Caylee/Casey Anthony Case: Will Expert Witness Order Reveal Jose Baez Defense Strategy?

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“I quite frankly don’t know why we are here..– Jose Baez”


In a rare 5 P.M. Friday afternoon court appearance, after attempting to gain compliance from Jose Baez, State’s Attorney Jeff Ashton successfully convinced The Honorable Belvin Perry that the defense team for Casey Anthony has been holding out. While unavailable at the time of this articles publication, the new order in essence says Jose Baez’s proffer of an entomologist “will be talking about bugs”, is not going to fly. Pun Intended.

Chief Judge Perry, after reminding the parties that discovery has been ongoing for over 2 years and the May 2011 trial date is rapidly approaching, verbally dictated a new order on the record.

As a specific example of the defense’s non-compliance, Ashton references Dr. Michael Freeman, a forensic epidemiologist who intends to charge the state $575/hr to depose him, when the application of his area of expertise to the case against Casey Anthony for murdering her daughter Caylee is questionable at best.

Or Is It?

Epidemiology is “the study of the distribution and determinants of health related states or events in populations, and the application of this study to control health problems”. It is the basic science for public health.

Admittedly, Dr. Freeman’s addition to the defense expert witness list has been on my mind for over a week. His curriculum vitae, as impressive as it is, is heavy with publications about neck injuries following various impact ratio vehicle accidents, vertebrae -spinal cord compression and roller coaster whiplash.

What is he going to testify to? Was THE BAEZ LAW FIRM really going to go with the nanny was in a car accident with Caylee and Casey was following her and they accidentally smothered her with duct tape which was meant to act as some sort of neck brace? Maddening, yes. Plausible, No.

After examining the email’s included in Ashton’s motion for the umpteenth time, I finally realized what was bugging me more than the absence of what was already ordered by the court in it’s content, or the juvenile response from the lead counsel in a murder defense and sworn officer of the court.

It was the fact that in both email’s from Jose Baez to Jeff Ashton there was only one expert witness whose name was not bolded and seemed to be sandwiched in, almost as if to demonstrate it’s lack of importance. Moreover, Jose Baez suggests to Ashton that the state depose him last, as his reports are incomplete.

Baez Email Freeman


$575 an hour rate to tell the court at trial what the statistical and probable likelihood is of a public outbreak of unemployed, Caucasian, Target-loving party girls suddenly murdering their toddlers is?

Methinks the nut is under Freeman’s shell, but how is that possible?

Chiari Malformation Type I

Almost conveniently, Chiari 1 complications contributing to the sudden death of a child, was profiled in an episode of Dr. G Medical Examiner. Jan Garavaligia, MD who performed the autopsy on Caylee Anthony is the Medical Examiner in District 9, Orange County, Florida and an expert witness listed by the prosecution in this case. Garion Barber is an 8 year old Orlando boy who passed away in his sleep in March 2008 with only a minor history with seizures. Dr. G’s office investigated his death for over 4 months before she was able to conclude Garion died from an un diagnosed Chiari 1 malformation/sleep apnea. Dr . G also had the benefit of reaching her findings on a recently deceased child, unlike 34 month old Caylee, whose remains were tossed in a swamp off Suburban Drive and were completely skeletonized at the time of their discovery two years ago today.

In an unrelated published study, a three year old child with an un diagnosed CM1 died when exacerbating his unknown condition by a very minor bump on the head.

In the anthropologic portion of Caylee Anthony’s autopsy report conducted by Dr. John Schultz and Dr. Michael Warren, it was discovered through examination that Caylee had a previously un diagnosed premature closing of the cranial sutures, or saggital synostosis.

You guessed it, absent any previous x-rays, soft tissue and a cause of death by “undetermined means”:It is an invitation to the connection between Saggital Synostosis and Chiari I.


We report 2 cases of uncorrected sagittal synostosis associated with the development of Chiari malformations with syringomyelia later in life. To our knowledge, this is the first report of symptomatic Chiari malformations associated with uncorrected sagittal synostosis. We discuss mode of presentation and management in each case. We propose that these patients either have a pathophysiological predisposition to Chiari malformations based on the compensatory bone growth pattern in sagittal synostosis resulting in craniocephalic disproportion or that there may be an underlying genetic alteration accounting for the association of the 2 processes.

“We are not here to hide anything…. Jose Baez”


Dr. Freeman is absolutely a pre-eminent specialist in cerebellar tonsillar ectopia, or Chiari Malformations, as outlined in his published works.

Michael Freeman

Freeman MD, Rosa S, Harshfield D, Smith F, Bennett R, Centeno CJ, Kornel E, Nystrom A, Heffez D, Kohles SS. A case-control study of cerebellar tonsillar ectopia and cervical spine trauma. European Spine J

Conveniently, penned in her prison alter ego identity “Muffin”, we learn from Casey herself that she is now suffering from non-allergy prompted headaches and seizures. According to former fiance and favorite defense patsy Jesse Grund, the only seizure-like incident Casey has ever had was after an evening of heavy drinking. George Anthony, who together with Cindy Anthony met Casey at the hospital the next day, has stated in interviews with OCSO there was no evidence she had a seizure or that anything was wrong with her physically when they arrived. That girl has a PDR in her “law drawer” for sure.

Can we say retroactive heredity link to bolster her defense?

More than 150 families joined the initial phase of the CM1/S research study and provided detailed family histories and blood samples. We reported familial aggregation in a large study of 364 CM1/S patients. Of these study participants, 21 of the patients’ families had two or more cases of CM1/S within the family. Thanks to all of the families who generously participated in the study, we were able to successfully accomplish the first step of the genetic research, which showed familial aggregation of CM1/S.


The burden of proof beyond a reasonable doubt that Casey Anthony murdered her daughter Caylee rests solely with the State of Florida.

The burden of creating reasonable doubt rests solely with the defense team she has hired to do so.

The problem with this theory, and make no mistake, it is wrought with problems, is that it is illogical, devoid of reason, and who is going to believe that a loving Mother whose child dies of natural causes tapes her face, dumps her in a laundry bag and tosses her to rot in a swamp on the way out of her parents subdivision?

There are hundreds of pictures of Casey Anthony dancing on bars, video of her arm in arm at the video store with Tony Lazzarro within hours of what OCSO believes Casey Anthony murdered her daughter. Let’s not forget she spent the better part of the previous year stealing thousands of dollars from her own family to avoid work of any kind.

