Caylee/Casey Anthony Case: Will Plumbing Emergency At The Anthony Home While Caylee Was Missing Produce New Evidence For The State?

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When you have a family that both refuses to cooperate with Law Enforcement in a productive way, and in this editor’s opinion, outright obfuscates efforts to investigate the location of a victim and the circumstances to which Caylee Anthony became same,  we are forced to look at what I will term, available objective  data .

Analyzing data in conjunction with the verifiable evidence in this case, allows us, and eventually jurors, to better sift through the ever-changing accounts of those closest to Casey Anthony, without adding metaphorical dryer sheets to cover the smell.
As all www.blinkoncrime readers have known since my earliest coverage of this case, I have long stated it is my belief that the concern for Caylee’s welfare and whereabouts started with the Anthony’s backyard renovations the week of Cindy Anthony’s vacation over the fourth of July.

In fact, one might interpret Cindy Anthony hits her panic button during this time.

I have also written extensively that I believe that the defense team is going to intimate, if not outright accuse, George Anthony of culpability in the death of his own beloved granddaughter.
On Friday afternoon, following the conclusion of the last defense motions presumably prior to trial (insert laugh track) the state released additional video evidence to the defense.   As we brace ourselves to see video of Caylee with her Mother and Tony Lazarro having lunch, should we also prepare to see Cindy and George shopping for those backyard improvement supplies?

Or… Other?

Cindy Anthony’s bank records show 3 separate charges to The Home Depot posted June 30th.  As the purchases were made on Cindy’s check card, we can’t be sure if the purchases are made on June 29, June 30th or a combination of both.

Will we see the purchase of new gas cans, concrete mix, weed barrier, or something else?
Cindy or George Anthony began furiously calling her daughter’s cell phone, in the wee hours of July 1 at 1:43am.
Calls to Casey from the Anthony landline are made to her at 1:43, 1:51, 1:52, 2:02, 6:56, 7:33, and 7:50 AM.

Casey does not answer her cell phone, but she DOES check her voice mail after every one of them, and attempts unsuccessfully to reach someone at the Anthony home at 7:54 AM, possibly due to a busy signal.  This pattern of calls suggests an emergency of some kind, not Cindy checking if Casey was going to finally bring Caylee over as Cindy had requested.  In fact, there is a small break in the action, pun intended, when a different number is dialed from the Anthony home:

In no interview, in no deposition, will you find either Anthony disclosing the obvious plumbing nightmare necessitating 2 calls to Rainaldi Plumbing 4 minutes after their listed hours of operation in the yellow pages, and the subsequent service call resulting in a $283.96 bill.  Ironically, the check number, out of sequence, follows one Casey Anthony wrote on her Mom’s account in December

Spoiler Alert: The only reference to any plumbing emergency appears in one of Cindy’s letters to Casey, but two years after the July 1, 2008 incident.

..” I don’t know if Jeanene told you, about the water pipe we had broke on Friday, we had water from the pipe outside of Caylee’s room, leek into her room, mostly in her play corner- carpet was soaked and walls were damp.  Everything is drying out but the carpet smells bad. (I better watch how I describe it they may take it for discovery). It’s amazing how even clean water can smell rancid after it sits for a while.  Fortunately one of our church friends was able to come out and fix the pipe…”

Facing a capital murder charge, and already convicted of economic felony, it begs the question:

Why would a member of Jose Baez defense team, Jeanene Barrett, need to relay information to Casey about a broken pipe leaking into her deceased child’s room?

If you are thinking this is more “Anthony Code Speak”, you are not alone.  According to a blue print of the Anthony home, there is no plumbing on the outside wall of Caylee’s bedroom that would leak into the corner, the right lower corner or her “play corner” which abuts the outside wall.

As the bulk of “pipe bursts” or “breaks” go in Florida temperatures, in general they occur only through freezing, extreme temperatures, or water pressure stress (build up) of some kind. The source of the emergency plumbing call to Rainaldi on July 1st, 2008 is not known, but what is known, is that it gives new meaning to the signature of Casey’s inmate correspondence “FLUSH”.

