Haleigh Cummings Case Exclusive: Misty on 3 Day Bender with Lover and Drugs

Posted by BOC Staff | Amber Alert,Crystal Sheffield,Haleigh Cummings,Missing Persons,Misty Croslin,Ron Cummings | Monday 23 March 2009 5:10 pm

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Satsuma, Fl– A source inside the investigation into the disappearance of Haleigh Ann-Marie Cummings, 5, from Satsuma, FL, confirmed to blinkoncrime that Misty Croslin was on a weekend bender with a man who has been arrested previously on drug charges . She was MIA the three days prior to Haleigh’s disappearance the early morning hours of February 10, 2009.



Recently, Blink on Crime brought you the radio interview and background of William “Cobra” Staubs. The bounty hunter (minus the hat) and PI is being funded by an anonymous donor out of Miami and has spent a significant amount of time with both Ron and Misty. As I shared with you, my readers, I believed he was legit in this case. 

Who was she with? 


Greg Lewis Page, 28, resides on Magnolia Avenue in Palatka, FL. In a chilling coincidence, he was arrested on drug charges on Caylee Anthony’s first birthday.

He is light-skinned, of African American descent, and he is “White Boy Greg” referred to by Cobra in his interview:

“..I said Ronald, I have a very difficult question to ask you, about your now wife.  It appears one week before Haliegh came up missing, she was.  And Ronald told me to “stop right there, I know what you are going to ask me, yes was she f*cking a black guy? Yes, how do I feel about her f*cking a black guy? I know this, if I didn’t marry her, I would never, you hear me? What do you do to your enemies?”  I said (Cobra) “You keep them close.” Ronald says “Exactly, and if I didn’t marry her, I don’t know where in the hell my, where am I going to look for my son? (Cobra meant to say daughter).”

Misty and Greg On the Record

Late this afternoon, Blinkoncrime has learned that Greg Page has taken a polygraph regarding the weekend with Misty and the disappearance of Haleigh Cummings. He admitted he was with Misty and the usage of drugs.

Page was CLEARED through his polygraph of any involvement in Haleigh’s disappearance and PCSO does not consider him a suspect.

Misty Croslin Cummings also admitted to the weekend and drug use following confrontation by LE of this incident during a polygraph as well.

Misty Croslin’s account of that evening  has not been cleared by Law Enforcement nor has any representative spoken publicly about the results of her polygraph.  


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  1. rabbe says:

    Ola – I’m not really sure what to say about your posts. I am from the “Deep South” such as you call it. I’m not trying to sound overly defensive but really it seems that you didn’t come to understand a whole lot about the south during your time here.

    Small town life is small town life, regardless of the state. I will give you that there are cultural issues in the south that aren’t the same as everywhere else. But, a lot of what you are talking about has to do with small town life more than anything else. Including drugs. It is a well known issue that drugs are a serious problem in rural areas. It is also equally true that these areas tend to be fairly poor and less educated. It doesn’t, however, mean that all southerners (even the trailer trash poor ones) are drug addicts or pedophiles that leave their children unattended with shards of glass to keep them in their beds. I’m sure you can find equally horrifying stories in other parts of the country.

    I think it does a lot to diminish the case to assume that this is a “cultural issue”. I can’t speak for the residents of this area but very few people consider Florida to be “southern”. Many southerners are very family orientated and do truly look out of their neighbors but not necessarily in the oppressive way that you are describing. I’m sure, as I also have family in other parts of the country, that a lot of people look out for their neighbors. I’m sorry that your experiences here was so poor but I’d really hate for people to think everyone here goes around putting shards of glass around their children’s beds.

    I’m not denying that what you said you experienced happened but by the same token that doesn’t sound very “southern” to me. Again, it might be more of an issue of small towns in general (in terms of people being nosy, etc.). And, that is common among all states. The glass/tacks, etc issue I doubt is local to one area of the country.

    I truly hope they figure out what happened to this girl. Clearly no one was really looking out for these kids. And, addicts generally make for really selfish parents regardless of age or background.

