Christine Sheddy Murder Exclusive: Statement Released From Christines Mom

 Christine child

Snow Hill, MD– As we await confirmation from the Baltimore Medical Examiners Office regarding the remains recovered from the rear property of the Riverside Inn on February 19th:

Lynn Doddenhoff, Christine’s Mom, wishes to make the following statement.

We DO NOT have confirmation that the remains found in Snow Hill are Christine, but we remain hopeful that they will be identified as such.

When Blink and her team became involved in Christine’s case we were at a dead end.

Thanks to Blink’s efforts, public awareness was raised to a level that forced law enforcement to take a second look at her

Christine, my family and Blink have endured many personal attacks we never deserved.

As we await word from the medical examiners office, we ask that you please pray for our family and the entire Blink team.

Without the tenacity of their work Christine’s case would never  have received the attention she deserves.

This will be the only statement I will make until official confirmation is made.


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  1. melissa ferriol says:

    Yes but she is tooooo young to be at home! What a horrible tragedy and now her children are going to grow up without a mommy or a “real” daddy. It is just too sad to comprehend. May she rest in peace.

  2. melissa ferriol says:

    I guess for me looking in from the outside, I am just so ashamed of my peeps. When is this going to end? Why does a beautiful girl have to die in horrible circumstances. Very sad. I hope her family can find peace now and God bless those children growing up without a mom or a dad. RIP Christine!

  3. Hadel won a new trial. Of course he did. You know why? Because as prosecutors you cannot say someone is the lone offender and then prosecute others for the same crime.

    I am so utterly sick of the injustice Christine, her children, and her family has suffered I want to scream. If that sounds unprofessional, I doubt it is half as much as they do.


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