Kyron Horman Exclusive Report: New Suspect And Botched Investigation Rumors Abound- Terri Horman Prepares To Fight For Couples Daughter Following Seclusion

If you are reading this and have followed the Kyron Homan disappearance coverage since he vanished from Skyline School on June 4th 2010,  you know my coverage and commentary has focused on the macro analysis of the case details- both publicly available and via developed sources.   This report contains newly released information known to law enforcement.  It’s contents, to include reader commentary and moderation response,  may not be reproduced or copied without express written consent by it’s author  in accordance with applicable copyright law.


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Last Week’s Meet And Greet

On Tuesday July 30th, the attorneys representing Terri Moulton Horman,  Kaine Horman and Desiree Young attended a series of case hearings.  Not held in chambers as announced, but public guests were barred.

On the docket- Desiree Young’s “stay” status of the $10 million dollar civil tort action brought against Terri Horman and the dissolution (divorce and custody) litigation brought by Kaine Horman, Terri’s estranged husband.  Until July 26th, there were additional hearings and status conferences scheduled for the recently renewed Freedom From Abuse and Protection Act  (FAPA) motion to contest and compel depositions in the restraining order prohibiting Terri Horman from contact with the couple’s daughter Kiara, now 5 years old.  Horman has not seen her daughter since June 2010 despite several attempts through counsel to arrange parenting time.    Engel, one of the attorneys representing Kaine Horman, argues that the FAPA case is consolidated with the divorce action, and therefore stayed.

Peter Bunch, counsel for Terri Horman, argues that there is no consolidation order.

Non attorney’s still do not understand how the initial proceeding to renew the FAPA order occurred when the plaintiff failed to file the required motion and accompanying affidavits in advance as required, or even serve the respondent’s attorneys until ordered to do so by Judge Henry Kantor once the hearing commenced.  Kantor ordered the renewal anyway.  I will let the goodly Oregon bar members weigh in on that anomaly.

That was then.  This is now.

As of July 31st, the FAPA restraining order was expired and a civil no contact order was put in its place.  The dissolution matter (divorce) stay has been lifted and Desiree Young announced she was instructing her attorney’s to withdraw the $10 million dollar suit financed by public donations.

On the same front steps where Atty Rosenthal announced that they were launching the suit to peel the onion that is to include law enforcement, and to “make Terri Horman talk” was withdrawn in similar fashion.

However, on this occasion,  Multnomah County District Attorney Rod Underhill was not spotted on the steps observing.   Rosenthal and Young indicated the recent appearance and testimony of former object of compulsion to testify, DeDe Spicher, as well as information that the investigative case file necessary (their words) to prove their claims would not be forthcoming.  In an article analyzing the suit appearing on BOC it was predicted that Ms. Young would face possible countersuit and associated fees should the suit continue as filed.

Attorneys for both Kaine and Terri appeared before Multnomah County Circuit Family law Judge Susan Svetkey on August 1, 2013.   Judge Svetkey is Houze’s wife.  The docket information for that hearing has not yet been entered into the file as of this publication.

The only comment about the withdrawal of the civil tort action by Stephen Houze:

“The lawsuit was unfounded and lacking in legal merit,” Houze said. “One can only hope that the dismissal of this meritless lawsuit receives the same degree of media scrutiny as was given to its filing.”

 In recent interviews, Kaine Horman has intimated that his wife has expressed her desire to help find Kyron, or at least contribute to excluding herself as a possible suspect.  He also admitted that he no longer has any communication with Desiree Young, Kyron’s mother.   He sometimes wonders what law enforcement is actually doing on his son’s case.   This is a firm departure from how Mr. Horman initially retained his six figure attorney Laura Rackner of Gearing, Rackner, and Engel & McGrath.   Ms. Rackner appears to have promulgated her duties of late to her partner, Brett Engel.

This all seemed to start when formidable and well known tort Attorney Mark Wagner came out of retirement to appear as counsel for Terri Horman.   Wagner and Rackner know each other, and Rackner is no stranger to LE –based dissolution entanglements.

In fact, Wagner represented her and her previous firm successfully.

Bagel Finagle

Kaine Horman’s attorney Laura Rackner is no stranger to law enforcement infused litigation.  She is a former prosecutor for Oregon’s department of Justice, The U.S. Department of Justice, and Office of Chief Counsel.  Ms. Rackner has specificity in Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) casework.

Born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Laura received her B.S. in 1979 and her J.D. in 1984, both from the University of Oregon.

Prior to entering private practice, Laura served as deputy district attorney in the Marion County District Attorney’s Office; assistant attorney general in the Oregon Department of Justice; and on the staff of the U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Chief Counsel, Drug Enforcement Administration.

Record Scratch.

Martin Rob Cagan, The bagel king and according to him, a supreme target of a police shakedown at the hands of his former spouse’s attorneys was the litigious sort.

In fact, this may be how Atty Wagner decides to come out of retirement and become part of Terri Horman’s defense team while the civil suit was active.

Wagner’s firm represented Ms. Rackner in a suit filed by  Rob Cagan in which he sued the Dueshete Police Department,    A partner in the firm representing Caroleen Vanhoomissen, the suit (or ramblings of a very angry divorcee) alleges that the firm and its lawyers facilitated the difficulties of Mr. Cagan utilizing law enforcement sources directly by the attorneys was dismissed.

Ms. Vanhoomissen, the sister of Judge Vanhoomissen is also the owner of a horse farm in Bend, Oregon.  Blinkoncrime was unable to verify if it was the Bend horse farm searched in the early days of the investigation for Kyron.

Attorney Rackner’s prior working relationship with the DEA, the very agency that supplied the undercover officer in the failed sting involving Horman landscaper Rudy Sanchez begs the question- Did Rackner use her contacts and/or credentials to facilitate a surreptitious ruse to gain favor for her client in anticipation of his wife’s potential arrest?

Kaine is on record that law enforcement informed him they had probable cause to arrest Terri.  What is not on record, is what came first- the referral to Rackner.

I just  want to do what I can to help law enforcement

Seems like an odd comment coming from a family attorney with a background as a prosecutor working with the DEA,  which agency subsequently becomes involved in the case- or initially led to her representation- the chicken or the egg facts remain unclear.


The ex parte and originally sealed restraining order did not exclude Terri Horman from the marital home.  Was this an oversight of a very seasoned family attorney or was the basis of the now defunct restraining order as provided to Kaine Horman and Laura Rackner by law enforcement effectively invalidated by Terri Horman calling 911?

Is the reason that Atty Engel seems to have taken over representation of Kaine Horman due to the fact that these actions could render Ms. Rackner a witness in her client’s case as opposed to his Attorney?

In the motions and subsequent hearing scheduled for July 30th, the only available arguments outside of the parties agreement is to contest the basis for the FAPA order- or, the allegation Kaine Horman has made within his affidavits more than once, that his wife tried to hire “our landscaper” to kill him, and that she is being investigated for “violent crimes.”

The outcome?

The order was converted to a civil no-contact order which has not yet been added to the file for public review.

