Caylee/Casey Anthony Case Exclusive: Cindy Anthonys Scathing Message to Tim Miller

Orlando, FL– Yesterday marks the anniversary of what most believe to be the death of 34 month old Caylee Marie Anthony. Whether it was in the early morning hours, or other, we may never know for certain. The only certainty I am aware of is that this doe eyed cherub has owned our hearts since we saw her for the first time. I will forever hear that clip “Momma Poppa” in my head and hear her voice.

Unfortunately, George and Cindy Anthony, together with their attorney Brad Conway, took this anniversary opportunity to fire the first shot over the bow to what I have been eluding to for months. Casey Anthony’s defense team, led by Jose Baez is coming after them directly to save their client from the death penalty. The tactics of covering up for Casey, perpetuating her lies, lying to investigators and the public in an effort to protect their daughter from being held accountable for her actions; is the very evidence Baez and team will cite to attempt to acquit their client and implicate her parents.

Starting Today, In an exclusive to, I will be exploring in an aptly titled progressive series what I believe the pivotal evidence, discrepancies in witness testimony, and behind the scenes insight of the major players in this case will reveal; and will ultimately lead to the successful prosecution of Casey Anthony in the death of her daughter Caylee Marie.

The Scamthony Series, begins with Cindy Anthony’s comments yesterday regarding Ron Cummings “shun” of their foundations help. Yesterday George and Cindy Anthony appeared on The Early Show, and criticized Ronald Cummings for not wanting them or their foundation to be associated with his missing daughter, Haleigh Anne Marie Cummings.

When your child’s missing, you take any bit of help that you can,” Cindy Anthony remarked to Early Show co-anchor Maggie Rodriguez Tuesday. “You take every help. You don’t turn anybody away. You can’t turn anybody away.” “You know,” Cindy said, “that one exposure of your child’s face out there could be that one time. So, you know, to him I say, you made a mistake. 

“We’re the ones who got national attention for their daughter the first night, because I was on the phone with national media. And that was the day of Caylee’s memorial, Feb. 10. We had just gotten home from her memorial and heard about Haleigh. So we hurried up and made desperate phone calls to people in the national media to say, ‘Hey, start covering the story.’ And that was a day that I should have been home just worrying about myself.” 

Really Interesting after hearing those comments how she ran Tim Miller and Texas Equusearch out of town in contrast to the search for her grandaughter. Listen for yourself.

The split second that Tim Miller met with OCSO and formed the opinion that Caylee was deceased and shared it with the Anthony family; Cindy’s wrath began. Mr. Miller and his organization had nothing to do with exposing the “improprieties” within the original Trust. Blink and 5 other contributing researchers did. One of which was a former banking executive within that very Sun Trust Bank.  Mark Nejame, former attorney for George and Cindy Anthony, released the documents he was given by the Trustee, Paul Kelley, in full. Nejame is not a Trust attorney and simply presented what he was given; he did not represent the Anthonys in any way regarding transactions of the Trust, or Sun Trusts decision to close the account without prior notification. 

The first four days of the transactions of that trust were missing. No opening balance, no explanation as to why the account was set up to overide “holds” and treat all transactions as cash to be available for wire transfer. Nada. To date, they have not been released publicly. It would be truly wonderful if instead of granting the Anthony’s puff piece venues, an actual interviewer might ask them why.

I will be exploring exactly how the initial trust is truly the epicenter of what cultivated the major players in this case from day one, and who they are, in a future Scamthony Series installment.  


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  1. jenn says:

    I mean wtf? Don’t ya think c and g have done a fantabulous job securing caseys conviction in the media from day one? In spite of themselves?

  2. PamTX says:

    There are so many things I want to say, yell, and scream. But it just doesn’t matter anymore and would take up too much space. I have followed your statements and theories since pretty much the beginning on this case Blink, and believe once again, that you were meant to be involved…for various reasons. I have waited soooo long for the money trail to be uncovered and can’t thank you enough for being steadfast on this! I too, was holding out hope that “JoJo” would be Caylee’s saving grace. My heart sank after hearing this. With that being said, I just couldn’t help myself but to post the lyrics of a song that allegedly Casey would play over and over again while out on bond….gives me the chills!! I have remembered this for a long time and it would take me quite awhile to find the original post/source of who said it. (B: Was it Padilla?) Regardless, the song is by “Sevendust” and is called “The Past”:

