Kyron Horman Exclusive Report: New Suspect And Botched Investigation Rumors Abound- Terri Horman Prepares To Fight For Couples Daughter Following Seclusion

If you are reading this and have followed the Kyron Homan disappearance coverage since he vanished from Skyline School on June 4th 2010,  you know my coverage and commentary has focused on the macro analysis of the case details- both publicly available and via developed sources.   This report contains newly released information known to law enforcement.  It’s contents, to include reader commentary and moderation response,  may not be reproduced or copied without express written consent by it’s author  in accordance with applicable copyright law.


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Last Week’s Meet And Greet

On Tuesday July 30th, the attorneys representing Terri Moulton Horman,  Kaine Horman and Desiree Young attended a series of case hearings.  Not held in chambers as announced, but public guests were barred.

On the docket- Desiree Young’s “stay” status of the $10 million dollar civil tort action brought against Terri Horman and the dissolution (divorce and custody) litigation brought by Kaine Horman, Terri’s estranged husband.  Until July 26th, there were additional hearings and status conferences scheduled for the recently renewed Freedom From Abuse and Protection Act  (FAPA) motion to contest and compel depositions in the restraining order prohibiting Terri Horman from contact with the couple’s daughter Kiara, now 5 years old.  Horman has not seen her daughter since June 2010 despite several attempts through counsel to arrange parenting time.    Engel, one of the attorneys representing Kaine Horman, argues that the FAPA case is consolidated with the divorce action, and therefore stayed.

Peter Bunch, counsel for Terri Horman, argues that there is no consolidation order.

Non attorney’s still do not understand how the initial proceeding to renew the FAPA order occurred when the plaintiff failed to file the required motion and accompanying affidavits in advance as required, or even serve the respondent’s attorneys until ordered to do so by Judge Henry Kantor once the hearing commenced.  Kantor ordered the renewal anyway.  I will let the goodly Oregon bar members weigh in on that anomaly.

That was then.  This is now.

As of July 31st, the FAPA restraining order was expired and a civil no contact order was put in its place.  The dissolution matter (divorce) stay has been lifted and Desiree Young announced she was instructing her attorney’s to withdraw the $10 million dollar suit financed by public donations.

On the same front steps where Atty Rosenthal announced that they were launching the suit to peel the onion that is to include law enforcement, and to “make Terri Horman talk” was withdrawn in similar fashion.

However, on this occasion,  Multnomah County District Attorney Rod Underhill was not spotted on the steps observing.   Rosenthal and Young indicated the recent appearance and testimony of former object of compulsion to testify, DeDe Spicher, as well as information that the investigative case file necessary (their words) to prove their claims would not be forthcoming.  In an article analyzing the suit appearing on BOC it was predicted that Ms. Young would face possible countersuit and associated fees should the suit continue as filed.

Attorneys for both Kaine and Terri appeared before Multnomah County Circuit Family law Judge Susan Svetkey on August 1, 2013.   Judge Svetkey is Houze’s wife.  The docket information for that hearing has not yet been entered into the file as of this publication.

The only comment about the withdrawal of the civil tort action by Stephen Houze:

“The lawsuit was unfounded and lacking in legal merit,” Houze said. “One can only hope that the dismissal of this meritless lawsuit receives the same degree of media scrutiny as was given to its filing.”

 In recent interviews, Kaine Horman has intimated that his wife has expressed her desire to help find Kyron, or at least contribute to excluding herself as a possible suspect.  He also admitted that he no longer has any communication with Desiree Young, Kyron’s mother.   He sometimes wonders what law enforcement is actually doing on his son’s case.   This is a firm departure from how Mr. Horman initially retained his six figure attorney Laura Rackner of Gearing, Rackner, and Engel & McGrath.   Ms. Rackner appears to have promulgated her duties of late to her partner, Brett Engel.

This all seemed to start when formidable and well known tort Attorney Mark Wagner came out of retirement to appear as counsel for Terri Horman.   Wagner and Rackner know each other, and Rackner is no stranger to LE –based dissolution entanglements.

In fact, Wagner represented her and her previous firm successfully.

Bagel Finagle

Kaine Horman’s attorney Laura Rackner is no stranger to law enforcement infused litigation.  She is a former prosecutor for Oregon’s department of Justice, The U.S. Department of Justice, and Office of Chief Counsel.  Ms. Rackner has specificity in Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) casework.

Born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Laura received her B.S. in 1979 and her J.D. in 1984, both from the University of Oregon.

Prior to entering private practice, Laura served as deputy district attorney in the Marion County District Attorney’s Office; assistant attorney general in the Oregon Department of Justice; and on the staff of the U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Chief Counsel, Drug Enforcement Administration.

Record Scratch.

Martin Rob Cagan, The bagel king and according to him, a supreme target of a police shakedown at the hands of his former spouse’s attorneys was the litigious sort.

In fact, this may be how Atty Wagner decides to come out of retirement and become part of Terri Horman’s defense team while the civil suit was active.

Wagner’s firm represented Ms. Rackner in a suit filed by  Rob Cagan in which he sued the Dueshete Police Department,    A partner in the firm representing Caroleen Vanhoomissen, the suit (or ramblings of a very angry divorcee) alleges that the firm and its lawyers facilitated the difficulties of Mr. Cagan utilizing law enforcement sources directly by the attorneys was dismissed.

Ms. Vanhoomissen, the sister of Judge Vanhoomissen is also the owner of a horse farm in Bend, Oregon.  Blinkoncrime was unable to verify if it was the Bend horse farm searched in the early days of the investigation for Kyron.

Attorney Rackner’s prior working relationship with the DEA, the very agency that supplied the undercover officer in the failed sting involving Horman landscaper Rudy Sanchez begs the question- Did Rackner use her contacts and/or credentials to facilitate a surreptitious ruse to gain favor for her client in anticipation of his wife’s potential arrest?

Kaine is on record that law enforcement informed him they had probable cause to arrest Terri.  What is not on record, is what came first- the referral to Rackner.

I just  want to do what I can to help law enforcement

Seems like an odd comment coming from a family attorney with a background as a prosecutor working with the DEA,  which agency subsequently becomes involved in the case- or initially led to her representation- the chicken or the egg facts remain unclear.


The ex parte and originally sealed restraining order did not exclude Terri Horman from the marital home.  Was this an oversight of a very seasoned family attorney or was the basis of the now defunct restraining order as provided to Kaine Horman and Laura Rackner by law enforcement effectively invalidated by Terri Horman calling 911?

Is the reason that Atty Engel seems to have taken over representation of Kaine Horman due to the fact that these actions could render Ms. Rackner a witness in her client’s case as opposed to his Attorney?

