BREAKING NEWS: Jesse Matthew Abduction of Hannah Graham also linked to Morgan Harrington Murder

BREAKING NEWS- sources inside the investigation of both the murder of Morgan Dana Harrington and the abduction with the intent to defile of 2nd year student at UVA, Hannah Graham  have confirmed to S. Christina Stoy, Editor in Chief of that DNA belonging to Jesse Leroy Matthew, Jr matches the DNA link to that of a wanted suspect in the Harrington murder.

Further tests are being conducted to connect Mr. Matthew to a 2005 Fairfax sexual assault as well.

This is a developing story,  please check back for updates.


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  1. Connie says:

    Great job as always! Thank you for the reward information. I have noticed with many homicides/missing persons, etc. that rewards are offered but it would be interesting to see research like you mentioned.

  2. Rose says:

    dan H fits a U Iowa enrollment (gifted writer), or similar
    … a gifted poet.

    his verbal affluence seems partially genetic:
    2 posts below..

    ” Dan Harrington says:
    December 17, 2013 at 1:25 pm
    The Game Preserve

    Morgan why couldn’t you have had another life
    Find a lucky guy, be a simple wife
    Maybe make a baby or two
    That’s what I’d hoped for you
    But life is a challenging game
    Who knew you’d have to leave the game so early
    You had a date with destiny on another field
    That was your fate
    A rendezvous with hate
    When you were little, we’d laugh when you’d say
    “I’m gonna be famous someday”
    Honey you were right
    On a rainy October night
    After a violent brutal fight
    You became front page news
    Didn’t choose
    This path to celebrity
    Which cost your mortality”

    Dan Harrington says:
    January 25, 2014 at 10:18 am
    Gil Harrington’s Thoughts on January 25, 2014 – 4th Anniversary of Morgan’s Body Being Found – A Case Unsolved

    The development of spiritual insight requires a persistent diminishment and distillation of self. In our process of becoming, it is the challenges that most often promote growth. I really want to find a way of reaching the point of stretch and change through joy. Such a better alternative if I could only figure out how.

    I realize that the point where you collapse and break is a powerful place where expectations are shattered and discarded and so all things become possible. If you reconfigure your very being and allow transformation to occur. The effort of the struggle “strengthens” us in a way.
    Our family’s exceptional challenges require and demand exceptional responses. We soldier on a secure in knowing that we are always given the tools to succeed in every place we find ourselves. The trick is to recognize, accept, and use them.
    Spirit becomes most evident when more life can’t be managed. In those sharp times, in that dark place, germinates a fragile surrender; and with acceptance, solace.”

  3. Olivia says:

    Ms. Liberty, not upset at all. Just wanted to make the point that you misrepresented what was said here. :)

  4. Olivia says:

    I think you’re playing Devil’s Advocate, and that’s fair and right. But pretty unconvincing. You ignore so many aspects of these crimes to make your arguments. Example: you assume killer placed the shirt on the bush in a “classic” serial killer manner. But we have no idea who placed it there. We have guesses only. Example: you ignore the fact that JM grew up across the road from Anchorage Farm–he’s a country boy. He knows that land. He went to Red Hill Elementary School on 29 south. Google map it. Example: JM’s behavior on the mall was nothing like his covert behavior with MH. True, and I’ve considered this too. But I think JM’s behavior is explained by alcohol/drugs. He either prowls (as a friend of his said), seeking opportunities with girls–and planning covert ambushes (2005 rape, MH)–OR he gets intoxicated and openly aggressive/obnoxious and forces himself on women (2002, 2003, HG). Those are just a few thoughts. JM is more clever than he has been given credit for but he’s NOT a highly sophisticated killer. AJMO.

  5. Scout says:

    Here is a snippet and link to the Coy Barefoot interview and article- “In that reporting, Barefoot revealed that Graham abductor suspect Jesse Matthew had reportedly shown a repeated willingness to take advantage of the drunkest girl at a Charlottesville, VA restaurant and bar, so much to the point that he received a two-month ban from the establishment for his behavior.”

    SO I guess I will be the one to ask- if a bouncer ( let me guess, lol) actually says- he had a type, blonde, preppy, upper class, whatever- why in the Hell did said bouncer not Call VSP and say- we barred a guy that fits the description of sketch and Morgan’s victim profile. AND did he call Cville when hannah went missing? I have jackets on half the bouncers in Cville around the time Morgan went missing- I want this guy’s name- is it Kwami?

  6. Kat says:

    The reverberations from a silent sociopath and his lawyer(s) are catastrophic. The toll this takes on others. The needless money spent. It is the continuance of evil. I know, innocent until proven guilty. It boggles my mind the destruction the sociopath leaves in his or her wake. People are objects. The sociopath, if he takes up chess, would be a pretty good player. Master of the subtle manipulation.

