Casey Anthony Case: “BOMBSHELL DEVELOPMENT” Baez Williams and George Anthony Meet at Scene Blink on Crime Interview with Keith Williams Part II

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Part I Can Be Found Here

Orlando, FL – Keith Williams, the “reporter” named in the August 18, 2008 Police Report as the finder of a Father’s Day balloon, bag full of stuffed animals and small girl’s clothing, including, a sandal, provides the latest bombshell development in the case against Casey Anthony.  In an exclusive interview to Blink On Crime, we may learn why Jose Baez deposed Officer Richard Cain, the responding officer to both Keith Williams and Roy Kronk calls for findings at the scene within twenty yards of the vicinity where 34 month old Caylee Anthony’s remains were ultimately recovered. I have decided to transcribe parts of my interview, so you, the readers, can judge for yourself without my interpretation of Keith’s comments.

Deeper Into the Woods

When Keith Williams went to the Anthony home with the decaying bag of stuffed animals and sundry “other” on August 18, Cindy Anthony was polite to him, but curt


about the find and his information there was more out there. She stated that they had three private investigators working on it and were confident that Caylee was alive, and that none of the items in the bag belonged to Caylee so it was doubtful anything at the scene was.

The beginning effects of Hurricane Fay could be felt by the time Williams went back to the scene by Hidden Oaks Elementary to call Police and report the find. Preparations had already begun that morning throughout the area and it was expected to hit full force the next day. I asked Williams why he chose that day to go back specifically:

Williams: because I felt strongly that Caylee was back there. I was there for the first time on August 5, 2008.

Blink: Was there any particular urgency that day, did something happen in the news, the storm?

Williams: Well, the hurricane would flood back there and put it underwater, so probably. 

Blink: Anything else, did anyone call you or was there any word on the street?

Williams: The only thing for sure is I worked the nighshift until 6am, which is when I talked to that psychic, the Mom of a woman I know from my security detail, Elle Carrington, who is 71 years old from Texas, told me where to go and what I would find. I just felt like I was connected to her or to finding her in some way. I went there directly from work.

Blink: Do you know who Leonard Padilla is?

Williams: Yeah, the dude that bailed her out with the hat.

Blink: Yes. Did you know he was at the jail posting bond at the very time you were finding that bag, etc by the school?  (laugh) Some say he brought the hurricane. Had you seen him on the news the day before?

Williams: No, but Cindy told me when I got there that Casey was maybe on her way home that afternoon.

Blink: Do you know Roy Kronk?

Williams: Is he the cop?

Blink: What cop?

Williams: The one that tresspassed me.

Blink: No, he is the meter reader who found Caylee.

Williams: Nope. I dont think I ever knew his name, everybody just calls him the meter reader I thought. Weird thing is, the second time I was there, I parked no more than 15 yards from where she was found, but I looked on the left side, not the right. It was weird that she ended up being right there the whole time.

Blink: Did you look around at all on the right when you parked? Did you see a bag or anything in that location?

Williams: No, I was looking to the left side though. 

Blink: Why were you looking on the left side vs. the right side? Did anyone tell you she might be there, specifically? It is odd that you would park and cross the street without looking to your right, no?  

Williams: Just thought she might be in there. I looked on both sides, would have been able to see a bag out in the open, but only went into the woods on the left side. I did not see a bag out in the open on the right.

(editor’s note 3/19: although this contradicts with Keith’s first account during our first conversation, which I pointed out to him, he has asked me to indicate that he went “into the woods” on both sides, just not deeply on the right, I’m obliging.)

Blink: Got it, moving on to the 21st. of October. Did you look to see if the bag you found originally was still there?

Williams: Yeah. some things were, but Im not positive. 

Blink: What was? tell me what you saw.

Williams: Mostly everything was pretty much covered in mud back there so I had brought a shovel.

Blink: Why did you bring a shovel?

Williams: Because the psychic told me it would be an obvious shallow grave.

Blink: Really? Not a bag?