Desiree and Kaine’s respective camps both claimed “protecting the integrity of the investigation” was their only interest although the ONLY 2 witnesses who were summoned for deposition by Terri Horman’s lawyers were- the lead investigator of Kyron’s investigation for 18 months- Bobby John O’Donnell and Kaine Horman.



Back To School

Skyline School, the International Baccalaureate candidate who announced the IB open house format weeks earlier via take home handouts to its students and also by displaying the event on its marquis has never been declared a crime scene.  Although in nearly every legal support brief or news coverage article Terri Horman was dubbed “the last person to be seen with Kyron Horman” or more recently by Desiree Young as “Kyron was last seen by someone who cared about him at 8:45 am” absolutely no witness account or Science Fair insider was known publicly to dispute such accounts.

Until now.

“Once I learned all that was going on that same day, in that same school, I did not understand why I was being told that Terri Horman was the suspect, and one other person… It never made sense to me that they knew Kyron was seen with someone else besides his stepmother after she left, that they seemed to not even consider another theory.”  (*Editor’s Note*- parts of the source’s quote have been redacted as they would reveal identity of witnesses in an ongoing criminal investigation)

Electric Slide?

Sometime after Terri Horman left the school with her daughter Kiara in tow, she was captured on store video prior to Kyron’s exit from Skyline School.   It is believed Kyron was last seen between 9:05 and 9:20 AM.

The following is a summation of multiple direct witness accounts, edited to protect witness identification only.

“…He must have been standing behind me because I only recall hearing him ask if the boy could help him bring some stuff in from his truck.  I thought it was (edited) until he looked up at him and then he looked at Ms. Matthews for approval and she nodded her head yes in response.  They walked out of the South entrance together and I do not recall seeing either of them again.

Classroom 1 Property of

(Editor’s Note: It is believed that Desiree and Kaine’s comments about concern that instruction they gave him last year about listening to staff “came back to haunt them.”  They have never acknowledged they were told about this witness account but a source close to has confirmed they were informed but not given a witness description. has confirmed the EXIF data on the image includes the timestamp of June 4 2010 at 8:43AM PST.

Backstory OR Backdrop?

Among the peers of Kyron Horman in attendance on June 4th, were some children whose parents may have been granted access via the open house format, although documents filed with the school and LE would preclude the parents from removing them.

In fact, the mother of a chief witness in this case was arrested that very day for attempting to fill a script that did not belong to her, in a pharmacy that Terri Horman allegedly also visited that morning.

Another child whose parents lost custody due to very long histories with substance abuse and associated criminal behavior had the additional possible misfortune of closely resembling both Kaine and Terri Horman.

Non Custodial Parent Red Long Hair

It is unknown whether either parent took the opportunity to visit the school that day, but they were not included on the published list.  While barred legally from removing their child from the school they could not be barred from a publicly announced invitational.  There was no ID checks or sign-in sheets for non-volunteer guests.

In an unrelated twist, the child’s Father was found deceased in front of a Portland residence in April 2012.   The name of the child and Kyron’s schoolmate, guardians and parents are being intentionally withheld for this article.

Sovereignty In lieu Of..

Among the many unanswered questions in Kyron’s disappearance:  Why hasn’t the school been held accountable?  He disappeared on their watch- with a concise standard of care duty and plan.

What really happened?

There is no dispute that Kyron had an exchange that resulted in a teacher nodding her approval that Kyron assist a man in his stated purpose- to bring things in from his truck.   There is no dispute that Kyron was last seen at Skyline School.  There is no dispute that both Kyron’s parents expressed concern that last year’s discipline involving instruction on being a better listener may have come back to haunt them.  They said so.

What may be in dispute, for sure, is how accurate the list of attendees at the Skyline School of June 4th, 2010 is.

As an example, one witness told Editor In Chief, S. Christina Stoy that a young male former student said hello to Susan Hall and when asked by a parent who the lad was a few days later, she said she was not sure.  He is NOT on the list.

When another parent subsequently asked Ms. Hall who the student was following Kyron’s disappearance to verify he was on the published list- she responded she could not remember.  Ms. Hall was the Skyline Administrative staff who contacted 911 upon speaking to Terri Horman and learning Kyron was not on the bus.  Hall subsequently contacted Desiree Young.  She did this while the Horman’s were on their way back to the school to see if Kyron might have thought he was being picked up that day as opposed to riding the bus or some other sort of snafu.

According to the MCSO, the school records that could assist the investigation were never requested to be preserved by investigators and as a result were deleted.

So why was the Skyline School never named as a defendant in the previously pending litigation filed by Kyron’s mother Desiree Young?

The reason may lie in the recreational designation utilized on June 4th, 2010.

According to the National Policy and Legal Analysis Network (napl) it may be a simple question of whether Kyron disappeared during the “recreational” portion of the program.

Napl’s guidance to lawyer’s advising Oregon schools can be read here.  Although the overall plan is relative to an obesity initiative, it would include research and advice on any school recreational or regularly scheduled event.  Please tell me Cogen does not factor into this.

The following are excerpts from the report:

…”Absent special liability protection, school districts and other providers of recreational facilities have the legal duty to take reasonable precautions to prevent injury. What is reasonable is very context specific and depends on many things: most important, the nature of the harm, the difficulty of preventing it, and generally accepted standards in the management of recreational facilities…”


…” The only immunity Oregon grants to public bodies, which include school districts,2 is discretionary government immunity.3 Discretionary government immunity applies to choices “among alternative public policies by persons to whom responsibility for such policies have been delegated.”4 To fall under the protection of this doctrine, Oregon courts have said, the choice must result from the exercise of judgment and involve a public policy or nonroutine day-to-day activity.

…” In summary, Oregon immunizes schools for policy choices its officials make, but it holds schools liable for breaches of duty that occur in carrying out those policy choices…”

…” The recreational user statute should therefore provide strong protection to Oregon schools seeking to avoid liability arising from after-hours outdoor recreational programs on school grounds. Applying this statute to indoor recreational activities, however, is much riskier, although the case law does not preclude such a strategy.


Regular School Day- Changes Things


…” In Oregon, schools owe students a duty to “supervise at all times the conduct of children on school grounds and to enforce those rules and regulations necessary to their protection. . . . The standard of care imposed upon school personnel in carrying out the duty to supervise the conduct of students is that degree of care which a person of ordinary prudence, charged with comparable duties, would exercise under the same circumstances.”37


Is the issue of liability to Skyline School relegated to what time Kyron was abducted, presuming he was abducted, as is believed?

Very possibly.

As we know, the school opened early the morning of June 4th, 2010, as was displayed on the school’s marquis at least 2 weeks prior.    Without particular knowledge of when the suspect responsible for Kyron’s disappearance entered the school, and under what auspice, one is left to the timeline of Kyron’s activities as juxtaposed with the start of the school day.   As a regular standard of care, one could argue that begins with a student getting on the bus, if a passenger, on their regular route.  What if a bus passenger is attending the “event” outside of the bus transportation?   Admittedly, it seems moot inasmuch as neither one of Kyron’s parents have filed suit against the school or named them as having any negligence or liability.  That said, it remains a possibility in the event Kyron is found.

There is no question Kyron was seen after 8:45AM- which is the time that a regularly scheduled bus arrives- which would ring the bell, so to speak, on the normal school day.

