Dr. Phil Show Hosts Missing Portland Child Kyron Horman’s Step Mom Terri Horman Over Two Episodes

I have been covering this case since Kyron Horman disappeared from Skyline School in June, 2010.    Like most missing persons cases I have covered in the past,  I am of the strong opinion that best efforts at the truth are the only way to propel investigations that, similarly to Kyron’s, have gone cold for one reason or another.   This approach has worked in resolving some of my previous cases.    I am proud of that.  I remain steadfast to the integrity involved in those and future cases.

Over the past 10 months (or so) I have been developing an updated series on Kyron’s case to include my multiple interviews with Kyron’s step-mom,  Terri Horman.   Needless to say as she was the subject of at least three simultaneous cases before an Oregon court and remains a person of interest by the agency investigating her sons disappearance, this has been an arduous and sometimes delicate journey.    Ms. Horman’s experiences during the ongoing investigation of the disappearance of Kyron Horman are critically important to propelling his case and with great hope- finding the truth about what happened to this cherubic and innocent child.    There are dozens of sources,  collateral interviews, forensic experts and legal analysts that also contribute to my series and have done so because of their belief that my motivation is to bring to light information and opinions in such a way that would almost “require” a focused review of Kyron’s case and the likely shaking of that proverbial tree everyone talks about.

Set to publish about 6-ish weeks ago I was asked to postpone the first installment of the series, which I did.  I subsequently learned Ms. Horman was participating in the Dr. Phil program after she completed taping.  Dr. Phils producers were well aware that Ms. Horman had interviewed with me extensively, and anticipated my series would be publishing information that was not known to the public previously in the days prior to her scheduled episode.    When Ms. Horman conveyed to me that she feels obligated to speak out about “her son” in any national medium that will have her,   I most certainly respected that.  I still do.

While Dr. Phil seems like a gregarious fellow for sure,   I have zero interest in being associated with his program, nor do I believe his shows content is designed to do any furtherance of investigation or truth.  There is much concern (although I have no affiliation to the show whatsoever) that the timing of the publication of my series on the Kyron Horman matter might be interpreted differently or inadvertently contribute to the programs content or audience reactions.     Not what I signed on for.   A missing 7 year old boy six years running is not a framework for entertaining a target audience.   He is not fodder for online social media bully campaigns- yet it occurs.

I will be publishing my series on Kyron’s case at a later date, in it’s entirety with no editing adjustments as a result of any of the appearances on Dr. Phil.   I appreciate your patience and your understanding.   Feel free to discuss the show below.


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  1. Rose says:

    Measure 26-183
    Makes Multnomah County sheriff appointed

    WW used Reese to argue its point:
    “As new Sheriff Mike Reese correctly argues…”

    So why wasn’t that written:
    “As newly appointed Sheriff Mike Reese correctly argues”?
    I’d appreciate disclosure of
    who the Davidson’s “law enforcement team”
    consists of.

  2. Rose says:

    “Um, age progression pics are performed by existing software.
    It takes 5 minutes and there is no cost to the family. Wth?

    The NCMEC website markets this software service as a very important forensic service they provide local LE depts
    in the event of a long term missing child. The ncmec Donation button is as prominent as the services list, my opinion.
    The onprofit’s hdqtrs on Prince Str in Alexandria VA is a very expensive per SF and very delightful real estate addy.
    Better they should be in Lorton near the FBI forensics lab etc.

  3. Rose says:

    puzzling as it was to me, there was no connectivity to OLive
    late last night (my repeated experience),
    the explanation is clear today: denial of service attacks on
    W Coast among others.
    was “This Is A Test. ” just like on old B&W TVs in the 50s.
    the Oregonian amongst others, WaPo etc have “gone digital.”
    That mode of communication is easily suppressed, it seems.

  4. MockingbirdSings says:

    Rose says:
    October 20, 2016 at 9:39 pm
    Rather I see Kyron is very compliant. Terri said he was by her side in the hall. I see that Kyron. A very authoritarian father; a very directive “teaching” structuring mother. Imo low motor tone. Imo skittish due to visual disability.

    Unless Terri says otherwise, I think he proceeded on into that classroom, was placed in whatever “group” Porter thought she was constituting, which for her would likely be loosey goosey. And he went downstairs with the group. Did Tanner say he was going downstairs alone? the “group” was probably tearing down at an uneven rate. maybe stopped in the gym first, maybe not. He ended up in l09.