Did anyone tell the “young lawyer” Mr. Baez that you do not seat a mock jury with members of your family?

Profound narcissism just came off the Diagnostic Manual for Mental Disorders (DSM) , read up people.

Her entire “defense” has been structured around a fake nanny with the real name of Zenaida Gonzalez she is also still counter-suing in a civil action. Casey, her attorneys, and her family have appeared on hundreds of hours of news coverage proclaiming she could not help locate her daughter or her daughters alleged abductors for fear of their safety. How does that compute to a confession of improper burial? It does not.

If in fact this un diagnosed CM1 is what Casey Anthony believes is her get out of jail free card, there is a zero percent chance she could pull it off without taking the stand. In this editors opinion, there is also a zero percent chance she can “take back” the zanny story, which means she either has to convince a jury that she believed it, or that she pointed that finger to protect someone else. Enter George, again, sadly.

The only way to counter the biggest counsciousness of guilt thought bubble permanently affixed above her head is to explain why she never called to report her child missing for 31 days, and even then, it was her Mother’s sad task after smelling decomposition in her abandoned car.

With the exception of two defense experts who are set to be deposed next week, both the prosecution and defense are ordered to provide specific and thorough information about their respective witnesses and what they intend to testify to, by December 23, 2010.

According to Jeff Ashton’s oral argument in support of the state’s motion heard yesterday, they have already met that burden.

It should prove to be a very busy week for THE BAEZ LAW FIRM.

Well played Mr. Ashton, well played indeed.

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  1. MJ says:

    B~ thanks for the response. Sycophant is such a great word, describes him exactly. His sole job appears to be the chatter. He chats with kc, apparently Numero Uno needs his attention undivided.
    The whole set up is curious, gawd, I bet the high powered ladies, Lyon and Baden are counting their blessings to be looking at this from behind.

  2. chelsea1515 says:

    What a lot has happened since my last ‘visit’! As previously noted, you may have been busy elsewhere recently Blink, but the latest article is just brilliant and I can always trust you to put me back on track when I sometimes lose faith that justice will be done.

    If by any chance the defence were able to convince a jury that Caylee died in part due to the fact she had Chiari 1 Malformation, would this not just remove the DP part of the trial, leaving LWP as the alternative with a guilty decision? I agree with so many of our friends on this site that even if Caylee had been involved in an accident (not my opinion) Casey’s subsequent behaviour was callous and uncaring in the extreme. Not that of a panicked, loving mother as would be claimed by the defense team. Thanks so much for all your hard work Blink, you’re my hero!

  3. chica says:

    waving at chelsea and all my blinkie buddies~~~~~~~~~~~~

    That’s it?

    You moan and groan I don’t cover Caylee enough and all we get is a wave??

  4. NancyS says:

    I know that you cannot say names etc of who you know to be Caylees father, but is there any way you can make a list of a couple that COULD be possibilities?, as there is motive for only ONE person that I think is Caylees father and I really feel they would have a BIG problem trying to throw him under the bus!
    some hints of some kind, it has been sooooo long since any information, and I have never seen you talk as if you knew who it might be?

    I am on record that I believe strongly Caylee’s Father is Jesus Ortiz, who sadly is deceased. I am not going to allow debate of it on here out of respect for his family. His BFF was the first person to schedule a visit in jail with Casey, but cancelled.

    I do not believe he was aware Caylee was his daughter, as most thought she was Jesse’s. She told very little people about the DNA test ruling out that possibility.

    By all accounts he was a good kid, studying to be an Engineer when he was killed in a car accident.

    Immediately following Casey’s arrest, OCSO required the FHP to preserve a blood sample of his, taken from him after the accident to determine if he was under the influence of any kind- he was not.


  5. caseydidit says:

    Another GREAT read Blink….Wow Dr Freeman is an expensive Fish lure, and with Baez & Co.’s Fly fishing…this “won’t fly”. Judge Perry was “brilliant” on Friday, he reads Baez well, and Baez is too stupid to realize it…..No matter what theory the Defense comes up with in the end…..The State of Florida will bring down the house on them!….HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE!

  6. Boz says:

    Shit Damn! Checking in. Don’t have time nor energy to read and post.

    Just had triple heart bypass surgery. OUCH! I might make it. Keep up the great work B.

    Love ya all, Boz.

    Get well Boz.

  7. Kleat says:

    When it comes down to it, Dr. Freeman is not a medical doctor, he has a degree in public health and is a chiropractor. He’s far from being a neurologist or pathologist. He does know about probability though, and we could see him arrive in court with a big bowl of spaghetti to fling at the ceiling of the courtroom to see what sticks and what does not. I suggest he use minimal sauce and no olive oil, and that he keep the strand lengths short if he wants to demo his concepts to a simpleton jury, because that’s what it’s going to take, along with confusing diatribes from his probability theories that will be misapplied to muddy the waters. The jury will need Baye’s Aspirin before the testimony is over!

    The prosecution might just fool the defense and keep their case on point and without any bells and whistles, clean and common sense. Afterall, the bloggers have gone into the details and wandered off into everything from excellent research to wild creative off-the-wall speculations, it’s been done, doesn’t need to be repeated at trial.

    Clean and simple, common sense driven and focussed.

    Blink, did you see my ‘penny’ for the coming 2011 Justice, Judge Perry in profile, in JBP WE TRUST? Don’t have the graphics programs or skills to do it right, or I’d share it for an avatar for anyone who wishes to use it.

    Kleat I am nor sure what you mean by “penny”. Please to splain.

  8. dee says:

    Great Stuff Blink!

    Back in the saddle again, I am quietly waiting for the trial…still here still reading waiting for the beginning of the end of all this maddness.

    keep truckin on Blink!

  9. A Texas Grandfather says:

    Another great article Blink.

    And another thing to learn by reading BOC. I did not know that the malformation in the cranial structure that allowed the brain sack to herniate into the spinal column actually had a name. Thanks to all those who shared the information.

    The judge is very smart to let Baez & Co. just keep on trying one silly defense technique after another. I’ll bet the hardest thing to do is to keep a straight face during the proceedings.

    If ever a defense attorney was in over their heads, this guy Baez should be the poster boy.