Williams: No, she told me some of her things would be in a bag, but her bones would be in the dirt. She also told me what happened to her and who did it.

Blink: Did you mention that to Cindy when you saw her?

Williams: No

Blink: was that the only time you saw or spoke to Cindy Anthony?

Williams: No, there was one other time.

Blink: When was that?

Williams: not sure, but after October but before Caylee was found.

Blink: What happened did you call her or go over there?

Williams: I went over there to tell her that I was thinking of them, and that my sister was close with Casey when they were young. She knew who I was right away.  When I was a kid there was a skate ramp back there. I did not know anything about them burying pets.

Blink: And?

Williams: When I got there she knew exactly who I was and how my little sister was like best friends with Casey and was like sticking up for her and stuff, so I just really said hello and left. It was weird because the psychic told me that the “mom” (Cindy) knew what happened, that Casey confessed to her and she told her to “shut the f*** up.” So I just felt weird around her.

Blink: When you were there, did you ever tell anyone in that house what you were told about Caylee’s location. I mean anyone. Did you meet any of their investigators? 

Williams: Who are they?

Blink: Im asking you.

Williams: Then no, I did not.

Blink: It would be either Jim Hoover or Dominick Casey probably, but there might be another one or two looming around. Was George there?

Williams: No

(editors note: Williams went on to tell me some of the specifics from the psychic, but since I was not abe to corroborate or confirm that information, I am withholding until such time it can be) 

Post Remains Recovery 

On December 11, 2008, the afternoon Caylee’s remains were recovered, was a surreal experience for Williams. He was on the phone with an administrator at Valencia College getting directions, when the woman he was speaking with had to interrupt the call and place Williams on hold to take a call from George Anthony. Keith thought that was an especially odd occurrance as he could see the TV coverage on the recovery process unfolding as they spoke. What were the chances? 

Approximately 2 weeks ago, Williams ran into George Anthony at the Chickasaw Amscot. Keith inadvertantly locked his keyes in his car, and when George exited the building, offered to give Keith a ride home. During the drive, Keith took the opportunty to tell George what he was told by the psychic, and Keith’s own experiences looking for Caylee.  He said they both shed a tear, prayed, and Williams consoled George as he expressed deep guilt over Caylee’s death. “He blames himself” Williams said. 


Late this afternoon, Keith Williams confirmed to Blink on Crime that within an hour of the posting of this article yesterday, he received a call from Craig Rivera, of the Geraldo at Large Show reporter or affectionately known as “brother Craig” for a phone interview.

IMMEDIATELY following that call, Williams received a call from George Anthony:

Blink : You got a call from Craig Rivera, Geraldo’s brother? I met him when I was in Orlando, he’s the winner of the gene pool, nice guy. Did he say how he happened to call you right after the article came out? Did he mention it?

Williams: Is the article out already, what’s your site again, let me pull it up. No. he just asked me what searching I did and what the cops in Internal Affairs asked me.

Blink: Interesting. And then George called you? Out of the blue? What did he say?

Williams: He said he had been meaning to call me since we saw each other 2 weeks ago.  He happened to be talking to Jose Baez today and Baez mentioned to him I am one of the guys he would like to meet, get a chance to talk to, that he has not yet.  I told him, George, I called Baez a few weeks ago, I talked to some guy that said he was helping out with the case.  I told him my story and he said he would route the message to Jose, but I never heard back. 

Blink: Keith, do you really believe that George Anthony calls you out of the blue, the afternoon an interview article about you is posted, and Jose Baez, on a SUNDAY, happens to want to meet you at the site of Caylee’s remains being found is a coincidence?

Williams: No, I’m reading your article now while we are talking, no I don’t.

Blink: Did he mention the article?

Williams: No. He wanted me to show them where I searched and that’s what I did. I asked Baez if he thought I would need to testify or anything and he told me he had no idea yet, he was just trying to get the facts straight.