In the motions and subsequent hearing scheduled for July 30th, the only available arguments outside of the parties agreement is to contest the basis for the FAPA order- or, the allegation Kaine Horman has made within his affidavits more than once, that his wife tried to hire “our landscaper” to kill him, and that she is being investigated for “violent crimes.”

The outcome?

The order was converted to a civil no-contact order which has not yet been added to the file for public review.

Desiree and Kaine’s respective camps both claimed “protecting the integrity of the investigation” was their only interest although the ONLY 2 witnesses who were summoned for deposition by Terri Horman’s lawyers were- the lead investigator of Kyron’s investigation for 18 months- Bobby John O’Donnell and Kaine Horman.



Back To School

Skyline School, the International Baccalaureate candidate who announced the IB open house format weeks earlier via take home handouts to its students and also by displaying the event on its marquis has never been declared a crime scene.  Although in nearly every legal support brief or news coverage article Terri Horman was dubbed “the last person to be seen with Kyron Horman” or more recently by Desiree Young as “Kyron was last seen by someone who cared about him at 8:45 am” absolutely no witness account or Science Fair insider was known publicly to dispute such accounts.

Until now.

“Once I learned all that was going on that same day, in that same school, I did not understand why I was being told that Terri Horman was the suspect, and one other person… It never made sense to me that they knew Kyron was seen with someone else besides his stepmother after she left, that they seemed to not even consider another theory.”  (*Editor’s Note*- parts of the source’s quote have been redacted as they would reveal identity of witnesses in an ongoing criminal investigation)

Electric Slide?

Sometime after Terri Horman left the school with her daughter Kiara in tow, she was captured on store video prior to Kyron’s exit from Skyline School.   It is believed Kyron was last seen between 9:05 and 9:20 AM.

The following is a summation of multiple direct witness accounts, edited to protect witness identification only.

“…He must have been standing behind me because I only recall hearing him ask if the boy could help him bring some stuff in from his truck.  I thought it was (edited) until he looked up at him and then he looked at Ms. Matthews for approval and she nodded her head yes in response.  They walked out of the South entrance together and I do not recall seeing either of them again.

Classroom 1 Property of

(Editor’s Note: It is believed that Desiree and Kaine’s comments about concern that instruction they gave him last year about listening to staff “came back to haunt them.”  They have never acknowledged they were told about this witness account but a source close to has confirmed they were informed but not given a witness description. has confirmed the EXIF data on the image includes the timestamp of June 4 2010 at 8:43AM PST.

Backstory OR Backdrop?

Among the peers of Kyron Horman in attendance on June 4th, were some children whose parents may have been granted access via the open house format, although documents filed with the school and LE would preclude the parents from removing them.

In fact, the mother of a chief witness in this case was arrested that very day for attempting to fill a script that did not belong to her, in a pharmacy that Terri Horman allegedly also visited that morning.

Another child whose parents lost custody due to very long histories with substance abuse and associated criminal behavior had the additional possible misfortune of closely resembling both Kaine and Terri Horman.

Non Custodial Parent Red Long Hair

It is unknown whether either parent took the opportunity to visit the school that day, but they were not included on the published list.  While barred legally from removing their child from the school they could not be barred from a publicly announced invitational.  There was no ID checks or sign-in sheets for non-volunteer guests.

In an unrelated twist, the child’s Father was found deceased in front of a Portland residence in April 2012.   The name of the child and Kyron’s schoolmate, guardians and parents are being intentionally withheld for this article.

Sovereignty In lieu Of..

Among the many unanswered questions in Kyron’s disappearance:  Why hasn’t the school been held accountable?  He disappeared on their watch- with a concise standard of care duty and plan.

What really happened?

There is no dispute that Kyron had an exchange that resulted in a teacher nodding her approval that Kyron assist a man in his stated purpose- to bring things in from his truck.   There is no dispute that Kyron was last seen at Skyline School.  There is no dispute that both Kyron’s parents expressed concern that last year’s discipline involving instruction on being a better listener may have come back to haunt them.  They said so.

What may be in dispute, for sure, is how accurate the list of attendees at the Skyline School of June 4th, 2010 is.

As an example, one witness told Editor In Chief, S. Christina Stoy that a young male former student said hello to Susan Hall and when asked by a parent who the lad was a few days later, she said she was not sure.  He is NOT on the list.

When another parent subsequently asked Ms. Hall who the student was following Kyron’s disappearance to verify he was on the published list- she responded she could not remember.  Ms. Hall was the Skyline Administrative staff who contacted 911 upon speaking to Terri Horman and learning Kyron was not on the bus.  Hall subsequently contacted Desiree Young.  She did this while the Horman’s were on their way back to the school to see if Kyron might have thought he was being picked up that day as opposed to riding the bus or some other sort of snafu.

According to the MCSO, the school records that could assist the investigation were never requested to be preserved by investigators and as a result were deleted.

So why was the Skyline School never named as a defendant in the previously pending litigation filed by Kyron’s mother Desiree Young?

The reason may lie in the recreational designation utilized on June 4th, 2010.

According to the National Policy and Legal Analysis Network (napl) it may be a simple question of whether Kyron disappeared during the “recreational” portion of the program.

Napl’s guidance to lawyer’s advising Oregon schools can be read here.  Although the overall plan is relative to an obesity initiative, it would include research and advice on any school recreational or regularly scheduled event.  Please tell me Cogen does not factor into this.

The following are excerpts from the report:

…”Absent special liability protection, school districts and other providers of recreational facilities have the legal duty to take reasonable precautions to prevent injury. What is reasonable is very context specific and depends on many things: most important, the nature of the harm, the difficulty of preventing it, and generally accepted standards in the management of recreational facilities…”


…” The only immunity Oregon grants to public bodies, which include school districts,2 is discretionary government immunity.3 Discretionary government immunity applies to choices “among alternative public policies by persons to whom responsibility for such policies have been delegated.”4 To fall under the protection of this doctrine, Oregon courts have said, the choice must result from the exercise of judgment and involve a public policy or nonroutine day-to-day activity.

…” In summary, Oregon immunizes schools for policy choices its officials make, but it holds schools liable for breaches of duty that occur in carrying out those policy choices…”

…” The recreational user statute should therefore provide strong protection to Oregon schools seeking to avoid liability arising from after-hours outdoor recreational programs on school grounds. Applying this statute to indoor recreational activities, however, is much riskier, although the case law does not preclude such a strategy.


Regular School Day- Changes Things


…” In Oregon, schools owe students a duty to “supervise at all times the conduct of children on school grounds and to enforce those rules and regulations necessary to their protection. . . . The standard of care imposed upon school personnel in carrying out the duty to supervise the conduct of students is that degree of care which a person of ordinary prudence, charged with comparable duties, would exercise under the same circumstances.”37


Is the issue of liability to Skyline School relegated to what time Kyron was abducted, presuming he was abducted, as is believed?