    The Past
    Beneath the water
    that’s falling from my eyes
    lays a soul I’ve left behind
    the edge of sorrow was reached but now I’m fine
    I’ve filled the hole I had inside
    I’ll pray it doesn’t scream my name
    so I light a flame and let it breathe
    the air that kills the shame
    I’m up
    I’m down
    like a rollercoaster racing through my life
    I’ve erased the past again
    a risky morning
    I feel like I’m alive
    I can’t believe I’ve made it through this time
    the edge of sorrow I lived in for some time
    (lived in for some time)
    has left the hole I have inside
    The burden is I try my hate
    was the last thing I ever felt
    or thought I could escape
    I’m up
    I’m down
    like a rollercoaster racing through my life
    I’ve erased the past again
    You let me in then broke me down
    the difference is this time around
    I will not let you see me try
    I’m up
    I’m down
    like a rollercoaster racing through my life
    I’ve erased the past again
    Erased the past again now
    Erased the past again
    Beneath the water
    that has fallen from my eyes

  3. mamacrazy30 says:

    blink i left my heart in the forums last night…imo if it wasn’t casey then by darn it was cindy…mod as you wish..
    and to post #51 i think they are doing it to get back at casey…they know, and they ARE upset; but, not so upset that they don’t want their white-washed lives to be disrupted. cindy will never admit to her backin’ the wrong horse…EVER!!

  4. The nerve of Cindy Anthony trying to take the credit for doing something that they did not do. Now,she says they heard about Haleigh Cummins when they got home from Caylee’s memorial service.Then she goes on to say that they hurried up and got on the phone contacting the media.This story was already out in the media which is how she heard about it.What these people won’t stoop to is beyond the wildest imagination. I am so glad that Haleigh’s father put them in their place.Where were they when Ahji went missing? they certainally weren’t there for his family.Reason being,he was the wrong color. and to me a missing child (which Caylee was not)is a missing child no matter the color of their skin. but i think this is a big issue with the Anthony’s and to sum it all up,they are full of it.

  5. Blink,do you think the Anthony’a will ever be held accountable for all of the crimes that they have commited in this case? They have told lie on top of lie.not to mention tamppering with evidence and the list goes on and on.They have done too much for them not to have to answer for their crimes.
    Unfortunately, no.

  6. After reading post #32 its really hard for me to imagine how anyone can be so heartless.Cindy Anthony is worse than the scum of the earth. she did not have to bring this man’s deceased daughter into whatever differences she may have had with Tim Miller.I will be so glad when this trial is over and C&G will be behind bars just like their daughter.One more thing,I SURE WOULDN’T WANT CINDY ANTHONY FOR MY NURSE.

  7. Julie says:

    Blink or anyone…why prior to the sad murder of Caylee did Casey literally hold so much POWER over the parents heads and run that home? Why..if she has/had mental problems would Cindy insist she keep her baby knowing all we do of their financial problems? Why why makes NO sense? Why do George and Casey especially refer to Caylee as that girl or that little one????(usually)????? I am lost… is so obsurd??? I know that Casey met Ricardo after Caylee was born….but I was not aware as a fact…that J.P. Chatt she too met after Caylee was born? ……………even about the huge fight..Father’s Day…$$ ect………it just is sooooooooo bizarre a story even prior to the murder!!!?????? There is a reason she held all that power over their heads,….sorry to go on..but why does anyone think Casey would leave Caylee’s remains in such an incriminating spot and way as she was left????????

  8. elaine says:

    love this site! just listened to the video but could not understand
    the beginning & some other parts. could you please print it out?

    thanks, Elaine

  9. NGfromBos says:

    Interesting……I agree with Blink—Casey will cop a plea.

    You know, the dysfunction that IS the Anthony Family is also being exposed. Since the beginning, anyone with a rational mind could clearly tell that George & Cin Cin are also liars.

    LIKE MOTHER, LIKE DAUGHTER—Casey Anthony—it is really disturbing!

    Casey Anthony murdered her own flesh & blood and her PATHETIC parents still go on TV trying to act like they GIVE A SHIT and want to help other people? PUHLEEZE! The only thing they care about is any money they can continue to live off of from their deceased baby Grandaughter. DISGUSTING!