    This actually a frightening and fascinating condition, I have come to learn.

    That said, I believe they will be more focused on not being able to exclude this possibility than anything.

  10. Addy says:

    Blink, is there any information to suggest growth or callous on the odontoid (also called dens — a portion of C-2)? This would suggest cranial instability with the brain stem being pinched between the Chiari and the boney structures of the neck. Much rarer than simple Chiari.

    REAL Chiari patients have trouble convincing doctors of their condition. Measureable herniation! It is often dismissed as an incidental finding. Ugh. I hope the defense is not allowed to go in this direction.

    Thank you for all you do.

    To my knowledge, there is absolutely no radiograph evidence to support a CM condition of any kind for Caylee or Casey.

    Post-mortem for Caylee, the sagittal synostosis, premature, was found toward the anterior suture ( going from memory I am on location).

    I believe the strategy was to posit and undiagnosed condition for Caylee, and Casey is “exhibiting” symptoms of support of a hereditary link.

  11. NancyS says:

    LOL “exibiting” symptoms… my oh my does she ever trn that little brain of hers off. OH, Blink< this family must be devastated as they would know the results, what a mean monster she-devil Casey is.

    I just am starting to see how this family works. BUT WILL NEVER understand them. I was thinking daddy could be Mark Hawkns as Lee went out with his then wife and she had an abortion. SO I thought maybe Casey got pregnant by him to get back at her for her big brother. who knows it all just makes me sick. I had to back off these poor kids for over a month as the Zahra case just did me in emotionally. I CANNOT wait for this trial…GUILTY as HELL! she devil girl.

    Again and Again Blink thanks for all you do.

  12. rob says:

    If the defense tries to change the story to medical condition or accidental death, would Casey not have to testify to tell the new story. She’s still riding the “Zanny the Nanny” story. But I do believe she thinks that she is smart enough to take the stand and convince the jury and I believe that Jose is dumb enough to let her. She would definitely be crying “make them stop” then.

  13. cindeefromwisconsin says:

    Hi Blink,
    Kleat, great to see you again. Anyway, regarding this new theory. I was actually shopping today and found my subconscience thinking about this. Didn’t we go down this road regarding this fontanel condition within the first year after Caylee was found? Since Caylee’s “head” was found and if there was this type of condition wouldn’t that all be listed and photographed during the autopsy? I would think her “head” would certainly show a gap or deformity that would be very noticeable.

    I am not sure what you are asking me cindee, a CM1 malformation would not be seen with only the skull recovered.

  14. ChicagoJudy says:

    Sending good thoughts and prayers your way Boz. Hope you feel better real soon.

  15. cindeefromwisconsin says:

    Thanks Blink. I thought this condition was where as babies our skulls fuse together and this condition the fusing did not happen. When something like this is brought to a jury’s attention who can remain focused enough to figure out what the hell they are talking about. I reread your post several times and still came up wrong.

  16. lulusmoon says:

    Thank you, Blink, for your continued hard work and dedication to baby Caylee. It’s sure good to hear from you.


  17. Jane says:

    It looks as though there’s a possible plea deal in Yeardley Love murder case. I don’t know how to copy but article is on WTVR news page.

  18. Judi says:

    Haven’t posted in a while…busy with Christmas and all. But, I wanted to just say one thing.

    What strikes me about this case is the total lack of any emotion from Casey for her daughter. She celebrated “being free” right after she killed her own daughter, her own flesh and blood. She has clearly shown that she has not one bit of love for the beautiful baby and that the ONLY person she is capable of loving is herself, which she is in total live with.

    I believe in the state of Florida that if you kill a child under the age of 12, it is the automatic death penalty. Please do correct me if I am wrong about this. The thing is that laws do not see gender, race, religion, sex, wealth…the law is blind to all of this, it sees only the crime. Casey should be treated no different for any reason.

    I feel bad for Casey’s parents. But, at the same time, I don’t. I do not understand how they can still stand there and defend their daughter, their daughter who killed their granddaughter. Why George and Cindy still insist that Casey is innocent. Kind of makes you wonder if ANYONE in this family cared at all about Caylee.

    I have no empathy for her parents at this point, I am sorry to say. They had an obligation to stand for their helpless granddaughter and they chose to obfusicate and blame others.

    That said, it is coming back in spades. George Anthony will be blamed in some capacity for what happened to Caylee, mark my words his own lies will bite him in the ass.

    His only chance of redemption is to do the right thing now. Will he? Hell To The No.

    Poor Baby.


  19. martha says:

    Hello everyone, I think Casey is incapable of actual feelings–sociopath?–I am sure that she has had this problem all her life. AS a child she saw how people reacted to things and realized that she would have to mimic what they did so that she wouldnt seem different. Also I think she is a malignant narcissist. My older sister is like that and plays to whatever audience she has and definitely knows what she is doing. She does feel however that she could get on the stand, do her Bambi routine and bug her eyes out and get away with murder. Jose IS pretty stupid but that stupid–dont know.

  20. Christy says:

    Boz~ Hang in there and stay strong <3

    The first problem with using this medical condition as a defense for little Caylee's death is stupid Casey said she dropped her off at Zanny's to go to work! If she wouldn't have locked her self into that story, maybe she could of used this one! What, did she actually think the cops wouldn't check where she worked for the phone? The sad thing is, when you see Cindy in the depo talking about it being a different Zanida Gonzales! Hello Cindy, she took the police to THAT address where THAT Zanida had lived! Cindy is just as pathetic as Casey! George is stupid too if he dosen't stand up for Caylee! Those parents both knew what probably happened to Caylee in the beginning and it's on tape. How in the hell can they dispute it? At least Misty Croslin was smart enough to report Haliegh missing right away and that's saying something :(


  21. JustJill says:

    Great post, Blink! This case has been one of the most heartbreaking and maddening cases I’ve ever read about. I’ve never seen such deluded and/or outright lying grandparents who have basically stabbed their little granddaughter in the heart by standing up for Casey. Casey is a pathological liar, among many things, and it’s plain to see that the apple did not fall far from her family tree, the whole lot of them being liar, the exception being probably Cindy’s mother/Casey’s grandmother.