To be Continued:

Roid Noise And The Boys In Blue-  Publishing Thursday August 8.  Preview Discussion Tonight on THE DANA PRETZER SHOW.

Ellie Sanders contributed research to this report.

Jacqueline Beaufort, contributing editor

Image retouching courtesy of Klaasend


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  1. Rose says:

    missed the show notice. grateful for a link to replay when available.

    My bad, editing until the clock striked motorcycle ( iphone users laughing)
    Podcast is up, but here is link:

  2. Acorns says:

    Blink, I am so thankful for the work you have done for dear Kyron. I got so deep into this case I had to stop as I was becoming obsessed. I never believed Terri did this and argued with many over this. I stopped participating in all forums as I just couldn’t take the nastiness that came out of people over this case. Thank you for bringing these facts to light.
    Question; Knowing that LE has this same information, how could they allow such punishment of Terri regarding the visitation and custody of her daughter? If another man was seen leaving the building with Kyron, and they allowed uncorrected false allegations that Terri was the last person to see him, this needs to be front page news. With what I have read here today, I believe the same as I did in 2010, that this was a case about retribution. A man asked the only child who ended up missing to help him remove things from his truck and Kyron was never seen again. As if there weren’t enough unbelievable strange twists already in this case.

    I don’t have an easy answer Acorns. I am pretty adamant that the facts that I have verified, and in some cases withheld from publication in the hope that LE would become strategic in progressing leads, absolutely implicate someone other than TMH.

    Does not mean she was not culpable in some way- but I have never seen a shred of evidence that she was, and recent events seem to be in line with that. There is simply no disputing that Kyron left out of the South entrance and was seen.


  3. Rose says:

    Interesting info.
    Imo no reasonable juror who had ever attended a child’s school science fair during school hours after the 8:45 bell
    would accept the “recreational” argument, even if attendance was proven not required.

    I think the problem or argument would be in the front end, before it ever reached the jury Rose. Sovereignty, or immunity (GOVT) is pretty much legal draino.

  4. A Texas Grandfather says:

    Good article B

    I have always questioned why the school personnel were not extensively interviewed by LE. They should have been required to keep all records of sign-in and photos that may have been available. All the children in the classroom should have been interviewed by a person trained to interview children. Some children can remember much more than the average child of that age.

    This was an open event published to the community and IMO the school should not be allowed to be irresponsible regarding guests known or unknown. The teacher allowed a small child to leave her presence with a person she did not know? That is beyond foolish in this day and time.

    The other thing that appears to be a problem is the large community of drug users in the area. This produces a lot of crime and other issues.

    I personally do not think Kyron will be found. The only hope is to identify the person he went with to unload the truck. Time erases memory in many people. The longer this remains unsolved, the harder it will be to solve.

    Good show with Danna tonight. His comment about Phillis Diller was on the mark. However, she passed away about eight to ten years ago.

    TY-It breaks my heart, and simultaneously infuriates me. I agree with you that Kyron’s only chance of recovery is due to a suspect confession or an inclusion to another crime. I have no faith at present in this agency.

  5. Rose says:

    Is that Sci Fair visitor identified?
    He looks like a robotics coach (see pic in this article of a typical group):
    Saw the parent sponsor (Eflick?) at Skyline was trying to offload her robotics equipment & job last spring.

    Which? The gentlemen in the image is not SZ, and yes, I know who he is- cleared.

  6. Bumble says:


    I think the horse farm was in Banks, OR.
    Yes, but there was one searched in Bend as well. I can’t say if the locations were poi or information specific, however.

  7. Sunshine_4me says:

    I am speechless Blink.

  8. Rose says:
    “LEGO Robotics Competition
    Two Skyline teams competed in the FLL Lego robot tournament at ***Intel Jones Farm. ***
    This year the theme was “Senior Solutions” which involved the sudents thinking about problems that older people have. The competition involves 4 sections, programming the lego robot to compete challenges on a 8ft x 4ft table, teamwork challenge, technical interview and a project presentation. Both teams did very well.
    Rookie Team Jeikles (Laurence Bristol, Eli Gottsacker, Erika Miller, Jackson Jones, **Kurtis Villarreal, **and Isaac Nuxoll- Portland Village School) won the Project Award and Team Dragonz (Aaron Tyrell – Sylvan, Elliott Elfick, Walter Williamson, Christopher Elfick) qualified to go to the State Competition in January.”

    Dec 2009 @ Intel Campus Hillsboro #2826 p2 says “Skyline”.
    Did the family take Kyron to observe & enjoy?
    Did Kaine mention the SF to anyone at Intel?

  9. Nantucketjen says:

    So who is this man? Someone has to know. Why would a teacher give approval for Kyron to LEAVE the school and help carry things in if she didn’t know who this man was? My heart breaks for Kyron and all who love him. I think of him often.

  10. SouthernMom says:

    Thank you for your dedication to this case. It is such a relief to have long suffering gut feelings validated with so many verified findings. Mostly, thank you for keeping Kyron as your “soul” focus.

    Off to listen to the podcast…

    Prayers for Kyron and his family.

  11. Gwen says:

    Blink, I just realized that my subconscious has been holding on to the idea that this baby is still alive. I burst into tears at this witness statement:

    “…He must have been standing behind me because I only recall hearing him ask if the boy could help him bring some stuff in from his truck. I thought it was (edited) until he looked up at him and then he looked at Ms. Matthews for approval and she nodded her head yes in response. They walked out of the South entrance together and I do not recall seeing either of them again.

    Thank you for this update.

  12. SouthernMom says:

    Ms. Porter retained counsel immediately…why hasn’t her name come up in any of these proceedings, accusations, etc.?

  13. T. Ruth says:

    Wow, will have to read again manana. (wish I had a tilde) Lots of things to look at. Finishing some nice wine after dinner tonight, and want to make sure I’m all there! Thanks B. for being brave enough to put something out there.

  14. Panda says:

    Wow! Lots of information! I missed these interviews…is there a link?

    In recent interviews, Kaine Horman has intimated that his wife has expressed her desire to help find Kyron, or at least contribute to excluding herself as a possible suspect. He also admitted that he no longer has any communication with Desiree Young, Kyron’s mother. He sometimes wonders what law enforcement is actually doing on his son’s case.

    Not handy Panda but it is on this site- it was a radio show, iirc, taped on the anniversary or close to the 3rd anniversary of Kyron’s disappearance.

  15. GraceintheHills says:

    Blink and all, the unidentified witness who thinks the man and Kyron were behind her/him, and the teacher who gave permission for Kyron to go outside with this man should have been able to provide a composite sketch. Additionally, I find it extremely odd that a teacher would allow a child to leave the school with someone she does not know. I think it is possible Ms.Matthews was able to identify this man. It could be that this man has been cleared. Again, we just don’t know what LE knows.

    Yet, this info does seem to dovetail with Desiree’s questioning why Kyron would be “outside by the truck” at that time. My understanding is that no witnesses saw Kyron leave school grounds with anyone that morning.

    ATG, I believe all the school personnel, delivery men, and contractors that were at Skyline that day were interviewed.

