Robert Wiles Murder: Unidentified Remains Found in St Cloud Reserve

Posted by BOC Staff | Kidnapping,Murdered,Robert Wiles,Toby Holt | Friday 12 February 2010 12:01 pm

Melbourne, FL– Exactly two days after prosecutors released files in the case against former Wiles employee, Stobert  “Toby” Holt, unidentified remains have been found off Crabtree Road in the St. Cloud Wildlife Preserve in Melbourne, Fl, Osceola County. Mr. Holt was also scheduled for a bail hearing today.


The completely skeletonized body was recovered and taken to the medical examiners office yesterday.

Although the remains have not been identified officially, a source inside the investigation speaking to has confirmed there was a search team in place with cadaver k9′s, based on information provided by an individual.

Robert Wiles, a multi-instrument rated pilot worked in his families Aviation business out of the Lakeland Linder Airport is believed to have been kidnapped on April 1st, 2008.

A ransome note was received from Robert’s own cell phone on April 3rd, 2008 by Robert’s Father Tom. FBI cell phone ping reports that both Holt and Robert’s cell phones were in the same location at the time.

It demanded $750K, for Robert’s safe return;  The exact dollar figure his Father purchased for kidnap insurance in 2006, which Holt was aware of.

Stobert “Toby” Holt was arrested at the Orlando airport following a business trip in Columbia on December 19, 2009 after an indictment was returned by the grand jury.

Read the incident report and FBI reports Here.

Please check back to for this developing story.

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  1. suz says:

    Wow, I like all this arrest activity. Gives me hope.

  2. Carol says:

    Blink – I too am hopeful of these latest arrests!! Keeping close to my heart, the swift arrests of Morgan’s, Haleigh’s, Christine’s, Natalie’s and all the precious others I have missed, abductors/murderers. Just last week I was reading some FBI Files and saw this gentleman’s picture and information. I thought what a handsome kid…and that the story was so strange. Sending more peace and strength to his family.

    Greed. Did his killer really think that money was going to make him happy? His nightmares would of done him in.

  3. Judi says:


  4. ross says:

    Just a technical fyi, St Cloud Wildlife Preserve is in St Cloud Florida, which is in Osceola County. Melbourne Florida is about 45 miles east of St. Cloud in Brevard County.

  5. Starsky says:

    Blink could you clarify something ? Your article makes mention that the fathers cell was in the same area of the supposed kidnappers cell, and that the arrested individual was aware of the dollar value of the insurance. Do they think the dad was involved?

    No Starsky, the article states that Toby and Robert (victim) cell phones are in the same location on April 3rd when the ransome “text” is sent to Tom’s (Dad) cell .

    Moreover, if you review the case file report from the FBI, the cell phone ping studies are shown to Toby with satellite images of him driving toward Orlando injunction.

    I wonder if his wife read the discovery and gave LE some info to lead to his remains. Poor thing.

    Makes me wonder though, what do we think he needed $750K for?

  6. melissa says:

    I live in N. FL and there was no coverage of this up here. Glad to see you bringing it to our attention. Is there any indication the Dad had a hand in this? I understand extremely wealthy people needing kidnap insurance but out of the blue for his son and then a pilot known to both is suspected. Wat up? Breadcrumbs and cheese plz.

    Dad had nothing whatsoever to do with this. Toby was the Operations Mgr. of the business, he would of course know about the kidnap ransome. It was purchased 2 years before, and although it had never been disclosed, I am of the opinion that a ransome of some kind was paid. I am certain we will hear about this as this case progresses.


  7. Word Girl says:

    Didn’t Toby write his mistress saying that some things were going down that day? There was talk about having LE installed in the workplace to monitor if and when someone picked up the package Tom was to
    have placed in Robert’s office. Too bad Toby didn’t think about this option or that Tom would hire
    a security company or have security devices installed–maybe even in or on Toby’s car(s).

    Toby, Toby, Toby. After all those years of 72k (17k monthly rent?!) and your wife’s income, you still wanted more and were so jealous of Tom that you killed his son? Why, to buy your own airplane? To go with your boat and three cars? How much does empathy/morality/decency cost these days, anyway?

  8. Ragdoll says:

    I’ve been following this story since Robert went missing. This is the first time I can say I knew it was someone associated with their businesses.

    Could it simply be about drugs? Perhaps a debt of 750K was owed by these low lives? Just throwing out some thoughts. Robert would have been an easy target to obtain this amount of money.