    I would like to ask Blink and the group a question – Do you think Casey will take the stand in her own defense? Is Casey narcissistic enough to think she can handle the prosecution questioning, is Baez really ignorant enough to allow her to testify? Personally, I go back and forth on this – most of the time, I do believe Casey narcissistically thinks she could “beat the system” by testifying; other times, I think surely someone on the defense team (Baez excluded) has brains enough to stop that train wreck before it happens.

    Thanks so much for the post!

    If she intends to use this defense, she has to for it to work.

    That said, they have had 2 years plus to prep her, and imo, she is a souless trollop.

  22. martha says:

    Christy—I agree about her saying she dropped Caylee off to go to work. They say people who lie try to cover up by adding too many details. Misty said—hey she’s missing not the Nanny, job, event coordinator, knocked me down and kidnapped kid story. What a joke. But the joke will be turned around and “snot nose” will have her justice. Using that phrase to show her true feelings towards her baby, at first a plus- cute girl with infant then a talking child and a liability—”Nana, mama drives around with me strapped in the car all day long.”

  23. mommyoftwins says:

    You are right Blink, it is a bit maddening the thought of them using Chiari Malformation when my daughter suffers from it so, as a defense. However, anything but the truth is maddening. Somehow I don’t believe the truth will ever be uttered from their mouths. There has been quite a bit of controversy within the “Chiari Malformation World” over the last 2-3 years, I would hate to see any other controversy added to it because of this heartless mother.

  24. FRG says:

    OT, did you read defense’s response filed yesterday, the one with the experts summary?
    I am confused I have to admit it. If defense’s expert at this point don’t know what they are going to testify against then how did they accept the job? Do I make any sense?

    They know exactly what they are going to say or they would not have been listed for the most part.
    I will be very interested in the State’s response.

  25. Jennifer says:

    I have not followed this case even though I only live an hour from Lakeland but I am curious now. I also have Chiari Malformation and suffer EVERYDAY with it along with my 2 daughters. What is this supposed to do for her case? By the way this Dr Freeman (i’ve nevered heard of in the Chiari groups) if he is a chiroprator then they surely don’t want him on the stand since we are not supposed to go near them because they can cause MAJOR damage if they adjust us wrong. Another thing is with ACM (Chiari) you don’t get just it there are so many other things that go with this nightmare!


  26. Sister says:

    Boz — be kind to yourself and know you are being prayed for . . . right this minute and every day until you say stop!

    She means it, she is my dear and beloved friend.

  27. zinnia says:

    Blink, respectfully, where did you hear that Dr. Freeman is the leading Chiari I specialist?

    I did not say he was THE leading Chiari I specialist

  28. zinnia says:

    My bad, Blink. I shouldn’t have said “the”, but “a”. Please accept my apologies. I wasn’t trying to call in to question your impressive talents with research.
    But I’m still not comfortable with believing that Dr. Freeman is “absolutely a pre-eminent specialist” on Chiari I.

    For those not familiar with Chiari I malformation, it can be a very difficult thing to diagnose. Someone can have Chiari I for their whole life and not know about it unless it is detected in an mri or brain surgery. Often, someone who has Chiari I will not have any symptoms unless there was some kind of trigger like a car accident. As to determining whether someone has Chiari I or not, it is not always determined by measuring the distention of the herniation. This can be a misleading test. Other tests, like measuring the amount of cerebral spinal fluid pressure can be very helpful in diagnosis. I don’t know how they would be able to accurately measure cerebral spinal fluid on a dead child. Chiari II is linked to such birth defects as spina bifida.

  29. JWG says:

    I don’t think the jury is going to buy the “Caylee died accidentally by seizure” followed by “someone else dumped her body off Suburban after October 14″ story – it is too complicated and really looks like she is grasping at straws.

    I agree they won’t buy it, but they have to try something, and logic and this defense team are strangers.

  30. Sue says:

    If Caylee had Chiari I malformation, none of the Anthony’s knew this. Caylee’s face was duct taped when she was found dead and tossed away like trash in the woods down the street from the Anthony house, she was neglected by her family when she was alive, drugged so Casey could party and have sex, and physically and emotionally abused during most of her short life. As a juror, I would NOT buy an accidental death due to this malformation nor any other diagnosis for that matter. Caylee was not reported missing for 31 days and it took her grandmother to make the call. She was so disrespected and neglected in her short life. No – that strategy won’t work. Another dead end. The prosecutors will weave all the facts leading up to Caylee’s violent death and present an award winning true perspective to a jury who will see through the defense’s poor strategies. I have no patience for these clowns anymore. It just gets worse and worse.

  31. Munchkin says:

    The Orlando Sentinel has an article up regarding this morning’s doc dump. This snippet caught my eye:

    “Other details released today include letters from Anthony complaining about having seizures in jail.”,0,5879866.story

    Ugh. Here we go.

    Just in case anyone missed it the first time, lol.

    Wink from Blink-

  32. JustJill says:

    Gosh, how “convenient” that Casey complains of having seizures in jail…..wonder if anyone has mentioned to her that people who have abused drugs also can develop seizures….

  33. Camsmom says:

    At this point if they decide not to go to trial I hope like hell that the state does NOT cut Casey a deal. The tax payers have ALREADY spent WAY too much money on this, and she had her chance. Alot of them, to tell the truth, and get her deal. I seriously doubt that she will get any offer, even if she asks not to go to trial. Blink can they do that? Sentance her to LWP, or death W/O trial? Or do they HAVE to make a deal? I mean what more can she tell us, we pretty much know why, and how, she killed the baby. We know where she put her, ect. There is no need for a deal. MOO.

  34. Mom3.0 says:

    Blink- your insights in to this case time & time again amazes me. You seem to have the uncanny ability to be at least 3 steps ahead of the defense and their shenanigans… How do you do it?

    What frightens me most Blink, is that in hindsight, everyone, Casey, her defense, her family, all seem to have been covering up and setting up stories from the beginning. Why would they do that??? Why would they carry on with the lies? Especially if we are to believe caylee’s death was accidental?

    I understand wanting to save your daughter.. but for goodness sake- what about what happened to Caylee? What about her?

    Mom 3.0, that would be a question I have never had any insight to, nor will I ever understand.

  35. Sue says:

    I am just in awe of the absolute unprofessionalism (is that a word?) of the legal defense team in this case. That is what is keeping this case in the forefront of all other murder cases. If Casey was being professionally represented by a seasoned defense attorney, this case would be running on track, ready for trial without any more ‘oh, by the way’ motions or delays, and a serious effort being made to defend their client. Thank God we’re not hearing from the Anthony’s anymore. What a relief that they’ve been silenced for now. Their new attorneys are seasoned pros.