What has always bothered me was what could have been found in either the backyard or now as we know, in the plumbing that would send Cindy Anthony into a clear and obvious panic, mobilizing Lee to track down his sister, and attempt to track down Caylee through her friends AFTER speaking with Casey.

George and Cindy Anthony’s versions of June 15th and June 16th 2008 have evolved it seems, after every new release of discovery.  Specifically, George’s account of the last time he saw Caylee and what she was wearing.  They have gone to painstaking lengths to establish that at least Caylee was home the evening of the 15th, and very much alive the morning of the 16th.

So where is the blue “dress” she wore to the Mount Dora Nursing home on Father’s Day, June 15th, 2008? It would seem to me if I wanted to establish an alibis, or timeline, that clothing would be critically important.

Is that what Casey meant when she uttered to Tracy Mclaughlin and Rob Dick that OCSO had no idea what they were doing and they had not even found her clothes yet?  Was she talking about Caylee’s clothes, or Mama’s?

Madeline Tanner, contributing editor

Images by Klaasend

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  1. Eloise says:

    Hi guys- great posts as usual.

    I will admit I was an irritated blogger yesterday during the in camera hearing. My take was this was initiated from Ashton’s inquiry re Weitz (sp)deposition being unsealed for their review in a limited fashion. With that- bang they are gone. At the start of the day, Casey etal seemed rather secure and satisfied. I agree, the mood was drastically reduced following their entry from chambers.
    Do you all suppose the ‘against the wall’ seating is due to their paranoia of people reading their screens? I do not believe for a minute the strategy has ended for Baez, he has or will have more up his sleeve before this is over with.

  2. chica says:

    that was hilarious but that nut looks like joy wray eh?

  3. chica says:

    naw dont regret it! I actualy got a kick out of it but more so after viewing the youtube video too hella funny!!! that word will stick in my mind like val’s f’tard and thats leaving out a few letters lol.

  4. Starsky says:

    Remember our boat times? When you pulled me up with ya big strong aahms?

    Well now, that was not really an event now was it.. It was more of an Um, expOzia.

    Seriously- you see my problem? I just replied via memory, did not have to look..

    Make it stop.

  5. semo68 says:

    have to confess I watched the 48 hours debacle. It WAS a total attempt by baez to taint the jury pool. But..have to give credit to Pam Bondi (I’m sure I mispelled that) for trying to give a fair shake of Caylee’s side.

    Thank You Pam!

  6. Randie says:

    Blink, a while back so many denied your theory (other blogs) of Goerge taking the blame, nowwwwwww after 48 Hours, everyone is on the band wagon…


    I find it comical, if it were not so tragic, similar to Atty General Bondi’s comments, that the Anthony family and the defense think this is going to net them anything but a minimum of a life sentence for their client.

    Lest we forget, Casey is walking into this trial a convicted felon.

  7. sunshine says:

    Pam Bondi did an excellent job in the program. The rest was pathetic on the part of the defense. It was pretty clear from the comments of the defense team and from the other information we know from Blink’s work that the defense is going to try to pin this on george.

    The only other thing I found interesting was at the very end when the “mock jury” members said they thought it was an accident that spiraled out of control. I know this was based on the info the defense gave, and who knows how much these people were paid to say that, but is it possible that the Judge could instruct the jury that they could find her guilty on a lesser charge?

  8. NancyS says:

    IF and that is a BIG IF, if the jury drops this to a involuntary manslughter charge, what is the amount of time they can sentence her too as this is scary but could happen?

    I watched this show last night and do not feel it was one way or another as the state did get a say so which I am glad 48 hours allowed this, made it more fair for Caylee, like they added it in after the fact.

    I get SO NERVOUS when I see that this murderer could actually walk.

    so disappointing and it really looks like Baez is going to take this all the way? I sure wish you were right in no trial but then we would not get a chance to hear Caylees story. dang it all.

    I am going to post on this, would request you repost Nancys, Palm Sunday with fam has me behind, lol.

  9. chelsea1515 says:

    Hope someone has George on suicide watch!! How can this family live with themselves. Come on Lee, be a son, uncle and foremost, a MAN!!