    I agree with Blink that Casey will plea out in the end to reduce her sentence and be out of prison perhaps before her 85 Birthday. LOL Why wouldn’t she get life in this case? Better yet, the needle.


  10. Memory Keeper says:

    Thank you for keeping score. The 7:30 AM Breakfast and the walking to the car and placing in car seat was a new fairy tale to support the appearance of a loving close family. Memory’s do not improve with time.
    Cindy has elevated herself to national importance even during her period of mourning when she should have been thinking of herself, had her ego bruised when her help was turned down. It must be hard to justify an agency or Charity that is tainted so much that it is turned down because of it’s foundation.

  11. [...] comments on the phone message to Tim Miller posted over at sister site    Daily Commentary – Thursday, June 18th, [...]

  12. [...] comments on the phone message to Tim Miller posted over at sister site [...]

  13. Dom says:

    Blink you are amazing. I just finished listening to the Miller tape, and I can say I am not surprised. Cindy needed to propogate the lie of a “live” Caylee in order to keep the donations coming in. The Anthony’s and the Milsteads are in this for the cash..we all know this. The reason the Anthonys are hooked up with KFN is because of the business deals they made together. George gets a salary of 40K a year and all the donation money he can steal. Cindy takes the lead in publicity as the grieving Grandma, tugging on the heart strings of people that are not in tune with what is happening. Milstead gets the donations, then washes them through one of his other companies..(the sign, billboard, and printing companies) So every dime that comes in goes in his pocket. I spoketo Kathy Belich about this and gave her some info, stuff she already knew though. She told me that they WILL be coming out with an expose soon. We all have to remember that Cindy and George will be thrown under the bus by the dream team..that has been the strategy from day one. And the monies that come in to the “foundation” will be used for their defense. In all of the case that I have followed, this is not the first time that people have tried to use the murder of a loved one for profit….but the Anthony’s have taken it to an all time high. We know it….and we can prove it. Now if only the OCSO gets involved!

  14. FairestWitness says:

    Going to “Plan B” isn’t going to work. It will turn off the jury. In spite of George & Cindy Anthony’s numerous shortcomings, they do not deserve to have the finger of blame pointed at them for Caylee’s murder. Even though they’ve behaved inappropriately after the fact & did a poor job of raising Casey, they are not responsible for what happened to Caylee. Their daughter is a sociopath.

    Are sociopaths born that way or are they taught it? The nature vs. nurture debate. I think they’re born that way. Some are tempered by structured, disciplined, loving parents, others turn out to be monsters regardless of their environments. I think Casey is one of those hopeless cases. She’d be a self-centered narcissist even if she’d been raised by Mother Teresa.

    Remember the panicked tone of Cindy’s 911 call? “…something’s wrong… I found my daughter’s car today and it smells like there’s been a dead body in the damn car… I haven’t seen my granddaughter in 31 days… my daughter just admitted she’s been taken… I need to find her.” Cindy sounded scared to death. It wasn’t contrived, it wasn’t faked, she was panicked. No way were George or Cindy involved in Caylee’s murder.

    The Anthonys’ poor decisions & bad behavior since this tragedy began can be easily explained; they can’t cope with this. The loss of their beloved granddaughter, Caylee, was hard enough. But the fact that their daughter is charged with murder, that Casey made matters worse by lying about what happened, that she put this family through this ordeal; it’s simply more than they can handle.

    They’re desperate to find something that will show their daughter didn’t kill Caylee. They want “the nanny did it” story to be proven true, by some fantastic miracle. The money they’ve raised as a result of this? They’ve lost touch with reality, so any decisions they’ve made about these funds are not going to be proper.

    They are not functioning in a rational manner. They need therapy and medication. They’re wretched and pitiful. They’re destroyed.

    Casey did this to them. And it’s my guess she’s been doing this her entire life. Caylee’s murder was the ultimate act of vengeance. Casey hates her parents that much. She’s the BEAST.

  15. Red Ranger says:

    I know that Casey will get hers. Not what she deserves but she will get hers. Because of that I stopped following the Anthony saga a few months ago. But it is like a black hole. It just keeps sucking you back in. I was not so much a contributor to the threads dealing with the financial shenanigans that occurred but more of a cheerleader. I was proud of all of your talents then and remain so.

