Morgan Harrington Case: Separating Fact From Fiction From Facebook Part II

Posted by BOC Staff | Missing Persons,Morgan Harrington | Friday 20 November 2009 11:00 am

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Charlottesville, VA– Just passing the month mark, the disappearance of Morgan Harrington from the John Paul Jones Area located on the UVA campus, leaves us with more questions than answers. Part II

The Faces of Her Facebook

Help Find Morgan Harrington was developed by a few concerned individuals interested in spreading the word about Morgan’s disappearance and boasts over 30,000 members. Not all posts are welcome.

NelsonIn particular, a member by the name of Nelson Kane was recently banned for posting very detailed hypothesis scenarios that sparked a firestorm of interest in the self-appointed athlete scout. His posts were deleted at the request of Law Enforcement who admit tasking two officers with monitoring the web for such activity in Morgan’s case.

Additionally, Mr. Kane reached out to several individuals on facebook as well as the Harrington family’s site in attempts to speak to the family directly and request an interview. The Harrington’s were made aware of the concern for such requests by sources close to the investigation.

 He has recently changed his facebook drastically. Nkoldfacebook

Mr. Kane, a member of the family owning the longtime furniture store of the same name in Charlottesville is also a UVA alumni and season ticket holder. In addition to UVA, Kane also claims to have attended Virginia Tech on many of his many social networking profiles. He also fancies himself as somewhat of a Rock band critic.

On his site, which he has maintained Nkane1since 2001, Kane chronicles his trips to scout mostly High School basketball and football athletes. In an effort to make his site more interesting (his words) he details the travel experience, routes, times and in some cases photos of his visits to High Schools mostly within a few hours driving distance.  

Very early on in Morgan’s case, explored the idea that perhaps the double murder of VT freshmen David Metzler and Heidi Childs on August 27th should be investigated as a possible link to Morgan’s case simply because they attend the school and Morgan and Heidi bare a remarkable resemblance to one another.




As far as very odd coincidences go, the location of Nelson Kane’s scouting foray the evening of the August 28th could not be more relevant.


Kane scouted the game at Jefferson Forest High School. The very Kane0828School Heidi Childs graduated from a year earlier. Unlike most of Kane’s other journal entries of his athlete accolades, there is no mention of his travel experience to or from Forest High School so it is unclear where he left from, when he got there, or when he returned home. 

This is in no way an accusation that Mr. Kane had any involvement whatsoever in such a heinous crime, of course, but given his proclivities for leaving at all hours of the day and night his keen attention to travel detail and familiarity with the area: Perhaps he saw someone or something amiss in his trip that could help investigators.



On Saturday October 17th, Kane scouts a game, listens to the UVA football game on his way home and is home in plenty of time to make the concert.


Blink how do you know he was at the concert you ask? I do not. I do know he knows alot about security at the JPJ Arena, how to navigate the different lots near Uhall, and of course that there are blue portable lavatories next to Lanigan Field. His posts from the Charlottesville Daily Progress below:


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  1. ohiomom says:

    localvillegirl @ 10:14 am, I agree that VT and JMU have a stake in this, but, of course, UVA has the biggest stake. Cville is a small town. UVA has to be the largest employer. I imagine the university is very good at managing the news and probably tries to control the weather, too. I know when a negative story breaks about Ohio State athletics it’s usually by the NYTimes, not the Columbus Dispatch, and there’s a lot more going on in Columbus than there is in Cville.

    The MM and his family must have feared that the police were too interested in him, thus the lawyer. It makes one speculate that he can’t account for his time after the girls went into the concert until ??. Why any of the friends would need a lawyer is another riddle. I’m guessing that it’s to keep use of illegal substances out of the public discourse, but, of course, that’s just conjecture. Both instances shout out that wealthy/savvy parents are protecting their kids. With good reason? Who knows?

    Do we know for sure that BBall player(s) have a lawyer? We know for sure they have a coach who doesn’t want ANY distractions during the season. His very livelihood is dependent on how this team with these players competes this season.

    Could those of you who live in the Cville area start/keep calling The Hook and urge them to move this story? TIA

  2. lizzy says:

    A. I’ve seen two different videos linked in this thread that seem to place Morgan and her friends on the floor near the stage during LOG. How confident are any of the rest of you of these IDs? I don’t think it belongs in the “known fact” column, but is it probable, possible or speculative?

