Morgan Harrington Case: Separating Fact From Fiction From Facebook Part II

Posted by BOC Staff | Missing Persons,Morgan Harrington | Friday 20 November 2009 11:00 am

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Charlottesville, VA– Just passing the month mark, the disappearance of Morgan Harrington from the John Paul Jones Area located on the UVA campus, leaves us with more questions than answers. Part II

The Faces of Her Facebook

Help Find Morgan Harrington was developed by a few concerned individuals interested in spreading the word about Morgan’s disappearance and boasts over 30,000 members. Not all posts are welcome.

NelsonIn particular, a member by the name of Nelson Kane was recently banned for posting very detailed hypothesis scenarios that sparked a firestorm of interest in the self-appointed athlete scout. His posts were deleted at the request of Law Enforcement who admit tasking two officers with monitoring the web for such activity in Morgan’s case.

Additionally, Mr. Kane reached out to several individuals on facebook as well as the Harrington family’s site in attempts to speak to the family directly and request an interview. The Harrington’s were made aware of the concern for such requests by sources close to the investigation.

 He has recently changed his facebook drastically. Nkoldfacebook

Mr. Kane, a member of the family owning the longtime furniture store of the same name in Charlottesville is also a UVA alumni and season ticket holder. In addition to UVA, Kane also claims to have attended Virginia Tech on many of his many social networking profiles. He also fancies himself as somewhat of a Rock band critic.

On his site, which he has maintained Nkane1since 2001, Kane chronicles his trips to scout mostly High School basketball and football athletes. In an effort to make his site more interesting (his words) he details the travel experience, routes, times and in some cases photos of his visits to High Schools mostly within a few hours driving distance.  

Very early on in Morgan’s case, explored the idea that perhaps the double murder of VT freshmen David Metzler and Heidi Childs on August 27th should be investigated as a possible link to Morgan’s case simply because they attend the school and Morgan and Heidi bare a remarkable resemblance to one another.




As far as very odd coincidences go, the location of Nelson Kane’s scouting foray the evening of the August 28th could not be more relevant.


Kane scouted the game at Jefferson Forest High School. The very Kane0828School Heidi Childs graduated from a year earlier. Unlike most of Kane’s other journal entries of his athlete accolades, there is no mention of his travel experience to or from Forest High School so it is unclear where he left from, when he got there, or when he returned home. 

This is in no way an accusation that Mr. Kane had any involvement whatsoever in such a heinous crime, of course, but given his proclivities for leaving at all hours of the day and night his keen attention to travel detail and familiarity with the area: Perhaps he saw someone or something amiss in his trip that could help investigators.



On Saturday October 17th, Kane scouts a game, listens to the UVA football game on his way home and is home in plenty of time to make the concert.


Blink how do you know he was at the concert you ask? I do not. I do know he knows alot about security at the JPJ Arena, how to navigate the different lots near Uhall, and of course that there are blue portable lavatories next to Lanigan Field. His posts from the Charlottesville Daily Progress below:


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  1. J2K says:

    sky – thanks for the incredibly detailed post on your own timeline that evening. It was insightful, touching, gripping – and even quite amusing at times (“Private jet, indeed.”) Most importantly, it added a new level of clarity to the situation on the ground around the arena that night. For instance – the cold, drenching downpour around 9 p.m. – which would have been while MH was crossing the lots toward the RV field. Now that was a woman on a mission!

    Word G – fantastic, highly perceptive questions. Keep ‘em coming (that is, if you’re up for it, sky).

    B – That’s certainly what it sounds like to me. (Fwiw, I’m still leaning toward increasing head-injury symptoms/panic/irreversible decision made in state of panic.)

  2. Tarheel says:

    Someone said earlier in this thread something along the lines of “follow the money.” I haven’t been able to figure that out or get it off my mind. I know that some of the UVA BB family connections were impressive to me. Perhaps if LE suspects someone whose family has prestige and power (whether it be a BB player or not), it may explain why LE and others (media, etc) would proceed cautiously. Not saying I agree with that…but prestige and power may be enough to keep LE and the media at bay until there is concrete proof. Maybe that’s why no one is talking?

    Still don’t understand why the identification of the friends BF is being kept private, but perhaps that also has to do with prestige and power?

  3. skyler says:

    Greetings, Fellow Blinkers — I left a post which poor Blink hasn’t had time to post yet —

    You know, I liken us to families during the WWII era huddled around the radio in the living room in the evening desperate to hear the daily report of the war — only we’re huddled in front of computer screens, praying for news of Morgan. And I’ve come to care so much for you all — even Open Your Eyes — who only wants to be heard : )

    but to answer some questions about the car that was pulled over — In Va., “The driver of a motor vehicle has a duty to keep a proper lookout” — That’s what’s called a “jury instruction.” in every automobile accident case in the Commonwealth, the judge will give that instruction to the jury before they go back to deliberate — my child has heard it since he was at least 14 and as late as Monday when he came to have supper with his mamma ! And I think it’s why I had an extra second or two to observe the car when I turned into the onramp — I wasn’t driving that fast — there was nothing behind me — and I absolutely was not expecting to see a car there — there was a car that was in the far right lane that I think I had to slow down for because I wanted to drive around the car on the shoulder; they were parked pretty close to the travel lane —

    What Blink said makes sense — maybe they got sick — it was not a body dump — sorry — because it was too close to the on ramp — I don’t remember having a sense that they were in trouble — the trunk was not up — the car wasn’t up on a jack — the spare tire wasn’t lying near the person — “he” did have his feet planted on the pavement — but the shoulder, not the interstate — I didn’t see the head — it was inside the car — I’ve told my own child, if you have to pull over on the interstate, pull way over, into the grass — my sense was these were college age people and their car somehow broke down — and to further Blink’s theory — the H1N1 virus was kicking up its heels in Va. pretty badly in that time frame — plus their movements were not urgent, like an argument was happening —

    Observer !! So good to “see” you again — and thanks for your updates — sadly, I agree with you — even if the news is bad, this family can have closure, peace, a place to visit Morgan –

    Copeley Rd. is so dark, and so far away from JPJ — why on earth did she head in that direction — and maybe because it was so brisk outside, she made the decision to try to hitch a ride, even if her destination were only a few streets away —