    But no way do I think he turned around at Porter’s door before going inside. And no way do I think he tore off and left alone from her room.
    @Rose –
    There are 2 ways I can see him not going in or running back out again, although I tend to think your opinion, and why, is the most likely to be right.

    One is that he didn’t leave alone – he went in his room and left again during the organization time following a friend who went in the same direction but not necessarily side by side – more like your group at an uneven pace. Kids don’t stay close together without an adult they consider “supervisory” or a specific instruction such as to walk to the office with another child. Because they didn’t leave “hand in hand” it didn’t appear they left together. Even if they both went to 109, they may not have appeared to be together, and if the other child soon went back upstairs, no one observing in the hallways would connect them. (With attendance not being checked carefully, why would one more kid be noticed as missing then if not missing later?)

    I can also see him deciding he had to go to the bathroom just as he was close to Porter’s room, and heading there instead. While in the bathroom, I can see him either remembering something he wanted to see or running into another child who left ahead of him while saying they were headed that way. It’s probably not likely, but I’m just trying to say he might have done something unexpected and impulsive if another child encouraged him to because it was a comparatively unstructured day.

    Maybe he was being told by family to follow adult directions better because he didn’t always think through the choices he made – not at all unusual at that age. I cannot see him thinking “if I go downstairs, they’ll be upset I left the room and I will be late to my group” or “I really should wait until my group gets there on a tour”.

    Downstairs where the younger kids were is probably the ONLY place he would have gone on his own on the spur of the moment because it was comfortable and predictable and well known to him. If the “cool electric one” were in another part of the building in an 8th grade classroom or even in a crowded gym, I doubt he would have gone to see it by himself.

    Nothing wrong with your “brin”, Rose, but I know the feeling of too much traffic at once. :)

  5. Rose says:

    @first-time. Right. A PR advisor of Houze’ choice might also so advise.

    But, she has never spoken to “local (Oregon) media.”

    On the other hand Oregon media & in particular Portland media sucks big time
    & is untrustworthy,.
    the local media coukd’ve covered this story accurately from the git go, not gone for click bait &
    steno copying..

    Teri needs a Lynn Wood.

  6. Rose says:

    wrt ” And neither can the DA, simply because they (LE) have no friggin’ idea what happened to this child. ”
    If they have “no idea” but solid evidence exculpatory of Teri (and they do) it is incumbent on an ethical DA to release
    that information without public pressure.
    Why not? woukd open the door to public alarm an
    eled schoolhouse door was open to a severe predator.

  7. Rose says:

    @TRuth wrt ” I wonder who was the adult Kyron was not listening to? ”
    Porter handed out the behavior deficiency cards, so she knows.

  8. Rose says:

    @TRuth. imo TK’s statements, those of a child, are only valuable if corroborated by other witnesses.
    His spotting of a white van in a back lot should have been easily corroborated byothers.
    His spotting of Kyron in the gym viewing exhibits shoukd have been
    easily corroborated. we as bloggers don’t have that info. hopefully mcso does.
    Was his father terminated preretirement vesting by Intel?
    Was he in Kaine’s “shop”? We don’t know..

  9. Rose says:

    @TRuth. Why woukd a significantly older MS boy know the wee 2nd grade kyron, OR his mother anyway?
    Did he know all 2/3 classroom members at Skyline? Their parents’? Their vehicles? The more I think
    about Tyler’s opining, the fishier it gets. Not like he was a peer friend ala tanner.

  10. Rose says:

    wrt “Yes, I know, and the answer is they have absolutely no input for approval- how would they possibly know what he would like 6 1/2 years later? A software program based on similar facial recog mapping (to my knowledge) is already completed and basically, it is simply putting in a time update. I cannot stress this enough- this is an investigative decision- not parental. I will also say the software is not proprietary.

    It ferls like (per process on ncmec site) mcso informed desiree they’d requested an age progression from ncmec, and kelly ran with it on gofundme.
    Idk what other parents of abducted children do, but it seems odd to me that
    mother’s only public communication vehicle(s) is sister’s fundraising and Soldier’s hate site.
    And, mother has been very voluble on tv and print, so whythe arms length and fund raising mo online?