    I’ve put it in the probably column for now. Pleaes let me know what you think, and why, and if any of you have seen more than two videos.

    Assuming they were on the floor during LOG, and reconsidering: If they stayed down there, and she really left to go to the bathroom, maybe she couldn’t get back with them since her ticket was for section 312. That alone could have been the start of the trouble.

    B. The “kiss” of her friend when she left. Where was that reported? By the kissed friend? Which one was it? Or an observer? Haven’t found a source back for that one.

  3. Judi says:


    FROM FINDMORGAN – “There was a guy on my volunteer team who did a lot of searches and owns two search dogs and I asked him this. He said the dogs last picked up her trace around the railroad behind Wild Wing Cafe. I don’t know if that’s true, but thats what he said. That area of town is pretty ghetto so I hope that maybe she was at that cafe for dinner and then went to the concert or something.” “No the railroad tracks behind Wild Wing Cafe – about a mile from that bridge and on the other side of campus. There is another bridge over there by the cafe where apparently women have been accosted before. Not a good part of town.”

    ADDITIONALLY – Has anyone looked into the bus stations – from maps, her direction may have been heading her there, no?

  4. Tarheel says:

    A few notes…

    I thought the group was meeting up for a party after the show, not heading “home?” So perhaps Morgan was just looking for a ride to the party, which would have been a lot closer than home. Perhaps she knew that one or more of the basketball players were planning to attend the party?

    If the mystery man picked her up in her car, what are the chances he could have gotten the same exact parking space beside the gentleman that claims to have seen them before the show and seen the friends leaving, in Morgan’s car I’m assuming, after the show?

  5. Mandy says:

    If Morgan’s car keys were not on her person for a significant amount of time I would advise the Harringtons to change their locks.

    Good Point, I would have advised them to do that anyway, they have no idea of a motive for such a crime.

  6. Tarheel says:

    Thinking further on the party, she could have told her friends that she would “hitch a ride” but she meant with someone she knew.

  7. DTA says:

    State troopers search I-64 in Morgan Harrington case – WDBJ7 Roanoke News and Weather NRV Lynchburg
    Virginia State Police are now searching an area of Interstate 64 just west of Charlottesville where they’re looking for any clues in thecase of missing Virginia Tech student Morgan Harrington. This article is from December 16,2009. Any thoughts on this.

  8. clementine says:

    State Troopers Search I-64 In Morgan Harrington Case 12.16.09

    Virginia State Police are now searching an area of Interstate 64 just west of Charlottesville where they’re looking for any clues in the case of missing Virginia Tech student Morgan Harrington.

    It was two months ago, October 17th, that the 20 year old went missing from outside a Metallica concert at the John Paul Jones Arena in Charlottesville. She was last seen on the Copley Road Bridge not far from the stadium at approximately 9:30 that night, police said.

    About a dozen state troopers are now canvassing the median and areas near Interstate 64 just west of Charlottesville between mileposts 112 and 114, according to Corinne Gellar, the State Police Spokesperson. That is the area between the Charlottesville and Crozier exits.

    Gellar said the search was not prompted by any new leads. She said police periodically conduct searches just to make sure that nothing has been missed.

    Harrington went to Northside High School in Roanoke County and graduated from Lord Botetourt High school. She is a junior at Virginia Tech studying to become a teacher. Harrington’s parents, Dan and Gil Harrington live in Roanoke County.

  9. Josie says:

    I just saw news that LE is conducting a search on a stretch of 64 West from MM 114 toward Crozet today. Ms. Gellar says it’s not because of new leads, but just something they do from time to time to see if they’ve missed anything.

  10. susanm says:

    why dont the hitch hiking witnesses come forward to the public what would they have to be concerned about?

  11. J2K says:

    fish (#2371) re:
    “what if the M-Man is a uva basketball player and this part is not murky at all. He is at basketball practice!!!”

    fish… let’s think this through: MH has tix for herself and several friends from JMU to a concert in the VT arena – the event is planned for months. That Saturday, she and her roommate drive up, meet up with the friends, they decide for whatever reason to take MH’s car down to VT – because the show they wanted to see was at the JPJ arena, which, taken from a common-sense standpoint, was likely the only reason they were on VT’s campus that night.

    So while they’re in the concert during opening acts, basketball practice next door is winding down. Once MH is wandering around outside the arena, she sees three players (who attend VT and are part of its athletic program) walking from the JPJ-neighboring UHall practice facility toward their vehicle/s in the RV lot. MH approaches them for some reason and they briefly interact (to what degree, we don’t know) until the players get in their car/s and depart barely 10 minutes later… as MH makes her way to Copeley Road and heads toward Ivy Lane.

