Caylee/Casey Anthony Case: Andrea Lyon Shows Her Thought Bubble

Orlando, FL– At a Defense Attorney Peer Lecture in Orlando, Florida last year, the self appointed “Angel of Death Row” lead defense attorney in the case against Casey Anthony for the murder of her daughter Caylee Marie, shows the world her thought bubble, courtesy of Bill Scheaffer, Legal analyst for WFTV.

It is unclear how Mr. Scheaffer attained the recorded audio which has since been removed from the WFTV site, but what is clear is Ms. Lyon knew her segment was being recorded.

..My Client is human, it’s the jury I’m worried about..” ..Sometimes ugly is presiding… or do you have really great judges in Florida?.. “I have a case right now where both the crime and my clients confession are on on videotape.. I just think that’s unfair.. I mean, one or the other, but both?..




I wonder if anyone has asked Alton Logan what he thinks about it?

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  1. Chica says:

    Updated: Wednesday, 09 Dec 2009, 10:49 AM EST
    Published : Wednesday, 09 Dec 2009, 10:49 AM EST

    A man has filed motions on behalf of himself and Casey Anthony . One is a Motion to Dismiss. The other is a Motion of Inquiry.

    In his handwritten documents, Elgine Furlow claims that Casey Anthony is innocent. He claims Casey Anthony said that a young under aged male killed her 2-year-old daughter Caylee Anthony.

    Read The Documents>>>…dexGallery.htm…nthony-motions

  2. Demi says:

    Blink while your intent has always been crystal clear, never deviating from keeping Caylee first and foremost in all discussions, what has been concerning me lately are blogs that started with the same agenda in mind, but lately I’ve been sensing a shift. Almost imperceptible but it’s there. I’m sure. I’m reading between the lines of one or two in particular and I’m really starting to believe their agenda is not Caylee but actually the Anthony family. Am I delusional? Do I spend too much time reading the blogs? Has anyone else noticed? If so, any ideas? Trolls? Paid by the defense to slowly start the spin on the blogs? Now I’m not talking about blogs that are right in your face pro-Casey/Anthonys. I’m talking about ones that are being deceptive. I guess with time we will see more clearly who sits on which side of the courtroom so to speak. I just wonder if anyone else has noticed this.

  3. Kleat says:

    40 pages released

  4. Chica says:

    well I think the needle is to easy for casey!
    how bout firing up old sparky! as I read someone else at another site suggested!!
    SPARKY is not the way I would want to go if I was on death row waiting for my date with death!! . Its scarry to think of being strapped to it!!PICTURE IT!! you get strapped into the chair! than they place the black hood over your whole head!!

    this case has captivated the minds and hearts of many! not for casey but for the little girl found dead in the woods.
    killed by her own mommy.
    If I am not mistaken florida doesnt mess around ! it took what? 13 years for them to execute bundy!
    times goes by fast on death row !especialy if your waiting for that walk down the long hall to the execution room.

    caylee didnt get the choice to wait for her date with death! the right to live a full life was robbed from her.

    no love from mommy and oviously not enough love from the dysfunctional family that she has for grandparents

    I dont care about casey I could care less what they do to her I care that caylee gets justice !!

  5. Chica says:


  6. martha says:

    I dont understand why Joy is allowed to even have her children if she has so many mental problems that have been documented.

  7. Kleat says:

    Now we know what the newest state expert witness will testify to. Interesting– must go back and review one of Marinade Dave’s videos, as he zoom into an area and sees nothing. Could that be the view towards the well location?

  8. Kleat says:

    What is striking about the latest documents, is the print testing done on all of the ‘garbage’ items recovered from the car. What are the chances of zero prints, not readable prints, but just evidence of a person or persons, handling the pop cans, the pizza box, the laundry cleaner bottle, etc? This makes no common sense in this circumstance of a car that had a body in it, abandoned by a kidnapper/killer with trash left in the car.

    How is it that every item has zero evidence of prints? How much sense does it make for a kidnapper to leave all this trash in the car, unless they were so rushed to abandon the car that they did not have time to toss it in local dumpsters never to be found? If they were so rushed to leave the area of the car, how is it that every pop can and other item, paper, metal, plastic, is perfectly wiped of prints?

    How is it that? Makes no sense. (unless someone needed to leave the garbage there for some purpose to mislead, for instance, and every item meticulously cleaned of prints so that the wrong people would not be implicated. We know that some of the garbage came from Tony and Nathan’s place, Casey took out the garbage, but put it in her car instead, with time to clean it all nicely before the car was left unattended for the weekend at Amscot, to be towed likely Monday, and then out of sight for several days or more for sure.