  2. Martini says:

    Thank you, and keep up the good work, Blink. :)

  3. ARW says:

    I have to agree with NW Rain in regards to Ola’s post. I grew up in Mississippi/deep south and I have never heard of such things. This sounds more like a witchcraft thing versus a regional tradition. I rather take offense to the posting. Just because you are born and raised in the depp south does not mean that you are ignorant.

  4. Reta Krukowski says:

    I do believe there were drug use going on with several people but that still doesn’t mean that anybody deserves to have their child stolen and possibly killed.
    The more I read, the more I think Misty is involved in the disappearance of Haleigh. I don’t think it was right that the father had a girl like Misty taking care of his kids not because of her age but from what has been told about her.
    JMO but I think he married her to try and find out what happen to Haleigh. Like they said, you keep your enemies close to you.
    As for everyone talking about 17 year olds having sex, well we all need to take a look at our teenagers. I have several young nieces that do quite well in school, one a straight A student and they are all having sex. We have given our children too much freedom. Teenagers are allowed to dress like hookers at a very early age. My niece with the straight As was allowed to have her breast hanging out of her shirts at 14 while her father was a sargent in the Air Force for 22 years and the mother works for a dentist. So, you wouldn’t think her parents were trash to see them but they allowed their kids to hang out, they didn’t give them cars as most teenagers have but kids are given phones, allowed to stay out all night. My other niece that did great in school and works at a hospice has been having sex since 14. Everyone blames the young men but I think you need to take a look at your young daughters too. They are really putting it out there just like Casey Anthony did. Take a look around you and look at your children and other people’s children. Look how provocative the very young teenagers are even at age 12. The world is in big trouble when it comes to teenager pregnancies. I beleive I read that 40 percent of all babies born are born to unwed mothers and 80 percent of black babies are born to unwed mothers. Pretty damn scary and these young kids are raising kids. I hate to think of what their children will turn out like.
    Well, enough of my lecture. The one thing I know for sure is the laws have to get tougher for child abusers, rapist, kidnappers and killers. No second chances for any of them. Lock up or kill all the monsters.

  5. windrider says:

    The very first time I saw Misty on TV, my hackles went up and I thought to myself, “She’s lying.” The more I saw Ron on TV, the more I got the distinct impression that his grief is not quite as real as he puts on. I’d love to be wrong on both points but I don’t think so. It’s clearly another VERY dysfunctional family all the way around, which makes it easy for a child to go missing or die while others cover up their part in it.

  6. Red Ranger says:

    Wow. Tacks? Glass? Thornbushes? Er uhh, OK. Never heard of it in the deep south where I’m from. What did Child Protection say when you reported this child abuse?

  7. Sue says:

    Whew! After reading all the comments my head is spinning! Lots of information. Still can’t get my head around the fact that the bounty hunter seems to be getting closer to the truth than LE. Not too much information out there on this case. There are so many layers to this, that it seems that the bottom line of finding Haleigh is almost impossible. Howcome Misty hasn’t lawyered up yet?

  8. vicki says:

    See What drugs will do for you???lose your family self respect.Misty looks high all the time she makes me sick walking around puffing on cig she’s some lady. she’s bad news how could he trust some one so out there with his babies well take a look at him.

  9. hawki123 says:

