NH Girl Celina Cass Body Found in CT River: Police Probe Focuses on Family Home And StepDad Wendell Noyes

Posted by BOC Staff | Celina Cass,Louisa Cass,Wendell Noyes | Tuesday 2 August 2011 12:04 am

West Stewartstown, NH-  Celina Cass, 11 year old Canaan Middle School Student and  basketball player with a luminous grin, was recovered from the Connecticut River this afternoon.

For nearly a week, the tight knit community of Stewartstown,  with a population under 1000,  held vigils for the shy tween, while over 100 police and  FBI agents dedicated unparalleled  manpower to the search for her.

At 10:30 this morning, the remains believed to be that of Celina Cass, were located following efforts to lower the Connecticut River, less than 1 mile from her home.

The sister of Keith and Kayla was removed at 5:30PM EST this afternoon.

Speaking on the condition of anonymity to www.blinkoncrime.com, sources inside the investigation have confirmed that electronic forensic evidence led to  Celina’s recovery today.

While Celina’s stepfather, Wendell Noyes, has not been named a suspect in her disappearance and subsequent death, ” Mr. Noyes’s previous mental diagnosis are a clear factor in this case.”

(Editors Note:  My quote in response to a request to analyze this case: Wendy Noyes is a creeper.  I would not let him look at an enemies kids yearbook.  This child went from images of an average child of her age, to  a blossoming young lady.  If you have anyone in the house, or periphery in the preceeding 72 hours of her disappearance  with any sexual issues, or fringe of same, this is your top tier priority.  StepMonster is worthy of further conversation, fyi.)

Mr. Noyes has a history of hospitalization, both voluntary and involuntary.  In a previous incident involving a former girlfriend and her family,  Noyes was arrested, and subsequently hospitalized as a result of an admitting resident finding that he was a paranoid schizophrenic.  During the criminal phase of this allegation, Noyes was classified as “Unfit to stand trial.”

Outside the Cass/Noyse residence this afternoon, following the announcement Celina was recovered,  Noyse appeared outside screaming and rolling in the lawn, necessitating his most recent psychiatric evaluation.

Requests for a comment or statement from the Cass Family have been unanswered at the time of this publication.

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  1. Riverpearl says:

    Having difficult time getting the 1st two links to post so I include their “description off of google search”…

    May Celina have justice in this new year …

    Family, friends celebrate Celina Cass’ 12th birthday …
    Jan 3, 2012 … On the second day of the new year, Celina Cass’ mother wanted to celebrate her.

    No answers, arrests in Cass case – NashuaTelegraph.com
    Dec 25, 2011 … A Colebrook man has donated and placed a headstone in the cemetery where
    11-year-old Celina Cass of Stewartstown is buried. The black …

    Lebanon, New Hampshire – December 13, 2011
    On the second Sunday of December every year, families who have lost a child gather for a candlelight vigil. This year in Groveton, N.H., the mother of Celina Cass took part.

    “Comforting, but it will never bring my baby back,” Louisia Noyes said.

    “It’s a tragedy to see what happens to our children. Sometimes we hear about what happens but it is easy to put it in a different place and not really face the facts about what’s going on in our own community,” said Cathy Brittis of the Child Advocacy Center in Lebanon, N.H.

    The Child Advocacy Center investigates crimes against kids, from frequent cases of abuse to more rare cases of homicide, and does outreach in the community.

    “We need to be teaching every adult in our community about their responsibility,” Brittis said.

    She says that educating the community as a whole about the dangers children face is key and she says currently not enough is being done. It’s a system she says is failing our kids.

    “It is something that we need to be doing as a society because our children are the most important things in this world,” Brittis said.

    And in the Northumberland Cemetery, there is a stark reminder: a new gravestone for Celina Cass. An 11-year-old whose life was cut short.

    “Cheerful, laughing, loved to dress up,” Noyes said. “Very positive, very beautiful.”
    Photo of new gravestone @ link,too

    A Christmas tree will decorate Celina Cass’ grave as her grieving loved ones await word on who will be called to account for the summer slaying of their sweet 11-year-old North Country girl.

    Her mother, Louisia Noyes, visited the grave last week to see the newly placed donated tombstone with Celina’s face exquisitely etched in black granite.

    “It’s hard, very hard,” Noyes said in a telephone interview. “I want my baby home for Christmas, and she won’t be.”

    Noyes plans to carry a small, decorated Christmas tree to Celina’s grave sometime today.

    “She deserves to have a Christmas tree,” Noyes said.