    The problem with the composite sketch is that he looked like several other men there that day, or even possibly before- it is my understanding that a few witnesses did describe him, but to your point LE was unwilling at the time to place any real significance on him as they were fixated on the theory Ky left with TH through some nefarious plan in which she appears to leave without him, etc.

    It was not until SHE verified her whereabouts and then further witness interviews developed – and now we are talking a week or 2 in, that SZ became a real possibility. It is the reason that we kept hearing the TH “and one other person”.

    It is a tad frustrating because I do have more info that I cannot disclose because it would identify a witness directly- I won’t do that.

    I agree with you that a composite sketch was only as good as asking those who saw him to help create one, and imo, LE saw this as a red herring for some time, and some STILL DO. In other words, there are those in LE who DO BELIEVE Ky gets outside somehow via this man, and could have then wandered off, or some other sort of scenario I can’t figure out. How that is possible, considering some of the witnesses were in that room long enough to confirm Kyron did not come back in- I struggle with.

    Bottom line- SZ has never been identified, nor has he been tied to anyone in the case that I am aware of and this appears to be a classic lure. Moreover, if LE was so sure that TH was involved, or was involved with one other- why was the FBI and various other LEO’s stationed in the brush and treeline areas of the school through the end of the semester? Their was an officer living with the Horman’s and they were under surveillance 24/7- who was it they were looking for?


  16. MockingbirdSings says:

    The very fact that Skyline did not schedule an approved late opening and change the bus schedule means the school day and the school’s responsibilities did not change for June 4th. The fact that they had an organized activity at 9 AM (meeting to tour the exhibits in small groups) also shows students were expected to be there. I challenge anyone to present a letter or email or memo that went to parents from the principal saying that children did not “technically” have to be present until 10 AM and letting parents know students would not be supervised before that time – not saying that SHOULD have happened, just saying the absence of such a letter is further evidence that the school’s responsibilities on June 4th did not legally change. I would also like to see the internal communications between principal and district regarding the schedule and plans for this day.

    The school was negligent by:
    1 – not taking attendance when the school day officially started at 8:45 AM (or reporting it at 9 if that was the usual procedure), but instead waiting until 10 AM (it should have happened both times for an event like this)
    2 – not identifying and accounting for all visitors by sign-in sheet, nametags, clear entrance and exit traffic patterns – things normally done on routine days

    Additional common sense actions which should have been taken:
    1 – determining how children would be monitored by adults and making that clear to students before the event
    2 – establishing hall monitors at key locations to watch for adults who had not signed in and for children walking around alone – monitors could have been regular parent volunteers, staff who did not have classroom responsibilities, or other approved volunteers familiar with the school
    3 – asking teachers to take attendance by 9 AM and again at 10 AM even if only one set of information actually went into the computer – very easy to do
    4 – reviewing the plan with the staff

    I have always wondered exactly what information MCSO wanted and was told the school had not saved. It could not be attendance of either kids or staff – those are required by the state and for payroll. I believe it was described as “log on” records. There are only 2 other things people would use that would leave records – building computers and phones which went through the district computer system.

    Nobody would know who used a particular phone if not witnessed, but I’m assuming there would be records in the district computer system of calls that were made to and from outside lines. That would only show as a district outside line, not from which extension. In the day of cell phones, it’s hard to think of someone using a district phone at a busy time like that unless it was a staff member or someone who didn’t want evidence attached to their own cell phone – or a student.

    As for PPS computers, it’s hard to see how one would have been used by anyone who wasn’t assigned or allowed to use it. Even if log on’s were not preserved, emails that were sent or received should have been. After I retired, my account was not deleted for some reason and when I applied a year later for an account so I could do part time work for the district, there it sat with over 900 emails. And yes, I read them all.

    So I keep wondering how this “missing information” would have helped – were they looking for some sort of connection between SZ and an employee? Or just fishing for whatever turned up? Was it all about whatever communications TH may have had with Miss Porter or anyone else at the school? If 2 parties are communicating, can’t you get what you need from EITHER party’s computer or phone if you can’t get both?

  17. Rose says:

    @Blink. I don’t think there’s immunity for a gross violation of their duty of care, and multiple violations of their own policies which in one case Keefer had put in a Newsletter someone up the chain of command had reminded him of (locked doors) and asked him to follow, so he was implementing. Parents sue school districts for special ed money judgments, physical injuries, employee abuse of children, etc.

    Where did Esther Matthews go to?

    If this pic was chosen because it is the soul (solidarity) male unidentified on the List, all I can say is he has worked with young children. Got down on the eye level & got the attention of 7 kids. Trained in a past life as an el ed teacher, day care, scouts. Not a coach demeanor tho. Maybe taught Sunday School to young ages. But he looks experienced.
    Know it was cold & rainy, but Porter thot zero about Kyron going out for the day, actually the weekend, without his coat. So why the big black down jacket with hood? Looks spiffy.

    I chose this picture for a few reasons. I know you know now the man you see is not SZ, lol. I was able to authenticate the EXIF data, the angle and height represents the SZ field of vision upon entry. It confirms that Ky did in fact, make it to the electrical one.

  18. erose says:

    I am livid, at the school, at LE and at the parents, in that order. On a teacher’s okay, Kyron was no doubt abducted by helping get things out of the truck for someone after TH left the school. The school, LE and the parents must be aware of this information. Their subsequent behavior so disgraceful I am beyond rational words. Blink, thanks for having the balls to publish this information.

    TY, and shout outs to Ellie and Jacqueline.

  19. Rose says:

    Sorry. I didn’t read back far enough. Packing & cooking for one of those 10 hr drives manana.
    I see he’s cleared.
    So the only visual known of SZ was a teacher who nodded OK.

  20. Rose says:

    It seems odd to me if they knew Kyron went out alone to a guy’s truck & never returned that all that manpower was misspent searching the school for him. The single most effective thing would be to call in Matthews that nite & get a sketch. And have her id every child she could remember in her room at that time. Then get descriptions from kids
    who saw him leave of who Kyron left with. It makes the flyer and poster energy seem silly too and all those trinkets.
    Cause if a man took him, and he was gone, he wouldn’t be seen again. It’s clear why tgey needed a school community meeting asapof all Sci Fair attendees to mutually process the guest males.
    This boils down to LE incompetence the first weekend and misdirection at the outset imo from acrimonious bios & spouse. Hoping I guess if she’d arranged it he mite not be dead. But if they knew if SZ early on, a hot light shoukd’ve turned on mcso.

  21. vw says:


    The “south” entrance is through the front doors to the school. The East entrance is to the parking lot that the busses would come in to, and a SZ leaving thru this door would have to walk past the main office. The NORTH doors, however are in the back of the school. One “north door” is in the middle of the school and would be between Kyron’s room and the Main Office. It leads to the playground, the basketball covered courts and some north parking spaces in front of an out building. Another NORTH door leads out to the same are thru the gym. A final north door, closer to the soccer field leads into the same areas thru the mechanical wing.

    A car could have been parked in that area once the 8:45 bell rang an might be unnoticed. The busses would have been gone by 8:45 and many parents would have left by then.

    I will send you some pictures of these doors.