    What is the Connection? I’m guessing they didn’t leave practice because MH (who lives 3 hours away) was kicked out of the show sans her JMU friends (we’re up to 3 separate colleges now, mind you) – practice was over (according to the UVa spokesperson), which is why they were headed toward their parked vehicle/s to ostensibly drive a short distance home/elsewhere as they probably live on/near the VT campus.
    All I can gather – until you draw me the picture – is that, because these young men were the *only* (unfortunate) people LE specifically stated MH interacted with, you’re forcing a direct connection between her and them that – to me – makes no sense, and is even a tad lazy, critical-thinking-wise.

    These VT athletes she came across by chance (as she could not have planned/timed getting ejected around 8:30 pm and crossing their paths about an hour later) are somehow friends with MH’s JMU-based childhood friends?? Huh? I’m not trying to be obnoxious and, yes, anything is possible, but it doesn’t seem fair to draw in the only spotlighted witnesses to a young woman’s high-profile disappearance simply because they’re all we got at this point.

    (I sure as hell wouldn’t want my name and words parsed all over these forums because I simply told police what I knew (and until we learn/are told otherwise, that’s the story from LE) – especially if I was hoping for a professional career, and a quick Google search would likely bring up my connection to MH (even years later) before it brought up my accomplishments or FB page… Can you seriously blame these kids for trying to stay out of the the red-hot glare of public scrutiny in realtion to an utter tragedy such as this? Give ‘em a break already.)

    And, fish, please forgive if I seem harsh – this is not just directed at you; I think you make excellent contributions here.

  12. hummingbird says:

    Chad thank you you for your post it got me thinking. I also vaguely remember early on reading somewhere , that there were two cars driven to the concert. Morgans’ driven by the BF of the girl driving the other car and that the BF did not attend the concert. Can you provide us with that link?
    Also do you have a link or a solid source that clearly states one of the BB Players has retained legal counsel, because I don’t remember reading that. Thanks.
    For sure, if I was closer and able to attend the Benefit Concert about to happen for Morgan I would be talking to the reporters and also college students who must surely have a good idea about the identity of the mystery man /student/ BF.
    Something has to give, someone is going to crack under pressure, this case is NOT going away like too many of these cases obviously do. Morgan does “shine ” she seemed like a determined spirited young woman, she will NOT go quietly and her parents and the public will NEVER give up !! The pressure is building someone is sweating bullets WATCH OUT you WILL be caught!!

  13. Josie says:

    That news channel is wdbj7 in Roanoke. Mile marker 114 is four miles west of Charlottesville on I64.

  14. Jim says:

    Blink and company, just want to give you word that VSP is conducting a foot search along I-64 in the Ivy area today. They tell us this is “routine” but is first police activity we’ve seen in weeks. Video on our website,, soon. Thanks for all you do and we’ll try to keep you updated.

    Jim (Newsplex news director)

    Thanks Jim, I am updating that information now, please tell the other “J” hey from Blink.


  15. rabbit19 says:

    Virginia State Police are now searching an area of Interstate 64 just west of Charlottesville where they’re looking for any clues in the case of missing Virginia Tech student Morgan Harrington.

  16. Josie says:

    My apologies. I didn’t realize the search news had already been posted.

    Not at all, I just posted on it to give you guys a break from loading all the comments.
    Feel free to carry any over you feel necessary.

  17. suz says:

    Wow, I am thrilled that they are searching again! But this really did make me laugh out loud:

    “Gellar said the search was not prompted by any new leads. She said police periodically conduct searches just to make sure that nothing has been missed.”

    I suppose they could be telling the truth, but it seems kind of hard to believe they’re just doing it for no reason at all. Gawd, I really am cynical…

  18. localcvillegirl says:

    Thank goodness for Jim and

    December 16, 2009

    Virginia State Police on Wednesday conducted what they call a “routine” search for evidence connected to the disappearance of Morgan Harrington. Police focused on an area along I-64 in the Ivy area.

    Harrington is the 20-year-old Virginia Tech student who vanished on October 17th while attending a Metallica concert at John Paul Jones Arena at the University of Virginia.

    Police said no new information about Harrington’s disappearance had surfaced to motivate this latest search. It is, though, the first visible sign of police activity in the case in weeks.