    It’s been a tumultuous time for Noyes and her other daughter, Kayla, coping with their loss and not knowing for sure who killed Celina. Stressed finances have added to her burden, as Noyes is starting over in Lemington, Vt., after splitting from her husband, Wendell Noyes.

    Noyes still works full time at Lads and Ladybugs Consignment shop in Colebrook. She is looking for another apartment after a disagreement with her landlord.

    “I don’t know how much more I can take,” Noyes said, emotion in her voice.

    Trying to come up with enough money for Kayla’s upcoming 14th birthday and to make a decent Christmas for her family weigh heavily on her mind. The usual bills still have to be paid.

    “I don’t think we’re going to have a Christmas,” Noyes said. “There’s no money.”

    Noyes does appreciate the emotional support provided by friends and the community.

    Jeannine Brady, who owns the consignment shop, encourages friends to send Christmas cards to Louisia in care of the shop, at
    154 Main St., Colebrook NH 03576,
    or to email her at Brady’s email bradybunch7@hughes.net.

    The support means a lot to her friend and employee, Brady said.

    “Louisia continues to be a victim, and she is struggling to make ends meet financially. She is trying the best she can to provide a happy environment for her other daughter,” Brady said.

    Noyes shares her apartment with former boyfriend, Mark Mullaney, an unemployed cook, and his adult son, Kevin Mullaney, who lived with the Noyes family in West Stewartstown at the time of Celina’s death.

    Brady said Noyes feels protected having Mark Mullaney with her.

    “I don’t think anybody can imagine how difficult it is for Louisia unless they have lost their own child,” Brady said.

    “Louisia struggles every day with the fact that Celina’s gone. Louisia wants desperately to have what she can’t have — and that is to have her back.”

    Last week, Noyes placed pink and purple silk flowers on her daughter’s grave, at Northumberland Cemetery. Celina’s final resting place is next to that of her maternal grandparents, just a few yards from the Connecticut River.

    “Last Christmas, we loved to go shopping,” Noyes said. “(Celina) picked out her own present, a Ninento BS video game she liked to play.”

    Wonderful memories, including Celina singing last year at a school program patterned on the “American Idol” TV show, help sustain her.

    Brady said Noyes and area people are frustrated there have been no arrests, but she believes authorities are following new leads.

    “There are new developments,” Brady said, “but none that can be discussed. Unfortunately for Louisia, a lot of things that develop involve people that she knows.”

    In the meantime, local children continue to place small gifts at a makeshift memorial near where Celina was found. Someone put a pumpkin there for Halloween.

    “The children are continuing to think about her,” Brady said.

    Wendell Noyes, who could not be reached for comment, was often seen walking around Colebrook after police impounded his truck shortly after Celina’s murder, Brady said. But Noyes has nothing to do with him, she said.

    Senior Assistant Attorney Jane Young wouldn’t say whether Mr. Noyes’ truck is still being held by the state. Young won’t say what caused Celina’s death, just that it was a homicide.

    On Wednesday, Young met with investigators in Twin Mountain, as she does every few weeks. “Investigators work on this case consistently,” Young said. “We have information coming in from different sources and determine what steps we will take.”

    Noyes said she thinks she knows who killed Celina, but can’t prove it. “I want them to catch the person who did this to my baby girl,” Noyes said.

    And when the killer is caught, Noyes wants the state to bring a capital murder charge.“I just want the person who did this to be punished,” Noyes said. “I want the death penalty.”

  2. Essay Kaye says:

    RE: Riverpearl says:
    January 17, 2012 at 3:40 am

    May Celina have justice in this new year …


    See link below. Son of mom’s former boyfriend, who was living at the house when Celina disappeared, has been arrested and held on unrelated charges.


  3. Essay Kaye says:

    It sounds like a grand jury is looking at the case (!) – see link below. Coincidence that Kevin Mullaney is still being held on unrelated charges? I didn’t realize he had such a criminal record. Caution: your heart will not help but break for Celina’s mom after you read this article from Monday’s Boston Herald.


    Just brutal.

    Thanks for posting Essay Kaye. Is it out of line to say that I feel strongly the decisions made by her Mother have absolutely cost her daughter her life? To then move back in with the unemployed father of a convicted felon, recently arrested?

    There has to be a parental takeaway here- Celina deserves that.


  4. re says:

    grand jury info continues today in boston herald..
    bostonherald.com wendalls mother testified and his brother..both thought that jane young was too harsh on them, i guess they forgot a young girl is dead…ooo..that was harsh..
    wendalls brother stated he was asked and did provide a dna sample..
    they said they went to ‘help’ and ended up badgered…
    my heart breaks for Celina…you are right… we have to be more aware of our decisions when our children are involved..its not about ‘me’, its about them while we are raising them…(off the soapbox…back to the clouds..)