    Thank you vw, I am aware, and I have pics of all the entrances and exits of the school. It was the North emergency exit door next to CR109.

  22. MockingbirdSings says:

    From Blink’s article –
    The following is a summation of multiple direct witness accounts, edited to protect witness identification only.

    “…He must have been standing behind me because I only recall hearing him ask if the boy could help him bring some stuff in from his truck. I thought it was (edited) until he looked up at him and then he looked at Ms. Matthews for approval and she nodded her head yes in response. They walked out of the South entrance together and I do not recall seeing either of them again.

    Trying to be sure I have this right – please correct if wrong, Blink. I know it’s difficult to combine accounts and also protect witnesses.

    “He must have been standing behind me” “He” meaning SZ, “me” meaning a witness (who was close enough to hear the voice of SZ)

    “I only recall hearing him ask” “I” = unnamed witness, “him” meaning SZ.

    “if the boy could help him bring some stuff in from his truck” “boy” meaning Kyron and sounding as though SZ did not use Kyron’s name, note “stuff” was in his “truck”

    “I thought it was (edited) until” “I” meaning the witness, “(edited)” meaning the (omitted) name of someone whose voice sounded similar to SZ but who was not standing there

    “until he looked up at him” “he” meaning Kyron, “him” meaning SZ

    “then he looked at Ms. Matthews for approval” “he” meaning Kyron

    So if we could un-summarize this paragraph and put it in the first person as though I were the one witness, it might read like this:

    I was standing within view of the south entrance and near Ms. Matthews. A man walked up behind me and asked [asked Ms. Matthews?] if Kyron could help him bring some stuff in from his truck. [coming “in” assumes something to contribute to the SF – since it was after Terri left, an actual exhibitor would have been running late or this took place shortly before 9 AM tours started].

    The voice sounded familiar to me [like someone who was well known around the school and would have been known by both Kyron and me] but when I saw Kyron’s face as he looked up at the man, I could tell (1) he didn’t know the man and I realized that meant it wasn’t who I had thought it was, or (2) he did know the man and responded with a look that was different from one you would give to an authority figure (teacher or principal) or complete stranger, (3) and/or was possibly surprised to be asked to help. [It seems to me the man and Kyron probably hadn’t walked very far together or discussed having Kyron help because Kyron would already have looked at the man while he was asking Kyron to help – so Kyron was likely in that area before the man. Did the man just come into the building? If so, I would have seen his face, since I was facing the south entrance. It seems more likely that the man had been inside and was headed out.]

    Kyron looked at Ms. Matthews for permission to help the man. I saw Ms. Matthews nod “yes”. [The man was not known as a school employee (teacher, custodian, principal, etc.) or Ms. Matthews’ permission would not have been needed by the man.]

    Once Ms. Matthews nodded, I didn’t feel a need to pay more attention and saw only the man’s back (and Kyron’s) as they came around me and walked out the door.

    Qu – Did we ever know which door Terri used to exit the building? With all the parents who were around, if SZ was a relative stranger to the building, wouldn’t he have made sure a child’s parent was gone before proceeding? Either he would have had to observe them come in together that morning and watched her leave (meaning he was around for a while) or have known who she was and waited to see her leave before going to find Kyron.

    If this was the truck someone saw Kyron near and that Desiree referred to as “he saw it all and was involved”, then who was doing the “it all” that he saw? (Not TH, it seems.) Is it possible that this had nothing to do with the Hormans’ at all? Could SZ actually have been trying to set up an exhibit and someone waited for him outside and threatened him or taken drugs or drug money from him – so that Kyron could not be allowed to tell what he witnessed? It appears that SZ did not come back into the building, but did Kyron leave with him, or with someone else who was a major problem for SZ?

    This whole idea may be totally off the wall, but it occurred to me that maybe the person who took Kyron wasn’t connected to Terri, but to SZ and possibly was there to find SZ, not for the science fair (not inside, not on the list). Could this “SZ, once removed” have thought Kyron was our original SZ’s son and taken him for “insurance” to keep him quiet about something – finding out that night that he wasn’t, and that he needed to get rid of him?

    I think I’ve been drinking too much iced tea. It just seems that if no one we know so far was smart enough to create a 100% foolproof plan, then we ought to think about who might have been dumb enough to screw something up so much that a logical person can’t follow and figure out what happened.

  23. sam hawthorne says:

    who is ms. mathews? parent, visitor, skyline staff?
    wow blink, speechless, you have ink in your blood, as my grandmother used to say! very nice article!

    was thinking that le didnt mind putting tmh truck posters up, didnt mind publicly asking people to tell if they knew her or dd’s whereabouts (if i remember right) but didnt once ask for publics help in anything about this man at all. what a difference that would have made!
    also i previously mentioned wouldnt there have been a scuffle in the parking lot? with an adult giving kyron the ok to help the man with the things in his truck i could imagine at the truck the man saying he had forgotten one thing, jump in and we’ll go and get it, or something similar. knowing to obey adults was right coupled with ms mathews nod would have left kyron totally in the mans hands.
    i am furious that not a shred of this was made public, the whole case and especially some of the publics response to tmh would have been so different. i am wondering if anyone will be asking for a refund of donations they made to kaine, not desiree.

    I would offer that imo, the publics response had they known about SZ is one of the very reasons LE has not made this public.

    “Investigative Strategy”?

  24. Sunshine says:

    is the man in the image with the children blurred out Suspect Zero?

    NO, parent and has been cleared.

  25. Sunshine_4me says:

    Were parents still bringing in exhibits the day of the fair? I wouldn’t think so but maybe Blink knows. I don’t understand why Ms Matthews gave the nod if all exhibits were all ready setup. Why would a parent be just bringing in an exhibit at about 9:15; why didn’t any alarms go off in Ms. Matthews head? Is Matthews more liable than Ms. Porter as others previously have cited as being remiss in her responsibilities of Ky?

    I’m so mad, so sad now having to accept the fate of Ky that I tried to push from my mind. I’m sorry Blink but up until now I didn’t want to believe you about your statements that you didn’t think Ky was no longer with us. Now I understand. But I don’t understand LE’s focus on TH when this information was known to them. And I further don’t understand even more so why a sketch of the SZ has yet to be released. A boy is missing and all I see in this case with this latest update by Blink is CYA all around.

    Now I am angry with the school system and their CYA legal lingo to protect them which I find to be BS. It makes me now realize that I need to look at my state’s law on the schools liability during such activities as well as be sure I am present at all of these.

  26. Tarheel says:

    Blink, can you tell us where Kyron was when the man asked if Kyron could help him get things out of his car? Was he at the “cool electric” display? Was Kyron put in a group in his class to tour the fair, or did he never get to his class?

    I can not believe that the information about Kyron leaving the building with this man was kept silent all these years. If I were Terri, and I had absolutely nothing to do with Kyron’s disappearance, I would sue everyone in sight.

    Ky was in the exact room pictured in the piece. The pic was taken prior to his entry into the room. To my knowledge, Ky was not seen inside the school again and was missing following being put into a group but prior to returning to the classroom where a classmate pointed out to Ms. Porter he was missing.

  27. Survivor says:

    @Blink – It confirms that Ky did in fact, make it to the electrical one.

