Dr. Phil Show Hosts Missing Portland Child Kyron Horman’s Step Mom Terri Horman Over Two Episodes

I have been covering this case since Kyron Horman disappeared from Skyline School in June, 2010.    Like most missing persons cases I have covered in the past,  I am of the strong opinion that best efforts at the truth are the only way to propel investigations that, similarly to Kyron’s, have gone cold for one reason or another.   This approach has worked in resolving some of my previous cases.    I am proud of that.  I remain steadfast to the integrity involved in those and future cases.

Over the past 10 months (or so) I have been developing an updated series on Kyron’s case to include my multiple interviews with Kyron’s step-mom,  Terri Horman.   Needless to say as she was the subject of at least three simultaneous cases before an Oregon court and remains a person of interest by the agency investigating her sons disappearance, this has been an arduous and sometimes delicate journey.    Ms. Horman’s experiences during the ongoing investigation of the disappearance of Kyron Horman are critically important to propelling his case and with great hope- finding the truth about what happened to this cherubic and innocent child.    There are dozens of sources,  collateral interviews, forensic experts and legal analysts that also contribute to my series and have done so because of their belief that my motivation is to bring to light information and opinions in such a way that would almost “require” a focused review of Kyron’s case and the likely shaking of that proverbial tree everyone talks about.

Set to publish about 6-ish weeks ago I was asked to postpone the first installment of the series, which I did.  I subsequently learned Ms. Horman was participating in the Dr. Phil program after she completed taping.  Dr. Phils producers were well aware that Ms. Horman had interviewed with me extensively, and anticipated my series would be publishing information that was not known to the public previously in the days prior to her scheduled episode.    When Ms. Horman conveyed to me that she feels obligated to speak out about “her son” in any national medium that will have her,   I most certainly respected that.  I still do.

While Dr. Phil seems like a gregarious fellow for sure,   I have zero interest in being associated with his program, nor do I believe his shows content is designed to do any furtherance of investigation or truth.  There is much concern (although I have no affiliation to the show whatsoever) that the timing of the publication of my series on the Kyron Horman matter might be interpreted differently or inadvertently contribute to the programs content or audience reactions.     Not what I signed on for.   A missing 7 year old boy six years running is not a framework for entertaining a target audience.   He is not fodder for online social media bully campaigns- yet it occurs.

I will be publishing my series on Kyron’s case at a later date, in it’s entirety with no editing adjustments as a result of any of the appearances on Dr. Phil.   I appreciate your patience and your understanding.   Feel free to discuss the show below.


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  1. T. Ruth says:

    I’m trying to remember, where was that break-in of the day care facility and all they took was records? Was that Linnton? Was it anywhere near the 7-11?

    Okay, found it:

    T. Ruth says:
    May 29, 2013 at 3:43 pm

    I was wandering around the net trying to see what kind of events Kyron may have attended prior to going missing. I still don’t know if Kyron ever was in the after school programs that were held at Skyline by Portland Jewish Acadamey’s Kidsplace, but I did see that their holiday schedule included full day care at another location, SW Portland, KidsCorner, where they were to have a visit from the Mad Science Portland/Vancouver group in February 15, 2010, President’s Day. Because of his known interest in science, I was just wondering if Kyron might have attended that school holiday program that day. I can’t find any more information on who would have been the Mad Science instructor(s) for that event, but it made me wonder if any of the Mad Science instructors attended the Skyline science fair and/or if one of them might have had the cool electric project.



    Just thinking about the break-in that happened in May 2010 at the Linnton Community Center where someone stole personal information and wondering if it is possible that personal information could have been Kyron’s. Jolene Williams worked for PJA and I can’t find the original video anymore, but I think she also worked out of Linnton Community Center and Skyline. I swear I remember her being interviewed about the break-in, but I can’t find that now. Also, IIRC, their was a satellite Sherriff’s office there, was there not?

    Weirdly, there is still a report out there, but it’s dated April 2012, which is bizarre in itself. http://www.kptv.com/story/17317336/break-in-at-community-center-caught-on-camera Is this the same break-in? Seems there was better video of the perp too. Why would these reports be removed from the internet?

    Older discussions: http://blinkoncrime.com/2011/01/30/fugitive-cop-shooter-david-durhams-house-located-in-new-kyron-horman-search-grid/comment-page-220/


    Is this Day Care anywhere near the 7-11?