Very possibly.

As we know, the school opened early the morning of June 4th, 2010, as was displayed on the school’s marquis at least 2 weeks prior.    Without particular knowledge of when the suspect responsible for Kyron’s disappearance entered the school, and under what auspice, one is left to the timeline of Kyron’s activities as juxtaposed with the start of the school day.   As a regular standard of care, one could argue that begins with a student getting on the bus, if a passenger, on their regular route.  What if a bus passenger is attending the “event” outside of the bus transportation?   Admittedly, it seems moot inasmuch as neither one of Kyron’s parents have filed suit against the school or named them as having any negligence or liability.  That said, it remains a possibility in the event Kyron is found.

There is no question Kyron was seen after 8:45AM- which is the time that a regularly scheduled bus arrives- which would ring the bell, so to speak, on the normal school day.

To be Continued:

Roid Noise And The Boys In Blue-  Publishing Thursday August 8.  Preview Discussion Tonight on THE DANA PRETZER SHOW.

Ellie Sanders contributed research to this report.

Jacqueline Beaufort, contributing editor

Image retouching courtesy of Klaasend


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  1. T. Ruth says:

    If the science projects were already up and going, etc. What could this person, in Ms. Matthews mind, be bringing in from his vehicle? Something for the talent show maybe? A sound guy maybe? Was there special equipment being brought in by parents for their child’s talent spot? IDK, puzzling to wonder what she was thinking.

    This case is so eerily like Stacie Wilmoths. Someone saw her perp and the ballsy creep just waived at them, like he belonged there.

    You guys remember this article:

    Kyron, a 7-year-old rom Skyline Elementary School, has been missing since June 4, 2010, when he was last seen carrying a science project into the west Multnomah County school.

    Is it possible this was an accurate statement after all. They never did correct it. Was Kyron actually seen outside, by a truck, carrying something? Where was the talent show held, was it empty and isolated at that time of the morning?

  2. sam hawthorne says:

    i should wait to hear blinks next article before i post probably, but…
    i dont think it is necessarily important if the man called kyron by name because he could have heard the kids in the room say hi kyron! when ky went into the room.
    what really upsets me is that “joe pediphile” could have seen the marquee up to 2 weeks prior and just decided to go in and managed to do this with no prior knowledge of ky or any hormans. it could have been the kid next to kyron if kyron didnt work. it bothers me that staff could have been fooled, but that happens on sci fair days. if the school had had a mandatory visitor sign in etc, the onus wouldnt have been on the individual staff or chaparones so much. its why pedophiles target remote small schools. (small schools that have budgets for extra programs but not robo calls and sign in desks?!) the sz could have easily walked right out the front door with ky and across the parking lot and into his truck, if the front desk lady doesnt even remember former students why would she bother with adults leaving to get something from their truck with a prob smiling happy to be.helpful student? i am so angry!!!
    20 or so years ago i used to use illegle drugs. from this experience i learned how easy it is to just walk in somewhere confidently like you belong there and have a good line to cover any of my actions and bs my way through many capers. i never tried to pull of my capers where i had to sign in at the front desk. why in america in 2010, and even today, is there such tight security on our phones, our check books, our houses, and not on the places we send our children to for the day? why has there been no outcry from the parents of skyline school students?

  3. Twinkletoes says:

    Very interesting. Thanks for the update, B.

    Nice to see you and thanks Twink.

  4. mosaic says:

    So the witnesses are children.

    If you say that SZ does NOT look like Kaine, then the witness(es) have provided enough detail to exclude a resemblance to Kaine, but not enough detail to differentiate SZ from other men at the fair. Correct?

    No, not all the witnesses are children as indicated. And I should note that it is feasible that I do not know of all the witnesses to SZ.

    SZ not resembling Kaine- correct. SZ description not enough to distinguish him from other men in attendance, and likely, from most.

    But I do believe that a composite or additional intel could develop a better profile that if seen by the witness pool, could produce a possible suspect- worth a try.

  5. Paula says:

    These are stunning revelations, Blink. They are serious enough to warrant an internal investigation and ouster of the LE officials involved early on in Kyron’s disappearance.

    Every single clue given to the police by witnesses should have been publicized widely and loudly and immediately. Who knows if a composite or a verbal description of the man, even a description of who he sounded like, could have jogged someone’s memory, early on. Linked with a solid description of the truck…such things sometimes stick in a person’s head if prompted, promptly.

    Bah! I forgot…the wicked stepmother has so much more appeal, is so easy a target for suspicion. What a disgrace. Poor Kyron…let down by so, so many people who should have been protecting him.

    Am I understanding correctly that the Youngs and Kaine Horman knew of this encounter and yet continued to publically blame Terri? What the hell is wrong with these people?

    This poor little kid never had a chance. And the fiend who took him is still on the loose. Has that little fact occurred to the law enforcement authorities in Oregon? A very successful predator with the unmitigated gall to ask a teacher’s permission to abduct a child is still stalking around somewhere, thanks to their ineptitude.

  6. January says:

    Who is Ms. Matthews? What was her roll during the science fair? I hope we learn more about her in tomorrow’s writings. My intentions are not to drag her through the mud, but rather to learn more. Why was she with Kyron? Did Kyron feel he was in her care at that moment? Is this why he looked up to her for permission to follow the man out to his truck?

    Having all this knowledge, Blink, and repeatedly talking about SZ with absolutely nobody reporting on it, you must feel like your microphone has been turned off in a large crowd of people.

    A brilliant analogy on your part January- but I feel like that must have been Kyron’s fate.

    I don’t think there is any shortage of let-down in the msm in Oregon in this case. After all, who wants it publicly known they got booted from a press conference in their backyard? Only one I can think of that took that on.


  7. Cindy says:

    Kudos to you on this article. Many of mine and others questions answered.
    The other red headed mother…if there were criminal activities, etc. involved in their family. Could someone have mistaken Terri or her at the science fair and Ky for her son instead of Terri’s. Was this a case of mistaken payback?

    MOO, but I foresee a huge lawsuit at some point in time against the school and possibly LE. I think LE really sadly was NOT looking for Kyron but instead wanted to wrap this up in a nice little package to present to the press and parents. Thus not only protecting the school, but their lack of focus, and possibly the unions they all work for.

  8. Cindy says:

    Eagerly awaiting your next installment!!!

  9. Panda says:

    I agree.

    Kim from PA says:
    August 7, 2013 at 3:15 pm
    Too much of this doesn’t make sense to me right now.