    Kleat, I can only guess the moisture and heat produced condensation “enough” on those items, although I agree that is wild.

  9. dee says:

    Kleat you had me fooled, I am impressed however with all your postings! but anyone who wants to weigh in on my question please do so!

  10. dee says:

    post by Kleat

    “There’s big money in photos from this case. How much should Joy expect to reap from People and Geraldo, and of course, there’s Globe followup on the same ‘person in woods’. Joy is going to be rich beyond her wildest dreams. But what good mother risks her children in this way for her own selfish reasons?”

    who does this, makes me wonder, again another example of selling your soul, just makes me sick!!!!

    who will take this chick seriously?????

  11. Kleat says:

    Joy Wray says today “Roy Kronk” was in the woods several times and she has the proof. She’s not going to give you the details of all she has. She WAS on that plane, but cops failed… And… Dominic Casey, she gave him some info and he failed… he doesn’t know I have proof…. what I gave to him… he never gave to them….

    She has scooped her own Geraldo. And makes some pretty serious accusations against Mr. Kronk. And says you have to remember ‘Casey has not been found guilty of murdering her daughter’.

    Posted Dec. 9th, 2009 Title “Joy Wray R.I.P. Caylee Anthony” 3 1/2 mins.

  12. Kleat says:

    Blink, but the paper box– paper can hold prints for a very long time, in the right conditions. Interesting field.

  13. dee says:

    “Comment by Chica — December 9, 2009 @ 2:59 pm

    man damn…the A’s are the Shiznit

  14. dee says:

    I am so sick of this whole BS case, can we just get on with it, convict this child murderer and be done with it!

  15. Kleat says:

    Blink– now, what about evidence of cleaner residue on those items… :) possible!

  16. dee says:

    Demi….it will always be about Caylee and never about the A’s…but…remember it is the A’s that are making it about themselves and not Caylee, that is why we are all here in support of her and her only!


  17. dee says:

    “In his handwritten documents, Elgine Furlow claims that Casey Anthony is innocent. He claims Casey Anthony said that a young under aged male killed her 2-year-old daughter Caylee Anthony.”

    HERE WE GO AGAIN…whats next?

  18. dee says:

    - An Orange County Sheriff’s Office forensics report from October, about the search for fingerprints on items found in the garbage bag investigators seized from the trunk of Casey Anthony’s Pontiac. The report said the investigator had zero results from the dozens of items, ranging from empty soda cans to air freshener sheets.,0,5067054.story

    I think this is HUGE who wipes away prints from garbage, who does that, someone who is trying to cover their A$$ thats who…

  19. martha says:

    my computer is acting up so i cant read documents etc. arent there different kinds of prints? i agree with Blink that prints were destroyed because of heat and humidity. We still have the duct tape, and all the other evidence and it was just no prints on the trash not no prints anywhere. Prosecutors still have an airtight case with tons of evidence that we dont even know about.

  20. ChicagoJudy says:

    Amazing that there were no fingerprints on any of the items from the bag in Casey’s trunk. Not even Casey’s prints? Or Tony’s? How is that possible? Did someone wipe it all clean before LE took the car? Was she smart enough to do that before she dumped the car? Just when you think something’s going to go the way of the state, something stupid (like no prints) happens. There’s just too many coincidences. Nobody is that good that there’s no hard evidence to nail the bi*ch. Sorry.

  21. Boz says:

    Kleat, if KC knew she was going to commit a crime in the near future, maybe she made a habit of “cleaning” each item when she was finished with it before tossing it in the car.


    ex-cop daddy “cleaned” everything before the car was taken by the police.

  22. ChicagoJudy says:

    Someone also noted on Humble that those two pics of Casey and Caylee with the “trouble” shirt were taken at two different times … in the first one Caylee is much younger; the guitars are different; Casey’s hair is different.

  23. dee says:

    421 Chicago “Nobody is that good that there’s no hard evidence to nail the bi*ch. Sorry.”

    hmmmmmmmmmmmm 31 days Judy 31 days is all I have to say…..

  24. dee says:

    422 boz “ex-cop daddy “cleaned” everything before the car was taken by the police”

    daddy didn’t clean the prints from the trash, maybe the car but not the trash

  25. SuzeeB says:

    I think it is HUGE too. Now come on, not one single print. Even on a pizza box. How do you clean prints from a pizza box? Does the pizza place handle the box with gloves. When a greasy hand goes in for a second piece, do you wash that hand first?