    To Ola who wrote the weirdest stories of the Deep South,I am appalled. Where in the world did you live in the South? I am from the Deep South but in my 20′s and 30′s lived on the East Coast,West Coast,and really Deep South…Columbus,Georgia. I wouldn’t take any thing for our years in Columbus.I live in a city that was small when I was young but has exploded with growth over the years. I can honestly say that I have NEVER observed ANY of the weird stuff you mentioned. I have known men who were controlling husbands but not as a rule. That happens all over the USA. I really resent your synopsis of the South…you call us living in the “boonies”…you should come fight our traffic on your way just to get in to town…you mention the “peculiarities of our regions,you say it’s common fo 12-13 year old girls to be “scouted out” and at age 14-15 married off to older men here in the South.It also is NOT routine for a girl to give herself sexually to her male relatives. Incest is no more put up with in the South than any where else in our country. A few years ago a woman got pregnant by her son’s best friend…both boys were only 15 years old. This woman was sent to prison. I have never heard of ANY company who just routinely lets boyfriend/hubby run home to check on why gf/wife didn’t answer her phone on the 2nd ring so he can “take care of the problem.”If your husband’s supervisor said that to him,then your husband had a weirdo for a supervisor. And it is definitely NOT the rule in the South for LE not to answer a domestic violence call.We have a great Sheriff’s Office and deputies and a great Police force for our city. I do not believe you can say that the South is the only place in America that has drug problems. This is every state. Why you would try to throw drugs just on the South is beyond me. Surely you have more intelligence than that!!! You call it “our world.” Yes,it is,and I wouldn’t live any where else. We have wonderful people in the South and then we have criminals as you do wherever you are now living. Your story of placing glass shards,tacks,and push pins around a child’s bed defies the imagination.Surely you jest!!! We have poor people here,we have wealthy people in our town also and every other class of people in between.
    What you have written sounds as if you have made it up as I have never been around or heard any of the things you write about.
    It’s great for you that you moved away…we don’t need the likes of persons like you villifying our towns and our people. I am proud to be called a Southern gal where the people are friendly,where you have neighbors who would help you out without being asked to. Gee, I hope you are not a Yankee…I thought we got over that
    Yankee-Rebel thing a long time ago. Our town also has so many nationalities living here and yes,we have plenty of Yankees who love it here.
    Thanks to NW Rain,rabbe,cheryl,and ARW for giving every one their view of the South.Southern culture is alive and well and actually has not one thing to do with little Haleigh Cummings missing.There are bad people and bad parents every where. But do not trample on my land and my people. We have done nothing to you,I would ask that you try and do the same to My South.

  10. merry says:

    The more I read about this story, the more I think it’s a twisted version of the movie, Gone Baby, Gone.

    I still think Misti has all the answers. Someone above made a good point about her and her not being questioned enough and I agree. If she was locked up long enough, she’ll start telling the real story. And I don’t understand why they don’t do that, take her into protective custody. She is still a minor and is obivously in a bad situation. At least that would be my reasoning for putting her into protective custody.

  11. heyitsmekelly says:

    Once I heard this “Cobra” character mention this Greg Page last week , I knew the primary investigators had already interviewed him and I also said they probably gave him a lie detector test . I bet this all happened in the first week . So Cobra hasn’t found anything new that the police haven’t already covered in this case .

    Kelly- Cobra did not mention him as anything other than “white boy Greg”. I confirmed his name on here and that is the only place it has appeared as confirmed that he has passed a polly into Haleigh’s disappearance. I would agree that he himself did not know that. If he had, I am not sure the conversation with Ron would have went that way.. That being said, I think it has outed Ron and Misty’s accounts being suspect if only by omission. Misty is lying and I would not want to be anywhere in the state where her husband finally knows exactly what about, frankly

  12. Pam says:

    Whew!…..but back to an innocent missing little girl who has yet to be found.

    I did not see one cadaver dog at the site of the dumpster when they were going through trash and moving it from one dumpster to the next. My concern was that if the cadaver dogs hit on the dumpster, then in my opinion as I watched this trash-relocation effort going on….they were going way too fast. How did LE know that some of the bags did not have something of significance in them that could not be seen with the naked eye? It always bothered me that even though cadaver dogs led them to the dumpsters….then why didn’t the dogs remain during their search so they could alert officers to a more exact location within the dumpster and/or bags. Can anyone clarify if the cadaver dogs were used DURING their search of the dumpsters and I just missed it? Cadaver dogs are extremely sensitive and intelligent when it comes to these searches and if those dogs did NOT remain during the transfer of trash to the second dumpster during this search; then I would be shocked and extremely dissappointed that crucial evidence was over-looked. Those cadaver dogs hit on that dumpster for good reason!