    Panda- for instance?

  10. Rose says:

    iirc Ms Mathews taught a very young class. Due to the child sized table, I suspect it was her room?
    She is no longer on the Skyline (or PPS?) roster. retired?
    Having heard the podcast, I get now the pic was offered to identify a time specific (8:43 am verified)
    taken by a witness who remained & observed Kyron did not enter until at least a couple
    minutes later with another small group. The pic also locates & identifies the room he departed the school from.

    I’m going to surmise SZ did not enter with Kyron, but after, for 2 reasons. The cleared parent would not have been pictured imo if his paths had overlapped with SZ as that would id a witness, so he must have departed by then. Second, you say Kyron walked out at about 9:05 – 9:20. I don’t think SZ would hang out in the room that long.

    I remember you suggesting it was a workman who might have tools–plumber, electrician, etc. and had been tgere before in that role. I don’t see this man proposing Kyron help him carry in Sci Fair related stuff but something like the tools of his trade. In a room devoted to electrical “toys”, an electrician makes sense. He’s probably walked thru 6/3, planning.

    I can’t think of any el ed or middle school
    teacher who’d ever let a student leave
    her room to help a stranger, male or female.

    So you said RS was a client of the perpetrators of last June’s great watermelon

    Have looked at the 5/10 press fingering the extent of clients (stretches to firemen).
    Boy Kyron’s abduction sure derailed what appeared on 5/3/10 would be a real rolling train of arrests
    in multiple police depts, & no doubt MCSO, and likely some members of that
    volunteer fire dept.

    It sounds like there were multiple witnesses in the room when SZ asked K to go outside with him.
    I’m no officer, nor attorney, but I would have put my A team on this in DA’s office and had as my first priority
    recording interviews with each witness under oath & sworn (if that’s ever done), rather than grand jury the children.
    I would’ve wanted to preserve dvds of their 1 on 1 questioning– by real fbi pros.

  11. Rose says:

    @Panda. the podcast is necessary to hear imo.

  12. Panda says:

    For instance, my question about these statements from Kaine being recent, as I posted below. I have looked and looked, and have not found the link.

    Panda says:
    August 7, 2013 at 9:50 pm
    I agree.

    Kim from PA says:
    August 7, 2013 at 3:15 pm
    Too much of this doesn’t make sense to me right now.

    Panda- for instance?

    Panda says:
    August 7, 2013 at 1:17 am
    Wow! Lots of information! I missed these interviews…is there a link?

    In recent interviews, Kaine Horman has intimated that his wife has expressed her desire to help find Kyron, or at least contribute to excluding herself as a possible suspect. He also admitted that he no longer has any communication with Desiree Young, Kyron’s mother. He sometimes wonders what law enforcement is actually doing on his son’s case.

    Not handy Panda but it is on this site- it was a radio show, iirc, taped on the anniversary or close to the 3rd anniversary of Kyron’s disappearance.

    So for you, that constitutes too much not making sense right now in a 3000 word piece including previously unreleased information in this case?

    Respectfully panda, that confirmation, which is absolutely available, makes what difference to you exactly, in terms of your understanding of this piece? In other words, if you trust me that he said that- what does that change or not change in terms of your overall opinion?


  13. SouthernMom says:

    I can say with personal experience with my own son, that even with astute educational professionals, with the very best intentions & security precautions in place, that schools….any schools, who have many dots to “i” and “t’s” to cross, are very protective of each and every step held accountable in everyday processes in general. Then, add to that, the general complication of many students supposedly being transported to various places for educational/vocational or other reasons are in play, whether or not they were applicable to this day, it was something considered “in the norm”. NOW, and BUT, to also include an “Open House” event like a Science Fair, could certainly and easily overwhelm the grandest of the best~est of all possible or potential plans. Based on the initial timeline of events and actions/whereabouts of Terri, it was always a stretch of the imagination to believe she could pull off this abduction so cleanly without a lot of help. She was assuredly and certainly in another location when Kyron could still be verified as being present at the school, still in attendance of the Science Fair. We all agreed, regardless of Terri’s previous appeals, could not allure “human beings” to be willing to help spirit away a child such as Kyron…ever…for so long.

    I agree with Blink, 100%, even before her recent story, that Kyron was taken from Skyline Elementary against his own wishes and was not “known” to be missing until he was NOT on the bus at the designated drop point at the end of his home street (designated drop spot). For that drastic oversight, Skyline Elementary should be held accountable.

    It is my opinion, that LE was greatly influenced by the “real” appeal of Desiree and her husband, Tony, that surely Terri was involved. I do believe that both Desiree and Tony believed their accusations to be true, however, I also believe their accusations and defensive positions were tainted with personal feelings and assumptions of Terrim as a long time adversary regarding the raising and caring, including parenting, of Kyron.

    I do not believe Desiree and Tony intentionally botched or influenced the investigation towards a dead-end, but rather, they truly, and in my opinion – mistakenly believed, Terri Horman to be withholding information to help find their son.

    Regardless, I am now of the belief that Terri Horman is victim of multiple coincidences that highlighted her bad behavior in her marriage and also turned the public against her as a result of promiscuous and vulgar actions.

    I pray the 100% and absolute truth is spoken from any and all connected to this event and case.

    Please know, there are many who will forgive you and work with you to redeem yourself of your actions/sins and help you back on to the road of victory. Gods plan for all of us will include opportunities for forgiveness and most importantly, salvation!

    God Bless – ( redacted by blink)

    SouthernMom- please know I am humbled by your efforts-

  14. cd says:

    Kim from PA says:
    August 7, 2013 at 3:15 pm

    Too much of this doesn’t make sense to me right now.
    Why would TH not scream and yell at the top of her lungs to who ever will listen that Ms. Mathews saw Kyron leave with an unknown male and not return? The only reasons I can think of is a.) she was not aware (doubtful) or b.) she can be connected to this man through some sort of illegal behavior.

    Terri probably did not have that information in the first month leading up to Kaines leaving her. I think the Bio’s were already being told to not share all of the information they were getting from LE with her.

    but IMO

    After the sting those who thought TH guilty would not have changed their minds no matter what she said. If she told people about Ms. Matthews allowing Kyron to go outside with a stranger and the BIO’s and LE did not back up her story who would have believed her anyway.

    Why not proclaim her innocence to the media?

    The people who “love to hate” and probably the media would spin anything she said to make it sound like proof she was guilty.

    Remember the BS story about fire in her parents house from 20 years previous.
    Sources told KGW they were looking into a fire in the family’s garage 20 years ago that they now believe may have been arson, a sign the investigators are poring over every aspect of Terri’s life.