    Come to think of it, I always thought the borrowing of the shovel from Brian was quite deliberate as well. As well as leaving the car at Amscot, Casey wanted/hoped Mommy and Daddy to find it before being towed. As well as the pool ladder and gate opened. Plans just got foiled. I think it is HUGE there are no prints on anything. But how do you use it??

  26. Kleat says:

    Boz, she didn’t use those items, they were other boys garbage that Casey took out to her car, not to the dumpster..

  27. Kleat says:

    Post 412: The video of Joy Wray talking about her proof about the things we guys don’t know about Roy and how he was in the woods, and how the cops failed, and how Dominic Casey failed to give that info to the cops for Joy, is GONE from her YouTube site.

    That’s the second JW video taken down almost as soon as it was up. This last one either scooped Geraldo when she’s supposed to give that info there, or it went too far to target and defame Roy Kronk– or both.

  28. Todd in Tulsa says:

    I don’t see how Joy Wray is still an issue. She has had multiple psychological incidents, well documented, so much so, that Baez probably doesn’t even want to go near her. She seems like a parasite, just like the Anthony’s, in looking for a little fame, and a lot of fortune….all at the expense of an exploited 2 year old. Sad, and pathetic…all rolled into one

  29. Bees Knees says:

    I agree, it’s HUGE. Exactly! How on earth does a pizza box not have prints??? Dee, why do you think not George? Somebody must have. The trash was never under water! This case makes me overuse exclamation marks. Am working on it.

  30. Todd in Tulsa says:

    My opinion only, suzeeb, I would think if there was absolutely nothing, which obviously would set off red flags that nothing in the car had any prints on them, I would think the next step would be to check for chemicals, such as cleaning agents, especially in possible high concentrated areas where Caylee would have been, was the steering wheel “cleaned”, try the carpets, test the carpet in the trunk, the same trunk that has already proven to have had human decomposition in and on it, regardless of lying Cindy’s excuse off a “rotten pizza”

  31. Kleat says:

    Two new state motions, one to deal with an illegal recorded converstation between Jordan and the defense investigator. Suggestions that this illegally recorded conversation (by Jordan) is different than the interview of Jordan by the state.

    But also a motion to compel the defense for reciprocal discovery, something now, the defense says it doesn’t have to do. Ms. Lyon also responded to the request about the witnesses re: the TES searches, as ‘it should be obvious from the motions filed’. So, it is obvious that this includes Jordan and Buchanan (sp), but is that it? What about all this promo of Joy Wray and her signed sworn witness statement? (of course we know this isn’t a credible witness, but it’s being spun and used as such with the upcoming Geraldo when she might spill all ‘officially’)

    The defense seems to not be interested in reviewing the state’s evidence as they so far, have not bothered to do anything past the Dr. Lee car inspection and even then, he said he’d be back yet never returned. That was last year.

  32. SuzeeB says:

    #425 Right Dee “ex-cop daddy” didn’t have the garbage bag.

  33. SuzeeB says:

    #427 Forgot to add “Mr. Tow Lot Man” took garbage bag from trunk of Caseys car and threw it in tow lot dumpster, and LE retrieved it from dumpster. Come to think of it. Didn’t George and Tow Lot Man at least touch it?

  34. Chica says:

    yes dee
    that the anthonys were gonna sit at the defense table.

  35. Chica says:

    could the anthonys have removed all prints? we know george is a clean fanatic? is this looking bad for the prosecution? is all this lack of evidence / prints go in favor of the defense.?

  36. Chica says:

    were thinking alike about the prints and daddy cleaning them. these idiots have interfered and destroyed evidence so that the killer of their grandaughter could go free.
    and if there was someone else that killed caylee than why isnt casey or anyone talking now! didnt they say that she was afraid what would happen to her family. why why isnt karma working yet?

  37. Momof3 says:


    Hi, I also noted that the pictures of Caylee were taken at different times. I think this is huge because it could show that Casey kept sleep over clothes at Ricardo’s specifically that shirt. I believe THE shirt stayed there, along with several other pieces of Caylee’s and Casey’s clothing.

    Remember Casey had just broken up with Ricardo and he last saw Casey with Caylee on the 9th of June. Did she take her clothes and Caylee’s clothes then? Perhaps she stuffed them in the trunk that morning, and left them until she needed to dress Caylee after rushing off after the pool incident and argument with Cindy heard by the neighbor.