  13. cheryl says:

    just to clear up a few things: I’ve lived in Arkansas, California, and now Texas and don’t think any of this mess has anything to do with them being Southern. I’ve known people like this everywhere-including whites, blacks, and Hispanics. The trashiest woman I know is from California-she’s committed welfare fraud ,been busted for selling meth, and allowed her 13 year old daughter to get pregnant and then again by her cousin. I think this mess stems from drug dealing, drug use, and all the chaos and garbage that goes along with it-sex, guns, violence, money,etc. Now, if CPS had been doing their job, thes 2 low-lifes wouldn’t have had custody of the children. They’re unfit, plain and simple. Also, I’ve never heard of people putting glass or anything else on the floor to scare their kids. That’s incredibly abusive and bizarre, and to be truthful, unbelieveable.

  14. prosecuter says:

    OMG I love this website! I was always on art harris but his updates take FOREVER!! I am now hooked to your site, awesome work and updates.:)

  15. mam says:

    LOL you think you have it all figured out dont you? watch and learn yourself something DINK

    Who could figure out this shit house maze that has half a brain? You win. A bunch of hillbilly lowlifes swimming in a pool of Sex Offenders and drugs got an innocent baby abducted and most likely murdered and y’all think we shouldn’t be mindin’ your business.. Here’s a clue, we dont give a rats ass about you vermin. We care about an innocent child.

    We don’t mind cleaning out your toilet to find her, lucky for Haleigh, that’s what the folks that dont have methadone for dinner do..

  16. Debi says:

    So happy to of found this website!! I agree, great work!!! Not being able to confirm something, doesn’t make it NOT true. So I beleive pretty much of what the owner of this blog is saying.
    BOTTOM LINE-Misty was out partying for 3 days straight. WHERE are HER parents?????? Ron didn’t take her calls all night, if he did would things have been different?? Can’t Monday morning quarterback. However, I do blame Ron for leaving his children with a 17 year old drug-alcohol child. Shame on Ron for that.
    No he is not so innocent. The lifestyle he may have led may be different from what we would chose, but that doesn’t take away his baby is missng. And he is hurting.
    In Misty’s defense, all I can say is she needs to lawyer up. I don’t beleive she knows where the child is. However, I also don’t beleive she was “babysitting” that night like she claimed to of been. This Greg guy is probably innocent of having the child. Again, it resorts back to lack of care for these children the night this happened.

    Now..how can I keep up on the updates here?? Is there a way to notify me of new information??
    Thanks again for this information!

  17. Krissy says:

    I just had to comment on the Deep South thing, I live 5 miles from Satsuma and ahve for 39 years and never haeard of anything that sick. I think your mind is very twisted!!!!

  18. terry bates says:

    with all the laundry being done, when a person dies they ley go of all their body wast shortly after. she didnt have time to wash the pajamas i dont kow where her panties went. i just believe with global servielance of our star wars defense system. if you rewind the gps and watch from 10 pm until 3 am you will all kow what the police and nasa know already. they know she was killed probably accidentally and they are waiting for ronald to finish off this families demesticated plot to cover it up.

  19. the door open no force entry misty with her other boyfriend on the sofa all makes sence now and kids know a lot more than we think they do! misty needs to own up to whats she has done! and where is little haleigh bugg

  20. M.m.Ocasio says:

    I Read about white boyGreg, on the post right now, he admits Misty N Him was seeing each other that night and use of drugs. but was not involved and the dissaprience of haleigh. whiteboy Greg agree to take a polygraph Test he pass the polygraph test.he is not a suspect. so he is cleared. i feel misty had something to do with haleigh she was the last one to see haleigh. cobra better think fast.

  21. i just pray the truth comes out and little haleigh is alive go find her cobra! and thanks blink very good site!

