Caylee/Casey Anthony Trial: Casey Pal Rosalie Martinez Bolin- Mitigation Coordinator And Abominable Parenting Sympathizer

Pinellas County, FL– Throughout the first week of jury selection, we got our first glimpse of Casey Anthony’s new mitigation specialist and BFF, Rosalie Bolin.  She is the wife of convicted killer and rapist Oscar Bolin, currently awaiting execution on death row. 

I could not think of a better way to sum up Ms. Bolin’s background, than to let her own daughter tell you. Katherine Martinez, one of four of Rosalie’s daughters she relinquished custody of to marry Oscar Bolin, made a documentary about it, while attending FSU. 


Oscar Bolin, in eight seperate trials, has been convicted of the rapes and vicious murders of Natalie Holley, Lyn Matthews, and Stephanie Collins.

While Ms. Bolin through tears, tells her adult daughter that she “started something and you have to finish what you started”, it appears that concept did not apply to her parenting of 4 small children because she thought “they had people around that love them.”

That’s not all.  Rosalie Bolin is the owner of Criminal Specialist Investigations, Inc, and is currently suing the State of Florida to get paid in a case where the judge called her work as a mitigation coordinator “overpaid”.  She recently won an appeal to quash that order, and is seeking funding from the JAC.

That would be the same JAC distributing the state’s funds for the defense of Casey Anthony.

Defending the State’s position on the issue, is none other than Terence M. Lenamon, former counsel to Casey Marie Anthony.

The irony is rich, once again.


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  1. Midwest Mom says:

    Well you have always provoked my thought process even when we don’t agree, but NO I thought you were getting angry with me!

    It was your “it’s in the docs” got me thinking that “I never said” gonzales was in the doc.. That was my oh wow moment

    I am never angry at a valid dissenting opinion that comes with links, in fact, I encourage it.

  2. Midwest Mom says:


    Last week when I googled ZF-G it appeared that her name had been copyrighted overseas in 2011, do you know if this is true?

  3. Wyks says:

    A Texas Grandfather …

    Very true, and I so agree with what you’ve posted. I appreciate Blink providing a place where so many caring folks like you and many others in here can post, helping as each is able.

  4. Ragdoll says:

    Midwest Mom says:

    May 16, 2011 at 6:10 pm

    Gotta link? LOL

  5. nana2 says:

    Got it.

  6. Midwest Mom says:

    this is the way it looks when you do a google search, I think it might me an advertisement for a copyright company- when you click on it, it has page has changed.

    zenaida fernandez gonzalez – © 2011 Copyright, Patent, Trademark …
    Partner Lawyers – Intellectual Property Monitoring Copyright, Patent, Trademark.. Email: / Shanghai IP 15000500312.

  7. whoknew says:

    Was just able to watch video. Great piece and prayers of continued strength go out to her daughters.

  8. Greg the Great says:

    Mommy dearest, wanted out of the marriage, out of being a parent. She used the killer as escape or shield, to be a mother. A Selfish woman.

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