  11. Rose says:

    ada Heidi barker (father jeff of the legislature,
    safe beaverton seat,) went on to be kitz’ public safety
    advisor, and kitz’ PR blurb said
    she’d worked fulltine a year on kyron.

    about the same time her ada husband left
    the DA for the oshu safety office dir’ship.

    he did a fine job. he got em guns.

    as i have read the OR press over the years, oshu
    is one of several state univ escape hatches for
    politicos needing a safe administrative salary landing.

  12. A Texas Grandfather says:

    Red Rose

    In regards to your post about why ask a small 7 year old to assist with something when others more capable were available.

    A small child like Kyron is much easier to control for a grown man. A predator is always looking for the easy mark and chooses accordingly.

    Two years ago I had several of my great grandchildren out on our deck with has an open framed cover. One of them, a six year old,wanted me to lift them up so they could reach the exposed rafter. She was larger than Kyron. I made a game of it which immediately caught the attention of a four and five year old. One weighed about thirty-five lbs. and the other weighed about forty-five lbs. I put one on my left arm and one on my right and lifted them up and down for about ten minutes. If I were in my fifties instead of my age, I could have continued the game a lot longer.

    The whole purpose of the story of what I did is to illustrate how easy a small child can be controlled and moved by an adult. Put a hand over their mouth to smother an outcry and move them where you want.

    SZ simply took advantage of a school situation where there was very little supervision and zero planning for safety. The motive could be any number of things some of which we have discussed.

  13. cd says:

    Kyron’s family has been diligently working with our Law Enforcement team and our NCMEC representatives to finish a new age progression photo of Kyron with a new flyer. Please keep following up and we will post and share it as soon as it is complete. Thank you so much for your continued support of Kyron and our family.
    It’s good to hear They are finally getting an updated picture of what Kyron may look like now. I don’t think the other age progressed that was being used looked anything like Kyron. If you compared pictures of Kyron to that picture it looked nothing like him. To me Kyron looks a lot like his brother Quinn who i think favors Desiree in looks not Kaine. i hope they review pictures of Quinn at age 14 when making this picture.


  14. Rose says:

    about the group thing.
    I believe K continued into his classroom,
    and so Porter put him into her version of a group.
    A kid’s rendition of a “sun’s” oh no where is kyron affirms that.
    imo in eled, rambunctious rearrangements folliw, not precede, groyp assignment.

    Once again I project ftommy own experience.
    Vivid memory of a field trip as a group chaparone of 4-5.
    White bread population, upper economic class mostly,
    highest testing school in state. field trip a nightmare.
    kids rearranged themselves by friendships AND by their exhibit interests.
    No kid would keep track of their group or assigned chaperone.
    Totally up to the adult to keep their assigned kids in vague eyesight.

  15. cd says:

    One thing that stands out to me about Ms. Matthews allowing Kyron to exist the school with a stranger is that it doesn’t seem to be on DY’s or Kaine’s radar.

    I can say for sure if I had a child at school and his teacher or any adult associated with the school allowed my 7 year old child to exit the classroom let alone the building with a stranger I would go ballistic. I would sue that school for negligence even if it was never proven that the stranger my child left with kidnapped him. I can’t think of a bigger failure that could be done by a school responsible for my child then letting a strange man take him off the premises.

    That being said Why are DY and Kaine so unperturbed about this stranger. Does one of them know this man and they knew he was going to ask Kyron to go outside the school with him? DY went to the trouble to file a tort suit against TH why did she not include the school.

    If I was DY I would have sued to school and let the school make the case they were not negligent because of TH. What does LE/PPS have over these people that makes them give the school a pass on being the major reason their son is gone.

    1. School lets Kyron leave with a stranger or who ever took him with no documentation about where he was going and when he would return.

    2. The school fails to record that Kyron is even missing for 6 hours The knew he was there at the start of the day why did they not record that he left and the reason why.

    3. The school did not call anyone to report Kyrons absence. Which probably happened because Ms. Porter forgot to report him absent to the office.

    That school is the single biggest contributor to the fact that LE has never been able to find out what happened to Kyron a 6 hour lead is a long time.

    What a gift the school gave to the person who removed Kyron

    And yet DY never even mentions the school and Kaine sends his other child there. There has to be something funny about DY’s and Kaine’s failure to blame the one biggest contributor to their son being gone for 6 + years with a good chance he will never be found.

  16. cd says:

    cd says:
    October 22, 2016 at 9:48 pm
    One thing that stands out to me about Ms. Matthews allowing Kyron to exist the school with a stranger is that it doesn’t seem to be on DY’s or Kaine’s radar.
    Is there a chance that Kaine and or DY have already settled with the school and part of the settlement provisions are that DY and Kaine cannot admit to any settlement with or talk about the school.


