elicit sympathy. So if the intention was to change minds, they have failed miserably. If they were given a seal of approval by the defense, I would be surprised. The information released about the sticker, in plain factual form is more productive for the defense’s position. When the OE poster takes it a step further in that Casey is in jail because every woman is jealous of her appearance and all men are jealous because they are not with her, it truly moves into the theater of the absurd. The vile comments topped off with “God bless” add a dimension of irony that is certainly lost on the writer.

    Okay, moving on now.

  21. TallyHo says:

    #960 Westsidehudson

    Great point – it really is rich to hear them accuse the prosecution of fabricating anything. What irony!

  22. kari says:

    ORLANDO, Fla. — Some TV networks are making it possible for the Anthony family to make money off the Caylee Anthony case.

    In Lee Anthony’s most recent sworn deposition, his former attorney said prosecutors asked him an unexpected question.

    “The question was, ‘It came out in your mother’s sworn deposition yesterday she was taking remuneration from this case,’ and they asked my client, and he said ‘no,’” Attorney Tom Luka said.

    Do you think the networks paying inflated prices for photos and video is allowing people associated with the Casey Anthony family to sell her story?
    I’m not sure

    Results | Disclaimer | E-Mail

    Some suspect Cindy Anthony took the money in connection with her upcoming exclusive interview on the CBS news magazine show “48 Hours Mystery.”

    A representative for the show said, “CBS News did not pay for any interviews relating to the Anthony story. Licensing footage is a standard industry practice done by television news programs to produce a visually complete story.”

    In other words, the network may have paid Cindy Anthony, who is Casey Anthony’s mother, thousands of dollars for her pictures and video.

  23. orlandoan says:

    Wow, I have just had time to read these most interesting and detailed comments…but I am missing the inside information on #964…Blink, are you speaking in code or do I need to re-read the past few days to understand your meaning?

    Sorry my bad, yes I was speaking in code. I was being glib about Mrs. Anthony reading here, she has and she does.

  24. dee says:

    TallyHo…all the blessings blow past me and land on my daughter, no I take that back I catch a couple every now and then. ;-)

    I truly wish Cindy was trolling this site in her shiny new boat and grace us all with a posting of her own, I would love to have a chat with her. It would be interesting to read the responses from the Clan here at Blinks Place, I was reading the Orlando Sentinel Blog today and folks were going off, it was quite humorous I have to admit, but kinda ghetto you know, I would just like to see Cindy Tango with the likes of Maura, Kleat, West Side and of course Blink, it would be one he!! of a night on “Dancing with the Stars” guess who I don’t vote for :-)

  25. westsidehudson says:


    Ruining a person’s hope so early in the AM !

    I wonder how many other details may be erroneous, in the book, if Fanning’s big source for insight into the family was L Anthony’s lawyer.

  26. Ragdoll says:

    Mornin’ y’all.

    #974 Dee

    I’ve thought about that too! Exchanging words etc with the disgraced sheeple herder herself. I actually came to this site because I could not handle the hateful comments exchanged between posters on other forums. It is humourous at first. Eventfully, I longed for good old fashioned kindness and adult converstaion about the case. I am PROUD at the level of integrity that Blink and her blinksters show on this site. We don’t care what you look like here, everyone has contributed and made thought provoking coments. Something I’m sorry to say Cindy does not get and never will. She may visit the site but she knows she’d be in way over her head with some of the experts on here. The truth is appropriately represented by this community. AND to quote a famous Jack Nicholson line…’she can’t handle the truth’. Cindy is scared and rightfully so. They all should be.

    Friends, thank you for keeping it real and on the level. God bless the journey before you.

  27. westsidehudson says:

    #965 Chica

    Even though the station paid the Anthonys for “images” (ahem, clears throat), I’m not certain that the show is going to go entirely in the direction that the Anthonys hope. 48 hours will indubitably air all of the tapes that we have heard over and over like the dead body smell in the car, etc. The show could end up being a coup de grâce for the prosecution depending on what the Anthonys have said in the interview. They certainly have not been careful with contradictions of statements, in the past. Who is to say that the story will reflect more strongly in the direction of their position?
    The money and chumminess might have been merely an incentive to get their participation in the show. It doesn’t necessarily mean that it will promote only the Anthonys’ view.

  28. Todd in Tulsa says:

    Well, how interesting. Cindy/OrlandoEast spends time writing Josef Goebbels style propaganda on these sites, and yet, she claims Crasey is innocent. If this were the case, she’d be out every spare minute searching for the “real” assailant. ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS, SPINDY, AND WITH YOU BEING BUSY ACCEPTING BLOOD MONEY FOR PHOTOS, SHOVING CRABPUFFS DOWN YOUR MOUTH, AND MAKING THE TALK SHOW ROUNDS, ALL THE WHILE PROCLAIMING CASEY’S “INNOCENCE”, MAKES IT KNOWN THAT YOU ARE AS BIG OF A LIAR AS CRASEY IS

  29. Kleat says:

    dee, I’d give up my place at the discussion table for Silver. (who, btw, has been conspiciously absent recently– hope it’s nothing we’ve said!)