    God speed Robert. You sounded like a stand up guy any parent would be proud of! xo

  9. Ragdoll says:


    Stobert “Toby” Holt was arrested at the Orlando airport following a business trip in Columbia on December 19, 2009 after an indictment was returned by the grand jury.


    I should have read more thoroughly. A business trip to Columbia? Sounds fishy and it ain’t the salmon I’m makin for dinner.

  10. Word Girl says:

    correction* documents show Toby pays $1,7 thousand in monthly rent, not 17 thousand.

  11. melissa says:

    Any development on the remains found? Did either of the cell phones ping this area?


    At a point. Toby is a Melbourne resident.

  12. Red Ranger says:

    Hey Blink, While not relevant, I just wanted to add this. I read an article almost a year ago about Robert. I think I remember it saying that he was an avid aventurist. A borderline extreme sports kind of guy. He enjoyed his life but did not seem to tread on others toes. I also seem to remember someone saying he was seldom without a smile, almost childlike in his approach to every new day. What a damned shame.

    I hope his parents get the much needed closure and healing. For him to be the adult he was speaks volumes for the way he was raised.

  13. melissa says:

    Any movement?

    Hush Hush, will advise updates.

  14. Some girl says:

    Does anyone know when they will identify the body? How long can this take and how long to determine the cause of death? I was so hoping that the WIles boy would turn up unharmed, for everyone’s sake.

  15. Janice says:

    I have been sort of following this young man story when he first was reported missing from Lakeland, Florida on the news almost a couple years ago.

    Do you have an update to this article?

    Can you give me a better description of the location?

    This statement has me really confused because I’m familiar with the area. (Melbourne, FL– Exactly two days after prosecutors released files in the case against former Wiles employee, Stobert “Toby” Holt, unidentified remains have been found off Crabtree Road in the St. Cloud Wildlife Preserve in Melbourne, Fl, and Osceola County. Mr. Holt was also scheduled for a bail hearing today.)

    Melbourne, Florida is in Brevard County, Florida and St. Cloud is in Osceola County, Florida and the counties adjoin each other which is one do you mean? There is a Crabgrass road in Osceola County. I guess what I’m trying to say do you mean Brevard County instead of Osceola County?

    The two cities are approx. 50 miles apart. A lot of wilderness between the two cities.

    No updates yet. Osceola Cty, to my understanding.

  16. Some girl says:

    Blink, Do you know how long it will take to get the results back? Thank you.

  17. mammamary says:

    Human Remains Found In St. Cloud Preserve
    Cadaver Dogs Find Remains; Authorities Determining Cause Of Death

    ST. CLOUD, Fla. — Deputies are investigating human remains found by cadaver dogs near Crabgrass Road in Osceola County.

    Authorities said the remains were found in the Bull Creek Wildlife Management Preserve in St. Cloud.

    The remains were taken to the Medical Examiner’s office to determine the cause of death.

  18. melissab says:

    Did my comment disappear or ????

    Did not see?

  19. Bubba says:

    We now know the remains found have no relation to this case, right?

    The remains were not Wiles, but the follow up warrants are sealed Federally, I do believe their is a nexis to Roberts case.

  20. Bubba says:

    Sorry, I don’t understand. So you think there are remains that are, or will become, evidence to this case?

    I think they are connected to this case, yes. How exactly, nobody will say. It is sealed.

  21. susieQ says:

    That Toby was/is a piece of work. I hope they nail him.

  22. :( says:

    I pray to God that they miraculously find Robert Wiles alive!!! My heart goes out to Wiles’ family and the sadness that they have to endure. In the worst case scenario, I hope they find out what happened to him so that they can get justice and perhaps find some peace. Its undeserving to such a nicel, beautiful family to have to go through tragedy like this!!!

  23. Some girl says:

    This whole thing is just horrible. More than anything, I hope Robert is still alive and just has not been able to return to his family, but will soon. Sounds like this family really loved him, so I pray God gives them comfort some how, some way. Toby’s family has to be horrified as well, as they too were a good family. No matter what, I hope the facts are revealed and those involved pay for any wrong doing, no matter where you came from. God bless them all and to the Wiles family, may you find peace and comfort. God bless.

  24. Bubba says:

    What’s going on with this case? Did we ever see a connection with the remains found near the St Cloud Reserve? do we have a current status of things?