    Or did Casey get the clothes after she had killed Caylee in order to frame Ricardo on the day she went to JP, Amy and Ricardo’s to sleep, and do “laundry”, as reported by Ricardo in his interview? I believe both of these scenarios would account for the shorts being size 24 months and not a perfect match to the shirt. Each piece was left at Ricardo’s over a period of months, perhaps the shorts had been laundered there once after a potty accident, and had been forgotten in Ricardo’s laundry room.

    Someone, in another thread had speculated that Ricardo bought both the Big Trouble shirt and the I Get My Good Looks shirt for Caylee. I think this is a good theory. I will also say I think it is just as likely that Casey went on a shopping spree of her own, and bought these shirts one of which she kept at her boyfriends because Cindy would definitely not approve…..

    I am sure if I am right about either scenario Ricardo or his roomies can testify to the truth of where Caylee’s clothes were kept ect…

  38. Momof3 says:

    On a somber note, looking at these pictures of innocent little Caylee just wretches my heart out. She seems so alone,and neglected . Sitting on the couch quietly waiting for her mommy to finish her game. She must have been a calm child, My toddler would NEVER sit through my playing RockBand, he would be constantly trying to “help” mommy as can be witnessed in some of my premature postings….

    I hope getting her picture taken by Ricardo? eased some of her boredom and made those days better. God rest her little soul.

  39. Darth says:

    read this motion by the state and tell me what you think of the defense now!!

    when is this going to stop? are they doing this on purpose? are they really taking this case seriously?

  40. Chica says:

    How sad I just got some bad new! my daughters house burnt while she was out shopping for decorations for the christmas tree! she came home and seen fire trucks and all her neighbors outside in front of her house. I dont know yet where the fire originated. I live in california and she is in seattle.
    your prayers for her family are coveted. she lost everything. my twin grown grandaughters were out of the home. My son in law was called to work day shift or he would of slept through it. god works in mysterious ways. my great grand babies and kids are safe all were with my daughter.
    thank god for that! but what a bleak christmas! they are living in a hotel till they decide what the insurance will cover.

    thank you guys
    god bless

  41. SuzeeB says:

    #418 Dee Snipped from Kruezers Korners (sp)

    Elgine Furlow wants the case against Casey Anthony dismissed.

    Elgine Furlow? Who?

    I read somewhere that he has filed motions before.

    Elgine Furlow (aka: Elgin Wilson Furlow Sr, Wilson Furlow, Wille G Covington, Willie Clyde Covington and more) filed a Motion to Dismiss which was filed on 10/22/09 with the clerk of courts in the case against Casey Anthony. He has a long history as a former inmate at the FLDC. It is unclear what his connection is to this case. However, he currently has other motions pending in the state of FL courts.

    No wonder Blinked laughed…

  42. Kleat says:

    SuzeeB, and check the story above– ;)

  43. lou says:

    I think the garbage in the trunk was to mass the decomp odor of Caylee. Also with George and Cindy cleaning the car they should be held responsible for the coverup…..The state will have their crack at them later on

  44. Mariann says:

    Newest News Report here……. Did someone HEAR Caylee’s body being dumped?

  45. raceyrin says:

    Darth read that , seems like the Defense intentionally screws up thier motions to buy more time.Doesn’t it?

  46. Chica says:

    is the fact that there were no prints on anything a plus for the defense?
    I wonder if george and cindy did their clean up of everything? these folks need to stand accountable for all their actions. its unacceptable what they have been allowed to get away with. you give someone an inch and they will take a mile!!
    thats the anthonys they feelt that since they got away with a few incidents they would push further each time. jusdge strickland needs to stop them and all these stupid motions. he is just letting the defense and all just run havoc?

  47. Chica says:

    Here’s a comment from Marinade Dave’s blog by none other than Joy W. It looks to me like she took some info from the published reports and mixed them in with some nutty conjecture. (And then she “acted” all silly and “baked” them up in a pie.) I feel so badly for her. I think she needs some help.

    joyangels (joy) // December 9, 2009 at 6:01 pm

    Roy says alot of BS! He knows more than he is saying. I know more about him than im saying to. Roy is a dirt bag… How he tied up woman before. Why hasn’t his Dna ever been done. He is the one who found poor caylee.His DNA should of been done that day. Wonder what else that FBI may try to destroy. Justcie4caylee

  48. Marcy says:

    Chica, my heartfelt thoughts & prayers are with your daughter & her family. But the GREAT news is that everyone is okay. That’s a pretty nice Christmas gift.

  49. martha says:

    Dear Chica, So sorry for your daughter’s loss but I am so glad that everyone was ok. I will be praying for them. Please let us know what is happening with everything.

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