  10. PA Mom says:

    Ragdoll – I didn’t mean to imply that Casey is normal. IMO she is very sick so sick that I think she will kill again if given the opportunity. I was just saying that she shouldn’t use a mental illness defense that implies that she’s crazy. The opinions of the young people in my daughters class surprised me.

  11. ros says:

    Back to the plumbers payment for a moment…What are the marks above the signature on the check?

  12. Dellastreet says:

    Blink could it be that the reason the defense is trying to throw George under the bus is so that he will be able to claim the 5th on the witness stand? If that were the case could not the prosecution use all the tapes/depositions? This sounds like something they would do. Interested in your perspective.

    Will address in next piece della.

  13. Heidi says:

    Ya know what slays me?…. George and Cindy had to have seen the car parked at Amsco lot.

    If I recall… Casey parked it facing the street. Not crooked, but straight. Claims she had help from (one or two) others to pull it in straight.

    QUESTION: Was George working that day?

  14. akmom says:

    So much was made so early on by Cindy about the lanyard that I am really wondering if that was what was in the pipes. It could have been just an immediate thought of Casey’s to get rid of it in a way that Cindy could not find it. I have always wondered(and I am sorry for saying this), if Casey strangled Caylee with it. If the story about Cindy strangling Casey is true, then I can see Casey doing it to Caylee. I can also see her using the duct tape either before or right after the act also.

  15. Eloise says:

    chelsea1515 says:
    April 17, 2011 at 11:24 am

    Hope someone has George on suicide watch!! How can this family live with themselves. Come on Lee, be a son, uncle and foremost, a MAN!!
    I so totally agree chelsea.

    I guess we should wait on commenting further re the defense plan, for B’s next piece. But, a little late too say “yeah, I did it, uh oh it was an accident.” Who would agree to that? Not me.

  16. Houston Mom says:

    Heidi … YES? iirc … George paid the utility bills at Amscot — and, he had to go to the post office to pick up the certified letter from Johnson’s towing. He says he then called Cindy and picked up the car. Who says he ‘didn’t’ pick the letter up Tuesday, BUT before?

    Anyway WHEN are there utility bills due??

    Then the frantic search begins (say June/July 1st … before picking up the car and smelling the smell?? Too little sleep on my part?

  17. Sammy says:

    George noticeably not attending any hearings for months now is somehow related to the “scripted part” Baez/Mason have planned for him.
    Because we all know that George-Marie absence is not b/c he is suddenly out working 9-5 and cannot attend.
    All part of the Baez traveling circus. IMO

  18. chica says:

    the 48 hrs thingie was a mistake for the defense to do!! major bite in the arse in the end!!and a plus for the state! I dont much care if she doesnt get the DP as long as she gets LWOP dont get me wrong I would love it to be death but reality wise seems not likely???

  19. Colie says:

    Have you sent this to LE? Do you think they know about all of this? This could be huge!

    They are aware.

  20. NaNa says:

    Something about the plumbing incident has just been bugging me. Today I thought “what if there was a large amount of Caylee’s hair in that pipe?”

    Has anyone else wondered about that?

  21. Mom3.0 says:

    Yes I wondered about that Nana- unfortunately the Anthony’s statements ect or hard to decipher. I do recall Cindy asking Casey in a jail visit if she had Caylee’s hair cut…but I thought this was to dispel the tip from the hairdresser that came forward & said she saw bruises on Caylee…. I have noticed in several pictures of Caylee that her bangs and hair seem to be cut differently…and in some pics she seems so much older/different than the video of her at Fathers Day…

    Just something that has always bothered me…

    I do not know what could have been in the pipes…could it have been Casey’s missing heart ring? I just find it strange that Cindy never brought up this plumbing issue…especially in one of her it was a very trying time rants/ or when going over the intricate timeline with the FBI ect… She remembered everything Casey told her about Jacksonville- Zannys accident- having a key ect but leaves out other details that IMO should stick out in her mind just as well during that time period…..

    If i understood correctly, that the check is close to/or next in the series to one Casey took and Blinks thoughts on the signature I have to admit I do not know what to think…


  22. raceyrin says:

    Yes Nana,

    I thought the same about what could send Cindy into a frantic finding mission. Any object flushed could be explained away as casey or caylee accidently flushing it. A piece of duct tape that was over another part of her face – her eyes maybe and then cut away and flushed gives me the chills thinking about it !

