Caylee/Casey Anthony Case: New Discovery Released

Orlando, FL– The State Attorney’s Office is set to release 1000 additional pages of discovery this morning of previously unseen evidence in the case against Casey Anthony for the murder of her daughter, Caylee Marie.

Sources within the SA’s office speaking on the condition of anonymity to say the new information is largely FBI reports.


The release comes on the heels of new motions  filed by the defense this week.

Jose Baez and Andrea Lyon, defense counsel for Casey Anthony filed a motion alleging double jeopardy violation  in the upcoming fraud case, a reply to the states motion to preclude death procedures and yet another motion to dismiss. A hearing date has not yet been set by Judge Strickland’s office. will be posting the latest round of discovery as soon as it becomes available. Please check back for updates.

First Set of Documents      DNA Evidence   FBI Emails  Test on Knife found in Car


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  1. Mariann says:

    Here is an earlier comment of mine from the newest thread…

    I usually pick up anything I see that pertains to the case. I just came back from the grocery store and picked up a National Enquirer. They had some interesting info. They said that the prosecution has a secret eyewitness.
    ” Sources say investigators initially found evidence that Casey tried to drown Caylee in the small Above=ground swimming pool in the backyard- but she apparently got cold feet and stopped.

    Now the secret eyewitness has filled in missing pieces of the puzzle and helped police pinpoint the time of Caylee’s murder- sometime between just before 3 pm to a little after 4 pm. During that time, a white car matching the description of Casey’s was seen parked off the road in a wooded area five miles from the Anthony home. After not going through with the killing Caylee in the backyard, Casey took to driving aimlessly around in what police believe was her attempt to look for a secluded wooded area to murder the child”

    The article goes on to say “The motorist saw a woman he later identified as Casey Anthony leaving a white car parked alongside the road. She was carrying a bundle, possibly a trash bag the size of a small child, in her arm he said. The witness told police he parked his car several hundred yards ahead of Casey’s. He was about to turn around when the woman returned to her car a short while later. She put the bundle inside the trunk, closed the lid and drove off. Police theorize that Caylee was in the bundle and was dying at that point.”

    They continue ” Investigators now believe they can show Casey knocked out her daughter with an injection of cholorform solution- and thensealed her nose and mouth with duct tape….. The eyewitness remembers seeing Casey holding a Gatorade bottle along the roadside before she picked up the bundle and went into the woods.”

    Dr. Jake Deutsch, a New York based emergency medicine expert said there had to be a “pretty substantial amount” of chloroform inside the bottle and the syringe, or it all would have evaporated. “So this was something that was drawn up with the purpose of administering it for illegal purposes,” concluded Dr. Deutsch.

  2. dee says:

    posted by Mix
    “When we ask our blessing tomorrow, I will say a prayer for my little Caylee. I say my, because I feel like she is part of me as I’m sure she is part of all us Blinkers. I have a 10yr old and I think of her all the time, but not a day goes by that I don’t think of Caylee also and what she endured. *sniff*”

    so so sad made me cry, you are so right she is a part of all of us. I just lost my sis a few weeks ago and will miss her terribly but she has many mourning for her and was so loved by HER FAMILY…WE ARE LIL CAYLEES FAMILY NOW AND WE ALL LOVE HER AND MOURN HER…so sad the A’s turned on her and used her.

    I won’t rest until Caylee has justice, so many times I have wanted to walk away from this case (learning, reading supporting) but I keep getting pulled back because this lil baby deserves respect and consideration and honesty from EVERYONE.

    Blink and all you Blinkster’s out there have a wonderful Holiday! Keep faith and hope alive that in time, in its own time justice will be served upon this baby…baby how sad she was just a innocent baby.

    Jesus said “love the little children” and gladly all of us do!

    Chica, you are right she is the Real CMA

  3. Sue says:

    In response to the article in The National Enquirer – (I didn’t read the article myself) but I could certainly believe that that could have been what happened, however if I were that eye witness and I saw Casey try to drown Caylee in the backyard pool, I would have acted by stopping her and calling police. This eye witness followed her after that knowing she was up to no good? And then he watched more suspicious activity and didn’t try to stop her? Am I missing something? He could have stopped the murder of Caylee – but didn’t? WTH!

  4. raceyrin says:

    I don’t want to sound rude , but I wouldn’t believe the enquirer as far as what thier “sources” tell them.

  5. chica says:

    true that Raceyrin

    like my fellow blinker kleat told me ! ONCE! about the national enquirer in the past !
    take it with a grain of salt
    good advice well taken by her.

  6. Dondura Miller says:

    Ever think that if Caylee was not suffocated by her mom for crying and screaming in the back seat for her grandmother the night of the big fight, that perhaps she was duct taped into submission in an act of rage that suffocated her anyway? Would explain the tape on her at or near the time of death anyway…

  7. Dondura Miller says:

    BTW, the national enquirer should be taken with a whole box of salt, unless that grain was about 10 pounds

  8. raceyrin says:

    I had thought that Casey taped her up in a rage, maybe for something as simple as Caylee didn’t want to go down for a nap. But then I thought of all the computer searches ; Chloroform,missing children sites,one tree hill,household weapons ,shovel and even the video of duct tape , how chloroform was found in the trunk samples ,I think the time was finally “right ” in Casey’s mind and she acted on it.

  9. Dondura Miller says:

    I hope I never get into trouble with the law!! I have been almost everywhere on the net, except for the sex stuff…I even go to one where there are thousands of dead children but I also collect cabinet cards and belong to a society where we photograph cemetery grave sites for loved ones far from where the death occurred. Anyway, I have this horrid dream from time to time where I see Caylee being taped up so she would be silenced from calling out her grandmothers name and she dies from it, and of course the mommy of the year then discards her like so much trash she thinks she is..I only know this, as a grandmother of 7..I’d put my kid under the bus and run them over a few times if they did to one of my grand babies what Casey did to that precious baby…

  10. raceyrin says:


    Any way you picture it – it is horrific ! I too have been everywhere (I’ll keep my nose clean!)! The only thing I hope for the baby’s sake is that she was not coherent at the time and that she will get justice when all of this is over. This has to be the most bizzare case I have ever known! Just when it gets quiet , something new and equally bizzare is released. My husband thinks I am obsessed with this case – I think I follow it because I am “attached ” to and grieving for Caylee and need closure.My daughter is now 12 , a wonderful child and my favorite shopping companion! I remember when she was 2 like yesterday, those were precious times.Funny too.I remember one time we were at mcdonalds standing in line and the elderly man in front of us had on shiny orange polyester pants . She stood there looking at them in awe and then she reached up with both hands ,palms flat and started rubbing them ! The man turned around and didn’t see her because she was little,looked at me and gave me the biggest smile ever! Probably the best trip to mcdonalds he ever had!

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