  25. Ron says:

    2012 is approaching. Any new info on this case?

  26. Some girl says:

    His trial started today. They are in the process of choosing jurors. I’m wondering about the remains in the St Cloud Reserve as well.

  27. Ck302093 says:

    Robert Wiles was a very close and dear friend of my Brtothers from Hig school onwards. He bacame like a little brother to me over the years yearing their stories et. in oct of 2003 my brohter got married and gave 10 days notice to his friends, Rob arrive 2 days before to surprise him and we all spend the next couple of days together. had we know was the last time we would all get a chance to spent time as a familt surogate or otherwise. Those are the memories I carry with me everyday, and the food fights when we went for FAA graduatuion and we all went out for lunch, good times great memories.
    I anyone can post whe 48hrs will be doing their segment of the case I have been asked to record it for everyone so any input would be great. I can only speak for my family when I say I hope Toby fries, but please tell us where he is so we can bury him and mourn properly

    I believe he knows exactly where Wiles is. I am so very sorry for your loss, and I will post anything I find on coverage of his case. Robert was an outstanding young man- I have been told that by any person I ever spoke to in his case.

  28. melissab says:

    Re: Robert Wiles, 26, FL 4/1/08 Son of local aircraft executive kidnapped
    « Reply #43 on: July 11, 2012, 01:46:19 PM »
    Published: 5/12/2012 – Updated: 1 month ago

    Disappearance of local native topic for CBS mystery show

    The story of a former northwest Ohio resident whose body was never located but who was presumed dead in 2008, and that of his convicted killer, will be fodder for primetime news drama today on 48 Hours Mystery.

    “Millionaire business owner and family man Tom Wiles received an email … demanding $750,000 for the safe return of his only son, 26-year-old Robert [Wiles], who had been kidnapped by a person or persons known only as ‘Group X,’ ” stated a teaser email sent from CBS about the show, which is to be broadcast at 10 p.m.

    Stobert “Toby” Holt, Jr., 44, of Melbourne, Fla., who was convicted of killing Robert Wiles, was sentenced in March to 30 years in prison. He received two consecutive 15-year sentences from a Polk County Circuit Court judge after he was charged with murder, kidnapping, extortion, and intent to inflict bodily harm.

    Much more at link with pictures

    Thank you Nut44x4 for posting this! Had wondered what happened but couldn’t remember the guys name to look him up! Not a long enough sentence cause they will let him out way too early here in Flordy! At least it was solved and this nice family has some closure.

  29. kelcity says:

    I’ve struggled with this case due to conflicting information and testimony.

    1. Robert’s own barber, Janie Bear, claimed that he once told her of a scheme he had to stage his own kidnapping so he could get out of the family business and start a new life.

    2. Joel Valle, owner of another related business, is convinced Steve Lindsey, a former employee of Tom Wiles, was responsible due to recent threats Steve made against Tom in Joel’s presence. Steve had been fired by Tom and tried to negotiate his way back into the business because he was broke and desperately needed money.

    3. The focus turned to Toby due to the cell phone pings, and what can’t be ignored is that the ransom was never collected, probably because before Toby was suspected of any involvement, Tom asked Toby, as a trusted employee, to plant a camera in his adjoining office focused on the ransom package that the kidnapper never came to retrieve in Robert’s office. So, it’s likely the kidnapper never claimed the ransom because he knew there was a camera and it was a set-up…Toby!

    So, I agree Toby is the most likely suspect, given the totality of the circumstances and coincidences, but Steve Lindsey and even Robert, himself, raised some doubt per the testimonies of Joel Valle and Janie Bear.

    As far as convicts go, when I listen to Toby, he seems very genuine which only adds to my doubt even more…if it weren’t for the cell phone pings. I almost wish he would have received a much stronger sentence…such as Death…or Life, because it would’ve been a bargaining tool to get him to reveal Robert’s whereabouts for a reduced sentence.

    When you say cell pings , you are referring to those made in the possession of Toby, that were from Robert’s phone, correct? Respectfully, there is no doubt in my mind on this case.


  30. kelcity says:

    Just one more thing I’d like to add. 48 Hours also interviewed Toby’s sister, Rhonda Sumner, and ex-wife, Beverly Denham. Beverly states that she and Toby have remained close friends since she divorced him due to multiple affairs. She explains that on April 1, 2008, when Robert went missing, Toby had a date scheduled with another woman, and though the date never happened, which leaves Toby without an alibi for that evening, it was the woman who canceled, not Toby. Beverly asks everyone to consider if Toby actually planned a kidnapping for the same evening he planned a date.