  23. A Texas Grandfather says:


    I am guessing as well as you. However, there is a strong possibility that several things were recovered in the drain line clearing. Some of which would cause Cindy to believe that something bad had happened to Kaylee. Thus, the frantic calls to Casey and Lee.

    Unless it does materially affect the case, I think Blink would have given us a “heads up” . Be patient, it will come out at trial if it is important. Trial is getting closer.

  24. Sharma (WA) says:

    Maybe someone should contact the plumber.


    I submit that is a great idea, one certainly accomplished before such information could compromise a case- you feel me?


  25. Mom3.0 says:

    Hello TGF- Thanks for sharing your thoughts- I agree it could be several things that stopped up the plumbing….

    Perhaps it wasnt something gruesome that stopped up the plumbing but something that was definitely Caylees, making Cindy think that she had in fact been home … a beloved toy- mamma dolls clothes, or that Casey had purposely flushed the item…

    I wonder if that Cindy email…the one that reads (pp)George says it wasnt him…I dont know what to think…

    Maybe it had something to do with this plumbing issue? Does anyone recall when that fragment of email was written?

    You’re right TGF if it is important to the case I have no doubt it will be brought up during the trial. I am not worried. I’ll try to be patient.

    I just knew Blink contacted LE before posting this possible evidence. I know she would never compromise a case inorder to print a scoop. What I am wondering is if she contacted the plumber and she found out much more than she is wrote in this piece??

    I really hope that after the trial Blink will write about all the things she didnt print.

    I remember reading her article where she interviews that man that brought the bag of stuffed animals that he found near where Caylees remains were ultimately found…
    I remember thinking wow! this could be huge…

    What grandma of a missing toddler wouldnt pour through that bag in the hopes it contained something that would lead to her granddaughter?

    What Grandma wouldn’t contact police and alert them to a childs belongings being discarded like that, for all she knew it could have led to another missing child …

    How was Cindy supposed to know what stuffed animals that the kidnapper or Zanny kept for Caylee? For all she knew, this criminal could have thrown Caylee in the woods with every stuffed animal that they had gotten for Caylee…

    Things that make you go HMMM.


    Ps Eloise- Im with you- NO to claiming accident It wont work. Maybe in the beginning, but not after nearly 3 years filled with other lies and possible culprits, like RK and JG ect

    lol lol

    July 22 2010 date on envelope of Cindy’s letter

    plumbing issue I cannot address further.

    Yes Mom 3.0, I feel very much the Babs Eden around here. I will be that 300x for Caylee Anthony.


  26. turbothink says:

    I had a foster child who was a sociopath. She appeared to be one of the sweetest, kindest, loving persons you could meet, but underneath that mask she was a liar, a thief, a deceiver and extremely dangerous. She would do ANYTHING which accomplished what she wanted for herself. She would stay in a home for a while until the parents caught on to her manipulation and then would create a situation where she looked like the victim. She burned one family’s house almost down because she was told she could not go somewhere. She deliberately threw one adoptive father down a long flight of stairs because he caught her smoking. She hit a prospective adoptive mother in the head with a cast iron skillet. Another time the adoptive mom woke up to find her standing over her bed with a big butcher knife getting ready to stab her. These young women are capable of ANYTHING.

    The only reason she never attacked me was because she knew if she did something like that and failed, it would be me or her. Even “mean” is afraid of crazy. LOL In her case children services would always clean up the mess like Cindy & George did for KC.

    My experience with her over the years makes me KNOW that KC killed Caylee & I believe had all intentions of killing her parents. I think they would have been killed first if the incident of her stealing had not come to the surface. I honestly don’t think there is any type of redemption for these people – only time between incidents. KC will kill again if ever released and needs to be put where she is never outside in society again.

  27. Mom3.0 says:

    Ahh keeping that “Jeanie” in a bottle- LOL- I could see you folding your arms and blinking to make it happen.

    Thanks for the info on the dates ect Blink-

    Caylee may not have her family…. but she does have you in her corner Blink, as do the many other victims you cover here at BOC. Thanks for all your work and for never letting the naysayers get to you.