    I would have loved to have been the fly on the wall when the accused told his side of the story to his lawyer.

    The search crew is getting exhausted.

    I am certain his lawyer prefaced his consultation meeting with.. his obligations under the bar if his client confessed guilt, so, I am sure it was what he told LE- was with her, and dropped her off at X.

    I share your resentment on Matthew and the toll it is taking on everyone, most especially Hannah’s parents and family. To not ease their pain, and allow them to recover their child is sadistic, and I say that to every and any person who knows where she is.


  7. Ragdoll says:

    WRT to Blanca’s death, is there any mention of JM possibly setting fire to cover another assault (Blanca being the victim)? Was additional DNA ever found, related to her death…and could it be considered a murder?

    Don’t get me started on the dog.

    Also, has JM had a psychological assessment done, yet? I keep thinking about Blink hinting ‘he hears voices’. That keeps coming back to me.

  8. Ragdoll says:

    Scratch that…I didn’t realize Blanca was the dog. Went back to re-read from the link.

    Tryptophan overdose? I do feel a slight buzz. :P

  9. Grace says:

    As horrible as it is to even put this out in the universe, I have often wondered based on the description of Morgan’s remains, if she was run over in that field. The numerous broken bones always made me question if perhaps she ran from him and he ran her over. When I saw the front of his orange car, half of it missing, it made me sick to my stomach. Growing up in the country, I have seen many non 4-wheel drive cars show up in places one would never think possible…. I get he was driving a cab or van or whatever during this time, but still, is it possible?

    As more time goes on, the frustration builds. Where is Hannah? I will continue to pray something gives. It is time.

    She was not Grace.

  10. Sunshine_4me says:

    Blink, I went back to your 2010 link you posted yesterday to recap on some comments. I only got through small portion but was struck by suicide of Green Co. former sheriff, Morris. It doesn’t sit right with me, claims suicide was a result of his suffering from tinnitus, from September until his death merely 4 months later. A weight lifter who couldn’t bear the affects of tinnitus for only 4 months??? No disrespect to the family…it just doesn’t make sense to me. Any thoughts on Morris and MH case? Maybe if I keep reading I might get answer but just had to comment on this since my gut didn’t digest the story well.

    Honestly I had a concern that it was related to the Eppard shooting. He was very tight with Maj. Snead.
    I have interviewed a few locals close to Sheriff Morris and if it had anything to do with anything other than what he said in his suicide note, it would surprise all of them.

  11. Sunshine_4me says:

    Sorry, I should have included one of the links to the Morris suicide story stating he got tinnitus in September and took his life in January.

  12. Rose says:

    Now we know why he chose a bar like Tempo.
    too well known at his regular.
    pretty blatant hunter.

  13. Sunshine_4me says:

    Not to be on a WMorris rabbit hole hunt, just odd information I keep coming across. He had a pot plant growing in his sheriff office. He arrested his brother and witness states he pistol whipped the brother during the arrest. He worked on several cases along with Albemarle County Sheriff J.E. “Chip” Harding. Just the timing of his death immediately after MH body was recovered is either very coincidental or there is something more. IMO

  14. mosaic says:

    @ Puzzled: Yes, Panorama Farms in the Earlysville area was searched…on horseback and on foot.

  15. A Texas Grandfather says:


    In regards to the condition of JM’s car- the only photo I saw was across the right front fender and bumper area. Your photo may have shown additional damage.

    The damage as I saw it in the photo was from the right side towards the front. That indicated to me that either someone in another vehicle caused the damage, or JM himself did by backing the vehicle and turning into something solid that did the damage. The bumper was pulled forward.

    If it is true that JM was known to attach himself to the drunkest woman in a bar towards the end of the evening, the owners should have all kicked him out and notified all the LE agencies in the county.

    The fact that he was given only a two month suspension at an earlier time and he still molested patrons, tells me that he was being enabled by some of the owners and/or bouncers. It may turn out that some of them were participants in JM’s activities. It is certainly worth considering.

    I think that LE and the searchers should be looking at unoccupied residences, including small apartment buildings and out-buildings for Hannah. They also should be making contact with any of JM’s friends or acquaintances to see if they do maintenance work or remodel work on properties in the area. Bodies have been found in attics, crawl spaces and closets in abandoned or unoccupied buildings.

  16. Rose says:

    Not to be too negative, but isn’t there a sewer system throughout the City?
    Thinking Corwin & camera inspections.