    I also think the media would say much worse things about Terri if she started talking to the press and became public figure.

  15. Rose says:

    don’t see that April 2012 death on Maxine’s 2012 homicide list (?)

  16. Rose says:

    Corrections chief deputy schults in press again


    Wow! look at drug-related deaths quantity in Mult Cty in 2012
    “With meth, she (ME) said, they take too much and they do stupid things, such as jump off buildings or die in car wrecks.” reminds me of DAD’s behavior.

  17. SouthernMom says:

    You know…I prolly shouldn’t have posted my name, please feel free to redact that part of my previous post….LOL. We can all get so emotional in cases such as these we feel we can save the world. ugh…this is the most heartbreaking and frustrating of them all in my opinion. Blink, your are truly a saint to do what you do. This emotional rollercoaster every person on this site has signed up fore…still, has got to take it’s toll on you the most…it’s certainly breathtaking (not in a good way) for me.

    Love you bunches…J

    TY kindly, so.. not the s word, lol. We are the sum of our parts as advocates.

    Love u back

  18. A Texas Gramdfather says:


    I have to agree with you regarding any competent teacher allowing a student to leave the room to help anyone for any purpose. Kyron was small for his age. I was taller than him by almost a foot when I entered school in first grade.

    When I taught we did not allow any child in middle school to leave the room except to go to the restroom or nurse. High School was different. If someone was known and needed help a group of guys could be released to help. Never girls and never anyone by themselves.

    Your idea that this person could have been a workman and known to the teachers has merit. Most of the time school districts have maintenance people that operate from a central facility to serve all the schools in the district. The only people assigned to a school would be janitorial or custodians. They would not need help with tools or equipment.

    This person is not a first time offender IMO. He has done this before. Probably in another town or city. Makes me question how much background checking is done for school district employees. I would be looking for someone that had a short time as an employee.

    Then again, we have to consider that something was going on with LE regarding Terri and some other matter. This could be related to that or have nothing to do with it. Maybe Blink can clear up some of these issues in her article tomorrow.

  19. Rose says:

    trying to find school diagram, class nos. & staff list have been reading earlier threads to no avail.
    But saw this: ” SS says:
    June 22, 2010 at 5:48 pm
    Check this link – first time I have seen anything regarding someone possibly seeing the SM leave the school WITH Kyron.
    “Portland Public Schools spokesman Matt Shelby said two teachers saw Kyron with his mother and thought the two left school together. He said it was not uncommon for parents to pick up kids this way, so no suspicions were raised.”

    Emphasis on “thought”. No person saw them leave together.

    Why would Porter say this??
    Did Matthew sit on her info awhile?
    I gather your info came after too.

  20. Rose says:

    I’d like to see an OR AG investigation of MCSO re conduct of investigation, on tamdem with an audit by County Commishs.
    Now is the time before the next Sheriff primary so Dems can run an untainted candidate if needed.

    After all, if Mrs AG aka Mrs WillWeek owner can run down an mutually consenting affair between Civil Servants, she can look into the abduction investigation–and any nexus to LE (mcso and/ E Majr Crimes team) named as customers by Traverso in May 2010. Oh that’s right, her husband terminated The Investigator.

  21. Kim from PA says:

    Yep, Understood, your good :)

  22. sam hawthorne says:

    i dug up some links to a few things referenced here and in the last article i thought some might be interested in.

    since my phone is far far from a smart phone i got these links from re reading scared monkey forum, not sure the media links are still working or i typed them right, but i give the scared monkey links referring to them. (bottom of page)

    ref to desiree saying ‘what was he even doing out by the truck with another person in it?’ (said this 3 months after the disappearance.

    // (top of page)
    ref getting married in bathing suits
    1 yr anniversary of disappearance, “phone records and computer log on information” from skyline not kept, 60 people of interest, terri remains focus of investigation.

    FYI: has anyone ever counted the number of men on the Skyline list that day?

  23. Rose says:
    I am trying to repeat 3 + times: she is his mother. He is HER child. it is what it is.
    1) states she dismissed suit to give hope & guidance to families of missing.
    (I personally can’t compute.)
    2) states she will use current $ and future donations on physical searches for Kyron, the first the end of August.

    Has mcso cut her ally Mark Herron’s budget?

    No private investigator to go visit E Matthews?

    I am sorry, imo Mrs Young is a Very Concrete Thinker.
    She needs the physical.

    This search will consume her, use her energy & strength.
    Therapeutic maybe. Justify & prompt more donations, Surely.
    Bring accountabilty and justice for Kyron? No, imo. Desiree
    needs sound guidance desperately.

    I am not understanding how one would categorize a search effort as successful when neither Ky nor any evidence has been found. One could say successful excluding locations of interests in an effort to narrow down the focus, etc.

    Lastly, has her sentiment changed that Ky is deceased? Does she know something Kaine does not?

    You are right. She is Kyron’s mother and it is what it is. I don’t agree that withdrawing the civil suit under the auspice that it would harm the criminal case is a valid explanation.


  24. sam hawthorne says:
    list of attendees at skyline june 4. minor children not named, students ommited. also has a nice explination by msco saying in effect sorry we are not taking into consideration your privacy if you are on this list, it would come out in the press coverage of court proceedings anyway. that by the agency that is not willing to reveal anything about their investigation, tactics, or mental impressions.
    the list includes 3 females named mathews, m-debi, m-easter, m- katrina

    search ends, turns to criminal investigation, mentions secondary search of….school…
    also in that article it quotes captian monte reiser, msco,,,,isnt that the guy from the elliot suit? i might be wrong about this being the same guy. sure miss my puter lol

    That is definitely him. Bobby O’Donnell reported to him in his tenure on Ky’s case

  25. January says:

    @ A Texas Gramdfather says: August 8, 2013 at 12:00 am

    First off, Texas Grandpa, I enjoy your posts very much. With regards to this post, however, I doubt the man Ms. Matthews allowed Kyron to go with was a workman known to the teachers. If he was LE would know his identity. Maybe, however, he was wearing a workman’s uniform similar to a company that routinely works at the school? Maybe represented himself as such?

  26. Rose says:

    found: room cr109 in basement, is next to a door (pics are 6/27/10 @ 8:43)

    I’m thinking from the womb, Kyron’s fate was likely to be ill.

    father had not planned on him, was intent on divorce prior to Kyron’s birth, was sleeping with a 2ce divorced restaurant pick-up who was made his nanny and given case mgmt of Kyron as to medical.

    mother was a substance abuser of some product resulting in severe kidney damage, thus an inability to parent. Whatever that issue was, Courts wrt 2 children did not award her physical custody when sought–almost unheard of in the very young. Moreover she was deeply depressed when he was in utero.
    He entered day-time day care as an infant.
    He had to commute across the State at a young age for his Court-ordered visits.
    It’s a miracle he had as much happiness as he did in daily life.