    As CBS 19 first reported last week, State Police continue to get tips about Harrington and follow them up and continue to devote whatever resources they find necessary to the case.

    The Ivy location of this latest search squares with some of the information that has already surfaced about the case. If Harrington had found a ride from the arena back to Roanoke, her hometown, or back to Harrisonburg where she had met friends prior to the concert, her travels would have taken her along I-64 and the Ivy area.

    That is also one of the first wooded areas a driver would reach after leaving the general area of the concert. Police say Harrington was trying to hitch a ride when she was last spotted on the Copeley Road bridge near the arena. It is a reasonably quick drive from the bridge to Ivy Road to Route 29 to I-64 westbound.

    We welcome your comments on this story.

  19. Jim says:

    Our photog says search just ended. Checking to see if others planned today.

    Thanks Jim, I put a post up, going to credit you now. I have an email into Connie on some clarification issues, I will let you know what I find out.

  20. Momof3 says:

    Thanks for the nod J2K. “Your a funny guy” LOL
    In your Plate 1 point you wrote in part:
    If they (BB players)were POI, well, there’d be more to support that theory by now (consider all the minute actions or statements of LE we’ve seized upon).
    I disagree, again respectfully, it has just recently come to light that LE was still looking into the s gas station sighting. I thought they had ruled this scenario out a long time ago. My point is, I am not sure LE has ruled out any scenario,nor any person.

  21. localcvillegirl says:

    There is nothing on NBC29. Cracks me up. Does that tell you anything? And it’ll be in the Progress tomorrow or the next day. Follow WCAV.

  22. localcvillegirl says:

    There is nothing on NBC29. Cracks me up. Does that tell you anything? And it’ll be in the Progress tomorrow or the next day. Follow WCAV.

  23. Momof3 says:

    Skyler, #2384

    Thank you for your heartfelt post. Your story was beautiful. My condolences to you and your family.

  24. Momof3 says:

    #2381 Lizzy and Blink,
    Thanks for the pic information. I was solely going off my memory of the pics. I am glad you looked closer at that one in particular.

  25. Momof3 says:

    #2401 Lizzy, I have watched the videos except the one on myspace.

    I do not think the ones I’ve watched are of Morgan. I think we have to put most of the vid in the speculation column. I wish I could have watched the myspace one as this vid seems to be Morgan, from what other posters,including Blink have said.

  26. Judi says:


    Following the sightings:

    1) Copley Bridge – seen by witness, smelled by dogs according to Gil

    2) Possible footage of her across the bridge

    3) Dogs smell her at Wild Wings possibly (near Amtrak)

    4) Sighting of her the next morning in Culpeper / Orange – there is an Amtrak station in Culpeper.

  27. Momof3 says:

    J2K, well thought out post, thanks for continuing to make me think. In my last post to you I quoted Good Fellas, when I wrote “Your a funny guy” although I wrote your instead of you’re. I must correct this as the ghost of my third grade teacher will not leave me alone.
    “You’re a funny guy” There I feel much better.

    I too wish we could sometimes go back and fix our posts before we embarrass our selvess with spelling or grammar mistakes.

  28. juliemooly says:

    J2K, I’m not trying to be a nitpicky pest, but I think your most recent post, #2410, should be re-posted with all the VT references changed to U.Va. VT=Virginia Tech=Blacksburg, Va.=Morgan attends. U.Va.=University of Virginia=Charlottesville, Va., home of the JPJ(John Paul Jones arena) and the basketball players in question.

  29. Josie says:

    Thank you juliemooly.

    If I may, I would like to add:

    JMU= James Madison University, Harrisonburg VA (where Sarah Snead attends college)

    VA Tech= Virginia Polytechnic Institute, Blacksburg VA (where Morgan attends college)

    UVA= University of Virginia, Charlottesville VA (where JPJ Arena is located and where Morgan disappeared from)

    It seems there has been a slight problem with the three being confused. They are three separate colleges, all located within approximately three hours of each other.

  30. radiogirl says:

    2387-I’m late to the party today, so to speak,but thank you for speaking your mind (and mine) in your post.

  31. AtotheK says:

    Comment by J2K — December 16, 2009 @ 12:27 pm

    I do not want to speak for fish, but what I gathered from the “what if he was at bball practice” theory was not that any of the bball players are responsible per se, just that the mystery man did not go to the concert b/c he was at bball practice.
    This does not mean he is a bball “player” nor one that reported seeing her . There are many other key people that have to attend a basketball practice that are not players.