    I’m confused. Is Kyron in this pic?
    No. The witnesses who saw SZ are, however.

  28. Tarheel says:

    Thank you, Blink. Now am wondering how the adult in charge of Kyron’s group did not realize he was missing until much later. How was she not involved in the decision of whether or not Kyron could help the man? Or, perhaps Ms. Mathews was the adult in charge of Kyron’s group. It amazes me how many adults failed poor Kyron on this day…Ms. Porter, his group leader, Ms. Mathews.

  29. first-time says:

    August 7, 2013 at 4:32 am – I would offer that imo, the publics response had they known about SZ is one of the very reasons LE has not made this public.

    “Investigative Strategy”?

    Botched investigation and LE/School/parents that went to CYA mode instead of doing right by Kyron. Sickening, maddening and almost unbelievable. I am outraged.

    PEOPLE OF PORTLAND and in particular the PARENTS OF SKYLINE SCHOOL – you’ve been done a great disservice, IMO. Please start making some noise and get your community involved in asking some tough questions. A dangerous predator nabbed a child from his school. Whether TH is involved or not (I personally believe she was not involved with the abduction – but may be periphally involved with SZ) there is s SZ out there – obviously hiding in plain sight, and maybe visiting your child’s school. I don’t understand the community’s inaction.

  30. Jeff D says:

    No where else does any of this appear for public consumption. I am amazed at the inadequacy of LE, PPS, WW, Olive, local/ regional news. For this lost soul, wherever he might be, it must be like those nightmares where one screams and screams but no one hears. Great job with persistent and relentless search for truth Ms. B…

    The only successful approach I have ever seen in re-setting the clock on a situation like this is to acknowledge the failures, and start over with the right assets and a clean slate. In fairness to LE, an investigation ramp up of this size is unmanageable by some of the best agencies in the country. I could have been ok with that for a while as long as the turnstyle of detectives did not keep revolving to solve the issue. I realize I am repeating myself, but who has a missing child, going on 3 years, and publicly states they believe the child is held up somewhere – is not stopping at LE or the DA on their way home from work everyday.

    Who fed these people the line that Ky is skipping through the daisies with some unknown people until such time as …
    Even is he was “secreted away” it would haunt my waking breath every second- I don’t get it. I don’t.

    Lastly- and it hurts my heart to say this, but having worked on mp cases privately with recovery as the outcome, and can honestly say that in my experience- I have seen more pro-action of parents with adult missing children then these two and for that reason one must question what they are being told, and why they tolerate it. This little man, sigh.


  31. patricia says:

    “…He must have been standing behind me because I only recall hearing him ask if the boy could help him bring some stuff in from his truck. I thought it was (edited) until he looked up at him and then he looked at Ms. Matthews for approval and she nodded her head yes in response. They walked out of the South entrance together and I do not recall seeing either of them again.

    I’m wondering if the witness statement was made by the group leader in charge of Kyron’s group. And I’m wondering if the group leader thought SZ was Kryon’s dad, until Kyron looked at Ms. Matthews for approval to go. I recall that SZ addressed Kyron by his name. If SZ looked like Kaine then it is possible that others didn’t even notice Kyron with him, because they thought he was walking with his own dad.

    On the other hand if Kyron left with this SZ between 9:00 and 9:15 and the witness was the group leader then she should have noticed that he never made it back to the group.

    Anytime I have been in charge of a group at any type of school function or field trip, I constantly counted heads.

    I’d sure like to hear Ms. Matthews account of what occured.

    patricia- witness is not group leader. In fact, I cannot confirm independently that Ky was placed in a group personally, or that the group leader was given a list to meet up with back at the classroom ( Porter).

  32. Tar Heel Gal says:

    I’m fairly certain I squealed when I opened BOC this AM and saw Kyron’s name in the headline. Ten minutes later, I sat, feeling like ice water was flowing through my body, numb and sickened. I was even drinking hot coffee (Tar Heel blend, hee) and felt icy. Like Gwen (comment #11), I burst into tears reading that witness recap of this innocent little guy being given permission to go by “Ms. Matthews”…I can’t even finish that sentence.

    And to think some of the best leads must have come from the little man’s peers, parents/staff, as witnesses in “that cool electric room,” and that information has been withheld at the cost of an unrecovered, missing cutiepie. How in the heck are these people sleeping at night after all these failures?

    Mistaken identity? Retribution to the Hormans or rutrow, somebody else? Druggies and more red hair, probably white trucks, too, good grief. Three years of denial, CYA and deceit. Somebody needs to man up, suck it up, and make this right, for Kyron and his mama, no matter what the cost to LE, the school system, or individuals.

    Rock on, Ms. Blink. Bless you for always holding the bright light, ma’m. If I ever mysteriously disappear, Tar Heel Guy knows to email BOC immediately. Can’t wait til Thursday, I’ll make sure my Tar Heel blend coffee is even hotter that day to combat my chilled blood. I’m going to go cry some more now…God Bless you, little Kyron, and may He be with your loving mama even more than ever.

    Hugs from NC

  33. Ode says:

    I thought it was (edited) until he looked up at him and then he looked at Ms. Matthews for approval and she nodded her head yes in response.
    I thought is was (edited)….Is this a reference to a person or is this something like…I thought it was weird? He looked up at him….is this saying Kyron looked up at him or the witness looked up at him? He looked at Ms. Matthews for approval….did SZ look for approval or did Kyron? Who did Ms. Matthews nod head to with yes in response? Did SZ have a black windbreak with hood on like the man in the picture? Did the witness and Ms. Matthews think SZ was the man in the picture taken 2 minutes before Kyron entered the room? Did he pull the hood up so Ms. Matthews could not identify exactly who it was?

    A truly meaty article again Blink. I enjoyed the show with Dana last night but I had to cringe for you when he asked you about the Zimmerman trial. You handled the response with grace and expressed so many of my own feelings. Loved the housewife’s zing back to Dana.

    The man in the dark jacket is a parent, cleared, not suspect zero. Kyron looked up at the request toward Ms. Mathews, and she nodded affirmatively. The two exited as I wrote.

    Oye on Zimmerman/Martin. I like to think that I learned that when my emotions are in the way of coverage, it is my sign not to cover it. Thanks for the kind words on the show, I am so fond of Dana and his work- but the NY housewives show is NOT on his DVR, lol.

  34. T. Ruth says:

    Couple of questions:

    Did SZ ask Ms. Matthews (librarian, IIRC) if “Kyron” could help him, or did he speak directly to Kyron without mentioning his name?

    Is that project, in the picture, “the cool electric one”?

    No confirmation on the name except the witness (s) believed it was an abbreviated version. She is not a librarian, she is a teacher. I don’t think without speaking to Ky that the display in the image was the one he was interested in seeing.

    Good questions

  35. patricia says:

    Maybe the group leader AND Ms. Matthews thought it was Kyron’s dad and that is why Ms. Matthews nodded that he could go.

    Group leader was unaware.