    As far as the BB players — I cannot being to imagine what their lives must be like — the season is upon us — they must be always thinking about whether they’ll get “drafted” — is that the right word? — into the pros — along w/ the usual angst that comes w/ being that age. This is not a “slam” but I think they were just too wrapped up in their own lives to think about Morgan — I got drawn into this from the perspective of being a mother whose own child was at that very concert (only his tickets were hidden in the ginger jar on my office desk) — the same child who was mad at me for months prior to the concert because I would not let him drive — my “mamma radar” was just buzzing too loudly to ignore — also, we don’t know whether Morgan recognized them and maybe she’s the one who engaged them in conversation —

    ie, my own interaction w/ the famous LOG guy earlier in the evening — I know which one he is from seeing pix later — and Monday night I still wasn’t impressed when we were looking at the LOG videos from youtube. My child and I were fighting over the “mute” button on the computer and so finally I asked him: Whazzhesayin? Because it all sounded like noise to me — and he started “singing” along — i was like: how do you know that — and his roommie said: “they’re famous” and my son said: they’re on my Ipod —
    maybe the bb players are used to having people oogle over them, and maybe it wasn’t until later that one of them put it together that the chick in the RV lot was the same girl that’s missing —

    sometimes a duck is just a duck (cute, but a duck nonetheless) –

    And I’m turning my computer off — will catch you guys on the flip side tomorrow —

    today is the 2-month anniversary : (

    It’s been up since shortly after you posted it, Sky- are you setting your RSS?

  4. sue says:

    Thanks for your post, Zarpisimo. Nice to see that you are a fan who can maintain their objectivity.

    According to Observer, the Virginia players have been eliminated as having any involvement in a crime. Not sure how he/she knows this, however. I can only assume that they are closely connected to the case

    I am deep respect for Observer, but I do not see how you can say you have no evidence of foul play, no POI and than state that any individual or individuals are not complicit?

  5. Chad says:

    Good evening all:
    Observer we have all missed you, but we have felt your presence here on this board this past week.

    Earlier this week, I got to welcome my daughter home from college for Christmas. I welcomed her with a hug, smile, and a warm embrace. We decorated the tree, some of which were her child hood hand made ornaments. Christmas is such a poignant time of year, and for all of us. Christmas music abounds, and parties to attend too.

    My thoughts lie quietly with Dan and Gil Harrington. They have/ and are being denied this. Their ribbon is yellow instead of gold or red. They post Morgans reflective childhood writings on a website instead of a tree. Their gatherings are amongs LE, themselves, and other supportive family /friends. Probably no Eggnog being served.
    As the snow falls lightly, holidays approaching, families arranging get togethers, and the Christmas lights dance along houses of the street night, Morgan lies out there somewhere. Hopefully, peacefully resting ……..resting peacefully in god made natures arms. We just need to find her. We have to find her.
    Observer, I truly hope that this case gets moving closer to closure.
    You had mentioned in an earlier post, that LE has children, children the same age as Morgan, and are dutifully working this case bacasuse of the personal connection to the case.
    If LE feels as complelled to find Morgan, as you have stated, and also as the posters on this board are, I’m so confident in your words, that the next time you post, we will have more information than just still a missing Morgan, a purse and a cell phone, without a battery.

  6. cvillenative says:

    Comment by suz — December 15, 2009 @ 4:37 pm
    Aaaack! No no no, Poe’s crow cannot go. Er, cannot stand. We must respect the good fellow and say raven, evermore. Dude was a Virginian (ok, was not born and did not die here, but he considered himself to be a Virginian, AND he went to UVA, living in room 13 of some dorm or the other).

    I don’t mean to sound like a pompous UVA grad (even if I am one… LOL), but I had to address this. The Lawn and Range rooms are part of the Central Grounds, i.e. the portion that Thomas Jefferson himself designed, and make up the original University. As some others have addressed, it is a huge honor to live there. Hearing this referred to as “some dorm or the other” literally made me gasp out loud. Sorry, I just couldn’t let that one slip by. :)

    Ok, now back to the more important work of figuring out what happened to Morgan…

  7. Chad says:

    If I may post again, I want to address the non advancement in Morgans case. I am going to go there, and I apologize in advance if this offends observer. But, to have no POI, and eliminating the last person(s) of contact with Morgan, I think is absurd. I am not saying this is true for the BB players that interacted with Morgan, but 90% of the time, the LAST person to have contact with a victim is at least considered a person of interest.
    They have sitings, witnesses, they have electronic communications, (computer, phone, etc), they have the friends, they have cars, apartments, the FBI is involved. A wealth of information to go by, and build a case. OMG, they have NOTHING more than they had 60 days ago??? Who is deciphering all this information?
    There is a wealth of information, even on here, right on this site!
    There has got to be finger prints on the purse, and possibly the phone too.
    Unless this is all for stage………
    There was a case here, where LE said nothing for a VERY long time. A 12 year old girl abducted from a bus stop. They found her body months after she dissappeared, but didn’t charge ayone for 1 year after the body was found. Quiet a a mouse. (no offense wpg).
    So, perhaps they do have something, but are working on proof. I respect that the evidnce is not usually announced to the public, prob only until trial. This could be happening here.
    None the less, no new info from observer, at least to report to us.

  8. susanm says:

    i’m on west coast time,at this point le has to know what caused her exit from arena (whether her own decision or securities),and what was said amongst her and bbplayers. both of these are are pertinent info as to frame of mind ,which leads to descions then made by now says appeared to be hitch hiking, right as i was trying to accept it for the sake of being on same page as le .was she amped to get a ride or cest la vie ,comme ce comme sa,it all good?anyway,who picked her up? can le say whether they think she went with someone she knew or a stranger?where did she want to go ,local or jmu? what were the original aftershow plans?

  9. Momof3 says:

    Skyler, Thank you for reliving that night in great detail. Much appreciated.

    zarpisimo, Thank you for posting your thoughts and observations. I agree the fact there is no gossiping is odd. Not that I condone gossiping, mind you, but I would think there would be at least some cautious murmuring?

    Observer, you wrote:
    2. LE has verified the scanned tickets from JPJ used by MH and MH’s friends on the evening of October 17, 2009. [Note: It is neither prudent nor necessary that LE release to the public photos or records of said scanned tickets; LE does not routinely release investigative and/or evidentiary material to the public. Information as available and appropriate--to a certainty; investigative material, no. There are specific reasons for this, including but not limited to the later--and hopefully, successful--pursuit of prosecution.]

    The tickets were scanned consecutively, and most assuredly by MH and her friends? All four tickets?

    Also, although I agree LE need not show us proof for investigative reasons, are you assuring us that LE is confident each of the tickets bought, were not only scanned but used by MH’s group? (MHdidn’t stay for the entire show) I would very much like to put this to rest, but respectfully, your explaining why LE sometimes holds back evidence does not clear it up for me.