    Since Casey’s current attorneys are so dysfunctional, this leaves plenty of room for appeals for Casey. Maybe that’s their game, but that’s all they have at the end of the day. There is NO defense. Now that the dust has settled – the whole scenario comes together like pieces to a puzzle. I was one of the ones who thought from the very beginning that this case would go by way of a plea (with no bargain other than to drop the DP). I still think this way because of the dysfunctional and inappropriate way Jose Baez started out, that they would eventually be backed into a corner and there would be nothing left but for the State to push for a plea as an appropriate option to get this girl behind bars for the rest of her life. I am not legaleeze enough to come up with correct terminology here. Either way – she’s toast. The State will get their way either way. There is no winning for the defense. Those odds left town the same way all other team members left this case. For the record, I still believe in an eleventh hour plea. That’s my 30,000 ft. viewpoint and I stand by it. Great piece Blink.

    I agree this case will plea in the 11th hour.

  36. Mom3.0 says:

    “I agree this case will plea in the 11th hour.

    Blink & Sue- See that would make me so “frustrated”-
    Casey & her defense would be wasting thousands of dollars in tax payer’s money if they plea out right before the trial… Or are you referring to the 11th hour as -as soon as the trial ends?

    Part of me thinks that Casey will go through with the whole trial like she is watching a “This is Your Life” episode dedicated to her- the other part of me believes she will plea out just to deny the public a satisfying ending.

    Blink if you can give us your thoughts- If Casey does plea- Will it be for less than LWP? Do you think the state will except less than that? TIA

    I am not sure if 15 to 30 would be justice- not after everything I’ve seen- but I would be glad just to have her found guilty, whatever the punishment turns out to be. JMO

    The only way she will plead, is if George flips, imo.

    He knows the lies he has told to protect her, and so does LE.

    It is my personal opinion that was the breakdown of the relationship with Conway.

    I wonder if he knows what a redemption would feel like, for his granddaughter.

    It is the only relationship he has worth fixing, imo.

    It is the conduit to changing his future.


  37. Sue says:

    Mom3.0 – It is so very frustrating to think of all the taxpayer dollars that have gone into this case. It is wrong is so many ways. But Casey chose to take this to trial, and whatever has to happen legally, has to be done to make sure she gets a fair trial. Of course, we all know that games were played, legal lines crossed, bad choices were made, people looking for fame and fortune leeched onto the case, and the lack of conscience, professionalism and inexperience in her defense team took this case down many a wrong road. It took a proper defense off course, and ate money right and left until the well went dry. The whole thing is just pathetic. But this is what happened. The taxpayers have no control over what a defendant chooses to do. Someone up-thread mentioned Casey should have taken the original plea deal to save the taxpayers’ money, but Casey was claiming innocence at that time. The Anthony’s still had a grip on her. Her personality disorders would not have allowed her to admit to any part in Caylee’s disappearance and death at that time. The plea sentence she would have received back then would not have been adequate enough at that time for the crime she actually committed. I hope someone from her defense team has to pay somehow for such a disasterous circus of a defense, but time will tell. It’s all coming to a head now. Choices made in the beginning of this case by the defense is all coming back to haunt them now. Things they should have been doing to deliver a proper defense, were thrown to the side in order to advance the greed of all the players involved. Don’t let it get to you, because in the end, she will get her just due and she will pay. It took a lot of time, energy and money, but if she has no other choice but to take a plea, then that will save some court costs if it doesn’t go to trial. With her personality disorders, I say that she’s not going to feel the ‘heat’ until the last minute just before they go to trial, and that is when she will feel backed into a corner and she will have no other choice. The prosecution has it all in the bag. As Blink says, George may be the key here. I think Dominic Casey is also one to flip this case. And yes – even brother Lee. They will be torn to shreds on the witness stand by the prosecution. She won’t get off any lighter in her sentence. She’ll end up with LWOP. She’ll take it because life on death row is more restrictive than life in general pop. Yes, she will go into general pop eventually. And that will be her life. Caylee will get justice – maybe in an ironic change of heart in a grandfather who wants to see that justice delivered to his little Caylee.

  38. Ragdoll says:

    These jail house letters from Casey….is she being coached to write them with ‘certain details’ by JB and team? She exposes details as if she’s aware the general public will read them.

    Merry Christmas my friends. May the peace of the season be with you now and through the New Year. And Caylee, the kingdom of God belongs to the children. May you run your fingers through the mane of a lion, kiss the lips of an angel and be, forever young. You are deeply missed <3

  39. Ragdoll says:

    PS…the pout on Casey’s face as depicted in the above, speaks volumes. The down turned mouth and zero eye contact except with the desk….every face tells a story. The smiles, shared giggles with JB, tilted head to emphasize her faux innocence, eye flirting with court officials, have all been replaced with fear and a lack of self preservation. She’s cracking.

    I can’t imagine her lasting to May. So why is JB not getting it. His client seems to.

  40. oneshot says:

    Bozo has an agenda for becoming death-qualified, & thus his motivation for not negotiating a plea deal (after screwing up his chance for one early in the case).

    She is a malignant narcissist, & the parade of former friends who have nothing good to say about her will be difficult for her to sit through, & will take up considerable time from “handlers” to get her through it; if she can’t take it & destabilizes, then I’d expect her to direct bozo to get her a plea – LWOP is probably all she’ll be able to get.
    Frankly, even if she’s sentenced to death row, eventually her sentence will get commuted to LWOP as most female death row prisoners in FL have gotten (& it seems only if they’re prolific serial killers or have killed LE will the death penalty actually be carried out). JMHO.

  41. Mom3.0 says:

    Blink- thanks for your response- & I understand. George does have 1 relationship worth saving- his relationship with Caylee I agree- I hope he will stand up for Caylee- tell the truth, let Casey finally take responsibility for her own misdeeds. I hope he will protect innocent little Caylee from any further harm- don’t let Casey nor anyone else sully his little granddaughter’s memory any longer.