  17. Eloise says:

    Or they know trouble when they see it, LOL.


  18. leslie says:

    OK I feel like putting this in caps….why has there been no comment speculation ideas or anything about the THREE other assaults the same weekend Hannah disappeared?in the same exact block that the painters T-shirt was left…..THREE….sexually assaulted and or beaten and left for dead or both….this is a big head scratcher for me…surely one of these 3 poor victims has DNA or a memory of the attacker….not to get all racist….but it would not be that hard to even know whether b or w…dreads????

  19. Scout says:

    Blink- re: the bouncer -hmm I guess that should be the question- DID the bouncer call authorities?? I would hope many of the bar workers who saw him down there regularly would have contacted LE.

    @kat and most others- I really don’t think JM is smart- at all- he is just lucky. Lucky that he had not been caught and that LE didn’t put 2 + 2 together (i.e. local AA cab driver with ties to AF – uh, hello?). What kind of ‘smart’ and cunning criminal lets himself be seen on camera with someone he is going to abduct? What kind of saavy criminal is going to drive recklessly (cause to be pulled over) after leaving the police station and not to mention flee the state and drive to TX. Or place MH’s body at a site where he was familiar and could be linked back to. Not too bright if you ask me.

    JM has has rejection issues and hates women. He wants to see them in pain and the terror in their eyes when he is savagely beating and raping them. He wants to humiliate them for all the times they have rejected him and laughed in his face. For ruining his football career. That’s how he gets off.

    I believe he placed MH’s body in a place where he was once (maybe many times) rejected and humiliated- a place he used to party at perhaps after football games in the FALL – Anchorage Farms. He wanted to make an example of MH and for her to possibly be discovered while a party was going on. And wasn’t there one going on only a couple hundred yards from her lifeless body?

  20. Kat says:

    Driving home from work I heard the mournful plea of the Grahams on the radio. I thought why are we all going through this? The Graham’s nightmare and anguished song and we are all the backup singers. Why, why, why? Someone knows where she is. They want their Trial of Job ended.

    The lone wolf continous his silence. He is a sadist. Emotionally, physically. He has been living in a very dark place for a long time. Last night I tried to imagine that place, but could’nt continue down the rabbit hole. It frightened me. But if you don’t have a conscience, it is easy to slide down and dwell there. It was all a game to him. Every night looking for prey, the kind he likes. I take what I want when I want. No wonder he was tired during the day, seeking the ground for a respite on his work breaks.

    When I see a picture of an identified sociopath I am always compelled to cover the lower half of the face and contemplate the eyes. When the eyes are viewed alone without the rest of the facial expression a different story can emerge, a true story. Many times the eyes are vacant, or some say dead or expressionless.

    I don’t think there is anything underneath to work with.

  21. Rose says:

    The reason I thought of city sewer entrances is JM
    may be smart enough to drive off & secrete a body successfully
    (the statement making level though to me is the
    best argument for an accomplice), but I don’t see him
    as that energetic or giving it that much effort that time of night.
    I see him as an impulsive type (break or bend into a quick underground
    disposition). Cell same place. like Corwin tho that was
    planned. I hope they search with cameras before too many rains.

  22. A Texas Grandfather says:


    I agree with you regarding JM’s behavior. One chooses to do the things that he does. By doing so, the conscience is gradually destroyed so that what ever feels good is ok. The fact that it is considered wrong by society does not matter.

    When I was a young man, society quickly identified these types of people and they were shunned from most activities. Parents taught their children to stay away from them. It was a lot easier in that time as the population was one third it is today. The fact the activities of young people was monitored much more closely helped as well.

    Our present society has chosen to allow all types of behaviors, including some bad ones, to not be condemned in the name of political correctness. Small communities were very aware of what was going on regarding people’s behavior and it was easy to stay out of the way of those who were troublemakers. Today, with cities large and small, it is easy for those troublemakers to hide themselves and look for prey.

    Young women have been released from a lot of the previous mores and given freedoms they formerly didn’t exercise. It is a major change in behavior. Large changes usually take several generations to be properly absorbed by society. During that process, there are many dangers to everyone that must be corrected.

    Our young women leave a community where their parents and other family and friends reside to go to college. Unless the parents have taught them or some other group has taught them how to be alert to safety problems and modify their behavior, they place themselves in situations of danger and don’t recognize them. The consumption of alcohol and other drugs contributes to dulling the awareness of ones surroundings.

    As an old guy, I deplore the ugly behavior currently in use by our entertainment industry. Some of those behaviors are copied by our youth which leads to a course and ugly society. It also creates opportunities for people like JM to do the ugly things they do.