    I reckon that next we will hear that Caylee had a pepperjack cheese omelette with a rasher of bacon on the side. She then went out with Jojo and shot a few hoops. She had mad hops and could get the altitude that was required to dunk, her little hands just weren’t big enough to palm the ball. Enough lies already. It is disgusting and morally reprehensible.

    Granddaughter for sale: Thirty pieces of silver.

  16. Tracey says:

    Now THIS is the REAL Cindy Anthony! Her appearances on The Early Show make me want to throw up. Is that her alternate personality? And is THAT the one we would see on the stand at KC’s trial? Or would it be the Cindy from the Tim Miller message?
    The more I hear from her, the scarier she gets. It does make it a little easier to see how KC became this way too. And Cindy says George’s side of the family was the one with Mental health issues! Yikes! Can’t imagine seeing her family tree. Whoa!

    Blink, I saw a bunch of very interesting stuff on Blogger Talk radio too regarding this huge money trail. It is ALL very confusing. SO many are profiting from this. It just makes me physically sick. Thanks for sharing this. I look forward to the next part.

  17. Kleat says:

    Red Ranger, sadly, your comment ‘granddaughter for sale’ isn’t the stretch that shooting hoops is and this is like a ‘How to Manual’ for the next person, father who wants to make profit for his unwanted-anyway kid instead of paying child support, or the next mother who needs the same things Casey needs. The Anthony’s have authored and published the manual.

  18. nickel says:

    Blink…you are a guardian angel for this precious little girl who NEVER DESERVED ANY OF THIS!! You are a glimmer of hope for her and the justice we all demand for her!! I am behind you %1000 and waiting for more…
    p.s.sorry if i get impatient and ask too many feel a desperate need for answers as to why Caylee is no longer here to laugh and play and grow as she should have!! Thanks Blink:)

  19. BEES KNEES says:

    WOW Fairestwitness! I really enjoyed your comments. You’ve offered us a very honest and very human look at the Anthonys (G & C). I think you are bang on about them. Thanks.

  20. Kleat says:

    I just listened to Dana’s ‘Daily Commentary’ found on the pingback links. Good commentary, Dana — now to go find the interview on ScaredMonkeys that Dana refers to as doing last night with Tim Miller.

  21. BEES KNEES says:

    BLINK, I am just thrilled to know you are taking this on. I’m so happy in fact, I want to help in some way, but I can’t think of how. Do you need anyone to help you with researching or anything like that? If you can ever think of any way I could help you, please let me know. I’m trusting that you will have access to my email since I’m posting here. If there’s nothing I can do then I’ll certainly be supporting this site and will do what I can to spread the word and get as many people here as I can. I feel very grateful that you are doing all of this. Happy Thursday everybody!

  22. Alice says:

    Love it- Was waiting for Casey to turn on her parents. Maybe they will turn on her too, and then the truth will start to come out.
    They will.

  23. Sue says:

    Blink – I love a good mystery. That’s why I follow your blog. I am trying to put the pieces together, but sometimes I need to have it spelled out to me word for word, rather than in bits and pieces. I’m getting the general idea, and almost have the part where Casey is going to throw her parents under the bus, but then again, my more rational brain tells me that there is no place to go other than taking a plea in this. If that happens, then I will rely on you -Blink – to fill me in word for word.

    Anyway did you happen to catch E! T.V. on Tuesday night? They did a piece on “Fatal Beauty: 15 Most Notorious Women.” Guess who was numeral uno?? Yep – Casey Anthony. She (Casey) even beat out Susan Smith and Eileen Wuornos. She hasn’t even been convicted of the murder of her daughter and yet Casey managed to make it to the most notorious woman of our times….

  24. FairestWitness says:

    Thanks BeesKnees. I speak from first hand experience; i.e., living and suffering in a family under constant siege from a sociopath/narcissist. This kind of person is so self-involved that you spend every waking moment fending them off, worrying about them, resenting them … and being deprived of anything important to you. Anyone else’s needs, desires, individual rights are completely shoved aside. There’s never resolution or remedy. You go from insult, to calamity, to outrage, to assault, to betrayal, and on and on and on. It never, EVER ends.