    If I could say one thing to George it would be this, it is not your fault. As parents we try our best to raise our children to be fine upstanding members of society. We all make mistakes, and there comes a time when we have to be willing to let go of our hopes and deal only in reality. No mattter what we still love them. Mr. George Anthony, please, tell the truth, hold your head high, we all make mistakes- You still have a chance to make things right.

    Boz,I just read your post- I must have missed it the first time- Please take care & get well soon- You’re in my prayers.

    Ragdoll, nice to see you again, about the letters- – I don’t know- if she is being coached to write these letters what would outing JB passing contraband do? Get a mistrial? IDK It does seem hinky that Casey always seems to underscore some important point the defense is working on for penalty phase- sexual abuse- headaches, seizures- ect ect.

    oneshot- Hello thank you for sharing your thoughts. Your scenario seems plausible.

  42. Mom3.0 says:

    Sue, Hi- I understand what you are saying- and I agree up to a point-

    If Casey Anthony had a different family maybe this would have never happened- THATS a big IF- The same could be said for poor little Caylee.

    If Casey Anthony had better representation- well- no- if she was rich enough to buy a real dream team- I think she would have still claimed innocence- only she probably would have not waived her right to a speedy trial. If she was forced to take a court appointed attorney- it probably wouldn’t have gone this way– well yeah- $200,000 gets you alot of subterfuge= hot air= Jose Baez….

    Warning Graphic-
    but I think you are letting Casey Anthony off too lightly- Her defense this, and her family that- Her personality disorders wouldn’t allow this or that….

    Casey Anthony willfully covered up her daughters demise- whether it happened because of child abuse which resulted in death, whether she brutally snapped Caylee’s tiny neck or hit her, pushed her, smothered her with duct tape or neglected to watch her- leaving Caylee tied up in a hot trunk, or whether she accidentally got into, then ingested poison or whether Caylee ‘accidentally’ drowned or whether Casey willingly drugged her into death’s dark embrace-

    Casey Anthony willfully covered up her daughters demise. It wasn’t because of her personality disorders- Casey Anthony hid her daughter’s body- she wrapped her in blankets and stuffed her in garbage bags & in an old toy sack and hid her, buried the truth, kept her lifeless little body in her trunk – wiped the trunk clean- “out you damn spot” – left her in the neighborhood swampy, animal invested, dump then merrily went on partying and shopping and texting & would have continued to do so, if Cindy Anthony had not caught -up to her, Because she did not want to face the consequences of what she had done….PERIOD. JMO

    Casey Anthony- Tupac quote:
    “You can spend minutes, hours, days, weeks or even months overanalyzing a situation, trying to put the pieces together, justify what could have, would have happened. Or you can just leave the pieces on the floor and move the” — F — “on.”

    This was July 11th, before Cindy caught up to her, but almost a month after Caylee supposedly went ‘missing’-

    -IMO Caylee was just pieces laying on the trunk liner, or on the swampy floor that needed to be removed from Casey’s life so she could move the f on. Casey had done the deed and wasn’t looking back- “what’s done is done”- la bella vita- move the f on-

    Sorry Sue, I do understand your point & I don’t usually vent – but I am soo tired of Casey being able to hide behind convenient excuses- her personality- her family dynamics- her representation. ect ect

    Casey Anthony knows right from wrong-
    She had many opportunities to tell the truth -Instead she lied and continues to do so- Not because she is an Anthony, not because she suffers from some mental disorder, not because she has inadequate council- but because She will not face up to the consequences of her deeds.
    As her father said – (pp) Casey will take it as far as she can and even then, she keep on going…

  43. Mom3.0 says:

    Casey Universalinterview.

    Q-We need to find Caylee. I understand that right now Caylee may not be in very good shape. You understand what I’m saying?

    A- No verbal response

    Q- She may not be the way we or the way your family last remembers her. We need to find ut from you where caylee is. This… this… this right now is just..this had gone so far down the hill and this had become such a mess.

    A- uh huh-(affirmative)

    Q- We need to end it. Its very simple we just need to end it.

    A- I agree with you. I have no clue where she is.

    Q- Sure you do.

    A- If I knew in any sense where she was this wouldn’t have happened at all.

    Q- You know…listen.

    A- It wouldn’t have happened whatsoever.

    Q-This stuff about Zenaida the caretaker or the nanny taking care of her..

    A- Its the truth

    Q- It’s not the truth.


    Q- Everything you’ve told us is a lie. Well now there’s a couple of ways that this goes. Right now we can you know we… I’ve never met you before. So I can look at you in a couple of ways.


    Q- I can look at you as a person, who’s scared. Who’s concerned and who’s kind of afraid of what’s gonna happen because of something bad that happened before. Or we can look at you as cold callous, and a monster who doesn’t care. Who’s just trying to get away with something that.. that something bad had happened and trying to cover it up.

    A- Uh huh. (affirmative)

    Q- its gonna be one of those two options. Now as for what I already talked to you. seem like a very bright young lady. You don’t seem like someone who had no education.

    A- uh huh.(affirmative)

    Q- Alright. Now what we would have to do is we have to determine which way this is gonna go. Are you…are you a person who’s scared about the consequences of what happened? Or are you scared about something that happened? Or are you really this cold callous person,who doesn’t care about what happened? It’s one of those two options.

    A- I’m scared that… I don’t know where my daughter is.


    A- I would not have put my entire family…

    Interview Casey Anthony
    Sgt. ALLEN

    Snipped- (SGT Allen just walked Casey through the lies that brought them to Universal-)

    A- I understand how all that sounds. I…

    Q- No,no, no, no, no, here’s the problem with that though. here’s the problem with that okay. Um, you can carry the weight of this room for a long time, and its not gonna get any easier okay. what he is trying to tell you. I’m gonna tell you, you know and in the amount of time that I’ve done this, almost 30 years, okay.

    A- uh-uh(affirmative)

    Q- I’ve learned this, people make mistakes. Everybody makes mistakes. We, every…all three of us all made some mistakes..mistakes in our lives..

    A- uh-uh(affirmative)

    Q-we’ve done some things we’re not proud of okay. But then there comes a point in time you either own up to it, you say you’re sorry, you try to get past it. Or you lie about it, you bury it, you lie about it, and you bury it, and you buy it, and it just never, ever, ever, ever, ever goes away.