    How would it be jeopardizing Morgan or her case if LE states as a FACT that the tickets were scanned, used and by whom ? How would it be jeopardizing to the case to release the names of the friends that were accompanying Morgan? Or at least their ages,& relationship status in regards to MH. In every other case I have ever researched/ read up on, the victims last verifiable hours and those persons that were present during those hours have not been kept from the public. Most people would choose not to be named, but at least give the public an account of what they did before the concert& after 2pm call home/ and give an account without names of who in term s of friend, acquaintance/driver/passenger/boyfriend of so so ect.

  10. J2K says:

    Momof3: (re: a little levity amidst agreeable disagreements/#2496)
    Not that our individual genders are that relevant on this forum, but I feel compelled to note that I am:
    A postamoiselle
    A journalista
    A blogerita/blogasita/Blinkanista/opinionitia
    And, yes, an occasional online comedienne…

    sue, B, others – re: (#2503)
    Raise your hand if you don’t believe LE checked out the BB players’ alibis for the rest of that night.
    (… um. wait. that doesn’t really work in the comment section, does it.)

    Point being: I’m typing with one hand; the other raised high (to the befuddled glances of my co-workers).

    If these dudes dropped off the map after interacting with the soon-missing MH on Oct. 17, I can’t help but hope Virginians’ tax-dollars support an LE who would follow-up on these individuals’ statements/interviews; and, if he/they can’t be accounted for or is/are caught in a lie, that LE might amp up the pressure/press a charge (hindering an investigation anyone?)/make an arrest… something! (Or “schmucks on wheels” indeed they are.)

    But, perhaps the initial investigative unit (and those who took over the case as the weeks turned into months) were quite trusting…

    **”Alright. So, young man – you were alone, asleep in bed by 9:30 pm that Saturday night? Hmph.
    Well – sounds reasonable to me, Sarge. There’s just something saintly ’bout dem college-athlete
    types, ain’t dere?”
    [To three young men with hands nervously clasped in respective laps]:
    “Go on get outta here ya scamps!”**

    Or, perhaps LE verified the individual accounts provided by the last known people to be engaged with MH the night she vanished.

    [And BB players, if you're reading this: don't forget your pro-bono online publicist's support if you hit it big in the NBA. Have your people call my people!/(cats). sigh...]

    Zarpisimo ( re: #2497)
    I certainly understand the psychology of excreting team-colored poo… or, say, pelting Santa with snowballs and/or broken bottles.
    [read: J2K = Eagles Fan/Fanette]

    You noted something else that I understand, too:
    “I am still inclined to think she called someone to come get her and they did.”

    That is, to me, the only way her purposeful movements – *in the rain* (thanks, sky) – toward the intersection of Copeley and Ivy Lane make sense. The fact that LE did not warn/indicate to the public a random predator may be loose in Cville after she went missing only underscores this notion. I think a rudimentary picture of what likely happened to MH after 8:20 pm on the evening in question was fairly clear to investigators early in the case, but LE has yet to access the means to prove it.

    Observer: we may be sharing a cabin at Camp With-All-Due-Respect…, but I find your pointed, poignant vagaries helpful, to say the least.
    And, I think your recently submitted (educated) observations bare repeating:

    “… I offer the following information to assist readers in perhaps better/closer focus:
    1. LE has verified that the BB players are not complicit in the MH disappearance.
    2. LE has verified the scanned tickets from JPJ used by MH and MH’s friends on the evening of October 17, 2009. [Note: It is neither prudent nor necessary that LE release to the public photos or records of said scanned tickets; LE does not routinely release investigative and/or evidentiary material to the public. Information as available and appropriate--to a certainty; investigative material, no. There are specific reasons for this, including but not limited to the later--and hopefully, successful--pursuit of prosecution.]
    3. Multiple and independent witnesses accounts to LE have corroborated the appearance–emphasis on “appearance”–of MH attempting to HH on/near the Copeley Rd. bridge.
    4. MH’s purse was found by a passerby in/near the Lannigan RV lot by a passerby on the morning following her disappearance. LE has verified that the individual who turned in this found property is not complicit in MH’s disappearance.
    5. VSP’s search yesterday of the median strip in a specific area on I-64 was not in an attempt to recover MH’s cell phone battery.
    6. The absence of MH’s cell phone battery is not material to this investigation.
    7. MH’s 2006 Honda Civic–the one in which she traveled from Blacksburg to H’burg and later to CV–has been searched by LE. There was no evidence found in MH’s vehicle that has furthered the investigation into MH’s disappearance. …
    [I repeat an earlier sentiment: Someone knows something; that is, someone saw something on the evening of October 17, 2009. They are not attempting to hide it; they simply do not know that they know. This person(s) holds a (not 'the') key, but they do not know it. Therein lays the frustration for LE.]”

    Thanks, O. (And pass me the marshmallows, please.)

    B – Do you prefer the conversation is moved to the newest MH thread? … cuz I’m kinda comfortable here…

    J2k- I do believe you meant pelting Santa with batteries :)

    Thanks for the breif respit and levity in what is undoubtedly a grotesque situation for everyone involved in this situation in general. While our hearts ache for resolution, we are still in the stands on this one.

    I am going to go out on a limb here to say if LE is saying Morgan’s car is not material to the investigation, as well as where her cell battery may be, they know what car she got in, and how she made contact with that individual.

    I do trust Observer’s insight and “inside” as it were, but I am not comfortable setting the precedent that non-comment on the part of LE = not complicit; although admittedly in this case it may be true.

    I offer Utah Husband named a person of interest today in the “foul play” disappearance of his wife as an example. Reasonable people need to trust their “inner voice” and develop it to help them have the gift of fear- this is my agenda.

  11. sue says:

    J2K, briefly, they cannot arrest without evidence of a CRIME. I’ve said this repeatedly, but it is apparently worth repeating. You need to be able to connect a suspect to some criminal intent . Perhaps their alibis don’t check out, who knows? A hunch that someone might be responsible for Morgan’s disappearance is not enough to make an arrest. Arrest for what?

    This is one of the reason’s that a prosecutor will convene a grand jury proceeding. Perhaps a grand jury is listening to evidence against someone right now. I doubt it, however. I would bet that someone is under constant surveillance.

    One of the reasons that I believe LE has known essentially from day one who their suspect is, is because of the ground search that was organized by the outside search group in Texas. ( name is escaping me ). I got the feeling that the search was basically conciliatory and perfunctory. Did anyone else get the feeling that LE was basically ‘going along’ with that search to placate the public and the family?