    I think the Anthonys are completely spent. They’re not in control of themselves and probably haven’t been for years. The spiraling downward into madness began long ago. As Casey grew and matured, her avarice escalated. Gimme, gimme, gimme was all she did.

    The Anthonys should have thrown her out of their lives when she turned 18. Had they done that, they might have had a chance to live normally. Casey never would have. And now she’s taken her parents down with her. They will never recover from this, they’re finished.

  25. westsidehudson says:

    CHANT: PART2! PART2!….lol

  26. DebbieDeb says:

    Of course, as always … ***MY OPINION***

    I believe this is C & G’s 15 minutes of fame and they are milking it for everything. I’m curious to know what tactics they would use to get back into the limelight if the media were to shun them. Would Cindy give up everything she knows? Because I believe that bat sh*t crazy b*tch knows more than what she is letting on. As far a George goes, he appears to be a ‘whoa is me’ type of guy and I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised to find that Cindy has his b@lls dangling from her rear view mirror. Both of them make me sick. YOUR KID KILLED YOUR GRANDDAUGHTER AND YOU HELPED HER COVER IT UP. PERIOD.

    Don’t these people see the web of lies they have spun? Doesn’t their Lawyer advise them? Good Lord! When I watch interviews with these incessant driveling fools, I cringe at their answers! I’m like “shouldn’t have said that”, “shouldn’t have said THAT”.

    They’ve had a WHOLE YEAR to come up with perfect scene of Caylee’s last day (of what they believe) alive. Birds chirping, sun shining. GIVE ME A DAMN BREAK. >:( *REALITY CHECK* It was a MONDAY MORNING. Who’s life is like that on a Monday morning? ESPECIALLY with a toddler under toe?! I have an 11 year old and not ONE DAY during the week is like that!!! Everything is rush, rush, rush! Get dressed! Brush your teeth! Did you eat? Why are you turning the video game on, we have to leave! You are SOOOOOOOOOOO grounded when we get home!

    Know what is probably the truest statement I’ve ever heard?
    “If you tell the truth, you won’t have to remember anything.”

  27. Ashley Marie says:

    Comment #73 I saw it and thought it was incredible she was number one too above those other women…… says alot.

  28. BEES KNEES says:

    Well I’m sorry you had to be subjected to that madness FairestWitness. I think I’ve observed that type of personality but only from afar. Thank God! Completely crazy-making.

  29. kp-indiana says:


    What exactly, does George mean when he says, “I woke up with her (Caylee)? Does he mean in the same house or the same bed?

  30. Western Observer says:

    What a hateful woman.
    No wonder Casey despises her.

  31. jenn says:

    Did u see the v clip of b conways interview played on NG last night where he is asked ” can casey be cleared from this cloud of suspision?”And bc answers no.ANYONE KNOW WHAT STATION AND WHAT DATE THAT INTERVIEW TOOK PLACE?

  32. artgal says:

    I particularly want to know how we can put their so called foundation which is nothing but a way to line their pockets as they are now virtually unemployable to rest. Isnt there anything we can do as far
    as the State of Florida is concerned to show that there is no way that this so-called non profit foundation is qualified to do anything in regard to missing children?

  33. JWG says:

    Just to set the record straight (or as straight as we can), the call to KC’s cell phone that morning was placed from the Anthony home, and it rolled to voicemail. Could have been either parent, but I am of the belief it was KC trying to locate her phone. She was still at her parents, as a couple minutes later she is on the HP desktop computer in the home IMing away with Alex Green, screen name “WitePlayboi”.

    Not that it matters with regards to the crux of the story.

    How do you know she is in the home on that laptop, JWG?

  34. NoseyRosey says:

    Blink, I admire your brilliance ;) So what I am getting from this is that The Anthony’s and Brad Conway have paired up with Jose Baez to create a diversion. Casey isn’t actually throwing her parents under any bus- they are willingly laying under the bus in order to cause doubt in the case against their daughter. I get this whole deal. I get why the Anthony’s refuse to bad mouth their daughter to the public. They don’t need to admit to me that they know Casey killed Caylee, but why in the world would they try to help her get away with murdering that precious child.Is it because they rightfully blame themselves for her death? They knew her mother was unfit and yet they pretended she actually took her on vacation for a month- did Casey steal money from them during the 31 days she was gone? I knew this family was sick when they turned against Tim Miller- my God this man deserves some respect. I really believed “JoJo” would step up to the plate as well, but obviously Caylee didn’t really mean as much to them as they are claiming she did. Obviously that baby girl is better off- they would’ve ruined her anyway!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. nickel says:

    Blink..will try to keep my questions to a minimum.. Not sure if i already asked about this but i was wondering about the key of Amy’s that Casey had?? Lee told Amy it was taken care of?? Any signifigance to the lock that goes with that key?? Do we know if Amy had a storage unit and if so has it been searched by LE for any evidence??