    Im with you. I recall the break in was prior to Kyron’s disappearance and I recall a dude walking up some steps on video. Files or records were taken.

  2. rose says:

    very OT
    Not promoting, but quite the contrast to other GFMes.

    7-11 Linnton has donated significant $ several times.
    I stumbled on this looking at 7-11Linnton. Business owner
    must be nice.
    Personally, Linnton strikes me as a very nice place to live.

  3. T. ruth says:

    Never mind, after I logged in again, they’re back. ???

  4. T. ruth says:


    Answering my own question 7-11 is just down/up the road from the Linnton Community Center. 6 minutes, according to Google.

  5. Houndog says:

    Soldier is running at the mouth claiming that TMH was fired from a care giving job for sexual harassment. Those are pretty big words…

  6. rose says:

    on 9/24 Stacey identifies herself as a volunteer WITH “the family.”

    “Nena Benavidez
    Is the poster a family member?
    1Hide · 4 hours ago

    Kyron Horman’s World Soldiers
    No! My name is Stacey and I am a volunteer with the family.

  7. rose says:

    Here are O comments by someone who, like Kristin, claims special knowledge of Terri and Kaine’s characters although he has not consorted with Terri in a couple decades.

    his 3 separate comments:

    “Tsi-ya-a-ka K-an3 days ago
    What’s Obvious to me is that you are suspiciously correct in your assertions about Kyron. You are right about him not willingly going with a stranger. He was a shy child.

    I also see you posit some detailed theories on his disappearance, to the extent that I suspect you may have some direct involvement in this case.

    Regarding Terri, she was always a bit vindictive, so I could never rule her out, but I just have a hard time believing that she had the capacity to get away with a crime of this magnitude.”

    3 days ago
    “Tsi-ya-a-ka K-an@EmGee @Tsi-ya-a-ka K-an I can say with certainty that Terri is not brighter than she appears. She is, however, a serial adulterer, and does engage in petty vindictiveness, but never to my knowledge involving violence against another person. ”

    I don’t know Kaine very well, but what I do know is that he is highly intelligent, motivated and organized to the point of being a bit of a perfectionist. ”

    “Tsi-ya-a-ka K-an3 days ago
    @PtownWeDown @Tsi-ya-a-ka K-an @EmGee

    “There is as much evidence pointing to Kaine’s or Desiree’s involvement as there is Terri’s.
    Terri’s problem is that she is a cheater and a liar.

    “Look, I have no love for the woman, and no axe to grind with Kaine. In fact, I actually like Kaine, and always found him to be a pretty good guy. But he is a “bro” type that is motivated by an image of perfection – Great job, hot wife, perfect kids, etc. Kyron was special need and didn’t fit in the picture.

    Nearly everyone that comments on this story only knows what has been published, which has been highly prejudicial. You don’t know the personalities involved.”


    Tap the name and one finds This writer has a O profile with Ron Tarver’s FB page.
    Tsi-ya-a-Ka K-an
    Blog: http://www.facebook.com/ron.tarver.9

    Nearly everyone posting has erroneous facts, often wildly so, but he spends no time correcting the errors. So this post is not “for” Kyron. I remember his wife, the school bus driver, who took a family ctr parenting class, was made much of for involvement in 4H with horses. But once her photo album showed her with pink or purple hair, and that was enough for me. So Tarver has nothing to say about TH’s “brightness.”

    Hard to imagine James in early 2010 hanging out with a man who harbored such animosity to his mother and proclaiming it publically now after decades. After all, he did terminate his parental rights long ago. Looks to me like James went from the frying pan to the fire wrt father figures in 2010. Ecker seemed more a more credible “father” than Kaine and Ron.

  8. rose says:

    Interesting that out of 6 O articles in a handful of days
    the “Investigative Search” article is the one Tarver
    reads detail and posts on.

  9. rose says:

    to “walter” the O commenter bcz I see PPS employees in comments
    giving you a hard time disputing PPB’s jurisdiction
    over crimes occurring on schoolproperty whether ir not in Portland City Limits..
    See 640.40.
    after hours, precinct responds; felonies go to detective unit.
    I cannot find easily now, but KNOW I read an Intergovernmental Agreement in effect in 2010 between PPS, PPB, and MCSO or Multonomah Cty which was drafted mainly to allocate $ and reimburse PPB for services and which explicitly gave PPB jurisdiction over crimes occurring on PPS property. This was NOT SRO related, altho other IGAs reimbursed PPB for SRO Overtime.