    I have no idea why you are not an adjunct professor of HIST or SOCI somewhere, truly. Don’t be offended I did not include ENGR- I just do not have any experience to say in that regard, lol.

    Knowing how to change a tire in the dark or inventing solar smores for my kids projects do not count :)


  23. A Texas Grandfather says:


    How did you learn of the three assaults mentioned in your post? Is the media publishing this information?

    Charlottesville is a small city with a fairly large university population. If what you say is taking place, the university and the city officials as well as all LE need to get involved to put a stop to such events.

    Not leslie but UVA reported it- late in terms of their Clery obligation, which as far as I know, they are already under Federal Investigation for non-compliance.

  24. mosaic says:

    It seems that if there’s a person out there that knows where Hannah is they are not coming forward because their knowledge would somehow implicate them. And if there’s a co-conspirator out there, I imagine (s)he’s getting a little nervous now that JLM is in custody.

    I believe pleas for help finding Hannah are aimed at people who can’t be implicated but who are struggling with a loyalty to JLM. To reveal information that could be useful would be especially hard for a person that is either convinced that the JLM *they know* could NOT have committed this crime, or for someone that knows JLM committed this crime and has repented (my conjecture only).

    Group dynamics can be weird in this way — people that are tight protect each other from common laws and work within their own laws. With all respect to readers who are Catholic (I myself grew up in the faith), I think the covering up of the horrific abuses by pedophiliac priests is a good example of groups taking care of their own. And these are people who supposedly know right from wrong.

    I truly hope that someone’s conscience will tip the scales and that they’ll come forward with the answers.

  25. Mom3.0 says:

    Reading everyones thoughts I cant help but go back to review-

    Something from the past may help to find Hannah-
    much like knowing of the previous rape in 2005 case may have led to Morgan or the perp had the Sketch and any details surrounding the attack been released sooner

    Please excuse the length of my posts as I am thinking as I go..

    First, Blink when you wrote of the forensic link to a past rape way back when LE was “forced” to release the sketch and the info that it wasnt related to Pham but fairfax
    The Harringtons were very thankful as Gil stated )pp) releasing the Sketch and the connection will help others to be alert..

    At the time it was revealed that They LE hadnt even shown the Sketch to Mr.Bass-

    Snipped w/yr response
    …Geller says the timing of the release was prompted by a crime blog, which announced that investigators had discovered a link between the Harrington case and another recent Fairfax case— the wrong one.

    “It pressured us to get this information out there,” Geller, admitting that the decision was so rushed that police hadn’t even shown the composite to David Bass…

    …bereaved parents Dan and Gil Harrington say they’re grateful that the connection they’ve known about for “some time” has finally been made available to members of the public, who might be able to help.

    I guess I will leave it up to the readers. If a forensic link was found in a 5 year old sex assault case, and tied to a murder x number of miles away, where everyone was told their was no threat, and the owner of the farm where the victim was found HAD NOT EVEN BEEN SHOWN THE SKETCH after having the link for months…

    Would you want to know?

    Didn’t they also put out a thank you for tips generated from the sketch?

    Blink scratches head and raises left eyebrow.


    Question- Now that another Forensic link seems to connect Harrington case to the Graham case…do you know if LE has went back and shown Sketch and/or pics of Dreads to all witnesses-

    Cont Part 2

    AJMO Peace

    In process, yes, but as witness statements go- technically tainted

  26. Mom3.0 says:

    Part 2 cont in 3

    Blink you wrote of the connection in this piece as:

    BREAKING NEWS- sources inside the investigation of both the murder of Morgan Dana Harrington and the abduction with the intent to defile of 2nd year student at UVA, Hannah Graham have confirmed to S. Christina Stoy, Editor in Chief of that DNA belonging to Jesse Leroy Matthew, Jr matches the DNA link to that of a wanted suspect in the Harrington murder.

    Further tests are being conducted to connect Mr. Matthew to a 2005 Fairfax sexual assault as well.

    Okay Blink- Please bear with me not sure how to phrase–

    If the Forensic connection from Lj LJ matches the DNA link to that of a wanted suspect in the Harrington murder …but yet is not a connection immediately to the Fairfax case…then something is still missing here…

    Which brings me to the past:

    Is the DNA which linked Morgan to the Fairfax case found on the shirt or was it found with items left behind- purse,cell-umbrella…or was the link found W/ Morgan.-

    Why cant an immediate link be found to all three.

    In the Disappeared Show The Link was described this way:

    quote from announcer and Joe Rader in the Disappeared Episode.
    “5 years later, a DNA match links the same man to the disappearance and murder of Morgan Harrington”.