    Previously, Observer incorrectly made reference to Drew Peterson being arrested for the murder of his wife, Stacey Peterson. Drew was not arrested for this ‘murder’ because there is no murder. In fact, there is no evidence of a crime.

    Of course, LE knew what happened and was able to arrest him for the murder of his former wife Kathleen Savio. Evidence of a homicide. A deceased woman. Point is, this case is a very good example of LE not having enough to make an arrest, even it is painfully obvious to even a lay person that one has taken place.

    So, even if all roads pointed to the BB players, an arrest would not come easy. I am far from convinced that they had anything to do with it, but with so little to go on, who knows? I am guided by my common sense, and they were the last to have interacted with her. Simple as that.

    Again, maybe Observer knows something that we do not. I have not heard that they have been cleared of any involvement, but obviously I am not privy to what investigators know.

  12. skyler says:

    Word Girl, that you for those kind words — they were such a balm to my soul and I appreciate you saying it —

    J2k — I always always always love your posts —

    momof3 your heart comes thru in every word you type

    observer, you know I’m in the front row of your fan section

    localgirl I always always always look forward to your posts and insight, especially from the local perspective

    chad, your last post — well, it speaks for itself, such beautiful words

    sue and mouse and lizzy and suzb and lakeluver and OYE and I know I’m missing some others — not intentional — it wasn’t just my waistline on the list of stuff I lost from my 20′s — my mind/memory is on there somewhere, too — everyone who posts here — you are all remarkable — and of course, blinkerina, we know how we all feel about yuse !!!

    someone posted in response to Sue’s comment that she’d get herself a posse that we are Morgan’s posse —

    it is such a pleasure riding with you all — and now, off to earn money to keep the lights on so I can read BOC !!!

  13. J2K says:

    Momof3 (#2509) re: Observer’s post
    “…respectfully, your explaining why LE sometimes holds back evidence does not clear it up for me.
    How would it be jeopardizing Morgan or her case if LE states as a FACT that the tickets were scanned, used and by whom ? How would it be jeopardizing to the case to release the names of the friends that were accompanying Morgan?”

    The elepant-in-the-living-room question for me is:
    From LE’s standpoint, how would releasing that info *help* the case? And, more to the point, why have they chosen not to?

    I’m quite inspired by the Web sleuthing that I didn’t even realize went on before finding Blink and her kick-a*s forum – but I doubt lE releases tidbits of information to feed the hungry posters awaiting news/clues on sites like this. Rather, they usually release info for a purpose (see Observer’s post for a more eloquent/knowledgeble explanation) to generate tips, leads and, occassionally, put out warnings if a crime under investigation indicates a dangerous criminal presents a threat to the public.

    I shudder to even type this, but we don’t actually *have* to know these details or even have a right to them, as while we (here) provide a veritable goldmine of perspectives, insight, observations and even potentially critical info for LE to tap at will, we’re not part of/privy to the actual investigation/construction of the case.

    But, back to why LE *would* let us know the answers to your questions… and what it may mean that they have – clearly – not done so. In my opinion, if they knew only slightly more in regard to MH’s disappearance than we do at this point, I’d think there’d be more pressers held, with many more details revealed about that night, i.e. her friends, their friends, her interactions, specific appearance etc. – all released to the public in an effort to draw crucial info/witnesses that could move the stalled case along.

    Again: in regard to MH’s disappearence, this is not their MO – which indicates to me LE doesn’t need more *info* to further the case; they need more *proof.*

    Investigators may have known for the last two months when MH and specific Friends went into the arena; why MH ended up outside with no chance of getting back in and no keys or efforts to get them/access her own car for protection from the elements; whom she texted once outside, and how this person played into the rest of the night (if at all); why she approached the BB players and, subsequently, why they left her alone in the lot; and, of course, why she made a bee-line for Copeley Road/Ivy Lane.

    If LE already knows all of the relevant, detailed information we so desperately seek here – and all signs to point to the fact that they do, as they’re apparently uninterested in further engaging the public – they probably know who MH arranged to get a ride from, but have no evidence/statements that she actually got in this person’s car. Someone/some people is/are essential to the conclusion of the case; he/they represent the final, massive piece in the middle of this tragic puzzle … Going with that metaphor, it appears LE has obtained all the sides and corner pieces through asking the same perseptive questions you/we have asked here (but they have the ability under the law to acquire the answers).
    Unfortunately, it also appears that this critical piece is being guarded by some savvy attorney paid by the hour to do so.

    Chad (#2506) re:
    “…They have sitings, witnesses, they have electronic communications, (computer, phone, etc), they have the friends, they have cars, apartments, the FBI is involved. A wealth of information to go by, and build a case. OMG, they have NOTHING more than they had 60 days ago??? Who is deciphering all this information?
    There is a wealth of information, even on here, right on this site!
    There has got to be finger prints on the purse, and possibly the phone too. …”

    Respectfully, Chad, LE *does* have access to everything you referenced and have likely pursued/investigated every single one – they simply have not released their findings to the public. I don’t doubt they are duly informed at this point. (See above)

    As far as MH’s purse and phone, it’s remotely possible a relevant print was lifted, but highly unlikely. It was handled by the passerby (who had no idea of its significance at the time he/she turned it in) – same thing goes for the security personel who accepted and processed it. Of cuorse I understand our focus on these items – they’re the only tangible things we have of MH from that night; they represent the last thing she ostensibly touched before completely vanishing. I get it, and their discovery was ominous and deeply troubling… I just don’t believe clinging to these compromised and possibly useless pieces of potential evidence (in a criminal trial) is helpful at this point.

    (Okay – who do I return this soapbox to?)

  14. Momof3 says:

    #2507susanm I am in complete agreement.

    Hi J2K, Sorry if I offended you. Yes, I was/am aware that you are a member of the female persuasion. However, 1. I couldn’t think of a female quote and 2. I am the type of person that refers to people in generalities like,

    “HEY YOU GUY’s!… Listen, okay? You guys’ll never believe me. There was two cop cars, okay? And they were chasing this four-wheel deal, this real neat ORV, and there were bullets flying all over the place. It was the most amazing thing I ever saw”

  15. Word Girl says:

    One distinction between law enforcement’s ‘eliminating suspects’ has to do with whether they are actively pursuing the individual. If a person has been investigated, they aren’t just ruled out and put on the shelf.

    Well, kindof. Law Enforcement may tell the public that the person is out of the running for many different reasons, which we have explored here before. LE may also truly believe that person is not involved. Do they just forget about the individual and never return to him/her? Absolutely not. No one is eliminated, but they may not be actively pursued at the moment.