  10. A Texas Grandfather says:

    Dr Phil is a mess. The dress selection for Terri was done on purpose. Solid colors on TV point to a solid well grounded individual while wild splashy colors do not. That is why one very seldom finds females that are hosts wearing something other than solid colors. The sexting discussion was included not to advance finding Kyron, but to upset Terri so that Phil could try to make her say something that he could create doubt about. He has done this to his guests for years. I quit watching him long ago for this very reason.

    The real problem has always been the poor procedures at the school regarding safety of the pupils. Sign in and sign out not required at all times. A teacher that allows a small 2nd grade child to leave her presence with a person she doesn’t know.

    If Porter was stressed out, then she shouldn’t have been responsible for her classroom on the day of the Science fair. The principle should have provided another teacher and perhaps an assistant. No child less than an 8th grade student should ever be allowed to assist an adult with moving something and the 8th grade student should not be alone-two or three with the adult.

    The meeting at the school with the statement from Porter about the doctors appointment was a CYA activity designed to provide doubt to the parents and protect the school from liability. They had ample time to make up a plausible story that would misdirect activities from the school.

    Glad to see that Rose has a new computer. Laughing at the typing comment. Typing is a muscle memory activity. If one retrains fingers to type on another device, then it will take some time to regain the old skills.

  11. T. ruth says:

    Goodness, where’d everyone go?

  12. T. ruth says:

    Young contradicts many of the statements Terri Horman made on the show, including that she wasn’t planning to kill her husband.


    Where is the statement from DY on this? I’m not seeing it. Seems like a video is missing or I can’t get it. Perhaps one of you can get it.

    Is there one? DY has yet to identify what she accuses her of lying about.

  13. rose says:

    “Is there one? DY has yet to identify what she accuses her of lying about.
    What I was wondering is if TY was briefed by Reese, and told TH is not a suspect, and subsequently his wife says these statements as if she is, would that untruthfulness jeopardize his police certification if Teri’s attorney addressed his involvement?

    My sources indicate Rees is not speaking directly with either parent.

  14. rose says:

    OT ATG I got the latest HP maybe 5 yrs ago by mail order to reduce cost. essentially it’s a flat screen tv. so fancy I paid a tech to set it up. Right after he left, the sticky tv box wiring fell off & I never tried again. It is very thin, so has a wireless keyboard which sucks for me. Other problem is it is so fancy the “windows” & search are very slow. everything is too slow. iphone is very very fast, & one can switch apps/ screens in a heartbeat.

  15. erose says:

    TMH, Thank you for the clarity, you certainly don’t owe me any answers. I thought since you were near the stairs to the bus entrance/exit that you had parked there. Just goes to show how assumptions are usually wrong. My bad.

    I also want to say that my comment about your eyes was meant to convey my impression of what this injustice has done to you. I saw it in Patsey Ramsey’s eyes, too. I’m not sure anyone but her could fully comprehend what you have been through and are still going through and she didn’t have a “bio mom” to contend with.

    I see old pictures of you and your children and your eyes sparkle. You had those years, and KH and DY did not, they can’t take that away no matter what. Now you eyes seem sad, resigned and beaten down. But, as others have said, you are an amazingly strong woman and I think some day your eyes will sparkle again. I saw on PM’s show you still have your sense of humor, that’s a great sign.

    I thought I would share a bit of TH’s and my exchange where we allowed some levity in the obviously “anxious anticipation” that was last week’s Phil Phallout.
    In Para:

    Me: I forgot to ask you- was that necklace from wardrobe?
    TH: Yes and the earrings. The ring was mine. It is my Mothers ring which includes Kyron’s birthstone we talked about before.
    Me: Oh right, I don’t think anyone could tell what it was on TV- but that necklace was like an Ode to Nancy Grace and the gong show combined. I was waiting for someone to pull out a little baby mallet and hit you in the neck like the gong show.
    TH: Thank you for mentioning my dress and shoes were provided. That dress was way too busy for TV but my only other choice was a Navy one that did not fit.
    Me: Yes, busy- as in, it should come with anti-seizure medication for the viewer.


    This may seem silly to say, but my husband is a great judge of character and I DVR’d the show and he watched with me on my second round. He unequivocally believes you, and he has always maintained something is not right with KH. He isn’t accusing KH, but he saw him on TV in 2010, and straight up said something isn’t right with that guy, but I guess you already know that.