  32. Mary L. says:

    Like the waterboys!

  33. Chad says:

    Hi Lizzy and Hummingbird! My whole entire motive behind the post, was to see who could have been the last people to interact with Morgan. Not calling them suspects, but within the window, who was it. I should have done my homework before posting and retrieved links ! LOL! I will research early threads ( Oct ) for links to post. Might take me a bit. Humminbird, yes, you are correct, as memory serves me right, early on in the investigation, LOT’s of tips were flooding in, on many boards. This thread,, and find dana morgan harrington FB, and also web slueths. The friends were talking on FDMH FB early on, but then stopped. The 2 cars, 2 drivers I believe came from that thread over there. Again, I will research. However, some of the friends that were posting early on, deleted their fb, and thus, when they delete their FB they delete their posts as well.
    The BB players, there are plenty of links on this thread, and others in this site. For example here is one that mentions (3) BB players, and is probably the most circulated link.

    Comment by blue — November 12, 2009 @ 9:47 pm
    Doesn’t the trail go cold around the time she was spotted with the basketball players? Um, this isn’t rocket science. And then two players are suspended — one, indefinitely?
    If coincidences are coincidences, why do they feel so contrived?
    Whoa, not for the faint of heart, and maybe Blink readers, snipped from above link from blue.
Let me say this, I cant say this particular individual is telling the truth, but I had been given this account and sat on it because I could not corroberate, from an alternate source.
    Subject: Can’t confirm the claims of the website…
Posted by: Hoo-80 on Thu Nov 12 2009 5:38:46 PM
    but I can confirm this much. I have an employee that was parked
outside the JPJ all evening waiting for passengers. He saw a girl that
matched the description of Morgan, down to what she was wearing. He
also saw her interact outside the arena with 3 “very tall” black men, and
saw them walking together towards U-Hall. They passed right in front of
his vehicle. My employee has spoken to the police 3 times since that
evening about what he saw. This certainly doesn’t prove anything at all
relative to any UVA basketball players, but unfortunately it does give the
story some credibility. When my emplouee told me the story, my fisrt
thought was please,please,please, don’t let any basketball players be
involved in this.

    I did read on this thread that one of the bb players has a lawyer? A couple of points a reference on my post: If I do site the source of the link, it may have just been a tip or poster posting. Very possible it is not verfied, reliable, or credible in LE eyes.

    I will try to follow up with more links later. Got to get back to work! Glad to hear they are searching for Morgan! This is Wonderful news.

  34. mjh says:


    I have been going over this thing myself all day today. Typed everything out and “thought out loud” as I typed. One big question for me was WHY were the plans for after the concert altered. I went back to this guy Tarheelplaya, and questions that he supposedly asked of the friends.

    Then, I was reading your post. Do we know for sure that the “male friend” (boyfriend of one of the girls) did NOT attend the concert? Was that confirmed?

    If so, you are right. It would make sense that he is the one Morgan would contact. He had her keys and probably HER car.

    According to Tarheelplaya, a friend of a friend of a friend — They were all SUPPOSED to go back to JMU where the girlfriend and boyfriend(male friend) lived. But, plans were altered. Did the “boyfriend” alter these plans? WHY?

  35. Chad says:

    Lizzy: Here is where I picked up the speculation that one of the bb players is lawyered up. Maybe Local can help out here. I re read, and it looks like a hypothetical.

    Comment by localcvillegirl — December 15, 2009 @ 9:26 pm
    Right Lizzy, and as much as I’ve tried to believe that the basketball players had nothing to do with this…what if it’s that the two who spoke to LE are just covering for another player. What if this 3rd player were a friend of the Mystery Male who was off at another site (party) with Morgan’s car, waiting to pick up the girls. Or waiting for the call from Morgan. And this was not coincidence that the players were just getting out of practice. The 3rd player is the one UVa is nervous about…lawyered up right away, bigger even than UVa. UGH, I hate to even speculate about this scenario.

  36. Marci says:

    Where has Observor been??

  37. lizzy says:

    Are the UVa basketball practices open or closed?

  38. Counselor4u says:

    Has it been confirmed that the mystery male that drove Morgan’s car is NOT the same “young gentleman who lives out of town”, who Morgan supposedly texted?

    Are we looking at two different individuals here?