    Whatever you think of Law Enforcement and how much better you think you might do their job, theirs is an extremely intricate process. Detectives with many years of experience are dedicated to this case as their primary responsibility. Mistakes are made, yes, and they can also be recovered, revisited. Just as much as this case is on our minds constantly, it is an imperative for law enforcement.

    Now, why didn’t they say there was a random predator on the loose the night of the Metallica concert and it is still on the loose? Sounds like they don’t believe that is true. Can they say, well, we have a suspect, but can’t nail him yet? No…So, they’re left frustrating the public and go into deep silence.
    (As Blink said right away. No more public newsers because the public is demanding answers.)
    Police have a target, I believe. They need to find Morgan.

  16. J2K says:

    B – (in answer to your comments on my post):
    “J2k- I do believe you meant pelting Santa with batteries.”
    You are indeed correct about the specific projectiles lobbed at Santa that day. But! Bottles would surely have been thrown had there not been ample snow to chuck.

    “I am going to go out on a limb here to say if LE is saying Morgan’s car is not material to the investigation, as well as where her cell battery may be, they know what car she got in, and how she made contact with that individual.” ~B

    I totally agree.

    “I do trust Observer’s insight and ‘inside’ as it were, but I am not comfortable setting the precedent that non-comment on the part of LE = not complicit; although admittedly in this case it may be true.” ~B

    You raise a good point, B. It’s hard to rein in a galloping line of thoughts and assumptions when they’re making more and more sense to me, but I’d be wiser to do so – we don’t know the values of all the variables in this equation… and I always sucked at math anyway.

  17. Word Girl says:

    Skyler, have a good holiday. We’ll see you when you get back.

    J2k–funny, but what’s a portamoiselle? A door-lady? A portiere?

    Ms. Chad, I’m so glad you have your daughter home and can enjoy the holidays with her warm spirit. We’re all holding a place for Dan and Gil (and family).

    Blink, are you saying that Susan stuffed down her fear and paid for it with her life? I agree and I am so, so sorry that happened. It was not her fault. It may have been prevented. May have.

    I think that is true, but not what I meant. I meant that LE stated early her hubby was not a suspect and was cooperating. I knew in 3 seconds he killed his wife, he will confess, and she will be found. The initial announcement from LE was the same. We must trust out instincts when we are given information.

  18. J2K says:

    Momof3 (re: #2513)
    Ah. I use “guys” as a general term as well. And I was certainly not offended – just reminded that much earlier in this thread I started to be referred to as a “he” (to my weird delight), and someone also expressed surprise that “J2K’s a girl too??” (the other surprise girl being Observer – who, I’ll admit, I too initially assumed was a man – for no discerible reason).
    I can also cop to using “dude” for men and women on occassion (to my own Momof2′s chagrin).

    sue (re: #2510):
    “they cannot arrest without evidence of a CRIME.”

    Excellent point, and it’s something I’m aware of but easily forget, in a way. I continuously consider this case in terms of a body being found. It indeed puts the proverbial horse before the cart, though, so… Touché.

    Oh, and in regard to the perfunctory nature of ground search – Agreed. I think a nonprofit group organized/orchestrated it at the behest of the community/family.

    Word Girl (re: #2514)
    Well-stated and insightful, as usual.
    (You’re a dude, right?)

    I adore you.

  19. mosaic says:

    I agree with Observer’s wish for an end to the Harrington’s torment.

    At the same time I feel encouraged by some recent arrests here in neighboring NC. Jason Young was (finally) arrested this week for the murder of his pregnant wife three years ago. She was found lying in a puddle of her blood and her two-year-old tracked her footprints throughout the house. Also, last month the remains of missing mom Kelly Morris were found and her husband promptly arrested. She had been missing for over a year.

    These arrests remind me that truth and justice eventually rise to the surface, especially with the diligence and consistent prodding from LE and the public.

    For the Harringtons I wish they had answers yesterday, but I feel that it will happen.

  20. J2K says:

    Word Girl -
    I believe I typed “postamoiselle” – but this made-up self-label is just as nonsensical as “portamoiselle” in my effort to illustrate that I was indeed a female “post”-er (Get it??)… In other words: a feeble attempt at clunking out something “clever” before my morning injection of coffee aroused the majority of my frontal lobe.

    But kudos to you for going with it and quickly establishing possible definitions. You are definitely true to your moniker!

  21. sue says:

    Mosaic, thanks for the info on Jason Young arrest!! I did not know that and am so happy to hear it. His name has come to my mind so many times while posting here about Morgan. An arrest that we all know took a LOOONG time.

    A great example of someone that was heavily insulated by the cover of representation by a fine attorney from the absolute genesis.

    This was a herculean effort on behalf of Le. My Uggs are off to them today.
    Her death was brutal ( most are) but my heart is full for peace for her sister and her babies, both of them.

  22. Chad says:


    My post last night was clearly reflecting alittle frustration. My key board was smokin’. I do know that evidence, POI and other parts of the investigtion are not for public consumption. However, I did feel, based on Observers post, that at least we know what is being eliminated right now, and what specifically LE is allowing to be released to the public at this time.
    Your contributions are great reading. You are such a great asset to this board! Your humor and quick wit is most appreciated, as is also your superb and strong hold on colorful details.

    Word, Thanks! My daughter is home, and safe. Let’s continue to keep the Harringtons in our hearts. Your above post was very informative. I love the way you write. Word girl is most appropriate for you.

    Skyler, Your posts are incredible. Your presence in C’ville on that dreadful night is truly profound. I too felt like I was right there with you. I can tell that you reflected and recalled everything you possibly could, based on your descriptive posts. I cannot discount the potential impact that you may have in progressing this case by posting your own time line of that night and what you observed and saw.
    We will all blog when you return!

    Blink: I’m keeping the faith.

    Momof3: don’t feel bad, I thought J2k was a guy at first too! :)

    Sue: Great post above. Comment by sue — December 18, 2009 @ 11:41 am

  23. Momof3 says:

    J2K, You wrote Again: in regard to MH’s disappearence, this is not their MO – which indicates to me LE doesn’t need more *info* to further the case; they need more *proof.*

    Thank you, this I can get behind.If LE is not releasing any info because they are building a case,okay.
    But in my entire life, I have never heard so many inconsistent statements. KWIM

    DUDE, you too? Mom’s, sigh… You gotta love’em!

    Chad, I also let my frustration take over a little last night. Observer knows we appreciate her. Right Observer?