    One more thing, there are a lot of people by way of me who know who Kyron is, and look for him, as I am sure is the case with all of the people who post here.

    TMH says:
    September 23, 2016 at 11:01 pm

  16. erose says:

    TRuth, PM did ask TH about Kyron wanting to live with DY. In summary, she offered Kyron to talk with his mom or dad about and she told KH. She never heard the conversation between KH and DY.

    T. Ruth says:
    September 24, 2016 at 1:56 pm

  17. erose says:


    rose says:
    September 24, 2016 at 9:10 pm

  18. rose says:

    @TRuth. Yes there’s a video (I watched).
    Search the Station’s site, tho doubtless
    you can find it on Soldier’s FB hate site.
    She looked more together than usual
    probably bcz she had the structured
    setting of her own living, tho as B says,
    her detail is nonexistant. What I got out
    of it was she said she’d very recently bedn
    in a salon. I figured then she planned to be on
    lical TV post Phil as some
    things never change and her highlights
    were great under her lights.
    After Solduer crowing the mcda/so concentration on TH
    had cost ber a job, and seeing kgw Kyle’s kgw facebook
    skype media analysis of TH, it has come to me if we ever
    get a Congress that will regulate a dog’s hind leg we
    need FCC style regulation of social media “cgannels” that
    in function replace airwave content providers, ie Facebook, Youtube, Yahoo,
    etc. The Internet, when it comes to its communication
    function, shoukd have media broadcast companies under
    the same strictures as radio and TV when the site broadcasts
    to the public for public purposes. A FB page such asSoldier’s as a family volunteer
    set up to communicate to the public whose sole broadcast purposes (whatever the
    “statement says) is to stalk and harass two individuals) shoukd not only be shut down
    but carry penalties such as fines. Frankly, in the beginning Soldier’s FB was doing
    precisely what a government agency (MCSO) intended shoukd be done–make TH’s
    life hell. This cannot be left up to private FOR PROFIT companies to regulate.

  19. T. ruth says:

    I still have a comment in waiting from yesterday, which makes my subsequent comments make no sense.

    Everyone’s up in proper order T.ruth, thanks for your patience :)

  20. rose says:

    go to school boundary map & click Big Map ,and that 7-11
    appears to be in the Skyline boundary area. Golf course certainly is.

  21. cd says:

    rose says:
    September 25, 2016 at 9:25 am
    if we ever get a Congress that will regulate a dog’s hind leg we
    need FCC style regulation of social media “cgannels” that
    in function replace airwave content providers, ie Facebook, Youtube, Yahoo,
    etc. The Internet, when it comes to its communication
    function, shoukd have media broadcast companies under
    the same strictures as radio and TV when the site broadcasts
    to the public for public purposes
    I totally agree. Since some people rely on social media to follow news stories there should be penalties for stalking, lying about people and misleading the general public. Or at least an avenue/law that allows victims of stalkers legal remedy against Face/Twitter charlatans who deliberately set out to ruin their lives.

  22. T. ruth says:

    In the video I watched of DY, I did not hear her specifically say what she said Terri was lying about either. I haven’t found one where she says “she lied about the murder for hire”, or “wanting to kill her husband”. The only one I’ve found is very vague and general and she simply says her interview was full of lies. No matter, but I sure wish at least one reporter would ask Desiree for specifics. They never do.

  23. T. ruth says:

    @rose says:
    September 24, 2016 at 9:48 pm

    I remember you linking that too, Rose.

  24. Rose says:

    Back on the HP Touch Smart 7320 piece of C.., talking on the phone while “idling” at a 7-11 suggests a working man lost and seeking directions to a job. His counterpart might have said, find the elementary school for that area. It did not mean he was directing him to the ElEd. It could be the man was seeking another site for which the ElEd was a landmark, or proximate. Brooks Hill Church
    comes to mind.
    That renovation was always squirrelly to me, as was Banks’ behavior “directing” the direction of the investigation on her property.