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  1. Kleat says:

    # 99. susie, just for you (I don’t know how to do the track-back thing)’s-excellent-adventure-zannie-and-annie-go-to-traffic-court/#more-14

    Or… go back to the front page and work back to page 7 but that’s the direct story link to the … Excellent Adventure: Zannie and Annie go to Traffic Court

  2. Annals says:

    Susie, Annie and Zanny’s Excellant Adventure is on It’s an older post and well worth reading.

  3. Blink says:

    Kleat, thanks for posting that for Suzee.

  4. Felicity says:

    Blink: So many of your readers want to hear more from the psychic that Keith Williams talked with. I do hope that you will try to get her to agree to give you more information.

    Don’t you find it a little “strange” that KW “just happened” to lock his keys in his car at the same time George A. was there? I certainly do…unless he did it on purpose to ask G. for a lift home, hoping to get more info. from him.

  5. susie says:

    Thanks to Annals and Kleat for helping me out. Thanks Blink for all the info.

  6. drumstick says:

    Blink, once again I’m in awe of your truth seeking ability!

    Great job!

  7. Red Ranger says:

    Hey Blink, Great digging. The sun really never does set on the Blinkish Empire.

    Has JB or any of his henchmen contacted you yet to ask for your notes or tapes? He may even ask a judge with no jurisdiction to make you give them up. when they do, tell them to conduct their own interview with KW. I am beginning to feel sorry for KW. He is in the early stages of proving that no good deed goes unpunished. Gerry Rivers staff is digging for dirt on him as we speak. It will all be aired and turned over to GR’s BFF JB.

    I am also of the school of thought that CA will be arrested after her testimony. Your latest and greatest helps concrete it for me that she knew Caylee’s fate upon inhaling her. I keep seeing, in my mind, the interview where she said she was a “decomp nurse” and quite familiar with the smell.

    I reckon them crazy folk from Hopespring still know a whole passel more than they’re fessin up to. Your next mission is to interview CA.

  8. susie says:

    Just read Annie and Zannie story. Very interesting I might say. So, it would seem that all this time Annie would know the name is made up. I would like to know if she could be prosecuted for holding back info or is this some prosecution strategy. I am also a bit confused on the shamrock. What is the deal with the Sean person? Thanks, Susie

  9. GinnyG says:

    Ahhhh thank you Kleat, DianeB, New, Susie, Blink, Gina…everyone.

    I thought it was the officer that took something out of the wallet, but someone on another site said it was lee so i just went with that and didn’t check into it. I HATE watching their videos and even listening to their voices now. It grates on me and aggravates me, not to mention pisses me off because they have made this about saving casey while accusing others of taking the focus off Caylee.

    I have a really great idea! I am usually on another blog. BUT……..
    what if we all chipped in and bought a FULL page of advertising in the FL paper?

    Something like the following:


    Since so many big names and guns have joined the Defense *supposedly Pro Bono*, innocent little Caylee Anthony desperately needs her voice to be heard.

    No one knows the suffering this child endured, but we are hoping there is a caring atty out there who will be Caylee’s Knight In Shining Armor, to work with the State and insure that her voice is heard and JUSTICE is done!

    Is there a GOOD atty in Florida or ANYWHERE else to take on this case? Someone with the COURAGE of a lion to see the fight to the finish. Someone with the HEART of a lamb, who cares that this child was thrown out like last weeks garbage and will fight to defend CAYLEE’S rights.


    Your heart will swell with pride, knowing that you did a GOOD thing for someone whose voice has been snuffed and ignored and can no longer speak.

    Your reputation as a good, kind, chivalrous person will soar!

    You can right some wrongs by doing this good deed.

    You will be giving back something in this world – paying it forward!

    And….while those big guns and experts on the defense team become famous for all the wrong reasons, i.e., defending someone who hurt an innocent child, you will become famous for taking on the fight for that innocent child!

    Are there any attys out there brave enough to take on this challenge?

    I know I am bold & brave enough to do something like this, and were I an atty, I would take on that fight, but I am not.

    But we can all band together to help Caylee and see if there is someone out there that WILL take on that challenge!

    What do you guys think?