    Chad you wrote:
    Momof3: don’t feel bad, I thought J2k was a guy at first too!

    No worries Chad. I so wish I had picked a nondescript name… Blink, can I go back and choose another?…How about Columbo’s wife.. No, wait that doesn’t work how about MMF3 no…that could mean something entirely different. Uh…. never mind just don’t call me too late for supper!

  24. Word Girl says:

    Hand-clappin’ all around! So many good hearts and minds here…I appreciate.

    Back to the wheel. Big wheel turnin’
    Just was thinking about Skyler’s experience, but more, her parenting. She gave the gift of tickets for graduation, but held them herself, and insisted she drove or they wouldn’t go, because she knew the pitfalls and dangers for two 18-19 year-old boys in that situation. Little did she or they know a girl would be taken and murdered that night from that same venue.

    I’ve had way too loose a grip on my children–thank god they’re still alive! Still, when they were younger, we worked through scenarios and I hoped that has protected them.

    To me, it’s more about the strangers we know than the strangers we don’t know. I’ve had two sociopaths, a stalker, and many more thieves and addicts cross my path. It’s the sociopaths we have to identify and deny. And stay the heck away from!

    When you open The Gift of Fear, the first story is about a woman who decided to walk home, carrying extra groceries so she didn’t have to make two trips (which may have kept her out after dark.) A bag breaks on the steps, cat food cans go rolling, she recovers them, has one flight to go, but one straggler can drops down another flight. A cheerful guy caught it and insisted he’d help her all the way to her apartment. She was raped at gunpoint and was able to escape with her life. Barely.

    She had about 10 chances to do something differently and she didn’t. When we read about it from the outside, looking in, it seems obvious that the guy is really pushy and that she made had some problem priorities, etc. Maybe we would have made the same mistake?

    It’s about learning to trust your intuition and to understand what you’re reading, hearing, seeing.
    That takes a lifetime, it seems. Best to get started on it when young.

    Beautifully put WG. I heard the cans of that catfood rolling off the step and hitting the one the BG was standing on when she looked down as I was reading. Hair on the back of my neck stands on end every time. If anyone reading this does not have a similar experience, buy the book.

  25. J2K says:

    Chad (re: #2521)
    The lovely Miss Chad!
    Smokin’ keys? I hear you. In fact, I keep a figurative fire extinguisher under my desk for just such a purpose. (“I smell smoke, honey! Quick – bring me a bottle of red to douse the flames!”)

    I was glad to read your Chadling is home with her mama, safe and sound.
    Over on Blink’s latest MH thread, which I’ve yet to post on, someone spotlighted a new HooK article on the Harringtons.
    It. Is. Brutal. The constant, seering pain Dan and Gil are experiencing (which they articulate at length) is just devastating to behold. They’re apparently at a point (in terms of fear and grief) where they have no qualms about exposing their family’s open wound to a local reporter interviewing them in their home, which was all the more heart-breaking. (Okay. Tearing up. Gotta go.)

    If you haven’t read it yet (and have a tissue within arms reach), it’s here:

    I have a confession to make. I have not read it and I will not today. I am taking a break to “Holiday” with my family.

    When I am in this mode, I hover and tear, overkiss and say I love you and “remember when you were 3, and you tried to eat the wooden candy cane ornament..”

    They have learned that stare, that I would kill or die for them without pause and my simultaneous guilt and sorrow for a family who had that option removed from them.
    Onward for sweet Morgan and the Harringtons.

  26. Chad says:

    Momof3- LOL! Momof3 I think suites you very well. I think our blog names ring true to a part of our real selves?

    Back to Observer: Yes, we all love observer. I always look so forward to her posts. Love her logic and the way she thinks and presents us with info. Perhaps she has a connection that we do not know about…..
    Also, thanks for your post of support on the other thread for Radio.

    J2K: Article was absolutely gut wrenching. Painful to watch them travel on this journey. Thank you for posting and sharing it over here on this thread. I read it initially over there, but I’m kinda hanging over here. Not quite sure why??? Radio may need us over there at some point. However, she’s holdin her own pretty good so far.

    Word_ I am buying that book for my daughter. She is an avid reader, an English major. Might even pick up a copy for my self. I would have to say as you so eloquently said with your words, that being a mother/parent has been one of the best educational experiences for me. Our children our our best teachers.

  27. Chad says:

    Enjoy your family time today and the weekend Blink… derserve it!

    Blessings to All

  28. katts says:


    “The Gift of Fear” stuck a chord relative to my own experience. The book stuck in my mind. Found it the next day in my local thrift haunt. A GIFT!

    My experience: Most vividly, a male stranger who ( in a public building ) engaged me conversation on a topic I was most interested in. Highly interesting. After closing hours we moved to a restaurant for coffee about an 1/8 of a mile away. Lots of lights, a main street., took separate cars (of course). Restaurant closed, but the conversation continued only now we were in the restaurant parking lot. Although under lights, the only remaining cars.

    Suddenly, without prompt, I came out of my “ loquacious coma” overtaken by an intense fear. I abruptly said “gotta go”, jumped in my car, which I was leaning against, locked the doors and drove away.
    He had done nothing overt.

    In hindsight, the cues:
    His speech had become more rapid (anticipation)
    He kept me verbally engaged without pause (to prevent my leaving, as nice girls are required to bid adieu before an exit)
    He seemed to complete my sentences ( well rehearsed)
    A split-second awareness of the depth of my aloneness (unprotected , not just alone)

    I have no idea what might have happened . Maybe nothing . Doesn’t matter except that I listened and was safe.

    Katts- This is exactly what I want to hear.

    You said:
    “Doesn’t matter except that I listened and was safe.”

    It means everything.

  29. Chad says:

    Referencing a possible conviction of a crime without a body: Interesting legal concept…..however, it can, and has been done. The Drew Peterson case has been brought up here on this thread, based on the discussion of circumstantial evidence discussion. This, I post is in reference to a post by Observer, and also by Sue recently: this article that is posted below is an article that includes a conviction of “murder without a body”, and also, the person convicted was the last person to text……( the convicted killer) texted from her phone after she had perished. He used her phone to text, after she was dead. How did they know? He didn’t use the same “text Lingo” or have the same “cyber print” as Danielle had used to text in her communictions. Please, no assumptions here, no finger pointing at anyone, but there are documented cases where there have been murder convictions based on circumstantial evidience, texting being one piece that ultimatley convicted Campbell in this case. I am not saying Morgan has perished, or has been murdered, but it is sadly one of the scenarios that we need to seriously look at. (2002)

    tudy to catch criminals

    Danielle Jones 15 years old Her body has never been found. Her uncle was convicted of the crime.
    The study will analyse the language and style of texts
    The individual styles of hundreds of people’s text messages will be analysed in a study that aims to help police with criminal investigations.
    Researchers will scrutinise volunteers’ SMS messages to tease out patterns in the language and style of texts.