    In early threads there was plenty of detailed info with links, not going to revisit and refind. Began with the sale of the property; it was deed encumbered and had to go to another church. Enter the Rev Quick Draw (Townsley). He purchased and renovated it using volunteers from his past church in Carson City and I remember a young man from Calif in a group pic eating a meal at a table. There were many pics of the progress of his renovation, including the memorable table pic. He has also mentioned at the time he had a martial arts business for which he ran vans (driving one himself) with after school child programs, and he had intended to open a new branch in the commercial spaces he created there. At some point, he sold to Banks, though. He had finished pics of the renovation exterior on his site, so imo he made good progress. Then one finds Banks on line in various articles by herself and others (some Old House site writer) crediting her as singlehandedly having designed and effected the renovation. Anyway, in June 2010 there was still plenty to do on site, so a workman could easily have been headed there, lost.
    On the other hand, a working man looking for Skyline fits in with the SZ’s request in Mathew’s room for Kyron to help him carry something in. He would have been on site for a legitimate purpose, and we know there was a lot of working man (contractors and potential contractors of Bonneville) activity sussing out the infrastructure for the solar panel plan (which failed as the electrical infrastructure didn’t support it.) Man could’ve gotten outside with a boy and decided to just keep going.

  25. erose says:

    Instead of body language expert and ex-LE stories, one would think the journalists would check out the 7-11 story. Go ask LE, even if you get the standard “no comment.” Track down the employee and, or 7-11 owner. Ask who has the tape (we know from Blink that Houze has it) and find out why the employee thought Skyline was the closest school, what the guy looked like, what time of day it was, was the license number of the truck on video. If the cops weren’t interested, then these people have probably not been told to stay silent. In a nutshell, investigate and report. Do your job. Anyone near Linntown up for a slurpee?

    Lol. This is going to be one of the few overlaps I believe, but you are entirely correct. LE was provided everything you just asked for, ownership has not transferred.
    I am not sure the attendant only knew the name/location of that school, was top of mind, or if they perceived something from the phrasing to direct their answer. The first thing I thought of when I learned this was my recollection of MCSO asking people and or businesses to look for photos or video along specific routes from 6/3 and 6/4.

  26. erose says:

    Blink, Do you think the Hwy 30 search was done to negate TH’s possible future defense, (ie. we followed the lead, we didn’t find anything) or do you think LE legit tried to correct an error? IOW was it sincere?

    My sources are indicating it was a scheduled training effort for SAR, to include recovery of an injured or person in need of emergency treatment in that terrain- not a grid search by any means. I have no reason to believe it was not prompted by upcoming Phil interview and the knowledge of what Terri was going to say and they needed a soundbite and matching search effort. There is a new team in place in Kyron’s investigation. More on that later.

  27. erose says:

    Horman’s body language expert, and you too can be one for $49 – $149. Has anyone alerted Homeland Security there are 60,000 experts that we can detach to vett the Syrian refugees?


    Many people who take her courses assume she has an academic background in body language and nonverbal communication. But in fact, there are no graduate programs in the field and her undergraduate degree, from Emory University in Atlanta, is in Chinese.

    So Van Edwards is largely self-taught.

    Oh snap.


  28. erose says:

    o/t Rose, Is your phone and your computer on the same service provider? If not, that could be the problem, not the hardware.

  29. A Texas Grandfather says:

    Post the model number of the HP computer. I’ll take a look at why it is so slow and give you some things to do to speed it up. Wireless keyboards are often “Blue Tooth” and many times are not set-up correctly. Techies are often not as good as they think they are.

    HP’s technical support site will have a complete description of what is inside. Actually there is a file on the disk drive that contains the information. It can be looked at on-screen or printed. Slow is relative to the amount of unnecessary files that load into the background and the type of connection to the internet.

  30. Ragdoll says:

    @Rose Sept. 24 1:02 pm

    True enough, Rose!

    @ATG…the dress. I concur with your assessment. I am pleased that Teri pulled it off, regardless. Irrelevant, but I couldn’t help but notice how pretty she is. Dr. Phil may have wanted to draw negative attention to Teri,

  31. Ragdoll says:

    ….sorry, weird the technicalities..

    but, it also put the truth front and center. The dress worked for Teri, imho. It made me focus on her and her story. Score!

  32. T. ruth says:

    I can only hope this major delay in posts means Blink’s story is bout to break.

  33. rose says:

    How do 2 counties’ SAR commanders change in the middle of a joint search from looking for evidence in a murder case to mere training unless in the middle of the search they found what they were looking for, or decided on the spot during the activity they were confident the intelligence behind the search for case evidence was a hoax?