    And on a video of talk show reporters, legal analysts etc, not sure which show it was from, talking about the ‘interviewees’ of late from the Haleigh Cummings case, the jail house crowd, family, etc. One comment was that for the police interviewing some people is like ‘interviewing a rock’.

    Interviewing Cindy Anthony is also like interviewing a rock– but tip it a little, and the snake it’s covering threatens you, roll it too far, and you get venom in your face.

  30. Kleat says:

    I have to wonder where Cindy is proxy’in from ‘offshore’. And did lawyer Brad set that up for his clients as he set up the ‘lie’ for them to miss their court hearing with his sore back excuse, and as he set up the CBS deal? (he did go to NYC on business for the Anthonys fairly recently, according to msm).

    If Conway set up the Anthony 48 hrs deal, you can bet that CBS’s reporters/writers/producers hands are tight tightly with what they can and can not ask of his client, what she can and can not say– not exactly an ‘open interview’ situation. So no real difference if the story isn’t bought for dollars, it’s bought and paid for, and will only say what the ‘deal’ allows. This kind of reporting is the reason interviews are not ‘paid’. It’s just a loop hole– no difference.

    The A’s have an agent, I dont think Brad would be setting up deals for them, could be conflict.

  31. Kleat says:

    Brad has political aspirations, he is in this, like everyone else on the defense legal team, for himself. The article link is a few posts back– his interview, his info.

  32. Kleat says:

    Thanks, Blink– that would be good. But didn’t we hear a few weeks ago, that Brad was off in NYC (around the time George did his NeJame office visit or just after the hearing that followed) doing something for his clients?

  33. kp-in says:

    I have to wonder what Casey thinks about whenever she sees George and Cindy on t.v. interviews. She has to know they are receiving money, free travel expenses, being entertained and whatever else for the alledged murder she (Casey) committed.

    She is probably thinking to herself: I’m (Casey) suppose to be the one living the “Beautiful Life” not my parents. I bet steam comes out of her ears from being soooo boiling mad. lol

  34. Kleat says:

    1000-2000 pages in next doc dump expected next Tuesday. This news followed the Fanning book info on– funny how the paperback headed the actual discovery documents being released.

  35. dee says:

    Kleat I beg to differ, you could dance circles around Spinderella(aka Cindy), opps sorry my bad forgot one of my rules no name calling sorry :-) Silver opps sorry that I forgot to ad you to the “FAB 5″

    on a serious note, I would love to ask Cindy WHY WHY WHY don’t you stand up for you Grandbaby.

    I have always told my kids I got your back no matter what, but, if you F up your toast, I tell them if your weren’t with me at the time someone says you did something your going to have to fight that one on your own don’t come looking to me for bail money.

    So that brings me to this example that happened to my 15 yr old son “X”, I live in Germany and here they have what some refer to has the trust system, when you travel on public transpo you are “suppose to buy your ticket before you get on the bus, train etc. Rarely do they ever ask for your ticket, but when they do you better have it or else you get a nice 40 Euro fine hmmm about $55 bucks, so my son wants to take the bus with his buddies to get a kabob, I am shopping I tell him go ahead I will pick you up when I am finished shopping, I finish shopping and call his cell to find out where he is, he answers my call in a panic, I say where are you, he says mom I don’t know, I said what? He said something happened, I say what, he said the bus driver is taking him to jail, I say what the hell for? He is in tears now scared to death, because him and his buddies don’t have a bus ticket, I said why, he said I didn’t know you needed one, I never bought one before, at this point I don’t know whether to cuss his butt out or laugh, I was thinking so sad to bad buddy your on your own, so to make a long story short the bus driver took him and his buddies to the near by jail and dropped them off, the other 2 boys had their Mil ID’s and were released with their tickets, my son had squat no ID (which we always tell him to have), they didn’t know if he was German, American or what so they kept him, I finally got a hold of the police found out where he was and called him, he was in a full blown melt down crying “MOM come get me” I said look here sucker your on my time I will get there when I get there, I let him sit there and baste for about 3 hours.

    My point is he had to feel that pain he had to understand that riding the bus without paying was stealing, his butt had to get a summer job (which he hates) and his first paycheck he used to pay that ticket, he got it he understands now, every time since then he shows me his ticket for his bus rides.

    Maybe if Cindy and George would have taken those kinds of small steps with Casey this horror would have never happened.

    I don’t think I am MOM of the year, I just believe in letting your children feel some pain for their choices, I always give my kids 2 a good one and a bad one 99% of the time they choose the right one. Feel some love for my kids cause Mama Dee is all over their backsides!
    B R A V O

  36. dee says:

    970 Westside

    Jealous of what?????? Holy Shizznits only thing I would be jealous of is HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM Nothing I can’t think of 1…makes me LOL

  37. dee says:

    oh and again, I put my foot in my mouth if any of you wonderful folks on here commented on OS site, my ghetto refernce is not towards you just those who spew hateful words that hold no merit.