  17. Rose says:

    The best evidence Kyron entered the classroom and was assigned to a group was a chaperone saying oh no where is kyron before going on to leave, if the child’s account was corroborated by the chaperone herself, and that’s something mcso would have explored the first weekend with the adults in Porter’s room that morning.

  18. Rose says:

    in 2011, the year he left for OSHU, Greg M was the deputy da in charge of human trafficking cases:
    (at mcso it was Bickford)

  19. Rose says:

    ot In 2010, Chief Reese was in charge of this very negligent (policy and practice wise) sex assault division whoseSgt supervisor merely got moved to another supervisory position:
    the case was moawad’s portfolio (sex crimes against minors at school).

  20. N. Cahela says:

    Blink, can you say whether or not you think SZ is a local?

    Not with certainty, I could not.

  21. T. Ruth says:

    I wonder why no one posts over at SM on Kyron’s case anymore, other than the one poster Tamiko’s mom? Where did all the other posters go and why did they abandon the case?

    Just wondering if anyone knows.

  22. Rose says:

    @Blink wrt “Is there a chance that Kaine and or DY have already settled with the school and part of the settlement provisions are that DY and Kaine cannot admit to any settlement with or talk about the school.

    You know, the more I read this type of convo, the more I am convinced both bios did not sue PPS not because they were acting on mcso advice(O’Donnell et al) but they were carrying out the advice of An Attorney They Were Dependant On. in a position to indirectly counsel and caution them (ie don’t interfere with the investigation or flat out don’t sue PPS cause god knows what the defense will bring up, scorched earth). Kaine’s illegal activities and Desiree’s history probably irrelevant to counsel and decision about potential suit.

    So bios’ potential suit discouragers could be schrunk, Frink, rees, both moawads,
    or the mcda Chief Investigator–that retired lustrous locally famous PPB School
    Resource Officer, I forget name, mbs attested to his hi quality.

  23. T. Ruth says:

    Even in Sunday’s rain students came by the car load to answer questions from authorities. Andrew Delzell was one of the students interviewed; he and Kyron are in the same math class.

    “He doesn’t seem like the person that would want to run away,” Delzell told KATU Reporter Adam Ghassemi. “He’s a nice kid. He plays with his friends a lot. I’m not sure if he’d ever run away.”

    Delzell’s mother, Kris Delzell, also was at Friday’s crowded science fair.

    @TMH I have been asking this question since I first read this article years ago and no one has been able to answer it.

    Did Kyron have a separate math class? If so which room was it in and who was his teacher?

  24. A Texas Grandfather says:

    If one Googles for software that will age someone from an early childhood photo, the largest number of hits will reference a program that was built by the University of Washington. The sponsor’s of the effort were Google and Intel. There are now apps that will run on smart phones that have an android based operating system.

    There is also a reference to the fact that Photoshop has an ageing feature in its software.

    One would think that since KH works for Intel, someone would have alerted him to the program. With Intel as a sponsor, it would seem logical that he could have asked the University of Washington to run a a photo of Kyron that would show changes from year to year.

    Why wait for LE to move, if ever, to get the photos produced?

    Absolutely no need to wait for LE- she asked for all tips to come to her.

  25. TMH says:

    @ T.Ruth,

    Yes, Kyron was in an advanced math class. I had just taught him the quadratic equation the summer before second grade. He’s fascinated that numbers and letters can go together.

  26. Rose says:

    here’s someone who shares the then 9 yos name in coos bay
    same site, sept 13 arrest this year reminds us there are those who harm out there

  27. T. Ruth says:

    @Rose says:
    October 23, 2016 at 4:27 pm

    It has always been my thought that the County is covering for the County. $$$$$$$ (MCSO, MCDA & PPS all paid by the same funds, no?) IOW whomever the attorneys for PPS (County) were, they are the ones who were running the show legal-wize. PPS was, other than KH himself, the first ones to lawyer-up that we know of. M Shelby was talking out his butt right from the beginning, example:

    http://www.kgw.com/news/local/Second…-95670454.html (“Portland Public Schools spokesman Matt Shelby said two teachers saw Kyron with his stepmother and thought the two left school together. He said it was common for parents to pick up kids this way, so no suspicions were raised.”)