  34. MockingbirdSings says:

    I wasn’t going to watch Dr. Phil, but I decided I really should. I encourage others to watch as well. My face was exhausted afterward because I couldn’t help frowning like Terri – holding your facial expression to match someone else kind of gives you the same feeling you think they may have (totally unscientific) – I felt she must have feelings of extreme frustration, anger and pain.

    These are from my files so I’m not sure the links still work except the current Youtube link for Dr. Phil: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OWT0DVz1EGU

    I bring this up because I remembered the notes I had below and I noticed in all this time there has been NO variation in Terri’s version of what she did. Lindstrand’s version was only in one report and I saved it, plus later ones to compare. Lindstrand’s was the first report that was given in the media and it matches Terri exactly.

    3 variations:
    (http://www.katu.com/news/local/95691389.html?tab=video) with MCSO Lt Mary Lindstrand where Lindstrand said:

    “His stepmother and he were in the school looking at the science fair, had been in 2 or 3 different classrooms. I am told he went up one stairwell, she went up the other stairwell. She saw him walking down the hall toward his classroom, and that’s the last she saw him.”

    More recent media stories say:
    “At 8:45 a.m. when the bell rang, Terri walked her stepson down the hall close to his class.”
    http://www.oregonlive.com/portland/i…the_day_k.html (link does not work now)

    “He told her, ‘I’m going back to the classroom, Mom,’ and she waves to him and left,” Carol Moulton said. “She thought he was safely at school just like he is everyday.”

    Dr. Phil about 13 minutes in part 1 – rough quote:
    “He went up the stairs by the office and I went up the stairs by the gym, so I’ve got the baby and Kiara’s diaper bag, so he beat me up the stairs. Then he was going down the hallway, I saw him go. I stood at the top and watched him right about as he got to the door, his classroom door. Last thing I remember is the back of his head.”

    I am not a big fan of Dr. Phil. I think Terri did very well. She did not have those “tabloid, emotional looks and reactions” that many of his other guests do (including the bios, IMO) – and it occurred to me he seemed a little kinder to her perhaps because she did NOT give him those responses to react to – the truth is the truth and mistakes are mistakes and if you own both, what else is there to be said?

    I heard a few terms that made me think she has probably gotten some counseling, which I hope is true.

    When she talked about lip reading, he then put his hand over his lips briefly, and the paper he was holding as he talked, but she went right on and he didn’t say any more about it. She didn’t say she couldn’t hear at all, just that it was very difficult. I don’t know if that was a test, but it would have been meaningless anyway.

    Excellent Point on Lindstrand. I also recall a 2015 quote of hers stating Terri is not the focus of the investigation.
    Yes, it was a test, but honestly he had Trimarco’s comments in front of him so he already believed her.

    Flat out, her results were invalid. All I seem to hear is that she failed 2 polys and walked out on a 3rd ( btw, I cover this in nearly microscopic detail) which we know is incorrect. Which does not mean the results anyone was given are even truthful.

  35. MockingbirdSings says:

    I am missing something about the science fair dates. If the SF was really supposed to be on Thursday, June 3rd, why did the school sign say June 4th and why was the district IB programs supervisor there on June 4th? I can see letting parents view it before it was taken down, but the district person should have come on the 3rd, and any parents who wanted to see presentations – which must not have been many because the crowd was on the 4th. Even Gena Zimmerman was quoted as saying the day was a special event for the school and mentioned the SF and the talent show.

    According to Terri, she was well aware of the sign out system at the school and would have used it if she took Kyron with her. Too bad the employees didn’t seem to know this.

    I hate to admit this, but having lived with someone abusive for a number of years, I can totally relate to one’s sex life being sort of separate from the rest of the relationship, and with the desire to hide hiring a landscaper and giving James the credit for the work, and with wanting James to move out, and with telling Kaine she was unhappy and him not hearing it, and and and . . . if, God forbid, she is ever tried for any crime relating to this, she needs a jury of her peers – which means people who understand these things and the toll they take on (mostly) women.

    MBS- thank you for asking. It was edited poorly on Phil, but what Terri is stating was that the presentation segments of each student to go along with their physical displays was SUPPOSED to occur during the Science Fair on 6/4, but actually occurred outside the public portions on 6/3. Terri was not told this until the morning of 6/4. She was not stating the entire Science Fair was moved to 6/3. I would also offer- this is an example of something I could tell by reflection of Kaine’s early interviews he was aware of, but Desiree was not. Why?