  36. first-time says:

    Just thinking about all the questions that the public was asked about that day:
    1. pictures of the Horman trucks/parking lots
    2. the list of attendees
    3. pictures of kyron (age progression)
    what else?
    BUT – NEVER one question about this man who was last seen with Ky? Were those at the science fair asked about whether they might have witnessed with regard to this man? Questions about who might have parked near HIS vehicle? Is there a generic description? Age? Weight? Height? Hair color? Clothing he was wearing? Glasses? Have these descriptors been given to science fair attendees to possibly spark a memory? Or has SZ been kept completely under wraps?

  37. January says:

    Thank you Blink, for going out on a limb and publishing all this new information. Great, great article and so much to digest.

    The quoted verbiage below doesn’t sound like it is spoken by a young child, but rather the language of an adult. Also, who is Ms. Matthews? A volunteer? A teacher? Did she go before the GJ, and if not why?

    “He must have been standing behind me because I only recall hearing him ask if the boy could help him bring some stuff in from his truck. I thought it was (edited) until he looked up at him and then he looked at Ms. Matthews for approval and she nodded her head yes in response. They walked out of the South entrance together and I do not recall seeing either of them again.”

    If my theory that the quoted witness was an adult, why in the heck does he or she care if their identity is protected? I have to believe if I were a witness to this exact scenario, I would not sit with my mouth shut letting three years go by without stepping up and saying “enough!” What a media turn out this witness would receive if he/she decided to go public with this information. Information that might turn this debacle around. I don’t get it.

    If the sketch matched several men at the fair, then LE should have spent several hours interviewing each one of them. So what if there were several people matching that description, at least it is somewhere to start for crying out loud. Sorry, I’m angry right now.

    I want to be clear in my communication on this issue- there are multiple witnesses and at no time, to my knowledge, did any witness withhold information in this case. There are legal reasons why some of this was HELD BY ME, including, but not limited to, verification that LE was aware, and the overall process that comes with releasing such information in an active case.

    I will say that there are reasons known only to LE about why they sat on it. Same with Ky’s parents.

    Again, I ask that readers take into consideration that I am very limited in my responses as I must tempter them with respect to protecting case sensitive information and privacy.


  38. Jeff D says:

    How uncanny the similar appearance of other parents…the kids that age appear similar…the men all fit similar descriptions…no one can say for sure who or what they saw….

    I did not publish the image of the deceased gentleman because it would lead to identification of the child, imo, but he absolutely resembles Kaine. To my knowledge, there is more than one witness who thought they saw Kaine at the school on June 3rd. Was not a close encounter and I have been able to confirm that he was not there. My first reaction was – was he casing the school or did he have the date wrong, etc?

    Prior to posting, I did a think tank review and asked for priority theory ( not fair to do that here until I publish the rest tomorrow) but the impact of the look alike issue and some other things I did not publish as they would be tantamount to an allegation and very inflammatory, was at the top of the list.

    Here’s my thing. If that scenario is in play, it knocks out SZ unless he can be tied in. My point in presenting information never before made public is that any reasonable person can see that alternative possibilities to TMH must be excluded, and I can say as a point of fact, they have not been.


  39. Tarheel says:

    Was the group leader a parent, a school employee, or just someone randomly placed with the class?

    SZ could possibly be the parent you mentioned in your piece that resembles Kaine so that could be one of the reasons why LE has not released the information (though even if that’s the case, I still don’t agree with that decision). He’s the parent found dead in April, 2012, I’m assuming. Do you know the cause of death?

    And wow…the redhead in your piece really does resemble Terri. Do you know of any connection between Kaine/Terri and the parents mentioned in your piece that resemble them?

    Outside of their children being schoolmates, and being acquainted in that regard, no.

  40. A Texas Grandfather says:

    There are many, many questions that pertain to school responsibility and safety of the children that appear to be unanswered.

    If parents were notified of the event and it was to take place during a regular school day, why were tour guides not provided with names of the children along with a count of how many were to be in the group?

    Why was it necessary for a classmate of Kyron’s to notify the teacher of his absence? She should have known which group he was assigned to and counted children from a position at the classroom door as they returned.

    This is the 21st century where video systems have become cheap. Why was there no system installed or working to monitor the hallways?

    Why were the parents not notified immediately when a rapid search of the building did not find him?

    This list could and should be run by the LE investigators, but it is not known if they did.

    What if the person asking for assistance to unload the truck really did not have a truck, but an automobile, van or SUV. Outside video cameras, if available, would have verified the vehicles in the parking areas.

    Why did LE become stuck on one track at the beginning? Why not ask the questions and take multiple tracks in the beginning and stay with at least two until evidence eliminated one or more?

    It appears that this school does not have sufficient controls in place to address the safety of the grounds or buildings. Maybe it has changed since Kyron’s disappearance.

    It has. It has a state of the art security system to include facial recognition software with live monitoring features.

    To my knowledge, outside of confirmation that Ky was standing near a truck similar to kaine’s, meaning white or light beige pickup, there is no independent witness account that Ky was seen leaving the property. School yes, property no.

    I remain unable to exclude a sophisticated offender.

  41. erose says:

    Didn’t mean to leave anyone out. Shout outs for sure. I want to know how the parents of the witnesses can be so quiet about this, although someone broke ranks for this story to be told to begin with. Not blaming them, just wondering how they can stay so quiet. I guess it’s because they want to protect their kids, and have been told to remain mute. I just don’t know if I could given all the misleading going on.

    How does Matthews sleeps at night? Not because she made a fatal judgment, but because she’s hiding behind an erroneous investigation. She knows better, and does nothing.

    Why were flyers of TH and DDS are distributed instead of the composite sketch of SZ. How does the media just change the time from about 9 am to 8:45 to protect the school district from liability, instead of reporting the truth, and protecting the public.

    How can KH and DY have this information and not want to know who this man was. How does the story of the doctor’s appt get floated if it had nothing to do with when Kyron was last seen. Where is this guy now.

    TY, and shout outs to Ellie and Jacqueline.

    Outside of being told by LE not to speak to anyone, if I were not in the profession I am , I would absolutely believe that telling LE was enough, and that I had a great concern for my child as a witness- in fact, I am really doing that same thing.

    That said, wrt suspect zero, if my posit is correct then he could care less who saw him. It was part of the continuum.

    As far as Ms. Mathews, I actually feel compassion for her. I don’t think anyone would believe she had disregard intentionally- and I realize that seems strange coming from the analyst who broke her “exchange”. There is no doubt that she was advised not to speak publicly and from her view I have to believe, absent conflicting intel, that in some ways, she was as much a victim of the abductor.

    I am telling all of you- there is simply no protection against this type of offender outside of 2 “invisible superheerio capes).

    1. The Buddy System, nobody goes anywhere, when the safeguards are lifted, alone.

    2. Teach your children that a stranger is someone mom and dad do not know, and that they should ask how they know them if they are a stranger.

    Imo, this offender made an assessment in the first minutes based on Ky’s interactions. Again, part of his predatory MO


  42. T. Ruth says:

    Blink, Do you know or can you say:

    Is this SZ the same person that Terri said she was told “was seen with two little girls”? If so, were they with him at this witness’s sighting or was that an entirely different sighting?

    He is not.