    Yeah right, schools always allowed parents to just walk in and take their children out of school with a wink and a nod. Sure. Who in the hell was buying his BS? PPS children’s parents? I don’t think so, they knew better. So who was this BS aimed at? That IDK.

    Btw, this is what you get now with that link:
    Sorry, the page you requested was not found.

    Please check the URL for mistakes. You can also try using the site navigation or search tool to find your content.


    It was cover-up for PPS since the beginning. I don’t know who took Kyron and sometimes I don’t even care, (because how am I going to find out who did it(?), IOW I just want him found…so there can be some sort of peace and closure for the people who truly loved him and and, of course, if he’s alive, then rescued) but that cover-up crap really pisses me off. They were doing it from the get go, PPS that is, and that really, really pisses me off. Crap, it took Skyline SIX years to just acknowledge that Kyron was once there….with a nice bench, and I’ll bet you whomever got that done, had to fight for it, but bless them. Everyone up there was trying to just brush this whole thing under the rug, that is MHO.

    I just wonder who was really calling the shots? Was it PPS calling the shots? Or was it MCSO? Or perhaps Kitz himself? Ya’ll do remember that Matt Shelby went on to be Kitz’ spokesman? Was 2010 an election year for the gov? I can’t remember. So mishandled this case was. (Yoda speak)

  28. Rose says:

    after reading the mcmec site, it seems the procedure is the agency with investigatory jurisdiction requests an age progressed photo of the child which as Blink said uses proprietary software. NCMEC sends to mcso which adds the agency contact information and disseminates. One would expect Kravfe to update and to notify the family a photo has been requested from ncmec and a new flier will be released shortly.

    I see this as mcso asserting jurisdiction pragmatically and
    operationally, allowing an occasion to notify the bios that
    mcso is working hard.

    In her GFM statement, Kelly, on behalf of her sister,
    just gave a big shout out to “our law enforcement team”
    imo So much for desiree advocating for a new agency.

    One doesn’t know if Sister is controlling because
    that’s her personality, or whether desiree is too disabled
    by grief to function.

    Sister is the spokesperson on GFMe and Stacey’s sites.
    She established GFM and manages the finances.
    She receives the poster tips.
    She said once she planned the searches based on those tips.
    imo About the only thing she doesn’t do is speak on TV cameras in desiree’s place.

    I can assure you of one thing, nobody from LE is speaking directly to Kelly, period.

  29. T. Ruth says:

    neighbor says:
    October 5, 2010 at 10:47 pm

    Beejay writes “…Mentioned in that article is Hands On Greater Portland. It is a conduit for placing people who have court-ordered community service. That program has been a source of volunteers at Skyline…”

    Good find. Wonderful, invite court-ordered volunteers to the schools …

    The Skyline coordinator behind the grant would be Jill. How did you get to Dee?

    It seems to be arranged through PPS. The listing for Skyline is http://www.handsonportland.org/projects/viewProject.php?_mode=occurrenceView&_action=load&ixActivity=3070&_setFlag=specialevent&_clearFlag=course&ixAffiliateRegion=&sZipcode=&bAvailable=&dtBegin=&dtEnd=

    The most recent involvement was the cleanup in August — http://www.handsonportland.org/projects/viewProject.php?_mode=occurrenceView&_action=load&ixActivity=4143

    I bet they were also there during the cleanup in May.


    The guy that killed the woman from the gym, (I’m sorry I can’t remember her name) wasn’t he part of this program too? : Hands On Greater Portland? Or did I make that up? Why on earth would they send these people to work at our schools?

    Just a side note here- as many of you know, I have been an avid runner for 30+ years. This past Spring I sustained a traumatic injury I am fighting tooth and nail to come back from (I am at a loss for a better analogy that excludes my colorful explatives). I practice what I preach in terms of personal safety where I run- but now almost exclusively also bike. (yeah, slow going in the running arena but not for want or will). Anyhoo- a few weeks ago I am zipping through my trail and I see a bunch of folks in matching tshirts that strongly resembled a work crew I would see on occasion on the side of the road. When I got home, I made a call to a very high ranking LE Official I know well and asked if he knew what was up.

    As you probably guessed, it was a group of folks doing community service as a sentence requirement. Said LE official- it was an overzealous PO who did not seek prior approvals. It will not be happening again on these grounds. My point- I do not wish to offend anyone, but the public has a right to know if their potential for risk to safety is escalated.