  10. GinnyG says:

    OOOOOOOhhhh, that Zanny & Annie story is GREAT!

    Now…if we could just get together with the cops that stopped them and get them to confirm the pictures of these two, which would prove that casey made this person up!

    Better still, it would be great if that policewoman DID find an id with casey’s picture on it that said ZFG!

    I wonder if LE has bothered to follow up on all that? I sure hope so, that may be the light at the end of the tunnel and justice for Caylee by helping to seal up casey’s fate!

  11. Annals says:

    GinnyG; Caylee is represented by the State Attorney of Florida, just as every murder victim in Florida is. They have been her advocate since October when Casey was charged with murder. That’s fact. You asked for our opinions; my opinion is that they have been doing a good job so far and I think they are smart, determined & capable. The citizens of Florida will pay plenty for the prosicution of Caylee’s murderer.

    Those who advocate an Attorney Ad Lidem for this sort of case are refering to the use of the ASSETS of the murder victim, not the crime of the murder itself.

  12. GinnyG says:

    Not sure what that means Annals? “Those who advocate an Attorney Ad Lidem for this sort of case are refering to the use of the ASSETS of the murder victim, not the crime of the murder itself.”

    Do you mean that an Atty ad lidem would be protecting Caylee’s assets?

    If so, something like this could still be done….protecting her mom & the rest of the family from profitting off her death, could they not?

    I am not from FL, but I do know I read that the anthony family was having financial problems about 3 months before Caylee went missing. They were about 3 months behind on mortgage and bills.

    No one has worked since the June-July 2008 time frame, and I heard, (not sure it is legitimate or true), that the anthony’s were all paid up on all their bills and mortgage. I don’t know how to confirm that or if I am even able to confirm it.

    But if its true, (cindy has denied making or taking one red cent
    from anything related to Caylee), then how did they pay everything off when none of them is working?

    IF casey & family are profitting off this, can’t someone investigate to see if its true, and if true, put a stop to it?

    Again, I am not from FL, so not familiar with your laws or anything else.

    thanks for your input it helps!

  13. Annals says:

    GinnyG; in comment #109 you were asking for an attorney to stand up in court for Caylee against Baez and his team. That is what the State Attorney is doing.

    Yes, the talk about an attorney ad lidem is about protecting Caylee’s assets from being used to defend Casey, the person accused of murdering her. However, there is no law in place to allow for an attorney ad lidem to function within a murder case. Controll of Caylee’s assets can be challanged in civil court, but it would be a seperate trial and would lag behind (in time) the murder trial.

  14. GinnyG says:

    Sorry….I guess this was not a good idea.

  15. GinnyG says:

    Thanks…I understand. Just sad that just the SAO can help. Maybe if some high powered atty’s would help, they would whip JB & LKB’s butts and win this case so justice could finally be served!

  16. Annals says:

    I’m not so sure that the State’s Attorneys won’t whip Team Casey’s butts.

  17. Annals says:

    Oh and by the way, George and Cindy are now to testify under oath in the Zenaida G case in April. They were to appear today to plead for an exemption due to extreme emotional stress. But the judge cancelled todays hearing.

    The Anthonys had submitted a written statement that they have made no appearances in public (except the memorial) since Caylees remains were identified. The judge was notified in multipal emails from citizens that George had gone up to Putnam County last month where Heighlee Cummings disappeared. He made at least 2 TV appearances at that time.

  18. GinnyG says:

    Annals, what I actually meant in #115 was that if some famous high powered atty would give his time to help SAO, maybe they would be SURE to win this case AND give JB & scream team the fight of a lifetime!

    When did the anthonys submit this statement and when did they appear in Putnam? I don’t remember the timeline, BUT, if they told the Judge they were too fragile for the deposition and they had already gone to Putnam County, if I were the Judge, I would be really upset that they lied to me and took advantage of me.

    I guess I will do a little research to see when they did all this.