  22. einstein says:

    My thoughts and prayers are with haleighs entire family,a loss of any type is a very hard thing to except and you know,you really never do,In 2003 my father phoned me after going to the doctor,and with a crackling voice said “Son,i’m going to fight this thing(cancer)with all i got and i’m not giving up”,well dad made good on his promise,he died in 2006,it was horror to see what this disease was doing to him daily.But you see he did win afterall,because he committed his whole being to fighting the disease everyday.I just hope this family nor the public never gives up hope on this little girl.I have seen first hand what this does to a community,In july 2007 in louisville a boy 4-year-old César Ivan Aguilar-Cano was abducted and a week later ,the garbage men dumped his body into the truck from a garbage can during a collection,a sex predator Cecil New who live within a few hundred yards of the apartment house was charged with his murder,this ordeal had such an effect on the trash collectors they had to seek help to deal with it afterwords,but it did change the town,a kind of softness settled over louisville for a while after that.We all know something happened that night that resulted in the disappearance of a beautiful child,yes it could be that one person knows everything,but people who care can’t wait for that bus to come,because with the right diligence and brain power this crime can and will be solved and it doesn’t matter where the puzzle will be solved only that it is.

  23. ChristieAngeline says:

    Several comments ask the question as to why LE have not arrested Misty. If they do that then they lose their chance to question her further. She would have nothing to gain by talking to them anymore if arrested and would retain a lawyer. I think that LE is watching Misty and probably wiretapping her and Ron. It is very telling that the news media is no longer showing Haleigh’s pic and any urgency to find her. Why is that? Maybe their sources also suspect Misty. I must say when this story began and I listened to Misty’s first TV interview I thought she was lying and acted suspicious. She seemed to be more interested in the interviewer’s reaction to her story to see if her story was being believed. Susan Smith and Misty seemed very similar to me. Does anyone remember Misty saying that they brought a new detective to the case who told her she was lying and so she ended the interrogation? Pretty ballsy for a 17 year old. I don’t think she is a typical lil girl who is innocent. She was a victim of abuse according to reports and maybe she did have something to do with Haleigh’s abduction one way or another. Hopefully LE is monitoring and wiretapping her, Ron and their associates. I like the rest of you would like to know what happened and have Haleigh back. P.S. Nancy DisGrace backed the father and Misty from the beginning and I’ve never understood that or why she is so hard on Crystal.

    Ron’s lawyers refused to represent her, AFTER they were married.
    She was on a 3 day bender using drugs prior. Greg Page is cleared with regards to Haleigh.
    Van missing, parked elsewhere, blankets washed, one missing.
    Misty has been questioned and polygraphed nymerous times, still no clear picture.
    She has stopped talking to LE, one individual specifically.
    Why do you suppose the video from the tattoo parlor has not been released?

    The answers above are what happened to Haleigh and where this baby is.

  24. ChristieAngeline says:

    What video from a tattoo parlor are you talking about?

    The tattoo parlor ron got his tats at videos their work and puts it on youtube. I believe under “amsterdam” but if Im wrong somebody please correct.. TIA

  25. ChristieAngeline says:

    One other concern: Ron’s mother told Nancy DisGrace that her mother (Ron’s grandmother) went over to visit Misty and the kids to drop off clothes that night (not sure of the time, thought Ron’s mom said about 8pm or something). If that is true than how could there have been a three day bender mixed in?

  26. ChristieAngeline says:

    Wait…are you talking about the tattoo Ron got of Haleigh?
    Which said with a picture “Daddy’s little girl”, at a cost of $400.00? The video is important? Hmmm. One thing that pops out is that Casey ANthony got that odd tattoo after Caylee was killed. What are they drinking in Florida…

  27. Kim says:

    Hi guys. Been reading your comments and they are very interesting. Regarding the comment by Kleat relating to testing of hair samples. Does anyone know if law enforcement tested Haleigh’s hair (off the mattress perhaps) for drugs? I’ve read here and there theories that maybe she accidentally overdosed on something in the home. If she, in fact, lay in her bed that night, perhaps a hair taken from the pillow would have some clues?