    After all this is over and the lights dim and the cameras go away…there will be those that have staked their reputations on the wrong “team” I have no doubt that you will be sitting at your desk- positioning mama doll in her new home, and Caylee will be at rest, and you will carry on with your lifes journey of giving voice to the victims.

  28. A Texas Grandfather says:


    You are exactly right in your assesment of Casey based on your personal experience.

    I too, along with my wife, had such an experience as unofficial adoptive parents. I have posted comments about this type behavior in the comments section on several of Blink’s pieces about this case.

    Unless one has that experience, it is difficult to believe some of the bad behavior.

    I do not have a good opinion of the majority of childrens service organizations. The reason being is that there are many people employed by those organizations that lack good training. There are others that are there to protect the children no matter how bad their acts. They just refuse to believe that children beginning at age nine or ten could do really bad things.

    Evil in my opinion, is not age dependent.

    Agreed, and it should not be lost on us that yesterday, a prime example of same, was the anniversary of the Columbine massacre.

  29. Mom3.0 says:

    Evil in my opinion, is not age dependent. How true.

    I want to take the opportunity to post my heartfelt prayers to the family and friends of, Seath Tyler Jackson. Who was murdered brutally with the help of his ex girlfriend.

    The poor kid didnt have a chance.

    Thanks Blink.

  30. susanm says:

    i am way behind ,tried to read all the comments to see if someone suggested this – flush, potty training ,soiled clothing,,that was a discussed ” motive theory” at one time,is anyone else think that?that would make the duct tape- sadistic punishment,if caylee was drowned in the tub ,as has been suggested a couple times ,then that would change the duct tape evidence being pre-mortem right ?

  31. A Texas Grandfather says:


    After reading the depositions given by Tony and Amy and returning here to reread you post I think that your idea of Casey having a plan to do away with Cindy and George is very possible.

    In Amy’s deposition were some statements that Casey made to Amy that she was going to get the house and they could live together in it. Being the manipulator that she is, Casey had a story to fit the scene.

    In the deposition, Amy stated that she had an opportunity to talk with Cindy about this and was informed that no such plan ever existed. This made my hair stand on end. I Thought about your post and reread it to be sure I understood your thoughts.

  32. GraceGirl says:

    If there was anything of interest in the pipe, I am sure the plumber came forward within the first few weeks.

    Therefore the police/sheriff would have been aware from the beginning…. UNLESS as happens SO OFTEN the plumber got hold of the wrong police contact at the wrong time and was ignored.

    Cindy said in her depo that a blanket was missing from the car. Perhaps Casey had Caylee on it in the trunk and did not dump it with Caylee, (so sad to write such things) it smelled and she tried to flush it.

    You’d have to be pretty stupid and delusional to try to flush a blanket though…. well,,, yeah that does describe Casey.

    Regardless of the outcome the main victims are Caylee and her grandparents regardless of how effectively Cindy has gone into denial.
    Cindy must have moments of clarity where she actually dreads the thought of Casey returning home.

    I have no doubt that is by some bizarre happening that Casey ends up back home it will be more punishment for Cindy. and one way or another she will still lose Casey if she is lucky. Can you imagine having Casey take care of you in your old age?

    I think it is weird George remembered a month later what Caylee was wearing. (they should ask him what Cindy was wearing that morning)
    He remembered this “regular morning” and what Caylee was wearing a whole month later. I do not know what I wore yesterday LOL and I sure don’t know what my husband wore to work today.

    From Cindy’s 911 call I think she truly knew nothing if there was any help to Casey initially in covering up. But I think George may have helped. I think Lee was so disconnected from the family before this event that he is just plain clueless.

    I don’t think there will be a trial. I think they will reach a plea agreement before then. Unless Casey refuses it because she is so delusional and loves the attention and wants a trial.

  33. A Texas Grandfather says:


    I don’t agree with your assesment of the plumber getting the wrong person in LE. The work done by Yuri and others in homicide would have included checking all inputs to LE regarding the Anthony address.