  5. Riverpearl says:

    With ‘little information released of Celina’s case to public’ –
    grand jury did not return an indictment[!]

    Blink-what do you see happening now??

    Cold Case Update:

    Celina Cass – The 11-year-old New Hampshire girl was found in the Connecticut River in August 2011. She was last seen July 25, 2011, in her home in West Stewartstown around 9 p.m. Celina’s body was discovered wrapped in a blanket. The medical examiner ruled her death a homicide, but will not reveal how Celina died. A grand jury convened, and among the witnesses called was Celina’s stepfather, Wendell Noyes.

    ->The grand jury did not return an indictment.<-
    The investigation remains active.

    I really wonder if her COD is undetermined. That is a brutal mountain to climb.

    If not, If I were the prosecutor, I would call a public press conference, release that COD and any other investigative leads that would progress the case and ask the public for help.

    Something tells me Noyes mental faculties are also at play here.

  6. Liz NY says:

    Celina’s mother has only been told that Celina was ‘brutally killed’. I’m surprised that LE won’t even tell the mother the cause of death.
    Also, they ‘think’ they know who was responsible but there’s no proof.
    1 year anniversary is coming up. Let’s hope an arrest comes soon.


  7. Essay Kaye says:

    Article re search for Celina’s killer yields new information:


    Of note:

    * Step-father and mother had only been married nine months before Celina was murdered.
    * Step-father was diagnosed with schizophrenia in 2003.
    * Step-father and mother now involved in contentious divorce.
    * Celina’s sister usually slept in basement with Celina, but was at a sleepover the night Celina disappeared.
    * Step-father’s truck still has not been released by the police.
    * Step-brother’s truck was released by the police.
    * Step-brother now in prison for theft and forgery charges.
    * Step-father drives by mother’s house at least four times a day.
    * Mother is being evicted; doesn’t know where she will live.
    * Case is still active.

    Poor child. I hope she is in heaven looking out for her sister.

  8. Essay Kaye says:

    Suspect in Samantha Koenig’s murder last April in Alaska now a “person of interest” in the Celina Cass murder investigation. However, it appears that investigators are merely examining the possibility of a connection. I was unaware that the suspect in the Alaska case had sent a text demanding a ransom for Koenig, which her parents complied with pursuant to his instructions. Unfortunately, he had already killed Samantha prior to making the ransom demand. Hope there is a special place in hell for monsters like him!


  9. Ragdoll says:

    Clearly this man has something important to contribute. Why has his comments been left in moderation? I’ve read his post (left in moderation). Perhaps this is an oversight? I know it’s happened to me and I also know it was never intentional from your where you sit.

    I am asking BECAUSE, my dear friendLY, you are about the truth. You’ve been humble in admitting infinite times when you’ve been wrong or stood corrected. I admire you for that and it’s not an easy position to be in.

    Is there something in his posts that contribute or shine light to the truth of a missing child? Isn’t Celina’s disappearance and find her, the mission of this thread?

    I ask that you don’t redact or block this post. Your integrity stands for itself. Please, allow Celina to be the focus of this, not someone who holds a grudge. At least, hear him out. BOC KNOWS your heart and it’s a beauty. I feel discourage when someone is silenced unless he or she is simply trolling or wanna be startin something.

    The truth is NOT an opiinon and I know you agree, dear friendLY o’ mine. I’m not against you. God asks me to use discernment. I may not always agree but you ARE someone who brings hope to many, with your writing, resources….and advocate warrior heart. Please receive this knowing it was posted with deep respect and love.

    I read this 3 times and could not for the life of me figure it out- I had no clue what or who you were talking about.

    Celina Cass is not missing. She was murdered and recovered- the focus of the investigation remains with her stepfather and one other.

    There are no posts in moderation by anyone in this thread, in the Celina Cass case, by any man in need of contributing anything.

    Then I clicked on the link. Really?

    Although it looks like you may not have spent much time on it because that individual running around the web alternatively impersonating my sites, stalking me and infringing on my copyrights among other things has absolutely nothing to do with Celina Cass’s murder. You are right, I have both asked for forgiveness when I err, and I have given it freely when other’s (you) have asked for it when the issue is “pure.”

    This is not that. But before you think you need to apologize to me for getting it wrong, no need.

    As you are aware, I have worked several cases in a professional capacity to include missing persons cases that have resulted in locating the targets (victims) and successful or pending prosecutions of same- as a direct result. I respectfully think that qualifies me as the one that should get the benefit of the doubt and the firm scrutiny of anyone whose agenda does not acknowledge that but instead aims to sabotage.