    “Forensically ,there’s a DNA connection that Morgan Harrington at some point during her time at Charlottesville prior to her death came into contact with a person who has already been in the unknown subject data base of Virginia”.

    Again the link to Fairfax case seems to be that which could pinpoint MH being in “contact” during her time in CHville prior to her death
    But this would not seem to be the link that connects LJ to both Hannahs case and Morgans case for if it was why wasnt the link to all 3 released?

    Is Sketch LJ? and if so isnt Sketch the man wanted for MH murder and isnt he the sole perp in the Fairfax case?

    I realize you have always thought there was more than one perp or at least more than one in the know-
    Can you now expand on these thoughts-?

    Cont Prt 3

    AJMO Peace

  27. Jan says:

    I just googled sexual assaults at UVA in September. There is quite a few of them. And, all the people who have had a hand in the cover ups that have been going on. God help them if they have daughters…… could be faced with the same fate one of these days. My mother always taught me that life runs full circle….actions become your character…..your character determines your destiny! Disgusting and so very sad for Morgan, Hannah, their families and many others that seem to have been pushed under the rug (so to speak) to protect the University’s good name.

  28. Mom3.0 says:

    Prt 3

    The Connection-

    For the longest time many here Have pondered over when and where the forensic link was recovered from with Raders comments in The Disappred Show that of Contact “prior to death” the link seems to place it with something that definitely would place Morgan alive- AND it seems in Charlottesville in “contact with man who brutally raped Fairfax victim ie Sketch

    we know the Shirt was recovered in Nov – yes Blink I believe it was found the 5th not the 11th I believe the eleventh was when Capuzo got the call or when it ws handed off from the previous jurisdiction JMO

    Dr Harrington Said:
    respectfully snipped:

    Vulnerable to what? To the PREDATOR who was there on October 17, 2009 and was still there in November

    Rader said in Dec 30th Briefing (thanks DianaH):
    The exact quote is: “We have physical evidence.”
    “Physical evidence would be something like shirts or blood… Something that would need processing.”

    I have a link to it, but they appear to have taken the video down.


    Next After Morgans remains were found Gil and Dan Harrington also said “a wealth of physical evidence” has been collected in the remote hayfield 10 miles southwest of Charlottesville where a farmer found their daughter’s bones Tuesday.

    We here for the longest time remembered a haunting quote of Gils which may or may not have been meant to be taken literally– it was a statement of Morgan being thrown away like a semen stained garbage in the field..

    None of us, try as we might could locate the exact quote…

    well in going back I found it here on BOC – It was a post by Alexandra- which had us all pondering then if the forensic link could have been from the farm alone or together w/ a different link possibly the shirt or other item which would place Morgan alive and in contact with-

    Here-, unfortunately the video is no longer working

    alexandra says:
    July 20, 2010 at 8:39 am

    If I am understanding correctly, Mrs. Harrington is saying that DNA (semen) was found on Morgan’s body. So I conclude not the T shirt.

    That is not how I interpret that alexandra, fwiw.


    alexandra says:
    July 20, 2010 at 9:47 am

    Mrs. Harrington said, “Morgan was a beautiful girl, not a semen stained rag to be discarded in a field like garbage”
    Blink I trust your ability to interpret, I have been known to misunderstand. It makes a difference if forensic evidence was recovered on the planted shirt or on dear Morgan’s body.

    I don’t have the answer, I was just really cautioning using that as an absolute.


    So- for the link to Fairfax case which places Morgan in contact with Sketch prior to her death in CHville..

    what could that be that definitely points to an alive Morgan in Cville

    and why is the Hannah link which is connected to LJ Not immediately tied to the Fairfax case as well

    Could there be more than one forensic link not all DNA or more than 1 DNA sample could these samples be at odds… might the samples be so minute as to render further testing useless- even for further connection purposes?

    Blink long ago you spoke out in dismay over Corrine Gellars statements alerting the public to just how little DNA was recovered…
    See here

    snipped yr response

    :Correct, but LE will not verify the location or source (specimen origin) as to that report or any other.

    As an example, Corrine Geller responded specifically to that comment although unless I am missing it was erased where she discusses that sketch’s dna would not be suitable for familial testing based on the size of the sample available. You might recall i went somewhat ballistic, but it was all there in black and white, no getting around it.


    what was the wealth of evidence why wasnt the Sketch and detials of the FF rape released sooner

    In order to hopefully help Hannah and her poor family friends and community- I think everyone cant be lulled into thinking they definitely caught the only BG -
    There is and has always been the great potential for others to be directly involved or indirectly helping and covering

    Is LJ Sketch and if he is why hasnt the DNA connected him to Morgans case and the Fairfax rape

    Help me understand Please

    Sorry for the length-

    AJMO Peace

  29. Mom3.0 says:

    oops forgot to include links to Alexandras posts of Gils words from Blinks article:

    Morgan Harrington Murder Update: DNA Links WANTED SUSPECT


    FWIW besides the fire at that house-

    there were also a number of controlled burns taking place around the county that fall

    trying to remember…. Wasnt the dog that was owned by the roommate a pit bull? Blink are the dogs part of the poss. connection you uncovered?