  39. skyler says:

    Judi, #402 — my heart just dropped when I read your post — because I can tell you positively absolutely there was no HH’g Morgan on the Copely Bridge when I drove over it not once, but twice in that time frame — and it ever has made sense to me that someone would stop their car in the middle of that bridge to pick her up — and why did her scent just leave in the middle of the bridge —

    because it didn’t — it continued on —

    I’m only guessing that it’s not just the public they’ve given that info to about her last known sighting as the Copely bridge because her parents have left a memorial there —

    and I haven’t read far enough back yet, but apparently there is some surveillance footage of Morgan on the bridge ???

    LE certainly does not have to give information to the public on an open investigation — and reading the posts after yours, two MONTHS after her disappearance to do a routine search of an area seems about par for this case — I had two uncles who were VSP, so I’m not wont to slam the work they do — but geeze — why didn’t they do the “routine” search when they had 1600 people willing to help look closer to the time of her disappearance —

    thank God for Blink and this site and all the wonderful people who post here —

    Morgan will be found –

    Skyler- refresh my memory on the car on the side of the road you saw.

  40. lizzy says:

    Sorry for the multiple posts about basketball practice. I was just pondering who might be interested in showing up, and thus have a reason other than the concert to be in the area, and leaving at about the same time as Morgan and the players.

    From the link, it sounds like 10/17 would have been either the first or second practice of the season. That might have drawn someone (bored self-styled high school scouts, for example).

    The first open (to the press) practice was on the following Friday.

  41. lizzy says:

    Sorry, I seem to be talking to myself, but I found it. First practice was on the Friday before the concert. Both that and Saturday’s were “closed.”

    Lizzy, where do you see the 2nd practice was Saturday? Maybe we are assuming they were practicing Saturday and not just walking through the lot? If that is correct, than there was a 2 hour practice Friday?

  42. lakeluver says:

    Here I am waiting in anticipation for my two daughters to arrive home from college tomorrow ,and my heart hurts for the Harringtons.

    In one of the very first articles about MH it was stated

    “When Morgan and Amy Melvin, roomie at VT in their off campus Blacksburg apartment arrived in Crozet to pick up Amy Snead and her boyfriend for the evenings event, Morgan called Dr. Harrington, or Poppa, as she affectionately called him, to notify her parents of their safe arrival.”

    Is MM AM’s boyfriend and do you think this is why they are focusing on Crozet?

    Also, j2k we are all brainstorming here to try and make sense of this. I think any and all ideas need to be considered. If you work backwards, the last person(s) to speak to MH were the UVA BB players. You must also take into consideration the fact that MH went missing on 10/17 and the BB players did not come forward until they were ID’d by the limo driver and that was on 11/12. It was all over the news early on that she was missing. Why would they not call the police and say “We saw her and spoke to her for 10 mins. in the lot and then we left and she was HH on Copely bridge” Another thought to ponder, her purse the last known evidence of her was found in the cage lot where most likely the BB players were parked?
    One more thought to throw out, If BG is or was associated with LE or security, it is very likely that he worked for some of the sport events and might be friends with some of the players. If MH did not go willingly it would take more than one person to subdue her.
    Horrible thought but it would also be difficult for one person to hide 120 pounds of dead weight (God forbid).

    My thoughts and prayers are with the Harrington’s two fold today.

  43. lizzy says:

    Blink, good point on the Saturday practice. Was relying on the UVa press release that a Morgan-like young woman “approached some members of the men’s basketball team following a practice.”

  44. AtotheK says:

    I wanted to bounce off your post and compare the earlier links (some of which info i did not know)

    Specifically this part:
    Exactly seven days earlier, Morgan was in this house, having spent Friday night with the family and then the morning of Saturday, October 17, when she tried on a few potential outfits for the Metallica concert, the event from which she disappeared.

    “You want your children to be loving and open,” says Gil, wrestling with her own second-guessing as theories of stranger abduction at a heavy metal show abound. “We have tried to layer, layer love on Morgan. Maybe we’ve done her a disservice by not creating enough watchfulness.”

    Her father says Morgan drove herself and her longtime friend and Blacksburg roommate, Amy Melvin, to Harrisonburg to meet up with another longtime friend, Sarah Snead, who attends James Madison University, as well as a friend’s boyfriend.

    At 2pm, Morgan called her dad and confirmed that they’d safely arrived in Harrisonburg. The plan was still on for father and daughter on Sunday to balance her checkbook, which she’d overdrawn buying groceries.