    Thanks Rose, I added the direct image:

    Floor Plan

  27. Sunshine_4me says:

    @TRuth, that is what I can’t wrap my mind around… Why would someone be bringing in more stuff midway during science fair. Why didn’t that raise a red flag with Matthews? Was everyone just caught up in the moment of fun activities and not thinking clearly? Teachers must be on their game, especially during an event open to the public.

    This was also an IB open house – I have been wondering if they hired any service for refreshments, etc. I know their was a janitor working early which seemed odd to regulars who are used to seeing him much later in the day. To my knowledge he was on the list and interviewed, still worked at the school afterward and not a suspect.

  28. first-time says:

    A Texas Gramdfather says:
    August 8, 2013 at 12:00 am: Your idea that this person could have been a workman and known to the teachers has merit. Most of the time school districts have maintenance people that operate from a central facility to serve all the schools in the district. The only people assigned to a school would be janitorial or custodians. They would not need help with tools or equipment.
    ATG – If he was recognized as someone who worked or formerly worked in the district – wouldn’t PPS/LE be able to identify him?

    My thought is that he blended in – looked like any other 30-something Portland dad. Average height/weight and non-descript. Perhaps he might have indicated he needed to get X for his son’s/daughter’s exhibit from the car…and that was enough….poof – they are gone.

  29. GeorgiaDad says:

    Statistics can be your friend. Statistics can be your worst enemy.

    Statistically speaking, Ky would be most likely to have been “disappeared” by a family member, less likely by a neighbor or other local, and very unlikely by a stranger.

    It is appropriate for LE to look closely at the 4 “parents”. In this case, it seems they focused on the “parent” who last saw Ky. And there was good reason for concern. According to Kaine, TMH suffered emotional issues after the birth and required medication. She allegedly sent the sexts, there were allegations of a murder-for-hire.

    I, like I suspect many other sleuthers, initially saw this as a simple case – the step-mother did it. Some of this was due to a newspaper article that stated he was last seen by his stepmother walking down the hall. My initial interpretation was that the stepmother was the last to see him. I have since realized that this incident was the last time TMH saw him, but not the last time he was seen.

    My impressions of the case began to change later. The prime reason was not Blink’s initial reports of “SZ”, which did affect my later thinking, but rather the increasingly complicated scenarios put forth by other sleuthers. Specifically, in order to account for all the apparently verified TMH sightings, posters were coming up with incredibly complicated scenarios. Occam’s razor began slicing both ways, and a third party abduction became the simpler explanation.

    Unfortunately, it seems that LE wasted 3 years apparently focusing on TMH. The problem with releasing a composite at this point, is that apparently he looks like several parents and may have been confused with one of more of them by witnesses, and if a composite is released, these several parents with be put through the social media wringer. That being said, I believe the composite should be released, but with a specific warning that Skyline dads had been cleared (which I hope they have).

    What is another firm fact that leads to a 3rd party is that to my knowledge, no person that witnessed SZ and Ky exchange has been summoned to the grand jury. Not one. I guess the explanation for that would be they would be investigating those witnesses for any connection, but at least 2 gj’s and 3 years? WTH?

  30. Sunshine_4me says:

    Blink, with your SZ profile experience/history; do you think DY saying searches will take place this month could possibly find Ky remains? In other words, someone of SZ’s caliber, would he be as calculated with the disposal as he was in his preparation for the abduction event? Bottom line, what are the chances of Ky’s remains being found? This just breaks my heart just asking this question.

    Absolute no.
    The more complex the crime, the more complex the offender and imo, this offender is sophisticated and bold.
    If you don’t have a suspect ID, how does one decide where to search?

    The composite should be developed, and everyone in attendance should be re-interviewed to map the interactions of the offender in a collaborative way. It will absolutely tell us about him by reconstructing the crime scene. Will it work 3 years later, doubtful, it should have been done immediately.

  31. Sunshine_4me says:

    “This was also an IB open house –” What is IB? international baccalaureate?


  32. A Texas Gramdfather says:

    January and first-time

    We are all thinking “out-loud” in an attempt to find the reason that a teacher or assigned group leader would allow kyron to leave with someone. It is the exchange of ideas based on some of our own experiences and knowledge that advances the possibilities. We are playing the “what if game” and that is good. Each of you could be correct. It is ok to disagree. I thank each of you for being respectful in the manner of disagreement.

    We never know when an idea will trigger a response from someone that will point the way to solving the case. In this instance, there was much more going on in the daily lives of Kyron and his family that produced an environment of instability. He could have been kidnapped for retribution regarding something his family did or was perceived to do or it could be a random act of a criminal who preys on children.

    This person was taking advantage of a situation where parents and workers were moving in and out of the school facilities to do his deed. That means he was very bold, but that is not unusual in the behavior of kidnappers. Asking a child to help is one of their MO’s in an effort to lure them away from others.

  33. Rose says:

    @Sam. I don’t know how to go back in the Decff thread except page by page, so won’t. Sometime last winter I spent hours & posted a list of who, plus their Supvs, was in charge of this case with their relative dates of service, and their rotations from & to.
    —one thing about borderlines, they’ll rope in more & more people into their ever-widening circles of enterprise, acting as circus ringmaster. Important to set limits. One might initiate mutiple Court actions going on, and multiple actors in same–judges, attorneys. ER excised himself from such possible ongoing activities. Unfortunate, as Desiree needs counsel from a Counsel. But he got out of the circus & imo he would have withdrawn repr had DY not dismissed. I fear I see Desiree’s elaborate, home spun August Search as substituting one circus for another. Does that make assisting mcso M Herron (now lead “detective” obtaining training on the job) an enabler? idk.
    @Blink. You’re suggesting LE is going back and looking at 60 men on the list?
    There are various possibilities.
    1)SZ followed TH & Kyr around the school & Ky down the stairs, perhaps mistaking them for a known user & criminal-enterprize couple’s family. Perhaps someone fearful with the 05/10 investigatory brouhaha relating to many govt safety employees & LE as hgh & steroid users, tho Traverso also did meth (2011 arrest), this couple were potential informers to be kept in line. Then he realized he had the wrong kid.
    2) a delivery or workman who’d been there previously. Boiler & cafeteria were on that floor. Bonneville’d been there a lot re solar project (electricians bidding, other contractors). He chose not the mid, but the room. CR 109, Mrs Matthews, a room of very young children adjacent to an exit where he coukd park his truck out of the way of the main lot. It worked to his advantage new kids came in after the bell to tour because Mrs Matthews would likely never attend to fact Ky didn’t return. He knew he had til 10 anyway; the rest was a bonus. My guess is it was never depicted as Sci Fair stuff to carry in,, so she wouldn’t expect his return to her room.
    I lean tothis explanation: a targeted room, sex, & age with tight egress plan. Choice of child after brief observation.