    AJMO peace

  30. Grace says:

    ATG – here are the images of the car I was viewing. It looks to me like he doesn’t care where he takes that thing.

    Is transport from one vehicle to another a possibility? Is this why the taxi van was located?

  31. leslie says:

    no…the three assaults were written up in a separate article in ville weekly…you can easily access it….these assaults occurred on 9/14/15…..there is also a good mention of the details on coy barefoots program inside Charlottesville…the first podcast he did on this case back a month ago….having lived in ville for most of my life…so albemarle county to boot…this horror is even more gutwrenching….but these 3 separate assaults…why nothing about them?wtf…read ville weekly…..I picked up the book….”The Only Living Witness”….about Bundy..rereading this…a lot of insight about the mind and lack of soul of these perps

  32. leslie says:

    I meant ville weekly….good coverage of all this

  33. Scout says:

    @ATG the bigger problem is the access to pornography online. Children can easily access pornography sites on their cell phones (which they all seem to get at age 12 now), tablets and laptops. Long gone are the days when they just steal their dad’s Playboy magazines. They’re exposed to hardcore pornography and their parents have no clue as they don’t know how to set parental controls or are too naive to think that their children would actually look this stuff up.

    Pornography trains many men’s brains into thinking that woman are just objects that don’t have feelings. They’re just sexual toys and puppets that are there for their own pleasure and are disposable. These young boys/men have such easy access to hardcore porn sites which include rape porn…and even murder porn. Sites which I imagine JM frequented for a very long time.

    My nephew just turned 13 and has had an electronic babysitter (iphone) for a few years now. My sister and her husband are lazy parents and let him sit in his room for hours on end on his computer and his iphone. It drives me so insane that I don’t even like to visit anymore because I want to go off on them for their irresponsible parenting. The kid has terrible social skills and his grades are dropping (of course they blame the teachers!) I tried to tell my parents (as my sister doesn’t listen or care- she’s the ‘live and let live type’ plus lazy) that they need to regulate his time on electronics and use parental controls as he is probably sitting in his room looking up very bad things. They insist he wouldn’t do that and is just on “Club Penguin”. Rigggghht. Our society is creating little anti-social, sexually deviant monsters right before our eyes- one laptop and iphone at a time.

  34. leslie says:

    for what it is worth…the 3 incidents were reported in ville weekly…top stories the week they happened…ville weekly is….well….a weekly…but they reported this and since then I have seen no mention….not ON campus but basically across the street and on the exact same neighborhood Hannah lived in….same area where the panyera yshirt was diplayed

  35. A Texas Grandfather says:

    It appears to me that the UVA is playing a dangerous game by not following the rules in the name of “keep our dirty laundry hidden so that we continue to attract students”.

    In my opinion, the time has come for the public to demand that the colleges and universities cease to handle any type of assault on their campuses. The local police or other civil authority should become the place for reporting and handling such crimes. Students should not be afraid to offend anyone by making such a report.

    The whole purpose for society is mutual protection and benefits to the group forming it. When a portion of that society is derelict in their duty of protection in order to uniquely protect a reputation, all suffer.

  36. Olivia says:

    Did everyone see this from two weeks ago? LU classmate of JM’s describes him as “nice, respectful, and fun to hang out with.” She also says: “…he’s someone who could fall under the wrong influence just because he doesn’t know any better.” She is afraid that he is working for someone else with the “brains” because he was so far below the average intelligence level at LU: “It was almost as if you were going to school with a little kid.”

  37. Olivia says:

    Of course, an enormous and strong “kid” could do a lot of harm. It is hard to imagine that someone that unintelligent could be capable of the length and degree of secrecy required since the 2005 rape. On the other hand, one’s academic level (his was very low) is quite separate from one’s intelligence level, and also separate from conscience, and separate from a serious mental disorder that might allow him to compartmentalize easily. He may put his anger and lust for violence “away” and visit it only occasionally, while the rest of the time he’s just looking for an easy (drunken) hook-up. I wonder if he was often successful? Where are the women who will acknowledge that they spent a night with him and were unharmed? How often did the bouncer from Barefoot’s article see him leave with women?