    The University of Leicester team hopes the work will yield tools that allow identification of a text author.

    Analysis of texts proved crucial in convicting Stuart Campbell of the murder of Danielle Jones in 2002.

    The 15-year-old Essex schoolgirl disappeared in June 2001. Following a police investigation, her uncle Stuart Campbell was put on trial for her abduction and murder.

    As part of his alibi, the defence showed two text messages purportedly sent by Danielle after she disappeared.

    Analysis by a forensic linguist highlighted differences in the spelling of words before and after Danielle’s disappearance.

    The prosecution said the later messages were sent by Mr Campbell after he had abducted Danielle, using her phone.

    Mr Campbell was found guilty of her murder in 2002.

    Volunteers needed

    The new study aims to build on this kind of analysis to develop a forensic toolkit for investigations involving texts.

    The six month study will analyse the linguistic conventions of texters.

    The different parts of speech that people leave out seem to be fairly consistent
    Dr Grant, University of Leicester
    Forensic authorship analysis, as the technique is known, is already used extensively for written documents like letters and e-mails.

    It is often used to analyse abusive or threatening e-mails or in cases of copyright infringement. It has not been widely used to study text messages.

    “As texting is both a relatively new mode of communication and a particularly informal way of using language, there is not a strong expectation that texters will follow linguistic conventions,” said Dr Tim Grant, one of the team behind the study.

    “This freedom therefore allows for significant individual differences in text messaging style, and this can be used to identify the text’s authors.”

    The researchers are asking people to submit their texts to study
    Although the study is still in its early stages, Dr Grant has some idea of what general patterns may emerge.

    “There seems to be systematic variation in the words people leave out of text messages, particularly if you use predictive text messaging,” he said.

    “You won’t leave letters out, but to be quicker in the texting you will leave words out.”

    For some people this will be pronouns, so they will write “went to the shop” rather than “I went to the shop”.

    Others will leave determiners out, and will write “went to shop”.

    “The different parts of speech that people leave out seem to be fairly consistent, but the purpose of the study is to find out if that is actually true,” said Dr Grant.

    The team also hope to identify patterns that give clues to the age and gender of the author.

    The team are now looking for at least 100 volunteers who are willing to hand over 10 messages for analysis. They are particularly interested in groups of people who text each other.

    “In all languages we know that groups tend to start sounding like one another, said Dr Grant. “Text messaging is likely to be a microcosm of these more general linguistic features.”

    The study will be conducted anonymously.

    If you all read observers post, observer was very articulate in mentioning which information that that LE had eliminted or “put on hold” so to speak, for the investigation.
    Observer was trying to tell us something guys! Deductive reasoning.
    The phone battery was “eliminated”.
    The text messages were not eliminated.

    Here I’m wondering about the physical finger prints on the purse and phone, and by golly gosh gee wizzzzy, there is prob more cyber proof prints in the air by just texting………do we all not speak a different language while texting? Indeed we do. Morgan was so unique, had her own style. Her perp was not that smart….he didn’t know Morgans text lingo.
    The perp left out this iddy bitty one little detail. If, he did use Morgan’s phone to text to her friends, and, he did indeed text in a different “cyber print” or “style” lingo, other than Morgan’s, than……..Hopefully this will cost him.
    LE has got to have a POI. I am convinced. POI would be a nice Christmas gift.
    Blink I am still keeping the faith.
    Thinking goblets anyone?

    Yep, nicely done. I agree

  30. Momof3 says:

    Thank you. I would also like to say thanks for the information regarding texting style ect. I found it extremely interesting. I hope it can lead to the perp in this case.

    I would think in Morgan’s case this would prove to be more difficult. It has been reported by several witnesses that Morgan may have been under the influence of ? while in the p.lot. Wouldn’t an intoxicated person change their manner of text or the spelling of words, I would think at the very least there would be more miss-keys?

  31. Word Girl says:

    Thx for bringing this up, Chad. New thoughts for me and new information.

    Speech and writing patterns are discernible. I don’t know how easy it is to explain that to a jury, but nonetheless, it’s not that hard for someone experienced in the field.

  32. Dar says:

    Hi Blink, I know you are enjoying ‘family time” for the holidays. i just went to this link and I didn’t know if by chance you have seen it or not but there are some unsettling comments on it. Just thought I would pass it along.

    COMMENT | Did anybody saw the movie TAKEN?
    posted by : telepow
    12/17/2009 10:19:10 AM

    thats what happen to her.

    COMMENT | missing
    posted by : balien
    12/18/2009 6:32:35 AM

    She is dead, get over it.

    Sadly, that could be any dark-hearted Ahole.

  33. Chad says:

    Hi Momof3-

    I was just listening to some Christmas music last night, and was surfing the net. I came across this article/ and case, and I too, found it interesting. Yeah, it is a little bit of a stretch to make a comparison to Morgans case to that one, I know but the texting finger print I never thought of. Without a doubt, LE probably has had a forensic linguist involved. We really do not know what the text messages dialouge was betweenMorgan and her friend(s), and we also do not know if they have confirmed that was really Morgan doing the texting. We know that there was texting coming from her phone. I’m NOT speculating that it was NOT her doing the texting. So, I do not want to start any talk on that!! My only point being for posting that case is, LE in that case did get a murder charge/ conviction against Campbell without a body, and the texting was the power circumstantial evidence that sealed his fate.
    I also agree with you, if Morgan was impaired, she prob would have done just exactly that, mis typed. However, kids these days abbreviate so much with letters and symbols as opposed to how we write like on this blog.
    Are you still keeping with the name!

  34. Observer says:

    To Momof3, chad, skyler, et. al.: Thanks once again for your very kind words.

    To J2K all the time: I value tremendously your always lucid, reasoned insights.

    To Word Girl, #514, 12/18, 1:48pm, para. 3: You nailed it, cold. Kudos!

    To chad #525, 12/18, 5:45pm:

    I do.
    Was in LE/investigations and worked closely with several individuals in three of the five jurisdictions involved in this case.
    Ergo, the framework of my running commentary.