    Before Metallica took the stage, Morgan reportedly called Snead to say that although she had gotten shut out of the concert by leaving the venue, she would find a ride back to Harrisonburg, where she’d left her car.

    “This is the perplexing part to us,” says her father. “Why didn’t she call her brother? Why didn’t she call me?”

    So we now know that her car was the one they drove to JPJA and not in H-burg.
    It also states MH and Amy picked up Sarah and a friends BF (Mystery)

    We now know Mystery drove MH’s car

    Here’s another early on article

    “She attended events at the arena “fairly frequently,” according to her father, and liked a variety of music, from Metallica to the Beatles.

    Her brother had graduated from UVa in the spring.

    But she didn’t know many people in the Charlottesville area, and it wasn’t like her to try to find her own way home, her father said.”

    It really does good to refresh the memory with these articles.
    I was under the assumption she knew of people/friends in cville well…but maybe not.

  45. skyler says:

    Take this w/ a grain of salt, but a supposed “friend” of the “friends’ posted on that the male who drove Morgan’s car had a ticket and attended the concert — in a later post, someone asked the question: what do the “friends” think happened to Morgan and this same guy posted that she was supposed to meet someone later, and if she was HH’g, it wasn’t all the way back to school, but just to the area to meet this person —

    again, that’s just a posting from another site — it was also stated that the Harringtons are the ones who asked the friends not to make public postings on any of the sites — and lastly posted that a lot of what was being said about Morgan was not true and they felt why should they respond — this person, claiming to be Morgan’s friend, said that she was one of the most influential people in their lives —

    also, someone local to the area posted about this latest search off I-64 and made the observation that if this was just a “routine” search, why did they have 12 officers and dogs — that it was an awful lot of man power salary and “dog food” for a routine search — I thought that was funny — a lot of “dog food” — not the search –

    also, talking about other posts, I read an alleged FB entry of one of the three alleged UVA BB players — and this guy kept droning on and on (worse than me – ha) about “love” and the true meaning of “love” and someone he “loved” was going to realize how much he “loved” them and be sorry they didn’t “love” him back and that who he really was, was a “loving” person who “loved”

    so I don’t think he had anything more than an interaction w/ Morgan, because he couldn’ stop “loving” himself long enough to focus on someone else — ya “loving” me ?

    None of the above info has been confirmed — just sharing what was posted elsewhere —

    Blink, are any of your “feelers” feeling like something is about to break in this case ?

    “luv ya” — sky : )

    They are friend.

  46. Counselor4u says:

    Do we know that the circle of ‘friends’ that were in attendance and/or connected to that evening (10/17), including mystery man, were affiliated with ONLY the three schools:

    And, NOT Longwood University in Farmville?

    I think that’s a trick question. It’s incorrect anyway, Amy Melvin goes to Community College.

  47. Enquirer says:

    Blink – re:your response to #2445 is your feeling that something is about to break, just a gut feeling? Or something you have heard?

    And what do you think are the chances of a break in the case before xmas?

    I think someone is starting to crack, or “other”. If anyone can provide a cell tower map of that area I might be inclined to make a hunch.

  48. localcvillegirl says:

    HI Chad and Lizzy…that was definately speculation on my part about the 3rd player lawyering up. It’s the only reason I can think of for silence, unless they absolutely, truly, know nothing. I was thinking that the driver friend from JMU/boyfriend, whatever, might also have been friends with the 3rd player, and the other two were just being quiet about it. I don’t know, though. After sleeping on it, I wonder why and how a UVa bb player would be friends with someone from JMU, VT, and Morgan. Possible, I guess; there is always the internet. It could be, though, that the two bb players we know about saw her head to the bridge, and that’s it.

    I still feel that Morgan texted someone who was still at the house where they’d been partying before the concert, and was planning on returning to the party with this guy. BB player along for the ride or not. As far as we know, the planning for this whole trip was done in Roanoke, Blacksburg, and Harrisonburg…maybe with the help of someone who lives in this area. I can only hope that the friends and driver boy are talking to LE, and that other VT and JMU friends, and friends from concerts, e.g., (Morgan’s other life?) are being sought out and questioned, too. This beautiful girl deserves to be found.

  49. NYMom says:

    Hope LE is searching that area today b/c they’ve squeezed a little info out of someone who’s finally starting to crack.

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