    Respectfully I think the lack of alibis is the pressing issue here in context.

    I do respect someone making sure all evidence is considered.

  31. Stephen says:

    Toby likely is guilty, however, I keep reading articles that the cell phone pings of Robert’s and Toby’s cell phones were “nearly identical”. I’d be interested why there would be any difference at all if in the same car. Would be easy to frame Toby by following closely behind with Robert’s cell phone . . .
    Why would Toby risk going to Robert’s aprtment to mess the place up? And I believe I read in the 2008 police report that someone accessed the Lakeland building using Robert’s security code on evening of April 2nd. Again, why would Toby go to the trouble of extracting this info and taking the risk of going into the building then?

    Because you cannot prove identical from a ping.

    Toby was not a smart man and made mistakes.

  32. cher says:

    Robert was a student at FIT in Melbourne with my son. Ever since his disappearance I have been sick about it. I have followed this through and am saddened that he has never been found. I’ve always hoped that somehow/some way that he would be found or return. That no good piece of worthless excuse for a human being Holt is just that. I hope he rots in jail and dies there……because I do believe he did something to Robert. As far as that Janie Bear, all lies I am sure. Maybe involved in it.

  33. Geri Lopez says:

    Toby has nothing to lose at this point. Please tell the family where
    Robert is. I’m the mother of a son too. As a parent, we tell our children
    we will protect you. When something like this happens, it takes years
    off a persons life. Can they make a deal like a reduction in
    his sentence if he will lead the family to Robert?

    It’s a horrible option for a parent to consider. What is worse is not knowing
    where their son is

    Agreed- but Holt was only convicted of manslaughter, so there is no incentive for him to ever come clean, unfortunately.

  34. dan miller says:

    Ok here’s my take on this after several hours of reading the same boring story with the same, tired regurgitated facts over an over again. This is a case of lazy police work, with many assumptions and a clear, bizarre effort to never mention even one negative thing about Robert. Ok, so Robert was the perfect poster child, never in trouble, good looking, plenty of money, the perfect son, and very handsome, loved by everyone, loved everyone, kept to himself while fishing and flying planes happily alone with not a care in the world who just didn’t know what in the world to do about his only problem being too many women were attracted to him (did I mention he was cute, because that’s really important here), when all of a sudden a big, middle aged, unhappy, rather unattractive, overweight boogey man comes to wreck all of that out of jealousy?? Uh, no I don’t think so. We have this very strange, pervasive belief as white folks that everyone is secretly jealous of our place in the world and are always secretly plotting to “get” us. Just like we were told Bin Laden attacked us because he was insanely “jealous” of our way of life and our perfect world. Right…… yeah that’s it. This is made perfectly obvious by the FBI forcing THEIR motive on this situation: “it is definitely someone who is jealous of Robert and who is obsessed with him.” Really? And where in the hell did you you come up with that Profilers? What about his personal life? Did he have any friends? What did Robert do that afternoon? Don’t you think that might be importatnt? What kind of a person was he on the inside? What vibe did he give off to those he came into contact with? All of us have something negative in our lives, some vice what was his? So, he lived in this perfect bubble all alone, huh? So, did he go everywhere alone? What was his life like out of work? What did he do on his many trips overseas? (Thailand??!! come on…) Stories keep saying “when HE lived in Melbourne”. Did he live in Melbourne alone during high school? I thought his family lived in Ohio. Doesn’t seem like the cute, rich, perfect white guys’ personal life was ever really investitgated. He comes off wayyyyy too perfect with all the family members saying what an adorable, sweet never hurt a fly kind of a guy he was and that he was perfectly happy living a thousand miles away in Lakeland in a drab apartment all by himself, and absolutley perfectly content runninig a family business that he knew little about after a failed attempt at college and even though he was joking about faking his own kidnapping with his barber, he was totally happy and spent all his money on fishing and helping others and of course he was happy because he drove a BMW and did I mention he was handsome? C’mon….. the guy was totally miserable, drowning in this perfect expectation forced upon him by socitey and by his cloud in the sky Wasp parents. He had an adventure to go on, he had his OWN life to live and had the money to do it. Change the name and move to Thailand and voila. Bottom line: when it sounds too perfect, it is. They got their fall guy so we don’t have to mess up every white boy’s secret dream but all Toby is is a weird sex addict who stole the entitled, ungrateful dudes $800 Iphone(and probably did lots of other stupid, equally as embarrassing things that he’d rather us not know…. manslaugter? ok i’ll take that just as long as they don’t find out i’m a thief and a sex addict), that’s all this is. Enjoy your life Robert, you are right freedom IS everything and yes “bondage” does come in many forms. Freedom to do and be what we want to be and do is the only logical motive that has any teeth in this story. Sorry that we made it so incredibly impossible for you to express yourself and live your own life according to your own uniquely personal needs and desires. Live free or die!