  43. sam hawthorne says:

    @graceith. Thanks for the reminder of desirees comment, “why would he be by the truck at that time?” i was always seeing her comment through tmh colored glasses when she said that, imo so was she. If we look at that totally apart from tmh it means ky was seen out by (the) (a) truck at “that time”
    Does anyone remember what presser desiree said that in?
    imo it took so long for le to confirm th story and timeline because they were so sure it was her fault, that by the time they realized they prob had a random sz they didnt want to say it publicly because it would show they blew the investigation. imo they then held onto the thinking tmh at least must have been involved remotely and believed pressure would have her confess to something, anything.
    i would like to re read everything in this case with my tmh glasses in the toilet. well whatever is left to read. i would like to start with i left him with the male chaperone…

  44. Kim from PA says:

    Too much of this doesn’t make sense to me right now.

    Why would TH not scream and yell at the top of her lungs to who ever will listen that Ms. Mathews saw Kyron leave with an unknown male and not return? The only reasons I can think of is a.) she was not aware (doubtful) or b.) she can be connected to this man through some sort of illegal behavior.

    Otherwise, I would think she would be trying to do anything she could to show she had nothing to do with Kyron’s disappearance and she would not miss 3 years of Kiara’s life.

    Even if LE, Kaine, and Desaree were blaming TH and saying she knew the man, if there is no connection and TH knows there is no connection I would think she would be shouting this from rooftops.

    Instead she is silent, hiding, and hasn’t seen her dgt in 3 years.

    And who is Ms. Matthews? Is she still at the school in charge of children?

    Kim from the great state of PA- I do not believe TH knew about Ms. Mathews exchange until recently- and that is supposition on my part.

    I would respectfully disagree that TH is the one that is silent. ALL PARTIES accusing TMH knew this information, yet they filed suits and engaged in hate campaigns with it. I have a problem with that. TMH is not hiding, her address was well known and subject to campaigns of posters, requests for businesses to boycott her and other.

    She has no childcare responsibility and no employment yet you will not find a single report of her out on the town, the gym, or having seizures at a babies are us. I agree that issue is not compelling as the media in this case is the absolute worse I have ever seen. My blinkette in journalism AP class last year wrote a harder hitting piece on speed limits in culdesacs.

    I have had conversations early with a few reporters there- I am confident that this is a digital strategy migration issue and that makes me want to hurl. Seriously. In fairness, my editor has nads. Excuse me for the crass reference.

    TMH was told flat out she was going to be arrested and spend her life in jail, never to see her children again. You cannot unring that bell with an atty like Houze, nor should one. If my advised choice was to wait it out or risk never ever seeing my babies again, there is no dilema for me. I would never take that bet. I am not saying I would agree with the legal strategy, but I do know that I believe Houze is all in with a client. They listen or they find another.


  45. sam hawthorne says:

    i want to look at tmh responses and actions for a bit in light of what if she was telling the truth. she prob wasnt told about the man asking kyron to go outside and help him. she saw that right away ty suspected her, then desiree and kaine. she sees that they control the press, not allowing reporters to ask questions if not on the team. the family releases inflamitory acucusations thru the press regularly, le only publicly investigates her. yep lawyer up and shut up, thats what i would do. it might “make me look guilty” but not as guilty as they were making me look.

  46. Ode says:

    Jeff D. I do believe I have found the possible look alike to Kaine. It makes me think again to the “theft ring” happening around the Skyline area. You made my blink light “light” with the statement “My first reaction was – was he casing the school or did he have the date wrong, etc?” Was Kaine even at the School on June 3rd or was it SZ who may have resembled him. Wasn’t there talk about info from videos or traffic cams wanted for June 3rd as well as the 4th.

    My lovely Ode-

    1. It was I who made the comment about the reaction.
    2. Kaine was definitely not at the school on 6/3/10. I do believe there is some evidence that someone who resembled Kaine in some fashion was there, but no way to know if that is relative to the discussion. Reality is, I followed some dude out of Sam’s club that resembled Kaine slightly the other day.
    3. SZ does NOT resemble Kaine.

  47. patricia says:

    Blink, Sorry I guess I got confused by your response to Tarheel as follows:

    Ky was in the exact room pictured in the piece. The pic was taken prior to his entry into the room. To my knowledge, Ky was not seen inside the school again and was missing following being put into a group but prior to returning to the classroom where a classmate pointed out to Ms. Porter he was missing.

    patricia- witness is not group leader. In fact, I cannot confirm independently that Ky was placed in a group personally, or that the group leader was given a list to meet up with back at the classroom ( Porter).

    So my question is, Did Kyron go to see the cool electric one on his own? Or was he in a group at that time? Because if he went on his own, then I feel like he was lured there by someone or that it was suggested to him by someone that he would like to see the “cool electric one”, and then low and behold SZ is in that room at that time.

    I’m not trying to confuse things by thinking out loud, I will watch and learn and refrain from posting until I read part 2 tomorrow. Thank you again for your reply.

    Fair question patricia- thinking aloud is encouraged here, lol, but I fear I do not have the answer to that question. There is no evidence I am aware of that Ky was lured to that room by SZ. Only that he was lured out of it.

  48. T. Ruth says:

    So, I guess what I’m asking is, there are at least 3 adult witnesses who saw Kyron with an unknown man?

    1. The witness you mention above.
    2. Ms. Matthews
    3. Whomever told Terri they saw him with a man and two girls. (perhaps not an adult witness)

    And none of these people can describe this dude in anything but a non-descript way? Good grief. Was he wearing sunglasses on a rainy day?

    T.Ruth- I admire your juxtpah, but I can’t answer that. Except for this. It was rainy that day, and no, he was not wearing sunglasses.

    I am going to ask y’all to read previous posts and comments please- dude with the 2 young ladies Sam Adam’s felt the need to tweet about is not SZ.

  49. GeorgiaDad says:

    It is likely just a typo, but you wrote
    “ has confirmed the EXIF data on the image includes the timestamp of June 4 2010 at 8:43AM PST.” in your article under the picture you posted.

    June 4 would by Daylight time. If that were the actual time in the EXIF data, then that would represent 7:43AM PDT.

    It is not uncommon for people not to change camera date/time for daylight time, and most cameras do not automatically adjust for daylight time. In fact, I intentionally do not adjust my camera’s settings to facilitate geotagging with a GPS tracker. In this case I suspect a typographical error.

    agreed, this type of camera and user profile are absolutely verified to the forensic standard of a legal exhibit and this image was taken as indicated, real time, not daylight time. To your point, I have seen cases where that has been an issue, in fact, I worked on with a GPS feature that was set to Zulu time but the software to read the data corresponds to the users CPU settings.

    Quite a Perry Mason or Columbo moment I can’t talk about, lol, but I was glad to be on the discovery end of the issue.


  50. cd says:

    It seems to me SZ probably followed TH and KY as they walked around the school looking at the science projects. He probably needed to make sure TH was no longer at the school before he made contact with KY. SZ could have heard KY’s name by listening to TH talk to KY. Maybe he targeted TH and Kyron because TH was somewhat distracted by Kiara and would not notice him following her.

    This is a reminder we should all be constantly aware of our surrounding when in public places with small children.

    BTW great eyeopening article Blink

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