  34. Rose says:

    Esther Matthews was the last Skyline staff member to see Kyr and she was never summoned to grand jury?
    That says it all. Yoo hoo OR AG, where areeee you?

    Not to my knowledge to either one, but obviously I have no one to confirm that with.

  35. Bumble says:

    The thing I can’t understand is if ky made it to an assigned group, then it seems like in addition to witnesses saying he left to help someone, You would also have other people as witnesses that he made it to class and was in so and so’s group. You would have a group leader, the other kids in the group, and Ms. Porter who would have been in charge of assigning groups, right? Maybe these people have spoken to LE and it just hasn’t come out to the public. Or maybe the groups were informal, but I thought I’d read that they were assigned.

    I don’t know if that initiated on paper, and upon getting the kids ready to go it was noticed Ky was missing, but my information on other groups says they were formed after the kids went back to the classroom. I am as frustrated as y’all that in some cases we can’t be exactly sure. Should not be.

  36. Rose says:

    When a school is open before hours for an event (like a preopening Sci Fair for parents tour, or an after school or evening of same), a school
    is required to have a janior there and pay him xtra according to a published wage scale for his time. Usually
    for an all-school event, 2 janitors were brought in. For him to be there would not be out of ordinary; it would be required as part of principal’s duties to arrange. If it’s a pta event, the pta arranges & pays.

  37. T. Ruth says:

    Originally pulled this list off of another forum, and saved in my notes. Can’t remember where I got it, but I think it was posted on SM. Thanks, SM Posters!

    Skyline Elementary School Staff for the 2009 -2010 year

    Ben Keefer – principal
    Susan Hall – principals sec.
    Scott McBeth K/1
    Mrs. Easter Matthews K/1
    Mrs Linda Cole K/1
    karen Hanson 2/3
    Kristina Porter 2/3
    Melissa Ritter 2/3
    Jessica Bostick 4/5
    Vivian Covin 4/5
    Jill Kooning 4/5
    Brian Gardes lang arts/soc studies 6/7/8
    Katrina Frischmann Math/Sci 6/7/8
    Paul Mastin math/ lang arts 6/7/8

    Mrs. Skach lib/tech
    music = tba but there was a Skachwa

    pe= mrs Joanne Romanaggi
    ms. stephanie Cox – counselor
    kenny Moylan head custodian
    vickie Ibarra Evening custodian
    Diane jones= cafeteria manager
    Lou Terrones= resource teacher
    Amy Kasch lang. pathologist
    Nancy Yates – school psychologist
    Mark Valeske – occ therapist
    Alayna Pettingill para educator
    Tersea Gonzales para educator
    Robert Salvia para educator
    Deborah Meskimen para educator

    Slyline Elementary staff 2010-2011
    Skyline School Staff Members

    2010 to 2011 School Year

    Elementary Teachers

    Name Position Email
    Bostick, Jessica Grades 4-5
    Cole, Linda Grades K-1
    Colvin, Vivian Grades 4-5
    Dunn, Melissa Grades 4-5

    Hanson, Karen Grades 2-3
    Mathews, Easter Grades K-1
    McBeth, Scott Grades K-1
    Porter, Kristina Grades 2-3
    Ritter, Melissa Grades 2-3

    Middle School Teachers

    Name Position Email
    Arras, Katrina Math/Science, Grades 6-8
    Gardes, Brian Language Arts and Social Studies, Grades 6-8
    Homberg, Jamie 8th Grade Math

    Johnson-Koziuk, Kimla 6th Grade Math Teacher, IB Coordinator

    Robinson, Drew Middle School Math and 8th Grade Language Arts

    Wells, Lydia Grade 6 Language Arts and Grades 4-8 Spanish

    Other Staff Members

    Name Position Email
    Gonzales, Teri Para Educator
    Hall, Susan Principal’s Secretary
    Ibarra, Vicki Custodian
    Johnson-Koziuk, Kimla IB Coordinator, 6th Grade Math Teacher
    Johnson, Sara Counselor
    Jones, Diane Cafeteria Manager
    Kasch, Amy Speech Language Pathologist

    Keefer, Ben Principal
    Keyser, John Music Teacher

    Meskimen, Deb Para Educator
    Pettingill, Alayna Para Educator
    Romanaggi, JoAnne Physical Education Teacher
    Schiavo, Stephanie School Psychologist
    Skach, Milly Library/ Technology Assistant
    Tandy, Bill Custodian
    Terrones, Lou Learning Center Teacher
    Valeske, Julie Adaptive PE
    Valeske, Mark Occupational Therapist
    Wells, Lydia Grades 4-8 Spanish and Grade 6 Language Arts
    Wilson, Tori School Nurse

  38. T. Ruth says:


    FYI, I believe this is one of the the quote Blink was referring to:

    “It’s very frustrating the other party makes statements about wanting to find my son but does nothing to back that up,” he said on Friday.

    Tells me, anyway, that Terri has denied any involvement in Kyron’s disappearance as well as expressed her concern in finding him. We just have never got to hear her side of this story, but it sounds like he has.

    I think Dede Spicher may have had it right, she’s telling LE everything she knows, but it’s not what they want to hear, and just maybe, so is Terri.

  39. grasshopper says:

    @sam hawthorne
    your remark about how easy it is to walk in where you don’t belong if you just act confident and have a cover story, reminds me of Kevin Mitnick. He was the famous teenaged hacker who went in and used radio shack demo computers (in the stores) to hack into huge systems. now he has a security business and focuses on the human element. He has demonstrated over and over that the most sophisticated security system in the world is easily overcome by a trusting worker trying to help the pleasant stranger who seems to belong. Clearly Skyline had no sophisticated system and an abundance of helpful trusting people.

    I studied a case where a convicted sex offender bamboozled the principal and 2 teachers, AND his victim, by professing to be a Dr, looking to bring his 2 daughters into the district, and could he please speak to a student his daughters age.

    He actually got permission from the school to take this girl offsite saying he was going to take her and his daughter out to lunch since he was having trouble choosing which schools to enroll. He raped her twice, and the girl did not tell a soul until finally someone thought to call the Doc to find out he did not exist and then they confronted the girl.

    This man is a clear psycopath, and if you don’t think a certain criminal profile is capable of the stones it takes to take a child in front of 300 people, then I don’t know what to say.

    He was prepared for any reaction, 100%.