    Your killing me, lol.
    Dee- your a good egg, go watch Juno and call me on the cheeseburger phone!

  38. dee says:

    opps here I go again, I don’t care how much money the Anthony’s make here on earth cause when they meet their maker, the one they were Baptized in the name of, won’t by their way out of Hell. I would live in a cardboard box before selling my soul to the Devil…period…..ugh I hate getting this angry over these idiots! let me go shower some love on my family good All!

  39. dee says:

    Good night :-)

  40. dee says:

    Blink….. I am all about keepin it real! that is how I roll!!!! sometimes in life you just have to be that way, I am no smarty pants I am just a squirrel trying to get a nut…

  41. dee says:

    hey I need the Cheeseburger phone line cause we would have a Hay Day! you just have no idea….

  42. todd in tulsa says:

    I can imagine Baez is already cranking up the excuse bus in response to this newly released material tomorrow. It is becoming apparent that he would rather have an excuse for everything, than have some explanations actually make sense

  43. todd in tulsa says:

    Blink, do you know what ever became of Baez’s response to the state’s statement of “if they have proof of Crasey’s innocence, then produce it”?

  44. chica says:

    lol dee
    my dear friend your a riot!! love the comment about
    opps here I go again, I don’t care how much money the Anthony’s make here on earth cause when they meet their maker, the one they were Baptized in the name of, won’t by their way out of Hell. I would live in a cardboard box before selling my soul to the Devil…period…..ugh I hate getting this angry over these idiots! let me go shower some love on my family good All!

    I was talking to you in instant message preparing to leave for kfc and here you pop up with cheeseburgers hahaa.. I needed a good laugh my dear friend!!!

  45. Kleat says:

    Todd, don’t think the judge has ruled on that yet, would they even do this until a hearing about the evidence? Jeff Ashton alluded to an evidentiary hearing, maybe this will all become part of that, when it happens?

  46. Kleat says:

    Reviewing a ‘little’ (very little) literature easily available on the web, fwiw, it seems that powders for finger print recovery are suitable for rubber based adhesive tapes, such as the duct tape obviously, but the powders are not suitable for recovery of prints on acrylic adhesive surfaces of tapes. So, with the apparent ‘adhesive layer’ only, from any heart shaped sticker, that may have been on the silver coloured outer surface of the duct tape, one would not expect powders to be useful even if there were expected prints on that adhesive. Of course, any print would not be on that surface anyway, unless underneath the acrylic residue.

    If there was residue from an acrylic adhesive sticker on the duct tape, couldn’t that acrylic residue potentially have a little gold mine of DNA well protected on what would be the sticky adhesive side of the sticker, as someone applied? Theoretically, why not? How DNA could be separated from a sticker, how much DNA would be available from someone ‘carefully’ separating a sticker from its sheet, then carefully placing the sticker onto a surface so that fingers didn’t get onto the sticky part– maybe very little, if carefully done, just from a lot of practice using stickers.

    DNA ‘MIGHT’ just be present and well protected from the elements under that acrylic layer that the defense claims was ‘destroyed’. Here is a statement from an article that claims that powdering for prints, does not mean that DNA can’t subsequently be retrieved. It does not talk about acrylic adhesive surfaces, but that’s not what the FBI would have been using powders on. (I don’t know much about this so don’t know why they would use powder methods on the silver side of duct tape where any heart sticker would have been applied, but whatever, the powder does not apparently destroy DNA)

    “Fingerprints and DNA
    “It has been found that when used individually the
    standard recommended chemical or physical methods of
    latent fingerprint development (including powders) have
    relatively little effect on the subsequent recovery of DNA
    profiles.”1 To optimize DNA recovery, DNA processing is
    best carried out as soon as possible after powdering.
    When powder is lifted some DNA remains on the surface
    and some is lifted along with the powder. Photography of
    the powdered mark on the surface and subsequent
    swabbing of the mark for DNA may yield results.”

    So, ‘IF’ there’s sticker adhesive, heart shaped or not, maybe between the duct tape outer surface and the residue, could be a little glimer of the DNA of the person who touched the sticker edges as the sticker was applied. This would not have necessarily washed away in the swamp, and as time went by, it may harden (acrylic adhesive holds faster with time) and hold safe, this evidence. Acrylic adhesives, exposed to sunlight, are very resistant to UV.

  47. Mari says:

    Is tomorrow the day we find out for sure whether or not there were any fingerprints on that duct tape????

    Oh, I certainly hope so!

  48. dee says:

    At what point in time did the Anthony’s become so damn important that they needed an “Agent” an Agent????? did I read that right…????

    I have no words for this, I am trying to think of something creative but I am at a loss for words.

    There is a special place for people like that it is called “Outer Darkness” if you are a MoMo from UT you know right where that is.

  49. dee says:

    if “Brad has political aspirations” and he keeps up with this charade, he has a great chance at winning the seat, we all know how honest and forth right politicians are he will fit right in.

    Brad your a smart guy, get out while the gettin’s good, I ain’t mad at ya! ;-)

    Echo, echo, echo…

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