  36. Riddlemethis says:

    Okay, I Think? I see where you are going, and on pins and needles to read the rest. And see it play out, espec. if the real truth comes out as they turn on each other. Still fuzzy on how that will occur. Wouldn’t that imply C&G don’t realize they are going to be thrown under the bus? and that would surprise me, as everything seems very “orchestrated” now. For Chrissakes, they have to realize they’re perjuring themselves, and be doing it for a reason (yes I get it’s to cover for their daughter). So JB may or may not be encouraging their current shenanigans and planning on pulling a switcheroo on them?

    But here’s the main question…if being forced to accept a plea is based on latent prints not yet released (assuming that’s the ace in the hole forcing a plea), WHY are they waiting? Don’t get that part. Wouldn’t they just want it out there to end it now? If the prosecutors aren’t going to sting any other party in this, why wait for them to hang themselves? To let the truth come out and narrow any chances for appeal later on? (shaking head confused) You are too smart for me….trying to be patient. LOL

  37. Denise says:

    Hey Blink-

    Great Job, as always. FairestWitness, just wanted to say that you are correct a Sociopath cannot be created or cured. At least I will believe that until the day I die. I too have been subject to a sociopath and the unfortunate thing for me is that it is my child. That is a struggle I do not wish on my worst enemy. I, unlike the Anthony’s did kick that child out at the age of 18 and made him deal with his own behavior by suffering the natural consequences. It is not easy, but doing what the Anthony’s are doing is not loving their daughter or their grandaughter. I have never seen a family full of sociopaths, but this may just be one.

  38. ros says:

    Blink, awesome reporting. Thank you. I especially like your direct comments to dude, George. I would like to add, what went on between 7:30am and 12:50pm? Who was where, what were they doing? Seems like one would remember the entire morning with a bit more continuity. He skips quickly in his akward lie, from waking up to leaving.
    Additionally, I would like to ask how George spent Father’s Day? Why didn’t he celebrate it with his children? Where was Lee and Casey all of that day? Such a small, close knit family should be having a chili dinner or something.
    Last bug up my petootie today, why did Jesse Grund quit the police force? How much did Tony Roscano really know about the events before he also resigned?
    Waiting with baited breath until your next insightful installment.

  39. IVOIRE says:


  40. JWG says:

    The information was contained in a zipped computer forensics data file that was part of the September discovery release. The file was not posted by media but at least one local has been obtaining raw copies of the discovery as they are released and provided me with the 97MB file. The information is actually on page 947 of discovery (part of the computer forensic report) but it is near impossible to read because LE dumped it into that file as raw HTML. What is in the zipped file is both an HTML file and PDF file that can be viewed normally in a web browser.

    Anyway, from the forensic report we can see that the AIM chat fragment was taken from allocated space (not deleted) held by the account “owner” on the HP desktop. Ironically, KC used the password-protected “owner” account with administrative rights, and her parents used the unprotected user account “casey”.

    JWG, I completely bow down to your computer knowledge, your the best their is hands down. That said, you cannot deduct she is in the house on that computer conclusively, correct? Only that she was on an AIM chat.

  41. Ashley Marie says:

    I think it was the key to Amy’s car, nickel…..

  42. JWG says:

    NoseyRosey…I think Brad Conway is slowly but surely turning the grand-parents around and getting them to come to grips with the fact their daughter murdered Caylee. His language has changed over the past few months to the point where in his most recent interview he said he could not envision a scenario or theory that did not involve KC in Caylee’s death. While still saying someone else was involved, he has softened that as well, saying he does not know to what level someone else may have been involved. I doubt HE believes anyone was involved, but this is a negotiation, if you will, with his clients.