  40. Rose says:

    I’ve just realized why Ellen R, the AG & appointee/friend of Kitz, will not investigate the investigation.
    The full-time ADA from year 1, while the Marx brothers were carrying out ruses, was eased out–oops I mean promoted–to be Kitz’a personal point person & advisor on Public Safety in Salen–particularly dealing with Corrections (poetic justice).

    That appointment is like Mult Cty funding Minhas’ office big time for her cool ” in” public health initiatives when the biggest public health problems in the Portland region are apparently heroin & meth.

  41. quizzical says:

    Bringing forward the June, 2013 KXL interview with Kaine. Thanks @wpg.

    wpg says:
    June 10, 2013 at 12:05 am

    radio interview with KH:

    June 4, 2013 7:48 AM
    “Kaine Horman, father of Kyron Horman, talked with Lacey Evans of KXL Radio in Portland, providing an update on the case, and activities that he is involved in”

    above post with link taken from the page
    listed under “Morning Conversation 6/4″

    Thank you quizzi and wpg!

  42. Tarheel says:

    In response to Blink’s question above, I counted (very quickly so it may be off a little) approximately 52 men on the list of attendees at the school that day (could also vary based on names that can be used for male or female) and a total of 213 people(once again, a very quick count so it could be a little off) on this list (this would include men, women, and minor visiting children). I’m not sure I understand where this answer leads us, unless you consider the “60 suspects” as noted under:

    sam hawthorne says:
    August 8, 2013 at 1:31 am.

    Also, I don’t understand why an IB Open House would be held at an elementary school, and especially on the same day/time as the science fair. Or did I misunderstand that?

  43. mosaic says:

    Is it possible that a composite was created but not released to the public?

    I can only say that the witnesses I am aware of were never asked that, so I would have to say no.

  44. T. Ruth says:

    Looking at the school floorplan, with the front of the school being on the bottom of the page. Trying to make Tanner’s statements make sense. Do I have this right. Kyron’s room was 209?

    So Terri is on that floor and watches him walk toward his class. She assumes he’s going directly there and then exits out the front door of the school and heads to the main parking lot on the right. (if we’re looking at the front of the school) Kyron, however passes his room and heads toward the other set of stairs that are on the left of his room and passes Tanner who is coming up from the basement, where they exchange “the cool electric one”.

    Would this be correct? So the cool electric one was in the basement?
    Kyron gets to room 109 and the brief nod by Ms. Mathew happens there. So which way did Kyron and this guy go? I’m having a hard time seeing where the doors are to the outside, is there one that goes directly to the small back parking area where the playground is? Is there another?

  45. Sue says:

    Snipped from an article on July 30, 2013 when DY gave a press conference in regards to dropping the law suit against TH:

    As part of Young’s lawsuit, one of Terri Horman’s friends, DeDe Spicher, was called in for a deposition in 2012, and she refused to answer 142 questions regarding the case. She cited her Fifth Amendment right.

    However, Young’s attorney on Tuesday referenced a new development in a recent grand jury meeting.

    “It’s my understanding that (Spicher) finally agreed to testify in front of the grand jury a week or two ago,” said Elden Rosenthal, Young’s attorney.

    Young said she was hopeful Spicher provided good information to the grand jury, but did not speculate on what information that could be. Spicher appeared before the grand jury at least one other time, in July 2010.

    “We don’t know. But I think everything’s a possibility,” she said. “The fact that she hadn’t talked up to now. We just don’t know.”

    Attorney and former MCSO captain Bruce McCain said people could be called to testify before a grand jury repeatedly, and refuse to answer questions based on their Fifth Amendment rights.

    “The bigger question is, if it’s true that she is supposedly cooperating, what’s the motive, why would she be doing that now?” he said. “And the most likely reason, if it’s true, would be some type of immunity or plea deal to get her to testify against someone else.”


    TH has a high-powered attorney who shut her down immediately after the disappearance of Ky. There is a possible connection that does not meet the eye. Why bring in DeDe S. again? DY knows TH knows something, but she has to drop her lawsuit for now, so as not to interfere with some new evidence. DY is in search of the truth. The silence of TH and her attorney is deafening. I pray DDS is finally stepping forward to shed some light on a possible explanation of the events of that day.

    Sue- I am not understanding how DS appearing before the grand jury ( and we do not know what she said or did not) if DY believed she knew something of investigative value, is grounds to withdraw a suit that has a pending hearing to compel the woman to testify in the civil case. It would have been a lock- and imo, this is exactly why DS agreed to appear. Her attorney advised her that she likely would be made to address the questions anyway, and BTW, that record can be used in the grand jury. You better believe the way they treated this woman her atty said, get in there, queen for a day, and tell the truth because he already knows that she did not know anything. If there was anything incriminating to TH, wth would the judge terminate the RO, lift the stay on the divorce and narrowly escape dismissing the tort suit?

    TH and her attorneys know something we don’t about this investigation that leads away for her or there is zero chance that Kantor reverses himself a 3rd time.

    So in short, if DS said anything of value, no way in the world is Rosenthal withdrawing a $10Million suit that had just been handed it’s merit. You don’t drop litigation that is now preserved and lose your right to sue – especially when your judge already stayed it when you now have the winning hand. Throw all the rest away, if your intent was to open up the wall that is holding Kyron’s case hostage, and you have no ruling before you that precludes that- why would you quit?

    Notice she said she advised her attorneys to withdraw, that means they advised her of something, and it was her call.

  46. T. Ruth says:

    This one shows the doors better I think. (Page 8) So if this person went out the closest door with Kyron, that would be the door that lead to the little back courtyard area?

    This study was done in 2009, the pictures of the open walls and the bathrooms, still give me the creeps today.

  47. amychika says:

    “…reminds me of Kevin Mitnick. He was the famous teenaged hacker who went in and used radio shack demo computers (in the stores) to hack into huge systems. now he has a security business and focuses on the human element. He has demonstrated over and over that the most sophisticated security system in the world is easily overcome by a trusting worker trying to help the pleasant stranger who seems to belong”
    That’s called “social engineering” and is often trait of socio/psychopaths as well as successful entrepreneurs and politicians, go figure ;)

  48. amychika says:


    “I studied a case where a convicted sex offender bamboozled the principal and 2 teachers, AND his victim, by professing to be a Dr, looking to bring his 2 daughters into the district, and could he please speak to a student his daughters age.”

    In my early teens, a grown up male came to visit my school(not in US) claiming to be my father and trying to get me released for a remainder of the day. He tried to do that SEVERAL times. Thank God and very interestingly how this situation became known is the fact that I had been home ill before, during and after those days and school had grown suspicious and finally alerted my family.

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