    This entire family has been destroyed IMO by the acts of Cindy. She did creat an environment that allowed Casey to run free with her sociopathic behavior. The only one Casey was ever afraid of is Cindy.

    Cindy was not afraid to severly discipline Casey when necessary. However, this resulted in Casey just becoming more cunning in her activities.

    Who wants the trial is the question. Is it Casey or the defense attorneys or both? IMO the time for a plea deal came a long time ago.

  34. Lancelot says:

    Could the mention of the wet carpet in the jail letter be some kind of code about Robyn Adams and her father, McConnell, who runs a carpet care biz?

  35. everyone's a suspect says:

    more motions denied

  36. Judy says:

    I see the picture of Caylee, and I have read this before, but I must add, she does look terrified! Caylee is clinging to her Great Grandpa for dear life! Was she murdered soon after this video? As for Cindy and George, I am sure that long before this plumbing issue, the death smell from the car, and the stolen money, and knowing full well Casey, had no means of support for herself or Caylee, they knew, that a problem was brewing. Not seeing your Grandchild, for more than a month and buying that BS from Casey that she is with a nanny on vacation was ridiculous! Instead of trying to create damage control for Casey, they should step up and admit their part of this tragedy. They are just as culpable as Casey. I refuse to believe a child found skeletonized, in a garbage dump, with duct tape wrapped around the face and head was an accident! Somebody and we know full well whom they are, was trying to teach Cindy and George a lesson. This was at the expense of their sweet, innocent, little Grandchild, Caylee!

  37. spencerinseattle says:

    Here’s what I think about the plumbing incedent…I think Caylee’s blue dress and Casey’s lanyard were found clogging the system. Could Casey of strangled poor Caylee with her lanyard? ugh

  38. Jeremy says:

    I believe that I saw in Amy Huzienga’s depo. that she mentioned that one of Casey’s excuses why they couldn’t move into Hopespring drive was because there was a plumbing issue among other outlandish excuses. If that is the case perhaps Casey knew about what happened or was going to happen there and consequently did HAPPEN on the 1st of July and just maybe she used this as an excuse prior to it actually happening. Seems kind of suspect to me.

  39. Kathy says:


    I read this post about the plumbing emergency at the Anthony home a couple of months ago and tried very hard to find a reason to tie it to Casey. I couldn’t come up with anything that sounded logical until yesterday while watching Dr. Haskell testify about the decomp fluid on the papertowels. Casey left her car at Amscot I believe it was on June 27th. Could she have gone home before leaving her car there and tried to clean up the trunk with the papertowels? Knowing she couldn’t leave the papertowels in the trash because of the smell and also because Cindy would become suspicious,she flushes them down the toilet. 3 days later the plumbing emergency at the Anthony home. Just a thought I had after thinking about how she could have disposed of all those papertowels. She obviously left a few in the trash bag from Tony’s apartment probably so anyone who found her car would think the smell came from the garbage. Am I way off base here? Your thoughts on this?

  40. StarM says:


    thanks – that truly explains alot. Cindy Writing My Caylee is missing on the 3rd of July. not calling LE until the 15th/
    Now cindys trying to befriend casey and make money off Caylee!

  41. StarM says:

    Blink someone needs to call out juror # 3. She said the day of the verdict she was sick and crying. But a pic after the verdict she is still happy laughing. Was she still sequestered on July 5?

    Also Jose baez was so happy hrs before the verdict. He had to have known!!!! The verdict!

  42. StarM says:

    Blink, is LE going to pursue George and Cindy? I hear no way.. what do u think?

    George no, Cindy very possible.

  43. StarM says:

    Cindy for perjury or covering a crime?

  44. StarM says:

    Blink can cindys mom go to feds and get them to try her? Lee prob won’t.


  45. StarM says:

    I really want something done. I know the Feds Dont Like Casey she lied to them was rude smartA/ they know she killed her daughter.

    Do you think they will go after her?

    & what happens if the Jurors who reluctantly withdrew their verdict come forward say they were bullied into not guilty?


  46. annetteaa1 says:

    This story make them ALL look guilty to me… guilty of a cover up maybe more … This points the finger (middle) as much at George and Cindy as it does Casey along with conspiracy charges to me …

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