    So with much love and respect you just associated him in a case that has nothing to do with him, in a post about me holding comments I am not, IN ANY CASE, about information that is UNTRUE authored by someone, and I underscore the word


    who has subsequently changed his story from what he posted here, which he was allowed to do as posted at his request- to what now appears on other sites.

    FrinedLY, I have earned the right to to protect my work, my name, against malice and respectfully sometimes you just have to know a con job with a warped agenda and let LAW ENFORCEMENT and my attorneys handle it, and I have.

    So to your point about opinions not being truth- you got that right. So I have to ask- why would you bother to waste your preciousness and advocacy on some smear hater site in the first place?

    You know what force is at work there, right?

  10. Ragdoll says:

    My deep apologies, friendLY. I completely understand if that post remains in mod.

    Wisdom comes, but slowly. I think I do the right thing. I need to give these things much more consideration. Don’t mind me….I’m on a long journey of transformation, gaining wisdom and talking much less ;)

    Nope, I just responded. As a part of my internship I am working very hard at practicing non-violent communication ( Marshall Rosenberg). I don’t always win that battle, but that is part of my journey to gain wisdom as well.


  11. Ragdoll says:


    “So to your point about opinions not being truth- you got that right. So I have to ask- why would you bother to waste your preciousness and advocacy on some smear hater site in the first place?”


    friendLY, I’ve NEVER professed to be perfect or on track. I didn’t find it to be a waste of time, when my motive was about the truth. I was simply putting myself in his shoes and trying to understand what his so called mission is, regarding this case. I simply wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt. That being said, I never once thought you were dishonest, disrespectful or acting irrationally. You know more about this dude, obviously. Something inside me wondered WHY is he challenging you and does he have something that needs to be brought to light. What if it could help Celina? Putting you on the spot wasn’t part of the plan..but of course, hindsight is 20/20 and I see it looks like I did. My apologies proceed my humility.

    He is obsessed on being angry and bitter whilst venting, daily, on his temper tantrum blog. I can’t imagine his day to day life, living with variables that weigh your heart and spirit down. It’s not a good quality of life.

    Anyways, I thank you for taking the time to explain your side and help me understand. I know AND appreciate you are a busy gal. I realize I was on the wrong track. I posted knowing full well I would be put in my place, but it was worth the risk. I say that because you’ve explained with clarity and conviction, while maintaining an agreeable, hospitable tone.

    I won’t keep you from the issues that truly matter. Soldier and souljer on, friendLY xo

    Here’s to wisdom! ~clink~ xo

  12. Ragdoll says:


    You know what force is at work there, right?


    I do now. World’s oldest strategist. Steal. Kill. Destroy.

    Yep. Appreciate you checking that out FriendLY

  13. Marie says:

    WMUR reporting stepfather is being charged with second degree murder of Celina.

  14. SusanNH says:

    Just heard on the 5PM news Wendell Noyes has been arrested today for second degree murder of Celina Cass. News crews are on the way to Stewartstown now.

    Thank you Jesus!!!
    And thank you Susan for postin

  15. SusanNH says:

    Mother of girl found dead in 2011 speaks about ex-husband’s arrest
    Wendell Noyes charged in death of Celina Cass


  16. SusanNH says:

    LANCASTER, N.H. —A hearing is planned on whether a New Hampshire man accused of murdering his 11-year-old stepdaughter five years ago is mentally competent to stand trial.


  17. SusanNH says:

    No justice for Celina.
    Wendell Noyes was not competent to stand trial and his competency can’t be restored.


    I am not surprised at all. I will save my diatribe about the draconian system of NH because under statute- I do believe that finding is proper. Crazy (floabw) scumbag pervs kill and rape little girls as a result of their bat-shitness all the time. I apologize in advance for what will likely seem harsh considering Celina’s Mom’s loss- but Wendell Noyes to not go cray cray in a vaccum. There was substantive evidence he was in serious need of psych help and intervention and Ms. Cass had/has her own issues that got in the way of effectively and protectively parenting Celina. I do not say that in judgement, I say that in despair for innocent kids who’s parents put them at risk.
    Noyes is never going to be free- but who will champion the lesson to this community? May your sweet little lady soul rest with God Celina.

  18. Re says:

    Recent news in Celinas death. The stepfather has been deemed incompetent to stand trial for her murder. Other facts were released this week regarding evidence found and information obtained from an inmate who spoke with stepfather. I am heartsick that there may be no justice for Celina . That poor baby .

    Link to Re’s comments:

    I would like to know what Mullaney knows. Poor baby is right.

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