  30. T. Ruth says:


    INDIANAPOLIS — The ex-wife of Jared Fogle is suing Subway, claiming the sandwich chain knew of their spokesman’s “depravities.”


    “I filed this lawsuit because I have questions,” said McLaughlin.

    McLaughlin said her main focus in getting answers about what Subway knew when. But she is requesting an unspecified amount of damages.

    On at least three occasions Subway, received reports about Fogle’s sexual interest in children. Subway officials investigated, but took no action, the suit claims.



  31. Rose says:

    There are records PPS has not erased due to the passage of time?
    Note the commenter, politician.

  32. Rose says:

    I assumed an mcso employee would send a writing to both bios saying an updated photo had been requested from NCMEC and a new flier would be publicized in the near future. I doubt an employee phoned either of them. Kellystrikes me as voluble about “our team” for a half sister of a noncustodial parent.

  33. Rose says:

    @TRuth. I looked at the last page of SM #46. From her direct
    references to Blink and her many quotes of Blink, my impression
    is she is being provocative and is far more focused on Blink than Kyron
    or any other audience.
    One sentence on the page quoted Desiree in Nov 2015 referring back to 2011
    “Suddenly my LE team for Kyron’s case started pulling back on the prosecution ”
    There’s that “my LE team” language from Desiree herself.
    And–context–it refers to ADA prosecutor(s), not mcso employees.
    That supports my theory it was a member of the
    DA Office who advised her who to sue or who
    not to sue, not mcso staff.

    Who was her “le team” on mcda staff in 2011?
    What attorney left the team that year, or the next?

  34. Rose says:

    wrt ” TMH says:
    October 23, 2016 at 7:24 pm
    @ T.Ruth,
    Yes, Kyron was in an advanced math class. I had just taught him the quadratic equation the summer before second grade. He’s fascinated that numbers and letters can go together.”
    Now that’s fascinating. Can you further spill the teacher’s name, room number, period of the day,
    and whether any middle schoolers were in the room?
    I bet James’ role modeling motivated Kyron,
    as well as your academic support of James bolstered
    your teaching in this area.

    In line with 50s/60s expectations for girls I never
    took Chem in HS and only rudimentary math. algebra was beyond me.
    So learning about quadratic equations & much more was a great joy
    working just shead of my children.
    No wonder you home schooled the remainder of HS.

    you know TRuth. could be folks like you here may think of useful Qs for Terri that never
    occurred to the hoi polli of mcso over 100 + hours or whatever it was.

  35. Rose says:

    wrt T. Ruth says:
    October 23, 2016 at 10:06 pm

    It has always been my thought that the County is covering for the County. $$$$$$$ (MCSO, MCDA & PPS all paid by the same funds, no?) IOW whomever the attorneys for PPS (County) were, they are the ones who were running the show legal-wize. PPS was, other than KH himself, the first ones to lawyer-up that we know of. M Shelby was talking out his butt right from the beginning, example:”

    I so admire your thinking.

    Imo the budget folks, and county auditor, are heroes
    in this politically-driven County. The “covering” was
    not by money folks but by political opportunists (Staton, MCDA politicos,
    mayor adams, jeff cogen (where did he buy HIS drugs?) & fellow commissioners,
    all under the same covers.

    The PPS attorney Jolene has been exposed imo as hapless and powerless and is now gone withthe wind and Carole.
    imo she knew nothing about criminal law, and she lackedboth political and professional (Bar) power in the County. She directed nothing in the County imo, had no support base, and therefore was toast the moment Carole fled.

  36. Rose says:

    wrt “Absolutely no need to wait for LE- she asked for all tips to come to her.

    To be a bit more explicit:
    There is no “I” in “Team”.
    So much for teamwork.

  37. Rose says:

    @TMH my Q about were middle schoolers in kyron’s math class gets back to how Tyler Kessinger knew kyron out of two classrooms of 2/3′s, Kaine’s truck (and whywould he know it you drove it that day), or you (to know you’d left)? And did Kaine’s career path cross the early separation or retirement Kessinger’s at Intel Hillsboro?