    I won’t lie- I was surprised Of Toby’s conviction as such- and I fervently believe he killed Robert Wiles. That said, this was clearly a circumstantial case as many/most criminal prosecutions are. After reading your comments, I am unclear about your position but it looks like you believe Robert staged this and is alive somewhere- I would disagree with that as I have a few colleagues within the FBI and FDLA that worked this case.

    Lastly Toby was/is a misogynistic scumtoad and is where he belongs.

  35. dan miller says:

    …. and i’m sorry one more thing. I can’t remember the last time a 26 year rich jock was kidnapped. Is that really the most convincing plausibility in this case? Common sense says otherwise. No, when it comes to the perfect white boy who did everything right and is doing everything we as a culture strive to be and expect others to be we seem to be unable to see any cracks – and there are always some cracks. So, you mean perfect parents with lots of money with the perfect upbringing isn’t necessarily the recipe for a perfect life? Oh, then that means something may be wrong with the “dream” and that isn’t something we are willing to question or doubt in a public way. This is one of those Cultural Cases and it gets pretty damn deep and dark, but sometimes that is where the truth lies. His mother knows. She has been quoted that she still feels he’s alive and I’ll place my bet on a mother’s instict way before i’ll believe that a bitter, over the hill homely loaf like Toby was able to kidnap and murder a hot 26 year old who’s just beginning to question is this all there is and begins to realize that there is a big, exciting world out there, Lakeland really sucks and that he has the resources to do whatever he wants, with absolutely no physical evidence, a stolen Iphone and jealously as motive?! AND we will imprison a man under those conditions??!!? Now THAT’s pretty sick….

  36. dan miller says:

    Final comment i promise. I just saw and read the original email: raise your hand if you think Robert wrote that to his parents (the 750k would really help out in my new life) but decided to pursue it as to not risk his freedom. And i love the continued mention of a scar on his abdomen… yeah, hot. Think it’s likely i’ll see him with his shirt off? And keep your hand raised if you believe (I mean as long as we’re Profiling) that Rob was most likely a single, self absorbed, entitled, misogynist jock asshole type? i feel like the more i read the more it becomes obvious and that’s how it works folks, i have a preconceived idea in my mind and i will naturally attract further facts to perpetuate that momentum that i already have going. And so i’ll repeat, that fact that we have imprisoned another man over this is truly regrettable. Peace out, “Rob.”

  37. Kim says:

    All it took for me, was to see the FBI presentation of evidence that was given to the jury and judge during the trial. If that isn’t enough proof that the scumbag “Tobey the bullfrog” did it, I don’t know what will. He should have been found GUILTY of 1st DEGREE MURDER! It was definitely premeditated!
    Dan Miller you should try “reading” it’s a useful tool.
    Cudos to the FBI … that presentation put him away for 30 years (at least there was some justice) without it, there would have been no case, so I’d like to say thank you guys, great job!
    My heart goes out to Robert’s family. I hope some day his remains will be found so they can have the closure they deserve. I hope TOBEY rots in that prison cell!

  38. Kim says:

    oops, I spelled Toby wrong! I once knew a Toby that spelled his Tobey. I didn’t want to get any backlash over that! ;)

  39. George says:

    Did they identify those remains ??

    They were not Wiles to my knowledge.

  40. Snappy Jo says:

    I have to agree with Dan Miller. There is always more than what is presented, and that family has painted a picture of Robert as nothing less than perfection. And unfortunately it is possible and a reality that detectives and FBI have, can, and will “get their man”, regardless of whether that chosen man is truly guilty or not. Robert has a new name, a new identity, a new life. Some day when he is older, he may look back at the reality he left behind, or not. By then he just might be in need of some inheritance money, and “suddenly” awaken from amnesia…

    You are kidding, right?

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