  19. GinnyG says:

    As it turns out, according to someone else’s research & good memory, the anthonys atty, mr conway told the judge the anthony’s were too fragile for the depos, and conway knew the anthonys had already gone to Satsuma and appeared in the media because he said that it was good for george to do that so they did it with his knowledge, yet, they still lied to the judge and said there had been NO MEDIA or PUBLIC APPEARANCES since Caylee’s remains were found.

    Boy….birds of a feather flock together.

    Looks like conway AND the anthonys don’t know how to tell the truth!

    Can’t the judge do something to them for lying this way?

  20. Pathetic says:

    Why do you keep removing comments that prove this guy is full of shit? I hate people like you who monitor everything instead of letting those speak their mind.

    Comment by Heather Brooks — March 17, 2009 @ 2:35 pm
    Prior to August 18, 2008 Keith had not had any conversations with George or Cindy Anthony regarding Casey or Caylee and had not seen them in years.

    Sorry boys but my 4 year old cousin could think of a better story and one that did not have so many holes in it.

    Edit by Blink:
    Heather, I do not allow that much of an excerpt from the article, but kept your comment intact.

    You did not keep her comment as I saw it right after she posted it. You make me laugh!!

  21. Becca says:

    Blink, Where are these items now? Have they gone missing or never properly taken by Cops. These items need to be tested for DNA and fingerprints to prove they are Caylees and Cindy lied about. That is obstruction right there. Has anyone given any thoughts to the balloon string being tied around the babys neck and that is what killed her and as she decomposed, it came off but was so old by that time it didn’t fly off. Some of the parts of the interview seem like they could have happened but maybe he added a few things to make it sound better. Some of it just makes no sense to me at all. Something is fishy here but not sure what yet. I hope more comes out about all this.

  22. Blink says:

    Pathetic (apparently you are true to your name)
    I did not delete a single thing from Heather that was her original thought, she posted almost 1/3 of MY copyrighted article in the comment, that is not comment etiquette or observatory of fair use law. I posted her disagreeing opinion in it’s entirety AND since it was not yours, what’s your deal?

    I did however, delete your foul mouthed vitriole the other day, your at the wrong site dude, consider that your last warning Troll.

  23. Annals says:

    Ginny; the whole point of my comment about the Anthonys being DENIED “a pass” on testifying in the ZG lawsuit, was to show that in this instance, the Anthonys DID get someting done to them for lying. They lied and the judge made the decision to force their testimony, under oath in April, without any further evidence as to their frail emotional conditions; for example, doctors’ notes. But I still love you anyway.

    By the way, Brad Conway did not just know about George’s appearance on TV in February; Atty. Conway appeared with George on Geraldo talking about George’s “assistance” to the Cummings family. George was also interviewed in Putnam County with Ronald Cummings right there next to him. You can view video of everything on the FL local TV stations on the net. I do not live in FL, but see it all that way.

    On a side note, I never assume blog comments to be accurate enough to repeat. If something interests me, I always refer to discovery documents and video taped interviews which I can view personally.

  24. GinnyG says:

    Ahhh, thank you,I still love you too! *wink*

    Does anyone know whether the anthony’s will be offered a deal by LE? If they are on the witness list, they will be subpoenaed of course, doesn’t that usually mean that they will be offered immunity of some kind for their testimony?

    I don’t even understand why they would want them to testify, they have dozens of video & docs to prove what they said.

    I just think these people should be prosecuted for all their lying, cover ups, destruction & obstruction of evidence, etc., because I know if I were in this same exact predicament, my butt would be toast and LE would be the jam! I’d be locked up & so would my parents if they did everything the anthony’s have done so far.

    I just don’t get it.

    BLINK: do you know anything about the “murder journal” that was mentioned on NG/JVM shows yesterday? Is there any truth to it? I know I was a bit perplexed when LE went into the anthony home & confiscated their insecticide canisters, but if there was such a journal, according to excerpts I have read, it would certainly make sense to take them.

  25. GinnyG says:

    BTW, if the judge should issue sanctions against anyone, it should be conway for deliberately lying to him and in public, no less!