    He also fired a shot across Baez’s bow by saying that his declaration’s of KC’s innocence will force him to put KC on the stand. Baez knows he cannot put her on the stand. IMHO, Conway is saying to Baez “you gotta belly up to the table and deal, buddy boy.”

    I agree, but I believe it is because he is aware Baez is planning to implicate his Clients and she cant do that without admitting guilt of something and taking the stand, imo

  43. Sue says:

    Very interesting comments #74 – FairestWitness. You hit the nail on the head. G & C knew that their daughter was sociopathic/narcissistic, and as I recall they were seeing a therapist prior to the events leading up to the death of their granddaughter Caylee. They knew that things were out of control, but never followed through putting a stop to the Casey’s behavior. Too little – too late, they realized Casey had crossed the line. They went into overdrive to pick up the pieces to try to save Casey and balance out their lives, but as you said – they’re done – finished. The dynamics were such that the sociopath led everyone who could be led down the path of no return, and dumped them there to wallow in their own naivte and befuddlement. Now, G & C are so off -balance, that they’ve chosen the wrong path again – on their own – victims of 23 years of raising a sociopath or the sociopath raising them. Strange how C & G have chosen criminal behavior to “right themselves” – the pathology so intense that they are falling into the sociopath’s trap again.

  44. BEES KNEES says:

    WOAH!!!! OK. Bozo/Casey are going to point the guilty finger at Cindy & George. I believe that, yes. But are you saying Cindy & George are actually in on that? They know and they are going along with it to save Casey???
    Let’s say I think THEY think that is the plan, yes.

  45. mdg says:

    Thanks, Blink, for all your hard work. I’m looking forward to everything upcoming!

    I used to have compassion for this family. Of all the horrors in the world, why does there have to be this- this theft, this violation of a sweet baby’s life. I can’t fathom it. I used to have compassion for this family, but now, when I reach for it, it’s gone.

    I’m waiting for when they all start to turn on eachother. There will be plenty of blood in the water soon.


  46. Riddlemethis says:

    Freak me out…after going back and re-reading old posts regarding no breakfast, and now hearing the new version to the story……… I’ll be thinking twice about what I ask…..delete me away as you see fit.

  47. Roach says:

    If trust still exists, you should donate to it. Then you should have standing to sue for mishandling trust funds and get full discovery of the trust docs, accounting files, etc.
    It does not, It was shut down by the bank. However..

  48. Kleat says:

    nickel, that was Amy’s car key, wasn’t it? From Casey borrowing her car while she was away? (didn’t return the key with the vehicle for some reason after she picked Amy up from the airport and drove her home?) And what was on that key ring, one key or others…

    Speaking of key rings, Blink!!! Lanyard, lanyard…. where’s my lanyard!!! (any news to report????????, just asking, in-case-ino you-know
    O trust me you will see that lanyard in due time.

  49. Kleat says:

    PS: the Dana interviews this morning were great, intertwined themes and all with the various guests… Mike Williams speaking on the doc dump of the casey case, and about the media, Dana and he talked about the need for old school reporting (not just the ‘easy’ stuff in the cut backs), there was other stuff related to this casey case, other guests talked about the damages of what fraudulent foundations can cause to people who are in need of help and resources for finding a lost loved one, or victims of crimes, and how the internet makes it harder to know how to avoid those people who prey on the victims– people who send unsolicited offers of help, act as spokesperson or offer pre-signing for book deals, always at no cost to the ‘victim’ so they can get themselves attached. And of course Dana’s guest, Tim Miller with the inevitable venture into what damages certain events can do, media harm if they report the wrong things, like Natalie Holloway search money reported as in the pocket, when nothing was in the pocket, not a dime, so resources dried up because of mis-reporting. And the mention of the Anthony case problems that causes Tim to rethink how he handles the media etc. (Tim did not talk about anything to do with this Cindy thing, and Dana commented how above board Tim always is– :)

  50. KameronJ says:

    Wow!! I listened to that voicemail that Cindy left for Tim Miller. Who the heck does she think she is!! I mean I can understand that a grieving parent (grandparent) could want to believe that the child is still alive – but the threat of “don’t mess with the Anthony Family”…give me a break!!

    They are abunch of control freaks who deserve every bit of anguish that is coming their way! In my opinion, it is because of them that the baby is dead!!

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