  38. Rose says:

    hot dog TRuth.
    Look at this revolving door from PPB to PPS
    (but I contend it is political power lust not budget that draws these Portland collaborators and their mentor/sponsors together) :
    Tight then with Marshman, Hales, DA & others.
    She apparently did contracts & labor & tort claims (what bios shoukd have filed) and took
    over as interim from Jolene this summer.Where’d she work in 2010?
    now she’s Superwoman https://m.facebook.com/ParentsForExcellentPortlandPrincipals/

  39. Rose says:

    on review, perfectly clear why Harper was hired over from PPB to PPS to handle Labor.
    Big 2013 impasse on PPS Union contract, one of her primary duties while at PPB.
    Lotta stuff in Portland boils down to Unions.

  40. Rose says:

    TMom asked:
    “Could it be that Desiree and Kaine have been
    applying pressure on investigators to further
    the updated age progression photo of Kyron … ”

    My opinion is hell no.
    The only pressure either have ever applied was on TMH.
    not the investigators.
    Skimming one pg of SM was painful and is enough for me.

  41. Rose says:

    It appears Underhill’s stern opinion re public records requests & PPS was merely political CYA window dressing for granting PPS 30 plus 30 days (60) without any assurances on PPS part re staffing, software or future compliance.
    And PPS Interim GC Harper’s sthick proves her a ludicrous obstructionist to the public interest.

  42. Rose says:

    Harper was Portland City Attorney handling cases of police bureau employees (on City defense) taken
    before the grand jury when civilians had been shot. She got to know DA staff well imo.

  43. Rose says:

    ot from url just above: “Underhill determined that had happened to Rachel Monahan, a reporter at Willamette Week, who had requested documents into an investigation of Pat Strickland, a boys basketball coach, in May but did not receive anything.” Interesting that Strickland was under investigation and that Monahan would take that story on as one googlr shows he’s Very Famous within PPS.

  44. Rose says:

    I hope the requesting parties get at those Board member – principal
    text messages to set a precedent with PPS.

  45. Rose says:

    ot. trivia. note his day job http://www.pamplinmedia.com/component/content/article?id=73274
    done well, that job also involves overtime both nites & weekends.
    his son graduated from Jefferson in 2015, likely the reason Pat
    began scouting OR college positions which was noted in the press
    in spring 2016 just before some internal PPS investigation started that Harper is hiding.
    He also codirected the Portland youth league.

  46. Rose says:

    which brings to mind there must have been some PPS internal investigation of kyron’s disappearance.
    no media ever foia’d that investigation’s material tho public
    interest was an easy peasey. WW will foia a popular basketball coach ‘s investigation,
    but not an internal investigation of the abduction?

  47. Rose says:

    why does Kelly say “Kyron’s family” has been
    working with “our” team rather than “Kyron’s mother” ?

  48. A Texas Grandfather says:

    The concept of unions was valid in a time that employers totally controlled the work place,wages, hours and working conditions. This was long before government began to intervene with laws and regulations.

    In every case where union work rules were in place in the heavy construction industry, the costs of labor was much more than non-union labor and the work product was of less quality. Unions began with a concept of improving the lot of the laborer, including training to make the workers more efficient. That soon changed when the union management discovered they could get rich on the backs of those they purported to represent.

    The people made a major mistake when they allowed unions into government. This needs to be corrected all across the country.

  49. Ode says:

    If one could clear their mind and walk in with a cold case crew and begin the investigation with what is known now, I cannot help to imagine that within 4.5 minutes the comment would be “what the h…. a teacher let him walk out of the school door with an unknown SZ and they just kind of whisked that under a rug.” “Who did this and why?” There should be a googled map with a big red circle around that exit door. Yet we never hear from that person standing in the middle of that circle with Kyron and SZ. All these people want Terri to talk enough to virtually ruin her life but not one is looking for who was in that red circle with Kyron. Why will neither Bio talk about what happened in that red circle.

    Brava. Indeed.

  50. TMH says:


    There are some specific answers I am not giving because I’ve already made an agreement with Blink that she is going to cover things in her piece.

    I am horrible at math and that is about the farthest I will go. James was doing differential equations by the time he was in Middle School and had taken Latin as well as higher level English courses.

    James and Kyron spent some great quality time together both academically and playtime. Both boys were looking forward to when Kiara could play with Hotwheel Cars and when that happened we had the Hot Wheel Track Running from one end of the house to the other through the kitchen. It was pretty hilarious but made dinner an obstacle. :-)

    Tyler and James were friends and that is how he knows what the truck looks like. Blink has more information regarding that, but I will say Tyler didn’t see me in the back of the school on the 4th. He was mistaken. I was out front the entire time.

    Thank you T.

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