    A-Uh-huh (affirmative)

    Q- At this point we can explain that you’re afraid. You know that you were ashamed of maybe something bad that happened. You were afraid that maybe what happened. But now we’re giving you this opportunity and you continue to lie and you continue to lie. then what happens at some point it becomes there’s no excuse, there’s no reason, there’s no reasonable, a reasonable person can look at this and go wow, this is a person who really just doesn’t care, okay.


    Q- Okay now you know you’re hiding this. By hiding this you are not getting yourself to a better place okay. What you’re doing is you’re causing everybody else around you to suffer okay. And at some point it is going to come out, it always does.

    A- Uh- huh(affirmative)

    Q- It always comes out okay. Now your best bet is to try and put this behind you as quickly as you can. Go to your parents tell ‘em you know some horrible accident, whatever happened happened. Get it out in the open now okay. Instead of letting them worry and worry and worry and worry okay.

    Q- Okay. You let this drag out for another three days, another week, another two weeks okay. You make us solve this some other way. We’ll solve it, we always do okay. Okay I mean… there’s no point in coming forward to say, oh my God this is what happened, once we already figured it out okay.

    A- uh-huh (affirmative)
    PT 1 OF interview- links to other PTS on right side-
    Despite these LEO’s best efforts, Casey continued to lie and lie and lie. She must be that callous, uncaring monster that was described to us, right? She must have wanted the suffering to continue.

    IMO Casey Anthony knew the truth and she hid it. No amount of cleaning made it go away- no amount of partying made it go away.
    No amount of lies could mask the truth. LE had to work to solve what happened to Caylee all by themselves.

    Casey continues to hide behind her lies – through 31 days- through countless searches- month after month- through arrests- through months in jail- even after Caylee was found, she continues her lies- She continues to refuse to take responsibility- she refuses to let Caylee rest in Peace- She continues to allow her defense to point the finger at innocent people- including LE.

    LE worked hard to solve this case. With no help from her mother, They worked hard to find the truth, they uncovered all of Casey’s lies, they solved it “some other way”- & Casey should not be able to come forward now, and say- “Oh My God, this is what happened..” The time for that has passed, as SGT Allen so aptly said on day 32 at Universal Studios. JMO

    As I know you already know, when I heard this interview, even though I was aware of certain spects of it, I knew Casey was never going to tell the truth, or care about her baby rotting in a bog.

    Sadly, and I hope to draw from my faith to correct this, but I feel exactly the same way about Casey.

    My ideology and intelligence leaves me when I think about what should happen to her, some days.


  44. Sue says:

    Mom3.0 – I appreciate the ‘vent’. In no way am I giving Casey Anthony a pass on anything. I agree with you 100% on everything you stated in your post. I guess my bottom line is that all the players in her life – old and new helped form the pathological person she is today and yes she is 100% using everything that worked and didn’t work in her past to try to get away with murder. I think I may have jumped from start to middle to finish too fast in my comments, and having worked in the criminal justice system for too many years, I can formulate certain outcomes – by past experience. All the evidence, all the legalities, all the games, all the cover-ups just seem to muck-up my sense of sensibilities, and I have to ‘fly high’ just so I don’t get lost in all the debri that is this case. (Except for Caylee Marie). I don’t claim to know what the outcome of this case will be. I can only give my opinion which also has some experience that goes along with it. I have been involved in the County and State prison system for many years. I started off as a correctional officer and worked my way upward. I have been an officer of the court, involved in inmate classification, been an officer of rank, been an educator, but mostly I’ve been ‘educated’ by it all. As big as this case is, because of what it is about, she will one day be at the mercy of the prison system for life. I never thought for one second she would receive the DP. When I first started out in Corrections, I thought that the system was too lenient on criminals. I had to let this roll off my back after a while, or I never would have lasted in that career. It’s not up to us what happens to Casey Anthony. It is up to a judge and jury and whatever powers that be. Or, it will be handled through a plea. I do not mean to over-simplify things. She will get hers on this earth. After that – who knows. I feel the end of this case is coming sooner than we think. Then we can wash our pent-up emotions from our cores. It will flow like a river when it finally happens.

  45. Mom3.0 says:

    Blink, hello. Yes, I remember your astute thoughts regarding the Universal interview way back when… Do you ever get tired of being right?

    I wrestle with my feelings about Casey Anthony often.

    I look at the pictures of her and Caylee, and I think, yes- she loved her daughter. I think Casey is young- does she deserve to lose her freedom for life or to lose her life through lethal injection?

    I think-The truth of what happened to Caylee, must lead to someone else. Why would Casey make up a nanny for years? Why would she tell so many people so many different lies? Why would she claim kidnapping and then continue the lie, even after all evidence points to her? The dog hits- the hair-the latent print- the stain in the trunk-the trash bag- the objects/clothing found at the remains site ect.

    As far as we know, the defense is sticking to the somebody else did this defense-Zanny- Kronk-ect What is the truth?

    I keep waiting for that truth- All the evidence I have seen from the state points to only Casey Anthony. I keep waiting for Casey Anthony to stand up and say- Enough- this is what happened- I am sorry I didn’t tell the truth sooner – but its been years- and all I have heard is her defense trying to caste doubt on any one besides Casey.

    I struggle to not pass judgment-until all evidence has been laid out at trial- I struggle not to despise the Casey that we have come to know-

    With every lie she has told, with every selfish behavior she exhibited. I struggle.
    With the video from Block buster- lovingly walking with Tony, dressed as if she just borrowed some clothes-renting two disturbing videos-hours after Caylee was last see alive by any other person on Earth. I cringe- & I struggle not to think “What a monster.”

    With every text read- calling Caylee a little snot- describing the horrible smell as a dead animal that was stuck to the frame of her car, that she had to get rid of- BTW she didn’t runover ‘it’, her father must have- or wait maybe it was two dead squirrels that climbed up into the engine… the dryer sheets- the cleaning of the trunk-the trash bag with grave wax smeared paper-towels inside…the images of the stain.. the empty car seat with the lonely momma doll.. I cringe and I struggle not to scream “WHAT A MONSTER.”

    The diary of days- the Tupac quote- the image of the hung teddy bear & a little girl resembling Caylee with the caption “Why do people kill people, who kill people, to show people that to kill people is bad?” – The fact that she took the teddy away from Cindy, who was distraught by Caylee’s absence-only after she found out it gave Cindy some comfort… I cringe.. I struggle not to think “What a monster.”