  36. Insert shoulder shrugging emoji

  37. rose says:

    I looked back at 2 articles. One in the O last June featured S Green and the title of her FB page on the anniversary at the Wall. It gave the gym’s names & address. ..making a rapid response of removal of her work product an imperative for Kaine and the business owner. How could that surprise Young?
    The other was the Jan interview of Desiree in response to People. She stated 3 reasons she believes in T’s guilt: the emails, the GPS locations in her phone, & I forget #3 but it was equally valueless. iirc it was the mfh.
    Also, Kaine was asked if he’d seen the emails, and he said yes but said the content was investigation sensitive.

  38. rose says:

    ot @erose. you made me laugh and remember another Body Language Expert recently
    in the news, able to read not only Homeland Sec employees but CIA, tho I doubt he pd $49.

    Dear Me, such a crock. I got an eye for a lie, lol

  39. rose says:

    wrt “… the presentation segments of each student to go along with their physical displays was SUPPOSED to occur during the Science Fair on 6/4, but actually occurred outside the public portions on 6/3.”
    Was Porter the only teacher that did this? (I doubt it.) If other teachers went ahead on the 3rd, then that left parents attending to support their kid’s presentation milling around and increased the hall traffic and chaos. I do not understand Keefer’s laxness.

    I don’t know the requirements of the different submissions. Only that Porter was historically disorganized on the issue in terms of confirming or advising parents.

  40. rose says:

    on the right is a box with Roads for which traffice tape was sought.
    St Helens Rd not inckuded.

  41. rose says:

    perhaps you will opine on the reason behind this List in yr article(s) Blink?
    my guess is it was Terri’s route.
    nw 185th & NWLaidlaw seem routes to Meyers or perhaps craft store?

    About yr articles, there is no way to unring Phil’s bell. imo ignore.

  42. rose says:

    bringing forward
    T. Ruth says:
    August 30, 2016 at 12:51 pm
    I wonder, does anyone know if either bio has met with, or at least contacted the new Sheriff? Seems like it would be a logical move all the way around. I wonder, since it appears Kyron’s case is cold, who are the retired LE who sit on the cold case squad?

    TY, TR

    Does TY refer to Young?

    Rose- my apologies but I am going to have to dive deep to clarify that.

  43. cd says:

    DY tells everyone TH said that she moved in with Kaine because she wanted to help with the baby and DY was a friend. I first noticed this lie on DY’s part when she was ask in an interview what lies TH had told.(this was the only example she could come up with).

    Below is a snip of the comment that was made and it was made by Amanda Howards (Kaine’s ex? sister in law) not TH. I am sure someone must have corrected DY on this lie at some point but DY and her sister Kelley continue to spread BS.

    “Someone had to watch the baby,” said Amanda Howards, the former wife of Kaine’s brother Kristian. “Terri was her friend. She moved in just to help with the baby.”


    Thank you for posting that cd. I knew I never heard that from TH. And btw, it is true (motivation not withstanding) that TH did watch Kyron.

  44. Quizzical says:

    @rose says:
    September 26, 2016 at 11:22 am

    “U.S. 30 between Northwest Rocky Point Road to Northwest Germantown Road” and “St Helens Rd” are the same road through most or all of this section. Probably a historical holdover as it was/is the road from Portland to the town of St. Helens.

  45. rose says:

    Why is there a complete blackout by all County print media
    wrt Mike Reese and/or his “campaign” for Sheriff?
    Nada since he was “sworn in.”

  46. rose says:

    Press followup on this complaint Atty Riddell filed in part against Marshman and Reese?
    At least Staton had the excuse of a severe worksite injury in his defense.

  47. erose says:

    She said hopefully or with a sigh?


    There is a new team in place in Kyron’s investigation. More on that later.

    erose says:
    September 25, 2016 at 3:57 pm

    I honestly am not sure yet.

  48. rose says:

    this is google output from the “disappeared” Durham thread.
    Anyway for you to access those comments Blink?

    “Fugitive Cop Shooter David Durham’s House Located In NEW …
    blinkoncrime.com › comment-page-36
    Jan 30, 2011 – “The Kyron Horman Task Force has shared the intelligence …… There is an article in the WW 2/7/11. …. the roads lead to Hwy 30 and Linnton which is just a few miles from the SI bridge.”

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