  28. Prevost1580 says:

    LMAO @ Nancy disGrace. That is hysterical! NG already has it out for Haliegh’s mom. I really wish that NG will get schooled on abuse & the abuser. You can stop dragging Haliegh’s mom thru the mud,NG! Abused women are scared to death of their abuser. So why does Ronald prefer very,very young girls? he impregnated another young girl too. I think that her name is Amber?

    Back to Misty! my gawd! see what happens when a young girl raises herself. What is a 17 year old girl doing,shacking up with a drug abuser & abuser in general? Why isn’t Misty in school? Where are her parents?! Sadly, Misty has probably been having sex with dirtbags since she was 13.

  29. babyj says:

    Ok I have read nearly EVERY post on this website most are very interesting to read and some are just asinine. I have lived in Seattle Washington, Post Falls Idaho and now Spokane Washington. There has been several different situations of abductions happen that I can remember. Some yes have been related to drugs but others not. Currently we have a 2 year old little boy missing, his mom was packing to move and she turned her back for one second and he was gone. Unfortunately, they think that he has fallen into the river but still have yet to locate him and so far this is day 4 going on day 5. The last one that I can remember was a few years ago N. Idaho was on Americas Most Wanted… It was a triple murder and an abduction of 2 young kids Dylon and Shasta. Joseph Duncan ended up turning up in a local Denny’s restaurant with Shasta (I believe it was 2 long months) but no Dylon. Later after they recovered Shasta from this NASTY man they learned that Duncan had raped and murdered Dylon in the mountains not far from where they were taken from. Duncan had staked out there house for days seeing there every move and knew when to strike. He had NO connection to this family didn’t even live in the same state he lived in Minnesota and came all the way to IDAHO to watch several families.

    What is really getting to me with Misty’s story is the fact that she says “she was home” at the time this little girl went missing, but yet she was fine and so was Jr. What is wrong with that picture? Like everyone else I think that she know EXACTLY what happened to her and possibly where she could be! I mean who would go into a house just to take a little girl, they didn’t murder Misty and they didn’t take Jr. I thought when this story first came across on our local news up here, that Misty girl is NOTHING MORE THAN A F**KING LIAR… She is so doped up she couldn’t even look at the cameras straight. There is a picture that kinda strikes me as being weird she is texting on her cell phone while Ron is on the ground crying.. She showed no emotions at all.

    OMG! Seriously, Misty, give this family peace and tell them what happened to there baby girl. She knows she gave her up for drugs or that a drug deal went bad…..

    I know for a fact that this is everywhere you go North, South, East or West. You cant get away from it and drugs seem to be the worst seen in the small towns.
    I just pray to god he lets this little girl come home safe as he did for Shasta Groene up here in N. Idaho…….

  30. mistletoemerry says:

    WOW Ola, you city folk must be truly frightened of the country and us southern folk to make up wild stories like that! Methinks you watch too many movies!

  31. ETHEL says:


  32. ETHEL says:


  33. Staci says:

    Whew…am I glad I found this site! As others on here , I have been checking in on artharris.com also and it has become irritating with me! I like it, but it seems as if he is turning out more like NG! He just posted today a video of Teresa Neves, defending Misty C. Cummings…ok that was recorded the same day he had interviewed Misty! So…why is he putting up that video weeks after the interview?? Since that interview, the name “GREGORY LEWIS PAGE”, has come to light…how does Teresa Neves feel about that situation?? I have a lot of catching up to on this site!!! And, I have this to say, I was born and raised in SOUTH CAROLINA…I am proud to be a G.R.I.T.S. Ola~ get an education of the south before you down grade it!! There are well educated people in the south!! I now live in New Jersey, 5 mins. away from Philadelphia…and I assure you, there are just as much UNEDUCATED people here as in the South!! I love it here, but my heart is still in Carolina :) There are different cultures throughout the U.S.A. and not one region is any better than the next!!! God Bless You Haleigh!!

  34. Tracy says:

    To babyj – I can recall the photo you are talking about and if I remember correctly it’s actually the bio-mom, Crystal that is texting while placing a hand on Ronald’s back. Not paying one bit of attention to him or showing any emotion, just looking at her phone.