    The 911 calls- Casey’s statements- give me one more day…I don’t want to talk to them.. I talked with her today for just a min..moment… I was trying to find her myself which was stupid…She talked about her book and her shoes…”Hi mommy”
    I cringe and I struggle not to shout “What a monster.”

    The calls home- the jail visits- Casey’s statements- I saw your cameo…I want Tony’s #-.. Oh well…calling you guys was a huge waste…not my fault I’m in jail with punks.. You were eating chili…my whole life has been taken from me…I feel in my gut that shes still okay..she’s close to home.. their twisting my words..everything I’ve given them has been misconstrued..I’m trying to help..Ive given them everything I gave you and you were able to find out so much more…Why wasn’t there an Amber Alert? I cringe & I struggle not to think “What a monster.”

    Casey’s willingness to call 911 on the protesters, yet she didn’t for Caylee- Casey’s trips to Target ect and to get her nails done- her tattoo and subsequent appt for another..Casey’s over-filled back pack and trips to Jose’s office..those sunglasses and that care free walk-the high five- I cringe and I think is she a monster?

    I don’t know if Casey Anthony is a monster- I don’t know if a jury of her peers will find her innocent of all charges- I am willing to allow them to make that judgment-

    Until then, I am left to struggle with myself not to pass judgment on Casey Anthony- its not my place. Some days I win that battle- most nights I do not.

    Thanks for the check of conscience Blink- I needed it- may you be more successful in your endeavor to draw from your faith than I have been.

    I’ll work on it.

  46. Mom3.0 says:

    Thanks for your response Sue, and thanks for the understanding and exceptance of my venting-

    I really appreciate your comments- and especially your insights which you base off of your first-hand experiences working in the legal field. i find them to be invaluable.

    I totally understand your perspective- I wish I was better at flying at 30,000 feet. Caylee’s case is the first case I have ever followed at this depth.
    I never intended to become emotionally involved-
    I think Florida’s sunshine laws had alot to do with my immersion in this case.

    Sometimes I wish I never saw or read the evidence. It honestly haunts me.

    I don’t think I could ever sit on a death penalty jury. I don’t know if I would be able to sentence someone to death. Casey’s case makes me struggle with that thought often.

    Thank you Sue, for your work in corrections& for sharing your thoughts and I pray that you are right;

    “She will get hers on this earth. After that – who knows. I feel the end of this case is coming sooner than we think. Then we can wash our pent-up emotions from our cores. It will flow like a river when it finally happens.”

    Casey Anthony in Court Today -Motion to seal penalty phase witnesses

  47. Mom3.0 says:

    *acceptance not exceptance (arrg sorry)

  48. Ragdoll says:

    It’s great to see you too (((Mom3.0))) Thank you for your response to my question/comment. I guess the letters are all part of the gong show defense strategies. Good call on Casey’s underscoring tendencies. Things that make you go hmmmm…..

    Chica, my prayers are with you and your family. I’m so sorry y’all are experiencing such difficulties over a certain period of time. Be strong and believe! God be with you my friend.

    Love and light <3

  49. chica says:

    so so good to see you! and thank you! first brother was diagnosed with cancer now this one lol I say lol because I can now do a lol!! my brother is out of the woods and on his way to recovery. god bless my friends that are kind and thoughtful.
    great were all back now that its getting gooder with this new sanction thingie!!!
    merry christmas my friends

    and to blink I am so happy your back to us!!! NO PUN PLEASE JUST HELA HAPPY TO SEE YOUR POSTS SNARK AND ALL WE LOVE IT YOU GOT HEART!!

  50. chica says:

    excellent read from WS “LCoastMom” :

    ..baez in action.

    ..defending Nilton Diaz—in the death of a 2 year old.

    One Trick Pony – A Compilation:

    “I’m not going to defend Nilton Diaz,” defense lawyer Jose A. Baez promised jurors during opening statements in Diaz’s trial. “I’m going to prosecute Samaris Bobe Silva.” (the child’s Mom).

    Defense lawyers Baez and Jonathan Kasen said they intend to attack the state’s case by assailing detective Dan Conlee for zeroing in too quickly on Diaz, by criticizing the work of a medical examiner and by accusing the young mother. They pointed an accusing finger Tuesday at the slain toddler’s mother, saying she had treated the 2-year-old like “an animal.”

    In his closing remarks, Diaz’s lawyer, Jose Baez, attacked prosecutors, sheriff’s Detective Dan Conlee, the state’s medical experts and the child’s mother, suggesting they all distorted the truth in their pursuit of Diaz, the lone suspect in the toddler’s death.

    A jury of eight women and four men deliberated more than seven hours before deciding Nilton Diaz, 30, was guilty of manslaughter and child abuse. Diaz, who had been charged with first-degree murder and aggravated child abuse, seemed stunned by the verdict. He looked to his lawyer for an explanation.

    Defense lawyer Jose Baez asked Circuit Judge Mark Nacke to set aside the verdicts, arguing they were based on undependable, controversial and conflicting medical evidence. Baez said the prosecution’s case was filled with reasonable doubts.

    “We all know something happened to this child, but we still don’t know what,” Baez said. “What it basically boils down to is pure speculation.”

    “This simply can’t stand,” Baez said. He argued the jury’s verdicts were inconsistent. Baez said child abuse is an intentional act, while manslaughter is a death resulting from an unintentional act. He said an appeal would raise that issue.

    Nacke refused to overturn the verdicts.

    In documents seeking a new trial and other post-conviction relief, Diaz says he lost his freedom because of Baez’s trial performance, strategy and failure to disclose evidence to prosecutors, a tactical decision that prevented jurors from viewing a defense video. Diaz said “…Mr. Baez wanted to surprise the prosecution, and the surprise blew up in the defense’s face.”

    Baez, was not allowed to show jurors computer animation that depicted Silva injuring the child, accused the state’s medical experts of “recklessly giving opinions.” The defense has portrayed Silva as a lying child abuser and a bad mother.

    The video, created by a biomechanical expert, would have shown the jury how the toddler’s skull fracture could have been an accident, according to new court filings.

    Nilton Diaz, filed a motion for a new trial, claiming he was convicted due to the “defectiveness” of his defense attorney, Jose Baez.

    Baez called it a common post-conviction strategy that often cites defense mistakes to win a new trial.

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