  38. A Texas Grandfather says:

    Thank you B for the complement about teaching. Yes, I have taught classes at the college level from time to time since I was twenty years old. Those classes were in music, drafting and computers.

    I once filled in for my professor at Rice University for 9 weeks when he was called away to work on the radio telescopes in the Arizona desert. The course was FORTRAN IV in the 1960′s. I had signed up for his class to learn about the new version of FORTRAN. Instead of canceling the class, he suggested that someone with computer experience use his notes to keep the class going until he returned. Myself and another student shared in teaching the class. IMO if one really wants to master material, they should try to teach others about it.

    That is exactly the reason that this blog is so valuable. There are many who share their unique knowledge and experience and in doing so, improve the knowledge and understanding of all who read and post.

  39. BlackPearl says:

    Also, I have a feeling that the bouncers working in Charlottesville did NOT alert law enforcement about JLM’s observed predatory behavior in various bars in the area– at least not prior to him being a formal suspect in the abduction of Hannah Graham. Unfortunately.

    People tend not to want to get involved. A variation on this is the “bystander effect”. Ultimately, I think that the bouncer was concerned with doing the job that he was being paid to do — maintaining the safety of patrons of the bar to the extent that no one would be seriously injured and the bar wouldn’t be liable. But because JLM’s “predatory behavior” at the bar wasn’t obviously a crime in and of itself, the bouncer didn’t necessarily feel it was his duty, responsibility, or maybe his right to think about the larger picture, imagine where “predatory behavior” leads, or to report obviously malicious behavior to the police. That’s why the action the bouncer did take– banning JLM from the bar for a while– was an informal means of punishment, was temporary in application, and was possibly influenced by emotions of “feeling sorry for” JLM. I think some people don’t know what to do in fuzzy situations or when people they know are involved, and some people just don’t want to do anything.

  40. Betty says:


    There was an article on the three assaults that was in that area.

    All staff and students of the university was notified when these occurred.

  41. Kat says:

    Scout and Rose, I like the way you think and you just might be right. The accused was tutored by a fellow student at Lynchburg college, who during an interview stated his writing skills were elementary school level. Yet he was accepted at college. He had to have passed the SAT’s and he had to work out somewhat complicated football maneuvers and to coach these to kids. I think under pressure or when he got panicky, he most likely was not thinking straight and more impulsive. Anyway I think he is a really mixed bag. Clever stupid. And driven by obsessions.
    And the rejection thing is really big. I don’t think anyone could stand to be around him for long.

    Texas Grand, you are definitely describing the good ole days. I am old enough now to know that I am not part of the accepted social mores of the time. I find myself saying, “My Charlottesville is gone”.

    I went to a women’s college where the curfew was 10:00pm on the week nights and one was prohibited from wearing blue jeans in the town. I guess the college was concerned their name would be tarnished. We had “house mothers”, older women who had apartments in the dorms and supervised us. I can say we felt very safe and we felt like the college cared about us, even though we often complained about it. I was placed on “social probation” once when I came in a little late after a date on Sat night. The house mother had to be woken up by “nighty watch” to unlock the door. So I was toast. I was grounded on campus for two weeks. Unheard of today.

    I worked in the psychiatric field for 10 years. What is really interesting is that some of the behavioral traits described to help diagnose personality disorders, and were considered aberrant behaviors, are now acceptable in society. Multiple tattoos were considered a red flag to put in your armament for possible sociopathic personality disorder. Multiple rings on fingers wre thought of as the domain for hysterical. Now no one thinks twice of these things.

  42. Tiny says:

    Hey Rose, did you read the comments on the Breitbart article?
    It’s funny, my reading of an article has totally changed over the years. I find the comments more interesting than the article, except here:)
    There are two comments on this being a team crime thing with the other dude being white and in prison.
    I know or think I know who that references, but interesting to see that put into a theory in a comment section.

  43. alexandra says:

    This animal named Jesse Matthew has GOT to start talking. I give my full permission to LE to smack him around a bit. Do we have any idea if he is talking or not? Still no Hannah.

  44. susan says:

    Tiny has an interesting point. I could be a believer. Also if I am thinking correctly the white guy might have mis-id’ed the “black with dreads guy” out in a recent missing person case out of fear? But white dude is now locked up?

    Neither seem to be all that bright.

    I’ve read the toe fetish suggests brain miswiring. News photos of this individual in Galveston have a decidedly vacant look to the eyes and brain. Drug addled? Retarded? Learning disabled? Enabled?

    There must be other UVA students who were hit on in this scheme in the bars who can come forward with their version of events.