  35. babyj says:

    Sorry looked like Misty… They look alike so it was hard to tell. I just feel that in a time like this, phones should be put aside.

    One thing I wanted to get out to everyone is that there is still that chance that Haleigh could still be alive (let pray) so when you go into a gas station look at everyone including adults. In the case I talked about above (Joseph Duncan) he had taken Shasta into a gas station to use the restroom and get a drink, they showed the surveillance tape of her looking up at other adults but NOBODY recognized her. This gas station was (off the top of my head) about 50 – 60 miles from her home where she was abducted from. So PLEASE keep all eyes out for this little girl. I wish there was more I could do for this family than just sit here and check from time to time if they have found her…..
    This is the AMW site of Shasta

    Here you can click on Video and Photos to watch the Surveillance video I mentioned above.

  36. Staci says:

    I find this eerie….here is a link to the police report, of the night Haleigh became missing….in the report, the deputy states, Misty told him she had got up to get a drink…in interviews she tells “US” she got up to go to the bathroom! Yet another part of THE TIMELINE in question….I just noticed it when I read the report, wonder if I am the first to notice it, or if LE has realized it?!?!?!?! Here is the link


  37. b jo says:

    ola i am a georgia belle. i am so proud to have southern values. we love our neighbors, church family , friends & family. we help others when in need. we know each other in community. i never heard of sharred glass and push pins put around a childs bed. i have heard of mothers giving there children tylenol to go to sleep or leaving them alone. in georgia domestic violence is taking seriously, if you do not take a warrant for perk, LE will do it for you. Ga. has a war against drugs & child abuse. we have the educated and uneducated. the rich and poor. we have mansions, beach homes, moderate homes and the poor homeless. we are no different from any other state. we put god first in our lives. the majority of the southeners. where are you from mars? you really know how to add insult to injury. haleigh is not responsible for the enviroment she had to live in. there is a circle in life that is rarely broken. haleigh thought this was the way life was. she did not know the difference at her young age. if you ever get back down south come by we will fix you some hog ass and dumplings with alot black pepper. yall come now you hear ola.

  38. Sherlock Holmes says:

    As a project,i’ve looked at this case through and through,and there are a lot of good potential perps and players,from misty’s boyfriend greg,cousin’s brandon or joe and also ron’s uncle and others.However there were too many things that couldn’t or wouldn’t fit.And through some armchair detective work,I think i’ve come up with a more than likely suspect and it’s not anyone on ron or misty’s side.The one missing link that would confirm my suspicions is i wonder if police had recovered any used chewing tobacco in the search area or near the canal?Has anybody heard of any being recovered?

  39. merry says:

    Could it be possible that Ron found out after the wedding that Misty was sleeping around and he simply said that so he wouldn’t sound like such a fool? The direction I’m going with this question is the repeated bad decisions on his part. Either answer to the question would lead to bad decisions by him.

    Just my speculation and thinking about the whole twister story. I hope I haven’t offended anyone.

    Merry, very intelligent Question. Answer is NO, he knew.

  40. babyj says:

    Why would you ask about tobacco? Just a question!

  41. lukebandit says:

    the picture of ron on the ground on his knees sobbing over his daughter is not misty checking on her cell phone, it is crystal. i saw that and thought to myself, the mother of the child is over there with the father and touching his back and checking her cell phone and no emotion. when those sisters were killed yesterday by their brother, the relatives were passing out in the street. and guess what they are going to bury the murdering brother and the two innocent baby sisters that he decapitated. and they ae going to bury them all in one casket. i guess they are going to pack them in their like sardines to save money. i say give their innocent daughters a beautiful funeral and don’t sign for the murderers body and let the county pay for his funeral. i don’t mind a bit for my taxes to pay for it, because i know for a fact that he will not hurt anyone anymore ever again. but it is a shame that someone else will come along and do something worser that he did. but we can always hope and pray that does not happen.