    Now, back to shoveling the path (for the third time today!) in 2 ft. of snow for my senior “special needs” SPCA special (Miss Maggie Magnolia) who is afraid of virtually everything, including but not limited to major snowfalls!

  35. Momof3 says:

    Hey Chad, I don’t think its such a big stretch. Unfortunately or fortunately (based on Observer and J2k astute thoughts) you are right we don’t have enough in depth information regarding Morgan’s texts. I think your research gives us hope that there may be ways to figure out all the unknowns in this case and LE is tirelessly doing just that.
    At this point, changing my name would be like hiding out from my friends!

  36. Momof3 says:

    Observer, thanks for your response and always insightful posts.
    Try to stay warm, safe and enjoy your Snowy Holidays, you too Blink!

  37. Word Girl says:

    Oh, Observer, you touched my heart tonight at bedtime.

    I hope Maggie Magnolia will venture out onto your special path. Localcville girl tells us you have 20″!
    From where I live, I thought Virginia was in the South! Ha! We certainly don’t have snow where I live so I will have to just romanticize your own.

    Thank you for your help and support in this case. I’m a complete amateur and often find myself behind the shovel! I knew right away that you had a great heart.

    Bon nuit, All!

  38. Observer says:

    To Word Girl 12/20, 11:11pm:

    After digging out the car and shoveling the sidewalk yesterday, I can no longer feel my arms and legs. My back, however, is screaming.

    My heating pad is my new, best friend.

    Miss Mags has finally decided that it’s ok to void in the area I painstakingly cleared for her, at the end of a ve-ry looong path.

    But back to MH: I was thinking again this morning that, with this beautiful blanket of sparkling snow surrounding us, is MH also blanketed by snow? My heart breaks for Gil, Dan, and Alex; I know what it’s like to lose a family member (baby brother) near the holidays and it’s absolutely gut-wrenching. [His loss was to cancer.] When a loved one is ripped from us there is no way to describe the pain.

    I pray for peace for the Harringtons.

  39. Chad says:

    Sounds like you discovered muscles you didn’t know you had! The snow you guys are getting is all over the news. Stay safe. Mags has gotta luv that special path.
    Thank you for your insightful posts on here concerning Morgan. I hope you will continue to keep us aprized of any new developements. I hope too, that if Morgan is out there somewhere in Nature’s arms, resting peacefully in a blanket of snow.
    Gut wretching is an understatement. I pray for the Harringtons.
    Happy Holidays to you……..and to all!

  40. Momof3 says:

    Observer, my condolences to you. I too am thinking of Morgan and her family. The memories can be bittersweet.

    Chad, are you posting over on the new thread? Do you have a background in psychology? If not we have a new poster with your name…Blink?

    Happy Holidays to you and yours.

  41. Chad says:

    Momof3, yep that would be me! I succumed to peer pressure and headed over there. LOL. Thanks for checking.

  42. Momof3 says:

    Chad, Glad to see you made it over, no need to thank me, but you are welcome..

  43. Observer says:

    To Skyler: Just a minor point for (hopefully) clarification, re: the distance between JPJ and Copeley Rd/the bridge: In a couple of posts you mention confusion about why MH might be of a mind to walk “so far” from JPJ to Copeley. Actually, the walk from JPJ to Copeley is a very quick one; that is, it is easy to exit JPJ, walk across the U-Hall parking lot, bringing you right to Copeley Rd. The RV Lot next to Lannigan Field is right off of Copeley, literally feet leading to the Copeley Bridge.

    I share the above only because you mentioned on a few occasions that you are (as am I) “directionally-challenged”. [I've often kidded that I couldn't find my way out of a paper bag, and am sometimes surprised I can find my way home some evenings.] Given that you had gotten turned-around several times on the evening of October 17, 2009, the relationship of the different locations, e.g., JPJ, Copeley, Ivy, RV Lot, U-Hall, Massie Rd., Emmet St. etc. may have been confusing, especially on a rainy night.

    Bottom line: Having walked that area myself innumerable times, I can attest that it is very easy to traverse the JPJ/Copeley Rd. area in a short, i.e., 5-7 min. period of time.

    One, last thought: You’d asked, as well, why MH might have headed toward Copeley/Ivy. Rd. Had she exited the front of JPJ and headed straight, she would have ended-up on Massie Rd. which would have brought her only to the Darden Business School, the School of Law, and eventually the JAG School. There are no businesses in that direction. Heading toward Copeley and Ivy Rds., though, would have brought MH to businesses, e.g., 7-11, the Dragon Lady restaurant, the Ivy Square Shopping Center (inc. the Foods of All Nations grocery store), etc.

    [Note: I'll post the above on the other, more recent MH thread.]

    Hope the above is helpful in some way.

  44. Rose says:

    TO Observer, Blink or anyone else: Please would you tell me what/where the most recent MH thread is? Thanks. Rose

  45. Word Girl says:

    Observer, thanks. You put me right on the scene with your descriptions. I know I’ve done the “virtual walk” over those paths so many times, and have imagined you on your lunch walks…and what you might be absorbing, thinking at the time.

    Good info for us directionally-challenged folks! Morgan may have been heading for the 7-11 for cigarettes and a Red Bull for all we know.

    One other aspect that occurs to me is that when we think of the victim, we must remember to put ourselves fully in her shoes. Young, healthy, vigorous, accustomed to walking a lot on campus (!) and having a very strong ego… She wasn’t a wimp.

    She had an intent and purpose to her movements. Unfortunately, someone else had a purpose of their own.

  46. Observer says:

    To Rose, 12/23, 2:37am: The other, more (most?) recent MH thread is:

    “Morgan Harrington Case: Virginia State Police On New Search”.

    Hope this helps.

  47. Rose says:

    To Observer- thanks for the help re MH thread. Rose

  48. court says:

    You need to go to the website of the Route 29 stalker and particularly view the composite drawing done of the suspect then. Wow. Any similarities?

  49. TooSlow says:

    Not to jump the gun but NK has listed himself on some dating sites as age 19-24 and is interested in shorter women.
    His perfect height as mentioned is 5’2″…pretty exacting.
    MH would fall into that shorter category 5’2″ – 5’6″.

  50. TooSlow says:

    I know this thread seems to have run dry but I thought I would post this in case anyone was reading.

    The last “trip” he posted about was on the same day that Kelly Catalano went missing. We know she went missing at 10:00a on the 15th and he said that he didn’t leave C ville until almost 2:00p on the same day. The “activities” didn’t begin until after 5:00p.

    He’s always so on the spot with posting about the trips.

    I apologize if this has been posted. I read through the posts but I may have missed it.

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