    I’ve also got to think that cell phone records of JM need to be well investigated at the point of all missing girls, who was talking to whom including the white guy in prison for past cases and the bouncers. The obvious failure in Morgan’s case was failure to narrow the field to obvious suspects driving for hire around the jpj arena that night which would have produced a dozen suspects, not hundreds of thousands. Who saw JM at JPJ arena that night and where—- is the question. It was that obvious to everyone here in the past years that was the main question. We discussed that lack of logic for months. LE did not get the concern about transportation, preferring to think there was some mysterious alien transport rather than a van for hire casing jpj arena. Simple question–what time did JM clock out of taxi duty that night?? I suspect that the ruse was that he was off duty soon, meet me over the bridge and don’t tell anyone because I will be fired.

    He was given positions of trust with coaching kids, operating room tech, and nursing home worker, as well as taxi driver which is seriously deranged.

    It is heart rending to have the Graham’s being put through this on the air. I do not think this is fair to them without using serious hardball interrogation tactics which they law will allow on material witnesses who lent him a car, made continued excuses, and covered for years. Also cell phone records.Those folks need to be investigated and interrogated, and this mess putting the Grahams though such torture needs to cease and desist.

    This PC investigation needs to be ramped up. If Hanna is being held, and we find out that this soft shoe approach has been used, the public is not going to like it. I will be the first to raise h-e- double hockeystix. I have already put in a complaint to Virginia ABC about the lack of holding bar owners accountable for safe conduct liquor violations while the abc agents are relegated to the parking lots busting the girls for bottled water. These bar owners need to be held accountable for allowing this unacceptable conduct. and looking the other way.

    This has been a case of willful blindness to the elephant in the room and this willful blindness is still being practiced in a powder puff investigation as far as what we can tell. This is not meant to criticize Longo, but seriously folks, this should have been shut down five years ago, and the lack of looking at the obvious needs to be explained.

    Three little words, “cell phone records.” Follows two little words, “taxi driver.”

  45. Va Girl says:

    “It is my personal opinion based on where her personals were found, that Morgan was attacked in the lot area, from behind as she approached returning from the bridge, where she turned back around to see where her ride was.”

    IF Morgan freely got into the cab with Matthews rather than being assaulted. Is it possible Matthews returned to the lot and placed the items there himself? Could that be where LE got his DNA instead of (possibly) on the t-shirt? Especially since the shirt made a rather strange sudden appearance where it was found. Not so sure he was stupid enough to leave a t-shirt there if he knew his DNA could be on it. BUT….maybe he didn’t realize by touching her purse or phone he could have left some of the same?

  46. leslie says:

    I read the chville weekly article…my question is WHY has no further mention of them been made…like…sure sounds like JLM….this is exactly what ted Bundy did when he was on a tear…….once was not enough…like he had to feed the beast….so yes I saw one mention but these crimes seem obviously to have a possible connection….to Mathew…….

  47. Straight Talker says:

    Hello B. I have followed BOC since the beginning of Morgan’s disappearance. I am always intrigued by the clever insight of B and all that comment here over these past 5 years. I was compelled to comment on what Alexandria had to say. We all know that this is against Mr Matthews rights…but we all know that it happens for a fact…at least anyone who is familiar with LE work. I have thought this ever since the DNA proof was there… Please, for the sanity of the Graham’s, somebody needs to CONVINCE this monster to talk!!!

  48. Judi says:

    Poor Hannah’s parents. I am praying for them. I simply don’t know what else to say…

  49. [...] Leroy Matthew awaits his first court appearance behind the walls of Albemarle County Regional Jail on charges he abducted 2nd year UVA student [...]

  50. A Texas Grandfather says:


    Thanks for the background on your life. Your college experience was one that most colleges or universities maintained until the 1960′s. This was a protective shield for young women away from home for the first time. It wasn’t perfect, but it eliminated many of the dangers.

    We all may as well understand that college athletics is there for making revenue for the schools with entertainment being the side effect. In order to do that, they need talent and that talent does not require skill development in academics.

    If one were to ask a football squad or a basketball squad to sit down and take a SAT test under third party administration, the scores for most would be too low to even qualify for college. These athletes for the most part are there not for school achievement,but for creating a powerful team in their chosen sport. There have been studies that show few college athletes actually achieve a degree. Most take only enough classes to be classified as a full time student.

    This begins at the high school level where athletes are given special tutoring or sometimes multiple passes at a test or even having someone else take a test for them. This also sets up a dangerous social concept of “I am important and I can do anything I want”.

    As Kat points out in her post, many behaviors that formally would have caused people to be placed in some sort of confinement, are presently thought of as no problem. This is wrong thinking that affects the safety of everyone.

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