  42. merry says:

    About Crystal holding a cell phone while putting her hand on Ronald’s back…. I don’t think that is a cell phone. I think she is holding a picture. Please see the beginning of this video: http://link.brightcove.com/services/player/bcpid10363234001?bctid=10721544001
    Still picture: http://snap.tbo.com/images/100038/photos/2009/02/12/gallery/2216893.jpg
    But I could be wrong about the picture. Although, it is human nature to think the worst in situations like this and I think that is what we’ve done here with this picture of parents.

    Blink: Thanks, I just don’t get how Ronald behaves or mostly the whole group of them. I think I’m just surprised he got married in the middle of all this.

  43. babyj says:

    Okay sorry I only saw the still picture! When you see her walking over to him is when you see her with the picture… And you all are right it was Crystal not misty! Like I said earlier just looked like her and looked as if she was on her phone! I was wrong… LOL sorry… I still think Misty knows more than what she is spitting out!

  44. ETHEL says:

    Just a thought,maybe Ron cant stand the thought of going back to home because he feels that LE bugged it while they had it held as crime scene,probably put audio and video surveilance in there to catch he and Misty in their secret….

  45. ETHEL says:

    Also,whats the take on the two different stories about who picked Haleigh up at school bus stop,I watched the videos several times before asking this question but why do you think Ron or his Mom lied,she says on one video that she got Haleigh from bus the day she went missing then in Ron’s (emotional)interview he says he got Haleigh from bus and she hugged his neck,told him she loved him and he drove her home then went to work,I didnt check date on videos my only guess is Ron is lying trying to make himself out the GREAT DAD,I cant see why grandma would lie about picking her up what do you think about this Blink…or am I mistaken about the statements…Thanks for your input hope this is not a dumb question,I just noticed the conflicting stories and wonder, why lie, unless this family just does nothing but lie…that would be my guess

  46. merry says:

    Ok, everyone posts their theories, here is one I have. I hope no one finds it offensive.

    Going with the theory that someone knows something, but won’t say anything. Why wouldn’t someone come forward and say what they know? Now, what if drug use was so intertwined in this that people felt that if they came forward they would get arrested for other drug crimes related to this case. What if the PCSO offered some sort of immunity to people with information related to Haleigh’s disappearance? An immunity for the drug crimes related to this case. Does that seem like a bad idea? Does anyone think people would come forward with information knowing they’re not going to get into arrested?

    Like, “yeah, I went over to John Smith’s house to get a bag of weed on that Monday night and Misty was sitting on the couch at 11:45.” (I’m not saying that’s what happened, but as an example how someone wouldn’t be charged for an obvious drug offense. I don’t want anyone to take part of it and run saying I said, blah blah blah. I don’t know what happened, I’m just here to figure out like everyone else and see that Haleigh is brought home safely.)

    Can you see where I’m trying to go with this as an idea? Any thoughts?

    In a nutshell and without being more specific, I think that is exactly what is going on.

  47. merry says:

    More specifically, Greg Page. I think he’s not talking because he’s afraid of getting arrested again…. incase what I was saying above sounded a bit vague.

    I think some people are scared. If jail was taken out of the mix, more chatter could start up again around Satsuma, I think.

  48. M.m.Ocasio says:

    today i heard on the news white boy greg might be the key to no what misty was doing that night. remember he pass the polygraph, the news said he might be the key where misty where abouts. crystall lawyer question greg, and he admitted yes him and misty had a thing going on. you no lovers

  49. doc says:

    ron cummings tattoo done was at aces and eights tattoos in fla. youtube under yourtattoopicture or just google aces and eights tattoos pinellas park fl

    My readers knew that weeks ago “DOC” and there is nothing out there about it. I will not send them on a google journey. LE has those videos and we all know that. Try humpin’ a forum with free foil hats.

  50. vicki says:

    Why would any one marry someone who just cheated on them? & to leave your most preciuos babies with that person she is not to be trusted,but I kinda think inthe back of my mind she has something Ron.

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