  26. Annals says:

    There are pretrial activities going on in 2 cases right now. The murder trial of Casey Anthony (Criminal court – Judge Strickland) and the Zenaida Gonzales defamation case (Civil court – Judge Jose Rodriguez). It’s the civil case wherein George and Cindy asked to be excused due to emotional stress. Hard to imagine sanctions against Conway in that one, since he represents witnesses, not either the plaintif or defendant.

    Obstruction of justice charges against the Anthonys would pertain to the murder trial in criminal court. I heard in a newscast some time ago that the prosecutors are not keen on pressing George & Cindy with obstruction charges. The general gist is that it may seem cruel to the public to attack the grieving grandparents. But that report was some time ago and it did not pertain to any specific statement released by the prosicutors. It was just supposedly from sources; so not verifiable. Plus, there is the option to press obstruction charges later.

    Remember the BIG goal of the prosecution is to nail Casey on the murder charge. The activities of the Anthonys are galling to say the least, and the public perception of them may have nose dived. But, there might indeed be great wisdom on the part of the State Attorneys to keep their eyes on the ball and not get distracted into side issues at this time. There is plenty to indicate that LE is keeping very close track of all Anthony shenanagans.

    The Prosecutors are keeping quiet, as that is how they properly function. We will not witness the kind of chest pounding and flexing of biceps from them that we see the defence displaying. That does not mean that the prosecutors don’t have muscle.

    There is much to come in this criminal trial. I’d say this; if the Anthonys would stop lying right now, their past lies would most likely go unpunished. But if they continue down the road their on, they will end up in some very scalding hot water. JMO

  27. GinnyG says:

    Good….I sure hope they ALL get what they deserve.

    Why don’t the prosecutors go ahead and take casey to trial for the check fraud now, since they aren’t going to trial until October MAYBE 2009, and who knows, they may not go to court until 2010! LOL

    I guess it could be for the reason you said above…to avoid distractions, but it would sure be nice to see casey get charged for those checks she stole!

  28. GinnyG says:

    And I sure hope they don’t let the anthony’s past lies go unpunished, I would like them get punished for all they have done.

    Its unforgiveable that they have done so much to cover up and hamper this case.

  29. migel says:

    Blink, this is my first time on here and I have to say i love it so far… This interview is interesting to say the least, Cindy knew ?!

  30. Kari says:

    I have a some questions about some of the evidence found and what they could mean.
    There was a stainless steel knife found with Caylee’s remans and a stainless steel knife found in Casey’s car… do they match?

    I read that when your body decomposes, it releases gases, including chloroform. Chloroform is also a makeup of pool chemicals..Could Caylee have drown in the pool because the ladder was left on by a family member and this could account for the high levels of chloroform found in the trunk? This may also be why she is “protecting” her family and herself. This makes them all look like victims.
    How do you get around the fact there were 6 compounds of human decomposition found in the trunk. The reports account for pizza and animal.

  31. Tracey says:


    All I wanted to say is, Wow, you are one smart lady! I am very impressed. This is TRULY how a good reporter does things! Kudos to you and keep up the great great work!

  32. BEES KNEES says:

    Just found this site today. Looks great but my eyeballs are about ready to pop out of my head I’ve been blogging elsewhere for hours. Will return tomorrow to peruse more. Is this a Canadian site? Just asking cause I see an ad at the top about Canadian Government. I’m Canadian.

  33. new says:

    In todays doc dump Mr. William states he called JB with what he found and did not see. JB did not call him as stated before. His suggestion being that if he did not see the body perhaps some else placed it there later on. Also questions Kronks motivation saying there where no meters in in the swamp, what was he doing there. Just as I thought this guy is a fraud. Perhaps a friend of the Anthony’s. Definetly a wittness for the Defense.

  34. JCGitruh says:

    Please explain to me why Lee was able to grab an ID out of Casey’s purse and the officer who saw this did not stop him and retrieve the ID?

  35. suep says:

    All I can say is that is one helluva tale

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